The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 9, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1933
Page 10
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10 THE BAKERSFIELD CALlFORNlANrTHURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1933 Ginem FOR FOX STAGE Famous Atiitnalrd Cnrloon Cluirncters Will Be- Soon in Person Tlir Immlrrdfl mid Immlrodh- nf in Rnkersflflil who luive liiiiKhcd wilh iitid at Mlrkoy Monso on thf screen, may inept HIP PHtlmuble fmlmnttMl rhHrarlrr fnr morrow niifl Saturday n fmop.s oil thf FON thralp lluiii tlint they run HP IMIniiln MOIIHP und ln-r 1 li> fnrn to- atl pi-rforrn- nt.iRp. More pi-tltc llttln tiniyiird g.'ing *> tlifin. roHentu- m-tlon- KlriVr," Jill in pnrsrm. Thin noted fiRKrec.'itlnn iinprnrs In u t-pnrkllnt,' m.-w Mt;i«p show "The TVedclliiK; of Mlckoy riml Minnie Moni" 1 ." Thf nrt is plpvnr and orlK- Irml und apixMls to .nil Ihpa from 6 In fin. Don't fail to «• In ronjum-tlon with thlH p tlon is Znno 'ircy's pxpltlni; romaneo, "Tht> Mysterious <lonp Into :i motion picture hy it liejided hy Krnt Taylor, Tx>n;i Andrp, Irvlni? Ploht'l, dull Pat rink und Wnr- TPM l-lymrr, bookprt for tho Fox the- otpr. whrrp. It will open tomorrow. Tho film tell* thp ftory of n slnRlo mnn's bat tie apnlnst powerful forcps vhlph seek to cvlnt half n hundred ranchers and their families from the property which thpy own and love. The attempt IH set under way by a crooked lawyer, who, after discovering that the land occupied by the ranchers i." not legally theirs, om- CONTINUOUS, 2:30 TO 11:00 LAST DAY! Ik COfAT CAST IN A OKMMi ATS lift rrstui ""ROGER!' ""EffNDR LEWAYRE! •MMM RI1TIR • ALLY HUM RE Extra "Kino Neptune"' A SILLY SYMPHONY . IN COLOR Starting Tomorrow ON OUR STAGE: MICKEY AND MINNIE MOUSE in Person AND YOUR OLD FRIENDS HORSECOLLAR (Th 1 Ol 1 Nag) and CLARIBELLE (Th' Contented Cow) In THE MICKEY MOUSE REVUE :ON OUR SCREEN: Zane Grey's Drama of the Boulder Dam Land-Grab Struggle . . . ^^l««^l»J« ^^B^^H NYSTIRIOW! RIDER KENT TAYLOR, MAAMDM • IHWK MCH1L OMIMIMCK • VMMM NYHU a Qtawriaait (future 300 25c SEATS "THE MYSTERIOUS RIDER" SCENE FROM ZANE DREY DRAMA COMING TO FOX THEATER. ploys underhanded methods In trnns- ferrliifc It to a powerful financier. The latter demands that tho ranchers be thrown out. of their homes, nncl when Taylor, their leader, urges them to rental, he-lands In Jnil for his ef- ; fort.s. Hut he bursts loose, and at i risk of his llfo, exposes the entire > swindle, to bring tho film to a breath- ; less climax, j A romance between Taylor and Miss Andre runs throughout the film. TMehel is cast as the lawyer. STUDIO, AHEAD ON ILL CLOSE Today Is your last chance to see tin- great spectacle "Htnte Fair," the current super attraction at. the Fox theater. It's your last chance, to see, the greatest cast, of real stars ever assembled In one picture and every star Is your real favorite. Thn list of stellar performers includes Will Ttop- ers, Janet (iaynor, Lew Ayers, Sally Kllers, Norman Foster, Louise Dresser. Frank Craven, Victor Jory and Blue Boy the Hop. "State Fnlr" Is a picture you'll long remember, It's one. you don't want to fall to site. It's one you can't afford to miss for It will KO on, record as one of tho best If not tho best picture of 1933. l'rn>« Lrnfcil ll'lrc.) HOI,LYWOOI>, Feb. n.— Reported by Its officials to be far ahead of production. Universal studios will close next Saturday and remain idle for a period of at least, si* or eiplit weeks. Approximately 400 persons will he removed from tho employment lists by tho shutdown. United Artists studios Is also far ahead of schedule and only one company, Tlellance Pictures, is now in production there. Samuel Golclwyn has complete)! his production for several months In advance. With the unemployment, ranks increase)!, Conrad \apel, president of the Motion Picture Itellef Fund, has mnde an emergency appeal to the film Industry. He said Insufficient furds have caused riirlHllmenl of aid to ;IOO cases at present. "All we ask Is '.j of 1 per cent of the weekly salary of film workers paid more than $50 a week," said Nagel. KARLOFFWILL STAR AT CALIFORNIA TlorlK Kurloff, who won outstanding nutn In the title role of "IfYankon- flli'ln," will I>P seen l^Ylday mid Sat- urdny at the California theator In an pvnn nmro fantastic role an Dr. Fu Mancliu In "Th^ Mask of Fu Manchu," based on the. Sax Tlohmer tlirlller. AH tho uncanny oriental, Kurloff Is the center of n formidable- combination of IntrltfiiP, striuiKn i-rhnos and fiendish punishments. There Is, for Instance, tho niysterluuH laboratory whTo Fu Manchti hurls his manmade/ lightning and his sinister "death my." There Is the weird torture of tho bell, tin; reverberating notes of which drive men mad. Tho spectacular Feast of the Mongol*), the. adventures of tho scientists in the catacombs, the flight Into thn (!ohi desert and tlie f I if !il Asiatic uprising ugnlnsl (he world !ire nth or thrilling incidents. Charles Hnibln directed the picture with it prominent, cast which Includes Lewis Htone, Karen Morlvy, Charles Starrett, Myrna Loy, Jean Hersholt, I.iiwvonce Grant and David Torrence. Hundreds of extras appear In the spei.'tiiuiilar oriental sceiiPH and replicas of preat K"ld huddhas add to the L'ulor of the production. Also on the same program Is "Tho Midnight Warning," featuring Will- iilARfAFCLUB FU MANCJHU Boris Karloff, who comes to the California on Friday. HERE'S HONEST MAN CINCINNATI, Feb. !). (A. P.) — Plogrnes would huv" snuffed out bin lantern had he met Kdwln Connors. Connors, a car-barn employe, recently filed a petition In bankruptcy; $474.01 liabilities and no assets. Today he asked to withdraw the petition. Hi: explained relatives he had been, supporting had moved elsewhere, and h« now could pay debts. Turlock Man Shot by Employer; Error I't'ltitcd f'rrna Lrntfl Wirr) ' Tt'niiOriv. Feb. O.—Stanley Rlnm- qviisl, £5, y;arau;e worker, had u bullet- shaltHi-eil jaw today because he pulled his hat down over his eyes, lie was shot hy Owen Duffy, his employer, who said he mistook him for a bandit when ho walked into tho KaraKM early In the morning with his hat pulled down and his hands In his overcoat pockets-. ".. . but I'm her* to tell, that levin' such women makes LAUGHTER IN HELL!" Smashing drama, from the current talked- about novel. JIM TULLY'S LAUGHTER. Last Day WARREN WILLIAM In "EMPLOYEE'S ENTRANCE" With Loretta Young, Alice White With PAT O'BRIEN, MERNA KENNEDY, BERTON CHURCHILL, GLORIA STUART, TOM BROWN. STARTS TOMORROW Shows 3 ' 5 ' 7 and 9 Week 7 and 9 Hey, kids! Don't forget to he on hand at 10 o'clock Saturday mornlnR tit the Fox theater to Ret In on the first meeting of the Signal Turxitn dub. There's going to bo great doings. Von all know that the big "Pet Parade" starts at fl o'clock Saturday morning and that it will be over and the prizes awarded for It on the stage of the Fox at 10 o'clock. This big meeting Is free to all kiddles under 15 years of age, whether or not they aro participants In the pet parade. There's a big show on deck with a special moving picture and officers will be elected and so on. Oet In your application blanks, get your badges, and be eligible for the big state-wide contest In which thousands of dollar? of well-worth prizes will be given away. It's a great thing, so get In on It. Fresno Grange Acts on Recall Tonight (United Tress Lcatrrl 1Uiv) VRUSNO, Feb. 9.