The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 7, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1933
Page 2
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W. i\ WQfttlstAK, ot**tt <**» * * * * * * * >** ttts* to WUeft th* «**• NATIONAL EDtTORlAL ASSOCIATION fcfcwrre i« proceedings e* w» tttiftM Mi fan i* tils paper. U3CA1&. Rate* fcwta an iBOh addJUotai fot fa* e*ar*jste*d pOSJdOn. (c a tt*e Car* at tl*aa» i*« a §* a na* $ca «** *tND „ a*vaa»». EDITORIAL Our national problems change slowly. Last year we wondered whether to elect Roosevelt or Hoover. This year we wonder whether to inflate or to not Inflate. Last year we believed we would shortly settle the liquor problem by repealing the 18th amendment and returning control to the states. This year we wonder what to do about the legitimate liquor problem which must be solved in 48 different states. Last year we wondered how An Oil Burner . . Doean't Fit a* a Christina* Gift A Christmas gift Is usually something which, one would not buy otherwise; some- we were going to pay our tale*, this year even the legislators are wondering about it. , the country would greatly benefit, la the meantime our state and federal governments will weU have their hand* full with it Repeal — the long sought goal of the thirsty masses —Is with us and once more .in a doten or more states it is again possible "for a man to get a drink of good old whiskey without breaking the law." This bit of old-fashioned American personal freedom is ushered in not without some misgivings even on the part of those who were most enthusiastic tor repeal. Repeal does not come wholly an unadulterated benefit. For every problem it has solved it brings two new ones crying for solution. For every virtue which it has (and few will deny that it has at least the virtue of satisfying the mob cry for a "change") it has two faults. For every ill which it cures a dozen more spring, like from the dragon's teeth, into being. Distillers and those who hoped to have a 1933 gold rush from the legal sale of hard liquors, have already set up the cry that the federal government is regulating the business to death before it is well born, Drys are crying that the gov- . ernmeotil poljcy- to ' ' ' ' Methodist episcopal Church . Roy B. Gttgeier, Pastor The choir will meet with Mrs. Zelma Fletcher at 7:80 p. m. Frt* day. We do enjoy the good music our choir renders Sunday after Sunday. Services next Sunday will be as follows: Sunday school at 10 and preaching at 11 a. m,, Epworth League at 4 p. m. and the'vesper service at the Baptist church at 6 p, m, The sermon subject in the morning will be "Light in Darkness." The Ladles' Circle will meet with Mrs. B. E. Bayes next week Thursday, Dec, li, at 2:30 p. m. very possibly a luxury. A McDonald Whispering Heat Oil Burner doesn't answer. In the first place it isn't a luxury but an efficient heater which, all things considered, brings you more economical heating than any other thing, Thus, in time and labor saved, in convenience, and In fuel savings the burner classes as an investment and will pay big returns. Again, the McDonald Burner, fully automatic in oper- ation.eliminatea all the fun of scooping coal, shoveling and carry ashes and the winter sport of constantly working to keep the bouse temperature above freezing and below smothering. |f you're interested, let us explain fully, J, R, Cardwell Licensed Master Plumber Phone 08 ,;. Malvern eliminate thPibootleggw will divert a disastrous amount of the'national income to liquor buying with a, consequent ill effect on the drinkers. Dry states already know that they will have a hopeless task of keeping "dry" with wet states at every border. Those who favored a return of the liquor problem to the states look with dark foreboding at the effort of the federal government to impose national regulation. Crimlnologlsts, who for so long could easily blame our major crime pursuits on prohibition, are already learning what many sincere prohibitionists suspected — that eras of crime follow wars and not national efforts toward sobrt- ety. Repeal has 'loosed a veritable Pandora's box of ills. This fact is not necessarily gloomy. Prohibition, as all admit, was far from perfect as a liquor •consumption preveotatlve. And should repeal force the finding of gome truly efficacious method of handling this problem want fair prices every day Deardorffs haee Cr&Ck&TS Sun-Ray, I ib, pkg. them mtmmfm 25c Staley's Syrup Golden Table, 5 pounds _._, Golden Table, JO pounds „ """' Crystal White, 5 pounds __„, Crystal White, 10 pounds II H&pie Flavor, 5 pounds I Maple Flavor, 10 pounds Ill' Egg NOOdleS Baby Btnart, per H*nry Bale Wnfte, Mtnlslef Svaday telool at 