The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 16, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1894
Page 8
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THE REVIEWOFTRADE. Prospects For Improvement In General Business. MORE ASP. Itf BANK CLEARINGS, Wheat, trfii'cJ, Coffee nnrt Sugar HnVo Ad- -Ynnccrt Vn J'rlco—t.owor Qnntntlnn* For Corn, Ontu ami Cotton—Docrcma In Gross Earnlns-i of Rnllronils During Octobnr. Snnthcrn Kernels Hnvo Made nn Incronse. NEW YORK, Nov. 10.—Bradstreet's trade review says: Interest in the elections this week naturally tended to re Strict the volume of trade, particularly in the south, where it interfered with mercantile collections. But within a few days the influence of the more sea Bonable weather west and northwest, together with the emphasis with which political questions have apparently been settled, has evinced the confidence of , -;—••—••; ~~" -> . -- .; _ tmnu- merchants and manufacturer in a I Martin Greenfield;, S fiarnqu ut Day Hj. f . S ANTIOHTION CHAMPIONS. Onvprnnr ,F»cl.BOii Appoints Delegates to (ho 11l«il««ltipl rnnrentlan. • pfcs ^iviNits, Nov. liJ.—GijyeniOT Jack- Boii .».•,-.• oiiitt^ 27 -k'legHtus from Iowa to att itf llii mtioyt"^ qonvpjiHofi, to be held ill Vii-klntfjj, MU., '$$. -'<>. Tha object oi ! thg conv'cutioft la to Vu^o Upon the ITaitjd States saintg l!ia passage of the HP J <:ii uill or f.ouv lil?e measure for 'he Vupprosskm of grtinhling in staple pvoiliii'ls. 'ilie Ui.'lrgJitps nppoiutsd are: A. \Y. Swiilin, CNlwlobsa; Charles H. I,ir.;U-.,, Dos jTc.iiHM; T. H. Walden, Al- lort.iii; M. <J. Id !!y, Willinmsburg: D. C. GbHsur. DulHiqiv.-': B. R. Vale. Dona' Viirto; 3. P. Mimtitvpy, FiiirHr-W: John A. Evans. West Liberty: Brni: • T. SeiiMiwi, Davenport; -f. F. Atorry, Manchester; (J. 31. Miller, Haalntoui Daniel Sheehan, Oaa,sijj Simon itiisUtd, Jfoithwood; A. N. Poyneer, Altmtonr; John T. Hamilton, Cedar Rapids; .lohn Voorhces, Oslta> Joosn; D. W. Nun-is, Qrlnnell; B. C. Webb, DPS Moines; John Forester, Aclel; E. 3, G-nult, Cincinnati; John B. Harsh, Ci-eston; John Hays, Bed Oak; W. B. for an increased rate of improvement in ppneral trade in the near Ititure. C!:U-;i • > and St. Louis manufactures ,-'n i l>-!:>moBS already repoit evidences of \\ tendency on the part of the interim- lju.vors to purchase for future delivery .->ml frorn such centers as Philadelphia, Pittsburg aria Chicago relatively greater steadiness is reported iu quotations for staple brands of iron and steel tuan for months past. There is an increased shipment of anthracite coal both by Inlce and by rail within the vr<?"k and a stimulated demand for shoes, hats and clothing. Foreign competition with .doinestin plain woolen dress poods is noticeable, free orders have been placed for delivery after Jan.*! and American fleece wools felt the effects of competition with Australian and quotations continue easier. Print cloth stocks are reduced in volumn and prices are steady Domestic woolen mills are fairly well employed. DHcroHge In Bnllronil Earning!!. Returns of gross, earnings o" lurt railroads for October show an average decrease of Ji.l per cent, compared with those of October, l«9h. September •bowed a decrease of (3tt per cent from that month in l.Si/H. The grangers, central, western and trunk comparative large' decreases in comparison with the World's fair traffic a year age. Southern roads, with a gain of 7.8 pe? cent, agnin make the best showing and the southwestern and Pacific groups