The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 9, 1933 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1933
Page 9
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA^. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1933 Week End For Friday arid Saturday Pjnk Beans. Matches GROCERIES I0, b .3lo 0 boxes 100 Monarch Tuna, White Meat, Super Quality, t/ t n Toilet Tissue, 4 1000 sheet rolls* rolls Luxus Pineapple, Broken Siloes, No. 21/x tin.... Monarch Spinach, I ? A No. zy-t tin. I IB Del Monte Tiny Kernel I A* Corn, No. 2 tin IUv Fig «IU Bars 2-1 b. bag*VW Palace Peaches, Sliced or Halves, •} No. 2>/ a tins... tcd Palace Pink • tall I AM' Salmon, Sperry's Pancake and Waffle Flour.... large pkg. 15c FULLY SO'/. OF BAKINO PAILURIS ARK DDK TO INFERIOR FLOUR—USE DRIFTED SNOW HOME-PERFECTED FLOUR B-J; 10 S«ok. 23o 39o Me 49 S., $1.23 Bisquick..... 29c Wheat Heart* 20-oz. pkg. ISc Tomatoes, , I AH Solid Pack, No. 2 cans IWB Mothers' Oats, 99fi any style ftWV Formay AQf* Shortening... .3-lb. can™W» Palmollve •) 14* , I«G Soap. bars Monarch Extra Large 911* Ripe Olives....tall canftW* Cloverbloom or Colorado Gold Butter, in cartons quartered Ib. Mothers' 99fi Cocoa 2-lb. can awklw White Eagle |fl| AA- Soap IU bars ftVW Super Suds A pkgs. IV bars ' 2 D kas. 16c MEATS Leg Pork Roast, Young Grain Fed, Legs of Lamb Ib. Large Loin Lamb Chops Ib J2Jc ISc 180 20o Small Rib Lamb Chops Ib. Lean Pork Steak Ib. Fresh Dressed Hens, 3/ 2 to4-lb. |Jg average Ib. Frying Chickens, Colored Hens, Roasters and Young Rabbits VEGETABLES 5 25c Large Ripe Bananas. Idaho Potatoes, No. 1, OQjt 25-lb. bag sJwU Edison Juice Oranges... Arizona Grape- C 9R(* fruit, large W for ftWW 3 doz 25c 25c lOe Hothouse Straw- A berry Rhubarb •• Ibs. Imperial Valley A Lettuce W heads Newtown Pippin •¥ 9Rl* Apples ' Ibs. aWM» Fresh Solid Ripe A OK* 4 , bs . .£90 Tomatoes. Full Line of Avocados, Fresh Pineapple, Peas, String Beans and Artichokes Bakersfield Market, Inc. 1618 Nineteenth Street ALTA VISTA MARKET Phone 4166 Union Avenue and Kentucky Street LINCOLN MARKET Phone 3053 Corner Twentieth and L Streets Palmolive Soap... t .cake Hominy, Palace.... 2'/; can 9c Pure Honey.. .3-lb. can 32c Coffee, Rancho Ib. 15c Peas, A i AH Olympic., . fc for I9U (No. 2 Cans) Y. C. Peaches. .2 '/z can lOc Ginger »1 .... Ale U pints (Old Colony) 25c Dog Food, Strongheart.... can 5c Pot Roast, Prime Beef Ib. 9c Pirk Steak Ib. Ham, Swift's Premium. Half or 10* Whole Ib. IOC Butter, Af|. Cloverbloom. .Ib. £Uv Wieners .Ib. 12c Vinegar, -IA- N.S 24-oz.lUB Pork and Beans, Van Camp.... med. Carnation Oats... .small pkg. 7c Heinz Ketchup .... .large bottle Catsup, H.O.P., Ige. bottle 10e Trupak Corn.. .No. 2 can Purex . 15-oz. bottle 7c Peel's 1ft 1 A Powder, Igc.pkg. I V'g'V Puritan Malt. .can 39c Pork Roast, Picnic Cut..... .Ib. 9c Sirloin Steak Ib. Bacon, Half or Whole Ib. (Sugar-Cured) Margarine .Ib. Sauerkraut, in Bulk Ib. Cabbage Ib. Ic Large Firm Lettuce 3 for lOc Celery.! bunch 5c Russet Potatoes 25-lb. sack 25c LARGE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION GAME THROUGH 1932 WITH BIG CASH RESERVES Body of E. B. Barrett Found Tied to Beam in Warehouse (United Pre»t beatd ini-c.) MANILA, Feb. 9.