—Fresno county grange chapters were to formulate their stand on proposed recall proceedings against Governor James Holph, Jr., at a county-wide meeting here tonight. Officers of the order declined to predict what. s.tand the chapters would take. A hill Introduced In the State Assembly by M. S. Meeker of Kerman requiring compulsory co-operative marketing when 70 per cent of the producers of products agree to such action, alsri was to be discussed. — *-•-« — Blind Man's Home Nearly Finished FRESNO, Feb. n. -~ A four-room frame house, built almost entirely by J. II. Schneider, blind Fresno piano tuner, was nearlng completion today. Schneider bega.n construction of,tho house, for William Held of Fresno, when his own trade vanished with the depression. He "drew" the plans In his mind, ordered lumber cut to bis specifications, and began putting It together, aided In porno of the heavier work by a friend with normal vision. Schneider wa,« blinded when hut a year and a half old, but despite his handicap, learned piano tuning, carpentry and other trades. Tho only time he required assistance In carpentry is In using a level. Ifo la able to lay roofs himself without aid. THAT'S INSULTINQI HUTCH1NSON, Kan, Feb. 9. (A. P.) John Strlngos set a wolf trap at the door of his chicken house to catch the thief who periodically pilfered a pullet. He called In the police when the trap and a hen both disappeared. SCHIPA CELEBRATES AFTER OPERATION DOMING TO NILE FRIDAY (United Prcn> Lented LOS ANGELAS, Feb. 9.—Tito Schipa, famous tenor, warmed up by trilling the scale, and pave an impromptu wongfest for newspaper men to celebrate his recovery from a recent throat operation. "Just as good as It ever was," said Schfpa, referring to his voice. "In two or three weeks It may bo better," chimed In Doctor Edward Kellogg, who performed an operation to remove the singer's tonsils and another minor obstruction on tho larynx. "It's a little early to tell if Mr. Schipa's voice range will be Increased by the operation, but I have hope that It will," he added. "In two or three weeks when his throat Is entirely healed, we may notice a great Improvement." « i » That Ann Harding would give a realistic perforinniiui) In "Trestlge," the RKO Pnthe picture opening today at tho Virginia theater aH part of a double bill was a foregone conclusion. Miss Harding playn the daughter of an army officer, reared In Its stern tradition of Utity and courage. This huppeiiH to be thp .very environment in which the blonde xtar was actually reared. She Is the daughter of thn late fleneral Cleorgo Clatley of tho United .States army. Playing with Miss .ll.ard.lng In "Prestige" aro Adolphe Men.lim, Melvyn Douglas, Carmellt!i (leraglity, I'tuy Bates Post, Inn Jlacl/uren, Creighlon Hale and Clarence Muse. Completing the double bill Is "Bx- posure," 11 melodramatic newspaper story In which romance, Intrigue and murder keep tho Interest at high pitch. Llla Leo und Walter Hyron aro starred, with Tully Marshall and Uryant Washburn In tho cast. FILM llfERlACES _TATU (Associated I'rat Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Keb. 1).—A federal Orand Jury indictment charging him with making false statements In his application for n registry permit to enter the Unite States as an alien, today faced John V. Farrow, Hollywood screen writer. Tho Indictment specifically charges Farrow, a native of Australia, failed to report his arrest In San Francisco In 1923, on a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and with falling to report an unauthorized departure to Mexico from the United States. Farrow, the first person to be arrested In Hollywood In tho drive on aliens allegedly Illegally In the country which had been Inaugurated by Special Assistant Secretary of Labor Murray W. Oarsson, gave notice through his attorney that he would surrender this afternoon. Bond was set at $2500. •-«-* .<*>- KERN—1200 K. CONTINUOUS, 1:30 TO 11:00 = LAST TIMES TODAY = ROBERT-MONTGOMERY in "Faithless" "MALAY NIGHTS" Johnny Mack Brown == STARTING FRIDAY = TWO BIO FEATURES BORIS KARLOFF MYRNA LOY LEWIS STONE JEAN HERSHOLT KAREN MORLEY IN MASK., fll MANCHU THE I "The Midnight Warning" WILLIAM BOYD I6c 300 GOOD SEATS ANY TIME I5c RIALTO ', TO B P. M., I3f; AFTER 0. ISe. J.1« LAST TIMES TODAY "Theft of Mona Lisa" Robbery that shocked the world. Charley Chaplin "Easy Street" News and Cartoon CHINA NIGHT TONIGHT Tomorrow—"Thirteen Women" and "Wyoming Whirlwind" PONTIAC flffXqn f • COL.STOOPN/IGLE - n,',,/ BUDD •'-.*- VIRGINIA OPEN 12-11 P. M.