The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 9, 1933 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, February 9, 1933
Page 17
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THE BAKEHSFIELD CAL1FORNIAN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1933 17 SELL ISIRN TliS AI LOW Two Western Giant tires for the price of one nationally-advertised first-line tire, Is tho offer being made by the AVesterti Auto Supply Com', ' pany for a limited time ns the opening gun In an uggrcsslvo merchandising campaign designed to bring to tho attention of tho automobile owner the high quality and low 1933 prices, that prevail In Western Auto mores. "It Is our plan during 1933 to offer Western Auto cusrtotnerB the most outstanding values of all time"." vays F. B'. Fisher, local manage'- "f the company, who Is stressing tuo Western Auto slogan, "Save with Safety," points out that Western Giant tires lire standard quality nnd are guaranteed to give service at least equal • to tiny other first line tire on tho market even though the prices are considerably lower. , " "For a limited time tire buyers will receive two new and fully guaranteed Standard quality W.eslern (Slant center-traction tires for tho manufacturers' latest list price of erne natlon- • ally advertised first-line tiro such as Is used for factory equipment on new cars," says Jilr. Fisher. *-»-• OUTLOOK FOR (Continued From 1'agp Ulcvcnl crn hog production continues to d«- ••llne. Oranges Many factorn point to :i continuation of low prices for omngex. Cannes for price decline nre Increasing production and decreased purchasing power. World produc-tion Is expanding and ox- port competition becjoinlng keener. , Competition Is not as ncutu for sum- j mer oranges ns for winter oranges. Shipments of summer oranges, mainly Valencia*, have been increasing rap- ldlj-4 Exclusive of 1HK2 plantings, 18 per cent of California's summer orange acreage is still to come Into bearing. Production of California plum* la nearlng a peak. Xo immediate prospect, however, exists for better prices unless economic conditions change materially. Because of keen competition from other canned fruits, canning doe» not afford outlets () f substantial proportions for California plums.' Poultry anil Eggs Egg production in fhe United .Suites In 1933 is expected' to be somewhat larger than last year. Supplies of < j ggs available for consumption during the spring months of I'.'SH will probably be reduced, and incren.sed during fall aud winter months. Number of layers In farm flocks on January 1, was sllghtly'larger th;ni a year earlier. It Is probable the number of chlckena hatched this spring will bo Increased. Supplies of lamb reaching »asl>>rn markets during the California lamb- nmrketlng season arc likely to be smaller In 1P33 tlmn last yoa'r. Number of lambs on feed for market Is considerably below that of a year ago. No Increase In size of the California lamb crop Is expected. Kffnct of reduction In suppllen should be reflected In better prices, but price Improvement may be largely offset by Jack of purchasing power. Wheat Heavy stocks of wheat, at the beginning of the 1933-34 season, will again burden tho world wheat mnrket as well as the American market. Some prospect, however, is In sight, that tho 1933-34 world production will bo somewhat smaller than It was last year. Coming yields may not bo as high as they were in 1933. Over a period of years, gradual recovery Is to be expected from the present situation of burdensome stocks nnd disastrously low prices. No Information on the Russian situation Is available. SNOWFALL MAROONS AUTOISTS AND VILLAGES PORTLAND CHIEF Late blizzards accompanied by unusually heavy snowstorms, have trapped hundreds of auto parties and residents of many communities In the mountain regions of California. Above, rescuers digging through to a group of autoists marooned In a farmhouse between Reno and Susanvllle. Below, cabin In Sequoia National Park. Thirty persons art marooned In the 110.Inch snow blanket In the park, and 100 are Isolated In Eahom valley, 20 miles away. STOCKS AND EARNINGS (Associated Press Leased, Wire) NKW YORK, Fob. 9.