Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 30, 1974 · Page 88
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 88

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 30, 1974
Page 88
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advrtlamiwnt Copyright OI»74 Itiltl News By Charttt Dupont A DOCTOR DISCOVERS VERMONT'S SECRET WHY PEOPLE N VERMONT ARE HEALTHIER.LESS OVERWEKHT.STAY YOUNG LONGER, LIVE LONGER THAN PEOPLE OF ANY OTHER STATE IN THE UNION Did you know that: * You were designed by nature to live an average age of 105? * A high protien - low carbohydrate diet it unnatural for you and dangerous to your health? * Overweight is caused by bad nutrition which also causes other common visible disorders such as loss of hair, acne, arthritis, nervous tension, insomnias, etc. * Senility, and loss of productivity in old age can be avoided and in fact is not in natures plan? * The average American diet creates a perfect blood chemistry for the growth of harmful bacteria that leads to both minor and serious diseases? * You can get high without the use of drugs if you have the proper nourishment that nature intended. * Everything you need to lead a longer, healthier life is right at your local grocery store? These are just a few of the discoveries made by Vermont doctor, D. C. Jarvis M. D., in his life-long study of the unbelievably effective health practice known as VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE. VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE is a practice that can help you achieve good health, increase your life span, avoid senility, becdme more attractive and more productive. For 200 years, before publications by Dr. Jarvis, this practice has been known only to native Vermonters. VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE was developed by countless generations of Vermonters. Dr. Jarvis M. D., a respected doctor of modern medicine himself, states that VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE is superior to modern medicine for the following reasons: * VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE was developed from natures plan • not man's. It was developed by watching the animals who rely on their instincts provided by nature. This is the same way the super-effective defense arts of Judo, Karate and Kung Fu were developed. How can anyone expect to develop a better system than the designer of it all - Mother Nature? * VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE works. It was developed by trial and error over a 200 year period. This also means it has passed the acid test of time. * Although it contains some of the best cures known to man, which cannot be found in medical books, the main design of VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE is to prevent disease before it starts. Modern Medicine is directed, mainly at curing disease - diseases you should never have in the first place. VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE is based on the premise that man does not have to undergo psysical impairment and weakening with age. In Vermont you can see people in their eighties putting in a full days work in the fields with sound minds and bodies. VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE was designed to help man live his full average life which by nature's plan should be 10S years. Yes, it's true. It is a common fact-that an animal lives to be 5 times his maturity age. A Tucked amy fci the rustic north*** portion of the United State* Vermont Is Indeed a beautiful state where people the elom to the land and the ant' malM,**fhotot courtesy of the Greater Vermont Chamber of Commerce. dition on the acid side. Blood which leans toward the alkaline side is a health hazard. Medical school studies show that harmful bacteria breeds best in an alkaline environment. Also, alkaline blood is thicker than acidic blood. This makes it more difficult for the blood to nourish cells, and increases the probability of heart attacks. So, everyday Americans are killing themselves with high pro- tien4ow carbohydrate diets which contain many wheat products. In turn, the diets are 1) hard on the system, 2) do not provide the correct elements for nutritlon.3)Pro- duce the bad alkaline condition in the blood. Many of these diets are the result of weight watching. Little do these people know that overweight is caused by 1) bad nutrition of the glands, 2) a blood condition which is not acidic and 3) a wrong carbohydrate consumption. The correct carbohydrates burn up instantly and do not turn in to excess fat. The following are symptoms of bad nutrition and a diet that is contrary to nature's plan: low energy, depression, insomnia, itchy skin, chronic headache, sensitivity to temperature, sinus trouble, lingering colds, dizzy spells, gas and indigestion, poor blood circulation, falling hair, dandruff, blemishes, lack of skin color, and overweight. Two important foods in VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE are honey and apple cider vinegar. They are a major contribution toward providing the correct carbohydrates, the correct nutrition and an acidic blood condition. Why honey? Nature intended that we have a trickle of sugar passing thru the intestinal walls at all times and one teaspoonful of sugar in our blood stream at all times. The latter is ultra critical. In honey, the sugar has already been digested in the bee's stomach. Therefore, honey contains two natural sugars dextrose and levalose, which go into the blood stream immediately. Honey is free from bacteria. Experiments show that bacteria will not live in honey. Honey is a mild, natural sedative which is calming to the body. Honey is a mild, natural laxitive. Honey is nonirritating to the digestive track. Honey is, of all sugars, handled best by the kidneys. Honey is rich in vital minerals from the flowers. By an infallible instinct, the bee has a way of knowing which flowers are high in quality and which are not. Therefore, honey is a perfect food derived from only the healthiest plants. In Vermont there is a saying, "We've got to trust someone - why not let it be the bee?" Why apple and vinegar? Apple cider vinegar carries with it all the vital life elements of the apple. Apple cider vinegar maintains the proper acid level of the blood. Apple cider vinegar can maintain your proper weight. Dr. Jarvis's book describes a method using apple cider vinegar where the person eats normally but will gradually lose weight .....I! *l f- — J - li. .