The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 9, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1933
Page 8
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THE BAKERSF1ELD CAL1FORNIAN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 0, 1933 BAKERSFIELD GROCERY CO. AND SHANNON'S MEAT MARKET Corner Nineteenth and L Streets Phone 435 FREE DELIVERY—OPEN SATURDAY EVENING For Everyday Consistent Prices—Trade Her* Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Prices Trade Here and Forget About the Depression Creamery Butter Ib. Sugar Oleomargarine Large Milk Can "Corn Large pkg. Quick Quaktr Oats 2-lb. box Snowfllke Crackers Fancy Spuds Fancy Spuds. Gallon can Ripe Olives Prunes 10 2 5 C 3 Ibs. for I9c 42c ISc 25c ISc 25c |b - sack Seedless Raisins. Rice Pink Beans. 5 4 6 7 Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. 25c 25c 25c 25c Pint bottle Catsup... Quart Jar Mayonnaise, pint Relish free Laundry IA Soap *" bars Large pkg. Mermaid or Ptet's Washing Powder. Lighthouse ft Cleanser. for lOc 45c 24c I8c 25c Powdered or Brown Sugar pkg Rex Lye can 25 Ibs. Tiger Lily Flour 50 Ibs. Tiger Lily Flour Assorted 21/a-lb. Jams Lifebuoy, Lux or Lavn Toilet Soap Palmolive Toilet JQ« •»»!• 3 2 for for Swansdown Cake Flour Ranch Eggs Mothers' Oats doz. 29c !9c I3c 25c 35c 23c Sperry's Pancake and Waffle Flour. . . .large pkg. iSc FULLY 50% OF BAKINO FAILURES ARE DUE TO INFERIOR FLOUR— USE DRIFTED SNOW HOME-PERFECTED FLOUR 5-'s b . ck ....... 23c 1 0 'sack ..... 39C 64c 49 s.ek . . $ 1 123 Bisquick ..... 29c Wheat Hearts ..... 20-oz. pkg. 15c Can Tomato«s, Corn, P Beans, Hominy, I 1 Kraut • • 2-lb. Jar Peanut Butter Campbell's Pork and Sardines in Oil 3-lb. can M. J. B. Coffee Our Famous Camel Brand Coffee Corn |Q Meal 1 W eas, String cans *• cm Sc can SC 89c ,b!9c ibs 25c Rolled Oats . . . 6-lb. Bucket Snowdrift Tomato Sauce 6-lb. box Macaroni Bread Pint bottle Heinz No. 1 tall can Spaghetti 69c 1 for ZSC 45c loaf 5C lOc lOc SHANNON'S QUALITY MARKET Pot Roast, From Young A_ Tender Beef Ib. O6 Nice Lean Rib Boll .............. Ib. Pig Pork Roast, Cuts. .Ib. 8c Leg o' Pork. Half or Whole. .Ib. Me Pork Loin Roast, End Cut .Ib. lOc Leg o' Lamb. .Ib. I6c Lean Pork Steak.. . Ibs. Fresh Ground Hamburger *| 9K«» W Ibs. ftUC Pure Lard or Compound. . M 9 A* ™ Ibs. sSfv Bacon, Half or Whole II. Piece Ib. 116 Sirloin A Steak £ Ibs. Rib and Round 1 E- IOC Steak Ib. Fresh 2 lbs 22c VISIT OUR MARKET AND SAVE MONEY VEGETABLE DEPARTMENT Bananas Jonathan or Rome C Beauty Apples.... ™ Ibs. Pippin or Bellefleur "I Apples ' Grapefruit, Edison V for Cauliflower A C «* Ibs. 25c 25c 25c Potatoes. Idaho Russets- |00' 8back $U5 25-lb. sack 33c CUCUMBERS. AVOCADOS, FRESH PEAS, STRING Lettuce Yams or Sweet Potatoes for for Strawberry Hothouse Rhubarb. All Bunch Vegetables Tomatoes Celery Hearts V for EGGPLANTS, SQUASHES. BEANS. PINEAPPLES 3 I0, b8 .. 2 lbs. 2 2 3 9 Co «-w6 Ibs. Sc 25c NATIONAL MARKET Phone 4812 Corner Nineteenth and Baker SPECIAL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Quaker Oats 1'.