The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 12, 1959 · Page 1
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 1

Austin, Minnesota
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Monday, January 12, 1959
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The Weather Portly cloudy tonight becoming mostly cloudy Tuesdoy; little temperature change; high today 25-32, ows tonight 5*12; light wind todoy becoming moderate southeast Tuesday, AUSTIN DAILY HERALD VOL. CXXXV1 AUSTIN, MINN., MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 1959 SINGLE COPY — It Nixon Gets Challenge on Missiles Symington Wants Proof That U.S. Is Ahead of Reds WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Stuart Symington CD- Mo) challenged Vice President Nixon today to prove the United States is now ahead of Russia in ballistic missiles. Symington told the Senate that if Nixon made an observation to that effect, "it is not correct—and I do not know a single impartial expert in the missile field who would support it." The senator is a former Secretary of the Air Force.under President Harry S. Trilman and member of the Senate Armed Services Special Space Commit Lees. He took issuo with information given newsmen Sunday thai Nixon says the United States is ahead of Russia In developing mil itary missiles and is catching up fast in other phases of the space race. Wants ICBM Number Symington called on Nixon to .provide in percentage the number of operational ICBM's the United States will have at the end of this year compared with the number U. S. Intelligence estimates the Soviets will have. Symington, mentioned often as x potential Democratic candidate tor the presidency, spoke out in the Senate shortly after Nixon left his place as presiding officer. The question of where the United States stands in the space race is expected to come under renewed scrutiny in both the Senate 12 Pages An Illinois woman who life* hi ft three-room apartment gave birth to triplets. Sounds like moving day. Baby Safe; Kidnaper Faces Stiff Sentence HOW ACCIDENT HAPPENED — Airport Manager Glen rtovland stands at FAST TOURNIQUET HELPS the "prop'' of Del Siats' plane to demonstrate how mishap occurred. Propeller Slashes Legs of Employe at Airport »nd House this session, Final Report The temporary House An Austin chiropractor used his belt and then a length of rope for a tourniquet to help save the life of Larry Vroman, 21, 607^ Lansing Sunday. A propeller almost severed Vroman's right leg at the f Austin Airport f : and his left leg ; was severely ; slashed, but a sur- f geon said today j. there was a good i chance for saving both legs. Dr. A. J. Schaut and Glen Nelson, were taxying for Vroman Space Nelson saw the mishap. They stopped the plane and ran to the scene. "I used my belt at first b u t couldn't apply enough pressure," Dr. Schaub related later. "Some- Never Lost Hope, Says Mother NEW YORK (AP) — "I never gave up hope that Lisa would be 'found. My first faith was in God. My second in the FBI and the police." These were the words of a jubilant mother, Frances Chionchio, for whom nine days of anxiety and agony ended early today with the i safe recovery of her kidnaped in- ifant daughter. The 26-year-old teacher, who has been on maternity leave, said she first learned the baby was found alive and healthy from her husband, Franks who telephoned from SI. Peter's Hospital about 5:30 one brought a rope from the hang- j ed quickly after the mishap de- manager, said. Woman's left leg had a 10-inch cut, with a facture of the bone deep in the knee joint. A surgeon said today that the emergency tourniquet appli- child, but as long as she knew the a.m. She Could Wait She said she didn't know when she would be reunited with her er and I was able to get a good, tourniquet." Legs Nearly Severed Vroman's right leg was just finitely helped to save the young man's life* Was Winding Prop Hovland and Vroman, a "line about severed at the upper thigh, boy" for the airport, had been winding a prop for Del Sials, Aus- with both the main nerve and artery cut. Surgeons were able to join the artery and today the young tin Rt. 5, before the mishap. "Winding the prop" serves to man's blood pressure and pulse; get oil and gas into the motor for were near normal. i a quick start. Blood gushed from the right leg