Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 19, 1965 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1965
Page 9
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SINGING WAITERS - Mothers and daughters of the First Evangelical Lutheran church were entertained by these singing waiters at their recent first annua! banquet. From left, are Herman Bohi, John Cassel, Keith Moeskau, Joseph Wogen, Vincent Zettier ond Ed Berdahl. (Photo by Rosemary Cassel) Mother-daughter banquet With the men of the church acting as waiters for the evening mothers and daughters of the First Evangelical Lutheran church held their annual ban- followed by a reading, "I'm Glad We Discussed That", by Sue Gaston. After a vocal solo by Mrs. quet in John Knox Hall of the]Ted Youngerman, another skit, First Presbyterian church. |"I Just Had To Call and Greet You" was presented by Marie Lau, Marian Polchow, Dorothy Aplin, Lenny Gibbon, Delia Jones, and Emma Lupo. The evening was brought to a close with a songfest, led by Mrs. Donald Spindt, and the benediction by the pastor, the Rev. John D. Foerstcr. In addition to the Singing Waiters, men serving the tables included Ed Laube, John Lenker, Charles Roberts, Ralph Roberts, Doug Laube, David Laube, John Benin, Ron Youngerman, Carl Hoefs, and Thor Bergstralh. With the theme, "A Night of Fun For Mothers and Daughters", Mary Frances Lenker served as mistress of ceremonies for the evening. Following the dinner and a special prayer by Mary Margaret Hoefs, Mrs. James Huckins presented corsages to Mrs. Werner Lau, Karen Bergstralh, and Mrs. Calendula Yohn. A corsage was also presented to Mrs. W. G. Stigile for having come the longest distance to be with her daughter, Mrs. Ted Youngerman. Mrs. Sti­ gile is visiting here from Hooper, Nebr. A highlight of the evening was the special musical rendition by The Singing Waiters — Herman Bohl, John S. Cassel, Keith A. Moeskau, Col. Joseph G. Wogen, Maj. Vincent V. Zettier, and Edgar 0. Berdahl. Helen Roberts presented a piano solo, followed by the girls of the Junior Choir, with Mrs. John Foerster as director, singing "Oh God We Thank Thee". The choir members included Janice Coke, Barbara Foerster, Betsy Downs, Jolie Zettier, Kathy Coke, Helen Roberts, Chris Ann Wogen, Joy Davis, Pam Tharaldson, Jackie Baack, and Debby and Jody Mitchell. A "Tribute to Mothers and Daughters in Verse" was presented by Joan Johnson, Eleanor Bonin, Audrey Davis, Joie Coke, Mavis Johnson. Bobbie Lagerquist, Bernice Roberts, Alice Shefchik, Jeannette Bonin, Virginia Davis, Kathy Coke, Barbara Foerster, Lisa Johnson, and Patty Lagerquist. Jackie Baack, Jolie Zettier, and Dorothy Zettier pai-ticipated in, "If You Were a Mother", Coast guard urges change in radio check The increasing volume of requests for radio checks directed to Coast Guard Radio Station Long Beach has placed a heavy and potentially dangerous burden on 2182 kc/s and on the radio station. So that quick response to calls for assistance may be made, mariners are requested to check their equipment output utilizing the installed meter, a portable RF meter, or by means of a neon bulb attached to the antenna lead-in. If this cannot be done, radio checks should be conducted with nearby vessels or with vessels that have been recently heard. Cooperation is mandatory if 2182 kc/s is to be maintained in a state of readiness to serve its intended purpose. •liBi iHiNf v^S^Ji^frigidaire^W Hurry! H^i^ Space-saver, dollar-saver FRIGIDAIRE Refrigerator! D1 2 -64 • 63-Ib. freerer chest freezes ice cubes extra fast! Two 18-cube ice trays'. • 10.4-Ib, sliding chill drawer for