The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 23, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1894
Page 4
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What' thefOay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles, '' FASHIONS IN GOWNS. of Cloth or Velvet Are th Latent Stylo. Coats and skirts will be worn this win let as much ns over. Braid is introduce< *nto the jackets and skirts of tiome of th bowcst model? and will make a pleasan ehango. Blue gray is one of the leading Colors of thw season for covert coats am skirts, either in friezd, tweed, covert coat ing or double melton, tho latter cloth wltl beaver surface being very chic when made up. Somo of tho now early winter suits hav* the skirts cut with the corselet point This, while not in many senses new, is at ways desirable, as It does away with th» CLOTH OOWW. necessity of & separate belt. Belts are never to be fully depended upon to keep Hp tho unanimity of the skirt and bodice, no matter bow carefully they are adjusted. Green and brown are a favorite combination at present, while green and all shades t»f rose make a brilliant showing In all the milliners' windows. Fade colors are at a : discount this Benson, tho purest and most brilliant tints being preferred. Long redingotos of cloth or velvet perfectly out are the height of fashion for winter wear. Tho material must be of the best for those garments, the elegance of which is unquestionable. A great'deal of fur will be worn as trimming and in the form of ornaments and accessories, such as collars and boas, but entire jackets of fur are not fashionable. Princess robes hold an important place among winter novelties. The one of which on Illustration is given Is of old red cloth trimmed with beaver bauds and beaver colored velvet. Tho sides and front of the gown are out like a corselet, closing at the left side with largo covered buttons. The Bkiit is trimmed with bands of fur, forming points in fronts. A triple collar or epaulet bordered with fur cover the shoulders, from which descends on each side of the front a full scarf of velvet, Which terminates beneath the corselet. Bands of fur surround the wrists of tho glgot sleeves. JUDIO CHOLLET. ffc A GAY SEASON. •fuhlonable Millinery Show* Unlqne Color Combinations—Mercury Effect*. Toques are as much worn as over, and 1 turbans are quite in vogue again, both of these being very suitable to girls of 10 •r 17. Most of this Benson's hats have n decided •pward tendency in the brim, particularly in front, and cerise bows and knots of velvet are much depended on to give a touch of color. A felt hat, with a much curved brim, has broad oer'.se satin bows of rib- ten lined with pale pink, the ends of the t)bbon passed through long jet buckles. The hut Itself is black and has bluok coque BROWN BAT, i Anthers on each slilo of the front, with knot* of ribbon (it tbe back beneath the Win. Tan, biscuit and various shades of brown felt will be well worn, and in many oases the bat will take the exact tone of the gown material and bo trimmed to correspond with It. Tho effect of «t complete •ostumo of tuls description Is always in §ood taste. gable tails appear on many brown felt bats of tbe toque and smaller shapes, us •(so op felt bonnets, and astrakhan is well used in millinery. Mercury wings of gold, steel and jet ure the fashionable bonnet oniuineutu of tbo tWMOn. Vboy oomo tn various sbu[ies, mid With 4 twist of velvet often form tiio ou- ttre trimming wb«n the bonnet itself oon- tUU uiBWly of ttswal) opuu froino ot nje- teUlo cnibroldory or jet. Cropndo obtno, uioussoUno do Bolennd plooo satin aw uiuong Ibe trimming ma- fevtalf! uso4 forwlinltor bats. 'A'bey «ro m»4« up into twists, uuflM, roMitlvs uud •^cordluu pluitod IWWH. Jot or uietulllo effwots «utov Into nearly «voryoneof tills eca»o«'s njlJUuery pro- duotlons. Bupklug uud ring* of gold t sil- ), jet or pustu aro th> most nub- n yf tbo modu, whHo !''"«. H, niiutH, crowns ani) euitiro l>on- J'niuum ol'fur a glitturiug chulco to wbo like strikingly brllliuut bcud- Tho fiiHlilonubJo bat bus rasottos or twisty of brlKla i:oluv \uidur U,io brim, or Ditto l)uf<'l" f i'f iluwura uro urrwngul tluii'c •nil allowed tu i'n.t upon Hiu buif. It )x u t)Boo)uJug ti^ytu, and tliuroforu likely tu iv In fovcir fur foiuo timu. An illu.