The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 6
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TAOT TWELVH 1LTTHEVTLLB (ARKJ COURIER NKWS TUESDAY, JUI/T 6, 1948 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Login PBMOMAL nalui«--corfl»*»r-fumUur«. ^ulcJc. pn. r»i* .ft'ic.. F«rton«liMd tUemion com* to of ulcpbon*. Wlft. liENIRAL CONTRACT fURCHASr CORPOBATIOK 1M S. Filth 81. Bl»:n«»ul« 4r , llM-ek-tt p*r Un» p*f d*r ...... ° p«r iini ..... . ......... • ^ c Count fc« •««*• word* w tb« lime Ad ord«r*d for thr«* or tlx HUM aud •iODD*d Mfoie «xplr»t!on will b« cbarg- •dforttM Tnumber ol Unia* the *d ap- »Mr*d uid ad]u,Mm*ox ol bill raaa«. JIU Ci***lfted AdvertUlag cop/ »UD•Ui«*d by pencai residing ouvsia* 01 tb« citT must t» accompanied br cft&ft m*y b« mily computed iron) ibe •Ion* No . n« ort«r lor tb« one U • • . «"» <" r»W. , _— b. t»k« lor !• incorrect la«rUon OJ "*AU ld» »re resirlcwd to their »f°P«i ela*«llic«tlon, iijle »&<* U(* Courier refcenel to* rlanl reject any id. Apartment for Rent Tbr«« room unfurnished apartment wutt bath. No cmldreu. phone 3W. 40U N. Broadway. 7-o-cfc-o Money to Loan Do rou nt*d * loan to rep«lr or r»- modtlr Ho down p*TEa*nl. »o matt nn red tap« TO* APPROVBD RAT! »«lt A6K FOR DETAIL* Max Lbgan, Realtor Real Estate Loans F. H. A. Loans Farm Loans TERRY ABSTRACT . AND REALTY COMPANY 213 W WALNUT PHONB JM1 2.33-ck-U I room jm ». JJougsn. Jurnlsh»d »pt. 224 3 rooms furnished «nd bllh. 417 N. - Services "PORTRAITS" Photo unlsh nnrt commercial ^;or MAYKU BKNTLKY STUDIO ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A USED CAR OR TRUCK? for Salt, Mite. Montgomery Ward. 7-whc«l trailer. M5 K. MlbBourl. .11 flle«l 7;;a One 5 H, P. .'5 phase motor. One 3 H. P. .'i phase motor. One 1 H. P. 3 phase motor. Wiring and switches with the above. One heavy duty Delta Drill Press. One 3C" heavy duty hand saw. One 10" heavy duty jointer. One heavy duty rip saw. Above with power or without. One acetylene gits (fencra- U>r. One metal table. Call 4489, Blylheville Compress. 7-1 ck 7-9 He/p Wanted, Xxurrlencod beekeeper. Apply in p,r- I BOH. Mldwcil Dalrj l>todu«6 ____ _ t'2l)-i>k-T|T O|>cii for two nmbluous lailtrs Car ncccssar/ Also imrl-iline smninor work lop rnrnliiBS. Wrll« Kon DB oc cour- _ __ ' MKN ..... lor pructlcal slioi> dninlnn. «.'c llic art heatlci! "Cnii Yo>i Qimllly?" under the Instruction classification ol tint paper. 7-U-pk-V-a t Come to Phillips Before You Buy Bedroom or Phone 3129. Two roo»i Jurnlshcd npa private baU. Couple only. .artinenl with 516 Lake, Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services You will 1'Bd * complete line of USED AUTO PARTS. Priced reasonable • I HOCOTTS AUTO PARTS. Air Base Ko«d Call 732. 7/1-pk-S CHAPMAN SIR VIC! . Don't s*ully STATION pnon« J f» lly wltb | »!i&-cic-7|ia Local :imi I>onjf Distance MOVING Phone 2977 2'1-pk-7-24 Lawn Mowers sharpened j and repaired. Blytlieville Machine Shop, Phone 2828. 211 S. Second. 