Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 2, 1955 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1955
Page 11
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A Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker Progress Reported On Water Line To North Branch Plant EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, DECEMBER - 2, 1955 City Commissioner William J. Edwards reports good progress made on the water line to the new plant of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company at North Branch, adding that nearly all of the pipe needed for the project has been delivered. By Wednesday night, he said, 2,342 feet of the 18-inch water line "td been installed and the line ad progressed to a point near where the Mexico Farms road the best day since the work was started November 21 by the Cumberland Contracting Company. Generally good construction weather has enabled the job to progress satisfactorily, it was reported, j Pipe from the Armco Drainage and Metal Products Company, Middlelown, Ohio, has been arriving on schedule. f Assignment: Ameriea N.Y. Jaywalkers Will Be Arrested It Traffic Head's Plan Accepted (l*g. U. i. Par. Oft.) : By PHYLLIS BATTELLE NEW YORK-(INS)-A jay is a bird of the crow family, which can be found in fields and mcad- iows. A jaywalker, on the other 21 have arrived and that two more crosses the B&O Railroad tracks, 'vere due today. Thre.e or four more Wednesday, he added, resulted carloads will complete the deliv- In the laying of 677 feet of line— ery of the $167,715 order. DRINK THE CHOICE OF DANIEL WEBSTER! The greatest name in bourbon—historic favorite of famous men —now in-a lighter, lower- priced 86 Proof bottling as a companion to the world-renowned 100 Proof Bottled in Bond! jhand. is a bird of the Schmoe who can be found in traffic jams and morgues. There is one basic difference between the two. The jay can fly and the jaywalker just THINKS he can. New York City has always been the happy hunting ground for the jaywalker. It's not that the red lights here are any prettier to stroll in the glow of, nor that the taxis are any less swift at biting into one's coattails. The reason a jaywalker feels at city police before the law becomes enforced. First of all, New Yorkers are busy and always in a hurry; it may not take much more time to go to the corner or to wait for the green light, but it takes some more time. JAncl some is too much. Second, New Yorkers are trained to take care of themselves. They'd rather fight their way through a traffic jam than fight with a cop, but if the necessity arises, they'll tackle both battles at once. New Yorkers, by nature, are independent and want more than anything else to be left alone. If anyone tries to tell them how to avoid being killed, they will be unap- ionic in New York is that there has preciativc. Their reaction: "Who's getting killed, you or me, hey?" And f'nally, as mentioned before, this is the traditional habitat of the never been a legal regulation against crossing a street in the middle, or against a light, regardless- oi how the traffic is teeming. Only here could a pedestrian cross Madison Avenue, stepping off the -cur; at 45th Street, and re-mounting at 47th Street, without getting a ticket. Many New York pedestrians have died this way. But thp point is, they died free. There was no traffic cop' in the ambulance saying "Buddy, there's a fine for that." Knowing all this, it was startling to learn this week that N.Y.C. Traffic Commissioner T. T. Wiley is planning to put a ban on jaywalk- ng. he notes that there are not only, "absent-minded" persons get- ing knocked . down regularly for crossing streets in inappropriate places, but there are also "chronic, ntentional violators" who are hold- streets-in diagonal directions. Wiley telieves these-.offenders should be made to pay .