10. Mis* fidtta Reftt. s*p*H*t«ttd*M. May we not «ntt* in * in* tor- atty crusade to keep tht* isort important Wort of t»« Suttdaf school op to * flu* pitch of «*- eellenee. We are counting on yds. Morning Worship at il. Mr. White will dl§cnss the subject, "A Committal ot One's self t» God Without Reservations." Mr. aijd Mrs. White enjoyed the Missionary Praise service with the Shelby Presbyterians in theif beautiful new church 6ab- bath last and will be happy to greet their own folks next Lord's Day. the Ladies* Social Union will meet this (Thursday) afternoon with Mrs. Bruce Boehttet. yen come to the BiMe st»o*1 e* fcot next d«nd*y t*i school wta to 0*5 t*t ft IJ»*M go s& better if you wwtd thiffl* df morning "the fUitilineM of AtoKndlftf Lotft." if yon tot* yottf cattWh as yati should 700 win pti it first. ft yO* do that, ttlteft* sxtfnethlng o« of Ih* Srainary happen*, yt» will fee at fttrch. f**per services at the Baptist Chttfch.frofa 6 to «. Pastor Bob- will *r*ftch. Subject of set- tton, *'A» EVening With God." What kind Of a God do you hate about you to the eteniftgf Is Ood With yott u ill at eventide? What about the first evening* OH earth and the ood'st A week ago Sunday at ?:«0 1 counted Si autos parked on the streets ot Malvem. Not one»third of that ttaay were parked around the church at the union vesper service*, tt U very strange tow few people, many of them church members, can five only one hour on Sunday to the church* That'* the very least they CAB do.. , Aunt H*t s*ys: "The members don't contribute much to oar church. The church takes tip a collection only on Sunday while Satan is passin' the hat all through the week." The income for churches since 1939 dropped 40%, while govern' ment income dropped 60%. Many people did not forget the churches. tfl societies seem to hat* Other fUftCtiOfls beside thai ol waftlnf soft hftrmon- ies Ofi th* feceptft* breeies. One M the fifst acts of Austrian Chancellor DolfUBs W4a to suppress the socialist staging society of Vienna. Wctator Bitter preesed two mote in trotlfig this trend congressman Oth* 0. Wearin announced to tt* Thursday that he might call for as investigation of Malverft's Choral Society. has aettnany. ft WOhld «ttrprls« _ OhMley trwte not « whit fo? faveetlgfttor* to find sooieihing Me altogether ttttsicftl 1ft Mai* »«**• society. B* firmly believe* that the soaads which enumate from the practice •«•> 'atom caa't .be astHbed to »«• tit only* What l»M ' Sleutby SpOrtswriter Phillips DUKO J1BIV, r'-^TS VMU»., • tt*^ 9t IW 1MB ww . th« ite m t** ^ *H Bad adttltted ftfttfeffftf i>!ffl - - ' tn ft statetoefet eoacerfitaf kit attitude toward the mob tfitee G<rreTOor Rolph tertted it i splendid example fot the rest of the wnfitry wd Mid that It *hon|d be a deterrent to kidaipiaf. M* refused to call eat troon* afid ptottned that *Bjr jetsoft* arrert- ed for parts in the lynching wosld fetefte Jataoni. The toteruor's statefneftt ittttedlate and direct |SJ.%*Ut7«a« »•»•••• «»»«*»v •»•-» — criticism and protest from gover* nor* ot other state*, churchmen, and distinguished private «iU* tens, including a. fellow calif of man, Mr, H*fb*rt Hoove*. Coinciding with this response to the governor** declaration noli action occurred la an Atlantic seaboard state and in a middle* western state. At Salisbury, on the Maryland eastern shore ot Chesapeake Bar, state mlUUa arrested four General Assembly Buckles Down to Work of Session; May End by Xmas Correspondent PnrnUhe« Curefol Newi Snmmary .of Genend Amembly Mid Opinions Not Ifeoeesmrily The Leader"* Indications are that this special session of the 46th O. A. Is now through with the monkey business and that it will push the emergency measures tor which It was called and "try" to adjourn before Christmas! Bill files of both houses are full of propositions for acts of a general nature, not connected with the purpose of the session. These will now and then get attention only when the big matters to be considered will permit. Tax revision, first,- in the HOUM. Uquor control, ft * "'~"""" .» . 7 ,7 * .