Vroman wound the propeller, and spattered the plane he was'stepped back, waited, and then baby was being cared for, she could wait—at least for a while. Chionchio, 28, a Port Authority lawyer, had been called to the hospital for identification of the infant, missing since the night of Jan.'2 when she was kidnaped 21; hours after birth. Chionchio said he recognized his daughter immediately. He had only seen her once, shortly after birth, "She has a birthmark over her left eye," he said, "but I real- a takeoff about 10:20 a.m. when servicing, Glen Hovland, airport raised both hands. Siats interpret-!ly recognized her by her beautiful ed the gesture as an all - clearjf ee t and hands." Committee of the last Congress, headed by Democratic Leader John W. McCormack (Mass), is sued a final report over the weekend picturing the Soviets as per haps l',4 years or more ahead of the United States in space progress. Brooks was a member of the temporary committee as well as senior Democratic member of the House Armed Services Committee. The space committee saw America's extinction as the likely co'st of Soviet victory in the space race. Calling for the utmost national effort, it quoted estimates that even with a thoroughgoing program it will take the United States "at least five years to dose the gap." Different View Vice President Nixon holds a different view, according to information given newsmen Sunday. Nixon, who sits in top strategy (ouncils, says the United States is ahead of the Soviet Union in developing military missiles and is catching up fast in other phases of the space race. Nixon does not think more money can be spent wisely on satellites, He blames on the pre vious Democratic administration what he says is a lag of several years in a U.S. start on developing big rocket engines. Under a massive effort now, he says, this country is fast overtaking the Soviets in rocket power and satel lites. Keenly Aware President Eisenhower was por- JOHNSON PLAN PASSES Holiday Atmosphere HAPPY AT THE NEWS — Mrs. Frank Chionchio is kissed by her mother, Mrs. John Fumo after New York police said today Mrs. Chionchio's baby was found alive and healthy in a Brooklyn apartment. At left is Mrs. Chionchio's father, John, and at right her brother, John Jr. (AP Photofax). Senate Nixes Majority Proposal for Filibusters WASHINGTON (AP')--The Sen- der present rules, it takes the ate today voted down a proposal \ votes of 66 senators, or two-thirds signal, and turned on the magneto. Stepped Forward About the same time Vroman j t ne house—a two-story brick dwell- Executions of Former Batista Men Mounting HAVANA, Cuba (AP)~Execu- A holiday atmosphere pervaded lions of lhe followers of former stepped forward, apparently to give the propeller a few more ing in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn. It is the home of the twists just as it whirled into ac- mother's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dictator Fulgencio Batista are mounting in Cuba as the forces of rebel leader Fidel Castro continue hurry-up military trials. tion. Vroman has worked at the airport ever since he was 13 years old, Hovland said. He is father of the first Austin Ijohn Fumo, where Mrs. Chion- Thus far about 50 Batista S «P' chio has been staying. Friends and relatives poured in. They embraced the Chionchios and each other. Some of them had to let filibusters against civil rights bills and other, measures be cut-off by vote of a bare majority of the senators. of the membership, to shut off debate and force an issue to a vote. Two-Thirds Johnson's proposal, which has The defeated proposal was of-1 the support of other Senate lead- fered by Sen. Paul H. Douglas :ers of both parties, would allow area baby of 1959 and has two stayed with Mrs . Chionchio during other children. He is also active in! the week - s anxious hours . A the Civil Air Patrol and serves j cousin 22-year-old Gloria Mattiel-1 "There were not so many . .two as engineering officer with the lo> amlounced happily that her porters have been executed. Nearly 3,000 are awaiting trial. Asked on a U.S television program Sunday why the Batista followers were being executed without open trials, Castro said, (D-I11) in behalf of a coalition of Northern and Western senators fighting a formula sponsored by Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex). The