The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 10, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1959
Page 9
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ANNII WEUTOM6 ABOARD, COLONEL CANWN IMPORTANT MISSION, EH, COLONEL UAWM6? PASSENSER, CARE OF HIM CAPTAIN YATE*! I NEED THIS MAN 8ECAUS6 I CAN BEAT HIM AT POME HEY, LARRY, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO COME OVER TO SEE ME OFF I WELL THAT CANYON -4 AN EARLIER FLJ6HT INTO PARIS... YOU MORE TIME TO VISIT THE LOUVRE- ANP SUCH... MARY WORTH DUTY-BOUND TO GIVE. PROPER ATTENTION TO MAINTENANCE PRISCILIA'S POP-By Al Vermeer I GOi' IT" \ k FOR HAVING ). A GOLD AR ON M [SPELLING H PAPER! rff f bOY.' LET'S \TAKE IT IN LOOK, CARLYLE! STUART'S GOT A DIME INVEST SfR! I'M ( IT? IN GOING TO] V WN AT/ INVEST 1VWMAI< JE.1»M b, NiA ».r,l c .. B»«. T.M. «.,. U.j. p.,. CKf OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams K_/ HE GETSPRETTy LAZYAT "-s/ OH. OW TrlE C0NTRARX AVWM-- I |l TIMES AMP WE HAVE T(?OL)BLE \ MVPAREMTS FEEL 1MEEP A ^ ty GETTIWS HIM TO t?O HIS CHORES) BOOST AMP SOM6 PROPPING <i / AMP STUPY/ WITH VOUR EA6ER- / AT TIMES.' 1 THINK ALL BOy$ 1 ! NESS TO SUCCEED AMP YOUR ./ OUR. AGE A OUR. AGE ARE PRETTY MUCH / GOOP CRAPES IM SCHOOL,! f ALIKE THAT WAY POW'T SUPPOSE VOUR..FOLKS / WEALLMEEP HAVE PROBLEMS / PIZOMPTW6 WOW WHEW VOU'P LOVE TO LIVE FOREVER TIZZY-by Kate Osann f- 1»S» b) KEA l<nfc«. b* T.M. R<(. U.S. Put Oil. "Before you leave, Mother, will you please tell Buster who's boss?" IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoople IT'S HOOPLE A6AIN-1 SUPPOSE HE'S STUCCOED FROM TOO A\ANV E(3GfJ06S AT THE OWLS CLUS/— HR -THEY'RE T(?UMDLlM6 HIM HOAAE- irj A WHEELBARROW.' OU'KE ALL WROHG, BAXTER OUST F&LL CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner "When she said she loved to read I didn't realize she meant menus!" THESi WOMEN By d'Aletslo "I bought one last week. HE walked out on me, too!" Barrett H. Clark, noted theatri- Prime Ministers of Europe and cal historian, was considerably King George were on the air just nervous when he was asked to'before me," he explained. "And make his first appearance on a the President of the United Stales was on the air just after me." ABNE* ( IP YOU UEAVE HIM, HE'LL / yvE/.'-He'uuee POPULAR. I AGAIN—HAPPV, WELL\ THOUGHT OP !f — f INSTEAD OF LVlNQ V INHISGRAVE HE'LL BE \TRUE!!-S-SO SITTING K-. JAAH DECISION is- ON TOP OF THE WORLD.'.' AUSTIN (Minn.) HIRAlD Satufday, Jon, 10, 1959 THE TOODLIS WHY DO VOU ASK ME THAT? AREVOU ANDTE ENGAGE SALLY BECAUSE THK'j TWINS SAW YOU LOOKING AT ENGAGEMENT RINGS YESTERDAY. THEN 'WHY'DON'T YOU 'ASK A THE TWINS ? TH EY SEE/A TO ) THE FBI OF 6KANDVILLE / ~ LATELY// ' 'J &^^ ARCHIE AND FURTHERMORE, I THINK ITWASVERy RUDE, VULGAR, FRESH AND IMPOLITE OP HIM TO STAND THERE RIGHT. IN FRONT OP ME,MIND YOU) AND.... (.. BRAZENLY AND DELIBERATELY YAWN TEN TIMES RIOHT IN MY FACE AND..