The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 16, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1894
Page 12
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Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THB SBNTINCI, la the otny newspaper In car roll couniy thin, is printed all nt borne and It con- •iDBtrtOre local mid county news than any other two papers In this county. POWKBS & COLCLO, Props. FKIDAV, NOVKMBKB 16, 1894. SPECIAL / ---- x JTo all Whom it may Concern: x . THESE GREETING; THEIK MAJESTIES: QUEEN TITANIA: QLKEX LADY-BIRD: QUEEN MAB) of Fuiry-kiul i«iJl, by special car Hltt > u- ed by their beautiful Pays, Sprites and Gnomes arrive end bold ' • their Fairy Court at the GERMANIA OPERA HOUSE, Carroll, Iowa, THURSDAY FRIDAY 6 7 Seautiful Young , Ladies. . ifandsome Toting Gentlemen. Pretty Cliilrlren. i Elegant Costumes. Bewitohing Music. \t Reserved seats at Hatton's. Dr. Lowry, director. Mrs. K. S. Lowry, directress. Admieefon ?£c. Reserved eeats 35 * 50o. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Visit Moore's shoe store. Meeting at tbe Y. M. 0. A, rooms this evening.' Geo. Frazier, of Breda, spent Tucsdny in tbe city. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. W. B. Foster, of Qlidden, was in tho city yesterday. BOOB & JLuughliny funeral duecioio . and embalmere. Sam Parnons was in the citv tho truest of biB brother E. M. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J/W. Hattou's. 0. L. Wattles was at Lohrville Monday on a business trip. P. J, Olbertz, of Washington township was in the city Monday. ,. Judge Oonner, •of Deniion, was fit- tending court Wednesday. Diwaeee of the eye, ear, throat and •ow. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Carroll. J. B. Fitzgera'd and wife spent Sunday at Sue City with their parents. Diseases of women and children a ipecialty. On. B. C. KKLLBY, Carroll, la. laaarauoe, atd money to IOBU ou ruul- MUteat 6 pur cent. Miicnu & ^ABTII: A. 0. Zellhoefer will prouu.h at the Baptist church next Sunday morning, »ov. 18. Senator Garst, of Coon Rapide, WRS in the city thl» week calling on his rnrny friends. lira. J. J. RusBoll, of Jefferson, pecEed through the city yesterday enroute for Montana. Wanted at once, two apprentice) girls. Call at the dreai making parlors of Jttrg. Maggie Brown. Mr*. F. M. Powers left Wednesday for Spirit Lake, called by u telegram from Mrs. Botzer. Or. Williams, of Manning, and B. 1, BBlin«er were Jn the oity yoBlurduy for a Bhorl time ou buslnoBS. 11, U. Nolun IB having a new cout of paint put on hie residence which f, r rcully ImprovcB its appearance, JJ. T. DanMsi tho Kroeeryuiun, will •ooo move into the Eurtzhub building opposite tlo court house. 9, fy Bo,yutou, Week Bide, lawn, breeder of registered Poland Obiuu jiigt, b«a pige of both vexes for sale. Boos & LuagbLiv have just recuivetl th»lr lino of UoUdey furniture «iid it iu tbe Quwt evw wbibitwl in Carroll, B. U. Bengfprd »nd Button Agnut A. B. Olwk, lUe "Two \lobns" of Coon JUpldn, were^iu the city Wcduiitduy. Clerk Keunobock issued a marring lloentu Tuouday to WUllnUt ii. Crabb uui! Uollio Mo\vdur of Uuioo towuthlp. IS. M, Paraoutt hat returned from Perry wUwre lio hot boon during thu pait week iQOkluK after buKiinsw ut that uoJut, ), L, Miuur «u4 wife twow o«Uea to eveninK by llic of Mr. Mloer, Vmny, in payment} for the loss sustained bv the burning of the water works pump house, and damage to engine and boiler. FOUND—A gold watch. Owner can have same by calling at this office, proving property and paying for this notice. Onr prices on flour are right, suits wprybody, give it a trial and you will come back to the Yellow front for more. The special sales this week at LaPlaut & Cavanaugh's are well attended. The indies are getting somn fine bargains there. The Corliss safe, a sample of which IIRS been at the auditor's offlre for the pnst few days, IB attracting considerable attention. The meetings at the Y. M. C. A. rooms nro being well attended and much interest is being manifested. At 7:30 every evening this week. Lounges $3,20, mattresses, $2.50, bedroom suits $15, parlor suits $30, in fact we have rock bottom prices on all oat g'oods. Boos & Laughlin. J. B. Hunjrerford will spend the week nt Ames attending the closing' exercises of the college and looking after the interests of the school as a member of the board. Miss Mabel Stack is in the city visiting lier mnny friends. She