The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 16, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1894
Page 9
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Lout Powor, Falling Mumory, WMtfuv plBouwg, wd lU effMsta of naU-abuBo or ojceiwand iadlDoretlon, Vbtob unfit* ODD for « udy, bnMneiM or marriage It not onljr ouren by nUrting at tlio neat of dUca*e, but l« a great nurve tonlo and blood builder, bring' Ing tack (be pink a-low to i>nle oliooknandro itorlng tbe flr« of youth. It wardo off Jruwnltr and OoMumptlon. IiwUt on having niiiVIVQ,no eth«r. It can lw carried in vest pocket. By inall, 8 1.09 per P«C*MO, or Bit (or •O.OO, with a nosl r« written *M»r»ntee to cure or reload UM*Mx>vjr, Ofroiuarfroe. Address •QYM. HEPIOINE CO., 63 RlvsrSI,, CHIC400, IU for Sale tit Carroll, ' Iowa, by -J, W. Hat,t«m, ' THI ••§T CURE C THAT- OUGH -y WITH - SHILOH s CURE mm mm BRAZIL'S NEW CABINET. Discloses the Cordiality Between Peixoto and Moraes. THEY ABE HEN OF EXPEBIENOE. Hew HlnUter of War One at Felxoto'a Oloerat Frlendi and the Minliter of Finance Benred I» the Retiring Freildent'a Cabinet In • Similar Petition— rhreo Thonwhd Armenian* Murdered by Kn'rda Nov. 15.— Brazilian officers here give interesting details of the new cabinet of Brazil as briefly announced by cable. The list is said to contain errors in the names, due to transmission, but the list corrected as far as possible here is as follaws: Minister of inance, Bodrignen Alvor; interior and Instice, Uvaldino do Amaral; foreign affairs, Rosse . Silva; industry, Santos Piree; war. General Bernardo Casqnez; marine, Vice Admiral Joaquin Franois- code Abrn. The signifloant feature of the new cabinet is that it discloses the cordiality between the retiring president', Peixoto, and the new president, Moraes. The new minister of war Is one of Peiz- oto's closest friends. He and the new minister of marine have until now taken no part in politics and have been simply soldiers. Both were prominent commanders in the war with Paraguay. > , Admiral Abrn was a hero of the famous naval battle of Plaohnelo. During the recent revolution he was in Europe inspecting the warships Brazil ordered there. Tbe new minister of finance occupied a similar position in Peixoto's Brat cabinet and there distinguished himself by bis monetary policy. He was a Conservative and a member of parliament under the empire during Oom Pedro's time. Of late he has boon senator. • The minister of industry is a deputy representing the state of Minus, a civil engineer and professor of the school of mines oC Ourp Pretoto, He has always been a Republican. The minister of foreign affairs, Basse Silva, is speaker of tho bouse of representatives and one o' the deputies of the state of Peroambnco He was in the parliament of the empire and was minister of the interior and' public instrno tor under Doin Pedro in the cabinet and introduced the bill for the abolition of alavary in 1808. He Is a lawyer of ability and has traveled extensively. During the empire Silra belonged tojthe Con servaMve party. The minister of the interior and iustioe is N lawyer and vlo» president of the senate, fle repreaonti in the chamber the state of Panama. Se has always been a Republican, ley Holds consul of the United States at .Mozambique. He was charged with attempted homicide for shooting a kaffir whom he caught robbing his house. Tho kaffir recovered from his injuries and Mr. Holds was acquitted. The American consul at Capetown has protested to Portugal against the action of the authorities at Mozambique.' 8ehonnt«dt ^Succeed* Sehelllnc. BERLIN, Nov. 15.—Emperor William has accepted tbe resignation of Dr. Hermann von Schelling, the Prussian min- ster of justice, and has appointed Dr. Jchonstedt, formerly president of the 3elle court of appeals, to be his successor. Dr. Schonstedt is a Catholic of nn- mowrt political views. The Conserva- ;ivos are said to be pleased with his appointment. ' Scotch and Welch Dl»e»ti»bllilimnnt. • LONDON, Nov. lo.