- i ]«,j{lyti)) of u 1'iil^of tobucoo loll, hnvtbg clusters of rose colored Mowers beneath tho brim. It is tflrhmed with knots of tobncco velvet nnd ostrich plumes of the same tint. JUDIO CHOLLET. BAD OUTLOOK FOR MEN. Will the Fnlr Imitator Force Them Back to 1'cttlooats? It is n mistake to suppose thnt the foah Ion of mc'ii's Rjirinmts OOPS not frequently alter, It id uonstnntly changing its phases in tho innttrr of dt'tatln, sonictinios trlvinl enough, but novcr without its effect upon tho general appearance. When taxed with tho ticcuf-ntion of fickleness in dress, men eonrv.iily reply tlint. 1'iry nro driven to it on account of stealing .their new modes ns fast ns they are produced. Of TAILOR MADE GOWK. course no answer was really necessary to K> foolish an accusation, since it is a well known fact that a woman Is Invariably at the bottom of it. If imitation be, as Is sold, the slncerest flattery, men should foel themselves highly complimented by women's appropriation of mnsoullne materials' and styles. Tbe soarf and Bonrfpin, neoktie, shirt, gaiters, dogskin gloves, cap and coat all have a recognized place in tho feminine wardrobe, while tbe trousers and stiff hut are not unknown there. As soon as the trousers movement becomes general man will have to hark back to petticoats if be desires to maintain his individuality. Tailor made gowns stand as high as ever In popular favor. They are simple in style this season, and their trimming is confined to stitching, braid and buttons. Tho skirt Is of an ample boll shape and of walking length. Double and draped effects are eschewed, but tbe skirt may be plaited, although the weight is much increased thereby. The round bodice, Eton jacket ind coat are all employed, a severe finish' being tho correct thing. Sternness does not yet reach as high as tho head, however, 'or flowered and feathered hats are permissibly worn with tho plainest gowns, The costume shown in the sketch is of old green cloth. The plain skirt has a land of braiding of the same color near :ho foot and is braided on either side of ;he front breadth at the top. The plain •ound bodice is trimmed with brande- >ourgs of tho same braid, while the deep cuffs of tho puffed sleeves are similarly adorned. A red felt hat with blaok plumes lompletes tbo costume. JUDIC CHOLLET. FASHIONABLE FANCIES. taUTure* Depend on the Size and Shape of the Hat. Hats are exceedingly pretty, although when one states that six different colors ire introduced into one, which is but a large sized toque, the impression is given of orudeness and vulgarity, which Impression is incorrect. Tbe combination is so well arranged that tbe effect is remarkably good and decidedly fashionable. Tho balr is worn waved loosely down cither side, falling over tho ear tips and irranged in a coll projecting outward from ihe cantor of tho back of tho bead. Toques are consequently larger, and tho hair arrangement and larger hat necessitate a proportionate elaboration of tbo nook, which is effected by tbo introduction of ruffles of black satin and chiffon, which ore very soft and vory becoming, and which establish a desirable balance be- ween tho size of the head, neck and shoulders, a matter that has been often out of proportion to an almost ludicrous ixtont. Toreador hats in black felt uro trimmed with big ribbon bows as well as jouipous at one sldu, and shepherd's plaid •ibbon is considered excellent style, tho tut depending for color on a bandeau of irigbt pink velvet. Some of the new hats uro immense, and dahlias ure to bo a fash- HOUBBaOWM, onublo flower, requiring, on account of huir natural Htlffnww, very ourtful treat- uiuit. (janloulos and chryHmithumums Will also appear on stylish hoadguur, Muffs, ruttlus and huts or bonnets ure idliig iiiiulo in suits, tho formor being ionu with oxoollunt) uffuct in plaluul uilrolr olvot, branching out ut bltbur side from ilg HuLin IJOWH, und plain velvet, with just i little fur. All those DilngH, tauntbor with smart gowns, nro bwui'tly swulud, u up to date jiuiiliolo having all thu best mat cupboards kept nurf umiii) wltb eojiiu- IllilB tipuniully In favor, Khluo vlojot Ui- UK Just now thu lii'nt, Tim housu gutvn ulmwn In Vbu sketch Is of lllau orojiou. 