The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 23, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1894
Page 1
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VOL xvm, NO. at, CAMOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY,, KQVEMBElt 23, 1894. WltOlfi NO. 919 EASH IS KING! AND IN ORDER TO GET FULL VALUE FOR YOUR CASH YOU MtTST GO TO Goods Store Guild's He sells for cash only and makes one price to everybody, consequently he does not make them that pay for their goods pay for them that don't pay as they do in stores that sell on time. Our stock is all new and bought with,the tariff off, and in order to see the difference in values it will pay you to compare prices before you buy. It is not a question of how much we can get for goods now, but how little we can sell them for. Underwear AT c. We will sell you a lady's fine Egypt- Ian Jersey Ribbed Natural Gray Vest or Pants, sizes from 2 to 5. Heavy fleeced same goods sold last year at 60c. AT 5 Q The B. E. J., the finest combed Egyptian Vests and PatfMjfm the mar ket, today are being advertised In Chicago at 68c., they ought to be cheap in Carroll at BOc. AT Gents heavy all-wool Underwear. This Is a great bargain as you can not duplicate them for less tkan one dollar anywhere. AT C. Extra fine quality heavy weightmed- I icated scarlet pure wool underwear. I'They would be good value at $1.25. Flannels AT An extra heavy Kersey flannel Would bo very cheap at fifteen cents. AT 15c. A double thick fleeced Flannel, just the thing to keep you warm. These goods are selling everywhere at 18c. AT A fine medicated twilled scarlet all- wool Flannel. If you are looking for a bargain, be sure you see this. AT 20<j A western W., six oz. to the yard. In red or blue. These goods are worth and sold every whore at 25c. AT We will sell you a heavy twilled 5 oz scarlet Flannel. Compare this with any 860. quality and 1 Know you will take ours. • AT 39c. A very fine Shaker Flannel yard with all wool, extra heavy and soft. This Is a regular fifty cent quality. Blankets AT C. per Pair A 10x4 Peruvian Blanket, fine and soft, Just the thing these cold nights, and they would,bo cheap at 75c. AT c. Our large lOx* Fleetwing Blankets, This is a hummer as they are 81.25 everywhere AT $1.75 An extra large 11x4 very heavy Blankets. These goods sold last year for $2.60. AT $3.50 An extra good quality all wool Blankets in white or gray. Bibs to the pair. These are honest goods and made by the capitol city woolen mills In our state. AT $4.95 The largest, the best, the heaviest and warmeat blanket In Iowa for the money. r Cloaks AT $6.25 A Lady's Fine Cloak in Blue Kersey cloth. This garment is well made and handsomely finished. You can't match It for less than $7.60 anywhere. AT $9.25 A very Stylish Goat made from the new covert cloth, durable aD<! very becoming. This garment is a bargain, be sure you see it. AT $9.95 A Beautiful Blank Fur Trimmed Beaver cloak. This is a regular 812.00 garment. $10.95 A 27 inch Elegant Fur Cape. If you intend buylug anything of this kind, you can't affowl to tulss this as it would be clump at $16. Astrakan and Electric Seal capes, proportionately low. Hoods & Fascinators AT 25c. A Rood all wool Knit Ladles' Hood. This is a great bargain as you uan'l buy the yarn that is in it for that price, they corao iu black and brown. AT 39c, A very fine largo hood, made from Flelshers