fresh meats. • Full-width Hydrator for 25.1 quarts of vegetables. • All shelves are full-width, fully usable, • Roomy storage door has space for eggs, even Vz-ga], cartons. $ Itmlted »» stock on hond. Pink, yollow. Loft hond door white only. NO MONEY DOWN — BURROUGHS GUARANTEE WALDO F. BURROUGHS Serving Redlands for 3S Years —APPLIANCES 117 East State St. REDLANDS 793-5485 Slight increase in aliens WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Justice Department says that there was a slight increase in the number of foreign nationals living in the United States last year. The department announced Tuesday that 3,393,209 aliens had reported their addresses to the Immigration Service in January as required by law. The figure was a 57,618 increase from January, 1964. Mexican nationals dominated the alien population with a 1965 total of 631,138. Canadians were second with 365,252. Assemblyman STEW HINCKLEY .... Says On February 10th last, I commented upon a survey made by Opinion Research Foundation of Princeton, New Jersey, which indicated that many of America's young people have weird ideas concerning the nation's free enterprise system and how it works. Today I am more than pleased to report on a survey conducted at Pacific High school, San Bernardino, by Mr. Louis Lopez, the instructor in the senior class on Problems of Democracy. Mr. Lopez asked the class the following five questions—handing each student a small piece of paper upon which to virite answers: 1. Do you believe in the need for profit in business? 98 per cent said YES and 2 per cent said NO. 2. Do you believe we have competition in business? All replied YES—100 per cent. 3. Do you think government has responsibility of providing jobs? 34 per cent wrote YES and 66 per cent said NO. 4. Are you in favor of government ownership of banks, railroads and steel companies? To this question 26 per cent said encouragement and commenda -:|5g^/„„£^gOj,;^;:j,jf 5 ^gj ^ ^9^5 _ g tion of the Assembly Education! . ' •' ' YES and 74 per cent replied NO. 5. What do you think the av erage percentage profit is for American business? On this question the answers were mixed, ranging from a low of around 5 per cent on up the scale. As a senior member of the Assembly Education Committee, I am concerned with the quality and scope of our public school system. It is gratifying to know that in California, and most certainly in our County of San Bernardino, we have one of the finest educational programs in the land. Now, you may wonder why I have taken the trouble to comment again on this subject of California education. It is because too often little recognition is given our teachers who have more responsibility than anyone else on how the next generation is to be raised, with ex ception of fathers and mothers —even here there is lack of responsibility in far too many instances—so I wish to salute Pacific High school and Mr. Lo pez, and indeed all of our fine professional teachers throughout our County, and offer them the Committee. As long as teachers are free to teach, as long as our public schools are run free from domination of any special interest group and managed by local citizen school boards, we will continue to lead the way in the educational world. In a lighter vein—among the five thousand bills or so introduced this session in AB 3422. It comes to grips with that burn- Now You Know By United Press International The United States purchased Alaska from the Russians for two cents an acre ($7,200,000) on March 30, 1867, according to the World Almanac. and arrow be prohibited? What do you think? Your opm- ions and