also show favorable comparisons with last year; While prices for iron and steal shapes, for bossemer pig and steel billets aro practically steady, there is another net advance this week in prices for wheat and lard, and coffee and sugar has advanced fractionally also. There has been a further recession in quotations i>r corn and oats, and general commercial condition! at the south continue to struggle irito another decline of 1-8-eeut on cotton. ton; John G. Smith, Algomi; Dame) Campbell, Onawa; W. W. Field, Odebolt. Peculiar Accident nt. Fontiinelle. CRISSTON, la., Nov. 12.—A young lady named Wilson, residing near Fontanelle, in Aduir county, had a remarkable es cape from death the other day. She wai Buffering from the toothache, and hat heated a sack of salt, applying the samo to her face to lessen the pain. Shi placed the sack of salt in the cupboart after using il, and some one laid a sack of gunpowder alongside the salt. Miss Wilson had occasion to again use the salt, and she picked up the wrong sack placing the gunpowder on the stove. An explosion of terrific force followed, thi stove was wrecked and the house dam aged, and although Miss Wilson was in the room, she escaped uninjured. He: escape is considered miraculous. Freniflent Yetzer Goti Five Tears. ATLANTIC, la.*, Nov. 12.—J. C. Yetznr president of the defunct Cass County bank, who was found guilty of fraudulent banking after a trial lasting three weeks, was sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. Ycvzev's attorney gave no-, i/tice of appeal, and the case will go to the line roads show j* supreme court. Several more indictments are pending, and Yetzer will probably be called for another trial during the next term of .court. Council Bluff* Nonpareil Sold. <• COUNCIL BLUFFS, Nov.,US.— TheCoun- oil Bluffs Daily Nonpareil plant was sold at receiver's sale. E. E. Hart bid the property in to satisfy a mortgage. An organization has been formed to take the plant, composed of E. E. Hart, banker, J. J. Steadman and J. H. Purcell. Mr. Hart will be president of the company, J. J. Steadman editor and J. H. Parcel! managing editor and business manager. Wealthy Farmer Bobbed. TABOR, la., Nov. 1U.—Thieves entered Bank clearings at 75 cities throughout; the residence of Charles Mimsinger, a the United States this week amount to ^950,000,000, or 2.5 per cent more than in tka previous week, 3 per cent moro than in tljo first week in November, 189S, and only 20 per cent smaller than in the corresponding week two years ago. Tbw favorable indication is found in previous weeks aggregates of clearings having been over 80 per cent smaller than in 'corresponding weeks two years ago. _ Wbont niehiir and Corn Iioirer. NBW YOIIK, Nov. .1(1.— ». tt. Dun & Co.'s 'weekly review of • trade says: Wheat was sS cents higher but with receipts of only 8,640,0!i:i bushels, against 6,BU8,W7 the same week last year, there ii little encouragement because stocks in tight are i'ar beyond all previous records. Atlantic exports have only been 8ft$,<il7 bushels, against H7,r>U!i lost year and the price has advanced about }£ cent, but there is scarcely uny confidence that present prices, low as. they »re, will be maintained, Corn hiw fallen about 8 ceuta, notwitliHtandiri^ I the fact that western receipts wary oi>ly about l.On.Olia bushuls, against S.40G,- , 847 bushels last your, and Atlanlirt <<.x- portij only 73,182 bushels, against 00'J,!