Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 19, 1965 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
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Wednesday, May 19, 1965
Page 6
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6 - Wed., May 19, 1965 Redlands Daily Facts Would average 3.3 per cent Yucaipa school teachers ask another pay increase Yucaipa school teachers last ranged downward to 'i per cent night requested "realistic" sal-iat the top of the scale, last ary increases averaging 3.3 per|night's request was aimed at cent which, it granted, would!"doing something about the bulk amount to S30,900 for the year beginning July 1. gets proposal. "Everybody something." Asked what the present morale situation is among the district's teachers, he said he believes it is "tops" but implied of the teachers in the middle of the scale, according to Ed The pay hike proposal was .McKcrnan. chaii-man of the Yu-i strongly that it would drop "if taken under study by the Yu-icaipa Teachers .'Vssociation's sal-!we remain stagnant or don't caipa Joint Unified School Di.s- ary research committee. Icome up to the realistic level of trict board of trustees along with if approved. Ihe pay proposalilhe districts around us." a request by the district's non- would mean an annual increase[ Board president John P. New approach to state college problem heard Pacific Coast News Service SACRAMENTO — Legislation which would allow communities to transform local junior colleges into four-year institutions comes before the Senate Education Committee today. According to its author. Sen ator John Schmitz (R-Santa .Ana), tlie measure takes a "positive approach to education" by placing control of the proposed four-year colleges into the hands of local communities. Schmitz. one of the most miUtant conservatives in the Senate, said his bill provides a BSD to replace Minuteman I with II at $1 billion cost teaching personnel for a 5 pcriof $200 for a new teacher .iust O'Conner described the pay hike! problems raised dur-, greater accuracy wi cent "across the board" in-^out of coUege with teacliing ere-presentation as "healthy" dis-i'"S the recent turmoil at thcjcosL of developing a crease which totals about S9.000.'dentials, pu.shing the starling ciission. |Umversity of Califorma, Berke-' Last February, the scliool salary to S5.600. I He said the request "was notl'^^y- board approved salary increascsi McKernan noted that the av-iout of line" and that trustees! Instead of a state Board ofvolve removing the Minuteman for teachers and non-teaching'erage salary among the 120; would take the matter under j Regents to establish rules fori I missiles from their under- Air Force plans for a billion- dollar program to replace 800 Minuteman I intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) with the larger, more powerful Minuteman II model was announced today. Brig. Gen. Harry J. Sands Jr., commander of the BaUistic Systems Division at Norton A i r Force Base will direct the program, known as Mmuteman Force Modernization. Gen. Sands explained that the Minuteman II "will give us improved range, greater payload, more flexible targeting and ithout t h e an entirely new weapon system." The modernization ioh will in- personnel averaging two per:teachers who will be with the,advisement. the colleges, as is the case for cent or 511,400 for the current school year. UnUke the last salary in- district next year now stands! "If we can afford it fpayjthe U.C. campuses, a locally at $7,380. compared to an aver-[raises), we will age of S7,778 in Redlands, ST,lU'raises)," he said. (grant crease, which raised starting;in Rialto, S7,782 in Fontana and teachers' pay five per cent and SBAMA units lead Norton $6,902 in Bannin JIcKernan told the district's trustees that under last night's[Straten. Making the pay hike presentation for classified (non-teaching) personnel was Joe Van Dr. Hone awarded grant fo feach year in Finland Personnel of the San Bernardino Air Materiel Area are lead-[ ing all other units at Norton Air, Force Base in the current .sav-|Fulbright grant to spend the ings bond drive, it was an-i next year in Finland where he Dr. Ralph E. Hone, professor of English at the University of Redlands, has been awarded a nounced this week. At the drive's halfway point, some 85 per cent of SBAMA PC -j {jgigj^jj-j sonnel are buying bonds to give' the unit place in the race. .Among SBAMA activities, the Comptroller's office scored highest. The Coniptroller's travel pay will be a lecturer in EngUsh literature at the University of He will take a year's sab- ! batical leave from his classes and his responsibility as director of the division of languages and literature. Dr. and Mrs. Hone and their Colton stop on Traffic group agenda A request for four-way stop signs at the intersection of Colton avenue and Judson street, scene of an auto collision which recently claimed the life of a seven-year-old child, will be con! sidered tomorrow by the Bed' lands Traffic Commission. The commission will meet at 2 p.m. in Safety Hall. o ^ —— oiu.„tu o..^ L.„,v..v... ... ghiiscKs. lie came to the Uni-! The intersection presently has cupied the first six places in pnor to this trip, nc spent a, ,„_^ f^„„,! ^.,„„ ^.;„„„ r,„- • n- .scclioD, headed by Phillip ^^.^ ° .^Ton/ .Hi i ^.r'' ""'^^ .scOenth grader at Cope, and PC- cent participation. The sec- p|,i|i , (jj,,, .^^1^ ^^ tion also turned up a .50 pcr^ ^^^.