best Gernmntown Zephyrs yarn. This hood would be very cheap at 60c. AT 39c. A beautiful Knit Fncinator in Illack or White, large size, made from very fine wool and would be good value at 65c. AT 49c. This fascinator Is made from extra fine Saxony Tarn and beaded, it comes In black, white blue and pink. If you don't get one of them you willbe sorry. AT 65c. You run get something grand. Don't pay u dollar for one when you cun get one here forCSc. Dress Goods AT 15c. A yard wide covert cloth. These goods will wear and have the appearance of very expensive goods. AT 23c. A full 86 inch English Cashmere, we have them in all colors. This is the same goods you have been paying 35c for. AT 33c. A fine all woo) Flam-el broadcloth finish, 40 in wide in all the latest shades, be sure you see this as yon always pay 60c for this quality. AT 45c. A line of Plaid flannels with Bourette Checks. These are 660 goods. IFo put this price on them to sell them out quick. OUR Black Henrietta beats the world. This Is Juillards goods 42 inches wide riiaranteee a wooded black and would be a bargain at 76c. VISIT TO OUR STOKE will convince anyone that Dry Goods, Notions, Furnishing Goods, Cloaks and Furs are being sold as cheap by us as anywhere in the United States. We make close prices, sell our goods, and our trade so far this fall has far exceeded our expectations which shows that the people fappreciate our efforts in giving good goods at a nominal price. These prices can only be had at 'J Next door west of Postofflce. GUILD'S DRY GOODS STORE OBtraOH PIBBCTOOT INO Mtrkjes. 11 a. •. t svealaf MI*IM» m.; Y. P.B. is. B. sorvlevj fVi ««n' -.16 p. m. ; Prajer Mtttui, ThHMtof U*rrollfo*t-otilae. : > MH on Bandartrora * to lQs> •>, aa iaoto«:80p. ni, at the offloa close u felpwti «Mt; a*) and 7 *> o'clock p,». west: UiM«7iNo'«l»tk>v.pi l STAB ROUTES, i»l aod _Koutnor, dally. Departs a Departs U. * N. W. TUB* OS**, r-ASSMeia TtUMI WIST. HOT; «ifi am »P*IUJ Htmaiiis 4*4«»4««*.T . '(.•Mr. I* ^ a **ff ABimwi""" 1 AT BIST. Died of brain fever, Katie, beloved daughter of John D, and Catherine Schmidt. Bora Sept. 24. 1888, died November 14,1804. Bat a tbort time ago this merry hearted obild wae witb ber aoboolmatee, panned ber studies, played and Rang in bappy glee witb jioue more active or entbosiastio in eonool or more ready to enjoy life's pleaanree .witb such keen enjoyment in gathering tbe rosebuds of life. A ohild of bappiuftss, longing to bover in tbe sunbeams of love and affection. Her warm affectionate nature drew tboae of tbe family circle to ber in oloeast tiea of affecllou. Their impious oare during ber last Hlneaa Vaa alwaya rawarued by toe bopaf'al reply, "I am better." Her little mates snowed Ibe greatest solicitude to tbe very U»t and boped (or bar recovery, Witb tbem ana bad always shown deligbt in performing some deed of charity or fulfilling some promise impulsively given. Her spiritual nature was pare and loviUy and w*n wbsn unable to talk witb tuoea gathered erouad ber she folded ber band* reverently while aba eommeuosd, "Our Fatb«r" and tbe man nerof tbe word MA tbal ber tbougbta ware of heaven's promise. When tbe painful truth thnt ah* waa ourueyiug toward the valley of Ihe inalow to the bright beyond waa folly *aliaedi her beloved paitor Bba knew |bj well known voioa as ahown tbe look of truataud devoiioo aa be bereavement. Their many friends rnnnr witb