— The body of E. B. Barrett, torpedo man aboard tho U. S. submarine S38, was found today hanging from a rope tied to a am In a salt warehouse nt Lag Plnas, a small town south of Manila. No marks of violence were found on the body, but civil authorities expressed doubt that Barrett had committed suicide. Naval officers reserved an opinion pending further Investigation, Barrett had been missing since yesterday, when he went ashore on leave. Only 10 centavos was found In his clothes. His companions aboard ship expressed belief ho was carrying con slderable money when he went ashore. Civil authorities were working on a theory that Barrett visited nn outlying roadhouse last night and had been slain by robbers. Barrett's mother, Mrs. Jenny Edna Laux, resides In Little Hock, Ark. N 15c 5c REV. SUNDAY RECOVERING DES MOINBS, Feb. 9. <A. P.)— Th Reverend William A. (Billy) Sunday famed evangelist, was reported recov erlng today from a heart attacl brought on by acute Indigestion. (AttooMed Press Lcatcd Wire) By CLAUDE A. JAGGER I BW YORK, Feb. 9.—Largo Industrial corporations appear In tho main to have iome through the third year of tho economic blizzard still molding big cash reserves. A number of the companies already reported for their 1032 fiscal year actually show gains In cash and equivalent over tho end of tho previous year. , Statisticians point out, however, that companies which Issue their reports In the earlier weeks of tho year usually make a better show- Ing In tho aggregate than those which report later. A relatively low volume of bonded Indebtedness has stood the Industrial companies In good stead. Their fixed charges average lower than those of the railroads or public utilities, HO that as Inventories hnvo been liquidated, cash accounts have swelled In many Instances. Industrials also have been saved much of the embarrassment of having bonds mature In this period of difficult refunding. A tabulation by- Standard Statistics Company shown that against fixed debt maturities for 1983 of nearly 1300,000,000 for leading railroads and $275,000,000 for utilities, Industrial bond maturities In excess of $1,000,000 aggregate only about $82,000,000. Short term bank Indebtedness Is a relatively much larger burden for Industrial companies than bonded debt, but Injects an element of uncertainty only Into situations In which the bankers may regard the outlook for restored earning power as unfavorable. In a number of companies, cash account has grown, despite tho fact that deficits have been reported. This has been largely due to tho fact that charges for depreciation nntl obsolescence of plant are charged against operating Income, but those charges do not Involve cash outlay until such time as money Is actually spent to restore the plant. A number of companies, have reduced their cash through maintenance of dividend rates in excess of earnings. This was partly responsible for the shrinkage of General Motors' cash account from $205,020,119 on December 31, 1931, to $172,780,095 on December 31, 1932. GRADE SCHOOLS WILL CLOSE, LACK OF CASH MOTT, N. I)., Fob. 0.