The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 7, 1933 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX EMAITCHESS fits SKSTOJt Of* T«1U of Stock Show Tflp F t A » r » fl reietttatrrt's Bisine repretei'tatlve at the K*m«w City Stock Show. aav» th* following report of hi* trip (jefor* th« F. F. A. organisation at ita> Inat Meeting: My trip to Ttonftfcfc dtp Having won the fr*« trip *». Kansas City given by U» W*Jw*n Railroad company, t will attempt to tell you a tew things which 1 saw there. As you probably know this trip waa In connection with the smith-Hughes vocational agriculture work which I MB study- inn at school. I left Malrern on Monday night a bo at 9:37 on the Wabash. From here 1 journeyed to Strahan where two students and their ag- •rtralttite Instructor were picked up. They were Paul Shaw. Dale Kims, and Ben Coxon. Aa it wa.» uiRht we were able to see little of the country. We amused ourselves by playing cards and by reading magazines. We reached Brunswick, Mo. about 3:46 in the morning. Here we had to wait until 4:46 for our train into Kansas City. We reached Kansas City in the morning at 7:30. We then hurried to our breakfast and went to the stock show. Here we took In the Bights of the wonderful horse and cattle displays. We stayed at the show until evening. Then we went back to Hotel Baltimore which was our main vocational agriculture headquarters. In the evening we took In two good shows and called it a day. On Wednesday we saw a few of the sights of the city. As we had to leave for home a short time after dinner we didn't get very far in sight seeing. We left the city about the middle of the afternoon and arrived in Brunswick at 4 o'clock. Here -we waited until midnight for a train. We visited the high school and saw a movie and then returned to the depot to wait two full hours for the train. Aa we were fairly tired we went to sleep. At last our train came and again we were on the homeward way. We arrived in Malvern at 7:30 Thursday morning and must surely say U was a splendid trip and I hope some one else will he able to have the privilege of making this trip fo»ofr»dt ltd why must »e students of 8. H. 8. oe e*B*d spent to again rentes* our «s«ai classroom du- oa the Friday following f the teachers ?rc**«d*d In their at askf&t qnestions ttaak response «**«t* who failed to ft*** *4va*t*st> of a golden (?) tor studying Wed«*« good word may *• salt tor war AM day vaea- tttm — fMfc*lts*I*iag seemed tti* Ssafey. FrMay seemed Moo4v a*4 wttk ft taea- *fe» ««ftt »wt» toys It made only «*t <tay of wt&eol la the W* UgB S«l>00l StB- dteats mar image for Santa CJaits to P«T Kb kraal visit (if *aj ) 9m Satnrday night preced- tag C%rte*BMis vn and hate our Cartsisia* dinner on Sanday so t&at school nay convene again on Monday. thereby losing ho time. Charlotte Irwin. Normal Trainer* Study Now for Spring Exam* Work! Work! The girls of the methods class are struggling through "only" SO questions over the reading project. For fit* days tests have been given over 80 questions each day. This review is to prepare the normal trainers for the state methods exam which l» to be given next spring. Sometimes the grades don't turn out so favorably but we sttll have hopes. Staff Wfitef Talks Tttf key ta f ifidt M<wt Home EC Girl*, Reveal Discovery of New Recipe*. .What fine cooks the home economics girls have turned out to be. They surely have discovered a new recipe for ginger cookies. Thelma Davis tried making them without using ginger and then wondered why they tasted so funny. Some of the girls had the privilege of making Miss Schalkle'* favorite cookies. They didn't seem to have as good luck as she always has because they resembled rocks more than they did cookies. The girls hope the people who tasted them will