The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 10, 1959 · Page 5
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 5

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1959
Page 5
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NEWS for WOMEN MONDAY FLORAL CLUB will meet at the YWCA in the afternoon. ST. THERESA UNIT will meet with Mrs. Vincent Clifford, 1310 Baldwin, in the evening. ST. JAMES UNIT will meet with Mrs. William O'Shaughnessy, 302 Burr Oak, in the evening. ST. ANTHONY UNIT will meet with Mrs, Howard Bellrichard, 706 Walnut, in the evening. ST. HILDA UNIT will meet with Mr*. Duane Kolb, 506 Padden, in the evening. ST. MONICA UNIT will meet with Mrs. Kenneth Rolfson, 516 Lincoln, in the evening. ST. ETHELREDA UNIT will meet with Miss Florence Garrity, 901 W. Winona, in the evening. MARIA GORETTI UNIT will meet with Mrs. John Huinker, 2004 E. Winona, in the evening. ST. VERONICA UNIT will meet with Mrs. Robert Simons, 2006 Parkview, in the evening. iiflliAi Jr L -, THETARHO CLUB will meet! Will Wed Feb. 7 for election of officers at IOOF Hall in the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Enright, RUTH ANN ENRIGHT Ruth Ann-Enright, Jerome Mullenbach Delegates Named by DAR for Washington Meeting in April Delegates and alternates from the Red Cedar Chapter, DAR, were appointed to attend the continental congress to meet in Washington in April, when members met Thursday at the YWCA. Miss Clara Aultfather was hostess. Named were Mrs. Roy Tedrow, regent, Mrs. F. Lloyd Young, Mrs. F A. Scott and Mrs. James Schradle. Mrs. Young reviewed the address, "Fruits of Freedom," recently given by Mrs. Steven Brod Dr. Walter Lundberg to Address AAUW Dr. Walter Lundberg will present the topic, "Arteriosclerosis," | at the Austin Branch, AAUW meeting Tuesday. The first meeting of the new year will be held at the YWCA in the evening. Noted for work in the field of research. Dr. Lundberg will be introduced by Dr. Nora Larson, one Dr. Lundberg of his co-workers at the Hormel Institute and a past wolf, state regent. The address! Aus " n Br , anch AAUW outlines the many "firsts" applied to the DAR, including occupation- Miss Effie Tollefson, chairman 3f the tea committee will be assist- al therapy in hospitals and es- :J by *?«» PrwciHa Hartley, Miss tablishing schools for underprivi-! Mary Y? cum ', Mrs. Fred L. Ray. leged children. The Red Cedar """'Jfu™' ™ Morreim, Mrs Chapter contributes annually to se- £ A. Gibson Mrs. George Mizuno veral such schools. Mrs. Young |Mrs ' Roger Moen ' Mrs " John Todd also explained the DAR insignia and its many badges. There are 1,834 members in Minnesota, she pointed out. A travelogue presented by Mrs. Hugh Plunkett Jr. and Mrs. Warren Plunkett is planned for the ST. LUKE UNIT will meet with j Rose Creek, announce the engage- March meeting Mrs. Castar Adams, 1614 W. Grove, in the evening. FARMER'S UNION will meet at Enterprise School in the evening. WBA CLUB 33 will meet with Miss Sandra Swenson, 2050 Fourth Av., SW, in the evening. UNITY CHAPTER 29, OES, will meet at Masonic Hall in the evening. TUESDAY NORTHEAST WINDOM Home ment and forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Ruth Ann, to Jerome Mullenbach, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Mullenbach, Adams. The wedding will take place at St. Peter's Church, Rose Creek, at 10 a.m. Feb. 7. with Mrs. Alfred Simon, 309 N. Fourth, in the evening. THURSDAY 0 . t _ .„ . , HOME STUDY Club will meet Project Group will meet with Mrs. for 12 . 