The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 9, 1933 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1933
Page 14
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14 THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1933 EDUCATIONAL ^CARTOONS 8 CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON BUDAPEST, THE CAPITAL OFHUNSARtf ISA BUQA BEING ON THE WEST SIDE Of THE DANUBE RIVER. AND PeSrOH THE EAST. HAS ATAft, MADE LIKE A FEATHEf*./ SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "I got lots more. These are Just the thingi they gave me to stop tucking my thumb." THE TINYMITES By HAL CQCHRAN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS HULLO, COME. PIGHT OH ,THtT X PER GOT TO OO M«V WASVW TM AGrnW AWFUL.' JUST OOIVJG A. AS* MtNOlM 1 MADE OP- VMHERE MEKl VWEPE OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN ^V NOW M1NO,VAOOPLt-~ IV& TOLD THE MISSUS AND SHE 19 GOING TO KErfcP CW&CK ON VOU f, FIVE QUARTS OP MILK A TAY ANt> NO OTWER PORM OF "FOOD TORTHENtXTTWO WEEKS—-AND YOU START AT "DINNER TONIGHT <J tGAO/OOCTOR, MILK, AND ; NOTHING NOT EM A LITTLE STEAK; OR A. SNACK OF HAM'HOCKS f UN\-T=IVEV QUARTS OP MILK A T3AV- •:V3 f TUTTING H ON A N\\L' T, AN*TH' WHEN HE-S MODEM HOME. ON A MILK Sf TOUGH? — AN' WE HAVE V\\S FAVORITE GRUNT — T>OT •ROAST AN •POTATO 5Si ^ ^r n ^ •£ '^- K^S! > ^r s- Sc*^ \eti LnlELL MOO _ 1N TWO WEEKS -C'f im ««nv>ct. m&m«. u.». w. orr.x? J THE GUMPS After the Ball Is Over By SIDNEY SMITH (READ THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) (Plctur«« by Klcil) T HE old sky pilot swung around and landed safely on the ground. The Tinlea rushed to meet him and wee Bcouty cried, "Hello! "The hunter snys there's naught to four, ao you are very welcome here. Please tell us why you fly around and where you're going to go." Tho man Just smiled and said, "Well, son, I find that flying's heaps of fun. I spend my life putrollng all around the opon air. "It la my Job to sail on high and watch all things up In the sky. You'd be (surprised at sights I see, while Bail- Ing here and there. • • • "I rule the sun! I rule the rain! And what I say ID not in vain. I often order good old Sol to hide behind a cloud. "If rain Is needed down below, I shqut to dark clouds, 'Let It go!' And then the rain comes pouring down. No wonder I feel proud." "Well, make the nun come out right now," said l)uncy. "Please, Kir, Hho\v us how you do Home of the tlirilllng things thut you have told about." It. was no tioonur Bald than done. "\S'hy, look!" cried Windy. "There's the sun. A great, big black cloud moved away to let the sun come out." • • • Then Coppy sighed and said, "Oh my! I'd lika to travel throuKli the nky. Gee, could we use your bit; balloon for Just a little wlill.-?" "Sure! That's the very thine to «lo! 'Twill carry every one of you. Just grab a hold and off you'll go," the man said, with a smile. . ! "The big balloon Is trained, you Nee, ] and It will float right li:u-k to me. I Heleaso It when It'.'i taken you to | where you want to go." | And KO the Tlnies cried, "lioodhy," and shortly nailed off In the sky. tioon Duncy said, "Whore are we bound? That's what I'd like to know." WRIGLE GUM LOOK FOR THE REDTAPE OPENER -NO IOOMKA HAD > LEFT THE ROOKS, YMAM AXbV PICKED UP THE BOOK MILLIE HAD LEFT IN BI/A'S LOVE SICK MOW COUU> ANV- ONE Rq. U. S. PH. Off.; Copjrigkt, 19M. by Tin Chictn Tribum. ZANDER. TMAT BROOCM THAT OWE OF MIS CROOK* VfO« FROKN NI6HT AT TM& tCE MEN'S "A VERY CMARMN VMMO MAt> IN Hl\ POiit»ilOK» CERTAIN DtAMONO BROOCH — ME MAD INMERkYEb IT FROA\ AN OU& E -^AIO A,N» W-'j^r TILDA BE ONE HOUR THE 600* OWER, W tOVER- HAS RKAO THE. BOOK BID U* PART — ONE MOUR ERE. THOU AM>V BREAK AAV - >WAIT»NC» FOR TO T0AAORROW- AND HER BUDDIES Just Listen to the Guy! By MARTIN NVR909X, OF fc VVEcT Of VOONi FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Cross Section! By BLOSSER COME ON! JUST WATCH MY WHERE TO 60.'! JHILE THE. SEXPLAWE., WITH UUCLE HM2RV AMD 6ILLV BOWLE6S IN IT,SEARCHES FOR FRECKLES, LET US 6IV6 VOO A BRIEF PEW PICTURE. OF THE &&RI5, OF TIBUROM— SEBIS LIV/E IM A BUOE BOWER, MADE. OF MESOUfTE. LIMBS, COVERED WITH BRANCHES, SHELLS), BITS Of TIN.ETC., . FOR A BOOF A. STBfcNeE. LAZV TRIBE WHILE.,OW THE OTH&R HAND, THE.Y ARt.BE.VOMO A DOOBT.THE. FASTEST RUNNERS ON eARTH • tVOUMS SEEI WOMAW'S lEF AOORMMEMT IS HE.R PAINTeO FACE.-A BAND IS PAINTED ACeOSS HE0 NOSE. AND UND&R THE. . EYES TOTEWIC IN CHARACTER, IT PROBABLY REACHES BACK INTO THE. DIM PAST. BJHEJR ONLY TOOLS ARE. THE HUPF AND ••A CRUDE WOODEN AWL-WTTH THEMTHCV CRUSH BOKJE y MULL SEEDS AND PERFORM OTHER SUNDRY DUTIES A WEIRD, MYSTERIOUS AND BARBARIC RACE OF PEOPLE. — THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) A Fast One! By COWAN TWEWTY-nGHT- FIFTV \ HO! THAT'LL NEVER PUT CASH IN VOUP JE^^49. WE ALWAYS BEEN \N THE BIG MONEY THAT'S STORY-BOOV< STUFF- GET WISE 1 . YOU CAN'T CRUISE AROUND AFTER B\G DOUGH AND BE ANCHORED TO A WCLL, VM MAKING $2822 A V<rt:EV< AND, FRAK1KLY, t'H &LAO TO WAVE A JOB BOT,\F VOU HAD GONE AFTER THAT JOB, AND HUNG ON TO \T WHILE VOVJ LOOKING AROUND FOP SOMETHING BETTER— WWW I'M AFTER 1<S THE BtG JACK_X'M ACCUSTOMED T'WG- TIME 9TUFF AND THERE'S ALWAVS A B\G JOB AT THE TOP TOP THE R\GHT MAN- THAT'S HE! PAW 1 . t WANT TWCNTX-FIVE CENTS FOR THE MOVIES SLIP ME A DOLLAR, CHtCK. MY DOUGH IS IN MY OTHER CLOTHES J

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