not have indigestion. However no bad effects have yet been noticed. Malrern hfgh irefrolaM (*«* t&eJf rotund beet to ttd the co*ntff 6* the food surpluses ThantifftJag Day and the Emaltehess r«p-oftef needed not the traditional graft stains on the necktie to find those who not only talked but ate tof^ key. If any were on a diet, it waft forgotten for tae day. Befljlnlsced the et-eplcateg; " - and then," said Mary EH«abeth Summers, "we ate tit* time and that time and there'* enough for another, and we had a capon left." poor turkey*. The great American bird was certainly near to many heart* Thanksgiving."Oh yes* we had a duck fof dinner," answered Dorothy Oalll- her. "It was the one with the bine ribbon on it* leg." . < . "Good? t should *ay sot" . . t "Do i wanna boy a dock}" . , . yawns, "Well, not nowt" "The Fletcher gals spent the holiday in Omaha and saw 'Little Women,' " replied Jane . . . "Did t learn any new tricks? Why 'Little Women' was my text book," "Oh 1 stayed at home like a good little girl,*' answered the demure Mis* Sbepard. "We had a family dinner," said Marian Benton, "and did we gobble up the gobbler!" "Oh the turkey was swell but afterwards I felt kinda 'bored' clear through, or *omet,b.ln'," said Miss Boord. Dudley Conner shows that he must have beaten the world'* eat- ng record by hi* absence, So sorry, there was not a turkey, duck or goose — not even a chicken — left to be interviewed. Eighth Grade Mildred Biggerstaff and Arnold Kelio have returned to school, Betty Parker was a vl»- tor Tuesday afternoon. In reading they have been atudying the selection "The Night 3efore Thanksgiving." (Nothing la aald about the day after). The girls' physical training class have been practicing backet- ball; the boy* have been playing basketball and football. ,C Emaitcheaa Reporter Spot* Vacationing Alumni Here Alumni of M. H. S. whom we have aeen visiting the ojd home town during their Thanksgiving vacation: Tom Benton was seen watching some of his old teammates shooting baskets at basketball practice. We notice that he's still wearing his fraternity pledge pin. (What's the matter, Tom, aren't there any girls at Nebraska?) Dorothy Boebner visited her parents over the week end. By Wearin heard a rumor that 4 tla (girl?) friends back home were getting lonesome for him so he popped up to spend Thanksgiving here. Did Marjorle Donner get lonesome too? She returned to the old home town for Turkey day also. Gene Hertz la spending bis vacation at home. Whom, may we «ak, did he come to see beside* his parents? Anyone? If we have left out any of the .alumni who are home for Thanksgiving we're sorry. You should have "come up to see us" so we would know you were here. DIM WITS By Malcolm JneDce Bee McCord always looks out for his business interests. When he hands in a test paper be writes at the bottom: "Dear teacher; If you sell any of these answer* to the funny papers you'll have to give me 50%. Mr. Hertz says that In his classes NRA simply means No Right Answers. We suggest that Phil Baker, "Armour's Star Ham," call bis new baby boy "Armour's Star Ham*let." ' Why is it that MHB always ooks about as happy as a pick ocket in a nudist colony on re- ort card days? We know a sophomore girl ho is so dense that she thinks LXXX means "love and kisses.' Incidentally we heartily en dorse Snoopy'a Personal Colyum and are scanning it eagerly each week although with not a little rlpidation, Freshman News 1 ' .A.U-....I..,...,.. Many sighs of relief and disgust were heard Wednesday when report cards were passed out. Despite the fact that the school received only one day of vacation .for Thanksgiving the freshmen were able to consume the same amount of turkey as in the years paat. Paul Qalllher is quite worrta fearing that they will receive only two days vacation at Christ mas. evidently Paul has been e* ceptlonaily good this year and ex P,ects a prolonged visit from Santa. Tell me not in njovimtul aurnbsr School i* Jt»«t a lonesome grin For at night the student slumber Only tour 4ay« work ?