The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 10, 1959 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1959
Page 12
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IN ALGERIA Rebels Consider Increased Terror TUNIS (AP) — Thwarted in Ihejrious morale problem within the field by the French army, the A1-; rebel army, gerian rebels are considering | One highly placed staff officer stepped-up terrorism to support admitted that "several hundred of their four-year effort to win inde-j our men recently refused to go to pendeuce from France. j the front and had to be arrested." The rebels already are intensify-, 1 This tended to back up French re- ing efforts to obtain wider inter-;ports in Algeria of rebellion in reb- national recognition for their \ el ranks. cause. The Arab-nations support j The French say a number of them and a rebel delegation re- young rebel fighters here want ac- cently heard encouraging words in,(ion or out. French sources also Communist China. ! contend the field units are bitter Rebel leaders who use Tunisiaabout the comparatively easy life as a sanctuary concede that theyj of their-political leaders in Tunis, have been hampered by the Mo-1 Cairo and Switzerland, rice Line, a French barrier of 1 Both Tunisian and rebel officials mines and electrified barbed wire,deny French reports of trouble be- on Algeria's Tunisian border.; twee " rel 'e' units in western Tu- They call the line a formidable !"isia and the civilians living there, obstacle but deny French claims' As an answer to their field prob- thst it has cut rebel border i lems - rebel leaders indicate they movements by ft> per cent, ' are considering more terrorist at- Suffered Penetration i lncks on implant French mili- The rebels also have suffered j tnry and civilian leaders from growing French penetration More Recognition into the Algerian countryside with On the diplomatic front, the reb- social end economic programs e ' s would like more recognition which French President De Gaulle j f° r their provisional government is counting on to win over the peo-j m Cairo. p'.e. The programs already have: A spokesman for that govern- reduced the rebel appeal to Al-/ ment Friday denied reports cur geria's nine million Moslems. —* : " """"'- "-" "'- "' ' ' " Saturdoy, Jan. 10, 1959 These factors and the dragging rent in Tunis that the Soviet Union had invited rebel ministers to * llWriV J t*W liWl 0 CtlJVl Li 1C ill ClbiKillR -•.-.« »•* * • v^-i* 4 wut,* llllillOllJi a H/ on of the rebellion without an end I Moscow. But rebel leaders here in sight seem to be creating a se Tomorrow on Channel 10 make it clear they would appreciate such an irivitation as a possible prelude to Soviet recognition. Americans who keep an eye on Algerian rebel diplomacy do not think the rebels are Communist j|or even Communist sympathizers. "But at this stage they are ready to appeal for help to anyone," "*•<•' U.S. official said. TURNING IN HIS DIVIDEND — Harry Schweitzer, 75, left who has been on relief since 1938, turns over a dividend check to Hector Velez of the district attorney's office. He has also turned in stocks worth $21,000 and a bank account totaling $1,525. He said he accumulated this wealth through frugal living and skillful investment of savings from his $71.10-a-month relief checks. Schweitzer was booked Thursday on charges of violating welfare laws and from the funds he has turned in the welfare department expects to recover the money they say was obtained fraudulently. (AP Phorofax) INTEREST IN STOCK MARKET 1 one i PAY FOR UNDERPASS DES MOINES tf) — Cole Sedgwick, a farmer near Dundee in Delaware County, wants the Chicago Great Western Railway Co, to pay for an underpass on his farm. The railroad bisects his place. The Iowa Commerce Commission has set the matter for hearing here Feb. 13. 'Businessmen Are Unruffled Over President-Democrat Tug-of-War NEW YORK (AP) indicators pointed Hy WALTER BKEEDE JR. — Business higher this week as a Republican President urged n predominantly Democratic Congress k> hold the line on spending. The prospect of a tug-of-war between the White House and the KROG-TV Steve Allen will entertain you with many interesting and delightful guests. Live in color and black and white on . . . The Steve Allen Show CHANNEL 10 KROG-TV Dinah Shore fs delightful and happy to introduce Dick Shawn and other guests on the ... Dinah Shore Chevy Show NOTICE THE KOZY NOOK CAFE Will Reopen Soon in New Location WATCH FOR DATE LAST TIMES TONITE DOUBLE FEATURE Billion A Doilar Sin Trap for Suckers plus Sunday - Monday-- Tuesday 'TARAWA/BEACHHEAD SUN. 1:00-3:00 7:00 - 9:00 THE ^FIERCEST * BATTLE EVER FOUGHT -OR FILMEDI . KAREN SHARPE ONSIOW STEVENS