Douglas plan would have permitted a majority of the Senate, or 50 of the 9fi members, to halt a filibuster after 15 days. Un- Court Upholds Dissolution of Boxing Clubs WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court today upheld a lower court ruling requiring dissolution of the International Boxing Clubs of New York and Illinois. The ruling, by U. S. Dist. Judge Sylvester J. Ryan in New York, Garden Corp. and its majority i rayed, in Nixon's view, as keenly i stockholders—James D. Norris of aware of all details'and also as',New York and Arthur M. Wirtz of a realist on the space program. Eisenhower told Congress in his State of the Union message Friday that seven billion dollars will be ,-uent on missile programs this year. He spoke of space achievements so far "in no more than tour years of intensive effort." Chicago—along with the two clubs had violated the Sherman Antitrust Law. Justice Clark delivered the Supreme Court's 5-3 decision. Justice Harlan dissented, joined by Justices Frankfurter and Whittaker. Justice Stewart took no part. filibusters to be choked off by two-j FILIBUSTER (Continued on Page 11) rank of second lieutenant. Siats, 52, owner of a trucking firm, had just the day before acquired his plane, a Beechcraft Bonanza. He had traded in another plane and Saturday Mayor PROPELLER (Continued on Page 2) boss, an attorney, had given her the day off. Mrs. Chionchio, a or three dozen criminals." No Regret to Live "They were judged," -he said, teacher of i adding that "if anyone killed 15 or French and Spanish at McKinley High School, said that since the baby's disappearance, has worn a rosary around her left wrist and prayed almost constantly. 30 people, he has no right to live." The interview was recorded in Havana Saturday. Correspondent Jules DuBois of the Chicago Tribune reported that the mutilated bodies of 160 anti- Batista prisoners were found Sunday in a mass grave on the outskirts of San Cristobal, CO miles j west of Havana. | Can See Bodies ' Military authorities in Man/a-. — nillo announced Sunday that Cubans will not be allowed to witness the firing squad executions of Batista supporters. But they will be allowed to see the bodies afterward. The announcement came after a crowd of 3,000 attended the execution Saturday in Manzanillo of six Batista supporters convicted by a military court. The announcement Congress Will Spend More Than Ike Calls for: McCarthy By RICHARD P. POWERS ! believe this will be particularly j WASHINGTON (AP) — Minne-i serious if the nation's overall pro-! sola's new senator, Eugene J. Me- ductivity continues to increase. i TITO REVIEWS BURMESE HONOR GUARD — President Tito of Yugoslavia salutes as he> passes honor guard on arriving in Rangoon, Burma. Walking with Tito is Burma President Win Maung. The Yugoslavia chief of state, accompanied by his wife; arrived in Rangoon aboard his yacht for a stale visif. (AP Photofax). HELD IN BABY'S KIDNAPING — Mrs. Jean lavarone, 43, leaves Brooklyn police station after police said they found the kidnaped baby of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chionchio in her apartment today. (AP Photofax) NEGRO VOTING PROBE Rights Commission May Face Rebellion CLAYTON, Ala. (AP)—Renewed said public executions do not con- j rebellion, submission to a federal form "with our culture." In the television interview mandate, or more legal maneuvering? Castro repeatedly insisted that the II was anybody's guess which reaction would greet U.S. Civil Carthy (D), said today Congress will probably appropriate more money than called for in President Eisenhower's proposed budget of about 77 billion dollars. "I think it is a political bud- •IT'S PAPA!' "However," he said, "if we should continue to run into deficits such as the estimated 12 billions for the current fiscal year, that would be a serious matter." McCarthy said the President's proposed budget of 77 billion dol- get," McCarthy said. McCarthy said the President j lars was not realistic and, if ad"started making a record of fis-jhered to, would "cut out certain cal responsibility" during the last essential services." campaign when he called certain Democratic party members, ".spenders." BlllioiJ Deficit It is McCarthy's view that thC present Congress, with a large working Democratic m a jority, pr<5ijab1y-will spend more than the anticipated revenue, leaving a def..