The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 5
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TEf R1 ' Y ™ KVII ' LE < ARK ')' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 6, 1948 Higher Resale and Rental Value Is Placed on House Which Is Cool During Torrid Summers One yardstick by which residential property 1< measured 1* Hi* year- round oomfort^of the house, A property may be located in • * , d«sirabl« section, near Duplex on East Main tion, shopping and schools; it. may be built of first-grade materials; iU appearance and layout may be idea). But unless the is cool in summer and warm in winter, Us sale or rental value is nllected. Bunts ai>d otner loiiamg iustilu- 1ion= recognize this find regard properly Insulated houses as a bel- ter investment. They know that insulation means lower winter fuel bins and less summer illne&s and fever doctor billSj thereby making BRIGHTER WHITER ENAMEL for every purpose P— ^ • Siayt Whit* • Easy to Us* • Washabl* • • Tough at Til* • F«r Wall., Doors, n Woodwork Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Flat May Be Tinted Easily DELTA Lumber Co. ^' 204 North Second Phone 4.197 both house and borrower » bHler financial risk. Lenders also liiivo discovered I hut Ui« fully Insulated house briiiKS a bcltei price on depressed markets, and that tenant vacancies are rare In iwusos lhat aie comfortable all year. The PJIA, which insurc.s most of the home mortgages now being written, tukcs insulation into consideration when appraising a property !or a loan. 15 Uocr&ew Cooltr Most persons insulate to sa\c one-third or more of u,elr winter fuel bills; but summer comfort is of equal importance, especially from a health angle. One of the most prevalent causes of summer illness is lack of sleep result ing from excessively hoi, stuffy b'-d- rooms. Sleeping quarters nnd indeed (lie entire hoftse can be marie as much as 15 degrees cooler if walls ;irv| ton-floor celling are iruulated full- thick with three to (our inches o[ mineral mx,|. The it>«:lation prevents of cxce.ssive outside bent through the thin wnlbi and roof. Ventilate AHIr By keeping daytime heal out, it is much easier to cool the house at nightfall. Since excessive amount* of heal have; not entered, during the day it (Joes not take nearly so lorn; for cool n: r to fill the rooms. In addition to lull-thick insulation, architects recommend Hint the attic be cross ventilated so (lint lient will not pack into this area beneath Ihe roof nnd eventually find HR way into the living quarters below. Efficiency and Charm Added to Home 1 Through Use of Modern 'Built-lns' | Increased use of efficient "bulH- ins." such as attractive lounges, bookcases, storage cabinets, radios dressing tables, beds, lamps ami new room healing umts, is reported by Ihe nation's home builders. A "built-in" is a piece of furniture or Dome equipment which can be efficiently fitted or designed directly into a house, in contrast to units installed separately or freestanding. Bookcases, of course, have ong been the most popular built-in Item but building specialists say New Lighting Ideas Used in Modern Homes The duplex contains :i,s it.s center section a portion ot Die old residence whleli occupied this site and additions were built extending Hie structure to Die i.'asi ami to the West. Divided into lii'lnn quarters for two families, one of the apartments is occupied by Mrs. Walker mid her daughter, Miss Lucy Thomp- by her sou's I Mrs. Harold | .son, niid (dr. other family, Mr. and ; Thompson. The house has four bedrooms, , two baths, living room, dining room, I kilchen. sewing room, and a flower room. The white nsbostos shin- Sle building was constructed by ' C. B. Gentry of Blytheville. Tlie Lile Mr. Walker, a lumber- an and faruii-r, conceived the idea gor streets. But she Ls not content I with the minor mechanical duties. Mrs. McMabon. widow of a railroad man, has adorned the crude little hut with bright colors, laying flowered linoleum on the wooden floor and pictures o! her family on the waits, Surrounding tile shack is a ear- den filled with ids and red moss. CONCRETE moy help you save a life Chief advantage of built-in units according t o home mnnageme t .specialists. Is their contributeTo better livlnc in less space For example, a built-in radio In Its simplest, form need be only a cabinet ns part of a bookcase with spcn'ker. "" C ° mr °' buUon " a '"' Some Suburbs Are Parasites, Potential Slums, Expert Soys 1 keeping part of his property in Housewives See Advantages of ^ mo 1 1 In an article In