4-6-ck-tf Trr the Mlrncir r.ilnlcr for your nivl'nsliil lol). Cull P. E Nelson, pliono 1946 Ply mouth Special Deluxe Tudor Sedan. Radio and Heater. Extra nice. 194(> Ford Super DeLuxe Tudor, black color. Plenty of extras. 19-17 Chevrolet Fle«lmaster Town Sedan. Radio and healer. Driven only BOOO miles. 1946 Ford Super DeLuxe Fordor, Radio and Heater. Has been well handled. 1947 Chevrolet C. O. E. Slake Truck. An excellent Farm Truck. 1946 International Pickup. 7 n. Elcrlrlc Ilelrlgo dLllon. 1125 Hoarn. Fh or. (Jood can- 7-0.pfc-13 For Sale One electric floor Ian with >/ 4 ttorK* pov/er luolor. I'iiiil W. Davis 22U W. Davis B-s-tr One* ftclduiij machine RJ at 105 N. irt one cash Frank Lin 6 : 2-l-ck-cr Slierwiii-\V'illiams Mar-Not Vnrni.-ih protects floors, woodwork from scuffs, scratches, stains. Builders Supply Co., Hiw;\y 61 South. Phone 2882. G-23-ck-tf I ° r s A" Buttonholes. Carolyn. pliono 3S4S Jeep parts now available »t POOLE MOTOR CO. WB c&n rill ftl) jouc aetCt Get genulna p&rta from otu com- pine line. ILLI.IS POOLK. OWNER i OPERATOR Boutti Hlgbn'ay 61 »l Sleelt. Uo Phone Ste«la 49 Foods Fryer* for §t!e. 209 E. Missouri. T ; 2-pk-7 HKLTS, BUCKLES. covorf<1 tmtton.s, hiiTton holrs. Mnc Miller. Almn. Ilass, Klrniv Crowd pr. Phone 3533, >* no answer. «W. GtlC N. 5th Bt. 6.22-pk-7122 Sporting Goods Hce our AflecUoii or rltlcs, [ilslols. «!ioL £ims, atmnuiiuioii. Ilshlns einnpinent nncl boseDnll cijulpnient. ADAMS AP- 1*1,1 ANCE COMPANY, 203 W. Muln. lihono 2071 5,13-ck-Y|I3 Fresh Florida ice-cold melons at Lewis Poultry, 419 E. Main. 4-27-ck-lf See wood BOATS them ;tt Wards. Ply- harclwood frame. Insurance For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OLXNCOE HOTKL BUILDING 121 W ASH ST ' 1'3-cle-tI Pay only $9.00 per month. 12 ft. she only §87.50. 14 ft. size MONTGOMERY 7-1 ck 9 Bernard Gooch, Mgr. 5th at Wabiul Raymond Cole, Salesm. Phone 44S* O!,l> NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFF1CX ID'IO tr 7fl. Prpsri-N-Alre Ttoor fan. Kxccll- nii conciltton. Freeman & Henley Grocery. Til-pk-Q Private Rooms Uudroom, 1109 chlcknsawba. I'hoiie 375. 7-6-pK-IJ [tonL bud room, private privuie bath, electric Ja Farmer's Column only $99.50. WARD. rAHMERS Wi now toavu on hand used Tires, •tubes, and Wheels and all parts (or our rtotnetiiade trailers. AUTO PARTS. Air Base no Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Royal. Smllb. Ooron* »n<l Hamlnii- lon Fnrtibll. DON EDWARDS The TypewrSWi U»n 110 H Second fit Hn in* 3352 Household Goods Gat a Dexter or Speed Queen W a slier at ADAMS APPLIANCE COM S 1 ANY Mow. 308 W Mala, plione 3071, 3;i3-ck-7il3 parts (or HOCOTT for 5a/e, City Property V-pk-r* Photic llousekeciiln^ room. Plione Km* room. 505 Lilly. Phone 36M. You Are King When You Come Home! LTfiEATMENT FOR YOUR CAB. ic« know your bo ok »rid k iw w lh« luSrieint* for **<h Only repl»<««i*fH won't you. and Irt ua f\\* 'tins" • H toward* b«t*ar, Mfer *i**n» Hedroom. Good locatlou. Phone 2483. 6ilBV.-7.18 iletlroom. m'lndo couplt. 9W) block fan. .iKll, 1> Ladle.? or New Holland )Iay Press. Excellent condition. Call Bob Lowe, Manila, 91, or B. C, Land Co., Lcachville. 