—Commercial Credit Company and subsidiaries report for 1932 consolidated net profit of $142,338 after all charges, equivalent to- 04 cents a share on the combined preferred stocks. This compares with $3,577,031 or $1.80 on tho common stock lu 1931. Continental Baking. Corporation had 1932 net profit of $2,759,050, equivalent to $8.07 -it share on tho 8 per cent preferred stock, against $4,243,471 or 71 ATSF MAKE ADVANCES 14 Issues Gain, Only One Declines and Five .Remain Steady f- cents it sharo on the Class In 1031. A" stock A net loss of $1,998,189 Is reported by Lchlgh Portland Cement Company for 1932, against not profit of $79,328 In 1931. An English aviator lias built u model airplane with automatic' controls that Is flown successfully with a motor of one-eighth horsepower. Colonel Berton K. Lawsori, wno has been appointed police chief at Portland, Ore. BUT NOT CURRENCY (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Feb. P.—Jackson Barnett, 90-year-old Creek Indian, from whose Oklahoma lands more than $25,000,000 In black gold has been taken, knows the value of silver money, but currency of any denomination Is just dollar bills. Carl J. O'Hornett, former guardian of Barnett, brought forward this Idiosyncrasy of the silent brave, as the government continued today in Its efforts to Invalidate his marriage to Anna Laura Barnet, his white wife. The testimony, introduced by deposition, disclosed that O'Hornett tried for several years to get Barnett to visit his quarter-section of land from which poured his oil wealth. "I explained that It was his prop, erty, and that all of his money was coming from It," O'Hornett said. "The mention of money always brought a smile to his face, but he flatly refused to visit tho property. "Barnett could readily tell the denomination of silver coins, but ho could not read' the numerals on paper General Bronze 1 Corporation reports 1932 net profit of $148,384, equivalent to 51 cents a share on tho capital stock, compared with net loss of $559,908 In 1931. Uncompleted contracts on December 31 'amounted to $3,141,071 compared with $4,041,110 at the end of 1931. International safety Rar.or Corporation had not profit of $21,516 last year compared with $342,028 In 1931. General Outdoor Advertising Company reports not loss of $2,375,677 for 1932 against loss of $1,834,034 In the previous year. Broker Borrowing Drops $2,000,000 (United I'rfsn Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Fob. 9.—Loans on stocks and bonds to brokers anil dealers by reporting federal reserve member banks In tho New York district decreased $2,000,000 In tho week ended February 8, to a total of $422,000,000, tho Federal Reserve Board reported today. ELECTRICAL PRIZE IS HIS L. A. Stocks Bid l*i 7 12U 3 UV'a 26M: 5'/4 34%, 42 ',4 I'-j & 2(i 5 For achievement In the electrical world M-year-old Frank M. Starr (right) was awarded the Alfred Noble prize at the winter meeting of the American Institute -of Electrical Engineers In New York. The prize was for hie .paper "Equivalent Circuits—11." 1 '•? (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9.— Industrials Stock- Byron Jackson Claude Neon Klec... Douglas Alrcruf l Emsi-o Derrick com... Ulobe a. & M. com... Goodyear T. & 11. pfd. Taylor Milling Van do Ivanip Western Pipe Banks Citizens Nat. Hank Sec. First Nat. Bank Miscellaneous L. A. Invest. Co Pacific Finance Co Pac. Mutual Life Transamerica Western Air Express.... 