•it for the year starting July 1 ; ,i possibly a billion or a billion and a half dollars. He said, however, he does not Television May Knock Bottle Romance Into a Cocked Hat provisional government is guided by public opinion and not by force. Factionalism Dead in GOP, Says MINNEAPOLIS fAP>—An Owatonna sales promotion executive | who says factionalism is dead in • . 1 . . ~. ,.. . . M.-*. 1U.JL JI.UI, J1UO iU-iJall :the state RepubUcan party lias ^ of inunuml ev I been named chairman of the i group. i ) Ed Viehman, 37. said in a vie- : ' lory statement, ''Our job will be; to accent our strength and find the weaknesses and build them up. "Factionalism, if n ever existed, is dead today.' 1 > Conservative Backing Viehrnan, lormer radio and television announcer, '\vas "elected mission move to examine the registration records impounded in his circuit court. The agents come today with a federal court order which Wallace must obey or appeal, or risk a Brooklyn Police Find Infant OK NEW YORK (AP) ~ A mother oE eight children was booked today on a kidnap charge, a few hours after 10- day-old Lisa Chionchio was found unharmed and well in a Brooklyn apartment. The woman, Jeanne lavarone, • 43, protested all night that she was innocent. Police said she had been married twice and had eight children, seven of them living and in other homes, including four at orphanages or foster homes. The youngest is 3, police said. A son, 23, died last summer, according to police. No DouM of Identity "There is no doubt, on the basis of scientific evidence, that she took the child," said Chief Asst. Dist. Atty. J Kenneth McCabe. He said the infant, snatched from St. Peter's Hospital nursery 2li hours after she was born Jan. 2, had apparently been kept in Mrs. lavarone's furnished flat in Brooklyn ever since. The woman quit her job as a credit clerk in a Brooklyn department store on the day the baby disappeared, police said. Kidnaper Claims Child Officials said the woman claims she gave birth to the child herself Jan. 2 alone in her second- floor apartment. "She insists the baby is hers,"' McCabe said. He said footprints o£ the kid- naped girl, born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Chionchio, and those of the recovered baby are identical. He also said there was a small mark on the baby's left eyelid, as described by the father. The 5-foot-G Mrs. lavarone, a woman with stringy, reddish- blonde hair and rose-tinted fingernails, held the front of her dark coat over her face as she was taken to a precinct house for booking. Married in 1933 McCabe said Mrs. luvarone was married in 1933 to 'John Getch and divorced in 1940, and in 1942 or '43 married. Peter Morello in Hoboken, N.J Morello died Dec. 18, 1956, and McCabe said the woman has been iving alone. McCabe said she uses her maiden name. " ' ! Her children were listed as: j Francis Anthony Getch, 21, of ! Brooklyn; Peter Morello, 16, and (Frances Morello, 15, Brooklyn; j Vincent Morello, 13, and Michael Morello, 8, at the Little' Flower Home of Providence, a Catholic orphanage at Wading River, N.Y; Rudy Morello, 6, and Anthony Morello, 3, both in private foster homes. One Son Dead The eighth child, of the first marriage, John Robert Getch, 23, died last September. McCabe said some of Mrs. lavarone's children had been born Rights Commission agents arriv- j possible jail term for contempt, j in St. Peter's Hospital, from whipli ing today for a court • ordered I The jurist would give no indica- the Chionchio baby was taken. i appointment to see voter registra- j tion that he would abide by the During the night, police question records of Barbour and Bui-1 mandate. An appeal to higher j tioned numerous residents of th« lock counties. courts was hinted by his lawyers, vicinity, including neighbors in the The records needed in the com- U.S. Dist. Judge Frank Johnson building. i mission probe into alleged denial! Jr. of Montgomery has set a' One of them was a woman who helped Mrs. lavarone switch the ; of Negro voting rights are in cus- j hearing for Wednesday to see if tody of an Alabama judge who Wallace obeyed the decree to show ' once threatened jail for any fed- the files. i gate his court. | Grounds of Immunity i Judge George C. Wallace, run- i uerup in the Alabama governor's