The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 10, 1959 · Page 15
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 15

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1959
Page 15
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MAN NOBODY KNOWS- Tony Randall Rising Star JtOtLYWOOD — That young whimsical fellow who plays so many different characters is becoming a regular Yankee Doodle Alec Guinness. The bigger Tony Randall's career becomes, fewer are the people who recognize him when he's just Tony Randall. Like this actress at Chasen's Tony was telling me about, his eyes twinkling. Her name is Patricia Owen and Tony worked with her in "No Down Payment." "I had my arms around her for days in a dancing sequence," Tony said. "But we hadn't seen one another for months when I saw her at Chasen's and rushed up and said, 'Hello.' " Pat gave him a trout look and Tony smiled: "Don't you remember me?" DOG DAYS "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I don't," replied Pat. walking away. So now Patricia Owen knows the name of the fellow who said "Hello" to her at Chasen's-Tony Randall, who just completed his fourth starring movie, "The Mating Game." The Tony Randall who laughed about Pat not recognizing him: "I guess I have no face—no personality." Always different, that's Tony, who admits he'll probably never be known as a straight leading man, but always as a character actor, "because," he told me, "I just can't play any role straight. I have to make him a character." You remember, of course, , Tony's roles — the screaming neurotic in "Oh, Men, OJj, Worn- Film Producers Need to Save Tax Money ent"; the fellow bound never io succeed In "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?"; the sick-sick- sick lad In "No Down Payment." In his just completed fourth movie, "The Mating Game," opposite Debbie Reynolds, Tony is a U. S. income tax investigator "who loves the tax code with such fervor," he says, "that he quotes from It poetry — like a clergyman quoting from the Bible." The TV show "Mr. Peepers" helped zoom Tony's career, which was launched as a kid mimic and developed in New York drama classes. And in connection with the TV show, which reached its most fabulous success in 1952, Tony tells a hilarious story about himself. He was in a men's room in New York when a woman who had mistaken the signs on the door walked in and surprised him there. Tony, embarrassed speechless, gave her a wild look. She returned his look with one just as wild. But she wasn't left speechless. "You're on television.." She gnspcd before .limiting ,n quick exit. Sugar Cane Burning Slated on TV Show Jack Smith, host of ABC-TV's "You Asked for It," sets fire to an Hawaiian sugar cane field on the program Sunday, 6-0:30 p.m. The cane burning, requested by a viewer, is the first step In the process of sugar-planting which was filmed recently on the island of Oahu by Smith and a "You Asked for It" camera crew. The program will also demonstrate some of the means of man's survival in the era of space travel. Included will be view of space suits and the Navy space training unit putting its "monster men" through a series of space survival testing devices. AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD, SATURDAY, JANUARY 10, 1959-3 YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL —Gail Sheldon, now celebrating her 18th birthday, is the youngest model seen regularly on "The Big Payoff." HOLLYWOOD W) — Now begins Hollywood's dog days. Heaven knows;.,the days have been doggy enough, with film shooting down sharply from previous years. But the first two months of the year are traditionally the worst for production.-The reason: there's a big tax in March on exposed film in the state. That means the the studios avoid filming in January and February and try to have all their films finished and shipped HEAP BIG COWBOY — John James Russell, 7 wants to follow in dad John Russell's footsteps as a "Lawman" when he grows up. So pop gives the lad a lesson on how to handle a firearm. WHO WHAT . . WHERE . . WHEN WHY :. ftl a • Edward G. Robinson, Ida Lupine and Barry Fitzgerald. "Sea Wolf" on Million Dollar Movie. KROC-TV Channel 10. Sun,, Jan. 11 at 10:15 p. m. So that you may enjoy Jack London's great «tory of terror afloat. In the Academy Award Nominee Movie there's lens* drama above and below the deck*. You won't want to miss ill out of California before the (ax is due. Samuel Goldwyn offers an example of how it can hurt. He won't be able to have "Porgy and Bess" finished in time for the deadline. He figures the tax will add more than $100,000 to the movie's cost. Relief Called Vital With the picture business in bad enough shape, some industry sources think there should be relief from this state tax. . . Bill Holdcn is taking off for a safari to central Africa, one of the few regions of the world he hasn't visited. Then he goes to Europe, returns briefly and takes off for the Orient. All these travels aren't merely wanderlust on Bill's part. He is convinced of the value of worldwide salesmanship for the movies he's in. German Visit Paid •»^— — •— • -- - i • •••SEMI ., .._ - - - - - - I Network Television 1 Monday, January 12 (C) Means Oroaram Is la Color 6:05 a.m. 5 — David Stone 6:30 a.m. S, 10 — Continental Clan- room 7/00 a.m. 4 — Siegfried S, 10— Today 8/00 a.m. 3, 4— Copt Kangaroe 8:45 a.m. J— News 4— Or. VoungdaM 9/00 a.m. 3, 4 — For Love or Money 5, 10— Dough Re Ml 9:30 a.m. 3, 4, 8— Godfrey 3. 