13H Public Utilities L. A. O. & El. pfd P. <J. & 13. com P. G. & IS. 1st pfd Pac. Lighting com S. Joa. L. & P. 6% pfd.. So. Calif. Edison com..., So. Calif. Edison 7% pfd., So. Calif. Edison 6% pfd.. 24 So. Calif. Edison 5',4% pfd. 21 So. Calif. Gas G% pfd.... 23 Southern pacific IS Oils Barnsdall 3 Bolsa Chica Pacific Western Republic j-'qto Richfield Oil Richfield Oil pfd Standard Oil of Calif Union Oil of Calif.. (Asxor.iated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Fob. 9.— Interest n western stocks quickened today as nen In market places assumed a :nore optimistic attitude on tho out- ook for higher prices. Trading was Ively compared with the recent niovemo; around. On tho stock exchange 14 wore up, 5 steady nnd only 1 was lower, Trans- amerlca had a turnover of 13,000 shares, compared with but 3700 for the whole day yesterday. It rose K point to 5',i. Flromans Fund 1 ' gained 1, United Aircraft, Southern Pacific and Pacific Gas common % each and pacific lighting %. Golden State, among tho steadies, had a lively turnover. On the curb Ame.rlcnn Telephone gained 1T4. This stick contributed much to market strength, through tho rumor It would pay the regular dividend — a possible Indication of prospective steadying or Improvement In the business outlook. T>. S. Stool gained 1, and Southern Pacific Goldon Gate preferred 1H. Claude Neon lights lost 8c and Edison 6s BRIGHT SPOTS IN BUSINESS fUn(ttid Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK.— Motion picture box- offlco receipts for the week ended January B were the highest In fourteen weeks, totaling $1,717,730 at 130 theaters In 20 leading cities, against $1, 492,633 In the preceding wack, a compilation by Motion Picture Daily ihowed. S. F. Stocks (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Fob. 9.— Stock— Bid Ask. Alaska .7 unenu California Pack Caterpillar Tractor.. 0% 28 ',i 24*i BtiVj 80 24'A Ask 13 10 6' ll'i ' I)',! 6-,'fc 2i;'«, 6 'A H '.i 97 H 29 2!i 37 'A a 4 10 Consd!. Chein. "A" 14 Crown prcf. "A" 8^ Crown pref. "U" 8 Fireman's Fund Ins 43% Golden State •* Leslie-Calif. Salt 13 U L. A. U. & E. Pfd »8" Magnln com North American P. O. & B. com P. G. & E. 0% 1st pfd... P. O. & K. 6V4% 1st P f ' Pac. Light, com Pac. Pub. Svc. 1st pfd. Pacific Tel. & Tel. com. Pacific Tel. & Tel. pfd. ParaffIne com Roos Bros, coin SJ L&P 7% pr. pfd... Shell Union com Southern Pacific S. P. Golden Gate "A". S. P. Golden (into "U". Standard Oil of Cnllf 2-tU Tidewater Associative] cum. M'/fc Tidewater Associated pfd. 42^s Transamerlca 6 t'nlon Oil of Calif 10'i Western Pipe com '. u Vj Cotton Futures 10 15 91 0 •14 YOUNOSTOWN, Ohio. — No more wage-cuts are being considered by manufacturers In the Youngstown area, according .to Frank Purnell, president of tho Youngatown Sheet & Tube ompany. WASHINGTON. — Class ono railroads In the United States registered u net operating Income of $32,868,8115 In December, compared with $27,018,392 In December, 1931, It was reported by economics. tho bureau of railway NEW YORK.—Steel Ingot output In January amountd to 1,000,297 tons, against 844,618 tons In December, according to the American Iron & Steel Institute. DIVIDENDS (Assoclntcd Pros Leased Wire) NKW YORK, Feb. 9.—Great Northern Paper Co., today declared u dividend of 25 cents, payable March 1 to stock of record February 20. Three months ago a quarterly payment of 40 cents was made compared with a previous rate of (10 cents. nastmon Kodak Co., today declared a, regular quarterly dividend of 76 cents a sharo on tho common stock, payable April March 4. 