—Speaking at Glasgow, Lord Rosebery stated that the Liberal program would Include Scotch and Welch disestablishment. He declared that he was not a single chamber man, but that he did not dispuir of solving the problem. America, France and Hungary had solved it to the perfect satisfaction of their respective people. MASSACRED JBV_THE KURD3. Three TUoiuand Armenian* Murdered In , Hi« htuouu Ktglon. SoraiA, Bulgaria, NOV. 15.— The, re port received by the London Daily Newt from Constantinople that tf.OW Armen (ana, Including women and children, had beenmumoml • Jn- the SpaQun region near Mooili, Turkish Armenia, during a repent attack by Kurds, I* seemingly oonnriued by ft story whloU has reached Varna thut a force of Utiul Btusouks raided * numb»r of Armt-nlftn village* and filled and wounded 0,0*1 personi. The Daily News dispatch refer: -»4 to said that tho Rurfs massacred »,(WO Armenians and d,<* x>yed XA villages, The Turkish uffloUU at CpMtantinopla declared tuut the report vyas uot tvuu and th.t It grow o«t of the suppression bf g amuU riajng In thereg ion, mentioned, It W4» add&d that: M»» British dor at QouBtttuUnopJe was making tho matter. SEEMS LIKE A MIRACLE. Capitalist Vangirikel Suddenly Recovers His Eyesight. IOWA AND NEBRASKA GOSSIP. Colonel Bale Made a Brigadier General. Nebraska Deaf and Dumb Institute Turned Into » Hoapltnl—Blulr Courier Channel Polltlci-IIiutlng* Former Fonnd Guilty—Baker A, pointed Receiver. DBS MOINES, NOT. 15.—Garret Vangin- kel of Soutji Des Jloines, a well known millionaire and coal operator, who wag stricken blind in this city about 70 days ago, awoke Wednesday morning at & o'clock with his eyesight not only restored, but better than ever. Mr. Vankinkel, while playing with a child, had his head struck a slight blow. The next day while on the street the blindness c^une. He made a trip to Chicago and consulted the best specialists, who, however, could do nothing for him. Tuesday night he had pains in his head, and on awakening from a fitful sleep saw the moonlight stealing into his winiow. The doctors think that a clot Scarlet jrever ann iMpineria. . ^ym^Q^ f 'A~IM> uoucum mni* muv o w*vu MONTREAL, Nov. ) 5.—Since Sunday I Qt blood which had kept the optic nerve ° h ""° °"''' 1u " from acting had pansed away, and think he will have no trouble. Four masked bandits rode into Slnu- tuck,,O. T., nrul robbed the postofiici-, ;> store and a saloon. John Sehy, a farmer of Muson City, In., was fatally stubbed by his farm hand, Martin Joyce, without provocation. Michael Wilson, aged 65, of Adrain, Midi., has been imprisoned for cruelly beating his mother.'who is 93 years old. , Nov. 15.— A Times dispatch from Capetown says the Portuguese HU. scarlet fever and diptheria have suddenly broke out here. Seventeen cases of scarlet fever and diptheria are known to exist in the Protestants Infants' home and 12 in the Foundlings' home. There have been five deaths. * Chinese Kill Their Own Hen. LONDON, Nov. )5,—Tien TBin dispatches say thousands of refugees who were fleeing from Kinchow were mistaken for the enemy by the Chinese troops and were fired upon. Hundreds of them were killed. . Osar** Death and Funeral EipentUe, VIENNA, Nov. 15.—Papers here state that including the ttWi.U^O roublau divided among the doctors, Czur Alexander's Illness and journey to Livadla cost 10,000,000 roubles. New Honor* for Sarah. LONDON, Nov. 15,—A Paris dispatch says it is announced t'aat Burau Bernhardt will be made chevalier of tha Legion or Ilonor. MEETING OP AGRICULTURALISTS, fievoral QueiMona of IinporUnoe at the Wathlngton Oonventlon. WASHINOTON, Nov. 16.