Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on April 3, 1946 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1946
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 1948. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE. IOWA. PAGE SEVEN. turned} For the Herald'a Homemakera by Iowa State College Home Economists Spring Cleaning Alphabets— START WITH DDT DDT, applied with a pressure sprayer or paint brush to baseboards and cracks' in the floor. Is death to carpet beetles and silvcrflsh. So, when rugs are up and the house is cleared—housccleaning time—wage your war on Insects. If clothes moths arc your big problem, remove all clothing from the closets and give the closets the works with your DDT houseclcanlng aid. Dust, grease, grime—all banished in spring housecleaning. But how about the insects and larvae that resist the broom? They remain a headache during Iowa's "buggiest" months—be- ween April and September. DDT can play a major role in your sprint; housccleaning by destroying WM. C. BAKKUM CHIROPRACTOR In Postvllle Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays jJOSEPH B. STEELE J ATTORNEY-AT-LAW j Office Over Abernethy's Store Telephone No. 240 £ Ti DR. H. D. COLE Dentist ANNUAL MEETING OP POSTVILLE TOWN COUNCIL Office Over Cltiiens State Bank Dr. F. W. KIESAU, M.D. Dr. M. F. KIESAU, M. D. Office Over Louis Schutte's Hours—Daily 0 to 18 and 1 to 5 Wed. and Sat.—7 to 8 :30 p. m. L Dr. C. M. Morgan VETERINARIAN Office Opposite Post Office Telephone No. 146-J LOUIS SCHUTTE WILLARD SCHUTTE Funeral Directors and Embalmcrs Cut Flowers For All Occasions BURLING & PALAS ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Office Over Postvllle State Bank many insect pests and preventing their start for several months. It's all trick of knowing what form of DDT to buy and how to use it, says Harold Gunderson, entomologist at Iowa State College. Oil Spray Best. The best all-around spray for home use is probably the odorless, colorless, non-staining oil spray containing 5 percent DDT. Its effectiveness depends upon its proper use with n coarse spray to places where insects will be in contact with the resulting DDT crystals. DDT powders also may be used dry with good results against some insects. But, Gunderson says, powders should not be mixed with water unless the label specifically states that this maybe done. The small household fly sprayer is inadequate for applying DDT sprays. If n 3'-.- gallon pressure sprayer is not available, the solution may be applied with a paint brush. Spray During Cleaning. Housecleaning time is a good time to paint or spray the DDT solution. Clear and scrub closets, clean baseboards and ceilings. Gunderson warns homemakers not to expect miracles from the spray. They should study their insect problems and attack each individually. Insects Attacking Clothing: Silverfish, clothes moths and carpet beetles may be controlled by spraying all parts of the closet, including floor, wall, shelves and behind baseboards and drawers. Woolen clothing, rugs, carpels, blankets, upholstered furniture and other articles can be sprayed without damage. Flies and Mosquitoes: Wet walls and ceilings with the spray. Apply one quart to 5-percent spray evenly to 225 square feet of surface. This will usually give control for two to three months. Gunderson warns that DDT in oil solution is poisonous. It penetrates through the skin and may cause a toxic condition. So, when considerable spraying is to be done, wear rubber gloves and cover nose and mouth with a cloth. There is no danger, however to children or pets playing on treated rugs after the spray has dried. Although the base oil in this type spray is stainless, it may cause a smudge if touched before the oil has evapoorated, usually two to four hours. Also, before venturing into a DDT- ing of your household, it's important to determine if the oil used as a DDT "Carrier" in the spray is inflammable. If so, it should never be used near an open flame. The regular annual meeting of the Town Council of the Incorporated Town of Postvllle Iowa, was held at nine o'clock a. m., Monday, April 1, 1046, at the Council Room in Memorial Hall. Mayor Arthur J. Palas presided. Councllmen present were H. D. Cole, Fred J. Miller, Fred C. Ruckdaschel, Harold H. Schrocder and Lawrence Welzol. The, minutes of the previous regular and special meetings were read and on motion approved and ordered tiled. Reports of L. O. Beucher, treasurer, were read and accepted and ordered placed on file. The Council proceeded