30 luncheon with Mrs Archie Wilson Rose Creek, in the; H o me r Warrington, Highway 105 morning for study and 12 o'clock ; s noon luncheon. ' ST AUGUSTINE MISSIONARY Society will meet for 2 p.m. dessert luncheon at the church dining hall. PAST NOBLE Grands will meet for 1:30 p.m dessert luncheon with Mrs. Norman Apold, 711 Nicholsen. MILITARY ORDER of Ladybugs will meet at VFW Hall in the evening. ST. MARK UNIT will meet with Mrs. Albert Shain, 402 Elm Tree, in the evening. • MRS. JAYCEES will meet at the Sterling State Bank Community Room in the evening. PAST ORACLES Club will meet «'ith Mrs. Anna Moore, 510 Glea- .son, for 6:30 p.m. dinner. AAUW WILL meet at the YWCA in the evening. ST. WINIFRED UNIT will meet ».-ith Mrs. William Enright, 200 Division, in the evening. RED ROCK Project Group will meet for 1 p.m. luncheon with Mrs. Raymond Rt. 5. Wagner, Austin Luncheon was served by Mrs. Virgil Dotzenrod, Mrs. R. H. Arvidson and Mrs. Ward Hurlbut. Feburary hostess Lea Duholm. will be Mrs. Mrs. W. K. Evans UCW Speaker on Tuesday Mrs. Mansur Taufic, Mrs. Frederick Requa and Mrs. Gerald Landherr. Teatime organ music will be played by Mrs. Gladys Emerson. St. John's Aid Names Committees The Rev. Robert Hamp chose Martin Luther's explanation of the Twenty - Third Psalm as his devotional topic when the St. John's Lutheran Church Ladies Aid met Thursday evening. Mrs. Otto Scheer, president, wel- , corned members and guests and lines are comln * down for spring ' SERGE MATTA — Paris designer inspects new normal silhouette. Paris Designers Revive Normal Waist By NADEANE WALKER mils, "I don't like the very shdr PARIS (in — Hemlines and waist- announced commitlees for year as follows: flower, Mrs. Hans Helle, chairman, Mrs. William the' 1^9. P flr ' s dressmakers are about to rediscover the female form, "as God made it," after sea- tin Rt. 3, in the afternoon. ST. OLAF CHURCH Missionary Guild Circles will meet as follows: CIRCLE 24, will meet for 1 p.m. potluck luncheon at the church snack room. CIRCLE 1, with Mrs. Mark Hamilton, 1006 N. Seventh, for 1:30 p.m, dessert luncheon. CIRCLE 2, with Mrs. Arthur L. Swenson, 906 N. Sixth, for 1:30 p.m dessert luncheon. CIRCLE 32, with Mrs. Chester Bowers, 1503 W. Mill, for 1:30 p.m. dessert luncheon. The following circles will meet| in the afternoon: CIRCLE 3, with Mrs. James UNITED CHURCH Women will meet at the Congregational Church in the morning. DEGREE OF Honor will hold installation at IOOF Hall, in the evening. WEDNESDAY GRACE BAPTIST Missionary Society groups will meet as follows: GROUP 1, with Mrs. Ben Patch, 403 W. Winona, in the afternoon, GROUP 2, for 11 a.m. potluck luncheon at the church. GROUP 3, with Mrs. Leona Crandall, 1104 S. River, in the evening. GROUP 4, with Miss Shirley Patch, 403 W. Winona, in the evening. JOLLY WORKERS will meet with Mrs. yron Autlfather, Austin Township, for 1 p.m. luncheon. WESTMINSTER Presbyterian Church Guild will meet at the church in the evening. GENERAL WSCS, First Methodist Church, will hold an Hawaiian luau at the church in the evening. ST. JOSEPH UNIT will meet with Mrs. Kenneth Davis, Austin Braaten, 609 Myrtle. CIRCLE 0, with Mrs. Paul Heltne, 506 Nicholsen. CIRCLE 15, will meet at the church parlors. CIRCLE 18, with Mrs. Alton Hagen, 612 Grant. CIRCLE 20, with Mrs. Torger Berge, 405 Ash, for luncheon. CIRCLE 37, with Mrs. Elaine Knutson, 1708 McKinley. CIRCLE 4, with Mrs. Carl Mellem, 904 N. First. CIRCLE 8, with Mrs. Albin Swenson, 907 W. Winona. CIRCLE 12 with Mrs. Ernest Murphy, 800 Gleason. CIRCLE 13, with Mrs. Victor Engleson, 304 S. St. Paul. CIRCLE 19, with Mrs. Guy Wil- jliams, 819 E. Water. CIRCLE 26, with Mrs. Edward Hansen, Rose Creek. The following circles will meet in the evening: CIRCLE 7, with Mrs. Brooks Cutter, 106 N. Fifth. CIRCLE 10, with Mrs. John Sny der, 1004 Gleason. CIRCLE 16, will meet at church parlors. CIRCLE 17, with Mrs. Bernard Simpson, Highway 218-Si CIRCLE 21, with Mrs. Lloyd Camerer, 1302 Collins. CIRCLE 30, with Mrs. James Dagen, 1801 Mower. CIRCLE 34, with Mrs. Hugo Han- Mrs. W. K. Evans, Minnesota's Mother of the Year, will tell of her experiences in interdenominational church work