The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on June 29, 1974 · Page 4
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 4

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1974
Page 4
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WANT TO BUY WANTED; A set of used arums in good condition Phone 7M-7708. WANT TO buv: Fireplace wood, birch or oak. Box 2057, Elbow Lake, Minn WANT TO buy: Used baby crib in good condition. Phone 739-2387 alter 6. USED VIOLIN in working condition 66703. WANT TO buy: Indian artifacts, arrowheads, hammers, etc. Will pay good price. Call 6-2«5 after 5 p.m. Food for Though If your child's a picky eater By JEAN MAYER Professor of Nutrition, Harvard University Mideast situation delicate despite U.S.-Soviet detente Fergus falls (KL) kir»l Saf., June 29,1974 7 TRAVEL AIRLINE TICKETS and reservations same price as the airport Darby Travel Bureau, 736-im ' WORK WANTED WANTED SHEETROCK taping and finishing, texture spray ceilings. Call or write Ronald Johnson 612 852-8207. RoulP 1 Carlos for free estimates. INTERIOR AND exterior painting, shingling and rool repairing. Douglas L. Selvaag, Vining, Minn. 479-4334. Ray Koep, Route 1, Evansville, Minn. Urbank, 267-2603. PAINTING, EXTERIOR, intertor. Will give references. Call Rob before 7 a.m. or after 6 p.m. 736- PLASTERING, PAINTING — interior and exterior. Call 736 5188 for estimates. BUILDINGS HOME TO be torn down for material. Moen Realty, 313 W. Lincoln. Phone 736 6969. After hours, 4-«54 or 6-7141. PETS, SUPPLIES WANTED: PUREBRED male Norwegian Elkhound for breeding service rhis week!!! Call 736-7572. BLACK LAB pups for sale, top Wood, good hunters, purebred, S20.00. Erhard 642-5233. SMALL PUPPY to give away. Call after 5:30, 9-2682. SHOPPERS GUIDE TYPEWRITERS. Lundeen's. A-LWAYS B.Sure C-Suhr. LANDSCAPE & GARDENING TYSVER LANDSCAPE Nursery and Garden Center. Complete nursery and garden service. AUTHORIZED LAWNBOY sales and service. Johnson Repair Shop. 734-3949. McCarthy discusses impeachment MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — The likelihood of Congress removing President Nixon from office is diminishing, says former Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy. McCarthy spoke to reporters at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Thursday after addressing political seminars in St. Paul, Minn., and River Falls, Y?is. "I've thought all along that the chance of conviction was very slight," McCarthy said in response to a question. "I'm not as sure now of the vote in the House as I was two or three weeks ago. I'm not sure there is a clear case for impeachment yet. "I think there's a reasonably good case, but it's in balance right now." McCarthy, who lives in Washington, is a parttime teacher at the New School of Social Research in New York. He said he has nn plans to run for political office, although he's considering an independent candidacy for President in 1976. "I've never eliminated that possibility," said McCarthy, who as a Democrat in the House and Senate and in his 1968 presidential campaign often accused the party of being unresponsive. McCarthy earlier investigated a campaign for Congress in Minnesota's 6th District but said ho found "no overwhelming enthusiasm" among Democrats in the district. The puma of North America is also known as the silver lion, the mountain lion, the cougar and the panther. Very young children who are learning to eat with — and eat like — their elders can indeed be a trial. Their food choices -seem bizarre. They eat too much or too little, and they always seem hungry between meals but never when it's time to eat. And, of course, their table manners are appalling. In short, they are a handful. But the question is, how much of a trial should you be to them? The best advice I can give is always the hardest to take: relax. There are some things you can do to change your offspring's odd eating patterns. But if you find yourself hitting a stone wall, back off. Try to remember it is only a temporary stage. If you allow yourself to become hysterical or dictatorial, you will make matters worse, and possibly create a lasting effect on the child's eating behavior in addition to leaving emotional scars. First of all, ask yourself if your youngster is really eating that much less than you think he should. From age two until age five, children grow rather slowly compared to their rapid growth from birth to two. So they don't need as much food proportionally as they once did. Then, too, their activity varies much more than an adult's, so their