- *-«- ^ i 1 Mf!l«- ? * *- fever, 9) colic in babies. * How to use apple cider vinegar, eattor oil, and corn oil to I) produce beautiful healthy skin and bring color back 2) dear up blemishes, 3) get rid of dandruff, 4) grow healthy hair and eyelashes, 5) cure hives, 6) cure hemor- roids, 7) get rid of moles, 8) relieve lameness, 9) treat poison ivy, 10) treat shingles, 11) eliminate night sweats, 12) get rid of varicose viens, 13) get rid of ring worm, 14) treat impetigo, IS) get rid of hangover. * How to get your daily requirement of the all Important minerals phosperous and potassium which: I) form healthy banes, teeth and hair; 2) maintain proper growth control; 3) replace worriout tissue; 4) fight disease; 5) cure high blood pressure; 6) cure heart trouble, 7) cure migrane headaches. * How you can rebuild your body after age 50 and be alert, active and productive in your eighties and beyond. * How to lose weight and maintain your proper weight level with a special method using apple elder vinegar. * What diet you should have according to your sex anatomy, race and native origin. At this point I would like to insert the opinion of the writer. Today there are many exaggerated claims and falsehoods. I can tell you that everything you see written here is true. VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE and Dr. Jarvis's studies do exist. A phone call or letter to any official office such as the Greater Vermont Chamber of Commerce will verify this. As a reporter, I rarely get excited about a project. But, before writing this article, I used the diets and methods described in Dr. Jarvis's book for 3 months. Few Americans have any idea what it is like to be truly healthy as nature intended. Life was meant to be very pleasant. VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE has had the following effect on me: I feel very calm and at peace with the world. I have an abundance of energy and endurance. I look better and healthier. But, most of all, I just feel good all over. In fact, at times, 1 feel so good that I tingle all over and feel like I'm walking on air. If people would only know what it's Dr. D. C. Jarvis matures at Yh years and easily lives to be over 8-many live much longer. Man is an animal. BUT. THE AVERAGE MAN IN THE tLS. WHO MATURESTr notorious retirement leads all other HIS Tl ME! With the exception of a noto which can't be counted, Vermont state, wi states in percentage of population over 65. Not long ago it had 40,000 persons over that age, and each year nearly 2500 reach it! Short lives, senility, excessive disease, and so on are not in nature's plan. What's the culprit? The free will of man! Although free will is indeed a wonderful thing, it does have some bad side effects. Unlike the animals, we stray away from our childhood instincts. The first thing discovered by VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE is that each species is designed to have a different diet. Nature's plan/for man's diet requires a high intake of carbohydrates represented by fruits, berries, edible leaves, and honey, and a low in take of protien represented by eggs, meat, milk, cheese, etc. Man was also designed to eat foods derived from corn and rye and not from wheat, which produces an alkaline blood condition. Nature designed nearly aUanimalstohaveaiuturalblood con- will see a 40 inch waist line drop to 38, then 36 finally to the proper size as the body properly burns off excess fat because it is in the proper chemical state that nature intended. It is not enough, however, to only know the ingredients of good health. You must know how and in what combination to use honey, vinegar and other vital products of nature. Dr. Jarvis has published the results of his life long study of VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE in his book titled FOLK MEDICINE. In every day language he tells you how to use VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE. Here are some of the highlights of this book:. * How VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE can help you live a longer, fuller, healthier life. * How to use honey and apple cider vinegar to: I) gain renewed health and energy, 2) as part of prenatal care to produce a strong healthy baby, 3) Produce sound steep, 4) Reduce your susceptibility to disease, 5) Reduce the chance of heart attacks, 6) Produce a relaxed comfortable state of being. * How to use honey and apple cider vinegar to cure: I) morning sickness, 2) sinus, 3) migrain headaches, 4) dizziness, 5) arthritus, 6) bed-wettmg, 7) coughs, 8) hay book, FOLK MEDICINE, the following information is given: The book is being distributed by PCA - The Publishing Corporation of America. On a blank piece of paper write the words, "FOLK MEDICINE," followed by your name and address. Mail this along with S9.95 in cash, check or money order to P.C.A.; Dept. C-17; 6233 Whipple Avenue N.W.; Canton, Ohio 44720. The price includes postage and handling. Make checks payable to PCA. Today, if you wish, you can get this book at a large discount. P.C.A., in a survey, would like to know what age group is interested in this book. During this survey, those who include their date of birth along with their order will get a bonus discount. The cost to you, if you submit your date of birth, is only $6.95. You get a full 30% discount. To qualify, simply write your month, day and year of birth after your address. Should you spend a couple minutes and a few dollars to acquire this valuable health knowledge? Studies show that people will think nothing about spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on homes and cars, but are reluctant to spend a few cents on themselves. As the proverb goes: "When you have your health you have everything - lose your health and nothing else really matters."

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