«M last year, for statistics have littln nih.i't when tlin supply is to bra so far clio-;. During the woek the failures wcro ~u. ; in the United States against ii.'id lust week, and 42 in Canada against !)7 l<i<-< week. Thui-e have bcieu fow ulailuivo ot consequencii during the week, but uom> of extensive inflnunoo. _ INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. in. — Appelalu Judge Ruhih.'ird in the suit of tbu Indianapolis Union Jiailwuy company against the treunurer of Marion conn; v for the Btultt, decided iu 1'uvor ol U> i tttte. Tlio BUit wuu io on join the coJIoo tion of |WJ,000 tasei iixud by" tux board. The company will uppuul U> the BUprujiiu court. Tbo cusu haa buan ponding since 16U3. Jiull.llujf Cullui>>ti>, MONTREAL, Nov. ](),— Tho (op floor of the uuw und nrnKJiincent otnco of tbu city puuii'UKor railway «aved in killtntj two luun iii.'.laiitly, injuring one futuily and maiming it do/,nu more. Tim accident wus cuviH(!d by iruat which the 'hen vy iruu and which, cra-h:u,; down cuniutl with them everylliing Uwlow. wealthy farmer living two miles north of Tabor. A pair of pants, containing $l(i, was taken from the house. The thieves afterwards broke into the barn and stole a driving horse, valued at f 100. There is no clue to the thieves, but they are supposed to have gone towards Council Blutffl. Olothlnr Thieve* Luokled. Sioux CITY, Nov. 12.—Detectives located the quarters of a gang of clothing thieves ttud waited fur them to return. One*officer grabbed the first man who entered the room and called on toe others to throw up their hands. They started to run and the officers fired, hitting Dick Morgan, a young tough, wounding him mortally. Alleged Car Tlitevet ArrwtUa, DBS MOINES, Nov. 12.—Special .agents of tiio ChicHgo and Northwestern Bail way cjdupjiuy arrested. J9li» l?WitlJ «U2 Loon Bedling, both of whom firs Well known young men, and charged them with robbing freight curs of goods vul ucd »i $50U. Hcdliug is a son of Bov. Er;k Hedling, the well known Swedish Chnrced With 8t»»lln|i » Locomotive. POEBLO, Nov. Us.— "General" J. 8. Bainltjra, who commanded the Cripple Cruek Cijxuy army, which left horo lust May on a stolon. train and was capturod in Kansas, has been arrested on u warrant charging him with the theft of u locomotive, Huguve $300 bull lor bin appearance, Sunders and his men Koi/. a Denver and Bio Griiudo nwi(ch ongiuu and left the city ou tho MiKBouri Puciliu railroad. HE GOT BOTH. "So yon wisli my daughter for your wife ? " " Partly that, madam, and partly that you may bo my mother-in-law." —Ufa. APPOINTS: GEN. liU'CQQK. Cleveland Names Him as Gen, O. O. Howard's Successor. muted by President Diaz'to'00 years' imprisonment. Thn American minister in- tei-Tened in Adnins' behalf. , POBSYTHE TAKES HIS OOMMAUD. Ftll'utt l'*(l'<!» MEJIPIIIS, Nov. 10,-r i'wrort firea aro iu wcHtin-ii 'i'uiuurBBi'o iiml eiiHtrin , uu<l u cloud of Hiuoka him w;t tluil down ciVDt- Ihu city nml biirruiiml- iug uouutry liku u fog. The pubsi' on the Hteauii'i' Lody Loo bring tuleij of losaus mul uutlurhiif i'ruiu iirua on both Hides of the river north of .Memphis, DJJVVKH, Culo., Nov. i?.— It in peoted Archbishop Chappelle of Fo will bit named us udiuiriintnilor (if affairs of this diocese, pimdlng thn nu]uc tion of a sncoassor t5 Ulnhop Main. It i« rumored in Catholic circles Denver probably will bu rimed to un urchbisliuprio and Archbishop Chappelle bo lucutcd hbro. __ ^_ 6PAHKS FROM_THE WIRES. Mohumiiind Alvxuuder Wohb, thu Man leui kcturui', IK urlliually ill ut 'i'oludo. U. with oongfHtiun of the liruln. Crook Tux (.'iillootor tflioi. CIIKCOTAH, J. T., Nov. I*.