(-probably about 52) for the- inconvenience iey cause—to motorists', hospital attendants and people who are late fcf the theatre every time there's NOW-TWQ GREAT BOTTLINGS! $ A 85 86 PROOF • BOTTLED IN BOND 10 ° 4 5 4/5 Ql. 4/5 Qt. OLDCROjjl km m ST*>«" SourDOX WHISKY ELEVEN CHURCH SPEAKER — Rev. Meredith Haines (above) a former member of the Tokyo Bible Seminary and later of the Seoul Theological Seminary, will be speaker at First Methodist Church on Sunday night. An interdenominational missionary convention is underway at the church. UMiJ i.3 LI IV.. HUUJltUllEA* JJfc* VIUU V VI*. t*JS* I —_ "» f 1 f I jaywalker. Next to his privacy andltfronze Marker Placed his all-night delicatessen, he con-|Q n Veteran'* G siders the privilege of crossing streets, at whim, a great and precious gift of the city. Take away this right and you'll have a safer, but sadder, Schmoe. Board Approves Garage Permit The Board of Zoning Appeals las night approved an application for garage and turned down a bid for a laint and repair shop. Approved was the application George 0. Thrush to build a 33 by 44-foot garage at the rear of pro perty on Ann Place. The garage will replace an exist ng building which is too small fo the truck which will be housed in the new structure. Disapproved, wiien nobody peared for a hearing, was -the ap )lication of Harvey W. May to built n 30 by 36 foot structure on Willow rave Henry Hart Post 1411, Veterans of Foreign Wars, has placed a bronze marker on the grave of Richard V. Zimmerman in Greenmount Cemetery, according to William L. Ranck, grave registration commiUeeman. Mr. Zimmerman, a former resident, was a member of Baltimore Lawmakers Recommend Changes In Gas And Oil Well Drilling Regulations Cj cZ5 A Legislative Council subcommittee will recommend (hat proposed laws governing oil and gas well drilling in Western Maryland be administered by the State Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources. Del. Fred B. Driscoll (R-Allegany), a member of the subcommittee, announced legislation will be the proposed given to thcj ment, supply cutting samples, andiwants firmer control maintained in'' notify the department of any abandoned wells. The subcommittee also to leave the control of the spacing of gas and oil wells on leased land under the jurisdiction of the geology department. The Allcpany County delegation, said Driscoll, is primarily inter' Lcgilative Council during its nextjcsted in the legislation because nccting, December 6-7. at Balti-iinore than 25,000 acres of land are nore. |under lease, and because figures Driscoll said a combination of from Garrctt County well opcra- jarts of both Senate Bill 470 which tions show tremendous losses, was introduced at the last session Lack of control in the method by Senator Clifford Friend of Gar- of spacing of wells and no attempt! rett County, and Senate Bill 319, to conserve natural resources are which was passed in 1953 and then the primary reasons for repealed in 1954, will be recom- Driscoll mended in the new legislation. Certain changes also were pro posed, with the subcommittee agreeing that administration of the program should not be made by a separate board but should come under the jurisdiction of the De- lartmcnt of Geology, Mines and Water Resources. The committee also proposed lint well drillers be required lei lave licenses and permits to drill n the state, submit complete reports of progress to the depart state. If legislation is passed to aid the- ent of gas and oil in .Maryland as well as throughout the remainder of the stale, "it must be done in an orderly manner under people who arc qualified to handle it," Dris-, coll stated. Del. Anthony F. DiDomenico (Ballo.-2nd> is chairman of the subcommittee. School "Visited Mrs. Geneva F. Flickinger, late supervisor of special educa- ion. spent several days (his \vcek visiting the new class for the men- Police Post No. 1529, which sup- (ally retarded children at LaValc FREE! We will grind and mix the first 1000 Ibs. of grain brought lit by each person during the week of Dec. 5 to 10th. We can make any protein value you wish by adding the proper concentrate to your grain. We can also blend molasses in your dairy feed. Remember the grinding and mixing will be done at no cosl on the first 1000 Ibs. Southern States Cumberland Cooperative 811 N. Mechanic St. HOLIDAY GASH I FAST i Any Way You 1 Want It | Whether you waul a large K amount or a smalt amount, % for a long time or a short g time, we make every effort to give you exactly what you ask fur and on terms to suit' you and your pocket- hook. • # Loans $50, $100, * $200 or more. f AUTO, SIGNATURE, FURNITURE INDUSTRIAL Loan Society, Inc. Liberty Trust Bldg.