6-18-ck-tE Instruction FERTILIZER 3-9-18 Planters Coop. Phone 720 5-6 ck IGHTING PLANT USED Have lights when and whev* you'need them. 3000 wait remote csbhtrol 115 Volt AC. You ! can buy this plant for the balance due. Pay by the month. MONTGOMERY" WARD, 7-1 ck 0 Lost and Found wrrlng with CAM YOU QUALIFY? There urgent ilptmmd today lor men sklllc- iti Hie loUowiiiR trades: Plumbing, i Electricity, Drnttlng, Slioc Kcpalr. Aulo i Mechanics, ll you have tfte necessary qunlinc.itlons, you ci\n learn yovir irivdo by actual shop experience and Inslruc- ! I linn lu 0110 of the country's Inrucsl ,nil bcM equipped tralnhig InstltutioiiB ol its kind. I'aTt-Tliiif- employment can he RT- raiiKdl while imLnliiK and our housing counselor will n.islsl you In ohtnltunK IH'liiB acconunodntlons In Kansas City- 'I'fils training Is nnprovrrt Tor TCtpr- ftiis. who will receive monthly *ub- sir.irnce nllov.-Rnce. tulilon. r>ooV.s. etc. Mr, R, fi. Hilt. reprcsontRtlvc tor Rational Trartc Scijool. of Kansas City. Missouri, will be here to interview those Intcrcsicrf resarcllnR cntrftncc ,lions, living accommodation! "nil00% outside White Paint !U| $4.98 gallon; |24.50 in 5 gallons. Garden tractors I 1 ,£ h.p. nl ^1109.85. Screen doors $7.15 up. 1 JIM BROWN STOKE 105 W. Alain 4-M-ck-tf A REAL DREAM HOME FOR SALE! Seven room modern home vith 2 baths, corner lot, nnci 2 I ~~^7~ ms Btt , c r »n~~coin-cnici ;ir garage. Home is insulated,: io»-n. Men'only. 310 w. w^nu^ ind weather stripped. llasj_ _. lardwooci floors,, attic fan, | .'cnetian blinds and floor urnace. Electric dish washer and garbage disposal unit. House has been newly redecorated inside and out. A two room house on rear of lot, with built-in kitchen :abinets. Phone 4-105 or 3C2G. T. F. "Doc" Dean 7-2-ck-G Nlce "><»>«'«">• Me " <"*• (Jlencoe Hotel. I rales. Phone 4464. Nice bedroom. Men only. Anlc Tnn. 613 Walnut. Plicmc 2106. 62J-pk-7i22 Hedroonis wllri Phone <)52. 625-pK-7,25 I.[.-Col. David C. Schilling of Sclfridge Field, Mich., will load a test (light of 16 U. S. F-80 jet fishier planes across the North AUnviUe from Bangor, Ms., \o Kngland and Germany. Colonel Schilling is a World War II ate credited v.'illi destroying 34 ',i German planes. in Appreciation of the Loyalty of Our Employes, We Will Be Closed All Day Monday, July 5 KELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578-579 Blyrheville 106',i E. Main. Wonted to Buy Small Community Shows Heart for Hungry Europe | GLENCROSS, S. D. (UF'J— The 200 or so people of this small ranch community of western South Da- I kola possibly have done more to aid | the hungry or Kurope than any , other community In the country of "Forever Ample" Sundae \ l °^J{. °" T w se 's St iorever 5h ami5« Too Ample for Waitress t tor me, too. I quit." * I Ami she hung up her apron and ST. LOUIS (UP)—A St. Louis' walked out. drug store whipped up a super ice i cream special und christened the Xing-sizer the "Forever Ample." three iRvendur 1 etc. See Mr. Hut IU the Olencoe llolcl ones. In Klrby'5 drugstore Wednesday. Tuesday. Julj- G from Reward. Call L p.m. to 9 p.m. Let Your Car Know "* VACATION MR. FARM EH: u» bulirt your truck »uU lroller beds. Any size or kind. Uotrt (nrtet to sec the Shelby Trailer wllh or without springs, lleil- ty WestbrtHik Shop, 225 N. First, puone 4161. 