Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 12, 1948 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 12, 1948
Page 6
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Look Out Below! ON WITH THE DANCE! Those who have occasion to meet up with Thomas E. Dewey never come away referring to him as a doubting Thomas. At any rate those who wondered whether 1948 was going to bring any hot weather have their answer. Seasonable rhyme: "Hush, little handkerchief, don't you cry; you'll be a bathing suit bye and David W. Stewart Could Speak for Iowa's GOP I F the republican party of Iowa by any chance is on the look for a well nigh perfect choice for national committeeman, it could end its quest by putting the tag on David W. Stewart of Sioux City. Mr Stewart is a man of outstanding ,, IVs not only t he work I enjoy," said the truck ability and personality. And there's the driver, "it's the people I run into, further fact that in his views on both do- Note to motorists: Your vehicle is no safer mestic and world affairs, he would prove than your driving, highly representative of the people for . -, whom he would speak. PfOS 3HO V-OflS The Sioux City man served briefly—too , nte resting Viewpoints • .ei __ _• .Ll_~ TT-,J4-^»1 O4-ofao aonnt.O nflPK _. . — J*. F_.-!.___.« bye.' briefly—in the United States senate back in the 20's. For strictly personal reasons, in the face of an assured future, he turned his back on public service as a career. His reasoning was that until he built at least a reasonable estate for himself in his way Gleoned From Our Exchanges vjiario,, „„,,„»». Without a doubt, every mo- MM^^^^E^s* . recent announcement, made by the state high' recem d " tha ' t s tretch of road is going But for many the law practice, his first responsibility was to g° oden ^ sa ^tempered" with a bit of regret that his family. That was probably a wise de- the t Mghway £™™°»^uffw. cision from his own point of view—but not for Iowa. N<S Chfrokee Tknes? British newspapers are even It is clear that Dave Stewart had some- more^^g^^oJg^^s^J&SS thing to contribute to his state. He still £[| nt comes from London that threatened cuts m has. And this contribution could be best ne- P f^ made by him as the voice of Iowa in the P ers national councils of the republican party. That he still possesses an active interest in the affairs of government was dem- ^fcarblaVtlngrfhat'is refreshing to hear in a onstrated at Philadelphia recently when he national —««-"' mention, which admitted y i was singularly active and influential as a member of the Iowa republican delegation. Perhaps the time isn't ripe for his elevation to the national committee. But the idea most assuredly should be placed on file for future reference. RefreshinK Talk Hoover made a the usual Perhaps the most re- Record Surplus w HEN the U. S. treasury closed its books June, 30, the end of the 1948 dence of most Americans that the nation can and will hang onto that independence. UN Headquarters Dubuque Telegraph-Herald: It would be tragic and perhaps fatal if the UN were to leave these shores because it had concluded that the worn B Herman N. Bundesen, M. D iOi.iv'».'~*J _ .. . —, i * _ r_ i. „ 4-1 rt»i«-»! .1-f f a i i~c \i;nQ * Observing Better Than Cold Statistic* have read innumerable times the table showing how long it takes to bring a car to a stop at different speeds. But I must confess the information '"n't o* anv ereat nractical First, it's pointed out that a fa j £ me . -ief daily hosing or sprinkling is How to Water Your Treei go to a recent release from !a company specializing on tree care for those tips on how to gain maximum results from watering operations brief daily hosing entirely inadequate for the hot, dry weather of July and August. Thorough soaking once or twice a week, depending upon the weather, is a must. The home owner would be well advised to adjust his hose or small sprinkler to run very slowly, allowing for complete saturation. The practice of brief daily watering wets only the surface and encourages shallow root growth, as roots will turn upward seeking moisture. It is most important that the entire rootsystem, which is at least equal to the spread, be saturated. Systematic watering is necessary with well-established home trees. It is even more vital with newly planted trees. In transplanting, the tree's root system is restricted and the area of ground from which it can obtain moisture is greatly limited. For 2 or 3 years, newly planted trees need great assistance from the home owner. This is especially true when they have been taken from natural environments in grove or forest. There soil retains moisture for long periods. Under artificial conditions, a tree must depend upon outside help during dry periods. *•.?