Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 16, 1966 · Page 15
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 15

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1966
Page 15
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fHg REGISTER-NEWS ~ MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS 15 IX>OKINO OVER DISPLAY showing Southern Illinois University's world operations are two members of the SIU University Relations staff who figured promlnei)tIy in its manufacture, Charles Daugherty (left), chief of the produc:ion crew that constructed tlie exhibit and Herb i. Meyer. The Iff^hted display, situated In tlie main corridor of University Center on the Oar- bondale campus, conUiins pictures and information about SIU's international programs, including educational training projects in Mall, Nigo;ia, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, and Nepal. Buttons light up the spots on tlie world map. THE DOCTOR Wide Variety of Medicine For Victims of Arthritis By Wayne O. Brandstadt, M.D. Newspaper Enterprise ssn. Q—I have osteoarthritis In a couple of my fingers. Some people advise me to rub the joints. Is that good? How can I prevent the condition from getting worse? A—There is a strong hereditary factor in the development of the swollen finger joints of os­ teoarthritis. They are more common in women than men and often start with the onset of the menopause. Such exertions as typing, piano playing, knitting, trying to open stucit windows or screwtop jars or carrying heavy pacltages may aggravate them. Excessive heat and cold should be avoided. Many housewives wash dishes in water that is much hotter than it need be or spend too much time rearranging the contents of a deep freeze. Massage is not recommended. If the joints are acutely red and tender, an injection of hydrocortisone directly into the joint may be helpful. Beyond this and aspirin (if the pain is severe) the only treatment is to avoid the injuries mentioned and Iteep the hands warm in cold weather. Q—I have a lot of pain in my legs. My doctor says I have os­ teoarthritis. How can he tell that it isn't osteosarcoma? A—The X-ray appearance of osteosarcoma, a form of cancer, is entirely different from that of osteoarthritis. Q—I am 74 and have osteo­ arthritis in my arms. Should I take some form of calcium for it? A—Although calcium is of great value in preventing and treating osteoporosis (softening of the bones), it is of no special value in the treatment of osteo­ arthritis. Q—My husband is taking Me- drol for arthritis. Will it cause any harmful side effects? A—Medrol is one of the corti­ sonelike drugs. It should not be taken continuously over a long period. Your husband should report any unusual symptoms promptly to his physician. Q—I am a widow, 85. I have been taking Tandearil and Com­ pazine for six years tor my arthritis. Wi'l they cause any harmful side effects? A—Tandearil is a brand of oxyphenylbutazine. It is widely used to treat Joint diseases. In some persons it may cause wa­ terlogging and a rash. These symptoms can be controlled by reducing the dosage. Prochlorperazine (compazine) zine) is a tranquilizer that is often given to persona with arthritis. In large doses it may is a tranquilizer t h at is cause tremors, headache and dryness of the mouth. Anyone who is taking either drug should have a periodic blood count. Please send your questions and comments to Wayne G. Brandstadt, M.D., in care of this paper. While Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters he will answer letters of general interest in future columns. nms^±itm siMmas Eagle Fleagle shows Gcnpral Bullmoo 'ie and others how he put a "waniniy" on his victim. From L to R Randy Martin (Availahlj Jones), Bill Webb (Senator), Eagle Eye (Robert Phillips), Nathan McClintock (Gen. Bull:.ioose), Linda Bohlen (Appassionata). The Statue Is Jesse Bee (Jubiliitlon T, Cornpone). S.ww Thursday and Frid.iy at 8:00 p.m. at Mt. Vernon high school auditorium. (HiUiard and Myers Photos) YOUNG HUSBAND PLEADS Must Avoid Draft Or Wife Will Die DETROIT (AP) — Tom Michaels has told his draft board he can't flRht for his country because he's fighting for his wife's life. Ttie 22-year-old spray painter at a truck plant is appcal'ng the decision of Selective Service Board 303 in suburban Warren that he is lA—qualified to enter militai-y service immediately. He lost a student defeiment