wan. t, RICHARD ALAN SIMMONS >.w»..j b, CHARLES H. SCHNEER «»I:M t/ PAUL WfNDKOS A MORNINGSIDE PRODUCTION A COLUMBIA PICTURE new Congress left businessmen unruffled. Of more immediate interest were such things as a booming stock market, a rising trend in auto production and sales, and a high rate of consumer spending in department stores. Also of immediate concern were the continuing threat of more inflation and a tightening squeeze on U. S. business in foreign markets where the dollar seemed to be losing prestige. No Surprise President Eisenhower's call for economy in government came as no surprise. Just keep the budget in balance, he told Congress, and there will be a chance for tax relief next year. Prom Congress itself, Big Business awaited a round of investigations and harassments reminiscent of New Deal days. Among likely topics for congressional scrutiny were: pricing policies in the steel, power and natural gas industries, tax benefits granted oil producers, alleged profiteering on defense contracts, the gap between farm prices and retail food prices, and the trend toward corporate mergers with big companies swallowing up smaller ones. Bark Worse Many industrialists felt the bark of the new Congress would be worse than its bite. The betting was that little if any legislation curbing Big Business would be written into the books this year. Bills intended to aid Small Business found their way into the legislative hopper before the 86th Congress was 2-1 hours old. Rep. Oren Harris (D-Ark) introduced a national fair trade act permitting manufacturers to con- "unrestrained cut-throat competi AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD- ' Hoffa Cancels Plans for Special Meeting to Get Rid of Monitors By JOHN It. AVfiftILL WASHINGTON (AP) - Teamsters President James R. Hoffa is cancelling plans for a special union convention 'aimed at getting rid of court-appointed monitors. Hoffa announced the cancellation Friday shortly after a federal judge postponed issuing an order that would arm the monitors with power to compel Hoffa to obey reform recommendations! This order, approved informally last Dec. 11 by U.S. District Judge F. Dickenson Letts, also would bar Hoffa from calling a union convention until Letts said he could. In Advance In cancelling the convention, which had been scheduled for March IB-]8 in Chicago, Hoffa said the Teamsters constitution required delegates to be chosen 90 days in advance. "Because of pending litigation as to whether the Teamsters can have such a convention or not this would make the March convention impossible," Hoffa told a reporter. This was a reference to the court order, initiated by the monitors, which Letts was to have signed Friday. The judge postponed the signing pending the outcome of action before the U.S. Court of Appeals aimed at letting the union convention go on as scheduled. Fixed Earlier The appeals court action was filed earlier this week by two New York Teamsters. Teamster" Atty. Edward Bennett Williams disavowed any union connection with it and said he will join with Martin F. O'Donoghue, chairman of the monitors, in asking Monday that it be dismissed. In Chicago, Atty. Godfrey P. Schmidt, another member of the three-man monitoring board, told newsmen there might be a Teamsters convention and election of officers in about six months. "Then," he said, "we'll get rid Birthplace of Richard Nixon Is Questioned YORBA LINDA, Calif. (AP) - of James R, Hoffa and all his cohorts." Seek Reversal Once Letts issues the orders carrying out his Dec. 11 ruling, the Teamsters plan to seek reversal of his findings in a higher court. The Teamsters challenge Letts' right to give the monitors the tough new powers he proposes. Under them,- the monitors could force Hoffa to comply with reform recommendations or face possible contempt of court action and possible removal as union president, , Hoffa's aim is to hold a special convention and be elected again without question. This automatically would end the monitorship. Court Compromise The monitor board was created by Letts under a court compromise of a lawsuit filed by a rank- and-file Teamsters group who charged that Hoffa had rigged his election as union president. Under the compromise, Hoffa was permitted to take office provisionally under guidance of the monitors. Eisenhower Expecting Budget Support From Chiefs of Staff NEW YORK (AP) - The New York Times said today that President Eisenhower expects the Joint Chiefs of Staff to support before Congress the "economy budget" for defense forecast in his State of the Union message. The Times, in a Washington dispatch by Jack Raymond, said confidence in the chiefs' backing was the result of an