— -A>>vo» Mr- lutouh, ijruHLHHitiiig iitlurnuy, shot Lwi Adkiim, tax collnuiur, twice through tint body. Tlioru is u possibility for Adklu'H rooovory. An old finiJ, rtvivod by liurso rucus ami a^gi'iivutod by iutoxlcautd, WUH the Both Officers Were Great Indian Tight erg. Gen. Milen Will Move Ills Vnmmnnrl to Now York—Gun. Itugiir »lny Coino E»st and Gen. Forwytlio Tnlco Cain'maiicl of the Departiunnt of California, WASEIINQT N, Nov. 10. — Brigader (J-"TiT-Hl MriCook, who bfC'imfs n major- poll-n-al is nt present commiinriing thu '"•I'piirtinent of CbloAido. Ho has been •17 years in tho military sovvict) und is 0110 of that famous family of warriors the "Fighting McCoola." Hu is a graduate of West Point, which he en- ured in 184Y. He was a captain iu the regular array at the outbreak of the war which he emerged with the rank of lieutenant-colonel. But in addition to this ho had at the begining a volunteer commission us colonel of the Firat Ohio infantry und one year later received bis volunteer commission as a major-general tor gallant servl ce during the war ho was brevetted' a major-general in the regular army in JSU5, thus anticipating by 29 years, the good fortune which'has fallen to him by the present appointment, The race for the place vacated by Major General Howard's retirement was between McCook and Buger, the latter commanding the dopartmnnt of California, and tlie former was peculiarly fortunate in receiving the appointment over General Ruger, who stands at the head of the list of brigadier generals, because ho would otherwise retire in a few months with the rank of brigadier general. ' As it ia General Roger's promotion will probably only be delayed for a short time. Colonel Forsythe, who will become a brigadier general, is one of tho most distinguished cavalry officers in the army, and has behind him a notable record of service in Indian campaigns. At present he is colonel of the Seventh pav- alry and in command of the artillery •chool at Fort Riley, Kan. fc He also ia a graduate of West Point. from which he graduated j n 5351 an <j j 8 a veteran pf the late war. He entered a first lieutenant and emerged a major in the regular army, but in the volunteer service he received his commission as a brigadier general. He also wa i Jirevetted a brigadier general in 1H05. Major General Miles will transfer his command to New York, succeeding Major General Howard as commander of the Department of the Bust. In. tho natural order General Forsytho would take his place as commander of tbe Department of tho Missouri, but as the junior brigadier general, he may yield this command to General Ruger, should the latter, as is expected, prefer to change from tho Department or California. Bf oCnnk Itnoummimded For»ytb». DENVBII, Nov. 10.—General McOooU wan seen iu regard to his appointment as major general of the United Stutea army. Ru Kveiiied jjriwtly pleaswl with his up- puiulment. Hu hau received official notice of his appointment, but says he luia not yut boon cojisiiltL-d aa to whether ho will leuvo Colorado or nut. He recommended very highly his successor, Colonel Juuiuj W. Foiviytho of (ho Seventh cavalry, Fort EUcy, Kan. The news of the general's promotion won well received in Douvor. Kt'rJiMI« Initiation <>i/l,al. BOSTON, Kov. 10.