throughout the country the past year at the meeting of the United Church Women of Austin Tuesday. Mrs. Evans All church women and pastors' wives will be guests at the annual meeting, with coffee served at 9:30 a.m. at the Congregational Church Women's Parlors. Mrs. Evans is a past UCW president. Plans will be made for World Day of Prayer Feb. 13 and committees will be appointed, LeRoy PTA Will Hear Exchange Student Jette Gertz, exchange student Muller, Mrs. Elmer Evenson, Mrs. Lloyd Perau, Mrs. Lydia McDermott, Mrs. Otto Wenzel, Mrs. Hial iSwan. Memorial: Mrs. Marvin Graff, chairman, Mrs. David Rupkalvis, Mrs. Peter Haffner; visiting: Mrs. Norbert Narveson, chairman, Mrs. Norbert Schmitt, Mrs. Dan A.ugh- ey, Mrs. Ruland, Mrs. Warren Sibbers, Mrs. Carl Winters; membership: Mrs. Melvin Helle, chairman, Mrs. Holland Cole, Mrs. Woessner, Mrs. Edward Draheim, Mrs. Richard Danowsky, Mrs. Russell Heuton. Allar hanging: Mrs. Arnold Sib- bers, chairman, Mrs. Henry Friedrich, Mrs. Arnold Schlichting, Mrs. Denny, Mrs. Kohles, Mrs. Anna Rakow, mite box: Mrs. Harold Augustine, chairman, Mrs. Milo Morgan, Mrs. Arthur Swingdorf; sons of fashionable distortions and exaggerations. This is my impression after talking to some of the high fashion designers, who are already working on their top - secret spring collections, to be unveiled from Jan. 26. The hemline drop is unlikely to be a radical one, but it will cover the kneecap with a few inches to spare. As for the waistline, it will be back to normal, or nearly so. The high-waisted Empire line was literally run into the ground with the last fall season, when it blanketed not only Paris collections, but those of New York, Rome and London as well. As Mme. Jeanne Carven, one of the few well-known women designers, puts it, "Skirts can't go any higher without becoming welcoming: Mrs. Clifford Blowers' j indece "t, and waistlines can't skirt as well as I did, and tlio Empire line is finished. It has al ready arrived in the streets, mic that is fatal." Keep Your Lip Zipped, Sir! Bv ANN LANDERS Dear Ann: We've been married 10 years. My wife and 1 have had some flare-ups, hut I don't think we fight more than moat married people (who are honest, that is.) I work for a large concern and :iave been promoted four times since we married. Each promotion has meant moving to another city. The first time we moved I noticed my wife'had a foot - locker filled with old love letters, pictures, souvenirs n n cl junk from previous boy friend 1 ;. She collected ashtrays from restaurants every time slur had a dale. Ann Landers They are oil labeled. She has dancing shoes (also labeled) from 1043. The foot-locker weighs about 100 pounds. 1 used to be irked nt having the stuff around but I never said n word. I no longer cnrc, bill I'm tired of hauling it around the country Now would 1)0 an ideal time to Miss Bonnie Johnson and David Sweet Marry in California Miss Bonnie Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. John! son, Austin Rt. 3, and David Sweet, His private clients, he says, are I sou of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sweet, already ordering form-fitting dress- Pacific Palisades, Calif., were es. Nowadays, he adds, successful | married Jan. 1. The services were new lines are copied in ready- j held in the First Methodist Church mndes right away, instead of the chapel, Santa Monica, Calif, old delay of a year or two — Attending the couple were Miss "and that means we must change | Fay Crowley, Hollywood, Calif., ttet rid of ft but 1 hafe to look like a jealous husband. Shall 1 say something? ~- SPHINX. Dear Sphinx: This "junk" belongs to your wife. If she wants to haul it all over the world for the next hundred years, let her. You've been n real shrewd! to keep your lip zippered. Don't spoil it now. When your wife matures she'll lie able to throw the