race last year, has resisted on KIDNAP (Continued on Page 2) i REPEATS PEACE THEMES Weather Mikoyan's Goodwill Jour Hits Hollywood ! HOLLYWOOD fAP)—Anastas I.,referring to the President by Mikoyan carried hij intensive name, made in his State of the whirlwind goodwill campaign for ; Union address Friday. the Soviet Union into motion pic- j Mikoyau said that, on the con' ture land today with film industry j trary, there are some people who SIRACUSA, Sicily (API — A Mule, the man who answered her 1946. In l'.)50. she said, he emi- GOP party chief by the state cen- photograph flashed on Italian tele- note and offered to marry her. grated to Venezuela and estab-itral committee Saturday in a bat- lished himself at Caracas, work- tie considered a test between conservatives and liberals. He was 1 P. M. 2 P. M. He said the Democratic partyi vision threatened today to blight; Aired Picture would have to take either the a transatlantic romance that But Sunday night, when the ing us a tailor. credit or blame for legislation a p-; bloomed from a note la a bottle. Italian television network aired In 1952 he returned and a few reported backed by the conserva- •> p M proved in the present Congress be- Tne note was written by Mar- Mule's picture, Paola Muscica months UriT. according to the ; live element and his opponent, ., p ' M ' cause of the large party majority j Sherita Betlelli, 28, a Genoa girl Mule, 34, mother of two children wife, took her and the children j Walter Fricke ot St. Paul, by the 5 p' M ' in both the Senate and House. WDO worked in a liquor establish- ; in this Sicilian city, shouted, back to Caracas. Mrs. Mule said j liberals. , ( P w General Weather — Overcast. Temperatures Recorded at THE HERALD Building: SUNDAY "I welcome that," he said. "Theiment. She tucked the note in the! "Why that's Franco!" they lived there several months, Democrats now have a majority j cork of a bottle, part of a ship-' "It's papa!" cried her two chil- but then her husband said he was of the size we said we needed so; ment to Venezuela. li P. M. Viehman won 13B-t!7. Mrs. Evelyn Heberling, Wmona, j A. dren, Paolo and Maria, 12 and y. in financial difficulty and sent,won * three-cornered race for •> A. M. as to be responsible for the ac-; Margherita now is aboard the, Mrs. Mule told the Italian press her and the children back to her I state chairwoman. She received 3 A. M tion in Congress. We can be held liner,. Venezuela bound for the j that she and a man named Fran- parents in Sicily. ,117 votes to 97 for Betty Grindlay, ; 4 A. M accountable for either good or bad South American country of the jceso Mule, who was born here 37 She said she had not heard from j Rochester, and 6 for Mrs. Ellis 3 A. M legislation." ; same name to meet Francesco years ago, were married here in her husband since. 'Todd, St. Paul. ' t> A. M Official U. S. Readings from THE HERALD Weather Site on Rouf ul Fire Statloii: Reading 8:30 a.m. — 12 above. Previous high - 28 above. sentative Bri Johnston as i thmk ..imperialists" keep inter- Previous 24-hr, low — 10 above, u- . , t . • , , . ... his host. national agreements only when it The Soviet first deputy premier: suits them. attended a dinner in his honor; He said "we also have the, feel- Sunday night at the swank Bever-,ing that you have violated agree- .^jj ly Hills Hotel. The affair, ar- ments." 2 6 ranged by Johnston, was attended! He suggested it would be better .j£ by a select group of leading if Americans, instead oJ regarding 25 Southern California business fig- themselves as saints and tbinfeg 24 ures. ] of the Soviets as perfidious people, 24 In the course of a question | would take the attitude that feoth. period, Mikoyan denied that,at times are saintly aud both &t 22 agreements made with the Soviet j times perfidious. 23'Union are regarded by the Soviet! Mikoyan's remarks to toe south- 23 government as mere scraps of ern California business leader* rf- 23; paper. ;peated the peace and trad* 29! He thus answered a statement themes that have been stressed H31 by Pixsideiit Eisenhower, without; during iui trip, j - - 26 2ts 29 31 30 30 7 P. M. 8 P. M. 9 P. M. 10 P. M. 11 P. M. 12 P. M. MONDAY 23 22 22 22 22 7 A. M. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 10 A. M. H A. M. 12 Noon

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