—Action taken jy tho Mott Bchool board has deemed t nccessnry that grade schools of tho city shall be closed March 17, for the rent of tho term, because of lack of funds. The renson« Riven by the sr.liool board stipulate lack of funds, realisa- tion that the lower evaluation law, recently passed, shall reduce the tncomn too drastically, and heavy running expenses. Tho high school will re main open, It. was announced. President R. E. Trousdalo of the Molt school board Issued a statement declaring that "It Is with deepest re- Bret we announce that these schools must close. However, the voters expressed their wishes at tho polls. If It was their wish that children should, be deprived of grado schooling, then hero Is fulfillment. 1 ' Snowball Cauliflower 2 for 9c Bunch Vegetables 2 for 5c Pippin Apples, 10 Ibs. 25c Stockton Burbank Potatoes 100-lb. sack 85c Even today—In this age of machines and speed—Lincoln's Intense Interest In people—his loyalty to principle—and sincere desire to serve his community are reflected In your I. G. A. Grocers desire to serve you. Today, your I. G. A. Grocer carries on with America's priceless heritage—the principle of Individual opportunity and Independent ownership. And Lincoln was right —Independence of the Individual in business Is the "life" of the community—the foundation upon which its progress and prosperity must be built. That's why I. G. A. Stores are community builders. Sales Week February 10 to 16, Inclusive MILK, I. G. A. BISCUIT FLOUR, I. G. A. Tall Cans Large Pkg. ROLLED OATS I. G. A. WITH GLASSWARE K1RBY CORN. Trupak No. 2 CANS PEANUT BUTTER, I.G.A. HOMINY, 1.0. A. TEA, Upton's FLOOR WAX JOHNSON'S Large 55-oz. Pkg. 2 for 25 C ' B ISc Jar No. 2i/ 2 Can lOc YELLOW LABEL Can O3C Pkg. 1 Pint Liquid CAMPBELL'S—No. 1 Can PORK AND BEANS FORMAY 2for9C 3-lb. can 47c Best Foods Salad Week Suggestions MAYONNAISE ^.470 L,. BEST FOODS YEOETABLE SALAD No. I can 25c TRUPAK I. G. A. SLICED PINEAPPLE No. 1 Can COTTAGE CHEESE DEVILED MEAT, I. G. A. . 4 cans ISc TOILET TISSUE 4 rolls I9c SANIPURE—1000-SHEET ROLLS i/ 2 -lb. Carton 4 Q «* BOTH FOR JL9C I. G. A. FLOUR EASTERN HARD WHEAT Saok Sack ........ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE STORE LOCATIONS BELL'S GROCERY AMERICAN GROCERY 800 L Strett Phone 1893 806 Baker St. Phone 61» MARTY'S GROCERY LIBBY'S GROCERY 1517 F Street. Phone 803 1000 Pacific St. Phone 1760 COOPER'S GROCERY FEISTER'S MARKET 2430 Nineteenth St. Phone 2965 Maricopa UNION MARKET and GROCERY E. C. DALE Eighteenth and K St. Phone 272 Ford City FINSTER GROCERY Follows Tenth Street Grocery J. H. HIGDON, Proprietor Service . FREE DELIVERY Quality Phone 787 1001 H Street Prices Effective Friday and Saturday Lincoln s traditions still LIVE.... Stokely's Corn, Country Gentleman, .can 1 oz. Vanilla Extract With Schilling Coffee, New Drip Ib. Carnation Tall Milk Wellman Peanut Butter Ib. jar Tea Garden Syrup quart jug Trupak Grapefruit, Florida •) 2s * Palace Tomatoes, 1s, tall. cans cans 32e 5c I4c 3lc 3lc 24c Schilling Biking Powder.. 12-oz, can oz. Schilling Extract, A 1 oz., 14c ft Schilling Spices, A Assorted, 2 oz.. •• Albers Flapjack- A Flour, Ige. pkg. •• for Walnuts, Soft Shell, Budded A 23e I6e Franqett.. Ibs. 25e Almonds, Soft A 9Rlt Shell « Ibs. ftVv Palace Peaches, Heavy Syrup, A 21/2s •• cans 25o PROTECT YOUR HEALTH WITH PEACOCK DAIRY PRODUCTS Buttermilk AM quarts •»» Cottage Cheese, I tip Creamed carton HHi Grade A Milk quarts Whipping lOc Cream7 V s pint ZOC Coffee Cream i/ z pint lOc Danish Butter, in Quarters Ib. 20c Sperry's Pancake and Waffle Flour large pkg. 15c FULLY 50',; OF BAKING FAILURES ARE DUE TO INFERIOR FLOUR—USE DRIFTED SNOW HOME-PERFECTED FLOUR 23c V Sack.. Ift* 39c B4c Bisquick 29c Wheat Hearts 20-oz. pkg. 15c Nueoa . . Ib. 5c With 1 Palmollve Beads. 