appetite varies to match. Most of us forget how much smaller a child is than an adult. When you switch a child from baby food to the food the family eats, you probably also switch portion size -- from what a baby food jar will hold to what a plate will hold. Even if you don't give him quite as much as you give yourself, say two- thirds of an adult serving, it is still too much for a small child to consume. He's far less than two-thirds as big as you. Try this: see how much of the food you are now feeding him you can fit into the baby food jars that used to hold his standard portions. Chances are, you'll probably find he doesn't need a whole lot more than that yet. Then there's the question of when a youngster should eat. Our three-rneal-a-day habit is based on work schedules and convenience, not on the laws ol nature. Small children are very active and they seem to get hungry at the most inconvenient times. So if your youngster wants a snack at mid-morning or mid-afternoon, give him a peanut butter sandwich, an apple, or anything that satisfies his hunger but also has some nutritive value. On the other hand, don't become a short-order cook. Keep raw vegetable sticks, fruits and nuts on hand so your youngster can learn to get his own snacks. Make it clear that he is expected to join the family at mealtimes, and to eat something, however little. (Of course, his idea of what's small may not even be in the same ball park as yours.) Allowing him to select his own portion at meals will eventually work out, though you shouldn't expect immediate results. Children's eyes are often bigger than their stomachs. But if you patiently remind him not to take too much, he will gradually learn to assess his own capacity. Be accepting when he leaves food on his plate. You wouldn't force-feed your dog or cat, so why try to stuff your child? If the gimme-dessert-now syndrome is part of the problem, perhaps you should reconsider what you are serving for dessert. Nobody needs rich sugary foods with a lot of empty calories. Fruit, cheese, nuts, fruit gelatin or ice cream all taste good, and they contain nutrients, not just calories. But they have the advantage of not being "special" enough to make junior skimp on the main course to save room for dessert. And finally, don't let his refusal to eat certain foods, especially if they are your favorites, become a cause of friction. Don't fuss. Sometimes simply cutting down a bit on the amount of flavoring will make a child change his mind. Remember, children have more sensitive taste buds than adults. If all this seems like a great deal of work and thought, don't forget that it's done in the name of a happy healthy child who will enjoy a lifetime of good — maybe even adventurous — eating. A relaxed attitude, and some of the solutions suggested here, may save Johnny from becoming a picky eater and you from developing an ulcer. As Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy once remarked, "What's wrong with making mealtime a joyous occasion?" Goldwater talks about candidates PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) Sen. Barry Goldwater says he is reluctant to campaign for fellow Republicans who play down their affiliation with the GOP. Goldwater said he was dismayed to learn that some of the billboards erected by candidates in the Sept. 10 primary failed to identify them as Republicans. The senator, who will be campaigning for re-election in Arizona this fall, made is views known in letters to Republican gubernatorial hopefuls. By WILLIAM L RYAN AP Special Correspondent When the third Nixon-Brezh- nev summit is over in Moscow and the last communique has been signed and published, the life of Soviet-American detente will still hang by a thread in the Middle East. The delicate structure of military disengagement con- structeid by Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger is threatened right now by an escalation of violence. If the thread doesn't snap, it probably will be because the Arabs don't wholly trust each other and because Egypt has too much stake in peace to let it happen. Events could get out of hand. Each time the Palestinian guerrillas strike a terrorist blow into Israel, the Israelis respond with a heavier blow against suspected centers of guerrilla activity in southern Lebanon. Now Egypt is reported threatening to resume the war to save l^banon. The Lebanese wouldn't dare say it, but they must be silently praying to be saved from rescue by the Egyptians and Syrians. Lebanon on several occasions has been a focus of far too