- " T WASN'T YAWNING, I WAS JUST TRVING TO SAY SOMETHING.' JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bold and Jerry Brondfleld SOMEONE COAMNS DOWN THE SIPE CORRIDOR Un*iB. o .... BUT HURf?yiN& OH A FRESHLY WASHEP AND WAXB7 FLOOR CAN BE PlSASTROUS... STEVE STEVE WRI5HT MORTY MEEKIE GOOD MORNING MR. BOOMER r HE DOES AVERV THOROUGH JOB YOU KNOW, I LIKE A THAT NEW AUDITOR WE HIRED WELL, \ IS, BUT / WE'LL KNOW WHERETO?/ IN A MINUTE HOPE KNOW "lOU'RE DOING WV GUESS IS, LATE Y BUT THEY WER6 A PEW YEAR6 AGO, I DROVE- WiclCBB THEV LEFT THE WAN, WAluY! HB'P SEEN THE NEW NI6HT HB THRU TOWN.. PAST THI5 SCHOOL I HAP / IF TH& TWO T SECLUSION WE VCOOPEP UP If HOUK5. / il ^Timifi vLf^ OCTrtihr\e.r*. ten fhi T WANTED TO STROLL! HOW DIP THEY KNOW ATTEMPER HE REMEMBERED.,, THAT ARBA IS A THICKET, 50 THEV \ CLEARBP BETWEEN PROVE OVER HERE. \ THE SCHOOL AND IT'S DESEWED AT NI6HT, l»UALLVi TH' BRUSH HAP SEEM ANP IT MAY HAVE COST HIS LIFEl BUGS BUNNY SIDEWALK FRECKLES v > (WHOOPS.O * /_- - -- .. -S SHORT RIBS JACOBY'S BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service When your partner shows a two— suited hnnd and you hold four carda of one suit nnd two of the other the hand should look good to you, When* you also hold all tour aces a slam« should be most likely. •»• South's two-dlnraond bid was t h ** Jacoby transfer and gtmrnnteed a«* .least five hearts. His three-dlamont!* bid showed a diamond suit and was if force to game. * With four diamonds and two heart£" nnd all four aces North became de- NORTH (D) 10 A A62 V A9 4 A854 *A754 WEST EAST AQ1075 4KJ94- VQ1032 V76 * J6 493 •I.K102 *QJ863 SOUTH VK J854 * K Q 10 7 2 No one vulnerable North East South West 1 N.T. Pass 2 4 Pass 2 V Pass 3 4 Pass 3 A Pass 4 • Pass 5 + Pass 5 • K.-3 6 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— 4k 5 finitely interested In a slam In spite of only having 16 high-card points. He started proceedings by bidding three spades. This had to be a slam try/ because obviously the hand was not going to play In spades. South's four-diamond bid showed at least five diamonds and since he had already shown five hearts North marked him with at least 10 red cards. Furthermore, since South had forced to game North knew that he had to have some high cards In his suits. North decided to bid at least a small slam and now showed his club ace by bidding five clubs. South make his cheapest bid — five diamonds and North went to six only. If everything had broken perfectly, seven would have made, but th« hearts divided 4-2, and the best North could do was make his little slam. For Grown-Up Dolls By ANNE ADAMS Glamorous wardrobe for the grown-up doll Santa brought I to-sew, pattern Inciudea shirt, coat, bat, robe, skirt, blouse, petti" co»t and dr&sa. Be tbrUty — use rem- nanta. Tomorrow'6 pattern: MUM* 1 apron. Printed Pattern 4547: For «Ua>. grown-up dolU lO>/>. 18. 20, 23 Incite* tall. State size. . ,• Printed direction* on eaob p»tt«ro part. Easier, accurate. Send Thirty-five cent* in coi»» (r tais pattern — Add 10 cent* (Or pattern tor 1st - dost to Aaue Adams, ewe of

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