'i'b» yoku is of uoru law, and (be body of tlu> (jowii in uiouut«4 ou ljt,4u twp plulu bobliiUj UuidSKulliDrudlufrojit. A full iUniiiiw furuib u bui'Uui, uud (.ivu headed b>' u bund Of htwj,t'Jui, tbo WRAPS FOR WINTER "WEAR. At tbe right is a new stole mantle with a plaited collar which extends in rovers down to the bottom of the wrap. In the center la shown a Prince Albert coat of Persian with incroyable revers. At th" left is a victorine with lone stole tabs reaching to the bottom of the dress. foot of the skirt. The full, half length sleeves are gathered in by a ribbon bow, With a steel buckle at tho elbow. Similar bows adorn the shoulders. The girdle is of ribbon. JDDIC CHOLUJT. ° a *" THE GIFT tEASON. ArUtHc Possibilities of White linen and Grape Papers. It is not too early in the season to think of holiday gifts, and prudent andfarseelng dames and demoiselles are already laying plan* for all tho beautiful things they ic- ;end having ready by Cbristmastido. With a little care-and forethought one may gather together the daintiest materials, have all sorts of embroidery stamped, tho working materials matched and ready, and at intervals, by utilizing odd moments of leisure, tho pretty things will bo finished almost before one is aware of it. Among the most desirable presents for a lady who has a house of her own IB table linen of all sorts, especially the embroidered and decorated squares and doilies. Heavy linen or satin sheeting is one of the best fabrics for working either in silk or linen. It washes exquisitely and always has a rich and fine look, vory much more so than any material containing cotton. HANDKERCHIEF IOTTIA1.. The shops are full of very fine paper in fancy qualities and colors of every description, Dexterous handling and a little practice onablo one to make charming articles of this kind. Lamp shades, boxes, little wall pockets, letter cases, jewel trays—indeed it is scarcely possible to imagine a use to which this may not be put. It makes tho daintiest boxes for confectionery, and as some of it is quite strong tiny slits may be made in it and ribbons interlaced and tied in bows. This Is a good plun in making these boxes to bo sent away, au tho ribbons strengthen tbe paper and prevent breaking. Anybody who has the means may buy gifts, of course, but it is tho present wrought with Infinite skill and pntlenco and painstaking that represents most to people of sentiment. Articles for the toilot tablo aro always acceptable, and brlc-n- brae never' goes amiss. Gloves, hosiery, luces and tbo like may bo given; ulna handkerchiefs galoro, for one rarely has too many of them. One of tho prettiest possible gifts Is n half dozen handkerchiefs embroidered by tho donor with tho nuipo or initial of tho person for whom they are intended. Thig present is suitable for cither man or woman, and there will bo spare minutes enough between now and Christmas in which to do the embroidery. Cotton in usually chosen in preference to linen thread for this purpose. A pretty pattern is given, the letter of which, bolng simple, may bo easily changed, tho Hume spray being used with other plain initials. JUDIO Cnou.KT. Mlmoiirl Town In Allies. ST. JOSEPH, Nov. 24.—A conflagration wiped out a large portion of the busiiieM center of Suvunuah, 14 iniles northeast of here. Tha fire started in a restauruut. Eleven buildings ou tbo north side of the square, all save one constructed of wood, wmit up in smoke, together witli the contents of tt number of them, Several persona narrowly escaped from tliuir sleeping rooms, The loss will be $UO,- (101), with li trio insurance. Forvoil AluCiirvtir lo Testify, MEMPHIS, Nov. aa,—Judge Cooper took tho bull by thu horns in tho lynching case uud forced Butch McCurver, tho otetrujxmms witness, to testify. Tbo, prosecuting attorney created a sensation iu court by deuounoing the sheriff for working in thu intend of the lyuoliara and trying to uhuut justice. A Hums moating of '-itizonn hun.boen called to do- inand the removal of the shwllf. UurtruUu Wuuls « fJlyurou, DBWKK, Nov. Sa.—Clarence W. Clark, tho uiivuiiturur from Now York who m« i'cil Olortrudti Jlutubiut) to uiurry ultw two day*' ucquulutiiuce, was teucud to jail fur 00 days l^r potty larceny and bound over to the district court for purjury iu pvooudug a uiarriagQ' llcoiwo. G-Jitmdo wan prustwt uu<J wuuU adivoioo. TJie Unltt'J*ftt!4te» govel-iiiuwit untwod suit ut Ctuv.vluiid iifiuliiBl .Suaniul Mo- j Curdy, JH-VI Williuuta uuil JVBHIU (i. ' Glenn, bon IBIIIUII iu tbotium of tlO,UU() for . Johu y. WilliiunB, a tjovuruuieut iinlluu FOR GROWING GIRLS. Frocks of Cloth and Silk That Afford Perfect Freedom. A fair amount of thought goes to the successful composing of a costume for the wear of a growing girl. The gift of. .foresight is rather one of cultivation than on endowment of some fairy godmother at birth, but the predisposition to it must be innate. Care for tbe comfort and Veil being of the youthful wearer is the true Inspiration, and this affection makes many clover in .such matters who