The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 21, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 2
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THE MALVERN LEADER Aft »«t«r*a ft t&e Fait Otic* At Mute**, ASSOC1AMOK All the o8«.cl«i proceeding of OISPLAT, ts cents a column Inch; 6 cents an inch additional fof composition, fittra fof guaranteed position. 1X>CAL8, Classified LOCALS, among reading matter ** **i Obituary Poetry «. Resolutions .... Of Be a line lOea line 50 a line 5c « line 6ENO CHAN6E8 OP ADDRESS PROMPTLY LEADER BUbscribem arc wkwi ta notify the gubucrlptlon depart- »«nt promptly of any elmtigei In th«lr addfewes. Under the new postal laws, newspapers and periodical* must pay postage due for notices of any changes In address fornlihed by the pott office. In addition. Caere la alio the problem of delay In delivery or failure to ret the paper. The beat plan t* to send the change of address In advance. EDITORIAL The shortest day of the year will really seem so this year with Christmas business being better than for some time. One great virtue of the CWA projects is that much of the community's relief problem will be cared for and in addition some much needed community work will be done. Last five calls on the Malvern Fire department have been on country trips. The department is always glad to go to the assistance of any farmer or other out-of-town resident who is in need. Hopeful sign of the times Is that more buyers are inquiring into the quality of the goods they. buy. Buying at a low price is only wise when the price Is low considering the quality. Cheap goods are usually more expensive than qualify goods ,.aad e buyera who consider price ^"alone often get less for their money than do others. Nor does this mean that a high price mark is always a sign of quality. Few, no matter how severely realistic or cynical, can resist the happy appeal of the Christmas season. The throngs of merry buyers, the holiday decorations in stores and on streets, the gay coloring of wrappings, the infinite psychic help of buying things to give others rather than for' one's self alone — all these are a part of the Christmas season. Mankind simply cannot go through the motions of good will and generosity without becoming genuinely that way. The Christmas season purges us of unkind motives and evil thoughts. H refreshes the system with a period of actual good-wishing and with a true desire to be helpful to others. Throughout the season there runs the earthy manifestations pf the season. There is the commercialism and the natural hu- .tnan selfishness. But these are greatly sublimated by the better things of the Christmas sea- Our Best Christmas GREETINGS To You May the Old Fel* low visit you gener* ousjy, May the season's best be for you. May happiness and prosperity be yours thi-oughoult the com* ing year. Really uow, we could. Wish you UGtttiM better Mum that yau may be able to eajwy the comfort of We J, R, Cardwell *** son. For a day we are not governed by the old and still prevalent law of the jungle; of every man tor his own selfish self. For a day we are motivated by the true Christmas spirit, TMfe MALVERU mam HALVUM. row*. PI wflT f 6*at*ft afl to* Mrt *n« 4 «« tfc* CSftstm** tpfrft ft«t ifte ye*rf for ftritetfoft sftould &e pfea*e« by tire ftr- flni of money to ttfffs eo«H- ttftfti this njotrtfc. Already toote tbftn $100,0 &8 fn corn fottw have been paid farmers wfto are now planning long delayed fto- proredtent* and needed fcayiag, an additional »2B,000 went out to depositors of tfte iowa State Safin*! bank yesterday, wheat benefits are coining Into the county and the CWA program Is pouring more than f »,000 Into t&e county each* week. This should Bare a two-fold effect. It should loosen up eotn- merclal credit by enabling debtors to pay off old obligations. It should and does nave an immediate effect on business by greatly Increasing buying. The whole program will undoubtedly push county business conditions up several notches and famish a big first step back toward normalcy. Aa ttierij>f«*tit8 tewi itffirfiafy 0t tit Wpo .aika&a asibA: tMTC lire Those whose way lead them over any of the experimental black-cap surfaced county roads frequently