The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 2
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BJ/VTHFA'ILLE (ARK.)' COURIKR NEWS Holt to Explain Road Program Proposes 2-YMr $40,000,000 D*«l for Highways Bj B»k Brawn LTfTl* ROOK, Ark.. July T. IUP1 — peUfk of mother $20,000.000 per y**r hiihway program were prom- iM* lh* vot«n of Arkansas today, U Juk Molt prepared to deliver a iUt« wld« radio address from Fort anilh, Hi will *pe' k »< * : W P J11 - YMlerday Holt i»id hU program embraced in approximate expenditure of 140,000,000. "»prf*d over a two-year -period and to be used for the building of new hard surfaced ro*d« and a 'streamlined' Job "' repair* and maintenance." H< d*c!ircd that "no new tines «-ill he levied, no convict labor will W 4n« Hot Enough for You? (Joke; /* ITCTJNESDAT, JULY T, •ft i / / / f *¥* > M . no bonds will be sold jw 'piy-is-you-so' policies ereri in »hat I have lo offer." »•*! o^'iotisly icferrlng to mi ilready ad\'anced by three «ven opponents. Sid Mc- t-tf Hot Springs haj propose.1 .rsa -j.«-j« .'or highway* wh;'e c« T^.omp^on and Jim Merriu »3*LX"A'.«i "pny-a-s-yoti-go pro- hi!e plans were being come- a -Thompson for Dover n'iy &t Magnolia this alter The former internal revenue collector will speak a! i p.m. m«H £»*•*! 1" N'w-th Uttle Hi » North Little Rock speech hut night Holt (gain declared thp.t he considered civil rights the "burning iuue of this campaign". Hi asserted that civil rijiit-s "is one iuue that cannol be sidetracked. This \M oji€ problem that cannot b< ignored because it U of utmoct importance to the contiimed welfare and happiness of our people." H« detcribed It as a "local Issue" even though the legislation inlglil crliiaate in Washington. RU headquarters said yesterday that the former attorney general 1 "mar reveal new' source* of money available for ichool aid and old age ai5Jur.ce" in talks this week. [n other political action James MuKretl of Little Rock denied thai >!• hid plans tor increasing taxes for hlrh»"iy building. To Shvm Patn>na*e Polky "T hiT« never »aid T will increase tixej for highway building." he ' »»j<i. "I hart said that 1 will pool the resources of the highway de- ptranent with those ol the county judges on a temporary basis, during which time mail and bus routes will be graveled. Then the highway department would take over. 1 ' H« added that he would rot Invoke patronage In naming highway ottttiaU. "I will keep all the eflicienl worker* and my appointments will be made on the basis of ability." he declared. And added that "I will not u»e patronage m any other appointive job nor Invoke wholesale dis- mtasals in any department." MacKrell was x scheduled to appear at the Woodlawii School near Lonoke tonight. Charles A. Fleming of Forrest City will appear at Warren and Ivan the Invincible Prepares to Climb Lofty Yukon Peak ! -m »hoe» «nd a pack of K ration*, Jlrak'R next venture wa.s south o( the border when, he pokeri hl« iieuil through the Mexican i-louds on Mount OriMibn. 18.696 fret. Journey Complicated The Journey ws* coinplicalnl <UP»—Ivan Jlrak. | when lie did Hit last i cg without his Marine veteran, ttivfs hlmspll a i puck. A parly ol horseman stole ,e-in-Ioiir chnnce lo realize a lolty I the precious bag mid thu young Ma- arnl)itio;i. I i m e was favored to go on without extru provision*. The Mount Ixjpan venture will he the toughest of the mall. The I peak Is 1.000 fret hlKhiT-lhan hny other he liiu tried. There are five Bladi-rs lo complicate mutters and the milled hazard of avalanche*. But tome next Jail. Jlrak expects to deliver a lecture to the Explorers Club about the Mount Logan Jaunt. He jilam to collect specimens of rocks and plain, life foi- Carnegie's nitiseunl. Jitak i-s preparing to RO to Hi-: Yukon lo climb—or try to— Mount 1/WL 'lifl second highest peak oil Ihi- continent. ••Ivan (lie Invincible" has been slmrp'Miiiin his csmpons is|»k» n'C'l drills on bikini; since he fmisheri hi.s irf.shwnn yeni' at Carnegie Tech a few weeks ago. His plans would be coinjilete II he could iirrsuade a pilot, Into making p:irach'.:tc drop ol supplies at. the tansi? ol 19.850-fool peak. But so fai. there were no takers. Mitylie l)ii 33-degrce below aero wentlH'i in mlrl-summer appeals to [van or it may be that he wants to conquei his lifth mountain. Cell Urge In Hawaii Ivan KfH ttie climbing tupe in tiHuait during Die war. He stane.i oil by .scaling Hie 13,184-ioot Mn- unn Kca in two days. Aftl-r the war he ivhiled away 1m occupation lime in Japan by trudging up Mount Fujiyama. a mere 12,435 IfcL The 14.405- fool Mount Whitney \vi\s iH'x 1 . on hi* list. He did it in two nays flat with the aid o( his GI Don't Forget the Big BINGO PARTY WEDNESDAY, JULY 7 AMERICAN LEGION HUT Prizes Valued Not Less Than $5 All Proceed* Will Go For Building School in Hli'theville \ Sponsored by the Ladies of the Catholic Church juart in case, TOM'W forfottoa what that -while stuff w. it's snow. S-N-O-W. Snnw eomes in.thi> winter. W-I-N-T-E-R. When it'» cold. C-O-L-D. How do you remember? Hut this snow is in ill.; •ornmer, out in Mineral, Calif., where Knowplows and bulldozers are clenring