—^. &<z^-s$fK& Administration pressure .;has been exerted the last week{|to bring this about. Members bate been called "down stairs" for lectures on the necessities of tfte case. It is whispered that a large block of vetoes are available W needed to prevent action on thef flood of extraneous propositions offered,. . •$' Tax Compromise Likely '" f Six tax revision or amendment bills in the, House will have to be withdrawn or defeated. Four of these, it is said, will be with* drawn in favor of a new grow income tax bill that has been ia process of formulation for week. Two —the generaltax vision bill No. i, which Is Is U,^ houses, and the Farm Bureau toll) calculated to fix a limit to the amount that may be assessed against property-r will likely he considered. Naturally", there wflj have to be a compromise, or nothing! The new tax bill to be posed may be ready when _. House and Senate members return to their desks Pec, 4 aft^r the Thanksgiving recess, »n<|< it is promised strong support, J$ will ax a straight t»* ot out m cent on all gross sajejj Jn A committee of twenty or House members have been ing it out am' • about Jt, regular session, has not presented any tax bill at this session. Senator Beardsley says he believes the final tax revision measure that gets through both houses will be drafted on the floor in both houses, after all the other bills have be.en presented. He contends that U U more Important to make on* good bill, out of all than r to block tax revision by consideration of all bills separately. ,.;•;;;,/ • '. ;• And thatgidea has seemed to ~ Bivuvny Qpv*7l*w*iwr «rut».ta|ra i •vsAtv *UKUM*» «**w*vw *vi»* •»»«» ot our contemporary, The Glen- ' alleged members ot a mob which wood Opinion - Tribune, suspects; had lynched a* negro Oct. 11. Ai- Glenwood high school students ot j though they were threatened by thing*. Decrying the lack of cheering and moral support for the football team among the student body, he sagely wrote recently, . "It may be that Oleawood high, school student* an too dignified but I know they have done * good many things lew dignified than giving * good cheer for their football team." •f-M- W* may have another Walter, Wlnchell in our midst and Olen* wood high scholar* should change their way* immediately. .J-M. Didn't Know Before Thursday, celebrating the day, I visited Joe Wearin a few minutes. Like King Projadopok (go on, you spell' It) of 81am, Mr. Wearin recently had a cataract removed from his eye and i* having great sport- seeing what friends really look like. "Kid," be told me, "I b*j «n't seen yo« since you were a.yoaiigaterijwd I^dldn't ' an angry mob the militia men carried out the orders ot Governor Ritchie "to take the men to Baltimore, The action by Governor Ritchie had been tak*n because of the failure ot local authorities to act In the case, At Saint Joseph, Mo. a mob stormed the county Jail and after a selge forced- the sheriff to. deliver a young negro, said to have confessed a heinous crime. • He was hanged and burned. The governor of Missouri did not applaud the action. * •'•-** At the end of * month which had for two weeks seen an unprecedented sellers' strike on the Chicago Hog Market th» Union Stock , Yards at Chicago were completely tied up for^hre* days by a strike of the Uve'itock handlers, The workers.were asking for wage scale increas* to the -•"— _f4ttt- BVWVB*«OTW ~ BW ^*^Tr»^!^" Up W ****** Wtom •ft , shoW* • -JWB^WW •w»j-»sav TflQfeYsVl . HU T TO JUS*VH* ' VOW "* H* JpTWsWH 1 llMast * at *ftt fist tt*a» 14* iwak of wat fea* b*. tt tnfes of 1 otef tt«f. t««r The antt* view wa* Bfgea - vf th§ Crtisaaets, m »StH>r»fciBUlon orgsi wn&" ^tiikiuXM a msM-i _„ to «*9pW* WRh that < ^ Chart** j B. C»«thHn, the 1 utteifttb itetreft priest, M fiffrpdftiflf the Roosevelt CdttgBiifi, incidentally Mfc-«« the statements & Smith, became in* •tthang* ot remarks w«*w* ***aaj* '•s'tt- J fwwaty ill 6hftf£* Ing thai ^Ditlh'* point of view was colored by loans from i. f,. la Alfred ». Smith extended his eHtfetm of th* administration to: the pttblio work* administration, e*Uing.,th*3ii*w; plan of civil work* a devto* td hide the ineffl- cleacy *t»d,Md;tap* of the public WQnUI ftottuUslustiwfi» ^——.. -, between pttbljo work* and relief { , work*. Th* = administration T*»*| piled, through Secretary Ickes, 5 Director ot Pttblio Works. . >* >\»<Jt, .K , r *f* The strike wu tlrtf by: a hoard ,ot§ In four of the 48 Dec. S will find % substantial restoration of pre-prbhlbltlon liquor trade.) N*w Jersey, j Wisconsin-, Louuw, ana, and Nevada Bar* either no regulation or very light tlOB.-, >*'- «%* : " - '' „ • In thi oUier states the control^ rant** fromTebntinua^lon of statej prohibition to regulations by mo* nldpallU*s,^Wh«r* legal whiskey is-accompanied«by control mea**J nr*s fth* J*strietlons are largely to iiprobl?»lt K drinking at bars; sometinie*'to limit drinking on, the premises wher*' sold'to drink*J lng;wUb*ih* eating of food, and] "" " ~ - packag*! QornFlato e»by smart, ner pkg. Macaroni and Spaghetti 3 aat L^ „ . K -tb ortttW if gross ineonje aBrJculture, real estate an4 amounts t9 tftB aUy, thw § on* near «ein| gro|a ' / 04 tfc»r«»W "" '^^ cut that teu Bfttety $94 JFjKBj^Mt^ftlt -*"****- 7fc ' a * s '" J ™^ K - J it hadtoccupled Jhe floo Rlct«lUu fi^g. Ifciej4fc FM SATy«H4f

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