*!.-?Kl 1 ^* V'V ^"T^Wi-sW^"' ^ ! rf< 0 £^:^$&M To Your Health! Roving Reporter no of the United States in international, affairs was ^^ ^ PANCREAS ACTS UP A DISEASE of which .we hear little is chronic 01U «. - pancreatitis or long-continuing inflammation hnnkkeemne- surplus close to $8,000,000,- an efficient executive at Washington as he has of of the pancreas, and yet I would venture to say story bOOKKeeping suipmb u _-^ _ ?£, e= Y atn nf w pw York, our people need not com- . that a great many people today suffer from it Pat I government fiscal year, there wa_s_a_ budget- Accentor E ^ tnec _ : ! rribune . „ Dewey makes as By Hal Boyle of the AP OF ATOM BOMBS AND TAXES ORT WASHINGTON, N. Y., (XP)—Once upon a 000: T he closest*approach to this was 21 the.-ta^of^ew ^.^peopie years ago when the treasury closed its . ledgers $1,155,000,000 ahead. Listening in Most of the treasury surplus—$6,683,000,000—has already been siphoned into the national debt, which now stands at $251,600,000,000. The rest reposes in the treasury's cash reserves, which is largely held in banks around the country. As a technical bookkeeping maneuver, $3,000,000,000 will be chopped out of this year's surplus and transferred to next year when the president puts the new foreign aid appropriation bill into effect. In other words, $3,000,000,000 of Marshall plan expense, beginning July 1, is to be DEATH AT TH E CROSSINGS charged against this past year's budget. The treasury has had a tremendous year both from the standpoint -of income and outgo. The highest figure yet achieved others> by U. S. national income has been translated into the treasury surplus. The same very thing. Danbury Review: Over the radio a national political convention sounds like they have all lingered too long at the spigot and we suppose many of them did. That Tired Feeling Anthon Herald: It is excusable to get tired when you work hard but the trouble with the average person is a tendency to get tired before- working. Wonderful Creatures Marshalltown Times-Republican: One never decrease m "« ""•--;;: -- n "th e dis<ease called di- realizes just how perfect a candidate is until he by the pancreas results m the disease tdiie that a great many people .without realizing what causes I their trouble. The pancreas is a gland lo- i cated in the abdomen and, though small, it is all-important to the health of the body. It I manufactures several secretions, some of which empty into the Ismail intestines where they aid in digestion. One powerful chemical, known as insulin, passes directly into the blood. „ Insulin is necessary if the body DR. BUNDESEN is to use sugar properly and a P time early in the atom age—this is a true f — there were 2 Irishmen. One was named McGrady, the other Bill Keenan Story With a Moral am amused by the story about the woman active in social affairs who joined up with a fashionable church for selfish reasons. She just couldn't find time to attend very often—only on Christmas and Easter Sundays. Finally this woman passed away, and when she knocked at The Gate, St. Peter said: "Are you sure you're at the right place? You didn't go to church very often on the earth. She sobbed, "Well, I always went on Christmas and Easter." "Very well," replied St. Peter, "You can spend 2 days in Heaven and the rest of the year in the other place." Moral: You can't go in 2 directions at the same time. A plan far more valuable is to have in mind at all times this simple question: "Could I stop in plenty of time if ah emergency should arise? More specifically the question should be: "If something I can't now see popped out of the sideroad, through the intersection, or over the hilltop, could I stop in time? Watch 'Em Bounce Back still think Mason City has a fine baseball team in its Legionnaires, I witnessed that debacle on Roosevelt field Thursday night—and I'm still not selling the boys short. It was a case of a dozen players —including 3 pitchers—h a v i n g their season's one bad night at the same time. I'm going to be out there at rny accustomed place to watch those boys bounce back. They've got a lot of winning baseball in 'em yet, See if I'm not right. Information, Please! 