1 to stock of record Directors of tho Union Pacific Railroad declared a dividend of $l.fiO a sharo on tho common stock, similar to the payments made In the three prn- vlous quarters, Tho disbursement Is payable April 1 to stock of record March 1. SHARP ADVANCES ON N1MARKEJ Experiences Best Rally in Month; Gains of 1 to 3 Recorded LATE BULLETIN NEW YORK, Feb. 9. (A. P.)— The stock market pushed up In the most buoyant manner In four weeks today, and while It was unable to retain nil of Its advance, closed with numerous gains of about 1 to 2 points. The final tone was firm and transfers ap. proxlmated 1,100,000 shares. fAtaoclated Press Leased Wire* NEW YORK, Fob. 9.—Best rally in nearly a month developed In today's stock market, carrying many Issues ono to more than three points higher. The list eased off n llttlo In the middle of the day, but trading slackened on the decline, and recessions from the best wore largely limited to fractions. Persistent firmness of the market in recent sessions, nnd a series of regular dividends evidently sent shorto to cover. Advances of around 2 points appeared in American Telephone. Air Reduction, Delaware £ Hudson, Santa !•>, Allied Chemical and U. S. Steel preferred, while Union Pacific advanced 3 ami Coca-Cola had an ox- Iremo rise of 4 points. Motor." were Konerally firm, with Chrysler rising :, major fraction. Sugar Issues were fractionally higher, in sympathy with recent strength In raw sugar. Halls worn prominent In tho ;ul- vanoo. Union Pacific ordeied its regular quarterly dividend of Jl.f.O, tiiul brokerage gossip mentioned tho forthcoming report of the national transportation committee as a constructive factor. The report is expected within tho next fortnight. Tho scrips of rcg. TREASURY REPORT WASHINGTON, Feb. 0. (A. P.)— Treasury receipts for February 7 were $4,694,528.74; , expenditures ?25,561,228.47; balance $394,307,061.34. Customs duties for seven days of February were 14,106,879.27. *-••* :— RETURNS TO QOLD BASIS PARIS, Feb. 9, (W. P.)—Tho Bank T Poland returned to the gold stand,rd as of February 8, th« commercial It pays to read advertisements- It will pay you to read this one The other day u friend gave my wife u recipe for a new Frozen Orange Pudding. We hud it last night for dessert. "This is something new," I said. "Where did you get it?" "Mae gave me the recipe yesterday. She clipped it from an advertisement." My wife didn't read that advertisement. If her friend hadn't read it what u treat we would have missed. Do you read the advertisements? It will pay you many times over to do so. From them you may learn about all sorts of new things. New foods, new ways to use them, new recipes that will add variety to the daily menu. \ Right in the'advertisements in this paper there are countless things to interest you, to save you money, to bring you the most value for what you spend. And now us a reward for reading this advertisement here is the recipe thul inspired it. Recipe for Frozen Orange Unemployed Cats Required to Work SANTA ROSA, Feb. 9.— Even unemployed cats must work If they ex- i pect assistance from Santa Rosa's nodal service commission. This was the decision reached when the first needy feline was 'added to the city's relief lists. Tommy, who evidently has been "unemployed" for some time, was set to work exterminating mice and rats from the relief organization's headquarters. BAR SILVER NEW YORK Feb. 9. (A. P.)— Bur sliver easier, V»c lower at 25Hc. COFFEE MARKET NEW YORK, Feb. 9. (U. P.)—Coffee—Rio Ts on spot 8%; Santos 4s 9%. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Feb. 9. (A. P.)