10 — Treasure Hunt 70.-00 a.m. 3, 4, t — 1 Love Lucy 5, 10— Price 1- Right 70/30 a.m. \, 4, 8- Top Dollar 5, 10 — Concentration *— Herald ot Truth 77/00 a.m. "I thought it was a lot of bother J- f-, »^£«1?_ _•*„?•"«, to visit so many German towns f, iu — nc ioc vougn U— Muclr RinrtA for 'Bridge on the River Kwai,' " ll~'i'o~i.m. he said. "But now I can see the |' uilcouid'B* vo« results. We're going to take three »—»eter Hayes million dollars out of Germany, . 77/45 a.m. more than any German picture «— c»untf»' n ?ivVe flM ever made and double what a 72-00 m foreign film has done." J. 4, 3. B. io-Newa WViBTIW "Some Came Running" is get- ^""iZTlTp m . ting a good reaction from the io— Chomiei 10 Cofilno. Hollywood crowd. There are many who are prepared to hand 72/20 p.m. » **.3/\ ^ Shirley MacLaine the Oscar right J. 4— woVw'TMrM .now. It's hard to see how she t— Play Hunch can miss; her role as the floozy 10— Brevitfe? has Academy Award written all 7/00 p.m. ° ver «• • • \. Wir « 0 c. n «,«- "Inn of the Sixth Happiness" 4-ulTac.' (Q was also well received. Ingrid does 7/30 p.m. another of her stunning portray- 1, 1— Home Port» als; it's hard to Imagine any other iNiwi*ia«V» •<""'• '" actress who could have fulfilled «-Newi Weather™ ciJb the role. 7/40 p.m. 6— Matinee 2/00 p.m. 3, 8— Big Payoff 4— Mcrriman Show 5, 10 — Young Dr. Malone 6 — Day In Court 2/30 p.m. 3, 4, t — Verdic' Touri S 10 — From These Root* 6— How to Marry Millionaire 3/00 p.m. 3, 4, 1— Brighter Day 5, 10 — Queen for Day 6 — Beat Clock 3/75 p.m. 3, 4, t — Secret Storm 3:30 p.m. 3, 4, 8— Edge ot Night 5, 10— County Fair t— Who Do You Trutt 4/00 p.m. 3— Show 4 — Around Town 5— Margie 6— Am. Bandstand 8 — Counterpoint 10— Whot-t New i 4/30 p.m. 4— Commodore Cappy 5 — Last of Mohicans 8— Film 10— Ten for Survival C ,f)f) .. _— j.(ju p.m. 3 — Club House 4— Axel and Dog S— Robin Hood 8 — Last of Mohicans 10— Jungle Jlir 5:30 p.m. 4— Popeye 6 — Mickey Mouse Cluk 8— Adventure 10— Music Tlma 5:45 p.m. 3— News S— NBC Newi JO — Loaney Tunes 6/00 p.m. 1. 4. S, S. 10— Newi Weatkw Sporti 4— Weather 6/75 p.m. (—Don Goddard 10— NBC Newt 6/20 t>.m. Not** 5— Should Know 6/50 p.m. 3. 4, 8 — Name TuM S— Buckskin &— Shirley Temple Storybook 10— Sherlock Holmes 7/00 p.m. 3— Wtilrlvbirdl 4 S— The Texaa S — Restless Gun 10— Adventure In Muslc(C) 7/30 p.m. 3, 4, 8— Father Knows Best S — Adventure In Music 6— This Is Alice 8:00 p m. 3. 4, 8— Danny Thomas 6 — Voice of Firestone 10— Pcto Gunn 8/30 p.m. 3. 4, 1 — Ann Sothera 5, 10 — Alcoa Theater 6— Dr. 1. Q. 9/00 p.m. 3 — Hlghwav Patrol 4 — Djn'lu Playhouse 5, 10— Arthur Murray fr— Pattl Pag* (— ford Show 9/30 p.m. 3— Sheriff ot Cochlse S — Highway Patrol 6— Target 8— Groucha 10 — African Patrol 70.i50 p.m. 3. 4, 5, t. ( 10— News Weathei Sporta 70/75 p.m. ft— John Daly 70/20 p.m. 8 — Lawman 70/30 p.m. 3— Dr. Christian 4 — Vanguard 5— Badge 714 6— Hour ot Start 10— Jack Poor Show 70/30 p.m. t — San Francisco Beat 77.00 p.m. J— News 4— Ploytnuse S— Jack »aa« She» 8 — San Francisco Beat 77/20 p.m. I— -Bengal Lancers 72/00 m S— News 'LOSE A POUND A DAY... FOR 14 DAYS Without Sufferitf HMB|ir Pangs Or loss Of Energy! To reduce we mutt cat len (fewer calories) tod of sufficient vitamin* and mineral* in a retukteS when we do, we may feel the uncomfortable, diet. With Kessamia Tablets, Formula #14, am* almost painful pang* of hunger. We may also the Kessamm Reducing Plan this can become nervous and irritable because of the lack happen! , 1. A te«> - cl»a m *, Victmins co --- ». Viorains liiiry tad <hjt. PW«CM balk. SEE WHAT THE KESSAMIN REDUCING flAN OFFERS! diet (The Ktturola Book- 4. The "bnocct macro!" ftcmr (Urban !? «_!*?fW«s »** • «SP riMrt&XmX* S ?Sk2 •ecptdinc w direaions. Mia tUducin* FU» U la mty ptck*cc of KctSMBia Tablets. FormuU *Mt THI KESSAMIN REDUCING PLAN IS CUAJu! A ^TES?.TO TAKE OPF.A. JWND^ TABLETS Methyl- McKtuon'. KESSAMIN tN* for OJendvhK Ob*aiiiJ, AUSTIN DRUG 501 North St. Paul St., Austin, Minn., Ph. HE 3-2105 OPEN TILL 10 P. M, 7 NIGHTS A WEEK

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