The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on July 6, 1974 · Page 7
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 7

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 6, 1974
Page 7
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SPORTING GOODS GUNS REBLUEO professionally and reasonably at Vore's, 3W West Lincoln, Fergus Falls. POLARIS SNOWMOBILE Mitt and ?s;y i |!i f 51? n i' s «'"»* s&ta». J504 East Mr. Faith. Phone 734.7828 BOATSI BOATsTeOATSI *!i ln "'? e motors, Lund, Glastron I. »• Mi r r <>-Craft bo^s Sh '™ Station boat hoists, and docks Ounker's Marine, Battle Lake' Phong 218-8H 9183! DRY ICE available at Johnson Repair Shop. 736-3949. EVINRUDE AND Chrysler sales 734 3»49 ViCe ' JOhnS Shop TENTS FOR sale. Rent or trade with quality built in. Kimber Awning Co. BETHANY, SCAMP trailers, pick. up toppers, camping supplies «i e ViJf" alSi Gera(d 8enson ' m ' 736.5135, 218-739.9082 or North Union Texaco, 218.739.9886. F ° R SA LE: M foot aluminum starcraft, deep and wide, excellent cond,t,on; Model 750 Atlas boat FOR SALE: Yamaha ?50 MX, very- reasonable. Phone 736 4823 after 5 p.m. 1972 YAMAHA, low mileage. 6-3544. 1973 CB 450 HondaTstill on warranty, king and queen seat, lots other extras. Must see to appreciate May take best offer. 736-4045. FOR SALE: 12-loot sailboat, excellent condition, reasonable. Will accept trade of motorcycle or fistimg boats. Call 495-2596. 9X18 TENT. $45.00: Coleman heater, 3,000-5,000 BTU, $16.00; 2 folding cols. All in gooo 1 condition. Phone W2 350 CL Honda. 12,000 miles. Call 6-3276. May take best offer. FOR SALE 1972 Chevrolet 4-wheel drive. Call 589-8580 after 8 p.m. FOR SALE 1950 Chevrolet 1-ton pickup. Good shape. Lyle Anderson, Wendell. 458 3444. 1973 INTERNATIONAL pickup, heavy duty, 10,000 miles, custom cab, automatic. 7346124, FOR SALE: 1972 Kawasaki 750, excellent condition. Phone 734.7955. FOR SALE: 1971 Honda 350 SL Phone 736-5749. WORK WANTED J RESORTS CAMPING CAMPING, PICNIC area,. canoe, pontoon rental. Moser Wee Villa Resort. 7347621. HEATING NEED FUEL? Dial a warm number. 6.M29. Becklimd-Rian Oil. SERVICES SEPTIC TANK pumping, phone 4952258, Julian Tollerude, Underwood, Minnesota. EARN MORE on your savings at Fergus Falls Savings 8. Loan Assn. ERICKSON'S SEPTIC pumping service, Fergus Falls. Phone 134. 6290. If no answer, call 736-7*2). WHO OWES yoj? We collect. Tri. State Collection Service. 736-6953. 112 South Mill. BARN STRAIGHTENING, carpentry, shingling. Free estimates. 1.701-2359565. FOR EXPERT repair on small engines of all makes, see Verne at Otter Tail Co-op Oils, 203 W. Washington. FRIBERG'S UPHOLSTERY Shop. Materials on hand. 736-7956 or 7399134. EDDIE'S INSULATING Service. Blown insulation in old and new homes. Phone 736-4763. CHUCK'S UPHOLSTERY, 1223 N. Union. All types of furniture, office and home. Car and truck seats. Many fabrics to choose from. Telephone 736 6560. CUSTOM BOBCAT and Backhoe work, landscaping, excavating, trenching and manure loading. Call 736 4735. BARRY'S EXCAVATING—Septic lank pumping—sewer system- basement—trenching— lands ca- ping—gravel—blacK dirt. Call Underwood 8266474. Maine 4M- 3209. REMODELING? EXPERT car pentry and concrete work. Can Howard Knighl Construction Company, Fergus Falls. Phone 736- J306 SEPTIC TANK and farm liquid pit cleaning. Larry Van Ryswyk. 747- Kit. Ash by. PRINTING QUICK — that's what you get when you ask for our new PnofoMal Printing Service. If you need it in a hurry, see us. Secretarial Service 309 West Lincoln or dial 736-4J04. Mail request invited. SMALL ENGINE repair. Power and rid ng lawn mowers, roto tillers, sharpening blades and balancing. 415 East Everett. Fergus Falls Phone 734 7262 THE MANSION FELT LIKE HOME LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Orval E. Faubus lived in the Arkansas governor's mansion longer than any other governor. The mansion was built 25 years ago. Faubus lived there 12 years while serving six terms as governor. Derailment reported MELVERN,Kan.