—HogK— Receipts 27,000; slow; around 15-20c lower; packing spws lOc lower; good to choice 170-210 pounds $H.80(^:1.90; top $3.90; 220-250 pounds $3.6fi l iJ II.SO; 140-160 pounds $3.604/3.80; packing sows $3.00(8)3.26. Cattle—Receipts "600; largely Btcer run, llttlo done, nentlment 25c lower; early market confined lower grades; undertone weak on better grades; cow« Bcarco but very slow; bulls scarce and firm; vealors erratically higher, largely $6.00^9.00; most early sales steers $4.00(&'5.60. Sheop—Receipts 15,000; about steady with Wednesday's 10-15<; close; good choice 75-SO-pound native lambs $6.50 @>5.75; bidding $5.25^6.50 on predom- Idlng $5 [jly fed western lambf. Intuit supply GOVERNMENT BONDS NEW YORK, Feb. 9. (A. P.)—Liberty bonds closed today: 3V4s, 32-47, 103.13. First 4^48, 32-47, 102.25. Fourth 4>/iH, 33-38, 103.13. Fourth 4>,i«, r,eg., 33-3S, 103.lit. Treasuries: 4ViH, 47-52, 110.19. 4s, 44-54, 106.18. 3%s, 46-56, 104.22. 3%s, 40-43, June, 102.1);. -3%s, 43-47, 102.13. 8%s, reg.. 43-47, 102.13. 3%s, 41-43, March, 102.1-1. 3Hs, 40-49, 99.29. (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Feb. 9.—An early advance In cotton today on a renewal of trade and commission house buying was followed by partial reactions. Considerable realizing was encountered ut about or the high prices of yesterday, and after selling at 8.22 or 12 points net higher, May eased to 6.17. The mldafternoon market was quiet at not advances of 7 to 8 points. Cotton futures closed steady, 3-6 higher; March 0.03; May B.15®0.16; July 6.27ijj>6.28; October G.48; December O.G1; January G.64<8'6.65. Spot quiet, middling G.15. NEW ORLEANS COTTON NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 9. (A. P.)— Spot cotton closed steady, 5 polntH up. Sales, 1030 bales;; middling, 6.00. COTTONSEED OIL DALLAS, Feb. fl. (U. P.) — Crude cottonseed oil, 2Vic. FOREIGN EXCHANGE NEW YORK, Fob. II. (A. P.)—Foreign exchange Irregular (Great Britain In dollars, others In cents): Great Britain demand, 3.42*4! cables, 3.43; 60-day bllK 3.41%; France, demand, 3.90&,; cables, 3.80 11-16; Italy,; cables, 6.m«. Demands: Belgium, 13.91 Vi; Germany, 23.77; Holland, 40.mi; Toklo, 21.18 S 4; Shanghai, 28.12',i; Hongkong, 22.00; Montreal, 83.62V4; Mexico City (Silver peso), 29.00. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9. (A. P.) — Hogs—Receipts 75; steady; 138 to 207 pounds, $3.60; few held-above $3.85. Cattle — Receipts 360; steady to strong; quality mostly plain; few light steers, $4.«54f 5.00; few loads $4.00<fz> 4.60; few heifers, $4.60; low cutter to common cows, $1.50192.75; bulls, $3.26 down. Calves, receipts 50, quotably steady. Sheep—Receipts none; medium to | choice quoted HOOVERS MOVING AS NEW TENANT INSPECTS HOME Ingredients—2 egg yolks (beaten); 1 cup orange julcu; 1 cup cream (light creamer top milk will do); 4 teaspoonfulB flour; VB tnHSpoimful suit; Va tup sugur; 1 teuHpooiiful Kruturt orange rind. Bleml.thoroughly egg yolks, migtir, flour, suit und ;ulil (irtinge Juice nnd cream. Put in double boiler until thick. Add orange rind, cool and pour .into freezing tray-of refrigerator —or-three or four hours on ice. When ready to serve, top each dish with meringue madp by beating two egg whites stiff and adding J ,4 cup Biigar. Garnish with orange segments, It Pnys to Head All the Advertisements in This Paper ttacho of the 1'olish louncod today. an- Citrus Market (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9. —Reports 'roni eastern and inlddln western auction centers today gavo tho following :jrlco range par box: Oranges Graded Above Choice Choice Vow York ...... $2.30<cr'3.75 $2.n5ffi'2.80 Boston .......... 2.GO!ff3.05 2.10^2.25 Chicago ......... 2.35fl3.25 2.20(u'2.60 Philadelphia ---- 2.60iji>3.05 2.30Sj>2.35 : J lttsburg ....... 