—O/wull Herring, 18 yoavrt uld, u aluduut ut tliu Aliit&uohuiseUs IiiHlituto of Ti-L-hnulogy, Htoo>l all night during tho storm on liio luiuk of the Churleu dv«r chid Iu u full drenauuit and blimU'oldml, Ho fiimUy full from under u OotH the Other. I WASHINGTON, Nov. 10.—-The comp- i troller of the currency decided to appoint Henry E. Lewis, who is now serving us.the receiver of the First National bank of Kearney, to tho position as receiver of the Buffalo National bank of the same place. Jfiit OrotlUnd at Washington. WASHINGTON, Nov. JO.—The dispatch from Central America stating that the United States has given assurances to Guatemala to assist in withstanding the incroachmentH of Mexico tiru not credited in official or diplomatic circles, Kntertainnil by Suerufitry Uiuxhnm. WASHINGTON, Nov. Id.—Ambassador and Mrs. Bayard who aro in Washington visiting JVlrs, Shubrick Clymer, mother of Mrs. Bayard, were the guests of honor at a dinner given by Secretary of State aud Mrs. Greshaui. Will Ul»l'lllll|[» IJOIII'DI' DENVJIM, Nov. 10.— -Th» nro mid bom'il huvu (loci-hill to uliolUh thy dutootivo UuiwUueiU uuil ditichui'gu vt tUu puliuu lurcu inul hulf ol' iho \ t'Ut fli'u Uwpui'UJU'jil. Tliu cuujo fur fc liuUevtid u> bo thu fact tlmt Utw wot JJ»-'J'ri'ii»uror Wiioilrun 1 ') Trial. KOC-K. Ark., Nov. l2.~T)w ciwe ugaiuHt William 12. Woodruff, ''*.- btitto tvt'UbUi'i'i', lor 1'albkt pveUtutM'H inul U)iuuiipi'O|iriuUoii of luntl», WUB up liu 1 trial in i'aluski circuit cuurt. tut Vim Arlliitfluu ll»ilroy«il 1 Woii'i'H, Tex., Nov. jU.- •troywi tlio Arllugtou inn, oim of tlie hunt hotuU in Texas, louutwd at Arlii)«loi) Heights, thruo miloo from the city, i ho building aud coiiteiiU uost twu yuan-it ugo |liil),VOO uud wop mlly aJtiii'td, bhi'i'r DxluiuAtion ami w «uw d(KM:r'i i'ii''''. Thu ordoul wan part of tin uiili.ilJoii into u uuhiHil S'Kmly, Thi; yiiuux UIUII'H jmri'iiU tlncia u to cuiii tiiu purpt'lratcir:! of tli i ;i!f.iir. l'(»k« Nuw iliiiiiluK t'tn 11'i Her. DlJIUNUO, Colo., NllV. H>. .livWB Hlil- l«r, who killi-d Frunlc ('IH-IH utor uimr Corl" liwl i^prins, hi.irirJ oat vuwiliu In kill HID 1'iitiro Cui-jiuiitor 1'iiiiiUy. Mn mot n brollK'r uf Curpiinti-r and a inuii naiuod Dale, witui's.-jfs uf iho foruifr fchuotiiig, mid opuned liii-, liilllug Car- puntur und duuguroivly ^'cii:uling Pitlo. ^ l-u»uU is ill plIl'Mlit of il.ilkr. kolltcuo* Cuiliiuultiil, CITY or Miixico, ^Jov. ii).—The deuth iuntonue rooMitly puxsml upun ISdwttrd J, AduiiiH of New OduaiiH 1m- tUu JHUr- dur ut i) wtutvi' iu ihi^ult^-Jui!i baon ocui- liavarla I'rolilhilri Ainurloaii Cuttle. LONDON, Nov. in. — A dispatch from Berlin states that Bavtiriniuis prohibited the importation of American cuttle to prevent any evasion of the imperial decree. DHzznrd In Itiwft. SPKUCKR, In,, Nov. id. — The first anow in northeastern lown was ushered in with a drifting blizzunl from the north* vvest. It is getd'i/f t-older. TWO .BW CONTRACTS FOR JAPAN. Are the Liirucnt Ever Awarded to A«eH- Irnu 1'ltiunby tlie Japnne»e. TACOMA., Wash.', Nov. U.— William O. Norris, who went to Japan a year •go to represent a syndicate of Chicago merchants, bus secured two of tbe largest contracts ever awarded to American firms. One goes to Armour ft Co., and is for canned beef to be supplied to the Japanese army. The other is a $3,000,000, contract for cast iron pipe to be used to extending the Tokio waterworks. Tbe pipe will be made in Alabama and sent here for shipment and the American firm having met tbe competition of English and Belgian bidders. The Chicago syndicate which Mr. Norris represented was organized just after tho World's fair as a result of the expressed desire of tbe Japanese committee to stimulate trade with America. Tba United States imports guoiis worth $i5,do5,«0<( from Japan yearly and exports to the country only |!