wish that the surfacing program Will be extended next year. The black* cap roads hare remained uniformly smooth and dnstless. Tax Scrap One of Best Since Road Fight of 1917 Say* Correspondent Correspondent Fnrnishe* Careful News Summary of General Assembly and Opinions Hot Necessarily The Leader's Like the famous good roads fight of 1917, the tax-revision battle of 1933 in the special session of the 46th General Assembly may go down in history as one of the keenest scraps of the century. When in 1917 the House of Representatives sat for days and voted 64 to 64 on good roads questions, the members got quite 'bet up." Now it Is evident they are getting some rise of tempera- ure in connection with the tax revision problem and some of hem may burst before the thing s over. And from this mist of minds may come candidates for governor and sundry other political offices, Round Table Discussions The most extended "round table" discussions ever held in connection with a legislative session In t Iowa took place the past week ln|the Senate. Interesting? Rather. No rules or little interference from the presiding officer, and a rough-and-tumble debate among the Senators in which no holds were barred, ,- , „ „ . ,*.,«, Several tax bills were under fire, and the purpose of the "committee of the whole" membership was to bring out all the points for or against any bill. Thus those sponsoring or promoting any tax idea were called upon to explain many things, while those opposed shot their bills full of holes — if they could. We must say for the members they retained a fine degree of good humor and, amiability under fire. / Five days of explanation and clarification have now resulted in a more to co-ordinate the several bills and try and pass one real tax revision measure — but it cannot be done in the five days before members go home for Christmas. House SJts Calmly The Senate excitement has attracted many House members to hear the debates, but has not influenced the House to take up formal consideration of the tax bills yet. A. motion to set Monday for this special order was sidetracked, members hoping the Senate would 40 something definite and save the House time and. trouble. In the meantime House bills are being passed or killed, in regular order, Just as though such bills have a chance of final passage. Replacement Tux Representative I,. D. Teter of Marion county has a bill, No, that goes straight across all fences and pitfalls to compel a replacement tax for the relief of real estate. "Section I, — Th^e total amount in dollars of taxes levied against any tract or parcel of real estate for or on behalf of any taxing district i« this state . , . shall not ba more than forty (40%) perceutum of the average yearly amount in dollars levied against such tract or parcel dur« controlled stores, prohibiting con* sumption of liquor on the premises where purchased. 3. Permits hotels, restaurants, etc., to sell 3.5 beer and 10 percent wines, only where food is also gold and consumed. 4. Provides for election to be held in towns and cities to vote on the question of permitting such sales (local option), 6. Requires all purchasers to obtain permits to buy' liquor at $1 permit, to be good for one year. 6. Will levy no state tax on any liquor, but provides for state profit on sales, Appropriates one million dollars for use of the control commission, to be used as a revolving fund to be replaced from profits and permits, And, of course, most of the present prohibition statutes of Iowa are repealed. Asked today when they thought the liquor bill would be out on the floor for action.' some Senators said, nofctM Mj^hf J&Ui day recew^M-therffthe 4 Tfre? works! House and I, H. O. ' In the House the last of last week the report of the committee named to investigate rumors and charges against the statq highway commission was heard with the, I general public barred from admission to the main floor. Hours were consumed in reading the testimony gathered by the committee, and then action delayed. Sentiment regarding this matter is uttered only under the breath. Representative Alesh of Ply- mou^b county has a special attorney working at a desk with him, in support of the charges, The attorney general has