The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 30, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1933
Page 7
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•••••MMHBSJiMHBMMMiBii^i^^ga HENDERSON THE MALVtft* LfeAOfeft, MALVtRN, IOWA, NOVEMBER 30. 1933 PAGESEVEff Cemolidated School flftfe Eterto*e Is Iiftppy tfcat tests If* otftt again. Tie following temple received cite hundred per cent in tfce *p*lliftg test: Helen Simmonds and Ltsyd Stephens In the fifth fffcde and Chester faylof and Of* timfttbfcd* in the sixth grade. the fiftfc i*tde AH sorry to hare lost their nineteenth mem- to bet, tf*r tJavi*, who moved Arkansas last week end, We ar* making spelling pads to write out spelling In doting December. We will have ft graph in the back of oar pad to mark our progress. Seventh and Eighth Grade* fibfis Prttcher was absent from school Monday. Mrs. Jesse Shank chaperoned a number of seventh and eighth grade pupils to the skating rink at Macedonia Wednesday night, fed returned with an enlarged knowledge bump. Carrol Phillips is recovering from his recent illness. High School News Eleven of the high school students and Supt. Dory attended the Older Bojrs' and Girls' conference In Emerson last Wednesday. Mr. Dory talked to the conference group both in the morning and afternoon. The conference was enjoyed by everyone who attended it. The Henderson basket ball teams won their two games played on the home floor Friday night. The results were as fol lows; Henderson girls 32, Coburg girls 8; Henderson boys 33, Coburg boys 18. Third and Fourth Grades In the third grade the following have a perfect attendance record for the past six weeks: Betty Jane Allensworth, Betty June Brown, Leora Haney, Daisy McKInney, Pansle Nelson, Feme Slmmonds, Ruby Smith, Kenneth Sowers, Keith Allensworth and Reginald Parker, In the fourth grade: Nellie Mc- Qee, Marine Fritcher, Vivian Care, Bruce Wilkinson, Robert I Wight, George Trlplett, Charles :Bmlth, Morris Shehap, Laird Nor,*•»?!,— . .. __ M'I/N* _*i«_ * i^ •*•_*_ ; ___ ** . Weeks s ipelllrig for the past six Ruby Smith, Kenneth 1 5, Sowers, Betty Jane Allensworth, •""'Betty June Brown, Keith Aliens- worth, Dorothy Klndig and Feme Slmmonds. In the fourth grade: Nellie MeGee, Yvonne McKee, Norrls Shehan, Charles Smith, Robert Wight, Vivian Care, Billy Cox, Merle Cox, Louis Farrington and Maxine Frltcher. Rebekahs Nominate New Officers The following were nominated as elective officers Tuesday evening at the Rebekah lodge; Martha Srottb, N, Q.; Ha?el Brown, v. Q,; A. H. Harbor, secretary; Qcta Harover, treasurer, After the lodge a one act play entitled "Please Pass the Cream" was given by A, Ht and Margaret Harbor. This was a surprise to the real but was much enjoyed anyway, Pawl Rainbow anfl Reign By« era who attend Simpson college at Indlanola spent the week end wltb their parents, The members of the B. Y> K- club enjoyed a social time Wedsejday ftftenwea with Mrs. 0. A, Wight. A dainty lunch was served, < ••. '__ , „ _ , . and Mr*, J<Wl Ayer Married Forty Yti» Sunday evening Herman Knight froin south of Henderson drove to Caftoti taking with him Eddie Wlttwef and Paris Tod"*. While Knight and Wlttwer were in a festattrant getting none coffee Todd and the car. a Chevrolet eotipe, disappeared. They tntned up In Henderson a little later where young Todd went to the Hendrteks home In the north part of town where he has been hushing com this fall and went to the room where he and the Hendrlcks boys had been sleeping and left In a short time. Forty nine dollars in Cash that had been left In the pockets of one of the boys also disappeared. He then went to the MeSweeney filling station about 8 o'clock and bought some gasoline for the car and drove Off. So far nothing has been seen since of the car, the man or the money, The other boys missed him very shortly after he left and started a search but were too late to catch him. Young Todd came here last fall from some place down in South Carolina and having known of the Hendricks family before secured work with them. He seemed a rather decent sort of chap and his disappearance is a great surprise. Celebrated Their 47th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wilkinson celebrated their forty-seventh Wedding anniversary Monday, Nov. 20, at their pleasant home in Henderson. They are among our best citizens and have a lot of friends who join us in wishing them many more happy anniversaries. Mrs. Harold CMnptoTl and It* fly tnd fret mtW, Iff. Wfff Cato, left Hoftd*y let CWtffotnH Mere flrty wlft spend tfci winter. th*y went by a*t*. A program ww Stntay afternoon and also la the evening over the Shenandoah stations *fr the chott from Avoca which was under the direction of Mrs. Glen Schaffert who w*t formerly Mfc dred SoweM. W. fc. Wheeler was Ift COttfcefl Bluffs Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. W. Wilson visited relatives in CMiton Saa- day. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Williams and Miss Humphrey Were Red Oak visitors Saturday afternoon. Dr. and Mrs. Curraft 6f Oak* land visited in the Mrs. 8. it. Woods home Sunday. Capias Kiss Tofle*H«*«* A fall line, 10 cents, at Wheeler's, adv. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde QtsfUt and son, Biiile. were 16 Red Oak Wed-' nesday afternoon. Mrs. McKeeney visited 1ft the Wash. Nelson home several days last week. Mrs. Bevls Sowers and family enjoyed a Visit Sunday from her sister and husband of Elliott. Benny Reed of Nodaway came Monday to work in the depot, taking the place of Scott Sheehan. Mrs. Perkins Went to Council Bluffs Sunday for a weeks visit with her daughter, Dr. Morton and family of near Des Moines spent the week end In the Dr. R. L. South home. They all attended the football game at Lincoln Saturday. Mrs. Pearl Mercer and Mrs. Jess Shank and son, Ted, and Maud Darling Edmondson, BlIHe Harbor, Loretta Davis, and Darlene Edmondson visited the skat* ing rink at Macedonia Wednesday evening. Pauline Brown has been taking care of a lady in Macedonia who suffered a stroke a few days ago and is in a serious condition. Earl Bolleau and son were in Emerson Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Fisher and An extra train came up Sun- Mrs. C. E. Edmondson were in day taking gravel to Macedonia. Omaha Friday. Imogene - S. E. Mills One of Imogene's Oldest Residents Died Monday Mrs. Eliza Hayes, age 89, died at her home in the east part of Imogene Monday, Nov. 27, after a brief illness. She fell receiving some injuries a tew days ago which with complications of 'Old age caused her death. She was one i Frank Qutscbenritter of "Red Oak spent Thursday here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Gutschenritter. Mr. and Mrs. S, B. Hankins drove to Council Bluffs last Tuesday and brought home their son, Wayne, who was recently operated on at the Edmundson hospital for appendicitis. D, Holdun and family have moved into the Mat Maher home on the Pat Maher farm where they will remain until the bouse recently destroyed by fire on the Trenholm place can be rebuilt. Leu Gutschenritter has been quite sick the past week with the flu. Miss Mae Maher visited Sunday afternoon in the Leu Gutschenritter home. Many from here went to Shen- anfloah the past week to attend Mission given by Rev. William Robinson at St, Marys Catholic church, Miss Anna Pelehant la quite sick being threatened with pneumonia. Mrs, Margaret Trenholm who lias been quite poorly is reported Improving, The six months old baby of Mr, and Mrs. Ora Alehouse who has been very sick with a gathering in its ear is reported better, Mr, and Mrs. J. McHenry, parents of Mr, 9R4 Mrs. Jebn Ayer bratad tfeelr fcrtietb wedding AD* ttlyeraary $t tb^lr bosae h «e last Friday, -They ar e another couple «l«Wy gOftd we fc<W to tbei* f aiftea tbe«> ceiebrftte , pjrf »y ea a part u Mr, and Mrs. Ralph JlA)f» m* Mrs. AJshouse, have been here I helping care for it. I Tbe Clew Maher bpwe wblcb has been under quarantine for scarlet fever was released Friday »»d the Rob Jones will be. released Tuesday, Mrs, Ja.8. Skeeban of Logan was jQQking after business affairs last Wed»esd,ay. week In Sbenaudoah with A»nes payle. Mrs, J, L. Qwynn, ago two. sow reeldlag iu but a former Iwogaae wa» struck by a etarm dojor Hit Tuesday at the offtw of bw band, j« tbft J, Q, Pe«aey Joseph Martini Leo Hughes Both in Mercy Hospital Mr, and Mrs. Mike Martin and sons, Joseph, Patrick, and Micheal, drove to Council Bluffs last Wednesday to consult a physician in regard to Joseph who bad not been feeling well. The doctors at for monla developed and Joseph was a very sick boy 'for a few days but we are glad to report that he is now recovering nicely, His father and mother both remained in Council Bluffs to be near him. His brothers, James, Edward, and Gerald, drove up to see blm 8un< day, Leo Hughes was taken very sick Sunday night and early Monday morning he was taken to the Mercy hospital where be was op. erated on. Mrs. Tom McDonald and daughters, Mary Catherine and Elenor, Misses Louise Gutschenritter, Louise Hall, end Mae Mali er drove to Council Bluffs Saturday where tbey spent tbe day, Mrs. )da Cassell and daughter, Mildred, and son, Jim, and grand* son, Jlmmle Sparks, drove down from Omaha Saturday evening to the borne of Andrew Pelehant wbere they remained until SUB- day evening, Mr, and Mrs. S, B. Jlanktoa drove to Bartlett Sunday and spent tbe day with tbeir son, Beryl, and family, Leader Cooking School Recipet Many unusual »Bd e$cellent recipes were iiwd by MUs Lootiey at tbe copklpg ecbool. Be* cause several of our readers bare requested it, we are printing a part of tbew at thJft time, a T 9 t grated ?