The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1956 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1956
Page 3
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TOWDAT, MNUAKY t, 1MN BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Du//es Is Confident West to Gain In '56 World Affalfs Tug-of-War •T JAMES MABLOW , AtMcUte* rrcii New* Aulr»i WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State Dulles expressed confidence over the weekend the West will make better hay than the Russians in world affairs in 1956. This wasn't surprising. "A secretary of state can hardly be blamed for optimism about his own policies, particularly in an election year. But if he has anything more than hope — if he has any evidence of it — Dulles didn't disclose it. After outlining the number of American military alliances In 1955, Dulles sold: "Thus, the tree world has done 'much to consolidate Its position and deter open aggression." He added: "Now the Soviet rulers turn to other devices. We can be confident that these, too, will fall and that 1856 will further extend the Influence of the tree world." He didn't explain what he meant by the Soviet's "other devices." Perhaps he meant their. ern propaganda tour through Asia and the economic help they offered there and to the Middle East. But when he said these devices "too, will fail," he wasn't being clear at all. Because it isn't.clear where the Russians failed in 1955. At the end oi the' year they seemed to be. doing all right.. At least they claimed they were, after the big welcome the Asians gave Premier Bulganri and Communist party boss Khrushchev. Western diplomats seemed concerned, about the Russians' trip. And the Elsenhower administration certainly made haste to urge that American foreign aid be continued. Actually, the Russians' success In Asia—if it was a success—may have been grossly, exaggerated. Any success of the trip will have to be proved by later developments. The trip Itself was not enough. .Dulles, in his- brief statement made in New York, did not go into all the phases of American foreign policy aimed at stopping Russian progress in the world. But it may be significant that what he did choose to talk about was American military alliances. He has a natural pride in them. In helping build them he became the most traveled secretary of state in American history. The alliances no doubt have discouraged the Communists ' from hasty aggressions. And now Dulles may find more time to spend at home thinking in terms far wid4r than military alliances. The Russians, by their trips and their tactics, made it plain enough American military pacts' can't bottle up their efforts to convert and take over the world. The United States could becomee so complacent abriul the military wall It has built to hem in the Russians, that it might wind up like the pre-war French who dreamed of safety behind the Maginot Line. Pentagon Out to Change Public's Opinon of the Armed Forces WASHINGTON W) — The Pentagon, having paid for a public opinion poll indicating that military ACTOR HONORED - Actor Kirk Douglas has been present-, ed the Heart and Torch, one of the highest awards given by the American Heart Association. Douglas received th* award in Cleveland, Ohio, tor working in TV and movie films for the Heart Fund. New Year Swim For Woman, 77 VANCOUVER, B. C. M — A 77- year-old woman went swimming here New Year's day. Mrs. C. Bush joined 43 other game members of the Vancouver Polar. Bear Swimming, club In the annual New Year's Day swim at English Bay. ' • . The t-t-temperature? Forty-two degrees In the water, 35 on land. Nationalists Reveal China Raid Tolls TAIPEI, Formosa W)—Nationalist China's Defense Ministry summed up 1955's military activity against Red China yesterday and announced these results: Seven hundred thirty Communists killed and 540 captured in 131 raids by Nationalist guerrillas against Red-held islands off the China mainland. Eight gunboats and another warship, type unspecified, sunk by the Nationalist navy; 15 other vessels damaged and 25 coast artillery positions destroyed. One Communist MIG jet shot down and two others damaged during 8,745 combat sorties by the Nationalist air force: The ministry said Nationalist planes also sank one destroyer and 482 small craft, destroyed piers, warehouses and run positions and airdropped 400 tons of rice and millions of leaflets on the mainland. WOMEN'S FIRST Elmira college, located at El- mlra, New) York was the first col J lege In America to offer women I the same courses and degrees as the men's colleges. Where's the Fire? LITTLE ROCK, Ark. W—The O6- ceola Fire Department complained to the state attorney general that a new factory on the outskirts of town is causing