unannounced dinner meeting with them at the White House on Dec. 2. When the meeting was over, the newspaper said, "it was the President's understanding that he had won the chiefs' support for the budget and that they would endorse it, however regretfully, as the best possible, when Congress holds its annual budget hearings." At the dinner meeting, it was said, the President "had it out" with the chiefs on many of the expensive items mentioned in the President's budget message. Earlier, the Times said, there were intimations from the Pentagon that the military chiefs would seize on the opportunity to appear before Congress and "dispute the wisdom of the budget." trol retail prices of their products A bronze plaque on a white frame in all 49 states. Its avowed aim: house here says this was the birth- to protect small retailers from place of Vice President Richard * 'f tn t*A <vli*<i Jci*\_I_..l.l.I _i . , M. Nixon. His mother says it isn't ., , j__,, »!.*.« .Limuili 4.**L> 411Wb*J\, J, «Jt-*J fc> ib 1^*1 1> tion m areas where state fair!so - he was born in a hospital, trade laws have broken down. ATLANTA (AP) qualified Negroes to the heretofore all-white Georgia College of Business Administration was ordered today by U.S. District Judge Boyd Sloan. Sloan ruled in favor of three Negroes who went to court after being denied admission to the Atlanta institution. His order struck down a key regulation by which the Georgia university system had denied admission to Negroes. That regulation required applicants to have alumni endorsement for acceptance. "The alumni certificate requirement," Sloan ruled, "is invalid as applied to Negroes because there are no Negro alumni of any of the I But Mrs. Frank A. Nixon Fri- j day proudly. unveiled the plaque ! as the house was dedicated as an historical site. The plaque read: "The birthplace of Richard Milhous Nixon who, through devotion Admission of white institutions of the university i to his]count 7' rose to become vice . the hereto- system of Georeh " president of the United Stales of America, 1952-1960." Negro Admission to Ail-White College Is Ordered by Judge system of Georgia. The order sTclded: "The requirement makes it difficult if not impossible for Negroes to comply while white applicants! do not have similar difficulties and therefore violates the equal protection clause of the 14Mi Amendment. 1 ' ; CHANNEL 10 KROG-TV . . . 9:30 These ore the stories they only whisper about, even ot the very top! Cases based on secret U. S. Intelligence files. Behind Closed Doors CHANNEL 10 Glasgow Cleaners DO IT AGAIN! No matter how low competition may go Glasgow Cleaners Have Prices Below! • l\o Coupon Books to Bi<\! 9 f\o Ciinimicks! Just Plain Savings for YOU Plus Glasgow's Top Oualiiy Workmanship. Men's & Ladies' SUITS . . . 95 Pants & Skirts '^,, . . . 50c Dresses ......... . 95c FREE PICK UP Cr DELIVERY Glasgow Gleaners It3 i. Bridge St. ph. HE 3-5950 ST. AUGUSTINE HOLY NAME SOCIETY COMMUNION 8 o'clock Mass Sunday, January 11 BREAKFAST Following Mass Get Your Tickets Now for ihe Big Dicirict K of C DANCE At the TERP THURSDAY, JANUARY 29 Jules Herman Orch. $1 PERSON Public Invited Pancake Supper TUES., JAN. 13 Congregational Church Serving 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. Adults Sl.OO Students 50c PUBLIC INVITED Tonight 7 & 9 p.m. ALSO SUNDAY AT 1 & 3 P. M. THIS GREAT MOVIE HELD OVER FOR SUNDAY AFTERNOON SHOWING BRING THE KIDDIES - THEY'LL LOVE IT! STARTS SUNDAY AT 5:00 P. M. COME AT 3 O'CLOCK AND SEE 2 BIG FEATURES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE - REGULAR PRICES. KCOIO HAU tf FAX MUCH.CONE. BOB .M 1 I HER BOM CROSBY « S ; r T ™*" ^ " "•»!•»•••• «""^ »«»v wcnrciaiv •"»• * ;J05EMBfi IBflfiUfj *-t-»-«-r»'t-*'»-»-»-» »•••»•»V JOINT EAGLE-MOOSE STAG Monday, Jan. 12ih 5:30 P.M. Turkey With MI ihe Trimmings Serving Until 7:30 P.M. Sponsored by Eagle Drum & Bugle Corps Members - Bring A Friend! Tonight Only At 6:30-9:00 "DRAG STRIP RIOT" & "COOL & CRAZY" STARTS TOMORROW AND SHOWING MONDAY ... — TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY SHOWS SUNDAY at 1:00- 3:05 - 5:10 -7-20 . 9-30 P M THETHRILLS OF A LIFETIME! YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN MORE! ON ANY SCREEN ERuOlFM-JULIETTE GRECO IREVOR HOWARD'EDDIE ALBERT -ORSON WELLES Centuries-old rituals! Powerful jungle kings! Tonight on TV KROC-TV&30 Gogs, gimmicks, giggles, guffaws — Art Linkletter is the man with the pranks fn another wacky half-hour of People Are Funny CHANNEL 10 KROG-TV 7:00 Perry entertains you in his own ! inimitable style. His guests are jthe ones you like to see and hear. Live in color and black- and-white. 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