Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 17, 1966 · Page 7
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 7

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1966
Page 7
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1966 Is Court Reverses Verdict" InDamage Suit The Appellate Court at Mt. Vernon Has reversed a Circuit Coui't jury verdict in Effingham county that, favored the defendant in a-damage suit. Judgment was reversed in the casse of Mack Kitten verses Albert J. Stodden, drivers of cars that collided Aug. 18, 1963, on U.S. Highway 45 north of Effingham. Th4 verdict favored Stodden, the idefendant. The ' appeals court said the court erred in permitting a reversible : statement into the records in examination of jurors, in permitting some of the testimony of a state trooper that was "mere conjecture" and in refusing to permit an instruction to the jury offered by the plaintiff, THI REGISTER-NEWS MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS Johnson Also Has Bursitis Weeks Of Back Pain NowRelieved "After weeks of pain in my back and hips. I Uicd DcWitt's Pills-got wonderful relief," says Mrs. R. Gardner, Waterloo, Iowa. DeWitt's Pills act fast with a ilgesic to relieve pain of fhcir mild diuretic action ifflinate retained bladder wastes that can cause physical distress. If paiil persists, see your doctor. DeWitt's Pills often succeed where others fail-quickly relieve minor iDUScIo aches and pains, too. Insist on the genvdne DeWitt's Pills. At all drug counters. DeWitt's Pills WASHINGTON (AP) - About the only surprise that developed regarding President Johnson's condition — aside from the finding that his throat polyp was a little larger than expected — was the disclosure that he has bursitis in his shoulder. But apparently he suffers from the least painful and motion-impeding form of the ailment, because his doctors said his condition — diagnosed Tuesday — is "bursitis without calcium." Bursae are cavities filled with fluid and located between surfaces that glide over each other in various parts of the body, such as the shoulder, the knee and other joints. Their normal function is to prevent friction. The condition known as "bursitis" can develop when these sac-like areas are injured or become Infected. In some cases, chalky deposits of calcium can get into the injured or infected bursae, and these may cause disabling effects, at least for a time, unless they are eliminated by various treatmens. X ray is among the methods used to try to eliminate such calcium deposits. Press secretary Bill D. Moyers said that in the President's case, the treatment will include heat application and other therapy. He did not define the latter. In addition to injury or acute or chronic infection as causes of bursitis, gout or rheumatoid arthritis can also be triggering causes. But there has been no evidence Johnson has either of the latter. • Jacoby On Bridge Percentage Play Oaim a Trick By Oswald ft • James Jacoby Newspaper Enterprise Assn. ' South led the three of dubs at trick two. West played the five and South called for the ten from dummy. When that held, he played the ace of clubs. Both opponents followed and South claimed all the tricks with three spades, one heart, four diamonds and five clubs. Legal Notice STATE or ILLINOIS ^ )SS. COUNTY OF JEFFERSON ) In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois. The Department of Public Works and Build!:«s of Ae State of Illinois, ifor and in behalf of the people of the SUte of Illinois, Petitioner VS. Neil Wayne Lee and Virginia Lee; Fletabel Neal and Gordon Neal; Bobbie Gene Ler and Viola Lee; Donald Ray Lee and Beckie Ho Lee; Charles Wilbur Lee and Sarah L. Lee; Cumalene Allemand Foster and James L. Foster; Harry Paul Lee, also known as Samuel Lee, At to whom it is not known whether he is living or dead; and unknown South was an expert and West! Zi": T, • ' . „ 1 ..