- 4 Ibs. PEET'S SOAP WASHING POWDER 5c 2 large packages K. C. Baking Powder: 25c size U cans^DC Kern County Produce, Pure Honey. .6-lb. can< Sliced Yellow Cling Peaches; rt -| Q No. 21/ 2 £ for -LUtl/ Hawaiian Pineapple, No. 21/2 Booth's Sardines, 15-oz., Mustard or To- n -t f7 ~ mato Sauce. . ^ cans -L f C Dr. Ross Dog Q and Cat Food O cans Bitter's Pure Whole Tomato Catsup O «J bottles Ideal 1 AA lb. Flour -LI/U sack Ideal c/yib. Flour.. O\J sack Ideal OCT-lb. Flour Carrots and Turnips... tl bunches 24c 19c <ut) sack 5 17c ,b9c ,8c Fancy Grape- -| fruit X doz. Our Choice Tomatoes— No. 2J/ 2 s\ cans '. . . .£t cans Fresh Ground Hamburger and Pork Q Sausage O Ibs. Fancy Leg of Mutton Young Shoulder Mutton Roast Lean Pork -| f\ Steak Ib. jlUC Picnic Shoulder Pork Roast. .. Veal 7 Stew lb. It/ Sirloin 1 4 Steak Ib. 14C Pot Roast Q Beef Ib. »/C Longhorn -| n Cheese lb. J. f C Ham—Armour's Star or Swift's Premium—half or whole Ib. Our Sugar- Cured Bacon. U. S. Extra -t f Large Eggs doz. -LtJC Kokoheart O Margarine. . O Ibs. ,b!2c EDUCATOR ROILED BY WHITE HOUSE READY FOR NEW OCCUPANT RAIL ME BE Prof. Hoover of Stanford U. Protests Many Motor Car Tragedies Prr»» heated W<rc) PALO ALTO, Fob. ft.—Charges that U wave of "exuberant manslaughter" was sweeping the .Stanford University campus wore made today by Dean Theodore .1. Hoover, brother of Presl- ilnnt Hoover and 11 member ' of the school's faculty, In n letter to the St.'inford Dally. Dean Hoover's allegation grew out of the death of Professor Theodore Dunn In an automobile accident on the campus several days ngo. Dunn was struck and killed, as he alighted from a bus, by an automobile driven by Miss Kunlce Force, 20-year-old .Stanford coed. "There are too many 'killers' operating vehicles In this community," the dean's letter, published by the student newspaper, said. "I am unable to see why any undergraduate student should be allowed to have or to operate a car on the campus. "Xot th« least objectionable feature of Professor Dunn's death has bei>n the notion of the press In minimizing the flngrnnc.c of tho killing." Tho dean, who frequently In the past has precipitated campus debates on various (|iiestlons, charged Miss Force was guilty of throe traffic vlo- ( United Prtt» W ASHINGTON, Fob, 9. — Tho old mansion at IfiOO Pennsylvania avenue Is ready for tho now tenant who Is going to move In on March 4. Tho present tenant, Herbert Hoover, has finished most of his packing. Ho Is living figuratively from his sult.- case. Ho IK ready to move out as soon as President-elect lloosovelt moves in. The White House Is taking on tho stiff, formal appearance of a vacant furnished apartment. Airs. Hoover has packed all her pictures, her vases and all the brlc-a-brac that turn a house Into a homo. Basement hallways are lined with packing cases. An army carpenter shatters the silence, nailing together more cases. When all the Hoover property—about 25 tons of it—Is a's- sombled, It will bo shipped to Palo Alto, Calif., on the army transport Henderson. Mrs. Hoover plans to take a train to Palo Alto. Mr. Hoover will board a liner and sail for Panama to do some fishing. His confidential secretary, Lawrence fttchey, will go along, as will several members of his cabinet. Secretary of the Treasury Mills latlona at tho time of the fatal accident. He alleged she was driving 40 miles an hour and was carrying four passengers In tho front seat of her car. He also accused her of passing a stopped passenger vehicle at excessive