them and feel a pereonal lees. The funeral servioee were held at S3 Peter & Panl'e obnreb Friday forenoon Nov, 16. Tbe servioee were Ldou and appropriate. > Tbk floral tribute from her beloved teachers, eoboolmatee and friends told of deepest love and in tenet in the beloved obild. Tbe large number followed ber little form to tb grave when her favorite hymn, "N«ara My God to Thee," was eang. Aa we looked on the smiling faoe beautiful in death abe seemed to say : I have reached Ibe haven of reel. With mourning one* and weeping ebildren we have tbe bleseei comforting assurance tbat, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they ahall see God.' ___ v The following pupiliot tuo south aide itave been perfect in ipelllug for the punt wools; laid, "Katie be not afraid, yonarvgolug io your Heavenly Father, lo one who ( •Aid, 0| «u«b to tlw klugdoni of Bbepaawkl away quietly aa one io alnmbar. gari relatives, t«a«h*(f, will aadly ulaa har ye* all nuty wy lawdaily aad revarauUy, t'lt d wall v|(b Ibe ohild," of AIM Krlst Karl Sinclair Mjrlu ]f r lngl« KrtuKle Yunkor Or* TuUou LeeBlnclalr Kliie Ori«ioplier UualaKlicUer •*gu«» KurUlmli Lluie Kramer Mar Uumplirey Wttltet UuuUUuld Ulara Boiuli Eiuiutt Krtimf.r LolgUtou Uixby Kr»uk KlmiutJHH Wlnule O'Brien Jllnulo Stokes Muuilo SoUor Ulnulu Kiiober OottlB Kmtaer Manila Klku J«*»l« Uiilloy Juimia Yeaijur. P 'l'UANiw f Mr, aud lira. J. D. HoUmiat nod family wlalt to wtprosu tueir einoere tbauka to th» kind trloude, uolghbore and Uapliere who so loviugly cured for our darliug *ud aided ua during hwr lual aiokueas. The memory of suoh kindo«ea will av«r linger iu oar hearts, bringing ue lander oouaplaMon iu our ead bout of at- rtiolion. Ml*. ANP M«a, J. p. BOHMIBT and family, IB MAHMua»A FAHUWB? Ou« of tbe editora of tbe Qlidduu Qrapblogot married tb(«« weak* ago «ud laat watk ih« jp«pjr apjiewe au wournful and look* at lit* ao daepoudwiMy U»a| wa (*M lltat U»« bfaJD aud gwius of (be young editor has been over-wrought and would recommend a vacation for ao indefinite period. The editorial oolnmo begins with the alarming statement that, "Which way I tnru is Hell." But the editor sees a ray of hope iu bis fitful ravings, for be says, "This winter ought to be a great one for tbe gathering of aonls to salvation." He also finds solace iu tbe belief tbat on bis wearv journey be will find company in tbe departed epirit of Tammany which be avera to be dead. He saya, "Hill is dead aud buried in bis grave," "The Democratic parly is dead" and "Cleveland is silent as tbe grave." All tbat ia worth living for bns paaeed beyond tbe realm of tears nud bis weary epirit, too, Jongs to be at rear. This ia Ihe result of three weeks of married life. What does the future hold iu etore tor him?. PRINCE OF SWINDLERS CAUGHT. •Big Unn" Jtiiu to lim-th by SoutUml Yuril ]>i'luuiivo« nail ImprUound. NEW VOIIK, Nov.31.—The World oaysi onl Aohtmriuu, otliunvwu known ua VVllUiiiii Qdmtli, ahaa Qrifliu, alliu JrulT, alias (Jhurlus Bortnuul, uliiu Ht. Slua-r DouaUlaon, allaa "Big Qrilf," thu ntuniiiitoimUwindier, hua bowo ruu to earth by Bootland Yard doteutivea and wprUoned in Loudou. "Big Griflt" litantitftHl to aeouru uu liitnuluotlou to thu uinnu«or of « Clmncory I^iuio bank do. posit vault, fie ajwko so much of hi* 'rlwids, Joliu W. Muuktty and George JouM, that wliou ho ileiKwltml a draft or JBia.OOO the umuagar cheerfully lot him