^ ,. I °^ devisees of Harry Paul ^„ thought hel Lee, also known as Samuel Lee, a poor player who was an expert. West remarked, "That certainly was a beautiful finessee against my Jack of dubs tliat was going to drop anyway. I suppose you think you made a good play?" "Yes, I do," replied South. South's play had been correct. YOUR AUTO tUNE-UP NOW* FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY 4*' Our years of experience are your assurance of maximum value and service. Your credit is good. Complete prices quoted. BREHM^HANHA Salem Road — Phone 244-9120 CHEVROLET NORTH 17 4752 rio8«s • KJ93 WEST EAST 4J10984 48S VKJB3 V742 4 ^108 48754 •as «9842 SOUTH (D) 4AKQ VAQ • AQ2 • KQ768 North-South vulaerable West North But Soath FMB 4N.T. Pan SN I T! Pilis Pass Pass Opeoing Te»rt 4 J This time it gained a trick for him since if he had risen with dummy's ace he would have dropped the jack on the next lead but East's nine would have taken the fourth trick in that suit. This hand illustrates a percentage play that not many players know about. South gains a trick against the actual holding of jack-small in the West hand. He also gains a trick against four or five or six to the jack in the West hand. His play loses a trick any time East shows up with either the singleton jask or three to the jack. Clearly the play gains a trick more often than it loses one. If you want the «xact figures they are: The first round finesse of the ten breaks even 50 per cent of the time; it gains a trick 31 per cent of the time and it loses a trick 19 per cent of the time. Incidentally, this first-round finesse piay is, not correct when you hold aCe-king- queen- ten- small opposite a doubleton. In tills case the best percentage play is to lay down the ace, king and queen. Finof Touch Fabric Softnar 17.0i.—49c Silvcrduit, Giant Size 85e Sunthin* Rinso, Giant Six* .... 81 e Vim Tablets, Giant Size 59c 10c Off Label Advanced All, Giant Size 79c Dishwasher Ail 49c Coldwater All, Giant Size 79c Wisk, Quarts 77c Hondy Andy 55c Spry Shortening 3-Lb. Tin LUX LIQUID LUX SOAP LIFEBUOP SOAP PRAISE SOAP 12-Oz. . Reg. Size ^ For ^|||^- Reg. Size ^ For 20^' 10c OFF 39< .. Bath Size ^ For .Bath Size ^ For ..... 2 Bath Bars COLD WATER SURF Giant Size 67( PricM tffecHvf At All BIG STAR SUPER MARKETS Defendants. NO. 8(-L-lS8 NOTICE Notice is hereby fiven you, the above named Harry Paul Lec, also known as Samuel Lee, as to whom it is not known whether he is living or dead, and Unknown Heirs or Devisees at Harry Paul Lee, also known as Samuel Lee, that suit entitled as above has i>een commenced and is now pending against you and other persons wherein Petitioner seeks to take by the right at eminent domain the fee simple title to the hereinafter described real estate, except that Petitioner does not seek to acquire any right, title or interest in and to the coal, oil, gas or other minerals underlying said tract, provided that the stipulation as to interests not sought to be acquired shall not be construed to grant, reserve or leave to the owners of said coal, oil, gas and other nunerals the right of ingress and egress to the surface of said tract for the purpose of drilling for, mining, exploring for or producing and removing said coal, oil, gas and other minerals or the right to otherwise break or disturb the surface of said tract; said real estate being described as follows: Tract No. 48: Part of the West HaU of the Northeast Quarter of Section 12, Township Three South, Range Two East of the TWrd Principal Meridian, Jefferson County, Illinois, more particularly de> scribed as follows: Beginning at a point on the South line of the West Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 12, Township Three South, Range Two East of the Third Principal Meridian, said point beii« 3011.26 feet West of the Southeast comer of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 12; thence Westerly with the South line of the West Half of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 12, to the Southwest comer of the West Half ot the Northeast Quarter of said Section 12; thence Northerly with the West line of the West Half of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 12 to a point on the South line of the North two acres of the West 20 rods of the West Half of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 12, lying South of the existing Southeasterly right of way with the Jefferson Southwest- em Railroad, thence Easterly with the South line of the said North two" acres to a point on a line 290 feet per* "pendicular distance Northeasterly of and parallel with the survey centerline tor Federal Aid Interstate Route ST, as recorded in Book 287 of Miscellaneous Deeds, Page 143 in the office o« the Recorder of Deeds of Jefferson County, Illinois; thence Southeasterly with a line 290 feet Northeasterly of and parallel with the said recorded survey centerline for F.A.I. Route 57 to a point on a line perpendicular to the said recorded survey centerline for F.A.I. Route 57 at Station 850 + 00; thence Southeasterly wift a straight line to a point 260 feet Northeasterly of and on a line perpendicular to the