confusion. It has a whistle which sounds exactly lite the one used to muster the volunteer fire department. A New Year e* Boating Pleasure For You "t BYRUM Implement Co. 118 E. Miin Ph. 3-4404 * MIM ••* MOMU • •OMt • A COMPMff INN 99 Johnson service "does not carry 'great pres-. tige," says it will try to change the public's view of-life in uniform. Results of the poll, conducted by the Dr. George Gallup organization, were made public Saturday night. The suivey cost, the government 119,500 and.will form the basis for actions "designed to correct' any public misconceptions," the Defense Department said. Among adult civilians questioned military officers ranked seventh in a list of 19 occupations and enlisted men sixteenth. Teen-agers placed officers fourth, enlisted men fourteenth. The pollsters reported making 3,059 Interviews across the nation inough, .they said, "to give accurate results within a small margin of error." Silver Dollars For Hotel Guests LAS VEGAS, Nev. 1*1 — Silver dollars are stock in trade at the Las Vegas gambling casinos but as .the new year'arrived free silver dollars flowed in a silvery flood at one hotel. The management of the Sands gave each visitor a shiny new cartwheel, and .estimated .there were 18,000 visitors.' Extra police and guards had'to be called'to handle thu crowds. Each of about 700 women guests in the floor show room, in addition, was given a, satin bag filled with 25 silver dollars. Robeson to Visit Russia Soon MOSCOW Wl—Paul Robeson, the Negro singer who was given a tSal- in peace prize in 1952, wsis quoted yesterday" as saying he will visit the Soviet Union "very soon." The controversial singer has been denied a passport by the U. S. State Department to travel abroad. But Ogonyek, a weekly magazine devoted to literary, artistic and political matters, quoted him as saying in a telephone interview from New York: "Tell your readers they undoubtedly will hear me in person in the near future. I hope the question of my visit will be decided favorably nviybe in n matter of months—and that I soon will be able to visit tha countries of the people's democracies." Robeson, who visited the Soviet Union in 1936 and 1949 and had a mountain in Russia named for him/ was quoted as saying, "I low *£«. Soviet Union very much, I'm your friend, your real friend." The magazine said he praised the recent Asian tour of Soviet leaders Bulganin and Khrushchev as a "great success which was of tremendous significance." FOUNDER OF CHS — Floyd Barnhart, left, agricultural teacher at Oaruthersville High School for 32 years, shakes hands with Professor Lee W. Rood, founder and first superintendent ofCaruth- ersville High School 60 years ago. With them at the CHS Alumni Assembly were Miss Alice Vinyard, center, of Jackson, Mo., and Miss Grace Fields of Caruthersville. The women were among the first teachers at the high school. (Photo by Sanders) Asthma Formula Used Most By Doctors Now Available Without Prescription Stops Attacks in Minutes... Relief Lasts for Hours! New York, N. Y. (Spcci.l) — Medical! New Primatene opens bronchial science has developed a new, tiny i tubes, loosens mucous congestion, re- tablet that stops asthma attacks . . ,j Sieves taut, nervous tension. All tftis this remarkable compound brings combination for asthma distress, blessed relief in minutes, lasts hours. Each performs, a special purposa. Thisformuluisprescribedmorethan So look forward to sleep at night any other by doctors. Now, asthma and freedom from asthma spasms ... sufferers can obtain this formula-; get Primatene, at any drugstore. without prescription ~ in tiny, easy- Only 98^-money-back guarantee, to-take tablets called Primatene*. I ©lass.wimehaiirhannarilCofiiDany *Tn<Mf«fc Major Crimes Drop in 1955 WASHINGTON (/P) —The number of serious crimes committed in the United States dropped during 1955 for the. first time in eight years, but FBI Director.J. Edgar Hoover says "there is little • cause for rejoicing." . Hoover noted in a weekend statement that 1954 saw more cnsies committed than any previous year on record, and added that in 1955 there were "more than four serious offenses . . . committed every minute." A preliminary•. tabulation showed 2,255,000 major offenses last year. That was a drop of about one-half of one per cent from 1954. Exact statistics wffl not .be available until spring.' Wings of the bat are made of a thin fold of skin and not of feathers like those of a bird. Don't Take Chances with Colds- RELIEVE SUFFERING ONE SURE WAY THAT Does More Than Work on Chest When a chest cold makes you and large bronchial tubes. miserable, you need Vicks Congestion starts breaking VapoRub-the proved medi- up. 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