which lie calls I for repeal of antiquated laws lim- Ring the taxi " ' " "Some C iftectrlc lighliiiR engineers have kept, pace with new trends in homc- bulldlnn and today lighting fixtures are available to augment any architectural plan or decorative scheme. One of the newer developments Is » rixlurc which combines direct Incandescent ilhmiinntion and indirect fluorescent lighting. This fills » long-standing need In dining- rooms. A reflector centers Inratutcs- ccnl rays on (he lnljle and the fluorescent tubes flood the room wllh light. The Idea also Is used in kitchens. Fluorescent-lighted bookcases ami china clipboards create novel and dramatic effects. Vertical tubes mounted behind moldings on the face of bookcases are coming into use. while tubes in the tops of china cabinets, equipped with glass shelves, shed light through the whole Interior. This effectively sets ell collections of fine chirm and Kla.w. A new cove lighting has recently come into use whereby fluorescent tubes are recessed Into the celling with the side wnlls scrying ns reflectors. This overcomes » difficulty formerly experienced in low-cell- inged houses when tubes were mounted In the waits wit)-, the ceiling as a reflecting surface. "The tragedy of tl>e exodus lo the suburbs is thai It leaves the city ! proper with nil the blighted areas •lo supiwrl, while depriving it of ' the dreariest, ugliest parts of" itmm" | many or its most substantial and states orecr. in this connection he natural leaders." writes Circer. points out Hint few visitors to Ho "Suburbs, In effect, are parasites, Chester can see t he magnificent and unless they show more icspon- 1 waterfall near the heart of Hv.t .-ability for the health of their source I city because "the view tram almost , 01 support they, as well as the cl- every direction is blocked bv inn i I tics, may wither. The antiquated , down buildings and shacks Chi 'slate laws Ibal keep our cities in cago has a beautiful lakeside dr'ive" ;n sliait Jacket by severely limiting . yet lor years along larne sections' their taxing powers and their con- of it ihc view has bfcn obstructed trol over their suburban develop- by billboards. Today's housewives have learned Ihe advantage.; of a small, modern kitchen ns compared with the large '_• old fashioned kind of another day. In Ihe latter, the equipment usually is sri spread out around the roo'n thai many tiresome steps are rcq- mrrd for preparation of a single mm!. In Ihe modern type, compact- nexs saves steps -and compactness <• is a direct benefit of space-saving >, innovations in home equipment. - siu-h as built-in cabinets and com- of older homes, per- Ht, allation be planned u-iiiio the bouse is still h, the bhie-nr u sl»se. 1.1 general appearance, 'con. lectors are streamlined to blend " : A built-in lounge or window- sent is always an attractive possibility H space for such construction is not adequate, however, one of the convector heating units can be installed under the window to utilize space which otherwise might be wasted. Other examples of efficient "built- ins' include cabinets alongside the fireplace, or bookcases nnd cabinets I In combination for separation be- I tween living and riinins areas ft , furniture placement is planned in ( advance, attractive J cabinets or 2l,ch"!° piu"°a,i «tn for other purposes Basement Drains Need Back-Water Protection Basement floor drains connected mcnts should be overhauled t o meet "Other towns, which are the site-- - - j.,^,-,^, the realities of 1018. | of paper mills or chemical plains "Kainsl water backing up through "Over-all urea-wide planning and often literally sraell so bad that "" ~'~~ " zoning is urgent now because many a visitor Bags." .suburbs arc springing tip so h.ip- __ Orecr asserts that such smells and ith a sewer should be protected ainst water backing up thr Ihe pipe. If not. damage to the house nnd danger to health will ensue. strutted in new- homes. Many times an existing house lends itself admirably to construction of built-in furniture and equipment. This Is especially irtie if a modernised healing system Is planned. Modern convector heating units are designed for recessed or semi-recessed, and In -, even free-standing installation older structures. hnv.arrily that (hey arc destined to , the thick s mokc that generally pie- become tomorrow's slums." | vails in industrial cimumnnues In Chicago. Cleveland, San Finn- j "could be prevented If the inrius- cisco. and many oilier cities ex- trl al plants were considerate of tensive blighted areas are only a f nearby