survey centerline for the Northbound pavement of Federal Aid Interstate Route 57, as recorded in Cabinet 1, Drawer B, Instrument No, 517 in the office of the Recorder of Deeds of Jefferson County, Illinois at Station 6488+80; thence Southwesterly with a straight Une to a point 130 feet Norfteasterly of and on a line perpendicular to the said recorded survey centerline for the Northbound pavement of F.A.I. Route 57 at SUtion 648B+00; thence Southeasterly with a line 130 feet Northeasterly of and parallel to the said recorded survey centerline for the Northbound pavement of F.A.I. Route 57 to a point on a line 3011.26 feet West of and parallel with the East line of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 12; thence Southerly with a line 2011.36 feet West of and parallel with the East line of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 12, to the point of beginning, conUining 13.3 acres, more or less, situated in the County of Jetfenon and State of niinoU. And you are hereby notified that unless on or before Monday, the 19th day ot December, 1366 you shall appear and defend in said suit default judgment may be entered againct you on the »tta dv «< Gen. 'Howlin' Mad'Smith In Hospital HARLINGEN. Tex. (AP) One of World War II's most colorful figures, retired Marine Maj. Gen. HoUand M. "Howlin' Mad" Smith, was reported resting comfortably at Valley Baptist Hospital Tuesday night. The colorful commander of Marines that defeated the Japanese on the Pacific islands of Saipan and Iwo Jima complained ot illness late Monday and was rushed to the hospital. He is 85. Smith, a resident of La Jolla, Calif., was here to visit the Marine Military Academy. thereafter. JERRY B. GOTT, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, niinois. G. W. HOWARD ni Special Assistant Attorney General, Howard Building Mt. Vemon, lUinois. 12-1 $30,000 Suit Is Filed In Fatal Crash At Dix Jets Collide; 2 Pilots Killed of fighter jets at Home- HOMESTEAD, Fla. (AP) — A f >nrw\ ^n.,„ifir,« ' An investigation continued to- A $30,000 lawsuit, - resulting,^ . f]aming crash of a from a fatal accident north of '. j Dix last April, was filed in cir-! ^ cult court here yesterday. The suit is Elizabeth Lucille Hill, of Marion, vs. William L. Harris, administrator of the estate of the Clyde R. Spiller, deceased. The plaintiff seeks $30,000, alleging that she • suffered permanent injuries in the wreck. Mr. Spiller, a prominent resi- clent of Marion, was killed in the accident, which occurred on state route 37, a mile and a half north of Dix, on April 26, 1966. Spiller's wife, Edna, and Elizabeth Hill, passengers in the Spiller cai', were injured. Spiller's car was Involved in a collision with a truck driven by Darwin Bravard of Route 4, Mt. Vernon. Bravard and a passenger in his truck, Wilburn Jones, Route 7, were injured. stead Air Force Base. The two pilots killed were Maj. Alvah M. Cole Jr., 41, of Norfolk, Va., and 1st Lt. David A. Siggins, 23, of Whippany, N.Y. The crash occurred when one plane dropped on top of the other, sending burning wreckage a half-mile way. down the main nm- SAN ANGELO. Tex. (AP) ^ The Mexican national blaskat* ball team opened a month 's tttir of the United States with a TMi victory over Angelo Stat* Wednesday night. - • »n h aum ym Uce 1/ Super en(ler)c witii IDCPMitiMMfw] New Supor StaiMtar-X «Wi DM Control PtjHi can haip ytm those unwanted, mm^fiMf pounds and inches! tesnnfted to phase or your pMIMe pnes refunded AVAIUBLE. TOO! 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EXTRA Slim, vdtite siff«> wall styling bcii wrop -aroaad tread wHh 3000 traeth gripping &^ch only TUBBUSS BLACKWAU Muf T.83 Exciw Tax HERrS WHT THE RIVERSIDE IP-27 IS YOUR BEST BUY • EP-27 has been precision engineered to outperform ond outlast new car tiresi • EP-27 puis plenty of RJV-SYN hardened rubber against the road fbr extra miles • Deep EP-27 tread has continuous rolled edge for greater traction and stability ( • Lifetime, quality guarantee is your assure once of EP-27 dependability. TUBEUESS SIZES lUCKWALLS EACH PLUS FED. EXCISE TAX EACH nRC 6.50-13 $13* I.S3 .. 7.75/7.50.14 7.75/6.70-15 $16* 2.20 2.21 8.25/8.00-14 8.15/7.10-15 $19* 2.36 2.35 8,55/8.50-14 8.45/7.60-15 $22* 2.57 2,55 •HW) tnda-ln ttra* off your ear. Whlttwtllt f3 mof MCA. i NO MONEY DOWN FAST, FREE MOUNTING TIfTED BY A CHAMP! USAC winner Mario Andretti tested EP-27 in a btiitermg TOO mile high-speed run ov- f aging 112 mphi This fir* eon toke if! 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