6.26-ck-7 l 26 For Sale, Cars, Trucks FOR SALE: — Oti Special -r.xcr i leiiv 1342 Chevrolet Coupe. Terms or cash. Sec nfter 6 p HU 200-1 \v. Vine. Dlythcvlllc Ark. Houses for Rent J room furnished hons*. 413 E Vlnr And You'l! Have A Carefree Trip For a vacation trip can be an unhappy experience if you are continually plagued with car (rouble. Bring your car to Langston-Wrotcn for a thorough, expert inspection. Then, count on a wonderful trip! SAFE SUMMER DRIVING [ »WMNUI AT BROADWAY * DIAL 55? FOR SER VICE room house, f\irnlshcd r.ilt 3tHy. 6'M-p for Sale, farms A give nwny. Two milldlnss. lartfe lot. ilullcllnKs can be connected into tour room dwelUns. JUOO or less. Leacnvllle. Mrs. Meador. fl.H-pK-TIH Jlotlern, neat, and new— five rooms, bath and shower. Colcman floor furnace, attic lairs with storage space, iii- tilated for comfort and econ- miy. Possession today—KHA 'inanccd. Built of everlasting bvick tncl tile. Two bedvoorns. Atito- natic attic fan. Royal Jet- Plow heating system designed for efficiency. Why I'ay •cut? FHA financed. Five rooms and bath. Two ilocks off Main on Sycamore. Owner nmsl sell today. 1'nced to move fast. Max Logan, Realtor Phone aOM Lynch Bldg. 7-G-ck-13 U.««vl oars and Phillips Motor Co. |' si ,;,. e ' thc wrlr the commilnit y hns 5-(5-ck-tf i contribiilell 1.875 parcels of food to European needy and donated £10.800 for the purchase of food tlmnigh the organizations CARE and SAFE. It also lins sent, large Quantities of clothing overseas. The community's overseas relief program was originated by Father Emmanuel J. Reiclienhergor, a refugee priest from Czechoslovakia. Lots of Peonies CORINTH. Miss. (UP)—Milton F A Kroup of youngsters, \vcll-hceled Rnbel has 1,000 varieties of peonies with \veek-end allowances, ordered ; in bloom. Rubel raises flowers ns a eight of the $1 confections. hobby. He creates varielie.s of his As the tired fountain girl dug out • own through careful selection and the last scoop of ice cream and hand pollenization. WANTED 3 hite mode! Write. Box C. News. TO BUY A-C combines. Y. '•'" Courier 6-22-ck-7-13 llork-a-Kye Pony MEMPHIS. Tcn'n. (UP)—Seven- year-old Phi! Cox has a pet pony with a lap-dog complex. He rocks i the thvco-wocks-old Shetland lo sleep at night. Read Courier News Waul Ads 'We Want Eisenhower House Rl SLiih and Walnut, you we It. Make oirrr. First Lutheran. I\»TCU. C&U Jti«n\le Deal. 4A6^-X527. 6,26-ck-tf Kill Tarni lor sale or trade. On 6 Six room liou&c. 3c« «t 427 Dongnn. 15 miles I tits slile ot Hardy No rcnl cstalc. 