1 Who wrote the children's classic Heide? 2. In law, is intoxication a defense? 3. What is the "country without women? '±. What is an air pocket? 5. What Yale student was hanged as a spy soon after his graduation? Answers—1. Johanna Spyri. 2. No; but if may be used_ to rebut a charge of malicious intent. 3. Mt Athos on the Aegean sea. It is a monastic colony. 4. A condition in the air caused by wind and the terrain of the earth, which causes an airplane to drop suddenly. 5. Nathan Hale. Bill o%vned a big wooden house on the north shore of Long Island. But Bill wasn't happy about it. The house was only 25 miles from New York City—and Bill had a big worry. He was atraid that if anybody ever started tossing atom bombs at Manhattan his big wooden house would soon look like the bottom layer of the Pompen ruins. Pat didn't own a house, but he wanted to. fao through a newspaper ad the 2 Irishmen got to- aether Pat bought Bill's house, and Bill took Mis. Keenan and their 4 children to Montana. That was in October, 1946. . Recently Bill Keenan, still a happy fugitive from the atom, announced from the| mountam- Where the Poles Differ don't think it's generally understood that the north and south poles differ from each other in one important respect. The north pole is at sea level with water ice-covered most o£ the time: the south pole is on land at an elevation of 9,070 feet. THE DAY'S BOUQUET To MR. AND MRS. VICTOR HERT1G—for being installed as noble grands, respectively of the Mason City lodge No. 224, I. O. O.- F. and Queen Rebekah lodge No. 106. Both have been active leaders in these 2 excellent organizations for years. This is the first time in years that husband and wife have headed the 2 groups. IStiN IS vG US'- 1 hUK"i jjiujjcuj «•«-. -- irum mi; ciium, t.^..-" the amount of this drug manufactured r i n ged hamlet of De Borgia, Mont., that he Did You Know? hears the nominating and seconding speeches. Editorial of the Day T aCROSSE TRIBUNE—There were 1,790 human i-' lives sacrificed in grade crossing accidents The year produced 4,015 accidents at these highway-railroad crossings. made a happy choice. "We're crazy about this place," he said in "Atom Haven." a 2-slory place by the side of the road which he built as a restaurant for tourists. It also has living quarters. Keenan who was born in the New \ork area said some pretty harsh things about city life and added- "There is no safety in a coast city— eco- clb & tUlltTS 11* n*v- t>"*"- ---- " --- . -ix* •.«»-•«*,«. f stomach, may press against it to cause irntat.on. norn i c or^ ^ ^ ^ ^ l cam£ ^^ b ^ , argest museum in out here to see how the other Irishman-McGrady the United States? The Metropol- _-was making out. He's doing fine. itan Museum of Art is the largest "Rill is richt about the wonders of Montana," and richest museum in the United said Pat "I was raised out there 'myself. Didn't States and in the western hemis- come east until 1926. I like it. It's a good place to ------ ""•--- --• Inflammation of the pancreas can come from any one of several causes. It may become infected itself or may suffer from infections of the organs against which it lies-the liver, gallbladder, and stomach. Obstructions in these latter organs such as stones in the gallbladder or tumor of the By The Haskin Service EDITOR'S NOTE: Readers using thl» • ervlce for question of fuct—not coun- «el—should slfn full name and afldrts* and Inclofe 3 cents for return postage. Address The Mason City G!obe-Ga- ictte Information Bureau, Slfl Eye Street N. E., Washington 2, D. C. Then too. the pancreas may be damaged by poisonous substances such as alcohol, arsenic- containing drugs, or anesthetics. It may also be injured as a result of accident or operations. " Inflammation of the pancreas causes severe pain in the pit of the stomach. The pain may pass to the back. The pain is not —'"*-' +« **« ^tm? to the eatin true to a certain extent with Britain dent almost all of which were avoidable if suf- - • ID 111C Ucivrw. A i iv- jj*.