reported no competent evidence to support the Charges. Representative Durant of Win* nebago county is sponsor of another attempt to control the dumping of sewage waste in cities and towns. His bill, H. F. 159, would require waste treatment plants in all cities and towns be* fore January, 1937, in accordance with the regulations of the state department of health. !4cense JUive Stock Buyers More than 160 telegrams were received Friday by 1 Representative Burgess of Woodbury county, and many by other members of the House In support of H. F. 176, which would make a law licensing direct buyers of live stock, with regulations as tp weighing, grading and docking, in order to prohibit discrimination and unfair competition ta P« r * chases. The bill is said tp he |tat- ed to come out of the committee for passage. Married women are atUl f?ee to work, by reason of a report of the cornmmee te iMeft&lieJy postpone a bill that would 910* from ing the five year period 19g8 ta 1938 inclusive." It passed or incorporated in any new biy, this would require that any new tax would, have to make up the balance Reeded for state, county, city ana funds. UHUM BUi to The Senate special <m temnsrause, whteh. tter control, reported, TfcwwOur for eoftti it i» th» talk of »<4<uw *u4 Ho- hibU them holding iob» they have other support. Sheriff'. Sale v ftt MWi lows ^^ " 9IJ a*nrt fit t&e tittt&n* » ft n^iiW*Tfeii» tf^artf^uttt-A^ A iitmifk't •ki&tibMA^ recovery roaciniiery were operai ing to improve the coMttton •the recently rebellfons nrtddleweM the fifteenth annual etrtrventlon el t&e American Farm Borean Federation gare its Inl! indofseiaetrt to the adiaWIstratioli's recovery plans. Witt the geWttf* of to*ft deaee In the administration tn representatives assembled deelaf- ed also for a commodity dollar add for the remonetttatton of silver. These resolutions Would not have been snrprislng, eren it the administration itself had not provided the two feature speeches of the conrefttlon. ttefcit Wattaee v Secretary of Agriculture, had asked fof complete adherence to the agricultural adjustment program among farmers. George Peek, for* flier AAA administrator and now a foreign trade expert for the ad* ministration, had asked fof sap* port for the program. Secretary Wallace called the agricultural program temporary machinery for the ultimate object of a sounder economic setup for agriculture. He admitted the reality of certain defects in the plan, notably the pork processing tax which is lit effect being trans* terred back to the farmer, and some Important omissions, including beet cattle. For these defects and omissions he promised congressional correction, a«d promised ultimate reorganization of the program for longer term aims. Mr. Peek'* address was chiefly remarkable for his declaration of support of the profit system ot business. He denied any likelihood that the administration in* tended or would eventually at* tempt the destruction of the system. It was on his respect for the rights of business for self* determination and profits that Mr. Peek had incurred the opposition of the liberal aides ot Secretary Wallace which led to his retirement from the agricultural administration. Meanwhile, corn loans were rapidly going out to give immediate purchasing power to corn tanners, and early payment of advance benefits under the corn- hog plan was likely. Wheat checks were being received by signer* of the wheat allotment plan;,To balance this cash going to the farm thousands of unemployed men in small towns as well as large were working on civil works projects at 60« per •mojfejr; tbei*regBlar source ?of weekijr^it!