to audit the books of the Town Clerk and finding them correct, on motion they were approved. The following bills of account were allowed and ordered paid from the various funds: General Fund: Eldo Gcrlckc $ 139.80 A. C. Webster 101.16 Keith Gregg 16.00 James A. Gregg 5.00 Otto Appel 1.00 Fred A. Baltz 02.50 H. D. Cole 24.50 H. H. Schroeder 31.50 Fred J. Miller 22.50 L. C. Welzel 21.50 Fred C. Ruckdaschel 37.50 Postville Herald 28.53 Arthur J. Palas 12.50 Waterworks Fund: Interstate Power Co $ 110.78 Badger Meter Co 6.00 National Aluminate Corp 44.61 Citizens State Bank 15.10 H. A. Lange 131.60 J. L. Gregg Lumber Co. 4.85 Marblehead Lime Co 181.44 Waterous Company 32.93 Home Oil Company 15.09 Grading and Dragging Fund: J. L. Gregg Lumber Co $ 3.01 Falb Motor Company 3.26 Ralph LaVclle .'. 7.50 Home Oil Company 11.87 Light Fund: Interstate Power Co $ Sewer Fund: Interstate Power Co S Memorial Hall Fund: Interstate Power Co :.$ Louis L. Hill J. L. Gregg Lumber Co John Burrow 115.12 Liberty Memorial Hall Bond Fund: Weed— F. C. Ruckdaschel. The Mayor also appointed A. C. Webster, town clerk; Eldo Gericke, town marshal; Otto Appel, street commissioner; Henry A. Lange, waterworks superintendent, and Dr. F. W. Kicsau as health officer. A beer license was granted to Earl | Peake and one to Emil C. Schultz. A cigarette license was issued to | Emil C. Schultz. The Council then adjourned to re- 1 convena as a Board of Review. A. C. WEBSTER, Town Clerk. M. C. DEERING, Mayor. MEN WANTED for ORCHARD WORK GOOD PAY and HOUSING WRITE OR TELEPHONE Henry E. Helgerson, Manager KICKAPOO DEVELOPMENT CORP. GAYS MILLS, WISCONSIN Adjourned Meeting. The Postville Town Council met as | a Board of Review at two o'clock. H. H. Schroeder was appointed to I act as secretary of the Board by the | Council. It was moved by H. H. Schroeder and seconded by Keith Gregg that the Assessor's books be approved as read at the meeting. On motion the Council adjourned as | a Board of Review. A. C. WEBSTER, Town Clerk. M. C. DEERING, Mayor. Demand The Best! J. W. MYERS, M.D. Office Over Luhman & Sanden Telepbonei: Office 188-W Residence 188-X Dr. R. F. Schneider VETERINARIAN Phone No. 170 Postvllle. Iowa Day and Night Calls Answered Office In The Irls^Theatre Building Monona and Postville Rendering Service We Pay Up To— $2.50 Por Horses and Cows Permit 48 For Prompt Service Telephone POSTVILLE LOOKER SERVICE Telephone No. EM Monona Farmers Phonr No. IM LOW BRIDGE. A new Ford car just from the factory was being taken on the second deck of a transport trailer near Harlan when if came in contact with a bridge. The top of the bridge was lower than the top of the car. Result, just junk. MOTHER ATTENDS. Mrs. Alice Groves, 92, attended the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of her daughter and husband, Mr, and Mrs. D. W. Foster of Truro. The anniversary dinner was held in Winterset so that Mrs. Groves might attend. 86.29 2.21 18.35 60.31 7.35 Thq Council then reconvened and on motion adjourned until their next | regular meeting on Friday evening, April 5, 1946. A. C. WEBSTER, Town Clerk. M. C. DEERING, Mayor. BEST APPLY FERTILIZER AT PLANTING OR BEFORE I 42.00 O. Beucher $ 35.00 Hospital Bond Fund: L. O. Beucher $ 26.00 Paving Bond Fund: L. O. Beucher $ Storm Sewer Bond Fund: L. O. Beucher $1165.00 Sanitary Sewer Fund: L. O. Beucher $ 15.00 Emergency Fund: Otto Appel $ 143.80 On "motion the Town Council was then adjourned. A. C. WEBSTER, Town Clerk. A. J. PALAS, Mayor. Best result will be obtained from fertilizer if it is applied at planting time or shortly before, according to H. B. Cheney, Iowa State College extension agronomist. Fortunate is the man who owns or | can obtain a grain drill with a fertilizer attachment, Cheney says. This | implement is most satisfactory for applying fertilizer either to small grain | and grass seedings or to pastures. Lacking this equipment the fertilizer must be broadcast. Low-down fertilizer spreaders, trailer, limestone spreaders or end-gate seeders may be used, provided the fertilizer is spread evenly and thoroughly worked into the soil. Disking to get the fertilizer well mixed with the top four inches of soil is important if it's spread on the surface. Since phosphate and potash fertilizers combine readily with the soil they remain where they are placed, Cheney says. That's why it's important to work them down into the soil where they will be available to plant roots. Special Meeting. A special meeting of the Town Council of the Incorporated Town of Postville, Iowa, was