(AP)-An Amtrak passenger train en route from Los Angeles to Chicago derailed near this eastern Kansas town early today, injuring more than 25 persons, railroad officials said. Tire last 13 cars of the 18<ar train derailed. Six cars overturned, according to a spokesman for the Santa Fe Railroad, and four tumbled down a 50-foot embankment. Most of the injured were in those cars. The train carried 317 passengers. The cause of the derailment, which occurred about a mile east of Melvern at 5:02 a.m., was not determined. Trie train was reported traveling at the regulation 70 miles per hour when two cars jumped the tracks, setting off a chain reaction. Some freight trains that normally use the damaged line were rerouted through Topeka early today, but a Santa Fe spokesman said a second line at the scene of the derailment was not damaged and would handle traffic. FOR SALE 1970 Chevrolet '/i-ton 6 cylinder, 3-spee<J, 58.000 miles with Winnebago pickup topper. Extra sharp economy pickup. North Union Texaco. APPRENTICE PLUMBER graduate Wadena A V T I Available July 20. Richard 'c' Steinmetz, 8)5 W. Willow, Detroit Lakes. Phone 216 847-5492. LP GAS and appliances. Local Gas Co. Ph. 756.5621. A.I REFRIGERATION and Appliance Service. Guaranteed service on all ma[or appliances. Phone 739 2344. To Your Good Health By Dr. George C. Thosteson ^•^B^^^^^^ 1 ^^~" ADVICE IS NO HELP IF YOU DON'T TAKE IT Dear Dr. Thosteson: My wife has a bad recurrent ulcer on her ankle. She also has varicose veins. The doctor told her to pu t ointment on it and "strap it up." SK also has been told she needs to have her veins "stripped" by surgery. She is supposed to keep off her feet but she doesn't do it. What does "stripping" veins in her legs mean, and what does it involve? Are her veins responsible for her unhealable recurrent ulcer on her ankle? Is such an operation serious? — R.W, I don't know why, but for some reason it seems almost impossible to get across to people the idea that "ulcers that won't heal" on the lower Puzzled by mother's double standard By Abigail Van Buren i, in* fcr Ckiuw Triby«-N. Y. mws sni., IK. !i' I ^ a 19 -y«««W 6M who is getting more sed about the word "morality." Who decides w/H igl f ^ y parents? s^ 7 The >™ ? <> make the decision myself? My parents are divorced and I live with my mother She keeps company with a nice enough man, but they go away together for weekends, and I'm sure they do more than hold hands. I don t know why they don't get married late witT hlle '. m y. m °ther doesn't want me to stay out too late with my boyfriend. He's in law school, and we can't afford to get married until he graduates l See a y thin won ^ premarital sex, but it pregnant. Besides, we love each other so what s wrong with making love? mlm m th " k il ' S ° ka for her to do DEAR PUZZLED: Your mother [like most mothers] regards you as her responsibility, not as a mature young woman who can accept the responsibility for her owS nJn T ^ , suf f cientl y mature a^ competent to set your own standards for your own reasons, do it Who decides whet is "morally right"? With the help of your leammg, examples, experience and conscience-and with an eye for consequences-YOU decide. And God bless. DEAR ABBY: I am 55, and recently remarried. She's a terrific woman who is close to my age. My problem is that some of my tactless friends keep reminding my wife that my ex-wife was penal slim and dre.ssed like a fashion plate NW '" 656111 ' S determined to dict - dow " to skin and I think this is ridiculous. I don't want another skinny woman whose mam concern in life is dressing to the nines l" 1 ! JSTJ 1 * hCr WCight dGWn ' and who ' <i uite lankly looked kke a prune in the raw. How can I convince my wife that 1 like the well-padded soft cuddly woman she was when I married her? PREFERS A PEACH DEAR PREFERS: Doesn't your wife know all'this? If not-tell her. If you do, and she continues to pay more attention to your tactless friends than she does to you, you have bigger problems than you think. DEAR ABBY: After 50 years of marriage, I lost my mate. Although we never were blessed with children, we had many nieces and nephews who always addressed us as Uncle Herman and Aunt Minnie " I recently married a lovely woman who had been a friend of he family s for many years. (She lost her mate, too.) Now lan S 3S " U " de 1 don't mind being called "Hey you," but I think it's disrespectful of them to address my wi f e as " Bert h* ' tS What do you think? SAME OLD UNCLE HERMAN DEAR UNC: I think you should teU your nieces and nephews that you'll gladly answer to "a monkeys uncfe" Bertha"" 8ppreciate H if they would <*" yo^ wife "Aunt Problems? YOu'll feel better if you get it off your chest r°rr a EE3? J ep y ' **" to ABBY: Bwt No - 69 ™>, L.A., please stamped, self-addressed envelope! Buren, 132 booklet ooolaet ' 1 to Abl '8 ail ™.' Hi " 5 ' Cal - 90212 ' l " How to Write Letters for All Occasions Auction Directory MONDAY, JULY 8, N.W. ITZEN, SR., 7 miles Southwest of Herman, Minn. 1:30 p.m., Orwi Rosin, Auctioneer (Farm) MONDAY, JULY 8 - ALBIN S. JOHNSON ESTATE 5 miles southeast of Wolverton. 