is not teaching this winter and her health appears to be greatly improved. Oh say! Are yon going to give or Hfrul any Christmas presents? If so cull «nd get BOOB & Eanghlin's prices on ct nohes, rockers and lounges. Obese & Sanborn teas and coffees were jsed exclusively on tbe Vorld's fair grounds, selected for their superior quality. Sold only by Merchant. Schumacher & Mitts have plenty of their Salt Lake potatoes on hand. All parties ordering now will be furnished from the car at wholesale prices. August Franzon, of Chicago, an old friend of Jno. Schumacher and family, visited with them last Wednesday, he being out here looking after a farm of his in Sheridan township, .Schumacher & Mitts, dealers in flour, feed and produce are prepared to furnish Hoods cheaper than ever before. Call on them when in want of anything in their line. A. L. Jacobs, of Roscoe, S. O,, the srentlemnn who sold Mr. Wieland a large tract of land, informs us that he will moye to this city early in the spring. Re is a stock dealer and thinks this a good point for his business. Chas. Bucknam returned Tuesday from Dubuque, where he has been with relatives for the past three weeks, regaining his strength after his (severe attack of ty- nboid lever. Ho is feeling some better but is far from being himself as yet, Tbe firemen's ball given Thanksgiving eve will be in charge of the book and ladder company and tbe proceeds will be used to repair the truck and purchase new hooks, Tbe boys should be liberally patronized, Cbus. Lawrence, formerly editor of lie Manning Monitor, was in the, city Tuesday, Charles has been a very sick man, having been confined to his bed nearly all summer. He thinks he is now on the road to recovery. The Btegm beating pi apt is putting steam fixtures into M. Simon's and Jno. Guild's stores. These buildings will be heated with steam after this which ii proving a very satisfactory way of beat- log buildings. T. H. iiardy received word Wednesday of the death of Mrs, D. C. Wilbur, of Murahalltowu, a sister of J. L. Miner of this city, Mrs. Wilbur has been a patient sufferer for about a year and her death was anticipated for some time. Firemen's hall Wednesday evening, Nov. 28. Tho firemen of tho city will make this Thanksgiving donco the grand ost event of the season. Our laddies arc of all tho support our citizens can tcivci them. At Music hall. Notwithstanding tbe disagreeable weather the attendance at tho entertainment Friday uigut at thu opera houco wan good, aud those taking part on the pro* gram havo no cause to fevl disappointed ut tho greeting they received. Bowon eeys it in tough on a man of tbe miuprity psrtv U> wiu the battle iu the county, only to be slaughtered at home, Such ii tho caprice of politic*. If hU opposition'!* friends hud only been loyal to him, a* Howmifinsists that his party frieu^B should have been to bim, the remit would have boon worio lhau it IB. JCgennuyor'u uoruut band in now supplied with novri iputrurnonts and Mr. Kgeriuitvev iufouaa us tliut ho will noon r<<(Jot>ut liU nrpi»Ue to thu pvoplu aud give us tiomu free concerts. He BUYS they will not bo troubled faty wore about In* BtruuiButu, an they now have their own mid premise ui eowe line music in tbe future. ^ ' Bu4ert>y »Bd Uwily kit W«a- lor Hat ftMtajp, & U, Mr. relief. They have a brother-in-law and family living tbere which will make it more pleasant than going among strangers. Merchant wants you to call at hie store and SPP how few goods yon out) buy fntfivH dollars. Leave yoar sucks and baskets at home, -but pat n doable box on yonr filed or wagon. L. J. Fitzgerald, president of the Cort- latfd Wagon Works Wag in the city. Mr. Fitzgerald was for two terms treas urer of (he state of New York, <xnd IB an old triend of M. P. Sproul of thisjcity. Topics assigned for the next meeting of the Clio clnb, Saturday, Nov. 11, are as follows: "History of Rome," Mrs. Macomber; "Civilization," Miss Butzow; "A L)»y in Rome," Mrs. Burke. "Manners and Customs," Miss Bangs. PostaWClerk Harvey is smiling like unto the small boy who has just donned his initial red top foot protection, and all on account of the return of Mrs. H. from a two week's sojourn with her parents at Mt. Pleasant—Cedar Rapids Republican. » J. C. Scott, Qlidden's popular druggist, who was burned out the other night was in thelcity yesterday and says that he succeeded in saving part of his stock and had $1,500 insurance. He will go into