luivo a book of ohuolu, wblub Qritt assoil right and left. Quo \YIUJ (or »jmltry m aud for tula oue Iw waa pluowl ou trial. Ho ploadod [uilty uiul was etmt&ujml to tliroo aud a hull yeuw at hard labor. "Big ttrltt" ia « prlneu aiDQUf awindlora. Hia orimiual oareur buxan in Obloago wheu ho watD?, a Nuw Vorlc In 1«S7 ho engraved fuhw DOtea uuU oarUttcattw «ud ut«aa|80,OM ut of the work. Q«e of Qriffa import. mwdji wa» Uto eugraviug of |l,. of oJrcular lattan of uredit in 818. Six nieubera of tbe guug floated be letters without aj»v trouWv. "Big MS" baa teen arrested a number of Uiuos Hud «enr|4 • term to Train Robber* Got Hor*Tlm», KEOKUK, Ia., Nor. 8t.-»-The trial of tbe would-be Santa Fe train robbers, Overfield and A brains, was postponed until the February term of oourt at Memphis, Mo., because Abrams had not sufficiently recovered to be able to appear in court.. Organliod For Charity. BEATRIQK, Nob., Nov. 91.—The yari- ons charities of this city have consolidated uuier tbo name of tbe Beatrice Charitable association, witb Mayor Slmltz aa president. An organized effort will be made to fulfill every benevolent need of tbo city. Uoalrloo l!u • I'opulUt Dully. BEATBIOB, Neb., Nov. 81.—The Daily Dispatch, a paper witb Populistio tend- euuy, made its first appearance iu Beatrice Tutwday evening, Wallace & Rodman, formerly connected witb The Daily Times, uro tbe publishers. of Explorer Wlum»n. COLOQNK, Nov. ut>.—Barou Wissuian, tUo Africmi explorer, wtw uiurrli'd hero to Miw lieilwig Liugeu. The father of thu brlda id a wealthy nmuufuoturur. It is undanttood Major Wuuuiau will leavo the Gorman cohuiul service. Cltlicus rutrul the Towu. EMUICTSIIUUO, In., Nov. »!,—This town has buou inflated witb burglura fur some time und ut liiat the cltlauiw have organ* Iced u vitfilauuu coiumittoo aud thouieui- bora will take turiuputrolltug the streets at uijjUt. The DlBoovery"iavodrHia Life. llr. 0.0»lliuuBtt», ururalil. Be»YBr«vlilo, ia. »aj«; "To Dr. Ktn«'«N«w Dltwvory I oww uir Uto. WAD Iftkvuwlll) UUrlppeauairlaUalUlui ylijuloluoi fur iuit»« about, but ot uo avail »ud wajiKlv*u up «nu lulU I «oulU uot live, littluu Pr, Klnt't tl«w UUuowry in wjr a^ro I wut (or a Iwillu nnd begun IU •«« and (rum thv nrst Uoau iHJijun lo get lwtt»r. aud a(t«r u»l«g UIKM bottlta us up aad about ««aln. It In worth tu w«l«blliiKoUI. Ws won't keep more or uou»» wubout u." o»t a (N» irlal bottlo at a. w. UMUm'« drug «ton. 2 CAIUtOM. Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. UBS. U. 8BAOLB, Ifaihlonable Millinery. MI88 KLLA TODD, Mllllnerr and Vaiior Goods FINANCIAL. MBST NATIONAL BANK, Cor. Main aad rirtn NOUTHWK8TEBN BDII.D1NR AND LOAM ASSOCIATION, Fifth StroM. FEED MILLS. I. J. J. R. MATLOCK, Kltth Street. H RNE8S. ETC, T. ANUKUSON. HarucM and Hone CloUiUw, Trunks, Vatm«a aud Sowing Muclilnei, ^^ WINES AND LIQUORS. VlOTOli U. STKiTUUN, "The DlHtuond," fourth Street PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. W. IOWKM ATTORN EY A i LAW, B01LMH9 F, M, DAVFNPORT, SHKflflBl.0 A PATTERUON, Wtad Mlll», Tiuik* und Puwpi. JOB PRINTING. DAILY 8ENTINKL, Adam* StriH Bait Ki^lfiped PrluiUig Offlot lo WeaWrn lorn. Professional Cards. JA«. L. MAOTHI. U.K. MARTIN & MARTIN, iy»i»rQmut atuuUlon given iu coiiootioiu. Notary iu oBhw. Offlw lo MoL»g»u utook BKAOH A HOYT LAWYERS. GJSO. W.IKQBTJ3, LAWY ilw * w ' omlolttt *« w

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