—16c ANY TIME Today and Friday TWO BIG FEATURES Ann Harding Adolphe Menjou, Melvyn Douglas In "PRESTIGE" and a Great Newspaper Melodrama "HXI'OSIME" With Llla Lee and Walter Brown Also Comedy a brant/ new RADIO PROGRAM KERN AT 6:30 P. M, THE ONLY CouortDftopd* WITH THE SECRET FORMULA Not ordinary cough drops, but a prescription of 11 medicinal ingredients, quick- acting and pleasant. LUDEN'S Menthol Cough Drops 6—Chesterfield program, Ruth Kt- tlng, Leonard Hayton's Orchestra. 8:15—Larry Funk's Orchestra. 6:30—Colonel -Ptoopnagle and Bud. 7—The Songsmlths. 7:15—"T.'irzan of the Apes." 7:30—The Hoswell Sisters. 7:4Ci—Myrt and Marge. 8—Cilobe Headlines. S:1D—Howard Barlow and Columbia Symphony Orchestra. 8:30—Isham Jones' Orchestra. 9—Eddie Duchln's Orchestra. 9:30—Leon Belasco's Orchestra. 10—"All-Request Hour." 10:30—Ted Fio-Rlto's Orchestra. , 11—Dancing With the Stars. 11:30—Dance Orchestra. 468.5 M.—KFI—840 K. 6—Captain Henry's Showboat. 7—Lucky Strike Dance Hour. 8—Amos 'n' And}'. S:15—Standard Symphony Hour. 9:15—Howard Thurston, magician. 9:30—Kno Crime Club. 10—Klchfield Reporter of the Air. 10:15—Phil Harris' Orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Gus Arn- helni's Orchestra. AT MERNA KENNEDY T HE screen version of Jim Tully's latest and widely discussed novel "Laughter In Hell," opens at the Nile tomorrow. Tully is a great realist, who understands human emotions and passions, and describes them so vividly that his novels are greatly In demand. "Laughter In Hell" Is a picture that sounds the very depths of humanity. It Is powerful, gripping, elemental, the kind of a picture that reaches out and grips the spectator with Its vivid drama. One Is not likely to forget easily, the story of a man who loved a girl with all his honest Irish soul, LAUGHTER IN HELL." and through her faithlessness found laughter in hell. Pat O'Brien, Gloria Stuart, Merna Kennedy, Berton Churchill and Tom Brown are all superbly cast In this great human story. PROBE RANCHER'S DEATH REDDING, Feb. 0. (U. P.)—Authorities today wero Investigating the death of William Klngsbury, 58, rancher and miner, and former Shasta county supervisor, whose body was found near his home at Igo late yesterday. A shotgun was found near tho body and It Is believed he committed suicide, deputy sheriffs said. > (United J>rc»K fjcanfd Wire.) NEW YORK, Feb. 9.— A fund for the distribution of scholarships at Cornell University with' preference to students from East St. Ix^ils, III., is created by the will of the late A. C. Murphy, president of the Federal Railway Devices Company. The will disposed of an estate estimated as high as $1,000,000. Major bequests Include a life Interest In $500,000 to his widow, Theresa O. Murphy, with power of appointment over J200.000; a life estate In tho res'.riue to his mother, Mrs. Jennie Baldwin, of Santa Barbara, Calif., and on her death one-half to Cornell University and one-half to Dwlght Murphy. Harry Paul Murphy of San Diego, Calif., receives a life Interest in flOO.OOO. - * « » Sun-Maid Incumbent Officers Re-Elected (United Prctt Lratr.d Wira) FRESNO, Feb. 9.— Incumbent officers of the Sun-Maid Raisin Growers' Association and Its affiliated organization today wero re-elected following a meeting of the board of directors here. They were J. M. Leslie, Fresno, president; Frank R. Hlght, Hanford, vice-president; Earle G. Granger, Fresno, secretary-treasurer, and Paul E. Buntzler, Fresno, assistant secretary-treasurer. 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. •§>ii:45—CBS programs to 7. 7—Jnglewood J'ark Concert. 7:30—Chandu, tho Magician. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. S:15—CHS programs to 8:45. S:4G—1 /ingari. 9—Eddie Duchin's Orchestra. !>:'JO—Zoellner string Quartet. 10—World News; Blsqulck Bund. 10:15-*Kb and 7.eb. 10:30—Ted Flo-Rlto's Orchestra. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, organ. 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 6—Nows. 6:15—Bill, Mao and Jimmy. d:3Q —SI and Elmer. t!:-lu—Currier's Serenaders. 