business again in a few days in the Armstrong block. We have made arrangements by which we can furnish this paper aud the twioe- n-week"New York World all for only $2 a year. Here is the opportunity to get yoar own local paper and the New York World t\ricp pverr week a* extraordinarily low rates. Address THE SENTINEL, Carroll, IB. Look out for bargains at LaPlant & Cavanaugb's. A special sale of millinery began on Monday, Nov. 12, lasting one week. Prices the very lowest. Now is your chance to secure a fashionable hat ata.ver, small outlay. They also carry a full lino of notions. Ladies' and children's underwear a specialty. Oar stock is complete, goods first quality, popular prices. The tariff or silver bill cuts no figure with us. Don't think because we don't button hole yon on the street and beg yon to trade with us, WP don't want your tradp. Wedo, 'ant think yon are wise enough to obocse the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MERCHANT. Miss Katie Schmidt, the little daughter of J. D. Schmidt, died Wednesday after an illness of several weeks with brain fever. Her cane has been hopeless for some time, but the , loving relatives and friends hoped against hope, as it was so terrible to think of .losing their dear one. They have the sympathy of all in this sad mislorlune. The board of supervisors appointed • committee of the bankers and business men to examine the safe in the county treasurer'B^office and they reported that it was their judgment that the safe now in use did not sufficiently guarantee protection to the county's funds and recommended the purchase ot a new one. Thos. F. Barbee and wife: arrived in the city the last of the ween and will make their home in our city. Mr. Barbee will engage in the practice of law. He has secured rooms over the Schumacher building where he can- be found ready for business. The many friends of Mr, and Mrs. Rarbee are pleased to have them with them again. The tenth anniversary of the sodalities of St. Joseph's church was celebrated Monday by a very pleasing program at the South Bide club roam. The attendance was large and those present expressed themselves as being well pleased with the program. Tuesday evening a large chorus of singers presented the caatata, "The Meeting of the Nations." Steele is fairly elected and there is no man in the Democratic party that would for ouo moment try to keep him out of office. TUB BUNTINKI, will champion the cause of any muu who bus been fairly elected, no difference what bis politics may be; but it would not want to see a canvassing board arbitrarily count a man in contrary to law. Tho ends of Justice can be attained legally, nod to this we lend our support, and bow in submission to the will of the people which must ho supreme. The canvasiing board reconvened Wednesday at 1 o'clock and compluted the canvass- Tho returns from Union township, which were objected to on account of the judges and dorks fuilln to certify, were counted us returned. The board has a wide dUcreiiouury power in making tho cuuvaee and us H appeared evident that the irre wore wlioly unintentional the board deemed it advisable to count them returned, County Attojney Guo. W, Korte ru- lurued Tuesday from McGregor, whure he was culled by a telegram announcing the eud UOWK of the sudden death of hltt father. From (he McGregor Tiuiea we learn the following: "Wednesday about uoou John Q. Korto'n horse rau away with him as be was driving him through town,throwing him out and iujurlpK him so budly ho died from concussion of thu bruiu about 4. p.m. lie WUB about 70 years of uuo, The funeral was held Friday at 10 a. ui. from bt. Mary's church." Mr. Km to utuithu nyw- pathy of his friends In his sad IQH. Uarvoy lughoiu, of thu Algon* Upper DCS Moinei, in u review of Oongftiiiuan Dolliv0r'» campaign for re-election, tolls of * talk with Mr. JUolllver concerning lit ctUTttll. Alftoug oilier item »» U»e "At Carroll, tlH>] the best long-hand report of his speech that had been made this fall." tun SENTtNEij gives the news regardless of politics, which is the main mason that its readers, whatever their political opinion, think it the best paper in the county. The board of supervisors, after considerable examination into the safe business, purchased one of Hosier's screw door automatic safes for the county treasurer's office. The safe IB of the latest make and Is warranted flre proof and will guarantee all the protection that any