2.35(32.05 2.1U Lemons Graded Above Choice Choice ular dividends this woek prompted shorts tu cover In American Tele- phono, directors of which are scheduled to meet next Wednesday. New York Close . (United Press Leased Wim NEW YORK, Feb. 9.— Railroads Stock— AtchlHon, Topeka £ S. F Baltimore & Ohio Chesapeake & Ohio ; Erie Railroad Great Northern pfd Illinois Central Missouri Pacific Now York Central Northern Pacific Close . «'s . 12',, . 30'.s . 5% . 10',, 20*,, is.i 751?. 1 ii '.j 20", Now York ...... $2.4B<f(!4.60 $2.36i 3.(i5 Boston 4.05©4.35 Chicago .' 3.80©4.GO Philadelphia 3.75 3.<15 Plttsburg Baltlmoro 2.90 2.00ig>2.40 3.80 2.00©3.75 3.0fi®3.10 2.71) Los Angeles Hay (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9.—Hay, per ton, t. o. b. LOB Angeles: Choice barley, $12.501(113.50. Choice oat, $13,601!. 14.r,0. Alfalfa, delivered (Hynes or Kl Monte): U. S. No. 1. $12013. U. S. No. 2 leafy, $11.50(^12.00. U. S. No. 2, $10.50i3H1.50. L. A. BUTTER. EOQS, POULTRY LOS 1 ANGELES, Feb. 9. (U. P.)— Butter Prime, 18c; prime firsts, 17c; standards, ICc; firsts, 15c. Eggs Large — Clean extras, 16c; light dirty extras 15Hc; clean standards, 15c; light dirty standards, 16c; checks, 14c. Medium — Clean extras, 14c; light dirty extras, 14o; clean standards, 14c; light dirty standards, 14c; checks, 13c. Small— Clean, 14c; light dirty, 14c. * Poultry and Rabbits Hftns, Leghorns, 2Vi to 3U Ibs., lie. lions, Leghorns, 3Vi Ibs. up, lie. Hens, Leghorns, 4 Ibs. and up, lie, Hens, colored, 3',1 to 4 Ibs., 15c. HcnB, colored, 4 Ins. and up, 18c. Pennsylvania Southern Pacific".....".'.".".'.'.'.' Union Pacific Industrials American Can 53 American Tel. & Tel 'lo2». Borden ' o" Caterpillar Tractor '.'.'.'. "KT. Cltlea Service 2^ Columbia Gas ' 151* Consolidated Gas 037, Corn Products "" 5-," Curtiss-Wrlght Aero " 11. Famous Players " :: Fox Films "A" '.'."."" i^ General Electric ' 541 General Foods '" •>.<;" Gold Dust Goodyear Tire & Rubber.. International Harvester... International Tel. & Tel... Montgomery Ward ' isr.. North American " '^a* Pacific Gas & Electric '.'.'.' 287, Radio Corporation .j.i. Safeway Stores " 35 j£ Sears, Roebuck Co IB?: U. S. Rubber 5i* Union Carbide & Carbon 23't United Aircraft '.'.'.'.'.'.'" 241* Warner Brothers *i4j Western Union ..'.-' 23'i Wostlnghouso Electric "" 27^ Woolworth Stores sss! .T. C. Penney ' «*** Transamerlca '" r\- First National Stores '.'.'.'.'. nnt'! Metals American Smelting 335; Anaconda Copper re- Bethlehem Steel 147. International Nickel '.'.'.'.'. si? Kcnnecott Copner or IT. s. stcei..... ;;;;; ^f Vanadium Steel i«a; Republic Steel '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' G^ Tobacoo and Sugar American Sugar 27 American Tobacco "A" 541. American Tobacco "B". . " 56>Vi American Sumatra " $il Cuban American Sugar.... " » Great Western Sugar... R. J. Reynolds Broilers, 1 to Ibs., 13c. Broilers, 1«A to 2>.i Ibs., IGo. s, Leg Fryers, Leghorns, Fryers, colored, to 3 Ibs., Me. to 3Vi Ibs., 17c. Roasters, soft bone, 8H Ibs. up, 17c. Stags, 13c; old roosters, 8c. Ducklings, Pekin, 4 Ibs. and up, lie. Other than Pckln, 4 Ibs. and up, lOc. Old ducks, lOc. Geese, 12c. Young torn turkeys, 13 Ibs. up, 13c. Young toms, dressed, 12 Ibs. up, 16u. Hen turkeys, 8 Ibs. and up, 13i-. Hen turkeys, dressed, R Ibs. up, 16c. Old torn turkeys, I2c; dressed, 15c. Squabs, under 11 Ib.s. dozen, 15c. Squabs, 11 Ibs. Aoz/ni and up, 20c. Capons, live, under 7 Ibs., 18c. Capons, live, 7 Ibs. and up, 20c. Capons, dressed, under 6 Ibs., 23c. Citponn, dressed, <1 lbn. and up, 23e. Rabbits, No. 1 whltu, 3 to 4 Ib.s., 9c. Kilobits, No. 2 white, I! to 4 Ibs.. «o. No. 1, mixed colors, 3 to 4 Ibs., 5c. Rabbits, No. 1. old. 5c. CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, Fob. 9. (A. P.)