12:30 p.m. Jim SmykowsW, auctioneer (rarm) THURSDAY, JULY 11 - ORVIN 4 DARLENE ROSIN, 3H miles southwest of Barrett. 1:00 p.m. Chuck Brown and Can' Rosin auctioneers. (Farm) ' FRIDAY, JULY 12 - WESLEY WEIRDING, 2'.4 miles East of Elbow Lake on Highway 79,2H miles Southeast. 11 a.m. Orvin Rosin, Auctioneer (Dairy and Farm Machinery) ^JD n Y> , JUI ' Y 13 ~ ^ ROW & JAN ASKILDSOJO miles East of Dalton and 2 miles south. 11:30 a.m. Orvin Rosin, Auctioneer (Farm Machinery) WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, - EDNA C. HOLE, Section 27, Aastad HoSoTd) P ' m " UWlS TySda ' 1 Auctioneer (Farm * ' **** legs are almost without exception the result of impaired circulation — and except in the elderly, varicose veins are the most frequent cause of this impaired circulation. (Even in the elderly, varicose veins often are the root cause, although there can be other causes.) The point is this: valves in some veins of the legs can fail, and instead of the blood being raised through those veins, it stagnates there, the veins swell and become "varicose," and the net result is a reduction in circulation through the legs. If these varicose veins are removed (stripped), then other veins, deeper in the legs, are forced to take over the job, and circulation improves. The congestion caused by that more or less stagnant blood in the varicose veins is relieved. "Stripping" a varicose vein involves a small incision at the top and the bottom of the vein, after which the vein is drawn out lengthwise, and only very small scars remain afterward. Your wife, it seems, is determined not to take any of the good advice offered to her — the most important advice being to have the veins stripped — removed. Good advice is no help if she doesn't take it. If you are still puzzled as to just how the faulty valves cause varicose veins, and what needs to be done, I suggest you send 25 cents and a long, stamped, self- addressed, envelope for a copy of my booklet, "How to Deal with Varicose Veins." Doctors have a suspicion that most women have the veins stripped to improve appearance, but actually there are impelling health reasons, aside from appearance, for having it done. (Men, of course, can have varicose veins, too, but to them appearance isn't as much of a factor.) Dear Dr. Thosteson: On hot nights when my husband perspires the sheets and pillow cases have a yellow tinge in the morning, even if he has taken a bath before going to bed. He is 68, has had a physical and is in good health. What could cause this? - Mrs. A.S. Colored sweat is a rare but not unknown phenomenon. It usually is related to some bacteria or fungus on the skin, or can be caused by metal dust to which someone has been exposed. Frequent bathing is about all I can suggest, but using an antiseptic soap may be the answer if bacteria are involved. Dear Dr. Thosteson: I have osteoporosis. I noticed your reference that fluorides are helpful. My doctor does not seem to know about it. Could you tell me what fluorides are? - Mrs. R.H.K. Fluorides have been used to combat osteoporosis; how much success you can expect is subject to dispute, but osteoporosis admittedly is difficult to treat. With all the discussion about fluoridation of water in the last decade (with sodium fluoride) I find it difficult to believe that your doctor is not familiar with what fluorides are. Hemorrhoids can be cured! If troubled with this or other rectal problems, write to Dr. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for a copy of his booklet, "The Real Cure for Hemorrhoids." Enclose a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 25 cents. Independent status is criticized ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Voters who choose political independence over party membership are sacrificing much of their right to participate in government, says the director of the Robert A. Taft Institute of Government. Marilyn Chelstrom of New York spoke at an institute session at Macalester College. It is "naive" to remain independent when people in the two major parties make most of the important political choices, she said Wednesday. Miss Chelstrom noted that recent estimates place the number of independents at about a third of the voting population, compared with a fourth a few years ago. Acknowledging that political scandals may account partially for the trend away from party membership, she said she feels a major factor is a feeling by independents that theirs is a "more intelligent" course than party membership. The Taft Institute aims at increasing understanding of the two-party system and encouraging political participation through its annual seminars for teachers. President re-elected BALTIMORE (AP) - The first attempt to unseat an incumbent president of the Lutheran Church in America ended in his overwhelming re-election. The Rev. Dr. Robert J. Marshall received 534 of 668 votes cast Thursday on the second ballot at the biennial convention of the nation's largest Lutheran denomination. The Rev. Dr. Wallace E. Fisher, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster Pa, was Marshall's leading challenger. He had charged the incumbent with running the Lutheran Church in America in a closed, impersonal, managerial fashion. CROSSWORD PUZZLE 23. Scanty ACROSS 1. Pied horse 6. Gorillas 10. Masseur 11. Ice cream drinks 13. Sedative U.Selassie 15. Aspect 16. Born 18. Dress leather 19. Railways 20. Paid notices ,,.„„„„ 21.Curtamholders 44.Linen 22. Electric 45. Biblical wrrent character 7 25. Aid 29. Maybe 30. CaVe decorator 31. Menu item 33. Human being 36. Annoy 37. Feminine pronoun 38. Nucleus 39. Complain 41. Unaccented 43. Blizzard When the two men spoke before the second ballot, Marshall said there is no need for the church to "copy the political methods that exist in some other organizations." The schism within the church's sister denomination, the Missouri Synod, has surfaced at the convention. An effort to withdraw a speaking invitation to a synod official failed, but the convention voted unanimously Thursday to allow one or more representatives of the Evangelical Lutherans in Mission, a group of rebellious synod members, to speak. The convention began Wednesday continues through July 10. DHHE EEHEEB CURD EEE EEE HECDH BECEBE Fergus Fills (Mi.) tonal SK., July 6,1974 p-Junior Editors'Quiz on- I cows 1 SOLUTION OF YfSTERDAY'S PUZZLE 46. Aftersong 2. Silver fir 3. Sea Dayak DOWN 25 36 1. Scholar to Porlime 28 min. Ai W •Jff ¥//, 43 AP Newifeafu'ret 4. Clear gain 5. Drift 6. Arthur of tennis 7. Blue grass 8. Diaskeuast 9. Diet dishes 10. Italian capital 12. Meaning 17. Curve 20. Honor card 21. British fliers 22. Melody 24. Porker 25. Jewelry 26. Card game 27. Horde 28. Tuition 32 Rate 33.One 34. Emerge 35. Turkey part 37. Edges 38. TV's Perry 40. For 7 -6 42. Spile HAGAR THE HORRIBLE QUESTION: A a cmv a meal cuter or a vegetable eater? * * * ANSWER: A cow is the adult female of dairy or beef cattle.. It is a member of the bovidae family of large mammals, winch contains over 100 species, and is found in many parts of the world. Tl.e cow is a large, heavy animal with thick set body and a large udder or milk gland The head is rather small, with large jaws. The feet are slender with a split hoof. It is a herbivorous animal by nature. It feeds on vegetation and has ridged cheek teeth, ideal for grinding plant material. It has an efficient digestive system, which Breaks down and assimilates the vast amount of grass and liay consumed. This food is converted into nutritious milk and beet. In the winter cows are confined to the Ham and arc fed fodder from the storage bin or silo In tlie spring, the cows graze in the pasture. They spend many hours eating Jresh green grass and other vegetation sometimes they eat wild onion plants and this affects the flavor ot tlie milk. (Deborah Coffey of Tin-rtwi. Rhode Inland wins a prize ]or tins question. You can win S10 cash plus AP^s handsome World Yearhonk if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper is selected fora price.) ' YoU'PE SMART DOG/ BUT YoU OQ HAVE A HARD MOUTH/ HOW DO YOU OCTOPUS' TENTACLES 3UNDFOL.OEO MEAT PRICES ARE so H:SH-j, WHAT'S THE CHEAPEST TUNG YOU VE BEETLE BAILEY PURS SJKN ;T/ I l-lAte FILUN& OUT ACCIDENT REPORTS I'M NOT KAzy A3OUT POiNO- EITHER HENRY TIGER

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