safe is expected to do In these days, of expert burglarism, The safe cost about 1750. A committee of G. V. Glan, C. Hausman and Treasurer Albertsen went to Greene county to examine a safe of the same make in use in tho treasurer's office there and are well pleased with it. ' The grand jury adjourned Wednesday noon after being in session for over two weeks and costing the county more than two hundred dollars. The most remarkable thingit did was to file a statement regarding the way the county jail is kept. If it had done nothing else this alone was enough to prove to the people that the actions of the grand jury needed closer inspection than anything else in the county. The grand jury system is about the biggest fraud that is today perpetrated upon the people. The lawmakers of Iowa will do well to do away with this useless expense to the tax payers. . John J. Wieland closed a deal Monday for 700 acres of land nenr Roscoe. South Dakota, with A. L. Jacobs, the deal being made through the German American Land company. Mr. Wieland puts in as part payment his Carroll homestead and some Manning property, besides some cattle and horses and thebalancein cash. Mr. Wieland will commence the erection of a fine new residence in the spring on the lots now owned by him, formerly the Wayne property and remove the old buildings.and will stock his Dakota farm with fine cattle and horses. He is well pleased with his deal and says ho has a fine stock farm, well improved, with pood buildings and within one-half mile of the town of Roscoe. The Midland Monthly for November contains 112 pages crowded with interesting matter and illustrations. "University Extension" with portraits, by Professor Loos, will attract educators and learners everywhere. "Cedar Chips" IB a thrilling story of Washington forest life. "A Story of Devastation" Is told by Harvey Ingham and Rev. Dr. Gist, with thirteen pictures of the wreck made by a recent cyclone in Iowa and Minnesota. "The IFar Sketch" for this month tells the story of Judge McKenzte, whose bravery suggested the song,"Hold the Fort." The most profusely Illustrated article is on the Iowa National Guard, with camp scones and sixty or more portraits of prominent guardsmen, Including Governor Jackson and staff, brigade, regimental and company officers,—* grouping of historic value, as the personnel of the guard Is rapidly changing. _ ENIKBTAINMBMI. The entertainment given Friday evening at the Oermania opera house by the Y. M. O. A. aud I he King's Daughters was a great snooesa from every standpoint. The opera bouM was well filled and the audience thoroughly enjoyed everything on the program, even to one or two slight "breaks," which were not of enough importance to mar tbe general good character of everything presented. Tbe opening piece waa a fancy drill ( and welcome aoug by twenty-four little girle, led by Minnie Latto and Helen Park, which waa highly entertaining and heartily applauded. Miss Oettrell followed with a piano eolo of exquieit.tonoh and expression, and Miss Pearl Drees then gave a abort exercise with tbe Indian clubs that proved her to be an adopt at this bealtb-provoking exercise. This waa followed by Miss Patterson and Mrs. Peleue in a piano doet rendered in fine style and well received by tbe audience. Then came tbe feature of tbe evening, tbe Empire drill by sixteen ot Carroll's fair youug ladies, arranged in bewitching costumes, and inarching and countermarching like veteran soUera. A mule chorus ot ten voices proved one ct tt« »v"jt popular features of tbe evening and tbe audience would not be quiet until they reappeared aud responded to the encore. Mrs, Peleue then gave a piano iolo with her uanal epleudid execution and Miw Mary A. Calkins followed with a vocal eolo, in a voice of remarkable sweetness. Tbe piauo quartette, Mendelssohn's beautiful wedding march, by Miss Patterson and Mra. Peleue, Mesdanwifl Sherman and Lstte, waa rendered in a wanner worthy ot -Ibis graud march and woo tbe heart* ot all who beard it. Tbe crowning event of tbe evening was tbe fairy crowning and good night chorus, in wuiob Mia* Grace Kail up. peared aa queen *nd was surrounded by fairiee wbo narrated iu song ibe' stories ot their good deeds. Miaa fjqreooe Uowen having taken the part of Oopld won awarded tbe laurel crown by ber queen tor Ib* effort* elie bed made to bring tbe OarroJI bachelors and old FORTY ttlLLlON CAKE3 YEARLY. THE PROCTER Ik GAMBLE