The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 30, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1933
Page 3
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fHfe MAtVEftK LEAMtt, MALVERN, IOWA, frOVEMBfefc 50,1933 PAGETHftfcfe EMAITCHESS •Operetta WSIllbe ~ Given December fire date tot the operetta has we* set tot Dec. if. if « h per- inlssfttte to fttdge the ofetetta by lie amount of work spent on It ottf operetta will be ft "knock- otit" because much strenuous Work la being done. Different committees each as costume, stage, and choruses hare been meeting at noons, •fhete is ft promise ot attractive costumes. tit Effect* Suffered bjr Hotne Clas* At last the long and dreaded home economics teats are over. Many sighs of relief were heard from the girls until the {tapers were handed back and then ire wondered why there were so many ohs and ahs penetrating through the hails. Was the cause due to lack of attention or did their minds fall to function cor-' rectly? That is the question to be sotted. Strange rumors floated through the air Tuesday about the girls from the home economics class holding their stomachs. Can it possibly be because they made quick breads and found them indigestible? Borne seem to think so. We sincerely hope that no serious stomach trouble will result from their cooVery. Normal Trainer* Decorate Room with Scenic Poster* Wanta buy a duck? The normal trainers hare quite an amount on hand but they are going fast. If you haven't money to buy one this Is their pattern tor making one: Use a cork, paint, paper, and nails. The tall and head of paper are placed at the ends of the cork and the nails ^must be used for feet to keep the ducks upright while swimming. The girls have made attractive pasteboard dolls and dressed them to represent different nationalities. The posters which are displayed at the back of the room consist of winter, fall, and spring scenes. Everything which composes these posters has been cut out and pasted. machinery pressure. .* what is In the barometer to make it work, Vacuum is a vacuum cleaner •that the ladies use. Pneumatic is a disease that •people get. Sound is when you hear something. Oxidation Is in your house. Nucleus is part of your teeth. Solution Is a solution ot an experiment Humidity is the way the air •mores. Humidity is stale air that Is not circulating. Groslon is when the furnace or any heater expands. Carbon djoxlde is a poisonous gas from cars. Diaphragm is the framework Of something, Resuscitate is the form in which water comes down, . Resuscitate is motion such as jumping. , Resuscitate Is a gas that sut* locates you. siphon Is something that loud. *ns the sound. • Moleeuie |s air, • Erosion, is moisture in the air, Plaphrsgm is an, JSlustrate4 draws by someone, protophjaw of anything is * Qpmhu,s,tJ0n. J is a flour Newt Tfts n y» sjowiy ye- slier the streauQus six f eeks tfflrt. Is l*tte II they h»v» Jbe »om 9 n chariot »fl»$»rjnf tfcem, te our lUS What can Sue the m*ttfcr *ft& those Inflaenttal promoters of nigh school partlest Crie* of "Let's have a mmy," ftt* heard almost daily, feat fid ie- tion Is ever taken. t»of Be*** one else to take the action and for you to share the spoils Is the action of ft parasite, tt is true we are all, more of less, that type but we cannot begin any younger to be leaders rather than followers. t hate ft plan by which one of these much desired parties can be promoted. A meeting of two representatives from each class In high school can easily result In ft definite plan for the event, t suggest too that these representatives appoint committees to oversee the entertainment and refreshments. tt you don't like this suggested plan tell me about it of suggest one yourself. That is one privilege every one has. t think the student body as a whole Wants a party but lust can't get someone to promote it for them. Let's open up with Some of that hidden "spunk" and make things humt Lloyd K. Walker. Thanksgiving Most people think ot Thanksgiving as an occasion for bountiful feasts. What does it really mean? Thanks: Every person, and especially those who attend school, should be thankful for good homes, schools, work, loving parents and friends, as well as that heaped board. Giving: Why not show Him, Who gave alt these blessings to each one, that they are appreciated by sharing them with others T If each person gives some of his bounty to another less fortunate Thanksgiving day would be happier for everyone. Which Are You? If a student studies he's a book worm; if he does'nt he's a fake. If he flunks he's unlucky; if he passes he's a crlbber. If he knows his lesson he's a smart alick; if he doesn't he's a dumbbell. If he has ideas he's a crank; if he doesn't he's,a numbskull. spends his : money * ' * a chatterbox; if he doesn't he'* an oyster. It he's religious he's a fanatic; if he isn't he's a heathen. It he dies rich he's a skinflint; if he doesn't he's a pauper, Now I ask you very confidentially—which are you? Deteet in Conference Talks A concentrated discussion was held In psychology bringing ottt the psychological aspects that ware detected fn different speeches given at the Older Boys' and (Jtrls' Conference at Emerson Wednesday. Most credit was glten to Speakers O. O. Herbreeht of Des Molnes and Snpt, Re* Dory of Henderson who seemed to hate made the