speed.' SCHUURS NeWS T°H FE WEEK •nn raso*' , /PA BUPNPO MIS M MOUTH WITH il THE SOUP -r"THAT'5 WHAT HE IT FiJfr TO SEE IF The test of foods Is In the taste: that's where the fresh, clean foods of quality make good—the only kind sold at the Palms Drive-In Market. Whether you come in person, send your child or phone—you can always depend on the best, full weight, fair prices. Free deliveries. SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SNOWFlAKES or Honey Maid Graham— Big 2-lb. Thrift M Packages ea. sfeVV COFFEE DEMONSTRATION SATURDAY Ib. 31C BOTTCRANoCGGS Casa Loma Eggs, U. S. I Qft Extra Large doz. Heinz Ketchup large Heinz Vinegar quarts Heinz Tomato A Juice w for ! I'J'C GLOBE A-1 SPECIALS 5-lb. Flour (So-Called) 10-lb. Flour (So-Called) 25-lb. Flour (So-Called) I9c 3lc 6lc Globe A-1 Sesame Salad Oil IQ§> 9>Ri» Pints I ww QuartsWvJW Globe A-1 Biscuit 97* Flour pkg. si 16 Try a Hot One—Demonstration Eastern Longhorn 99* Cheese Ib. ££6 Swiss Cheese (With Holes) Ib. Johnson's Floor Wax, 1-lb. tin 57c Eastern Buckwheat.. .6-lb. bag Marshmallows Ib. pkg, White King large Jell-o M H for Lux A Soap V for Lifebuoy A Soap *J for Bishop's Peanut Butter Mb. jai 2-lb. Jar, 25c 39c 25c I9c 23c Hills Coffee, Red Can Mb. tin 2-lb. Tin, 62c Sanl-Flush I7c Monarch Vegetable I QM Salad 1sl96 Y. C. Solid Pack I A_ Tomatoes... .No. 2 tin I U6 Sierra Chocolate. Ib. . Cane 10-lb. bag s. & w. Corn 2s Wilbur—MEATS—Wyatt FREE! i/ 2 -lb. Pkg. Armour's Star Bacon With 1 Ib. Link Sausage Pkg Armour's STAR BACON I I I IG Prime Steer REEF ROAST Lb. He Boneless VEAL ROAST I6c Lb. Loin of PORK ROAST I2e Loin PORK CHOPS 2 „, 25c Leg of PORK ROAST Lb IOC Legs of BABY LAMB I8e PALMS Ofi(l/f (N MARKtr <1\JV PHONE (37( Leased Wire) I 1ms been Invited, but nays ruefully ! that he doesn't like to fish. No hint 1ms Seen forthcoming of whnt business Mr. ttoovcr mny enter. The' U'hltp House liiis denied he will succed his friend, .Secretary of Interior Wilbur, us president of Stanford University. Another denial says President Hoover does not Intend to wrlto a book. His four secretaries uro ready for prlvntc life, nichcy lias rented nn office here. Ho mny net as Mr. Hoover's unofficial political lookout In Washington. Theodore Joslln, press relations scc- retnry, ways he has found a now job, which would "surprise" his newsmen friends If they knew what It was. Ho says his new position Is not connected with tho press. Secretary Walter Newton, who handles political matters, probably will resume tho practice of law In Minnesota. Secretary French Strother, who helped the President wrlto his speeches, Isn't worried nbout his future. Ho has found writing n lucrative occupation for years. He expects to settle In New York. MOONEY MEETINGS FRIDAY NICW YORK, Keb. !>. (U. P.)—A demonstration demanding freedom for Tom Jlooney will be held In Uulon Square tomorrow by the International Labor Defense. Simultaneously other mass meetings will be held throughout the country, Recording to the International I^nbor Defense. (Antacidted Pram Leased Wire/ LONDON, Feb. 0.