7—Krank Watanabc and Archie. 7:1.1—Oiiardsmon, male quartet. 7:30—-KNX F.nsenible. 7:15—Ught and Stever. S—Organ recitiil. S: 1.1—I'ennsylvania Dutcliies. 8:IB—Qolden Memories. 0:15—Crockett Mountaineers. fl:SO--MibovlKki Violin Choir. 10—Idylls. 10:3U—On;an recital. U to 12 midnlirht—New Parla Inn. CARDINAL FRUHWIRTH DIES ROME, Feb. 9. (A. P.)— The Austrian Cardinal of the Curia, Andrew Rruhwirth, chancellor of the Roman Catholic Church, died today at the age of 87. He was a domlnlcan and had been a cardinal 17 years. The number of Cardinals' Is now 52 of a possible 70. FACES TRIAL DESPITE PLEA PASADENA, Feb. 9. (U. P.)— Despite a plea of temporary Insanity, W. B. Startstnan of San Diego today was under court order to stand trial on charges of murderous assault after he assertedly confessed firing a volley of shots at Mrs. James G. Graham of South Pasadena, a distant relative. 1 Apply Untf ueallne. Quirk! It soothes the pain—prevents infection and ugly scars. Ask < your druiimfor ihcred-and-yellow tube, JOc. Unguent ine Hell«»v«»« pain. li««tcnn Last Times Today TWO BIG PICTURES Charles Blckford In "VANITY STREET" and Nancy Caroll in "SCARLET DAWN" COMING TOMORROW The Thriller of the Air "AIR MAIL" REDUCED PRICES on PLATES Quick Servlci) ' Office Over Klmball A Stone Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOODNIGHT Phillips Music Co. s<us Sheet Music *> Publishers' Price s MRS. ENOCH ARDEN OIvLAIlOMA CITY, Feb. !). (A. P.I An Tlnoch Arden cane reversed puzzled district court officials today. Coy Stone asked annulment of bin marriage In 1032 to T>llu Mae Stone because hl« first wife, Opal Williams, whom he married In !Uli7 and ha/l bo- lleved dead, ban reappeared after "a long and mysterious" absence. *-»-• POISON DRINK KILLS TWO MORRISTOWN, N. J., Feb. 9, (A. P.)—Two men are dead and a third Is dying from tho effects of drinking poison, which because of UK peculiarly sweet tmcll the men thought was peach brandy. The dead men are Mlchnel Czouskl and George Dougla«H. George Ltmiauk is in a hospital. Physicians Day he will probably die. Hotel El Tejon A DEUGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT •\Vhore You Get the Hleh<>Ht Quality at the Lowest Cost Club BreakfuHt, 25c to 50o Lunches, COc and 86c Dinners, 50c to $1.50 A Delicious T-Bone Stealt Dinner, $1,00 Assorted Toasted Sandwiches, IDo SPECIAL Hot Roast Turkey Sandwich, . Mashed Potatoes, Giblet Gravy. 45e Rl Tejon Mado Pies a la Modo, I Do "ALICE" the California Maid LINEN FROCKS Ready for the First Days of California Sunshine (SOLD EXCLUSIVELY AT RBDLICK'S IN BAKERSFIELD) In they come! Just as beautiful and just as welcome as the first warm sunshine of breaking springtime. New is the word— Exquisite Pastel Shades that are warranted absolutely fast colors (tub fast and sun fast) and the new arrivals offer six very dainty and practical styles from which to choose, in sizes 14 to 46. The New Price ONL Y $195 ON SALE REDLICK'S SECOND FLOOR Valentines of Many Kinds Ready for February 14 From 5C to 50C VALENTINE BOOTH- MAIN FLOOR • Redlick's » ! Warehouse Sale GUARANTEED TIRES! UNDUPLICATED LOW PRICES PRICES REDUCED Come direct to the warehouse and save '"oney! Biggest bargains In Bakersfield. Note these low prices on popular sizes, and compare price and quality. HEAVY DUTY TREAD 29x4.40 29x4.50 30x4.50 28x4.75 29x4.75 29x5.00 30x5.00 31x5.00 $2.87 $3.10 $3.14 $3.29 $3.36 $3.47 $3.62 $3.80 30x5.25 31x5.25 29x5.50 32x6.00 33x6.00 31x4 . 32x4 . 33x4 . $4.33 $4.44 $4.77 $5.51 $5.73 $4.57 $4.69 $4.81 Ask us for quotations on size* not listed. We carry a complete stock of guaranteed Federal Tires, Tubes and Ba^teriei. BATTERY SPECIALS 100% New Material* Guaranteed 12 Months 6-Volt, 13-Plate.. 6-Volt, $2.95 Prices Ar» With Your Old Battery TIRE WAREHOUSE SYSTEM GALBRAITN VAN & STORAGE CO. 2710 Chester Avenue 1912—DEPENDABLE—'1932 Bakersficld, Calif.

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