solicitous "help" from Egypt and Syria-to the point that she had to be saved from being gobbled up. Egypt's new warlike pronouncements may be more rhetoric than substance, since President Anwar Sadat has gambled much on a period of relative peace during which he can build up his nation and at the same time discourage too- ardent friendship with the Russian bear. But conceivably the Syrians some months hence might find dangerous internal political pressures generated by an inability to negotiate back the ' Golan Heights area taken by Israel in 1967. That could impel the Syrian regime to resume military activity. Meanwhile the Russians, not wishing to surrender their foothold in the Middle East, probably will remain ready to keep the supply of arms moving to Syria, at least. CROSSWORD K/ZZ1E ACROSS [.Skeleton 6. Form a notion 12. Scrub a missile flight 13. Mediocre 14.-ttiinbone 15. Ornament 16. Concerning 18. Engineering Arab military strength now outweighs Israel's 3-to-l, and the day could come when that ratio would be far more unfavorable. Her enemies now are building enormous arsenals of tanks, planes and missiles. When President Nixon and I/eonid 1. Brezhnev met a year ago in the United States, they pledged to try to defuse the Middle East threat. But in October the area erupted in Arab- Israeli fighting that involved a cold-war Soviet-American confrontation, Will it happen again? r Junior Editors'Quiz on- DOUGHNUTS 30. And not 31. Tennis appurtenance 32. Tissue 33. Sister 34. Toy 36. Unit ol lel'jctance 37. Baboon To Your Good Health By Dr. George C. Thosteson SAUCERIZATION FROM USE OF INSULIN 21. Shank 42. Ballet dance 23. Nation 46. Beverage nnWN 27. Falima's 49. Illuminates husband 50. Ollspiing l.CurJgel 28. Greek 51. Marbles 2, Japanev sash underground 52. Ocpper 3. Roy.illy u Hi ft IV 17 Jl « ty ».l W bl 2. ^ ZO tyf 1)4 3 A b 4H 11 r^r % ^ Ah * •a * a % fV '/A rs/ ^ 7 -1 6 ^ -to 6 3 ^ ^ •zz 40 ^ $ ^ 7 la ^ ^9 i(« So !>V. 6 33 ^ ^ F HI 9 ^ 24 30 33 37 o ^ :s ^ HI i ^ 26 ^ H8 tar line 32 min. AP Newilealoies 6-2 4. Emerald Isle 5. future Iread'iner 6. Chill 7. Cupola 8. live coal 9.-. amas. amal 10. Weather satellite 11. Abstract being 17. Certain fisherman 19. Several 20. feiry producl 22. High winds 24. Historian 25.Sliulaeem 26. Sea eagle 29. Saracen sultan 35. Should 39. Location ',]. The Bear 42 Armpit 43. Delve 44. - Khan 45. forerunner of the CIA 47. Pecan" ' <!8. Dinner QUESTION: Hnw did the doughnut originate? * * * ANSWER: The word doughnut is self-descriptive because a ball of ssveetened dough is fried in deep fal to produce lliis food. The doughnut, as we know it, is said to be the modern version of a fried cake which was brought to the New World by the early Dutch settlers. It was not until the 19th century that the modern doughnut assumed the familiar shape. The idea of a hole in the center originated with a sea captain, Hanson Gregory, who enjoyed doughnuts although, as then made, they sometimes gave him indigestion. He devised the idea of cutting a hole in the dough with the top of a can and found this arrangement resulted in thorough baking and the doughnuts were more digestible. While it would appear that the doughnut is a product of modern times, petrified fried cakes with holes in them were found in excavations made in the southwestern United States. In appearance, these cakes resemble the doughnut we have today. Scientists attribute them to prehistoric Indians. 6-29 (Matt Smith of Davis, Calif., wins a prize for this question. You can win S10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) HAGARTHE HORRIBLE Auction Directory SATURDAY, JULY 6 - ELROY DICKHOFF & R. A. HENTCE ESTATE, in Battle Lake, 12:30 p.m., Warren E. Beckman, Auctioneer (Household, Antiques) SATURDAY, JULY 6 - ORVILI.E LUND, 4 miles Southwest of Pelican Rapids. 10 a.m. Charles Trane, auctioneer (Farm & Household) SATURDAY, JULY 6 - HENRY H. LANGUE ESTATE, city of Ashby, 1 p.m., Ray Torgerson — Al Roers, Auctioneers (household) FRIDAY, JULY 12 - WESLEY MEIRDING, 2H miles East of Elbow Lake on Highway 79, 2H miles Southeast. 11 a.m. Orvin Rosin, Auctioneer (Dairy and Farm Machinery) SATURDAY, JULY 13 - HAROLD & JAN ASKILDSON, 2 miles East of Dalton and 2 miles south. 11:30 a.m. Orvin Rosin, Auctioneer (Farm Machinery) •****• Dear Dr. Thosteson: In 1969 at the age of 26 my weight dropped from 165 to 130. It was diagnosed that I had diabetes and I was put on Lente insulin. For two years I alternated injections of 50 units into each thigh until I noticed what I've assumed to be insulin lipoatrpphy in one thigh. Since then injections have been mainly to my stomach and the area around my waist but now the fatty tissue of my stomach has become hard and lumpy. First, I would like to know if there is a treatment and cure for lipoatrophy and, second, are there other areas that can be used for injections?