^^ cent mcreasc in bond allotmen ts.y^,.,^ ^ ^ ^.j^^ ^I^^^. of personnel who had ah-eadyL, /^il, been buying them. |„.„\^ ^^^^^^-^^ ^^H^^^^ .„ The SBAMA personnel and ad-,United States, ministration office occupied sec -j The third UR facuHv member nnd place with 81 per cent of to receive a Fulbright appoint- iis personnel signed up. |mcnl to Finland. Dr. Hone has Various SBAMA activities oc studied and traveled in Europe the I elected board would govern the new systems, according to Schmitz. He said his measure, which would be optional to local communities, gets away from the bigness of colleges and establishes a more easily controlled college system. The bill is bemg opposed by most higher education groups. According to Dr. Paul Lawrence, chief of the Division of Higher Education, it is contrary to the California policy oi free education for all. He pointed out the bill is not clear in relation to credentialing of instructors, financing and governing policies. DR. RALPH E. HONE percentage of employes purchas- year in England in 1950 while ing bonds. completing his doctoral work They were followed, in order and was director of the Univcr- of participation, by the Los An- sity's Semester in Europe study versity of Redlands in 1956 from:slop signs for north and south Whcalon College in Illinois. gelcs Air Defense Sector, 1002nd Inspector General Group, 2796th USAF Hospital, 2193rd Communications Squadron, 2S69th Ground Electronics Equipment Installation Agency Squadron, other tenant units, and the Ballistics Systems Division. The drive is scheduled to end this month. Pumping plant building to be torn down program in 1961-62. EarUer Fulbright appointees to Finland include Dr. William G. Strvkcr in 1959-60 and Dr. Ward Miller in 1962-63. In addition lo being an educator, Dr. Hone is an author and editor and for 12 years served as a Baptist minister, , i •„ t. in Ohio, New York and Wassa -I P""'P'°S P'^"' teamed out by the Presco Building Ma- Demohtion of three old buildings at the Highland avenue I -21 (^5 CUSTOM MADE . . . flirrtUng new decofalive 1965 selections to draoM •from — including Boucle textures, Opa<^»e*, See-thrtK, »nd She«rs. Mi. WAPERfES »fe FUtLY CUSTOM MADE ground silos and replacing them with the more sophisticated ICBMs. Certain modifications will have to be made in the silos, the launch control centers and the ground support equipment, the announcement said. The Air Force currently has four operational Minuteman wings, which have 600 missiles under direction of the Strategic Air Command. These are located at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana; Ellsworth AFB. South !iT',„^.^_^^_?''.'"±''i""ge, more powerful engines and a more accurate guidance system than its predecessor. Dakota; and Whiteman AFB, Missouri. A fifth wing, adding 200 more Minutemen, will become operational at Warren AFB, Wyoming, this summer. In addition, a Minuteman 11 wing is now under construction at Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota, and an additional squadron of 50 missiles has been authorized at Malmstrom AFB. ... for FREE ESTIMATES DIAL 793-3248 33'/; OFF ON FABRICS Yardage DRAPERIES Open Monday and Friday Nights 'til 9 110 Orange St. Downtown Redlands terials company under a con tract awarded by the City Council last night. The firm's bid of $9,170 was accepted by the Council, w-ith the stipulation that the work be completed within a 10-day period. New structures have been constructed to replace the buildings to be torn down. j When the buildings are rc-i moved, the ground will be in! tegrated as part of the new Reservoir Park. i Naomi G. BIy heads Norton employe group Mrs. Naomi G. Ely. i:;n S. i Center street, has been elected •president of Lodge 1485, .Amcri- j can Federation of Government i Employes (AFL-CIO). at Nnr- imn Air Force Base. She is the fir.<l. woman lo be elected president in the 13-year history ol Ihe local. i In addition. Raymond K .l lloagland, 310 Myrtle street, has; been elected first vice presi-| dent. Mrs. Bly, a key punch operator, was elected to fill the un­ expired one-year term of Milton K. Pederson who has been transferred to McClellan AFB in connection with the phaseout of the San Bernardino .Air Material Area. Hoagland replaced Glenn Beaty who transferred to the Western Contract Management Region in Los .-Angeles. bound Jud.son street traffic. The request for the additional stop signs for east and westbound traffic on Colton was made by G rover Toliver, 1402 E. Colton avenue. Other matters scheduled to come before the commission in elude: A request from Mrs. Richard Kolstad and Mrs. Glen Beemer for stop signs at Pacific and Cedar avenue, a stop sign at Grove and the railroad tracks requested by the city manager's office and requests for a double line on Citrus avenue from the city limits to Lincoln and for loading zones in front of 24 W. Redlands boulevard and on Redlands boulevard next to the Tartan restaurant at Fifth street. Lockheed's Apollo motor passes unexpected test The Apollo launch escape mo-,small pitch control motor tor, destined to play an important role in safeguarding the lives of NJ^SA'S lunar astronauts, passed a key, and unexpected test, today 14,000 feet above a desert test range. Two solid propellant rocket motors, designed and built by Lockheed Propulsion Company of Redlands, comprise key components of the emergency launch escape subsystem of the Apollo spacecraft. These motors are the first major subsystem components to be fully "man-rated", that is qualified to be used in an actual