The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 30, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1933
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Mitts mm*, fSWl* , frotfiituts se, im 170. t». —- -" w *U«>O»*UBD DJ* tftl ^Gottnty Warehouse board • and Monday, this gf ounced that the federal 60.^ . ptogTam was fully prepared 'ttr* aett&ty and that pfadueef* aid get cooperation blanks this Bid, &dtree» WHO are in tine to aeflt directly from the program m to a definite reduction of SO net cent in eotn acreage and Jif per cent in number of hogs men they sign the agreement. 1M " thl* feduetiott they will be i --- r j»" P 6 * aefe *°* ««eh acre withdrawn from frrodttctioti and a [ boflus ot $6 for each hog raised. i In addition the farmer cooperating will be able to borrow 46c Wf bttshel on alt corn properly cribbed and sealed according to the warehouse provisions. TO care for this part of the program : is the chief function of the Ware* house, board, Mwtlng in the, Commttnity building In Malvern Saturday the board organised and started the selection of sealers, to the organ- isation R. K. Henderson of 811- J*f Otty was named president, C. B. Hilton of Malvern, vice presl- dent, C. JS. Wilson of Henderson, .-treasurer. .Other members of the *, U - ftr ? ;?Wolph Hopp, Jr., of "'" H 3. J 1 , Wearin of -y-~.*.~..w board was appoint_/ the state secretary of agriculture. At their Monday evening meet(Continued on page 4) CORN.HOO rflOOKAM District Court Now in Session at Glenwood totj caa thtnk of nothing fot *hieh ye* ea n b* thankful, if the *»M *e»nM gone pretty h te the dogs aftd thefrt Uttfe hope let ia* pfWrettent. tf the wrong patty lg Jft po» ef of ^^ ttgfct j*atty is Matte to wortt out its plans. If there ««*a» nttie hope in this depression-ridden world fof roar advancement of progress. If yon* neighbors afen't friendly and throw their tin cans In you* back yard, if business 1* JMJO? and looks as if It might fet worse, ff you hate nothing bat debts after a year of hard labor. ««. then we suggest that you *-* fie thankful that the best minds haten't solv« ed all of oar problems and that there are plenty for you and me and for those who come after us. Be thankful that hapineas doesn't depend upon economies and finance and can't be bought at all but can only be earned. Be thankful that Protidenee has disregarded the petty trouble pots of the old world and is as bountiful as one could wish for. Be thankful that your friends are all in the same boat with yott and therefore far more friendly than they might otherwise be. . Be thankful that hope is far stronger than despair and just hope is the primary essential for progress. Be thankful that mankind has had no terrific experience but what it has gained immeasurably therefrom. Be thankful — because itjk so much more satisfying than it is to be Wttap. And really now, hnven't you all sorts of things tor which to be thankful. Sixty-Three Go to Work ill County on CWA Projects Matteni i* Have Street* " ' li ^eA S«. ••Judge Ernest M. Miller in Charge t Ught Docket ,No GrandJury November term of the SWllta county district, court con- ^^^:ln f the-oottrtsbou*e In Glen School Folk-Hear Dr. F. B. Knight Tuesday Evening ; •* , T.*.*^ ^ CARTES^? ; Small orange and black OK stickers are appearing with in" , creasing frequency on wlnd- lent Amy *W«!d* of |falvm4*»iiC»f the Mayor ft. M. Whitfleld, Conn- elimen ft. W. Mattfteld, ft. K. Piper, I. M. Steals, and V., L. Sal- yen, City Cleft W.- ft. bylngton, and W. P. WottttftB drove to Des Molttes Thursday 'lit response to the call for the last twenty counties te coins in before the Board Of Civil Works Administration to get apiJOftlon»*nt' for Malrern and Mills county, ftom Olenwood went Mayo* Ho? Haney, City Clerk Paul Cheney, Councilman Claude Lawlef Mil William tf. Rodabaugh representing that ctty and Bttpervisor* Wi B. Agan and Otha Hyde and County Engineer T. B. Martin representing the county, alt intent .upon securing as much for relief work as possible for this Cotfnty, presenting their projects Id H. E. Mulock, State Relief Administrator. The beard had allotted to Mills county 63 men eligible for work under this act an follows: Olen- wood 1», Malvera C, Tabor 4, all other towns in the county 8; ru* ral 20. Just why .Tabor should have been allotted-4 of the men is hard to understand as they were allotted B men from the Fremont county allotment. Fremont county, by the way, was allotted 133 men -or more" than twice as many as Mills county. The reason for'this was that Fremont county had twice as many people on the relief roll last year and-the, apportionment was based on this. Mtds county tried to get along without extra help by furnishing employment wherever possible and now we are pen- alised for being frugal and careful. . " Twenty-one counties were represented at the meeting and all were !J^rell represented. Bach county of.towri w|s supposed to nave a working plan or project ready to submit that would put men to work'bn some public im- prpvement or necessary work of !3?