- come to thousands of farm families was undergoing drastic reduction. In the days * preceding complete withdrawal of government purchasing in butter and as t&e wftMfXwtt eWMS MS *t«*t Out, ftrtf fc*t for tetter fell pf eefpf- tately. ffee gc*«rni»«irt Aiefiey* iJWfy Marietfni wf- (HHIHI 1 fc» ft relief work. * f * » Wiwi TBfi plWijpJS6t fn tn session in two week* t&t prep* To tuO Cfi*c« tie »it Bolivtttt tie dftaeo. n*8 JM.mtt*1 nOD fiL &mmia& Itjig-rlig nuerBt irevuw faff State Httfl dAtiartfrg rfi ttMH ftt tmrtMtafe 1M Sotftfe mtion of tire fed&tat trtf«gel came one o! pressing importance. While * ferf » p*tt of th« ti«$fa efy program is intended Is fet self-liquidating ttf eot«r«d fey 8eventy»Two (72) Range Forty-Three (43) and will offer the same for sale to the highest bidder for cash in hand at the Court House in Glenwood, Iowa, on the 16th day of January A. D,, 1894, between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m, and 4 o'clock p. m. of said day, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, when and where due at" tendance will he given by the un* dersigned. Dated at Qlenwopd, Jpwa, tbifl 7tb day of December A, 0,* 1888, W, 8, DeMoss, «*3, Sheriff of Mills County. Sheriff's Sale BY VIRTUE OF AN ESBCy* TION directed tg »e froa the of* flee of the Clerk of the District Court of Mills County, fowa pn a judgment OBialaed in ~sai4 court, op the igtb day of May. 1833, i» favor of I* A» Aagrewg^ gupt. Rec. of jaw* state Saving* Bank, Malvern, JQ WB , as Plato-, tiff and against iSelwa Fletcher, et el, as Defendant |or the.muw pf 11,886.38 aag cp^ts, taxed ftt ?.6o and Accruing* costs, i ba,ye fled upon the |»}]^w}jBf ^eftCrlfe, .'• {leal estate ijlpile^^ MUlf 6*14 execution t0>«Al --/^. Twelve (l£)<Jf(jkrbf vacated alley situate:^ W* .•«k ft£ i itf*l'rlt < pT|» .^l*'t%T%rY*r .>.*S -s. trSf Sweotees (2 feet of t,»t i teea (318) UP4 ta the Ts BRd wJU p«w tit to t«« hltewt hand at *flw>,» Wv&jjij?. iwmMS lMHH»JB| |/ aniarintt fSSSwSsi ,.,,.T*yf< •^ffff'rv. "T^.tr^ w' m - ciai lazes neither the pubii* worts program toit the eWi Works pTogram can be to catted. And, white the public wotks pf** tram ptorper is to be financed by bond istue and it therefore hot directly 16 the fattdfet the interest oil the bonds is « budget «t* pense. fttrthef the fecotery frhn gram has imposed new administrative eipehses on the yarlous departments. Fnnds are now available for, employment Of 4,000,000 men OB t civil wofks only until Feb. 16, tt is said that the president contett* { plate* asking for further appro-" CADI prtations to employ a tapering number of men to May i, aaticl* Dating thai reviving private ein* loyment and the public workt rogram will gradually absorb the men on civil works. Acting Secretary of Treasury Morgenthau before the house ways and means committee made certain recommendations for In*. creasing revenues, an a matter of justice and a help In adjusting the budget. The recommendations were fo^pro visions to modify the capital gain and* loss clauses of the income tax law and such other provisions as now afford loopholes for evasions which were last spring and summer the reason for publicity concerning prominent financiers. France last week formally notified the United States, of intention to' default not only on debt. payments previously due but on the payment due this month as well. Great Britain forwarded a cheek tor $7,600,000 as a "token" payment on the amount due/ (I time wtl^wnftn e&ftstfnfcs ffiCafit gathering « collection aitOflffiSr Weiett and impossible artleles and «iK& Iflf Ifeett Mt y Otherwise food friends attd foteUf e* who woafd fetailat* in like manner. Today Christmas meafts Giving •*». but the Giving ot thing's which Can be used aftd enjoyed, BO a radio ranks among the tost of fifte fof tie fitoderft giver. T%e MAJESTIC p the RCA VICTOR Two great radio* with nil of the exttm pewef, selectivity, control and tonal perfection modern ingeaulty ean provide, YouMl have a new thrill when you get the favorite^ program from one of these* And the family will have a thrill when they find a radio on the Christ- , mas tree Christmas morning,' $OO50 Prices are low. They start at '. , «« ARVIN CAR HEATERS Will be greatly appreciated by the motorist. Genuine FORD ISOLATE BATTERIES — Fit all cars — $7 t4 0 pl UB y° ur old battery. SALYERS AUTO CO '' V .' % H' —Be itt Malvern Saturday for the Big Wee Barbecue— —Twenty Turkeya, Ducks, Geeae will be given away— }f iS ' : £JiS.> ,„/*£; MI•.* .-*^ --.•p&a. iJZ V >• 1*^- •ri,&f. y-'ill •-'*¥•( ¥•*&?¥& r-Vttl =y, rJ^J ."$ (S<1 rc i?f ^*r* LNsftt ti - I, ' kfe &*•& i iKS6 :^-; :* !Hl & ^ 'V*l - -4//V " , , ^ * • ", ^ '' « 3 ' [:^^-'':^''^MM . -a—s.,'r- "T^JjcVf '^\:fi{f '#•*$$!$& &£& '». »v-1 Lmm IVf \C r , JBgMI ajs'i ies: iMf

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