**»» *•" — T « J * This is the alarming record of a type of acci- , fQQd Some times a patient has diarrhea. If di- i _ -i __ j_ _n _ r _. .l« ! .v*l* •viTfit+it r\i9f\\ rl «1 V-»l a if C1 1 T •• _ * i j»._ :_ ,,r,,*r~.\1 -rr r\ *Y v« 11 1 H OH 1 III ex . mar ine, and his wife, Grace, phere. There are probably not more than half a dozen in the world that are its peers. The mus- 1S whose national income is up to $2,680,000,000. Inflation has done strange things to government budgets since the war. Berlin Powder Cask "QARELY has America been called on to •tv deal with a more tricky situation in the field of international relationships than the current Russian treachery in Berlin. Food lines have already lengthened in Berlin. If the Russians can produce panic and use that as an excuse to take over all of Berlin by force, it will create a grave crisis. Now that America, Britain, and France have set up western Germany as a united occupation zone there is no basic need to . continue a military outpost in Berlin. That battered city has been the worst liability of the occupation. But neither America nor Britain wants to withdraw under fire. Only way America would get out of Berlin short of war would be to evacuate Berlin in return for the soviet corridor" between Berlin and Frankfurt, a mistake of the Potsdam settlement putting the Russians astride allied communication lines and railroads into Berlin. One benefit which cannot be ignored in the Berlin blockade is the way it has warned America to be on guard against soviet en- __ . « UCll U.L til C V J£>i HJ1 O Wt»fcJ ii*\- P-"-fciv v* »,»«•-. v.^™ croachmenta. If we had the Russian razzle- pc titors, shooting around the course in 84. ficient caution had been taken. This means caution by both sides. Certainly motor car drivers should be aware that in approaching these crossings they should "stop, look and listen." No one should cross a railroad track without taking definite precautions. On the other side, there is a duty of safety on the part of the railroad and its operatives. They should provide safeguards for such crossings to protect human life. In other words, even though the "other fellow" may be at fault this does not justify risks that may cost a human life. Our neighbor, Illinois, had the worst record of grade crossing accidents. It was first with 364 accidents in which there were 186 persons killed. In these accidents, 371 others suffered injuries. The state showed fewer accidents than in 1946 but more fatalities. Ohio was right behind Illinois having 359 accidents compared with 329 in 1946. There were 173 deaths and 344 injuries in 1947, against IBB deaths and 317 injuries the previous year. Do You Remember? 10 YEARS AGO Dr. and Mrs. C. B. Tice and sons, Arnold and George, and Miss Pearl Roberts returned home early today from a 2 weeks fishing trip to Lake Kabetogoma near International Falls in northern Minnesota. Dr. Tice reported excellent fishing and brought back a 9-pound walleyed pike, reported to be the 'largest taken from the lake this year. In addition the party also brought back the legal limit of fish, 24 pounds for each member of the .party. 20 YEARS AGO Clear Lake—Osage's 19-man golf team invaded the course of the Clear Lake Country club and was turned back to the tune of 36 to 14. The rounds were played as an official match of the North Central Iowa Golf association. C. C. Warden, Clear Lake linesman, proved to be the low medal player of the day with a card of 79. Close on his heels was George Marty who turned in an 81. Carden of the visitors was the best of the Osage com- arrhea is present, there is usually a great deal of fat in the bowel movements. Sickness at the stomach, vomiting, and loss of weight are often P1 In cases which have been present for a long time, diabetes, due to a lack of insulin, may occur. In many cases, not only is fat present in the stool, but also undigested meat fibers. This latter condition, when present, is a strong indication that the pancreas is diseased. If disease of the pancreas is suspected, a thorough study is indicated. A careful X-ray examination of the duodenum or first part of the bowel is advisable, since, if the duodenum is deformed, it is an indication that some disturbance of the pancreas