—Several questions of agricultural importance were given general discussion at the general session of the Association of American Agricultural colleges to appoint a committee of live to confer with various educational associations as to extranoe we- animations, oonnos of study and other questions concerning the work of the • agricultural Institutions, the committee's report to bo submitted at the next annual convention. Director A. O. True of the office of.experimnut stations of the agricultural department spoke of the assistance rendered by the office to the agricultural institutions and reviewed the office work for the year. Secretary Morton WAS presented and In a brief speech to tUe dul'watos referred to th,e little good ucooiupllshed by the present method of distributing sueda and plant* throughout preeunt cliauuei* and dttolurod be would recomn^ud tUe system abollshoil and instoHd thureof he would a«k that an additlouul upj] Won bo ma4e for each exi»rimont far tlw puroha«e bf seeds by the Btutiou direptor, so that seeds, plants, eto., adapted to the soil aud cilmutuoUUe leoOoii could bti.purohiwad. Ho also re- ferrod to tUe dennudutlon of tlio fortwto of the country aud said ho thought the statlonu should have a kindergarten oUiss luforwtry, At the present rate at wo Of timber the forosU of thin country iu a few guuyratloiw would be as duuudwd DM Oriwt la toatty, Col. Bale •> Brigadier General. MASON Cm, la., Nov. lol —Llont..- Col. Juinos Bule of this city has be^p elected brigadier general 9t the Second brigade of the Iowa National Guards and succeeds Gen. W. F. Davis of j Cedar Rapids. Tbe headquarters of the I brigade will be moved to Mason City. I The Second brigade includes tbe com- I panics at Clinton, Dubuque, Sioux City, and all located in Northern Iowa. low* College CommaBOetnent AMKS, la., Nov. 16,—The conferring of degrees upon 6)1 seniors of the Iowa Agricultural college by President Beard- sbuur brought to a close commencement week he) e. The principal feature of tbe program was the address to the trustees md graduating class by Dr. Cyrus Northrop, L.L. D., president of the University of Minnesota. Printing Cwuipaoy CEP AH E^rips, la., Nov. 16.— The Be pnbliomi Printing company was reorgan- d by tho selection of Mm. L. 8. Her- ch»ot, pruairtout; W. B, Uoyd, vice preeidunt, and L. A. Bruwer, seoretary and treuKiirer. Mr. Bruwor was also made business manager. Turuoil luto » Uoipltal. OUA.II A, Nov. Ift.-^Tho Nabrasfctt In- stituto for tho Oouf uml Dumb iu this city hiw been turned into a hospital, Thirty of the iuuiattM are ufUluteil with typhoid fever and others uro tlireaU'iioU, The nutliuritie* are much diaturbej over the situation. Ithaea'* I>l»»»trou« uuie. ITHACA, Neb., Nov. IB.— Fire broke oat and the buainesa j>ortlou of Ithaca, Bauudum oouuty, burned. Total Ions i» eatiiuntutl at fga.QOO; iiwunnu-o about |5,OUii. Saveral persons worn injurol by an explosion of gunpowder la the stores. UiuUitft V«r««r Vouiid Uullly, HASTINQS, Nov. 10,-r-John itoedor was fouiul guilty (n tho tlintrict court of ut- teriuu u forge4 check. iSxtouuntlng oir> Quuutnuuoa wtU "prohubly result iu him gettluj,' the minimum sentence, six uioutka in the penitentiary. Anaeniic Women with pale of sallow complexions, or suffering from skin eruptions or scrofulous blood, will find quick relief in Scott's Emulsion. All of the stages of Emaciation, and a general decline of health, are speedily cured. mulsioi Committed Snlolile While Drunk. CEDAK RAPIDS, Nov.!?».—While under ho influence o? liquor Marsb Lathrop, a pninter, took tive • grains of morphine, whiab resulleil iu his dentb. State V. HI. C. A. Mentln*. BEATRICE, Neb., Nov. If),—The art- nnal meeting of the Youug Men's Chris- imi asBociutiou of N^braskn will be held n this city Dec. 0 to 0 inclusive. Jury to lnvo»llK»tii Klci'tlnii Pranda. ST. Louis, Nov. 16.—When the grand iury met today Judge Edmunds of the criminal court delivered his charge, in which he especially directed tho atteu- iou of that body to the allegations of Bribery and wholesale fraud* which it was publicly asserted were committed during the recent election. llxker 8iot>x OiTkY In,, Nov. U«.