CO., CIN'TI. pinnae at the aprightlines and "cuteness" of the little ones in white, tvith green wings, Tolopsa Oooke easily winning first honors in tbe dance. After them came the good night chorus, in which hidden voices joined with the fairies, and then the curtain rose for the last time on a beautiful tableau with tbe kneeling queec of the fairies in the foreground, and little Tolosta Oooke and Gretchen Powers on either side, raising their little faces heavenward and pointing upward, while in the background was a group ot young ladies arranged in a beautiful and artistic manner. Thus ended one of the most pleasing entertainments ever given in oar oity. Egermayer's orchestra furnished tbe music, and their selections between acts were by no means the least pleasing of tbe evening's entertainment. DEFECTIVE. THE BETUBKB FBOlt UNION TOWNNHIP WEBB NOT PBOFBRIiY. CERTIFIED. In canvassing the official vote of Oar- roll county by the board of supervisors last Monday, all the returns were accepted with the exception of Union township. This is one of the heaviest Republican precincts in tbe county and bad it been rejected 0. H. Flenker, Democratic candidate for supervisor' would be elected instead of A. 0. Steele, of Union township, the Republican candidate. Mr. Steele is elected by forty majority on the face of the relume, bnt bud Union township been rejected Mr. Flenker would be elected by two hundred and ninety-two. The grounds upon which the objections were made were that tb'e returns were not certified to by the clerks and the judges and there appears to be some irregularity in the vote given Mr. Flenker in tbie precinct. For instance one ot tbe poll books gives tbe total ot Flanker's vote as thirty-two, while the tally sheet shows but twenty-seven; The other poll book (both having been returned through error), tallies tbirty-two but tbe total footings in this book is twenty-seven. The board of toper visors called counsel dhui" with success, we feat obliged to defer ita rendition to Thursday, Deoem-> ber 6, •»>•' Friday, December 7, 1894, at the Geromtiia opera hours, Onrroll, la. Pn H O . 3. L LOWRT. COBN FOB SALE. Any amount. Fifty cents on track. F, L. Etiiia, Fonda, Iowa. An active agent in cncb county in thej United Stales, to solicit subscriptions fc the Twice-a-Week Rupnblic, A hbe commission will be piiitl to hustlers, dress, superintendent circulation, Republic, St. Louis. Mo. OKND twelve cents In postage stamps toSOCdr-, O coran Building, Wneliliiuton, D. ti., and you will receive four copies of KATK JUKLD'S WASH* ',„ IMQTON, containing mntter of special Interest. I 1 , ulve mime und address, and say where yon i this advertisement. A-.TOST A NEW YORK DAILY. That Democratic wonder, the New"* York Weekly World, has jnst changed . its •• -~'~\ ..aii) a twioe-K-weekpaper, and yon can now get the two papers a week». for the eniufi old price— 81 u year. ' Think oe it I The news from New' York rijjKk at yonr door fresh,everj three t days— 104 papers a year. BUILDING OF NICARAGUA CANAL, Paramount Importance of the EnterprlM ' Urged bjr .Senators and Congressmen. BALTIMORH, Nov. ' 15.—The Manu- ' facturers Record of this week will publish special letters from a large number of United States senators and congress-,; men, giving their views on whether the i government should give financial aid to/ secure the early construction of thea f| Nicaragua canal, The letters are prob-, ably equally divided between the Demo*' ^ crats and the Republicans. Senator" Sherman of Ohio writes he is thoroughly., committed to the construction of thV.'|| Nicaragua canal and emphasizes the re-" 1 ' portr made to the senate in favor of government aid. Senator Walsh of Georgia".'^ sayf the Nicaragua canal is now before,., the business world. He believes it 4 should be built and conducted by the United States government; that it would 1 open new markets for the markets onr fields, mines and factories, and would enable America to compete su osssfully with European nations fop tl trade of the Spanish-American countries^ and the countries of the orient. Hon. H. O. Lodge of Massachusetts, Mr. Galand after deliberating on the question decided to adjourn until Wednesday at 1 o'clock and during tbe mean time would inform themselves' more fully aa to i Jj' whether »hny had a right to canvass these returns or not. It waa the disposition of tbe board to complete the canvass as shown on their face, it it was possible