manned launch. Today's test, conducted by NASA at White Sands Missile Range near Las Cruces, N.M., demonstrated more reaUstically than planned the capability of the launch escape motors to pro pel the spacecraft to safety when an autopilot failure aboard the Little Joe II booster caused an abnormal roll rate, allowing increased pressure to build up and destroy the booster at 14,000. The abort system was automatically fired carrying the command module to safety. Ai about 19.000 feet, the launch escape motor burned out and the spacecraft was lowered gently to the desert floor three miles down range by the parachute recovery system. One of the objectives of the trial flight was to have been a test of the launch escape motor's ability to speed the five- ton Apollo command module to safety-during an emergency at the edge of space while the booster vehicls was traveling at several times the speed of sound. With the firing of the 155,000 pound-thrust Lockheed motor, the command module was separated from the service module and whisked a safe distance away from the exploding Little Joe II launch vehicle. The Five teachers employed by Yucaipa board The Yucaipa School Board last night approved hiring of fiva new teachers, accepted resignations from three present teachers and created a new counseling position at the junior high school. Hired for the coming school year were Warren A. Hagar, who will teach at the junior Minuteman I, A"merica's m o"s"t high lev-el; Ella Hardy, elemenl- advancTd ICBM. It has greater ^^^^^^ Georgia Haj-nes, high Resignations were accepted from Joanne Bowser. Dunlap Once the new construction and the modernization program are completed, the j\ir Force will have a total of 1.000 operational Minuteman II ICBMs. The announcement did not disclose the timetable for the modernization job. The solid-fuel Minuteman II is an improved model of the The most fundamemal change! "^a^lier, and Monna is replacement of the four-noz- 1 ^ a' 'he junior zle second stage engine in the!"'""' ^''^ movmg to other Minuteman I with a .single-noz-i ^'''"^ families, zle engine. This results in a 50' ^.''"^tees also accepted the per cent increase in i o i a 1:'•'^^'S"^"°n of Don Gifford. jun- energy, officials report "'Sh math teacher and current varsity baseball coach at the high school. Gifford reportedly will take a post in a near- .Anothcr major advance is the improved airborne computer which serves as the heart of^ b7schoordistrict'^ the Mmuteman II s guidance' system. The entire In other action, the trustees I created a new counseling vacan- nimutcman pro-jcy at the junior high, which had gram is under direction of the r,.,,,. ,• c , T^- • • such position in the Balhstic Systems Division, com-ip^.t. No one, as vet, has been •Jl^-^ ?y ?.'" a _S^°^^'f^en.l designated to fill the newly cre° mounted in the forward section o! the escape system fired simultaneously to place t h e spacecraft in the correct flight trajectory. Several seconds after firing, two wing-like canards mounted near the nose of the launch' escape system deployed. After i the spacecraft passed through- its apogee of 19,000 feel, the canards reduced vehicle tumbling and stabilized the vehicle in a blunt-end-forward condition. After launch escape motor burnout, explosive bolts separated the launch escape tower, with the command module's boost protective cover (designed to protect the Apollo from the blast effects of the escape motor), from the spacecraft. Then the tower jettison motor fired, pulling the tower and! spent Lockheed motors clear of the spacecraft's trajectory. Drogue chutes were then un-i reefed to slow and stabilize the' command module for mainj parachute deployment. The drogue chutes were released! and pilot chutes were deployed. These, in turn, extracted t h ei three main parachutes which lowered the command module gently to the ground approximately 3 miles north of the launching site. According to Dr. Joseph Shea. Apollo Project Director for NASA, "this test gave us a free demonstration of the effectiveness of the launch escape and recovery systems under actual, unscheduled emergency conditions." John L. McCoy is Minuteman program director. A major contractor in the program is Space Technology Laboratories of San Bernardino ated post. NEILSEN SIGNS HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Leslie and Redondo Beach. STL h a siNeilsen has signed aboard Joe systems engineering and technical direction of the Minuteman program. Levine's "Harlow" to play the producer who launched the star in her first movie. STOPPED FOR BEER DALLAS (UPI) —The first tiling that came to Ralph Gene Youngblood's mind Friday when he escaped from the federal correctional institution at nearby Seagoville, was obvious. FBI agents found him at a [local tavern, having a beer. There's More of EveryWng in Downtown Redlands More Stores offering a greafer selection of merchandise to answer all your shopping needs — conveniently, without rush or crush. A Message From Your Friendly Merchant-Member of the DOWNTOWN REDLANDS ASSOCIATION Hardware v Furniture-Apptiancps ... the Beginning! Imperial's Annual Store-wide Pre-lnventory SALE! starts Friday, May 21st at 7 p»m. Park n' Shoo Validation n East CitnH t Damtnmm Rwftanii PY 3-3279 Color TV 'AppliMCM We are joining Alpha-Beta in celebration of their 55th Anniversary. Our prices are marked to give you real old-tim« savings. Stop by ... we are dressed for the occasion. 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