suggestions are invited. Your letters should be ad- ing issue of the day: shall the I dressed to me at the State Cap- shooting of wild boars with bow'itol, Sacramento. Nine killed by avalonche GARMISCH P A R T E N- KIRCHEN, Germany (UPI) — Six missing skiers reported to police Tuesday, ending fears that they had been trapped by Saturday's avalanche on the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain. The official deatli toll remained at nine. One body was still believed buried. Speech Riggs, famous tobacco auctioneer recommends HEW uimsmmfim They put back the taste others take away ffl 4. T. C. fndudtf 3,NaT4 ,BUT SPEC EFFECT.^; F RIDAY ;::baW REGULAR PRICES AND BLUE CHIP POT ROAST lb "SUPER-RIGHT" GRAIN-FED STEER BLADE CUT ONE PRICE NONE HIGHER ARMOUR'S GOLDEN STAR FINEST QUALITY 3 lb. CAN 1 HAMS EACH f x^-j^ IT''- ' U.S.D.A.. GRADE "A" FRESH Frying CUT UP WHOLE BODIED . .. 29& FRYING CHIClcm PABTS Breasts or Thighs. . 59L Drumsticks « I E ^ .. 49^ Chicken Wings.... 29^ Backs & Necks. .3 lb.. 25^ ''Super-Right" Grain-Fed Steer Beef Chuck Steak 43 Swiss Steak»~ 59 BONRESS Clod Roast .s„':s £-J9^ CROSS Rib Roast HS ."?sa '.r 79* lEAN TASTY 0 -Bone Roast s^'M» BOHEIESS CENTER CUT Chuck Roast 69- ENOIISH CUT Cross Ribs H- X 53» ARMOUR'S STAR Hen Tyrkeys ARMOUR'S STAR TURKEY PARTS Turkey Wings 29^ Drumsticlcs... 33^ LEAN Stewing Beef H*!;;:^ 79^ Fresh Lean Ground Meats Ground Chuck 49^ Ground Round 69^ Super-Right Lunch Meats Bologna, Olive. A An Old Fashioned, 6 -oz. fljb Spiced or Fig. / ^ Pimento IkW SEaiONS A&P FINEST Mb. Can GRAPEFRUIT 23' Peanut Butter Wong'sDinners 59° TASTY CELLO-PACKED ANN PAGE TOMATOES FANCY SELECT CUCUMBERS GOLDEN CHIQUITA BANANAS Scotties 2-pIy 200-ct. FROZEN Canfonise, Fried ' Shrimp Chow Mein, Size & Chicken Sukiyaici 2' 29 LARGE BROWN MUSHROOMS 39' For Flavor and Zest VzAb. Pkg. WESTPAC SALAD Slked Beets 2 ANN PAGE Syrup DASH ^ Dog Food* 2 CANE & MAPLE Mb. Cans VA-pt. Size Mb. Cans 23' 37' FROZEN PASTRY VALUES Pastry Chet Apple Danish 59!> Pastry Chet Cinnamon Danish 't^ m Mayor Almond Dan. Coffee Cake W Pastry Chef Black Bottom Pies siti*^ 89'' Pastry Chef Banana Cream Cakes 89< ARMOUR BONES5E Facial Tissue* 5 99^ Grapefr't Juice METRECAL 4 - 99' TEXSUN PINK Quart 14-oz. Can LIQUIDS ALL FLAVORS A&P's OWN 8-oz. Size ^ MindeKiimpls. ^GObDBH iSSSlVERSMii SPECIAL Fcr AilOBitie WnkiR All Detergent' 6? rOe OFF 3 -lk. l-fX. Vienna Sausage 2^-^49^ Soft Weve Toilet Tissue* It 25^ Danish Margarine MINUIt MAID nOZEM Orange Juice 49 SUAVE-REG. OR HARD TO HOLD * Reg. 99c 13-oz. Size ASSORTED PAHERNS • Eacli Hair Spray ASSORTED PAHERNS Beach Towels BORDEN Mb. PkJ. MINUIt MAID nOZEM Hydrox Cookies f^Z Pickles s^"""^?'"- 39^ NibletsorMexicorn=;i ^ol ^r23^ l -oVcau 27^ SUCEI or MLVES Jar DiiirttBi 3fc THURS.-SUN. MAY 20^23* Plain or Sugared DOUGHNUTS 29* Rinso Blue* 79* Scotkins Napkins* ST 2?f,t 31* Scotties Hankies* 2VSl^23* Confidets* Cut RHe Plastic Bags* "^H^ . PUIS. !-CDunt Packaic 50-ct Pkt- 12-ciiurt Green Giant Peas Crisco Oil Crisco Oil Yuban Coffee Coffee NBC Snowf lake Crackers 'p^^ 23^ 1^ 29* "si"»°"69* 11 89* '^f 47* 3qt. Size i-oz. Inst. 1^' JOS MAXWELL Mb. 439 ID-o^ 163 HOUSE Can InsL I E-Z-LITE CHARCOAL BRIQUETS* Eiir Hani* Lux Liquid* 65* Ptl-tc Price* Effectiv* Thurj. TJiru Wei, May 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 S 26 320 REDLANDS BLVD. •Ta»oi/. ttmt mA-ftl to In-OfM, Smicr THE CHEAT ATIANTIC I. FACIRC TEA COMFANT, WC uutiu's Dinmnu 1Mb MUCHMi siui its< •Bloe Chip Stamps o^ven on all items exwpf olcohottc bev«o8«»» tobacco products, fluid niiHt end c

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