stuff out of her own accord. So long as *he wants to drag it around, it means she needs support for a sagging ego. Dear Ann: I read in your column recently about a father who never showed his 7-year-old daughter any affection. What do you think about a father who has three lovely parents warned me that be was bad medicine, I didn't get Into serious trdubfe, fortunately* but he spread the word all over that I was an easy mark. The thing that hurt me most was his telling everyone he gave me the air. This was not true, 1 was the one who broke it off. It took me six months to get over the hurt. Last'week 1 ran Into this guy at the roller rink. He was to attractive I .almost fainted. He said I had grown more beautiful than ever and that he'd like to take me out again. He hasn't called yet but I'm sure he will. I'd lovt to go out with him just to show everyone. Don't you think I've got from Denmark attending LeRoy High School, will tell of her native country and illus- topic when High School PTA meets Monday evening. The meeting, open to the public, will be held at the chairman, Mrs. Leo Brands, Mrs. (Howard Irwin; cards: Mrs. Lewis Sladheim, chairman, Mrs. Wesley Klinger, Mrs. Norbert Radmer. Auditing: Mrs. William Milbrath, chairman, Mrs. Harold Faber, Mrs. Elmer Groby; reporter, Mrs. Marno McDermott. Plans were made to serve the banquet Jan. 27. trate her with slides the LeRoy climb further without strangling the neck. Besides there is always a change after the extremes have been reached." With the smiling plea, "let's leave a surprise for January," she readily admits, "I personally am a partisan of the natural female form." Like >m echo, one of this fashion capital's newest designers — and its only South American Serge Malta, says, "I find most Mrs. Charles Rahwaldt was welcomed as a new member and refreshments were served by Mrs. | women Tike' their' body'aV'cfod Ida Draheim, Mrs. Chris Kolb,! created it." Mrs. Lewis Klingfus and Wesley Klinger. • Chilean Matta, who opened his 'xmse only last season, boldly ad- styles more rapidly." While the tip-top houses such as Dior and Balenciaga maintain the silence of the grave concerning new collections, straws in the wind indicate longer skirts and lower waistlines will be the majority trend. Of course this never excludes the rebels who make Paris collections exciting enough to draw buyers from all over the world. Balenciaga, I predict, may stick to his short skirts and will launch at least one or two shockingly new silhouettes, while Chanel will certainly remain faithful to her classic suits. Officers Installed for London Club The Royal Neighbors of London installed officers Thursday afternoon when members met with Mrs. Roy Scheffel, Glenville Rt. 1. Mrs. Leonard Heiny Jr. was installing officer and Mrs. Milo Cn- fourek was ceremonial marshal!. The February meeting will be a Valentine party and apron exchange following 1 o'clock dinner at Lansing Corners. and Roger Sweet, brother of the groom, Pacific Palisades. A reception was held at the church following the ceremony. Following a wedding trip to Palm Springs, Calif., the bridal couple will be at home in Santa Monica, where he operates the David Sweet Surf Board Manufacturing Co. Mrs. Nels Sorenson Hostess to Club Mrs. Nels Sorenson was hostess to the Party Line Club Thursday evening. During the business session, Mrs. Arthur Meyer was elected treasurer and during the social hour, Mrs. Kenneth Koenig was awarded the door prize. Mrs. Leigh Bredfield will be hostess to the February meeting. children and Ignores them all? The only time the children know I for sure they have a father is when they do something he doesn't like. He's right there to dole out the punishment. Otherwise you wouldn't know he lived under the same roof. I've never known him to give one of his children a compliment since they've