—D.R. Ijpoatrophy is also known as "saucerization." Fatty tissue below the skin surface can atrophy, or wither away, leaving a "saucer" in the flesh surface. Doesn't happen in all insulin-users, of course, but it is a possibility such patients should be aware of. Happens more often in children and females. While there is no treatment for lipoatrophy, it has been found that a more pure insulin causes less atrophy, and the new U100 insulin is about the purest available. This, incidentally, may be injected into the saucer ized areas. Or another technique is to inject it at the edge of a "saucer" and in time work inward toward the center of the saucer. This may — or may not —lead to a gradual filling-in of the saucer. It takes time, so do not be impatient. But if you are not yet using the U100, discuss it with your doctor. It is the best answer I know. As to other areas where insulin can be injected, besides the thighs, stomach and buttocks, the upper arms are frequently used. Any area with a little fat and muscle can be used. Dear Doctor: By accepting this situation, it would appear you are encouraging rather than discouraging this so-called "freedom" with all its chains of disease, pregnant children, shopworn in their youth. (No condom can cure that!) Young people are burdened, morose, disturbed beyond their years by this adult acceptance (a copout by adults) of this "freedom" to indulge, to destroy themselves, by sex and drags. Are adults afraid to say don't?-Mrs. E.J.W. My dear madam, accepting is a great deal different from either discouraging or encouraging, and 1 object to having you interpreting to suit yourself. In a wry sort of way, though, I rather welcome your letter as a counterirntant to all the letters I have received complaining that I moralize too much instead of just stating the facts. There just ain't no way t( please everybody! Dear Dr. Thosteson: The man I am in love with has been diabetic since he was four years old. Is diabetes inherited? What are the chances of our children having diabetes? Does the chance increase with each successive child?—D.F. Yes, heredity is a strong factor in diabetes. When one parent is diabetic and the other is not, the chances are about one in four that a child will develop diabetes. That does not mean it will develop in childhood, but that the disorder will manifest itself some time later in life. The chance of having a child with diabetes does not increase with successive pregnancies. Of course, when both parents have diabetes, the chances of children inheriting diabetes are y*jrv Trtnoji arojitof(J Never take a chance on diabetes! For a better understanding of this disease write to Dr. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for a copy of his booklet, "Diabetes — The Sneaky Disease." Enclose a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 35 cents. Unleaded gas plan proposed WASHINGTON (AP) - The Environmental Protection Agency proposed today to require sale of unleaded gasoline at rural service stations by Oct. 1 of this year, three months earlier than previously proposed. All service stations selling more than 200,000 gallons of gasoline a year must provide unleaded gasoline by July 1. EPA originally proposed that the requirement take effect for these rural stations on Jan. !, 1975, because it believed that much tune would be needed to obtain the special nozzle spouts needed for lead-free gasoline pumps. In proposing to move up the requirement to Oct. 1, the EPA said "the nozzle spout shortage may have been overestimated" and it appears possible for the rural stations to comply with the shorter deadline. EPA invited written comments within 30 days. Beer strike now over WINNIPEG (AP) - Brewery workers who began a strike June 2 at two city plants returned to work Thursday after reaching agreement on a new contract. The strike's end was refreshing news for dozens of hotel owners in Manitoba who have been experiencing shortages aggravated by a recent warm weather spell. MY r3EAEP AIL PEP...THl£Re TlMY FLECKS Of AMP 60LO Ifi 177 YOU THEY LOOK: COPFI51-1 FLAKES.,. BLONDIE WELL, HOV/ AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW UNTIL YOU I TELL ME? BEETLE BAILEY HENRY TIGER

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