—3rd Floor K K f\ I PA 4-3100 Open Saturdays 9 am til Thru Dec. 24 a fatality around Times Square. brook Road for a repair and pain At least 400 persons die annually i shop, in this city from being struck by: ~~ automobiles, and Wiley thinks thatjBownian's Addition •|if the citizens know the facts, they g chool Bc]ng p| amied Both Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskies Ask for Old Crow at your favorite tavern! THE OLD CROW DISTILLERY CO., DIVISION OF NATIONAL ! will agree to abide by the new rule. !After all. Detroit and Washington laud Los Angeles have laws against [jaywalking; why shouldn't, New jYork? There is no reason, of course, why New York City should try to adopt the. same rules .and regulations as Detroit and Washington and L.A.— But 1 personally forsee DISTILLERS PRODUCTS CORPORATION, FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY if! enty of headaches for Wiley and I bitter streclcorncr brawls for the Shop early for Christmas at Biggest watch buy" in years! PAY AS LITTLE AS s 1 .OO A WEEK. With the heart that never breaks, the GUARANTEED DuraPower Mainspring The architectural firm of Walton and Madden of Ml. Rainier is pre paring preliminary plans for new Bowman's Addition tary school. Superintendent of Schools Ralph R. Webster said the site for the school has not yet been purchased It is being surveyed in order to determine its correct boundaries Webster hopes that the plans can be completed and construction started in time to have the eight room school in operation by nex! September. fOR BIG AND LtTTlf Bias PEOPLE Who WORK A Specialized Loan Service $25, $100, $200 up to $1200 feX.''i ELGIN BOUQUET ELGIN AVERY ELGIN MlttlCENT ELGIN ONTARIO In a tiny, tailored Hadley expansion With expansion Waterproof*,shock- resistant.* 4. 5 0° ELGIN OLETA Wirh tiny, dainty case. ELGIN"19'HOLCOMB ELGIH"19"MERMAID Handsome, mas- Waterproof*,shock- culin». »65°° resistant. S V1 50 ELGIN "19" CARESS Dainty 10K gold case. 5 69 SO ELGIN"19"DEBORAH ELGIN "19" EVEREST Has 19 jewel move- Has 19 jewel movement. S 55°° ment. *55°° 21-JEWEL LORD ELGIN BRENTWOOD 21 jewels and shock-resistant. LADY ELGIN HOLIDAY Waterproof*, shock-resistant. LADY ELGIN CAROUSEL Has 21 jewel movement. S 71 50 PRICES INCLUDE FEDERAL TAX Get money to pay all your bills at once. Spread repayment over a number of months. If needed, the money will be ready in one day. Com* In or. to t » r/m«, p/ton« flrit 61 North Centre Si. Corner Frederick Cumberland PA 2-4900 PUBLIC LOAN CORPORATION PITTSBURGH ENAMEL True white Won't yellow LORD ELGIN WESTWOOD Distinctive, and has 21 jewels. ,7500 if Provided original leal i> properly rcjlc'od after op=n:r.g lor or>/ reason. way to remember LADY ELGIN REBECCA 14KgoId cose. Hot 21 jewels, S 1OO°° jewelry Department £ THE "IB" LAY AW AY 9-11 N.C€NTfc€ UM the enamel for your interior woodwork and trim chat retains its pristine whiteness dirough repeated cleanings. Pittsburgh Architectural Enamels never yellow. They're eaiy to apply, ind dry overnight too. PITTSBURGH «» PIATI OtASS COMPANY 317 Henderson Avc. . Phone PA 4-3434 plied the marker. He was' a bro- this city, who has long been active Most mentally deficient children have pleasant dispositions. • SWEETHEART • SISTER MOTHER _enfury ches! in 5afirv- Mohogony. Drawer in baie—cedor storage comportment opcni from top. No. 2221. New "Spoce.Saver" design in Blond Oot. Hos drawer in base—cedor storage com- portmf.nt opens from top. No. 37.17. No Down Payment W/f/i an "IB" Charge Account Spocious Modrrn ch«l finished in Seofoom MoJiogony. Troy inside outomatically l«fts with lid. No. 3205. :• Gef these famous 'IANE Features: V<" thick red cedac. interiors Free moth protection guaranty Aroma light conslrucliort Beautiful rubbed and poliihed finish 9-11NXCNTU

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