—Further extension of the Irish railway strike into Great Britain was causing some concern today after dock workers at Stanraer, Scotland, were ordered not to handle shipments and mails from the strike area. London headquarters ordered the action and C. T. Cramp, secretary of the National Union of Tlallwaymcn, said other ports might bo Involved later. This followed a union decision to 'Intensify the 10-day strike. It was possible that other transportation workers may be Involved. •» » » THEY'D STEAL YOUR TEETH PHOENIX, Ariz., Feb. 9. (A. P.)— Robert Harrison's pleasant smile revealed four glittering front teeth of gold. Today ho is sorrowful and pained because a robber, disgruntled over obtaining only $5 from his fill- Ing station, noticed his victim's Rleafii- Ing brldgeworlt. Grabbing a pair of pllcra the Intruder pulled the teeth. Si >, Buy American but Buy Kern County First FREE DELIVERY Phone 822 We Give S. & H. Stamps Butter . . Ib. 22c Campbell's Tamales, 3 for 25c Old-Fashioned Backbone, Ib. I2c Lots of Meat Lean Pork Roast, Ib. I2c Very Little Bone Baby Beef Pol Roast . Ib. I2c Best Cuts Baby Beef Ground Round SI'k., Ib. 20c Nucoa . I Ib. He Veal Roast, Ib. ISc Pork Steak, Ib. ISc Lean and Tender Schilling or Hills Coffee, Red Can. .Ib. Tomato Soup, M Puritan H ca ns Pork and Beans, C_ Campbell's 1-lb. can w6 Pink Beans; I A QRjk King City.. Ill Ibs. 396 Toilet Soap, Mission Bell or White E m King Vbars 196 POTATOES Russet; AC U. S. No. 1 £9 Ibs. Russet; AE U. S. No. 2 sWlbs. Del Mali Corn; the new corn.. .each SALAD DRESSING Kraft's Old-Fashioned 25Cp,nts ISC lOc Quarts.. fcvJlf Pints.. Sperry's Pancake and Waffle Flour, Ig. size FIKE'S GROCERY 302 H Street Friday and Saturday Fully 60% of Baking Failures Are Due to Inferior Flour— Use DRIFTED SNOW Ho me-Perfected Flour Sperry's Pancake and I Rf> Waffle Flour, large pkg. I 9w e-ib. V Sack 241 Ib. Sack... •Ib. Sack. Ib. Sack... Bisquick Wheat Hearts 20-oz. pkg. 23c 39c 64e $1.23 29c ISc Danish Butter, 20c !8c Heinz Vinegar, full quarts Heinz Catsup, O large •* for Dried Apricots or Peaches Ib. pkg. Seedless 4 Raisins *» Ibs. Walnuts. Local, « 9R|» Budded * Ibs. 'Wv Rice, Fancy M Head * Ibs. Coffee, Economy Coffee, 9Qi* . Wellman fc»V Peaches, Fancy, Heavy Syrup Pineapple, Fancy, Whole I EA Slices, Large I VV Pears, Del Monte, Strawberries, Wellman I7c Tomatoes, Solid O Pack, large •» for Tomatoes with O 97fi Puree, large.... ** for •» IV Tomatoes with Puree, large dc Tomato Juice, M Tall Cans * Telephone Peas, * Palace * Oriole Peas, Extra Small *l AA .Vl.VW 9Ri* for SiWW for Large, Fresh Eggs, Large . I6c Eggs, Medium, I4c Apples, Fancy f * Wlnesapi ....... Ibs. Apoles — Fancy Winesaps, M9 C box ......... *•• Ibs.W Oranges, Extra O 95fi Medium ........ w doz, »«*» All Bunch O . Eft WV Vegetables for Russet 9*1 Qll» Potatoes siVlbs. OIB Read 'Em and Weep With Joy, Folks! Effective Friday and Saturday, February 10 and 11 New York Cut Steaks \ . .lb. 25c Boston Club Steaks lb. 25c Advance Shortening (Purely Vegetable) 3-lb. Pkg .for 18c Pork Backbones (Meaty) lb. 7c Pure Hog Lard lb. 6c Rib Steak Round Steak Loin Steak T-Bone Steak Shoulder Steak Rib or Loin Pork Chops Shoulder Veal Roast Ground Round Stgak Shoulder Pork Roast (No Bone) Legs of Yearling Mutton lb. lOc Legs of Lamb lb. 16c Shoulder Beef Roast, (Round Bone or No. 7 Cut) lb. So Nice Lean Bacon (half or whole) lb. lie Sliced Bacon (nice and lean) . .lb. 15c Bacon Squares lb. 7c Cloverbloom Butter (Mb. limit) lb. 18c MEL SMITH MARKET Cents Pound 1221 Nineteenth Street Phone 264 Specials for Friday and Saturday DANISH BUTTER Quartered In 1-lb. Cartons Pound 21c COFFEE Monarch 1-lb. Can 30o SODA CRACKERS OR GRAHAMS 2—1-lb. Boxes 28c POTATOTCHIPS Large Package Be KRAFT SALAD DRESSING Pint 1Bc Quart . . . . 