been born. Don't suggest professional help. I He knows more than the experts. Just print this letter so he can see how he looks through someone else's eyes. Maybe if he sees this Jin the newspaper it may get j through to his peanut brain that something's wrong with his attitude, — MOTHER OF THREE FATHERLESS CHILDREN Dear Mother: That hunk of ice you're living with was probably raised in a deep-freeze. (What are your in-laws like?) The dad who functions only as a punitive agency had belter prepare for a lonesome old age. —o— Dear Ann: I am 17 years old. Two years ago I went with a fellow who ruined my reputation. He was three years older and my Mary Louise Baudoin, Reuben J.Patnaude this coming? — GRETCHEN So you'd like to go out with "Bad Medicine" to "show everyone?" And exactly what would you be showing them — thnt you can get hit by a truck twice? The only good thing about * bad experience is that we sometimes learn from it. Stay away from this character who caused you so much grief. He could do I again. To learn the booby-traps of teenage drinking, write for Ann Landers' new booklet, "Teneage Drink, ing," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a large self-addressed, stamped envelope. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of THE HERALD enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope.) AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD C Saturday, Jan. 10, 1959 V Married Dec. 27 Miss Mary Louise Baudoin and Reuben J. Patnaude Jr. were married Dec. 27 at St. Columbanus Church, Blooming Prairie. The Rev. Herman Boecker performed the ceremony at 11 a.m. The bride is the daughter of| Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Baudoin, Blooming Prairie, and the groom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Patnaude, Coleraine, Minn. The bridal couple will make their home in Grand Rapids, Minn. ReferenceBible tithed ly Rtr. C. I. ScofieH, D. D. Auiittd by Eminent Scholars Help* on PKBCI Where Needed With Chain Refercncei. Revised Marginil Renderings, Propheciet Harmonized, Books of tht Biblt Armlyicd »nd many other fea- lurei every Bible itudent need* Wold's Drug Store Book Dept. Est. 1866 Austin CIRCLE Acres, in the evening. , „ . , „„„„ „, ._ ST. CATHERINE UNIT will! H ^' £?5± eld ™ meet with Mrs. J. F. Farrell, 608 Grove, in the evening. WOMEN'S MISSIONARY Society, Church of Christ, will meet lor allday sewing at the church, with potluck noon lunch. QUEEN OF PEACE Unit will meet with Mrs. Matt Zuke, 1213 Padden, in the evening. Mrs. Emery ROSE CREEK PTA will meet in the evening at the school. ST. ELIZABETH UNIT will meet with Mrs. Peter Merten, 306 N. First, in the evening. ST. HELENA UNIT will meet with Mrs. Alta Daiker, 100 Harmon, in the evening. ST. VERONICA UNIT will meet Jctte school gym. According to Norma Schroeder, PTA publicity chairman, films on 4-H memberships will also be shown. Joint Installation Held in Riceville About 60 attended public joint installation services of the Masonic Relief Lodge 211 and Victoria Chapter, OES, Riceville, Tuesday evening. John Grace, retiring worshipful master, was installing Masonic officer for Lee Walter Howe, worshipful master; Duane Lockie, senior warden; M. J. Moore, junior warder; Aldis Dunton, treasurer; N. R. Oulman, secretary; Burt Duncomb, senior deacon; Harold Buttolph, junior deacon; Ray Irwin, senior steward, Wayne Howe, junior steward and Glenn Moss, ty- ler. Following the Masonic installation, Mrs, Martha Harsbarger was ; installing officer for Mrs, Ray Rus-! sell, worthy matron, Mrs. Duanp i Lockie sang a solo and officers ! and members of Victoria Chapter | also sang honoring Mrs. Russell, j Mrs. Lester Gooder and Arthur Mahaffey presented jewels to Mrs. j YOUNK hlUUCli. ill HIC EVGUlUKi 1 -i* ... . , ., --„ m ' AtlOliOitCT UltOVlJV«-U JWTTC1Q VW AM IO. ST. XNN UNIT will