>,OtiO,OUU. It if. \elieved by thoM Interested that this tn<flo can be evened up. Natlonitl W. O. T. D. Progrnm. BOSTON, Nov. W.— The program for the 2lt»t annual convention of the National Women's Christian Temperance union to be held at Cleveland beginning Friday, Nov. 16, has been given out, This convention will acsume the nature of a historic anniversary. The origin, growth und entire history of tho National Women's Christian Temperance union will bo reviewed and many of the moat prominent workers of this and other countries will be present. The convention will lust six days, including Sunday, Nov. 18, on which day the anniversary (sermon will bo preached by President J. W. Basbford, D. D., of Ohio Wesleyan university. An interesting fuaturo of the convention will be a testimonial to Guttural Nual Oow and an nMr-s* by him. Among the noted workuni ami friends of th« cause who are uxp"cti:<l to b» present ai'«: Mr«. E. J. Thompson, leailur of tliu first cruaiid" bund; Mother Stewart, tlio worid-widw oruoudcr, und V»dy Henry BDuiursnt, prtnidmit of th* UritiHU ChrUtiiw Turn- nuranoe uasouiatiou, Murdoriiiu Wurle ut Trump*, BOONK, Iu., Nuv. ia.— A party of train pH, camping on tho odgo of ilao town, had u row Batui-tlay night and 0110 of Uiu umulwr, a marhlv cultej niuiifia HondrickH, was boaton to death with u coupling pm «ud hU body thrown lulu tho Urn. Tliu police huvu cupiurod lix ul the gmig. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement tends to personal enjoyment w rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly, adapting the world's best products to the ueeds or' physical being, will attesf the vjuo to health of the pure liquid In- -'" -•< principles embraced m th • ' •'?, v v '<T « f F '8 S> .v cicell"""C: is due to its presorting " .' .i'B 1 • ' acceptable and plena- •*- " .:..,/ refreshing and truly .ui, • •"' -tea of a perfect lax•"> • ..-.•,.....< ,y cleansing the system, •.-.:-. „. :.s, headaches and f evert arm ' /:ntly curing constipation. It has ^" M satisfaction to millions siua met witu the approval ot the medicoL profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and U is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- •vlats in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man- Sfactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed,"you will not accept any substitute if oflered f CITY WHAT MARKET Nio BBITER, Proprietor. Che ohoioest Meats, auoh •• Beef Pork and Veal Steaks, Rout* Stewt. 1 •to., can be had. Poultry Gams and Fi«b South aide Fittb-it, Oorroll, IOWB IOWA.- Capital, $100,000,00. Surplus, $5,OOO.OO. Opened business Feb. J, issa. DIRBCTOBB: C. A. MAST, S. W. WATTLES, - - Vice President. C. L. WATTJ.KS, - ... cashier* 3. E. Ortmtli, V. HlnrlcliB, . N. K. Sturges, Chus. WaltatsalloW, Siimner Wallace, Intercut pitld on time clepoaltn. Money to loan on good security. Drnlts-for onle on all parts ol tbe world, dtenmehlp tickets to mid from all psiti of Kurope. Insurance written In Vne wwt. companies, The ART AMATEUR, Tils 33e=t cm.d Z-s.rgrc at (The only Art Periodical nwnnled a MoUftl at. the World's fair.) Invnluablo for all who \i\nh to make tbeJrlff-- Ing by art or to make Ihelr liomes bcoutlful. Tfrtri "\C\rt we will send to anyone mention E Oi XWL. tlnnltiK'hlsmi'illciitlon n spool men copy, with enporb color lilnlBU, . ^^ • (tor copying or frumlns!) anrt 8 sup- ^ f\ b ptementnrr pnges of deefgnB (regular I ±J price thirty five cents). Oc • ^^ TTI.