residents. Some towns, such short walk from the central busi- j a s Kershcy, Pa., and Koliler, Wisness districts. PKVS Orccr who adds: | bave even pro\ - ed that f:ictorir/ can "might, is not only -nn eyesore ; Ijc so designed, screened, and man- 1 bul a terrible drain on n city. And ' n sed that they can be :\n attraction I ' in hundreds of towns the urea ot! instead of an eyesore.' blight i.s spreading unchecked cv- cry year. The average city musl ' spend 45 per cenl of all its funds i available tor police, lire, health, ' and other city services on these j blighted areas, while receiving liacV: j from the arms only six per cent of the revenue provided by the I projxTly tnx. ! "Happily, quite ! touns and rides Woman Crossing-Keeper There are several devices to keep! Makes Haven From Hut back-water out ot the basement.' The most commonly used is n trap. in the drain pipe equipped with a' one-way valve, which gives lasting protection. come :o basements, inspection has shown thai such protective devices were lacking. ST. LOUIS (DP)—Weary switch- | men find a haven at the" railroad crossing wlifre .Mrs. {Catherine Me- ' Marion, official watchman, site in her hut and -servos coffee to them out of tlie window. i Her job is raising and lowering ihe barrier gate at First and Rm- number o[ I arc now rede- j Metal Stains Avoided By Use of Varnish A coating of clear varnish or lacquer should be applied to all cooper and iron whicli adjr,*is pMntcd surfaces on the exterior of ( • house. This will prevent the metal ' from streaking the siding or win- dow-frnmes.. On Iron, a rust preventive primer should be used before painting or lacquering. The treatment should for the- future. Their citl- ) zcns have been disturljcd by the [ I growing traffic congcsion, by the j , growing blight, by the growing tigli- ! ness of some towns, and have call- I cd on their leaders to face up to ' ; the challenge." 1 Among larger cities leading In the more practical over-all planning • and mobilizing of public support. I Include screens as well as gutters, I downspouts, flashing and other metal surfaces it stains arc lo be avoided. "Service Is Not Our Motto- IT'S OUR BUSINESS" Time and time again you've heard us make that statement. Hut the thin* to remember is that v,,,, have an interest i n the matter. For the plm,.sc means: Whenever y ln , have an electrical ,,r«l,km —whether it's wiring repair, n r the need f,, r , eowpl. of sockets, or the <losi,- e for a rfccoraCiv, chandelier-<;h a r]ie offers complete service. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 112 S. Fifth St. Phone 2993 "Service Is Not Our Motfo-U's Our H,, s ine*.s" Vaftiijfy V/hft«...| Tha World's Best House Paint! Th« Ch•ap«s^ t« Us* • Stays WKit«r Us For a Free Estimate! ARKANSAS PAINT GLASS & WALLPAPER COMPANY 10J l«IM.i» t»,a Pk... J271 with this AUTOMATIC L,n*J t. UNDER V JUT* r. •' tABOR-1 TOM [!,!>£. Manual or Avtomatit Control HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 113 East Main I'hono 3015 Y OU can stop—quick— on concrete because iis griny texture grips your tires firmly. Of course, concrete's all- around safety features aren't limited to emergencies. Wet or dry, it is skid resistant. And at night you've noticed how its light color increases visibility. Day or night your family drives with maximum safety and security on concrete pavement. Make sure your community's streets are engineered for maximumsafety. Ask your public officials to specify portland cement concrete for all new paving projects. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 310 Falls Bids., Memphis 3, T«nn. A national organization to improv* and ext«nd lh« vi«> of Portland oment ond concreli through lc !«nimc rtliailh ond •/inin.nma fleM work. •GET LOW ANNUAL COST WITH CONCRETE PAVEMENT Brush the years away! ...with 1 easy coat of SHERWfN-WlLLfAMS ENAMELOID ONE COAT COVERS! NO BRUSH MARKS! DRIES QUICKLY! PORCELAIN-LIKE FINISH! There's no end to the thing.! you can do with Enamcloid! You can make furniture, woodwork,' walls, 1001 things sparkle like new! Just on€ imooth-brushing coat of colorful Enarneloirf does the trick, dries rapidly to a brilliant, durable finish i;. iidds daziling new life and zest to (ired, shabby things. Resi'sti dirt, •tains, rough treatment. Cleani easily with a damp cloth. Arailable in't wicit Tiriety of glorious colors. A»k for tht Enameloid color card, BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South W. H. Pease Phons 2882 SHEPWIH-WILLIAMS PAINT

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