meet withi with Mrs ; ujohn Mayer ' 508 Elm i Harshbarger and Eugene Orr, past Mrs. Leonard Aanonson, 802 N. j '1'hird, in the evening. i. FIRST BAPTIST Church Mis-j .sionary Groups will meet as follows : GROUP 1, with Mrs. George Clifford, 103 E. Oakland, for 1:30 p.m. dessert luncheon. GROUP 2 with Mrs. Jennie Beacham, 307 N. loth, for 1:30 p.m. dessert luncheon. GROUP 3, with Mrs. C. H. Lightly, 1109 Walnut, for 1:30 p.m. dessert luncheon. Tree, in the evening. SOROSIS CLASS, First Methodist Church, will meet with Mrs. Arthur Nelson, 402 for 6:30 p.m. picnic supper. ST. BARBARA UNIT will meet for 6:30 p.m. potluck supper with Mrs. William Kimlicka, 710 Freeborn, with husbands as guests. MILITARY ORDER of Ladybugs j matron and past patron. Mrs. Rus- j I sell gave projects, colors and flow- j ers of the worthy grand matron i S. Chatham, j and worthy grand patron for , 1959. Mrs. Eugene Orr presented a white Bible to Mrs. Russell from the Chapter. Other OES officers installed were Mrs. A. B. Lee, marshall; Mrs Marion Graves, chaplain; Mrs. will meet for sewing at VFW Hall Roy Grace> organist; M rs. Russell in the afternoon. SATURDAY PIEPEFITTER'S AUXILIARY GROUP 4, with Mrs. Lawrence will meet for 6:30 p.m. potluck Hanson, Austin Rt. 2, in the evening. GROUP 5, with Mrs. Stanley | Noble, Adah; Mrs. Ray Irwin, Ruth; Mrs. Everett Wherry, Esther; Mrs. Lee Howe, Martha; Mrs. Harold Buttolph, Electa; Mrs. Av supper at the Sterling State BankW Kinter, warder; Eugene Orr. Community Room. 3, wiui luiD. tJtaiuc^ A —J A 'I* 1310 Park, in the even- AdOPTIS Auxiliary ,-to Sponsor "Staters Geir Arneson Will (sentinel, Mrs. James McMaster and Mrs. C. H. McKibben were in- Lewison, 1tnn f"^ ir > th ° »«»"- /~\uuinj> /-vuxniurv stalling officers. ing. GROUP 6, will meet at the church in the evening. ! The Adams American Legion Tell of Iceland GROUP 7, with Mrs. Richard Auxiliary Post 146 voted to spon- PorterfieliJ, Austin Rt. 2, in the lSor two candidates to Girl's State! The International Relations Club owning. | when members met Tuesday eve- i wil1 , he ^, 9f ir Arueso ? teU of GROUP 8, with Mrs. Edward ning at the Legion clubrooms. i IcKe1 ^' '^traUng. » Larkin, 609 Park, in the evening.; candidates will be announced later J * uh . , shc ^ s at f n o ^ ni "S GROUP 9, with Mrs. Robert Du- , i at the Hormel Institute Monday frense. 100 N. Basswood, for i > Mrs ' Wllham Wigham, presl-1 evening. D in dessert luncheon i denl> gave re P° rts on the iM cm ' \ Hostesses are Miss Effie Tollef- GROUP 10, with Mrs. Emmet | ference ' Dec ' l *> in Minneapolis, j son and Miss Luverne ' Muwet. Dt-vauey, 402 Prospect, for 1 p.m. dtssert luncheon. ST. DOMINICA UNIT will meet "Satisfaction Always" in the Sterling Shopping Center NEW STORE HOURS for your shopping convenience NOON TO 9:30 MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY L to 6 p. SATURDAY these new shopping hours are keyed to your busy Austin way of life ... give you the greatest opportunity to shop with your family. LEUTHOLD-BAUER STERLING NEW HOURS Effective Monday JANUARY 12TH at 12 O'Clock Noon After surveying the shopping hours desired by our customers we find that most preferred shopping in the afternoon and evening. We feel certain you will be afforded more convenient shopping during our new store hours which have been adjusted as follows: 12 Noon Until 9:30 p.m. MONDAYS THROUGH FRIDAYS Saturdays 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. Experienced Clothing Men on Hand at all times to Serve you at leuthold-Bauer *,!•* if. "*»* * ft „>*'* Plenty of Convenient Free Parking Sterling Shopping Center Store "If Your Credit's Good — It's Good at leutboU Qatar Refreshments were served by Mrs. Joseph Abbott, Mrs. Walter Beck and Mrs. Arthur Boyum. SOCIETY (Continued on Page 11) *f

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