^%. OP»A» wfi"wlll semi nlHO " P UNTlNfif r OF rfSpU KOIlBEUINNERS"(0!ipages). Montague Marks, 23 Tjnlon Squure, N . < ., who have hud noarlT pbriSiOTmtl'.e patent buslncsn. Communlg Mont rtrlotly conadentM. A llandbook ot In. • ' « . n concernine Patents and bow to ' oB« sent free. Also a catalogue of mochan« ' l «nd BOlontlflo books sent free. __..,_taken through Munn & Co. reoelTB J5¥ro brought widely before the public wltt- out coat to the inventor. This splendU 1 ----*-—' -eeklf elOBontly illustrated, has b] ' ilatlon ot any scientific clrouli . •ii a year. Specimen • « BdltloD,monthly,f cenu. Every Dumi .. work In thi ICB gout free. a yea;. Single it contains beau- ln°coiof», ond nbntognpbi of new plans, enmbling builders to.Bhowtlu BftR bOGK The Modern Writing Machine Ia the invention of genius, unfettered br nld-aohool trn- ditiooa. It hue been brought to perfection in its meobanioal details by four years of experience, backed by ample capital, helped by proctiosl men determined to spare no eodeav^r to manufacture a high until* machine which ehitU produce tbe best work with ttu> least effort and in the shortest lime. Ite prioe may by a Mill* '•^het than (bat of others, bnt the Bar-Lnuk is r tbe otaee who want 'he Beat Typewriter Possible, And the only doable key-board machine that writes EVERY LETTER »N SIGHT. MNDOWED by those who nee it: R. O. Dun & Oo., St. Paul, Minn. Pinkerton National Detective Agnnoy. (8) New York Central & Hudson River R. R, (10> Michigan Central R. R. Co, (10) . Daenport Daily Democrat. Davenport Daily Times. Superior Swtiing Telegram. Rational Wall Paper-Co. (7) And thousands of oilier*. Off TRIAL io yonr offloe, and nnlew you like it yon . pay nothing. Old machines ecobangad Our Argument: Bent on trial the Bar-Look baa a ohanoe to epenk for itself and to stand on its owo merits, wbioh (a juat where we want tbe Bar-Look to stand. We take all the risk of its not pleudog you. Whatever typewriter yon bay, there are typewriter secrets yon should know. Our catalogue contains them. Send a postal tor it. The Columbia Typewriter Mfg. Oo., Will St., LOIIO* Mild Fifth UVA., YORK. '.''5 Nt. 1'ttUl Branch. OH Kuut 4th Street, low* Toiler V«ll« U«l>- to *Sf>,()UO. Dyiiuciutt, Nuv. iU.— John a laboring inuu ri'sidiug in this city, wuu ] notilieil ho hud fallen huir to #50,000 left by a brother, who died at i'oorltl, |1U. ii|ioul*wlruubl«ii Temponu-lly H«ltl«il. fcJyUTH MOAI.K8TKK, 1. T., NoY. 18.— Tho Uhoutuw troubled huvu b«ou loin- porarily buttled by a peace council com- pumid uf iunuuntfal uiuu haloiigliitf U> Uotli partie*. Tim ei^ht prUuuura who wuru to huvu tatm tried at WUhurton have Uwu roluaawi oo their own woy- nizunoe until thu naxt uwwion of the council, wlion all troublw will U) peaiHfubly Bottled, The pri«ouan bftve gouo to th» UhickiMuiw Nation to r<wid» utttll wut tw \ff LISTEN EVERYBODY! I am now prepared to do all kinds of blucksmithiug, horse shoeing, plow work and general repairing. Wf\OON AARKER A firtit clttBH workman in wood IB uinployftd in tlie same build ing, and we are prepared to do all styles of wagon and carriage work and repairing. US A CAU* JERKY LUCY, Proprietor/ Shop opposite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa. v .

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