deepest Impression on the psychology students. in Mr. Dory'* .speech, "The Power of Christian Youth," he explained his method of .determining, the character of an Individual while still in school. The examples be used were ot persons With Whom he was acquainted. tn Mr. Herbrecht'a speech, "Until He tflhd tt," he used good psychological reasoning In that he emphasized "Always go through life in the fullest measure." Excellent examples were used, such as the young bride who lost an almost Valueless coin, but she would Hot give up her search until she had recovered it, Other interesting speakers of the conference were Ret. F. O, Barnes, Rev. L. R. Bobbttt, and Dr. D. J. Shentoa ot Council Bluffs. Much was gained by all who attended, not only psychology students. The senior cttWs brtlfi*nc*. Vein* Jean Caudelfe quietness a-nd sobriety. Kits Walker's ability to locate assembly distorters. Ottt news statt this year. tout iSfra^iHl eWetpOndent, Babylon Brooks. S**»flcl Grade The second trade have enjoyed studying about the pilgrims. We hare drawn pilgrims and the Mayflower tree hand. Also we* have made a nl«* barn yard With the turttey In it. Out new peitB Is "The Thanksgiving f abi*.** We ate glad so many ot our girls and boys who have been having the mnmp« are back in school. SNOOPY SEZ Fifth Last Friday morning the fifth graders presented their book play to the BOfraal trainers. They also came up to see the book marks and posters. Betty Hatfleld read ft story and others recited poems about books they hate read. In the afternoon they were invited to the Junior high program. This week they have been studying foods. They made posters tor good meals, balanced diets, and foods not good for children. They learned several poems this week. Their favorite one concerns a bumblebee and giving things for Thanksgiving. Third Grade The third grade have been busy working on their spelling review, Last Friday they had the much dreaded test. They have been drawing turkeys in commemoration ot Thanksgiving. These are on display in their room. WITH THE DIM WITS By Malcolm Juelke Randall Donner and Junior Dashner are still complaining of sun-burned tonsils after spending a hectic day at the Ak-Sar-Ben Fro»h Enjoy Party Friday Six weeks tests surely do not brighten the freshles' cheerful attitude. They are all looking very downcast this week, The Latin I class have been trying their skill at soap carving. Busts of Julius Caesar have been experimented on. They might prove to be great sculptors, who knows? They at least have hopes. On Friday Miss Schalkle's English l class entertained Miss Riddle's class at a Thanksgiving party, There were 33 present to enjoy this festivity, A game was played and the winning side was presented with, a, price. Bus Sum* mew's side was,winner, A humorous Thanksgiving playlet was presented pausing mueh merrt- ment. Mr. Davison was an honored guest. Refreshments of popcorn balls and home made fudge were served. First Gr»do might at think tbere are first ha»r turkeys within., gangs, of tbe proud low ol the fcarn yard, are being sung and everything Js IB mdjk tt.989 for Tbaakigiviftg. T&e PkUdreu are looking £91- v»r4 to tfceir stwt vacation anj o| oQurae a, party wbipfe they are sure to feave, MUM* Churchill says ttoy bftYft quite § large vQjeab.«il§ry, Tfee? UtfSft 8.9 (In » W0 ); urgers We would like to sponsor,an organization for prosecuting any high school student heard repeating "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" more than ten times consecutively. Likewise "Do you wanna buy a duck?" and "Vas you dere Sharlle?" Things to Remark About; Lorance Llsle's case ot hic- coughs last Friday. LJoyd Walker's gusty laugh*— (and mine). 'Alan Du Val'a argumentative powers. Guessing Game* There is a fait junior lass who has the inconvenient habit ot going to sleep at the wrong time! Another junior girl had a new boy friend the other night. He had ft new mustache which is being grown on the installment plan, a little down each week. Methinks he's shaved it oft as I can't spot the tray. What sophle girl is quite anxious to upend Christmas vacation near Des Moittes? We wonder why she Is so eager. A senior boy is becoming a very good chauffeur for anyone wishing a ride. However we advise you to stay out of his car it you are easily frightened or nervous. Three girls reported a nervous breakdown after a harrowing ride. You guess who they are and I'll guess with you. Advertisement ' Lorance and Bob invite anyone interested in boxing lessons to "come up sometime." They guarantee no more than two black eyes, 84 broken ribs, and general disability It you come they will take you home. (You wouldn't be able to walk back). Personal Column (Free to all M. H. 8. student*) Sis — Will meet u Saturday night at library corner. Bob McCormick, correspond with all young Fourth Grade Library reading seems to be the most important event of the week in the fourth grade. Stories from the public library, from bookshelves at home, and from the reading table at school are taken advantage ot by the pupils. Small paper books are on display telling what each one has read. Many pupils have brought Thanksgiving stories to read to the class. Seventh Grade CHAMPION HILL We appreciate the work and planning ot the teacher of the "Builders" and the girls of the class who put on a Thanksgiving program for us. The eierctse was "Light Your Candles" and was very Impressive and a most salt- able Thanksgiving observance, which should help us to keep in mind the best things of lite that money cannot buy. Joe Allen had charge of the C. E. following the service it also being on the Thanksgiving order. Lucy Liddejl spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. S. A. Reed. Several men from this community attended the sate at Matvern Saturday afternoon. Relatives here received word Saturday of the death of Sadie Traters of Futlerton, Kebr. Her mother, Laura Hodge, and her sister, Cecil, who is deceased, were well known here. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Keltenbarger, Frances Bulllngton, Madge Parker, and Marry Kellenbarger drove out Sunday to attend the funeral which was Monday. Laura Hodge la a sister ot Walter and Harry Kellenbarger. The Plus Ultra class Is plan' nlng on holding a business meet, ,. , ,.«,.,!. Ing at the home of Velma McLaln In reading class last Friday the f^^y eve nlng normal training girls visited the Pr / nc , 8 Par) ; erg gpenl Frlday seventh grade. nl ht w!lh Arlnur prazlers, Miss Conboy sang for their en-, „ B McLa , n ca ,, ed on nosa tertalnment Friday in music class. On* Sunday school was represented by 17 at the Older Boys' and Girls' Conference in enrenoft Wednesday. They feel that ft was Worth their effort to attend. Wanda Kochersperger was chosen vice president for the county. Mr*. Merrill Brfgg« and ton, Marion, accompanied Jean Koeh- ersperger to Strahan Tuesday aft* ernoon where they visited school. Mary Mae Parker is staying with her grandmother and aunt, Mrs. Harry Kellenbarger and daughter, Jessie, in Emerson while her mother is in Nebraska attending the funeral of a cousin. Dean McLains treated his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J«e MeLaln, and his uncle, F. O. Kochenpef- ger, and family and Mrs. S. A. Reed to an oyster supper Saturday evening. Mel Berrimans, Joe and Dean MeLaln were Shenandoah visitors Saturday. .. person I used to know, Katherine Swain. The freshmen seem to be using all the space for 'the personal column this time. Watch the column as you might miss an important message. Paul aalllber: "Yep, I made the basket ball team." Senior: "Honestly? What part do you play?" Paul: "I do the aerial work." Senior; "Aerial work? What's that?" ' . Paul: "Why I blow up the basket balls." Friday afternoon pupils ot the seventh and eighth grades entertained the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades with a play for book week. The scene: a living room. The cast: a boy and girl and some books. Pupils acted the parts of books. Mrs. Storey, Mrs. Farquhar, and Mrs. Caudell visited school Friday afternoon. Eighth Grade The eighth grade have been taking six weeks tests with long- drawn faces but as this is the final day and no one is suffering noticeably the worst evidently proved for the best. It might be better and save more time if a certain Junior Robinson had his seat moved permanently in Miss Conboy's office. As it is now he spends a good share of his singing period there due to, well, perhaps you can guess. , « grade Boyer Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Cardiff attended the American Royal Live Stock show at Kansas City last week. Clarence, Dewey, Waiter, and Boyd Bishop and their families, and the Lon Hatfleld family were dinner guests of their sister, Don- nlA Anrfa*<«nn anA fomlttr flnriflav IO WAN A * Red Oak ** Where It nouml* the best Day* Starting Sunday, Dec. 3rd. I stand arithmetic better). Hmm — first time we ever knew pupils to be that interested in arithmetic. I guess we never get too old to get the mumps. James Hatfield, Arnold Kelso, and Mildred Blggerataff have been absent due to mumps, Rock a bye Senior ou the tree top, As long as you study your grades will not drop; Out if you stop digging your standing will fall, And down you'll come, Senior, diploma and all. fifytffi that always pleases. And, it *I*o describee 'the coffee you get with either Tone'* Old Golden Coffee or Coffee House Coffee, Both are high grade coffees, yet economical to buy because they give extra value for your money. And, with each, yon get valuable conponi, enabling you to get beautiful guaranteed •liveware absolutely free. TONES COFFEE An expert blend of the /inert coffee*. Another excellent coffee, off en economy at ttelf <M quality, For 60 year*, careful home-maker* In Iowa have depended upon Tone» Spice* and Flavoring Extract! to make food < -> *«»le b*M*r. Betides, they go farther and la»t longer, E THB gasoline you use is slow and lifeless, and your .notor oil geits thick and clotted in cold weather, how can you expect to get quick starting? The new high test Mobilgas and Mobilojl Arctic are specially made to work together to give you DOUBLE-QUICK starting in winter, Mobilgas, because of its high test quality, "catches" at the touch of the starter, And free-flowing MobiloU Arctic lets your engine turn over smoothly and easily, even on the coldest day, Change now to the new high test Mobilgas (at the regular price) and Mobiloil Arctic, They'll give you DOUBLE- QUICK starting and dependable, economical performance all through the winter. FOR DOUB Cold Weather Starting

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