-a c bread 8 T pepper plweate or green i trttttat 1 t salt Btettd tie »?« with the fcot water, stir mitt the fat is melted and the mftrtnfe it* a-n fifty appearance. Add the flour all at oaee and stir tttrtll ft I««ve8 the sides of the bowl and forms a ban. spread In i fcalf inch layer on oiled p*p«f to cool and chin. Flfl the cavity of a pickled with cream cheese. Serve with French dressing and sprinkle with note. S«i»htt* Me M c cold water 4 eggs Ofated rind % lemon U t salt % T gelatine 3 T lemon Jnlce i e (tttgaf 1 c whipping cream Soften the gelatin in cold water. Put the egg yolks, lemon rind, Juice and sugar and whip over boiling water until firm and creamy. Fold in the gelatin. Fold In the egg whites beaten stiff with half the sng&r. Pour into a baked pie shell and chill. Top with whipped cream when ready to serve. % n«sd efttitttgi (medium). Nnt* Cream efceete i apple Salad dressing 8 to 16 prone* Soak the prunes but do not cook. Remove pit and ttnff with the cheese. Combine the shredded cabbage, chopped apple and nuts with the salad dressing and garnish with the prunes. Hirm Short Cake Chopped cooked ham White since Green pepper Pimento Orating of onion browned the butter before making in the white sauce. Serve on hot baking powder biscuit. Or***** And Spaghetti Place alternate layers of oysters and spaghetti (cooked and drained) in baking dish. Make a sauce of 2 T butter 2 T flour 1V4 c milk Salt Pour over the oysters and spaghetti. Top with buttered crumbs. Bake 16 to 20 minutes, 460 degrees. Variations may be attained by adding green peppers, pimento, a tew drops of tohaseo sauce, or sprinkle with chopped ftlmofids browned in hot fat. ftKMK Pie 1 can peaches low baking dish and sprinkle with % c brown sugar Arrange in pie plate or a shal- cinnamon. H c melted butter 2-8 e flout i e brown sugar ft t salt Mix to a paste and drop in small amounts among the peaches. Cook slices of egg plant in boil' ing salted water until tender but not soft. Arrange layers of the eggplant and buttered crumbs In a casserole. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne or paprika. Bake 20 to 26 minutes, 860 degrees. Orated cheese or 1 cup tomatoes may be added it desired. Refrigerator ttolls 1 qt milk scalded 1 c mashed potatoes 1 c shortening 1 c sugar Mix and let cool. Add: 1 cake yeast ft c warm water 2 t baking powder 1 t coda 2 t gaft Flour (about 1C cnps) Knead well and pat In refrigerator. As heeded, remove ftnft make into the desired rolls. Let rise 1 to 1ft hours. Bake, degrees. Congress Is scattered All over the country, wondering whtt ft do when It assembles tgaln. St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Another reason we counsel peace In Europe a while longer Is that it would be very foolith. for anyone in Enrope to start a war right when the United States is so hard up. — Kansas Star. "Think of yonr brain as a tele* phone switchboard," says the Literary Digest. With the operator* halt the time asleep at the switch — Boston Post. Why is it still Mid that unwanted articles aren't "worth a Continental?" Because a "Continental" was inflated currency. Thus in our own country, the past furnishes sad object lessons enough to prevent us from ro- peatlng past mistakes. — Man* Chester Union. Need for printing increases with the approach of Christmas season. The Leader commercial printing 1 plant is well prepared to care for every demand and to furnish printing of all kinds at lowest possible prices. All work is guaranteed to be satisfactory, CARDS Remember all of your friends this thoughtful, friendly way, We have a variety of cards ranging in price from lo up, Cards with your name neatly imprinted can be had as low as $1 for 25, Or if you wish a greeting more original than can be had from stock cards we will be glad to help with ideas, and suggest paper stock, types and ink colors, LSINESX PRINTING Good printing still pays. The leader will help you plan your printing needs and is always glad to furnish accurate cost estimates and to help you to get the moat from your printing. Business announcements, circu. lars, dodgers, bills, stationery, statements, labels, envelopes, letter* heads, catalogues, cards, posters, window cards —- practically every type of printing you may need can be done by our plant and usually at & saving, g^u \& whenever you need printing, You'll And it pays, r

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