would not shine elsewhere: A good way of providing for'develop- ment of frame is to have the bodices gathered, the lining being mado with a few plaits, which can be let out as necessity arises. This avoids the tightness that is BO injurious to any human creature, but especially to one whosofgrowth is not complete. Some of these full bodices are adapted to wearing over silk blouses, lined to sufficient warmth at the neck and in the sleeves. A dark blue sorgo is thus made, with the blouse and sleeves in bright car- UTTLE GIRL'S COSTUME. dlnal surah, also a coffee brown dress with cardinal blouse, while a cream colored serge has a blonde of turquoise blue satin. The collar follows tbe fashion of that for adult wear in being of the "rolled" variety. Stiff ones have quite gone out for the •wear of young girls, and it is well that It is so. For even the fully grown neok this ultra stiffened "gorget" is injurious. Bow much worse must it be for tbe growing one I Au illustration is given of a French model for a little girl's gown. Tho round, full skirt is plain and is gathered all •round tbo waist under, a draped velvet belt with ohous. The plain bodloo has large revers ornamented with au embroidered pattern and opening over a plastron buvlug horizontal stripes. Tho balloon sleeves have deep, plain cuffs. A novel bat is worn with this little gown. It consists of a tiny velvet crown, from which fall ooqulllcs of wide laco. A knot of velvet adorns the front. JUDIO CnoiLEi. WANT CLEVELAND'S TESTIMONY. Attorney For Mirlkun »Iuk«s Application l<-or UiKtliiKulthud Witutwiw. SAN FUANCIBOO, Nov. a3.—Attorney Moiiteith is preparing some affidavits to be tiled in the cuso of the strikers now on trial for obstructing the mails and iu> fettering with interstate commerce, t to purpose to make every effort possibl to summon to this city as witnesses i the cases now pending President Cleve land and the I'mnagers of all the princl pal eastern railroads which were in an) way involved in the big strike, Ifth application of the defense for these dis tinguished witnesses be refused the mat ter may be carried to the supreme cour for final adjudication. Moutioth, speaking of the case, snid "We hold that the president ot the Unit ed States and the managers of the east ern roads were technically guilty of oh Itrncting the United States mails when they put forth the presidential and man agenal proclamation concerning the strike. We want to find out why thai proclamation was made and on that point Mr, Cleveland's testimony is essetv tial. I do not believe there is any law by which he can claim exemption from coming and testifying as a witness." The matter will be decided by Judge Morrow. State Mine Inspector Censured. WHEELING, W. Va., Nov. aa.^- coroner's jury in the case of the seven miners killed in the Branch mines on the Panhandle railroad has finished its labors. Expert miners made an exami nation into the workings where the ex plosion, took place and testified it was due to an overcharge of powder, which ignited the coal dust, and that the pit boss was censurable for not having the dust properly wetted down and that State Mine Inspector Harr should also be censured for not ordering this done on his visit to the mine last Thursday. A. B. D. Officials Convicted. Los ANGELES.NOV. aa.—W. B. Clunie, B. Johnson, Isaac Boss and Philip Stanwood, board of mediation of the A. B. U., who officiated in this city during the strikn, were found guilty by the jury in the United States district court here. Sentence will be passed Monday. Their offence was conspiracy to obstruct the United States mails in transit and obstructing the interstate commerce. : "Genef»"(" Sanders.IMschBrgea. PCEBLO, Colo., Nov. 28.—"General" J. S. Sanders, organizer and commander of the Coxey army which went east last summer from Cripple Greek and who was ai rested here Nov. 10 on the charge of stealing a Denver and Bio Grande locomotive, was discharged. Captain Kny Indicted. LJANDER, Wy., Nov. 22.—The grand jury created quite a sensation here by indicting Captain Patrick Henry Bay of the Eighth infantry, acting Indian agent, Shoshone agency, for branding cattle belonging to u stockman nauieoTBoyd. .Thu Conk Convicted. TA.HLEQUAH, I. T., Nov. •<«.