—Despite reports of two more cold wave* throatened from the arctic, grain prlrns HhowcU a reactionary trend late today Profit-taking sales by recent pur- Oils Mexican Seaboard IKS. Phillips Pete ri* Shell Union .'.'.'.'.'!!!'" s4 Sinclair r«L Standard Oil of Calif 24»i Standard Oil of N. J.... " IB"S Standard Oil of N. Y.... "7 Texas Company '.'.'.'. 13 Tidewater Associated now 3% Motors ChVysVer ' '.'.'.'.•.'.'.•.'.'.'.'.'.•.•.•.•.•: il'il General Motors 14 Hudson ' 41- Packard Motors '.' 2"! Studebaker ' 37' Tlmhcn Roller Bearing '.'.'.'.'.'. 1C9» Equipments American Car Foundry 7:1, American Locomotive 754 Haldwln Locomotive 5U General Tank igu Stewart Warner 31: L. A. PRODUCE MARKET LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9. (U. P.)— There was a moderate volume of trad- Ing this morning. Artichokes —- Davenport and Santa Cruz, $3.50 a box. Arroyo Grande, $2.f.0iir2.75. Local Fuerte avocados. 18@20c pound. Pueblos, loffl"!-. Good Brussels Sprouts — Davenport and Santa Cruz, 9 ft? I Of pound; ordinary, San Luis Oblspo, Sg^o. Loral cabbage. 40'irHOc crate. Imperial vall»y as high ns 75c. Local cauliflower, 3, r >ifi'40c crate. Venice celery, 10®50c crate. Chula Vista, 65^761'. Imperial valley dry pack lettuce, Jl.OOffl.lfi ••ralo for 4-A dozen. Fancy Santa Barbara, H®16c pound. Now potatoes from Sun Diego county. ilflfl'.Ar. Summer pquayh, Imperial valley. $3 chaseri of wheat wrrp a feature Hear [crate. Italian, San Diego county $260 the close. Today's prices were tho j 153.75 lug. I Sweet potatoes, local Jerseys. 40(5? r>0o IjiK. Northern Jerseys, 50@65c hlghnst Blncn January 13. Wheat closed easier, unchanged to I compared with yesterday's \nfi">»c off, oats unchanged to HO decline and provisions unchanged to a setback of 15c. %o down, finish, con IUK. Best Porto Rlcans, 80'(V90c. Local tangerines, 2f?2',£c pound. CHICAGO, Feb. no sales; corn, No. 2 mixed <olil), 25%c; No. 3 mixed, 23H<'; No. 2 yellow (old), 26%'o2Go; No. 3 yellow, 24@>24a;c; No. 2 white (old), 2«o; No. 4 white, 23Hc; oats, No. 2 white, 17c; No. 4 white, 16 l ic; ryt> ley, 25ff'3Gc. While truckmen (at Itft) were busy at a rear entrance of the White House, moving away the first of the Hoovers' belongings preparatory to their flns.1 departure before March 4, the next First Lady—Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt—Is. shown (at right) as she arrived by a front gate to survey the executive mansion over which she will preside as mistress. Declining the proffered use of a White House limousine, she walked • half-mile from her hotel to Inspect tier future home at the Invitation of Mrs. Herbert Hoover. METALS SAN FRANCISCO LIVESTOCK SOUTH' SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 9. (A. P.)—Wheat, ('A. p.)—Hogs—Receipts 275; packing sows absent, quotable nrouuJ {2.504? 3.00. Cattle—Receipts 150; moderately active, she stock predominating; steer* nominally steady; common to medium 081 -pound Idaho steers $4.00; good I'ows fully steady, good 1073-pound No. v.-irtns $3.50. fairly frood 1060-pound no sales; bur- NEW YORK, .. LS MARKET j horned Nevadas and 1134-pound Itjahos , Feb. fi. lA. P. i— Cop- I $3.25, cutter to medium ''dairy" type ' por dull; electrolytic s|x)t 5; futuri- d'-s. U-ows and heifers around 50c hlphor at Tin steadier; spot and m'urby I'll.So; JS.r.O'iKl.OO; bulls steady, $2.t,0'j7 ! 3.2u. future 23.90. Iron nud-t, unchanged. Loud quiet: spot New York II.HO: Mast | SI. Louis 2.87. y.lm 1 fiisler; East St. •Louis spol and future '.'.liii. Antimony •:, so. y ig Calves, receipts 30; small lots, uneven, low grade "dairy" type on sale. Sheep—Receipts none; good to ehnlcff !>n nounds down quotable around

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