may be present. There nre, of course, other causes of deformed first part of the duodenum. In chronic pancreas inflammation, several measures should be employed. These consist of proper treatment of diseases of the gallbladder and liver, and treatment of ulcer of the stomach and bowel, and gastritis or stomach inflammation if present. If there is a deficiency of the pancreatic secretion necessary to digestion, the patient may be given raw. finely-ground pancreas from an animal. This is served in salt, in as large amounts as the patient can take. A purified extract from the pancreas also may be used. If there is a lack of acid in the stomach, a weak solution of hydrochloric acid may be administered. They'll Do It Every Time McGrady an ex-marine, ana ms wue, >jia<-c, wunu nun. oic no ^^.^.u. ^"^ •""" have 3 sons—Pat Jr 15, Mike, 14, and Seamus, 9. eum was incorporated in 1870 and The re«t of the household consists of "Big Stoop," a modest purchase of 174 Dutch a 90 rjoimd pup who eats hats and nylon stock- and Flemish paintings with a few d ou ^Juunv-i j-^nyj ,_i_: i i,,. ±« :A:— „*«„+«,} +v,^ r*/*»ll cn^tinn a 90 pound ,,..f, -, . ings. And "Supercat," an alley cat left behind by the Keenans. * "It's a nice place," McGrady said. "We have a flower garden and a berry patch. The kids like it because we're close to Long Island Sound. They go swimming every day in the summer." Living in a potential atomic target area doesn't worry the family at all. Their motto is: "Atom Go Bragh!" "The Long Island railroad has enough trouble getting here," said McGrady, who commutes the 25 miles each day to his office in Manhattan. "I don't think an atom bombardier could ever find Said young Seamus: "The worst thing out here is the arithmetic. Some of the school work was pretty hard this year—fractions and all sorts of things." 4 , , Mrs McGrady said: "I don't have time to fret about atom bombs. I'm afraid the mental hazards for housewives are pretty much the same everywhere—cooking, cleaning, washing, sewing." The 2 Irishmen write to each other regularly. "1 understand Keenan only had to pay $1.63 in Ui<es last year," McGrady said. "That ought to start a stampede to Montana. Taxes are more likely to drive people out of the cities than atom bombs." By Jimmy Hatlo REMBLECHIM WAS DOING- VERV _NICELV IN THE POKEC GAME WHEN VERMIN PUT THE BITE ON H!K~ I'M DOWN TO MV LAST CHIP AND I'M BROKE, HENRY BE A PAL AND LEND ME FIVE UNTIL PAYDAV, WILL YOU, OLD BOY, OLD BOY? THANKS! dazzle in Tokyo, in addition to Berlin and Vienna, the United States would have its hands full today. / 30 YEARS AGO W. H. Kegley, who has been acting as assistant football coach in Mason City for several years, was named as coach to succeed C. A. West at a meeting of the board of education which was held last • night. West went to Shattuck , Military academy this summer where he will serve as coach. Kegley will carry on his football campaign in addition to his 'duties as an English instructor outside of Con You Spare a Diamond? R OGER W. BABSON, business statist!- - ._ 1.1 1(1 tllc nifin av»JiwwA «iiu >v cian, is urging his subscribers to lay the regular school hours. aside collections of diamonds, in assorted 40 YEARS AGO use as currency in case of some A house party this week at the Ruben Holman rf SNEHOUR LATER-WHO is ABOUT TO WALK OUT WITH ALL THE CHIPS ON THE TABLE? VOU 6UESSED IT! 4 I RAISE IT 'AGAIN!! C'MON.VOU LUGS - GET IN OR GET OUT! I'M TIRED. I'M GOING HOME AFTEi? THIS HAND! „«« Sizes, Rockwclli with Miss Meda Holman as „ , - < i-vi/vn*- in larill, near ivotivwun, wim ivnaa IYICUO .Liu»<*iu» *•future emergency. The size assortment is the hostess, is the event of that section of the f«r rhfrnffe-making purposes. All right, boy, county. The guests are student friends of Iowa lor cnange-ina«vuJB P^F *> ' Q- liy anc} meir ,bers of the University Y.W.C.A. cab- ffimme a good shine. Here's a diamond. Keep jnet> Miss Ho i man being president of the cabinet, the Change. It WOUld just get lost in the re^t Among those from _the city who. are guests^are of the dust in our change pocket. Shelfar", Sam Hoyt, Enid Hoyt, Miss Dora fc^ Holman and Miss Dunn. "* i gTxnicnTr. T» antiquities started the collection. The collection of paintings now numbers over 3,000. In what year were Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne married? The noted actor and actress were married in 1922. They had met for the first time, backstage, 3 years earlier. When was a person's life first saved by the Pasteur treatment for hydrophobia? A young Alsatian lad, Joseph Meister, was treated on July 6, 1835. This is the first recorded case of a human being rescued from death from hydrophobia. Meister later became concierge of the Pasteur Institute in Paris. At the time of Blackstone, how many crimes were punishable by the death penalty in England? When Blackstone wrote his "Commentaries" (published 1765-69) he estimated that there were 160 crimes entailing the death penalty. The number increased considerably in the next 15 years and at the beginning of the 19th century there were no less than 200 capital crimes. Who designed the blue and white flag that has been adopted as the symbol of Israel? Whut do the colors mean? The flag was designed by David Wolfsohn and Herman Shapiro at the first World Zionist Congress at Basle, Switzerland, in 1897. Blue and white are the traditional colors of the taP.Hh (prayer shawl) worn by Orthodox Jewish men in the synagogue. The use of these colors goes back to Old Testament times. When was the act passed to increase the fee for copyrighting: a book? The act of congress, approved April 27, 1948, provided for increases in some copyright fees. The new fee for registration of a claim to copyright in any published or unpublished work (except a print or label used for article of manufacture), is $4.00, including certificate. Why are tin cans not made entirely of tin? Pure tin is too soft to be useful in the form of cans. Hence they are made of steel, for strength, and plated with tin for protection against corrosion and contamination of the contents. Was President Franklin D. Roosevelt superstitious? Michael Heilly, of the U, S. secret service, says in "Reilly of the White House" that Franklin D. Roosevelt never allowed him to set up a traveling schedule that called for departure on Friday, and that Today's Birthday By AP Newsfeatures HENRY JOHN HEINZ H, born July 10, 1908, is president of the _ ...,..,,., ,,„,„ H. J. Heinz Co. After Yale, he went to England for more schooling. There he became a salesman for the British division of the company. Later he returned to the U n i ted States. He worked in the sales department be- Henry J. H«ini 1! f O r 6 becoming assistant to the president in 1937. He was made president in 1941. if the president was offered the 3rd light on a match, he refused it. Does the moon have any effect on radio reception? Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology show that reception varies with the phases of the moon. It improves from the first quarter to shortly before full moon, and again from about the last quarter until a few days before new moon. What foods contain iron? Foods which are red, yellow or green usually contain iron. These include eggs, peas, peanuts, carrots, apricots, bananas, cherries, peaches and molasses. How can cut flowers that have wilted be revived? Flowers often revive if the stems are cut under water. Use a receptacle with a large open top and let the flowers stay in the water until revived. Simply placing the flowers in deep water for an hour is another method suggested. Mason City Globe-Gazette An A. W. LEE NEWSPAPER Issued Every Week Dny by the GLOBE-GAZETTE PUBLISHING COMPANY 121-123 East State St. Telephone 3800 LEE P. LOOMIS Publisher W. EARL HALL, Managing Editor ENOCH A. NOREM - - City Editor LLOYD L. GEER Advertising Manager Saturday. July 10, 1948 Entered as second-class matter April 12, 1930, st the postoffice at Mason City. Iowa, under the act of March 3. 1879. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS, which Is exclusively entitled to use lor repub- llcation of all local news printed In thli newspaper as well us all AP news dispatches. SUBSCRIPTION RATES In Mason City and Clear Lak» (Carrier Delivery Limits) One year $13.00 One week •" Outside Mason City and Clear Lake But Within 100 Miles of Muon City By mall one year * *'S5 By mall six months * *•'» By carrier per week • 3 * Outside 100 Mllo Zon« by Mall Only One year *»•«> Six month? , * ••?" Three months * 3 - j0

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