held on Monday, April 1, 1946. The Council met and organized at 12 o'clock noon. M. C. Deering took the oath of office as Mayor, given by A. J. Palas. F. C. Ruckdaschel, H. H. Schroeder, Keith Gregg, Glenn Olson and James Overland were duly sworn in as Councilmen, as was J. L. Gregg as Hospital Trustee. The Council then adjourned to reconvene at one o'clock p. m. A. C. WEBSTER, Town Clerk. M. C. DEERING, Mayor. GROUND CHEKKIES MAY BE STARTED IN SPRING I Adjourned Meeting. The Council met as per adjournment at one o'clock with all Councilmen present. The Mayor appointed the following as standing committees for the coming year: Finance—F. C. Ruckdaschel, H. H. Schroeder and Keith Gregg. Ordinance — H. H. Schroeder and James Overland. Health—H. H. Schroeder and Glenn Olson. Streets—F. C. Ruckdaschel, Glenn Olson nnd H. H. Schroeder. Light — Keith Gregg and James Overland. Sewer—F. C. Ruckdaschel, H. H. Schroeder and Glenn Olson. Fire—H. H. Schroeder and James Overland. Town Hall—Keith Gregg, F. C. Ruckdaschel and Glenn Olson, Parks and Dump— F. C, Ruckdaschel, James Overland and Keith Gregg, You can spring-plant ground cherries if you've a yen to get some of 1 them started in your garden this | spring. Or you can plant them indoors in April for a head start, then set them out about the middle of May. Larry Grove, extension horticulturist at Iowa State College, .says the use of a "starter" solution at transplanting time may help avoid a check in growth. In the garden the plants should be set 3 to 4 feet apart, and 1 to 3 feet | in the row. All varieties should begin ripening early in July. That goes for the old fashioned garden ground cherry and the large-fruited varieties which are being handled by some seedsmen now. The large-fruited varieties, Grove points out, do not as yet possess the | high quality of the small kind. SALS3URY 5AL V 'm parky again - // wasn If too late, The boss increased my dosage to eight. Ren-O-Sal tablets you all surely know, Puts CtcglCoccidiosis right on thego.\ DR. SALSSURY'S REN-O-SAL p..v«m Ui« spfetd of ccc.l coccidiom jn ctucltent Tit 41 ptomplly *t iht fust sign in youf flock REN'O'SAL ll ufs in «ny wjtctci—«v«n lUl. HEADQUARTERS FOR RfN-O-SAL AND OTtWR DR. SALSIURY'S MEDICINES Four-County Hatchery Phone No. 234 Postville, Iowa Allamakee Rendering Works Call 555 Pottville ALL DEAD ANIMALS LARGE OR SMALL We Pay Cash and Meet All Competition WE WILL PAY FOR THE CALL) RUPTURED? If you are suffering from hernia you owe it to yourself to try the NEW PATENTED DOBBS TRUSS. It is different and far superior to the old fashioned truss. It has no knobs, bulbs, belts or straps. Reason should teach you not to place a bulb or ball in opening of rupture, which ' keeps the muscles apart thereby cheating nature of the chance to heal, it is designed to keep rupture closed while Working, walking, lifting or swimming. Many wearers report rupture healed. For Men, Women and Children. J. R. NICHOLS Factory Technician, will explain this truss, without charge, in: MoGREGOR—WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10— a P. M, to 8 P. M. SCENIC HOTEL ELKADER—THURSDAY, APRIL 11—10 A. M. to 1 P. M. BAYLESg HOTEL That clay when poultry raisers had to gamble on their chicks . , . when "Any kind will do" was the way they were ordered . . . has passed along as so many old fashioned methods. Today you can demand the best; the kind of baby chicks that will be real money makers, both for the market and for egg production. Here at the Meyer's Four-County Hatchery we pride ourselves in being able to supply our customers with the highest quality Baby Chicks that every poultry raiser will be able to turn into real profits. If you have not placed your order, may we suggest you do so at once so you will not be disappointed. MEYER'S Four-County Hatchery Telephone No. 234 Postville, Iowa Re-Style Your Surroundings with our Nursery Stock Our ornamental trees, shrubs and nursery stock are not only first class, but are fully guaranteed growers. We invite you to call at our nursery in Postville and we will talk over your needs to properly landscape your premises. Our years of experience in landscaping and nursery stock growing are at your disposal. WE CARRY A COMPLETE STOCK OF Strawberries, Raspberries, Small Fruit, and Fruit Trees, Hedges, Shade Trees, Ornamental Trees and Evergreens, Windbreak Evergreens, Flowers and the general line of nursery stock. Northern Iowa Nursery O. L. BROWN, Prop. Telephone 354-J

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