for them to do BO, bnt aa one of the leading member* said, "I do not care to violate tbe law in order to complete tbe returns.for I feel ae it I ahonld act in this aa I do iu all other question*, and therefore I deaire time to become folly advised as to my doty." When tbe board reconvened tbe returns were accepted aa made and A. 0. Steele declared elected. It is evident that while tbe board bad tbe right to reject tbe returns, it also bad tbe right to accept them aa it baa wide dissreeeionary powers. Tbe intention ot tbe board waa to do justice and carry out tbe will of tbe people regardless ot politics. So long as tbe Democrats remain in power in this county every oitizeu will be given his rights, Piles) Piles! Honing Pliee. Symptoms moisture; Intenio Itching and itlng lug, most at nigut; WOIKB bjr noratouTng. 1C ft! lowed to continue tumors form, which often bleed und ulcerate, becoming very tore, tiwuy- no'H ointment BIOIIB the Itching and bleeding, hettm ulowtlon uud In mom oanea removes the tamon, At druggitin, or by mall, for W oenu linger of New Hampshire, Hon. Wm.; B. Allison of Iowa, Hon. C. H. Gros- Tenor of Ohio, Hon. George D. Wise Virginia, Hon. Alexander MaoDowell off. Dr. Bwttyue & Bon, I'lilladelphU. 6-1-U6 MUSICAL Bora. , Tbe LadieV Mueioal hour met with Mrs. 8. 0. Punkle at Glidden Tuesday afternoon and enjoyed a very pleasant meeting, being entertained by Mrs. Duukleiu a delightful manner. Tbe following program was rendered : ' riuuo Duet*- Po onaUo ......... , ......... Chopin M»tl0Wetu«rlll. Mri. Hherman. PI»no6olo-I)l*MMhle .................. Jowely )1U« biuuulio PHIWHOU. I'lmio Bolo-M«)od|e dw I'olonaUe .......... Uitt Ml*. Guild, Voc»l8olo-H«Lovei Me ..... Hunt fiuol j Mr«, J? «l»u«i Vocal Ttlo-i) Calm aiid Lov«ly tao U'OUH»U» ... l« ............. ,.., ...... A 1)1 Mr*. Wright, H\u Buiigi, Mr*. 8ae««, I'Unu Bolo-aonsts Allegro. ... .......... Mojwrt Mri, l««. Vooul Duut -0 Weit Thou Iu theCnulU Bluitv- Mr». wrigUt, iilo urging tbe paramount importance of the,; enterprise to the United States. Bailer Will VoU With Bepubllokni. NEW YORK, Nov. 19.—A special fro^.^ Raleigh, N. C., says: Marion Butler, t|»a)3 president of the National Farmers', ance, who is slated to succeed Ransom in tbe United States senate after^ March 4 next, is reported aa having saifl .< ha would vote with the Republicans in! \ _ the organization of the senate, If this I* f& so, the Republicans can count on both of.'? North Carolina's votes in the organiia* '£ tionof the senate, as the other to be elected in January by the legislature to •; succeed Jarvis will be a Republican, Mr. Dent Mlue J Hta Cuano*. CHICAGO, Nov. 10.—W. H. Dent, preii-, dent of the, bank at Lemars, la,, wan startled by tho unaccountable fall ot a large pocketbook beside him on the aide* '• walk. He feared to touch it, but John Uasselman, an electrician, picked ii up. Examination showed it contained a very . large amount of money. How much la 1 not known, us tbe Under took it into aa J adjoiiiiu« bank und deposited it pending" inquiries by the ovynor, __ ( vagltlve frnm Jiidiiuo ilnpturea, OEUINU, Nob., Nov. 15,—Harvey Smith, uu alleged t'ugitivo from justice, is under arrest hero. He is wanted at Broken Bow for thu stuulmg of 8B bead of cuttle, wliiou be bhippud to South Ornuhu uuU told. Fort Oiiialm OIBt-er MarrlN. Bi^oouiNWON, 111., Nov. K>.—Lieutenant Loonitril Prince, Btutlon«d at Fort Omuhu, und Ml*s Katliorine Klunehart, of this oity, wore uiurriod here at the First Baptist uuuroh, It was a military wedding. ; . UUnuurl Talloy ll»t«l lluruad, ' Missotiui VALI.KY, Iu., Nov. JO.—Tbi Cheney liouso was euliroly destroyed, ty flro. A liortlou oC tho coutont* w«w c4 •aved. It was o<tunod from u flue. Loss twtiiuutoil ut lln.Ul'O 4 ttuldnu %V*Uaio«. BBATHIOB, N«b., Nov. ia,—Mr, Mnt. Jolm Hohfodw- cojubvuted golden woldiuj; auuivereury, iJuvo been, reiidvub* ol' tUis Mm, Lotln, Mr*. award. 1'b* little tote tbeneufcrtd, tinging and dpfltof "Uow to Cure All Btclu Dlsefttwa." Simply »u|)ly Bw(ttne'»otBUuiMH. Nomteruil uiedloliM required. Ourei Wlfcr, eo»oji», Hch, uU«rupUou» 011 tu« Uuo. u»udii. now, sip. IAJUvlTg the •klBclotur, white uud uealUif. Ita ure(ith«u!lwjuudcurany» |l n« etasf -- wu»u«'» ^ ih^ff^FlljWPw''^ Pr<--»li(iut MI u laciutf». • Nov. i r ''.--Pi"Hi(loutStipkji oey, uf tho UUioago Gruut Wu»teju rail* way, lucturod Uoro uu tan Bjbj to lloviva

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