*, f r Friday of , ,„ class arrived at school. Everyone^ I* wondering whether it i* a case of mumps or too much turkey, The class hope* they will all be back Monday, Last week , the class had a Thanksgiving program and the play "Thanksgiving Cows" was presented. * Every Friday a pupil of the sixth grade takes the place of the teacher and leads music class tof Miss Conboy. . iftlf tiff i**ttf fct* Mff'ft •jBtoiB^aA * ' *HB B» tntftt- iw wiws itwaf* wllStf scltS it lot B 3 *«!*• kee* OWt oi Ms Wat. Urikt tt tt ton t«t fey iaftfc*- What « le h* a«m« with taws wMfckb* Wn*tef*f fney aft 6t«t^f«*iteg the couhtrf t d««nt ffce food oi« tinftftt *M makl&« t of tftmwtfit In «e%*f*l. ttd naf d feeUngsj pie***. Pefh*?* thto lit- tii **Wct *M cansed by |«atdt*f •in tMt ft^ttA 6i us are Ineapable of »«iiist ei«r*-w puns Ind resent the fact tail othett hat* this ioltlty<») * the loatta grade have beeft sttidylng Piliilm life. They have read aboSi - Pilgrim *choo)s, churches, hftnses, and many othef inlefestlflg things. Many picture* ihave been drawn and placed on display. "on Wednesday they joined the third grade and presented a short Thfcnktgivint program to the first and wcond grade*, tt edit' slsled of songs and Interesting stories, • - • Third Grade The third trade 1* busy these day* on «ubtraction and multlpll- catlonr They play game* with their flash cards and are learning the combinations quickly. They read Thanksgiving stories In their reader* and some of them brought stories from home to read to the class. They are beginning to make their reading chart look Quite business like with the H»t of all the book* they feate read. * . EAST LIBERTY A Double Birthday Surprise Mr*. W V H. Maddock* and Mr*. C, M. NeUon planned and successfully . carried out a surprise party at the B. B. McFall home Tuesday afternoon, Not. 28. It was in honor of Mr*. McFall whose birthday occurred on that date and:,aUo In honor of Mrjt< F, 0. Barnet whose birthday wa» on the preceding Sunday,,To *ay 'enjoyed Fifth Grade The sixth grade took charge of the opening exercises Wednesday; They had some poems, a song, and a play. The fifth grade cony tributed a few numbers as did other visitors from the third fourth grades. The fifth grade has read great many stories taken Iron) various books and m. mi 1% m , It^rt, ft*!**, &!««, *nd W*y»*. *p*St t&« Aif » Sttter Cfty fctt tafWrt*, tff. t*d ttrt. ftnrf ttn^ Frtnik Dt. UMl AWlMSrl fffelft«tfce nc*fr rt htt h«rtt%f, tttrry &a fllffltf MifVWfi. • - »f. aM Mrt. 0. W. Rltoftl retr m»m *MZ &f, afrd Mtt. Wlrden aftel Hot d-, filfttts, ldf«», War<f«6 MMfst. and WArdlfi* of S«dfofd- f Mr. *fid Mrs. Flefd Rl- tteti Aiie« and lean tot Chi«|6, fWt M», Sim*f« Dfothtf, Fr-aiis;, of Sdttttdi, feia«, who tt het« to help caw fof hl». . Mr, *ftd Mrs. Witt L«l* And thtee dattthtitt wefe goest* M the hese ef her parent*, Mr. and MM. Met! Otsoit. W. ft Ha|i» and fatally and Clyde JBlfftf and family enjoyed att oyntet mppef tatetotf in the efenlal It Us fiargef home. Mr. and Mf*. Paul Seaton of Malvern spent the day with hi* pafenla, Mr/ and Mr*. B. 0. Sea* ton, Mr, and,Mre. Fraak Cutty drove to Murray and spent the day with hi* ilstef ahd family. Mr, and Mr*. A. L. Maine* and Walter and Mf. and Mr*. Frank Haines were guest* at the tt, A, McCollitter home near Btrahan. Mr. and Mr*. T, B. McClure and -Mr*. Dale McClure and three children enjoyed the day at the Roy McClure home near Malvern. Miss Marjorle Rlckabaugh of Silver City was a guest of Miss Mary Henderson. Mr. and