— Howard 8. , of Bipu* Oity, WHS iipiwintwl 10- ceivor of tho Bious Oity CuLle r«ilw«y by Jiul«a Bhirtw at Fort Dotlgo. Tlw appuiutuieut wuti lumtti on upiiUuHtluu o tUo Muuhattnu Trout takes away the pale, haggard look that comes with General Debility. It enriches the blood, stimulates the appetite, creates healthy flesh and brings back strength and vitality. For Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Weak Lungs, Consumption and Wasting Dis- easn orchiklren. Send jar mir pamphlet. Mailed FREE. 8cou*BwnM,N.Y. AIIDruggisti. 60o.and$|. ALL OVER THE GLOBE Dr. Pleroa's Pleasant Pellets are known. They are far more ofTectiv* in •rousing tbe liver to aotioii tliau Uie olil-fiuU- loned cattuu-Uo pills, calomel or other preparations, and are purely vegetablo ana perfectly ImnnWs iu any cou- diUou of the Kystvui. No car* Is required while using Uuuu. They cure bUlomaiet*. blck bendache, oos- Uveiiau, sour rtomncli, wtudy helcbings, " lieurtrourii," pnin tuul dlstrtnw after enting, and kludnxl «d«riuigoiuonU of tbe liver, stomach and bowel*. Jn. PiiiROK; "iXr<ir"j5Hr-»J "luffi erjr with blocdlujr |>ll<-i. J, muou ..v» o( r»U»0)lo ttwurmioe, la uiunl iMHUpsulits. E»ttuititua eoit, uuuut unn Unit tUu proiwat board If you wsut sta«oiistil« tiii*« on lusuranoo, uk« out a PoHoi trow tUe only noii-lward ofUuu lu Iba city, E. GRIFFITH Agent. ATTORNEY A i LAW, OM1WI. Omiipe Co.. If. T. guffereil untold I could set no mlierjr wltu blocdliur |>ll<-i. I could get i roller nluut or Uuy, until 1 ocmiuicHcriiiiil _ your "rlKataut t'elU'it," »nd now for two ypura or morn, 1 lutvu not bwu iruublt-d wllh tho Piles; If my Utiweln pet Iu a toiiBtHiated coudltlob, 1 tuko a dotw ot l)r. r'icroc'd Plr) t Vt'lU.U, oud Uu> trouble Is oil ANOTHER YEAR DROWNING This Skillful and Rollnblo SPECIALIST -WILL VISIT- CARROLL, IOWA, THURSDAY, DEC. 13, Burke's Hotel One day only every month. Consultation fiw. He Cures Whou Others Fail; At,L CHKON1C DISK^iSBS Diseases of LUtfGM and HEART STOMACH and LIVER NERVOUS MtiltASJKS DISEASES of WOVEN DfSEASKSof JUEN CATARRH, ETC., XTC. VOIIHI; nufl Middle AgeA Men Nervous •» 8nBering from LOST MANHOOD, l'hy«lc»f Debility, Seuiluitl Wttukuow, vw» Vigor, Oeollne ot Manly I'nwere, Uralma. OIBCHAROCa or l-osnaK, VARICOCEH, •«• all I bo train of ovl-u r<wultlng from Kxoa.aot, ERRORS..IN VOOTH, et"., eta,. iirodoclnK inwe nf the following effects, las Neivoutueg*. Emiiitluui, flmiilut, UloloMS, O«blUty, DIuln'M, Dufeotlvo Mmnory, Abieaea of Will 1'owt-r, Oonfaalqn of Moan, Avurtloato •oulety, Sexual Kxhaamlou. Pain In tbe Utak, elo., bllxbtlnK the inontradiunt hou M , render- iturlug inarrlago unhappy aud bmlnt)*» a fatt- ure; sweeping thoa*andi to an untimely grave, NO MATTER WHO HA3 FAIUEO. OOOittlt tt» Doctor, fro ha* cured ihontandi who ha*« glyaa up in Joipalr. AjpCRFCCTl TION OU»R*NTEEO Ooomltllllo ooundeutUl, l>rtitt)« uruaaiiKuruuii. MARRIAGE. Thojeoontoumlallngnuur- riiiw who are -nwaro of |>Ur»loal defoou st »n«knuai» wbmb would r«ud«r marriage a dH- appoiulmunt would do well to oaU on ui. ItKMAKKAVLB UUJiBS. Dr. iMwiiliiK I''is inktuxl ov«r i.QQO itutloata la Iowa duMtiK the |»"t j-.oir mill but) ttuUiuoulals from liutdiilg ollU«nii who luttl fullpil to Oblatit relief fruiu oibttr iiliyoioUim, aiwolttlUta, and; "lumllutuii." By iiennUUon bo refer* to lUe fol- lowliiK woll kuo*u nlllmiu: I). 1,, Hook.Hlrfttlonl. lowtt- Ourodor notvcu* «l«tii:ity untl kidney dlieaswk Jolio Itei'uo, vmnrsburi', I«»H- • Cunxl ot ottlartb, ete. Mr*. D, V. llowttrd, 0«lw«lu, Iowa- CUM do' tonmte wenkows. Chus.A. llulril, Uawuvllk.lowa- Mr*. U. W. Bwlf »rt, Otiuviu'ho, low*-- Curml of Uov. U. Stryouw, huiiluti, N«b. Curotl *oit ot v|iil*iwy, l Un. 1.. U. Oiintw, Monrluuii, )»wn • OuttKlof oalur/li |u itnu miJ ttoiuaoa. 1, llluiuun, Muiiuokelit, Irnvu - curwi ot iMiiwr ottongu*. S. AtbMlon, ()u»ttce ol in macul Uauuoktla, lows- Curwl »[ iMiiwr aua ««ui»rsl dttbUlty. if. V\M. Cttroll. lowa- guiwlofauhtoiiloiliionw sltor miottUtmu hua. dr«d» ot MolLirn wiiboul rollf f. • /40Wi/ui7t<< fc ivjiviv. cri'ttt to withou rai «trloUj ilul itud nuia.vtuu mul 10 KB) UMl tlBlUni M»»u<» l.U« Of ilUOM.UMU ««,

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