7/2-pH-lO •; on Mull Itoutc. Kchool Ilns. This tnonihtnj? you want to see. The LK SIWOO- ">3500 will handle. Hal icr yenr on principal. Let us show tins place. We have 5o:ii<-llihi£ well worttt Uic oncy. 1200 acres ot the finest land Hood Improremcut^. the crop will u-iiat tne land Is. AH tractor nose to nood town. Sen this for tmciit. Price $125 per acre. WUl Si' 1 ' ppi nrrr loan, ncrrs well locatrd niirl well lin- '(1 with miort home, two tenant ?f- Hiicj iwrn. One of tl\p ticst i trarks of land In rrtulsrol Co. o West of C;i ruth ers vine Owner pncn is rlRlit and tlie location Is ood. You will liave to sco ttils to vrms If It is R tftrni you want Rl^o s d rlntc. Why pay this hlRh rent •Urn you can own ft pood farm rail r ccc LUTHER GRAY UEM/TY. hone 513 129 E. Sycamore, ftnr- E- T. uriiHAttD, KctaUors, .rhonc 4123. For Sa/c—Crty Property Suburban Propertyl 40 acres of choice land located 1 mile S. of Blylhcville on Highway 61. Hnp beautiful 7 room house Avith ball). Also ew four room house with ami two tenant houses. Boa ut if ul lawn and good shado. Milk house, chicken house and muchinc sheet, \Vill be i^latl to show anyone wanting a nice country home. See or call JOHNNY MARR, Realtor 112 S. Second Phone -1111 or '2VM Russell Man-, Phone 807 7-G-ck-tf Special One of ihe nicest homes in Blylheville now offered for sale. At less than replacement cost. Has automatic GE heal. Four bedrooms, attic fan, beautiful hardwood floors. Well located on large corner lot on Chickasawba. Shown by ippoinlment only. 4 bedroom honie. on Kentucky Street. This home is in first class condition. David Real Estate Re Investment Co. Phone 3633 or 2486 Hy owner. 3-i\x>m house, ecrcri ^r porcL. 2213 Curolyn. 6-in-pX-7-10 For Sale, Misc. ACETHYLENE WELDING OUTFIT A used outfit you can have for much less than a new one. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FREEZERS «*^ ~ CONVENIENT SIZES... 4-Cubic-Foot ond H-Cubic-Fob» Capacity FROST-LOK VAC-U-SEAL TIGHT-WAD Delta Implements, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Phone 863 Martin Gccilcn, Democratic drlcgafo, moved thai General Eisenhower be the Democratic presidential candidate at the Democratic convention In Includes torch, hose and regulators. Now only §25.00. Pay by the month. MONTGOMERY WAKD. ., 7-1 ck O'i Miiwaukcc, Wisconsin. The convention ended in cliauU of "We want Elsenhower."—(NBA Tclephoto.) Two 2<1" window fans. Com- \plcte \vilh stands. Phono 2721. 6-18-ck-tf rg*- console model £cnul\ m<1io. roreptlon, nl A-l conaltlnri Only -- We Wish to Announce MR. FRANK BRODERICK 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Is In Charge of Our Machine Shop HENRY WESTBROOK'S SHOP The 3 P's in PONTIAC SERVICE Trained Personnel • Easy Payments • Genuine Parts Those three words mean something (o every Pontiac owner. They express quickly (lie importance of bringing your car into the Smith Ponliac Co. for lubrication, repair, motor lime-up. We know how to handle Ponliacs. Join the ever- increasing number of car owners who are bringing their 1'ontia.cs home for service. SMITH PONTIAC CO: BLYTHnVll.LH 126SOLTH LILLY ARKANSAS

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