Mr*. C. B. Anderson enjoyed a family reunion. Be- hofflie d! iis ffiotn*f » ttr* 8, fn«f rtttifned Mf. sitA Mr«. B, a BeatW wet» dlhhef fnestt Snndfty at the ho«f ftf W« tt. H*|le. * WkltsY Bowiftl ipeat ft week recently at the h6M« o! Wi nepnew, Lyle ttoWafd, fl«if T»* b«f, ^ Mrs, A. Li ttaines and ltM> «. McClnte entftttalned at the home of the Uttef Battday e*e> nlng, Not., 28, honoring lirt. bat« McClnre oh he? birthday, Those- pfewnt were! Mf, thd Mf «. bate McClttfe and three chlldrW, Mr. and Mrs. A«sh Ciljf ttnd two danghtefi; Mi 1 , and Mr*. Frank Hainet, Ut, and Mrs. A. t>. ttaines and ton, and Mr, ftnd M«. Mr. and Mr*> Ployds. Rlmel, Alice Marilyn and Jean Elaine left Saturday - tnbrnlng for * their home la Chicago. They had uptnt a little more 'than * Week here with hi* parent*, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Rintel, * . * ., t HASTINtif ,1 . .. - 1. I *~l~** "- -WV.^ Newt'of Hastings Public Schools B _„ - mi n i^ | t We are starting to work in earnest again after our Thanksgiving vacation. Sophomore New* The agriculture elau and Instructor, Mr. Bittner, -went to Otha Hyde's tarn, and Jndjed beef cattle Wednesday .of last week. We appreciate'hi* effort* toward getting the ; : cattle ready ^>>bert SSk? 8 Mr. and Mr*. Dale Read Entenato ; at' Cards' -, Mr. and fir*,. Dal* Bead enter^ talned a number of'their frtend* at a card party in thelt home S*t- urday evening.' were;.* '- >*T ,Mr. and Mr*. lawwnce-.Bead of Qlenwood, Mr," and' Mr*. A. Clltes, Mr.;and; Mr*., Reuel man, .Mr, and Mr*. Howard jMlck .elson,: Mr. Tmnwtjrvigw *Mit*4»2K&>: MfclttrWT Oiftfcfea taft* 1 ••»»•»» SsS'' j^CTHia I ItCU ^ , A. M, C«wfotd and tett«i ... for ftthelya wt«» tfe«i ' ' - 4*j S«rt "OtwiwaH tBd family Des itaifta* md Mf*. LHiie r ._ honte Mr. and MM. waiter were Olenwood •riiltof* Wednes* A JlYtf * --"* "^ J *rc«<- ' y*i««t*- 6 v ~ "^ »» "" " '" flk*/* . v " *-* f * •* * x ,t * * *HCV? Mr*. Cecil Woods vftited In home of BBT " brother» Mr, and Mr*, C Retold*'dt iW Motne*. Mr. __ Mr*.,Oh8liB*r McOlaln, Bithi A«^°L.. -.»*•".,. j '*."" a**., ~i» 8 -^ . •. i __/ >fc _ -, ^s-^i tin Postal ot llllftol*, Ted and , family*. \ire dinner gue*t* In the horn* oM Wtt.'V'.k",^"-" "'* f. Mri.rRoy CVtotr^anil* ftlce'ofRttndolbh.visited . in town A few daytjlaat,%j Mr*. Cecil Wood* and'aati teri Qeraldltte.V' and Ml*. ^Blanche Woods,.. _ Ch.lmar McCUia,-'. ahd Bsthi Nefwman.waw^Mi" ~. Warren and William, ;0rawfor ICieth 'Bhaw, ^and'J^rtn* NebbU * Mt»« liuth Pleroe of vi«lt»d her pinrent*, Mr. and Mi JPred ? Pierce, jorir Thankn lived elarge variety of which were useful which they appreciated, luck lunch was then »erv«d of course added, to' the of the afternoon, ,'; was a very pleasant affair H eonperned, THe wishing^ nappy, mtfs Seventh Grade Only one more a 00 per cent was needed to have & spell-down n the seventh grade. Those who received 100 per cent are: Alfred Bennett, Darleue Davis, Mary Jean Swing, Arlene Fickel, Ralph Hall, Eldon Hedding, Doris Ireland, Marlln Wise, RacheJ Rubenking, Jape S»er, Walter Smith, Julia Jeanne Steele, and Irene observance of Thanksgiving. Marilyn Cgpp from RJv vlsltod the fifth grade FrWay, SNOOPY 411 pupils worked hard in read* Ing to get their Miles Staudlsa notebooks in 'on time. Everyone succeeded except those who had Veeu absent. „ Reports weye given in geogrft* phy Tuesday alterftoos by JuUft Jeanne Bteele, Arleue Flckel, Bthel Storey about the All students are giving hat they are able to fee after the feasts. |f been held Friday have recuperated njueh, All the stutfeots ate of tb night before, en up in the eweath fraie church Jajt- for the Hiucb,; * ' w fft? SEZ Wfces — ablgh last. More {uj -^- tae the season. over their first hifh fojf *r» »»

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