while he was at the bedside of his wife, Mary 23. Her kidney failed Sept. 9, five days after tiieir first wedding anniversary, i To stay alive, doctors said,' , Mrs. Michaels must have her blood filtered twice a week on an artificial kidney machine. This Is tfie season — DO IT NOW wifh a Biggiftforthefqmffy LOAN CASH YOU RECEIVE MONmtV PAYMENT NO. MO. $ 300 $ 17.13 24 500 27.22 24 .1000 42.32 30 1500 63.49 30 2500 92.35 36 3500 104.94 48 5000 129.09 60 raymonis in »nis aa incutuua prin«.ip«i o.nd charges on loons tf 'po!d on schedule bul da nat includo charges for Credit Life or Accident and Health Insurance. Treat the family with color TV ... a stereo set... major appliances. Pay off scattered bills and debts at the same time. Do it now! Let our Financial Counselor set you up in a personal Financial Fitness plan to take icomaFad of all your money matters. Large Joans or small, for any worthwhile purpose. TAKE COMMAND with a loan from RON AISSIE, Mgr. —Phone 242.0210 Ground Floor of Roger's Buiidiing 1000 Main —Mt. VarnoP Inc. Mrs. Michaels said her husband must work to pay for her hospital cai-e. The young couple hopes to avoid a hospital bill of $10,000 a year by buying a $6,200 artificial kidney. Michaels would be trained to operate the machine. He already has made a $1,200 down pa.vment. i "I can't operate the machine my.solf while I'm on it," Mrs. Midiaols said. "I could pass out i or something. It's just not safe." i She said Michaels is the only person in their families who could spend the 10 hours required to filter her blood through the artificial kidney. The draft board revoked Michaels' student deferment alter lie dropped out of senior-year classes in electrical engineering at Lawrence Institute of Technology, i He was spending almost all his sparo time at his wife's bedside for nine weeks at three 'hospitals. He also took three weeks off his $5,500-a-year job at the Dodge truck plant. Dr. Elsie Eng, their family physician at Cleveland CUnic in Cleveland, Ohio, and tlieir par- ; ish priest wrote to tlie draft board in October. Tliey explained the seriousness of Mrs. Michaels' kidney failure and her need for the kidney device. I "The board said the letters weren't specific enough as to why he was needed at home," Mrs. Michaels said. Last Monday, the doctors again wrote to Board 303. "The doctors couldn't believe they had to write two letters," Mrs. Michaels said. Mrs. Michaels said Rep. ' G. O'Hara, D-Mich., had contacted Col. Arthur Holmes, state Selective Service director. TTiere was no immediate indication what action would be taken on the case. COLUMBUS. Ohio (AP) — Stan Hamlin, junior defensive back from Monessen, Pa., was dismissed from the Ohio State football squad Tuesday. Keep PESTJdDES out of reach of CHILDREN 2 Lb. Can $'|39 HARRY'S SUPER MARKET PLENTY FREE PARKING 1010 NEWBY AVE. PHONE 242-2340 BLUE BELL Wieners Sk. Mb. Cello Pockoge 2 Lb. Can $'|39 Same Location —1010 Newby But A New Enlarged Store Store Hours: 8 A.M. To 6 P.M. Except Fri. 8 A.M. To 8 P.M. BLUE BELL Wieners Sk. Mb. Cello Pockoge AJAX LAUNDRY DETERG Giant Size ENT R WAY SWEET PIOKLES Quart 39^ LIBBY'S CORN Whole Komel Or Cream Stylo 2 45* HAWAIIAN m 0% 46-Oz. $V00 Cans 1 NON-SUCH DRY MINCE MEAT 9-Oz. Pkg. 2 9^ SWANSDOWN LAYER CAKE MIX 4 *T" KRAFT OIL 32- Oz. 5 9^ RED POTATOES 20 69^ KRAFT CATSUP 2 45' KRAFT'S MINIATURE MARSHMALLOWS 1 "^25* SCOTT LAD GREEN BEANS 2 25t DEL MONTE APRICOTS Unpeelcd rWves m No. 303 $«00 A |i Cans | HAWKIN'S KORN KRUST BREAD 2 - 29* MIDWEST JERSEY GOLD V2 -Gal. 59^ DAIRY BRAND COHAffi CHEESE 2 Carton 39^ Largest Selection of Home Killed Moots in Southern Illinois EMGE'S PORK SAUSAGE 2".r89* ga^ BLUE BELL BPOUSH SAUSA^ LB 69« SWIFTS PREMIUM SLICED BACON 1 FRESH GROUND HAMBORGiR S^^'P EMGE'S FULLY COOKED — 16 TO 18 LB. AVG. SMOKED HAMS r":" LB. 5f* U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTUKE FRESH SLICED SIDE PORK 49* BRISKET BOILING BEEF 19* HARRY'S HICKORY SMOKED SLICED BACON u. 69* CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS 79« FRESH BALTIMORE OYSTERS STANDARDS FRESH PORK STEAK - 49* TENDER BEEF ROLLED RUMP ROAST Lb. 85* HARRY'S HOME MADE HEAD CHEESE u. 29< END CUTS PORK CHOPS - 59* BLUE BELL PKKLE LOAF u.. 59* FRESH PORK RIDS u. 49« TENDER BEEF CHUCK ROAST u. 59* MEATY PORK BACK BONES ^•^ 59* BLUE BELL BOLOONA u. 59* COUNTRY STYLE PORK SAUSAGE 3 Lbs. 39^

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