25c PINEAPPLE Happy Isle 2—No. 2J/2 Cans ...... 29c RED RASPBERRIES TOnslgu Brand 2 No. 2 Cans 23c ASPARAGUS TIPS Monarch Brand No. 1 Square Can . . . . 19c CORN Clarion Brand No. 2 Can 8c TOMATcTjUICE Heinz 3 No. 1 Cans 25o 2 No. 2 Cans 25c HEINZ KETCHUP 2 Large Bottles 35c TRUPAK PEAS No. 1 Can 11c PINEAPPLE Tru pak—SI iced No. 2/ 2 Can 19c SUNBLEST TOMATOES Solid Pack 2 No. 2J/ 2 Cans 25c Asparagus Style FANCY STRING BEANS "West Ridge Brand No. 2 Can 17o PEACHES * West Best Brand—Yellow Cling No. 2|/ 2 Can -. . 13c SUNLAND RIPE OLIVES No. 1 Can 13c TOMATO SAUCE Newmark's Special Extra 6 Cans 25c CAMPBELL'S T*AMALES Homo Made Special Price .... 3 for 25c FRESH RANCH EGGS From Casa Loma Acres No. 1 Extra Large . . . . 16o Medium doz. 13e SLICED BACON Hind Off Pound ...» 25c HENS « to 3Vi-lb. Average Pound I9o COLORED FRYERS 2 to 3-lb, Average Pound 26o LOIN OR RIB PORK CHOPS Pound 15c BABY BEEF POT ROAST Pound I2o BABY BEEF GROUND ROUND STEAK Pound 20c BABY BEEFCLUB STEAKS Pound 2Bc BABY BEEF T-BONES Pound 25c ORANGES Medium Hlzo ( 2 Dozen 26c GRAPEFRUIT Imperial Valley—Size 64 Dozen 39c RUSSETTPOTATOES U. S. No. 1 25-lb. Cloth Bag 37c CAULIFLOWER Large Snowball 2 Heads 16c BORDEN'S MILK 6 Small Cans 15c 3 Tall Cans 15c TUNA LIGHT TACKLE '/2-lb. Can 14c FANCY EASTERN SHRIMP Trupak Brand Can 14c MARCO DOG FOOD 16-oz. Can . . . • Sc WHITE KING SOAP 10 Bars . . 27c POWOW 2 Cans 19c PEET'S GRANULATED SOAP Large Package 19o TOILET PAPER 1000 Sheets Silk Tissue Ked Label 3 Rolls 19o MATCHES Ohio Blue Tip Carton '. 25e Silver Slice Bread, White or Whole Wheat. .2 for 15c Raisin Nut Bread, Delicious 15c Danish Coffee Rings lOc MRS. RAMBAUD'S FRENCH BAKE SHOP Phone 2020 for Food 1918 "Eye" Street Talk, Don't'Walk—Cash or Charge—Free Delivery &v?erybodys grocer WASHINGTON MARKET PHONE 1083 1917-1919 L Street FREE DELIVERY Friday and Saturday Specials Del Monte Sliced Pine- -| f» apple; 2j/ 2 can J-UV Happy Vale Pink Sal- Q mon; tall can »/l/ Park Brand Vinegar; \ AH 16-oz. bottle / for Pure Cane Sugar; 10-lb. cloth sack i49c Campbell's Soup, O OPv/» all flavor* deans ttOC Eggs; -|J medium size doz.-LTtV D.M. Tomato S\ Catsup MI bottles Van Camp's Pork and Beans can Laoga Ripe Olives; tall can 5c 9c Shredded Wheat. 2pk fl .19C GOLD MEDAL CORN MEAL 10;£:28c rt 01 « £ Ibs. OIL Sparerlbs -| -| ................... Ib.llC Tip Top Coffee Pork Chops.... Pork Sausage.. Hamburger Sirloin Steak. Shuck Steak. ,bs 17c -j py ~ Ibs. 14 C i b .l5c Sperry's Pancake and Waffle Flour... .large pkg. 15c FULLY 80V. OF BAKING FAILURES ARE DUE TO INFERIOR FLOUR—USE DRIFTED SNOW HOME-PERFECTED FLOUR !»' ..„ 23e 39o 241 '.' 49 L. $1.23 Bisquick ..... 29c Wheat Heartg ..... 20-oz. pkg. ISc Oleomargarine -f Q A Ibs. ItfC ,b.9c ,b. 9c Pot Roast Pork Roast Longhorn -| f Cheese Ib. ADC Sugar Cured Bacon ib. lie Julce Oranges Cauliflower doz. for Q "C Onions Pippin -in S\f* Apples XV Ibs, 4«Jls Potatoes O Ibs. IOC

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