—The jury hi the Jim Cook ciwe' returned a verdict of guilty of manslaughter for killing Sequoyah Houston and sentenced him to eight years in the Cherokee penitentiary. TELEGRAPH NEWS BOILED DOWN. During thu trial of a case growing out of the mulct law at Dyersyllle, la., saloon men and farmers engaged in a general fight. William T. Jones; a wealthy stock dealer ot Bouruville, O., was swindled out of $7,000 by two confidence men. Devsiopments in the case of George Swearingen, held for murder at South Bond, Ind., lead to the belief that he also killed a man in North Dakota. Michael C. Davis, convicted of the murder of James Nicholson, his rival, near Holdeu in 1891, was sentenced utSedulia, Mo., to be hanged on Jan. 25. Elevators are loading the last canal boats of tbe season at Buffalo, N. Y. It s cheaper to store grain on a canal boat than in the elevators at New York. Don't Forget that when you buy Scott'sEmul- sion you are not getting a secret mixture containing worthless or harmful drugs. Scott's Emulsion cannot be secret for an analysis reveals all there is in it. Consequently the endorsement of the medical world means something. overcomes Wasting, promotes the making of Solid Flesh, and gives Vital Strength. It has no equal as a cure for Coughs, Coldi, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, W«ak Lungs, Consumption, Scrofula! Anaemia, Emaciation, and Wasting Diseases of Children. Scout BOMM.N.V. AIIDfufgliu. 60c. audit. fHttlte* tt*B M*f«to t« ttMfc, Not, SJ1.—E*.8ent»to Mill, who i» one of the foremost rnthinf and smelter men tn Colorado, Will haw nothing to say in regard to dispatcher stating that A conference of all larga smelter men had been held to' discuss tbt practicability of the silver smelters and refiners disposing of their * product* through a central committee in Now York. All smelter men in Denver refuse to be interviewed on the subject at present, __^ i __^_ OfflolMs Consider the Use of Troop*. WASHINGTON, Nov. 21.—Secretary Smith, Attorney General Olney and Secretary of War Lamont considered th* use of troops to suppress the marauder! in the Indian Territory, tt is expected the matter will be laid before the pro*- ident before any definite determination is reached. Played Hi* Lust Curd. PIERRK, S. D., Nov. 21,—Governor Wise died here. "Qov," as he WM called, was a well known character In Dakota and has played a prominent part in gaming and sporting Circles Bine* the early days. He was known front Montana to Sioux City. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement nrA tends to personal enjoyment whea rightly used. The many, who' live better than others and enjoy life more, wit* less • expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's'best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in tb flmedy, Svrup of Figs. . Its excellence is due to its presenting Ithe form mo&i acceptable and pleat* Mtto the taste, tl refreshing and truly iljnoficial propV .ies of a perfect lax»}-/re; effectually cleansing the system, u 'idling colds, headaches and feverl anu permanently curing constipation. It has ~ ! yon satisfaction to millions ant met witu the approval oi the medicdL profession, because it acts on the Kid* neys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug•{fete in 60c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the .California Fig Syrup Go. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. WANTED -SALESMEN • * . LOCAL and TRAVELING to gull our well known TSursery Stock, tendy employment. Good par. Completeoutat ree. Mo previous experience necessary. ESTABLISHED OVEll 40 YEARS. 00 acres. 18greenhouses. Address PHCENIX NURSERY COMPANY. P.O. Box 1216. Bloomlngton, Illinois. rCAPUCD WANTKOln «nch county (or BM- I CAbNtn olnl work. Will nuy $100a monto. • P. W. Zlegler & Co., Box 1707, St. Louis, Mo. M EN to take orders In every town and city; no delivering; good wiif-us frnm start; pwr weekly; no capital required; woik year round, tateage. GLEN BROS., Roouentor, N: Y. M . — ... |M«r« r«IU to ButoVl I R«lr to it. youtlrful I Cam M»lp dlmwi * htli Sl.OUtt Dnml CONSUMPTIVE FITS CURED (Prom V, 8, Journal of Prof. W. H. P13J3K13, woo mikes • irieolnlty ot. *« wlthoutdoubt treated and cured more bun any liviiif pbyilolitn; liiBsuuoesi U nstoa- iting. We have betrd of ca»o» ot 30 year*' lauding cured oy lilm. Ho publishes a viUun- leworkon tbisauwMBwiiiuh be sends w|U» t »rg« Iwttio of bit absolute euro, fro* to ODjr Ml- erur wbo many tend their p, 0. und Express Ml? row. We advlie anyone winning • cure to ««• ran, Prof. W. H. PKKKK, IT, D., 1ft Pwrl 81, lew York. n.vr.a, OSING OUT On account of the dissolution of the firm of NOCKELS4 GNAM The entire stock.of Clothing and Furnishing Goods will be sold at Creat y Ret

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