away 30-foot drills ta tkiert un Kick UM mauai Midsummer Ski Tournament ol Uie kU. Las«a Ski Ckih. Note Rarwer Hi shift sleeve*. Precedent Found for Eisenhower's "No" to Presidential Nomination Br Frank Klraur I In tht 1M* OOP convention, (UniW Pre« Staff Cwmpondenl) \ DernocraU In 18*» can find some WASHINGTON, July 7. —(UP)— | Parallels: President Chester A, Arthur, who as vlcf-presldent took office wlien President James A. Onrfield was asuislnated in 1881, wanted a term July 7. —(UP) — Sherman who went through Geoigla faster than Elsenhower did Europe, said no politics even more bluntly than Ike. Bui even so his followers didn't believe it. I of his own. They tried, lo the end, to boom | But many In his own party said Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman ] h<! wa , a ..po| ltlcal || nWm ,v." T,,, into the 1M1 Republican nomlna- poetical politicians wanted a tlon for president. | "strong man" to defeat the Dcmo- Tlie boom was a bust. Sherman crallc candidate. *?i f*'°/,'•"• IT" °' BtUln ' p *,* 1 Trecedenl for, Too old hand In pohtlcs got the nornl- | T,,, Democratic nominee, as wns nation on the fourth ballot, He I«t , llready Rpparl , nt , WBS Ro in B to lie the election, , arovcr Cleveland. Cleveland wns If Gen. Dwlght D. Elsenhower i widely popular us the governor of thought hts latest disavowal of po- '" litlcal hopes would take him out of the Democralic race he must have forgotten about Sherman. Ike said he "could not accept" nomination for any public office. Sherman said about 10 days befora the 18«4 OOP convention met In l nnd most controversial success. Tnls came when he marched from Attanln to Savannah in a little more than a mouth. It came as no surprise lo Gcor- Klaus when Sherman said later: "War is all hell." New York. Arthur, like President Truman, wouldn't step «slile. On the first hftllot Blalne Rot 334-'~ of the 471 vote» needed for nomination. Arthur j?ot 278. Among other candidates was Sen. John Sherman" of Chicago: "I will not In any event rj"°' ,,' entertain or accept, a nomination."! • >0 ~ 15 "• Later the Union hero told Con-1 Ik ventlon chairman John B. Hen-ilels: der«on to issue his regrtts In event Sherman wns Ohio, the general's brother. He got Imes the war hero's two. Ike can find more personal paral- West Pointer. He was likeable, sociable, a goad conversationalist. After working his way to the top In the Army, he retired about a year before the convention. Dorado today John Q. Lonsdale of I figuring ways lo stampede the con- lonsdale will be at Harrlsburg and | ventlon. Chairman Henderson the McMith will be at Clarksvllle an-.l j following morning banked hi« gavel Danville. ' an( * started a roll call eulogy ot In other races Millard Alford. 1 possible candidates. anybody proposed his name. /,nd in what Sherman probably took to be the clincher, he added: "I will not accept If nominated and will not serve if elected." Did that stop Henderson? Not a cliance. He and some of his'stop-Elaine" Dur | ng Rn(1 e%rU(r lod t „, , cronies stayed up half the night ; !trvlce ne nat , become , up erlinei>- ! dent of a new academy In Loulsl- Though not at that time a col- eandidale for attorney general, was in Uena today and will be In Wa>- drom, Greenwood and Tort Smith thi* afternoon and tonight. Ike Hurry, Alford's opponent, will visll Almyra, DeWlU, Ha»en and Car- lult. G«ts "Cold" Cath I Much T»lx: Ttw Vote* Working up to what he hoped »»ji a climax, Henderson tossed In the name of the "grand old hero of Kenesaw Mountain and Atlanta." Of Sherrn&n't disavowal he said grandly: "When patriotism calls, he cannot, if he would, be silent, but jrssping that binner. lo him ivo dear, which he n»s already born* in triumph, he Till nurch to > xj :t»s renowned then ana. It later became l,SU. Sherman had his troubles In the early days o[ the civil war. But he was lauded by Congress for FINER COLA ANY PRICE WASHER A WEEK'S WASH IN LESS THAN 1 HOUR I Here it is ... the beautiful two-tub Easy Spindrier, fastest .washer ever built. Two tubs work at once to turn washday into wash-hour! One tub washes a full load while the other rinses and spins a full load damp- dry. Removes up to 25% more water . . . clothes dry faster and are lighter to handle U P - ^*° wringer to feed pieces • • no s* 1 tubs needed, you rinse righc in tne Spindrier basketl Set if you don't agree that fcature-for-feature, dollar* for-dollar Easy gives you more for yoiil money than Any other washer aj any See Easy in action today! Other Easy Spindrier $t89.95 Charles S. Lemons, Furniture Charles S. Lemons, Furniture MOBILE. Ala.. July 1.. IUP<— j Police reported today that a burg- I civic victory lar jot the "cold cash" Isst nliht 1 thow of -nir." j from a Mobile establishment. j The .Vtv Yort Tribune'* reporter , Tht burglar tooi: }Z77 from a ] wrote thit ;l-.t Jaini ippUuw that j beer Ice boi where it h»d been followed ".i'.i'.r Kut'.led tht boom plse»d for "»fe teepint " ' for lh» 5er.'.:i: " why women want NvcJwTv If ikf WFV nail polish fcvUO «^ SPECIAL! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! 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