£ «»«J? »*«ifo«t right was Jiot all right J^gj^Hog . Sehiduhl farmers and others interested will hate opportttnity to leaf ft directly of the features of the corn- hog progranf at a series of coia- mnntty educational meetings planned by Brace tCilpatrlek. at i p. m. and St. Maty* township at the Oak Bluff school No. l at 8 p. «. Mondiky, Bee. 4, Indian-.Greek and J)eer Creek township* at the Emerson town hall at i p. nt. awl arranged to acquaint these attending with tbe general program and corn loan features, Its purpose* and as many details of its actual application as are now available. the schedule includes nine meetings, the dates and time of which are as follows: Friday, Dec. i, Lyons and PlattvlHe townships at the Methodist church in Pacific Junction at 8 p. m. Saturday, Dec. a, Anderson township at the Henderson school Mtneola at 8 p. m. Tiwwday, Dee. S» White cloud and Deer Creek townships at the strahan church at 2 p. m. and Rawles and Center townships at the Htitsdale cborch at 8 p. m. W«d*eMl*y, Dec, 0, Silver Creek township and Malvern in the Malvern Community building at 8 p. m. Thnrnday, Dec. », Qlenwood and surrounding community at the Qlenwood Armory at 2 p. m. An extension department specialist is expected at part of these meetings. Office Opened in Glenwood to Care For Public Works AH Work to be Cheeked Up and Reports Made front There Offices have been opened In the grand Jury room of the court house in Qleuwood to look after the employment and relief work and the OWA and from here all the work will be checked up and reports made. Harry Widows is In charge of the RFC employment, mostly the river work, and H. L. Beman Jr., the CWA, with Miss Lucille Brlghtenburg as stenographer and office assistant. W. E. Agan Is chairman of the CWA work for the county and Rudolph Hopp Is chairman of the relief work. After their return from Des Moines Thursday night the board of supervisors got busy with the other towns and on Saturday sent in projects for other parts of the county — graveling streets for Hastings, Emerson, Henderson, Silver City, and Pacific Junction, and also a project to gravel the road from the, Wesley Chapel church e.a»t one »lje to Highway CLOSE THANKSGIVING Malvern business folk will observe Thanksgiving afternoon as a holt- day but most business houses will remain open until after 11 a. m. today to serve those who need c o m m o d i _ ties. They ask that those In need of goods get them as early as possible In the morning so that they can close promptly on time. The business community will be functioning again in full force Friday and from then on until Christmas without a break. The Christmas decorations are expected to be placed shortly and many store* are already planning the display of their Christmas goods. Legion Plan* Big Barbeque for Xma* Event Hire Wilt Mold Another Turkey Shoot Dee. 17; Corn- inittee Named So successful was the turkey shoot of Harry Mammon* post of the American Legion last Sunday, that the post enthusiastically decided to hold another Dee. 1?. At their regular November meeting Tuesday plans were made for this and for a big free barbecue which will be held here Dee. 28, the Saturday before Christmas. For the barbecue a committee was appointed to arrange plans and to work with the business men of the community in staging the event. Not only will the barbecued meat be given to those attending, but buns and coffee wilt also be served. Committee appointed Tuesday to care for this Includes A. P. Kllmartln, Dr. M. 8. Campbell, and W. D. Slothower. Funds earned by the shoot last Sunday will provide financing and the Legion hopes to have a community event which will attract people from all over the county, Young Folk Study Christian Life at County Conference Billie Ripley Elected Prwi- ^ for \ this term,, The' petit has" been" excused" 'for" this , -and are. called to appear „ next Monday, Dec.'4, and there i«may J be but little for them to do !*af that time. ."