10e 15c Potatoes, U. S. No. 1 Klamath AE-lb. AO. Falls ftVbagWOG Potato Chips, Fresh and Crisp 2 large pkgs. lie Eggs, Extra Large, Strictly Fresh doz. 16c Kitchen Fresh Kraft Mayonnaise Pints 29c Quarts 49c & Sanborn Coffee 3lc Ib. White King Granulated SOAP Large Package W.King 4A Aft Soap... IU bars £OC Kraft's Salad Dressing Pints 15c Quarts 25c Philadelphia Cream Cheese. pkgs. ROYAL GELATIN DESSERT 2 Dkfli . I So Assorted Flavors.. pkgs. FREE KITES WITH WHITE KING, COCOA ALMOND, CHANDU OR MISSION BELL TOILET SOAP , V bars 19C GOLDEN CRUST QUALITY' BREAD Butternut 24-oz. loaf lOc Golden Crust Sliced 2 loaves 15c Golden Crust Doughnuts doz. 25c Golden Crust Coffee Cakes 3 for lOc Butter, Golden Rod, in Quarters Ib. 20c 8 ibs. 25c Apples, Pipping, box, 33 Ibs. 85c BUNCH VEGETABLES, FULL BUNCHES—CARROTS, GREEN C-ftlONS, MUSTARD GREENS, SPINACH, RADISHES AND TURNIPS. WITH PURCHASE ANY ITEM IN STORE BUNCH Ic Shoulder Beef Roast, No. 7 Cut A-l Steer. .1. . .Ib. 12c Corned Beef, Lean, Boneless, Sugar Cured Ib. 15c Leg of Pork, Half or Whole Ib. 14c Hamburg, Fresh Ground From Select Meats, 2 Ibs. 23c Shift's Sliced Bacon Ib. 2.'k Leidy's Special Sausage Patties 15° Leidy's Pickled Pork 8 Legs Lamb ......... Shoulders Lamb Leg Pork Roast ....... Spareribs ......... Eastern Sauerkraut .,.'... Beef Pol Roast Hamburger ... ..... Eastern Salt Pork ...... Veal Cutlets Veal Roast ........ Fresh Ground Veal Loaf .... Armour's Star Ham Parts . . . 3 Large Slices Ham . . . . . Fresh Fish and Oysters Hens, Turkeys and Fryers Grocery Department ECIAL/ TREE TEA Ib. I6c Ib. I2c Ib. Mo Ib. I2c Ib. Tic Ib. IBc Ib. IBc Ib. IBc Ib. I5c Ib. I4c Ib. IBc Ib. I Ic . 23c I LB.. 43c KLB. - 22c GREEN I LB. . 54c 'ALB. - 29c ORANGE PEKOE • LACK M. J. B. Coffee 1 Ib. 32c Hunt's Supreme Peaches, sliced or halves, 14c Loganberries, No. 2 Can 2 for 25c Pure Sage Honey, 40-oz. Jar 39c Pealed Apricots, No. 2'/z Can.... 15c Heinz Catsup, Large Bottle 2 for 35c Soft Shell Almonds 2 Ibs. 35c Peanut Butter 2 Ibs. 18c Heinz Assorted Soups 3 for 27c White Eagle Soap Chips 5-lb. pkg. 29c Bishop's Ground Chocolate 1-lb. 25c Westlake Cream Corn, No. 2 Can lOc Westlake Pumpkin, No. 2«/z Can lie Dixie Queen String Beans, No. 2.... 3 for 25c Butter, Cloverbloom Ib. 20c WE REDEEM LUX COUPONS Sperry's Pancake and Waffle Flour... .large pkg. 15c FULLY CO*/. OF BAKINQ FAILURES ARE DUE TO INFERIOR FLOUR—USE DRIFTED SNOW HOME.PERFECTED FLOUR •Ib. 23c V Sack.. 10'Lv 3fe Sack... IWC $1.23 Bisquick 29c Wheat Hearts 20-oz. pkg. 15c Delicatessen Dept. A New Tamale Campbell's Each lOc Delicious 500 Pounds Bronsteens KOSHER Salami 15c, b Don't Miss This Will Keep for Weeks Cold Fried Chicken Tamale Pie Chicken Noodles Cold Slaw, Cottage Cheese 2 Ibs. 25c GOLDEN Ripe Bananas EXTRA FANCY Newtown Pippin Apples . . . SWEET Juice Oranges . FRESH String Beans . . Fresh Green Peas . EXTRA FANCY Mexico Tomatoes . 5 Ibs. 25c FRESH 7 Ibs. 25c . 3 doz. 25c . 2lbs.35c . 2 Ibs. 25c 2 Ibs. 25c 4 Ibs. 25c Green Broccoli . LARGE STALKS San Diego Celery , 2 for ISc Bunch Vegetables . 4 for lOc WE CARRY ONLY FIRST CLASS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES

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