* Six new divorce cases were fll* ed for this term, Two have already been granted: Marie Severn from Lester Severn on tbe grounds that be had been convicted ot a felony. v,Fay Hendricks was granted a .divorce and annulment from Vera I*. Hendjjcks, >There seems to-be considerable probate work end -a good many bi-.ttiai),, might new cases of foreclosures on farms have been filed, since -Sept, 17, There were already'some ?Q OP more cases Court adjourned Wednesday *#ernoon over tbe Thanksgiving , s bajMajr gad until next Monday; er Dividend ^ State Saving. Bank Depositors Hammer* -|» responsible, jfoyj» most -Interesting -and. agreeably spent evening at .the Community building >in Malvern Tuesday of this week when school folk of Mills county Joined in a dinner meeting to bear Dr. F, B, Knight. Upon Miss Hammers'* invita* tion about 50 of the educators of the county, including all the town school superintendents, most of the high school teachers, a sprinkling of school board presl-. dents, the county, board of education and Mr, and Mrs. Wayne D, Choate of Qlenw,ood and. Mr, and Mrs. w v P, Wortmen assembled at the Community building .to partake of a flue '"dutch treat" dinner served by tbe Civic Improvement slub», Following the dinner which in- eluded much visiting and good fellowship, • Miss Hammers J»t ro- at tSe University of«Iowa, Pr, Knight gave one of the best ad> dresses or dissertations ever giv* en awe. , Speaking, on the to te Happy In Times," cr, Knlgnt gave a worth while reelpe, efficacious for all psychological dissection of the material and mental attitude ej ^ ja va? his and analysis of the check of all safety.feature*.by ' garage mechanic*, • « After motorists have their car* checked they are given a result card and when these are presented to either Abe Kavjob or W. D. Slothower, the official OK sticker Is given them. The test and stickers are all free, the work being donated by the garages to assist with the campaign. . . In tbe campaign staged earlier in the fall by the Olenwood Legion post, more than 800 OK stickers were given out. As the stickers represent that lights, brakes, tires, and horn of the cars tested were satis* factory, the test makes an 1m* portant contribution to • high* way safety. The local campaign continues for several weeks and »Q» torists are urged by Legion officials to have their ears tested as soon as possible, Marie Dressier in New Type of Role Famed VPS fame .|p^ ..,. T ,^.^, ^W-if ; ,t5rf 5 i--- t -;;' ->' """"" '&* teaa^^^rr'^!' 1 ' l«f!^:.PW»P* M m Wi w «"i.~" •"—"*;. »'-»w»w perfected right and had; to return without them, to submit to tbe board later, • Olenwood had several projects ready, most of which were approved. These related to street work, sewer extensions, etc., and work begins at'once with an al lotment pf 80 men which may bb drawn from other parts of the county as needed. Their projects required labor only so were quickly approved, Malvern had two projects (Continued on page 6) 0WA PROJECTS •f. M r . t < ^mmm.-m «»*»¥* jgfj) tte S&ltaijf fcg,,! f^*f*¥¥fc«fc4$f 4»t«4 *»tfeB*t saH J ,*J «•««* Kit Another Mills County Pioneer Died Nov. 26 Mr», T. I, DHlebay, 61 Year Resident of Center,. Fu- »«r«l This Afternoon Another of Mills county's urdy pioneers passed to her reward Sunday evening in the death Of Mrs. Tacie B. Dtllehay who 4ied at her home three miles west Of Malvern. About a month ago Mrs. pule* >y fell and broke the bones in her left hip and has since that tine been confined to her bed. 3ae seemed to be improving bow? ever.until Sunday when a sudden ittaok of pneumonia seized her md she, was unable to rally from >t» Funeral services will be held is (Thursday) afternoon at 8 urcn of which she has been a! Tacie Elizabeth Batcher waj ftora ta Jackson county. Ohio, Feb. s, 1851. When, about three years of age she with bar parents CAW* te jpwa.locking Ott a farm where she grew to *i**if ; - t»" __T "*•"-—£ ,nr<v— *T» ww^f -r~* ffnf tnlt now Mill* county's fullauota are already at .work and will be ready for their first pay. checks Saturday night. As each man draws 18.50 per day or »15 per week this will mean a lot to Mills county's unemployed. More than 1900 per week. Legion Names C. C, Lippsett Head ° f Coun *y Group Need for Strong Community Work Stressed Thursday Mills county American Legionnaires, about 40 of them, braved the stormy weather of last Thursday evening to attend their first county meeting of the year. An* nual election, organization plans, social hour and smoker were on the calendar. Only the president of the com* roander of the county group was named, Handsome 0. c, Lippsett of QJenwpod was unanimously elected alter a single nomination. «e immediately assumed office and conducted a single nomlns* jion. jje immediately assumed of fie Immediately assumed offici and conducted the remalnde of the meeting, Appointed by Commander LJpp sett during the evening was Bruce Boebner of Malvern as U»«W married to Alfre4 ww to $ came t» tht| a Q» i f»r» ad UaugUt »ud to which _ ..„ He wlU direct the work af nnding jobs for unemployed i , servlse men and others, especlany during tbe comiag public works programs now starting j n the county. ni 1 *. 11 ? 8 ? 8 * 8t * be xwettng was iWistrlct Commander Percy A Lslnspn, of Council Bluffs, A vlg* w°. u « iPftBfcwr, Latftwo suggested n the keglonBaires the need for ft »trong program of cowmum swnce and urged that the maj of each local p 0 *t be In m to lore than 100 'Of them, gathered in Emerson last Wednesday ai the third annual Older Boys an< Girls Conference. There they listened to outstanding speakers on i religious subjects, Joined In devotional periods, elected officers for the year and banqueted. Attendance, while short of the goal of 850 set by the committee planning the meeting, exceeded that of last year's conference and set a record unexcelled by any county In the state according to O, 0, Herbrecht of JDes Moines. There were 209 full time registrations and 83$ attending tbe evening banquet, At the election Blllle Ripley of Emerson was chosen president of the county young people's organ* izatlon for the coming year, succeeding Lois Wilson of Wesley Chapel, Wanda Kocbersperger of Champion Hill was chosen vice president, succeeding Max Dasb- ner of Malveru, and Lloyd Har* mon of Olenwood was elected as secretaryrtreasurer. Supt, Re» O.'Dory of the Hen* derson schools, Rev. L, B. Bobbitt of Malvern and Mr. Herbrecht gave addresses before the young people and other religious workers lead group conferences on subjects of Interest to those attending, Methodist Ladles Aid of Smer- son served the young people a lunch at noon and the ba»o,uet In the evening. At this latter, guests saw the play, "Poctortng Up Old Bad4y World," presented by several young peopia tram different eomm»»tt|es In the county. In its cast were 8I»y Bipjey and Johr ' Salmons of Bmerson, Mas Dash ner and Mary g. Summers of Mai vern, Walter Pbelps of fiiUsdale Oharjotte Pye of strahan, Lois Long of Silver City and Mer'y i moa of Qlenwoad. Poultry, Corn Show Opens Next Tuesday in Glenwood Armory Five Day Exhibition Start* Tuesday; Entertainment Planned Poultry and corn raisers of Mills county will exhibit their wares for the twelfth time next week when the annual exhibition and corn- show of the Mills County Poultry association opens In the Armory in Olenwood. It will last five days, Dec. 6 to 9. Outstanding feature ot the show will be the competition In display booths arranged by various townships of the county. Prise trophy for the winner of this will be a sliver cup, now held by Olenwood township. Special entertainment has been prepared for those'attending the exhibition on Wednesday, Thursday;- sad *Wdty,' afternoon ' j AtaMtfMM + ?V i "i < ****.;.'L^.W .u-^e-^-J-^, and vocal muilo, musical come* dies, plays by township group* will be included, The Qlenwood high school band and the Peasley Community orchestra will play at times during the performances and the CltUens Power and Light company and Wlflte City Oil company entertainers are expected to ap* pear. Admission will be free except on Thursday and Friday evenings. The Mills County Poultry association's annual showing has grown to be one of the largest events of its. kind, in southwest Iowa. Breeders of poultry over a arge area are attracted and exhibits are highly competitive, Bobbitt Has Two Paintings at Jocelyn Among a group of paintings by midwest artists at the Jocelyn Memorial in Omaha hang two by Veruon Bobbitt of Malvern. The collection Was selected from lalntings submitted by artists In bis area and was highly competl* Ive, Each of the pictures by Bob* >Jtt are of local subjects. "Placid 3arth" Is a water-color landscape n which were shown a cornfield nd pasture. The other, "There's Muli Barn," was a watercolor of weather-worn barn which Bob- Itt sketched in the Waubo»sie •ills. Tiie collection will be exUlhlt- 4 at the Jocelyn Memorial for everal weeks. Men and Women Have Dinner and fa* Mrs, Mr, of ou Not. Mr Ougeler to Preach at Veaper Service Dr. White Di»cu»»ed "Su» preme Butineu of y v . ing" Utt Sunday Union vesper »emce« w m C o», tluue la M»lverw Suwlay wetting with Rev. R. g. ougeler praao«, 8< Jlf ^ l9 ? * 1U *• W« »» a MetttQdlat cfewiPh at 6 B. m. BW, auftier ftjnast, tabav* *«** *««» »M taJ «wi»to vui to furuuuea » ntrlue 4ft«enma »ud |»h ttw» wto m iu»« § 4uj», 41 Uui twylein 0. Waiu ot «u ^ ftoft M

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