The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 9, 1959 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1959
Page 12
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•WAS FIRST ONE THERE" Adventurous Errol Back From Wars NEW YORK (AP)-Actor Errol I late in December at central Palme Flynn flew in from Cuba Thurs- j sugar mill in Oriente province day abd scoffed at denials by some rebels that he took part in the mountain campaign of victorious Fidel Castro. He alii at Idlewild International Airport wearing a blue blaz- when a bullet hit a post and then his leg. A few year* ago. Flynn said, "I became intrigued by the idea that there was an idealist and a fighter" and that since then he are concerned so. 1 ' it is definitely not Slight Blonde Released in Kidnap Case NEW YORK (AP) - A slight er with red buttons, blue flacks. Mind made arrangements to meet and carrying a black walking Castro. stick. Around his neck he had a . "This has been a fascinating black bandana decorated with a'thing for men," Flynn said. "It is number of emblems. j a victory by the people which is Flynn said Castro told him the Outstanding.'' "emblem was to be the new flap' He said "nobody could be better of Cuba when he gave it (the ban- behaved" than the Castro army, dana) to me.' 1 The actor said he i The new regime, he added, "is. left Castro Saturday night. Castro definitely not radical, Communist i made a triumphant entry into Ha-]or anarchist. As far as the leaders! vana Thursday. As for reports he was not in the revolutionary campaign, Flynn; said: "I think it is envy and animosity. I was the first one there j before anyone gave this guy a! hope." ' I Flynn said he was in Cuba for' two months, most of the time witli i the Castro forces. The Cuban leader told him, Flynn said, "that from the morale point of view it _ (his being there) helped. Being an; blonde |,ns"been"released "after American of some prominence- i qlles tioning in the kidnap case of this helped these men who bad lljfsa Rose chionchio. snatched been for 5«i years." !from the nu of st _ Peler , s Flynn reluctantly showed the; Hospilal in Brookl , Mt Frid bandage on his right leg which ho: when she wns m hours old raid covered a wound he received; Police , )ave boen If)oking fof fl bleached blonde seen loitering i about the hospital before the in- ifant was spirited away. i Thursday, two young girls on a | Brooklyn subway train saw a woman muttering to herself as she read a newspaper story about the | kidnaping. The girls followed the woman from the train and hailed Patrolman Thomas Sheridan. Sheridan said the woman refused to answer questions and tried to walk away from him. She I threatened to sue for false arrest, Ijbtit then allowed herself to be taken to a police station. She was not identified. Questioned for several hours, j she was then released. Police believe the Chionchio baby was taken by a woman with a frustrated maternal complex. The FBI is also taking part in the hunt. in the Castro campaign. "It's like asking me to show my navel," he said. The actor did not disclose how he had made contact with Castro. He said he received his wound • •MALL RooJSj j OwBtonna, Minn. Sat., Jan. 17 LEN SHIMOTA BAND 70c Adm. Before 9 O'clock "Serving the Finest Footh in Southern Minnesota" Open Saturrfayi and Sunday* Ontf S (o 10 O'clock DOUBLE FEATURE TONITE & SAT. JOHNNY DESMOND MERRY ANDERS THEY LIKE CASTRO TOO — Two pretty girls were in the official welcoming party that greeted Rebel Leader Fidel Castro as he arrived at Cap Columbia, Havana military headquarters late last night. The Revolutionary leader entered Havana yesterday morning and paraded through the city with his troops until well after dark. Today he starts a round of activity in getting his Revolutionary government underway. (AP Photofax) BUT HOFFA'S LAWYERS PREPARED Monitors Ask Court Powers for Total Cleanup of the Teamsters By NORMAN WALKER WASHINGTON (AP) — Teamsters Union monitors hope to get today broad court powers to force a real cleanup of the Teamsters Union. The monitors carried to U.S. District Judge F. Dickinson Letts an order for his signature imple- jnenting the court's ruling last Dec. 11. The court found then tliat Teamsters President James R. Hoffa has been frustrating and i blocking monitor - suggested reforms. Break Machine The order would give the monitors powers to break the machine that helps Hoffa rule the 1,600,000- member Teamsters. Hoffa's lawyers were prepared, however, to urge Judge Letts to tone down the order, particularly one part aimed at barring Hoffa from holding a special union convention in March. Teamsters attorneys planned to At 8:30 TNt JOINT* ME WWW I !,V •mWWUOttOJTA ••&*&** . »"«»««» *-' w MKn MrtUCtim jo* MUIS Md f/wi CUTU The * TIJUANA STORY ,r j ciwt HOMKIIO* * » coiuusu ncwu Coming Sunday - Monday .Tuesday "TARAWA BEACHHEAD" SUN. SHOWS — MAT. 1:00-3:00 - EVE. 7:00-9:00 LOOK AT THESE PRICES TRY OUR HOT MEAl TAKE-OUT SERVICE PHONE HE 3-9824 Your toke-out order will be ready when you arrive. BAR-B-Q RIBS ................ $! 45 FISH DINNERS ............... ...... 1/00 5HMMP ................... .'.'.'.'.'." $100 CHICKEN .... ' i include French Frie$ - Salad . Hot Parkerhouse Roll M«f After Dinner Mint Dessert. )&,&* Se 7 ir * B^KFASTS, LUNCHES end EVENING MEALS DAILY — 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ond SUNDAY — 9 a.m to 8 p m SWEDE CARLSON'S HAMBUBCEB HEAVEN South on Hiwqy FABKINO AVAILA«M Boston Attorney, TV Producer Pay Call on Jailed Columnist JERSEY CITY, N..T. (AP). Boston attorney Joseph N. Welch and TV producer Robert Montgomery paid a call on columnist Marie Torre Thursday. They visited the New York Her- aid Tribune syndicate writer in Hudson County Jail, where she is serving a 10-day prison sentence for contempt of court. Both told newsmen the call was strictly social. Nationwide Fame 'Welch won nationwide fame as Army counsel furing the televised McCarthy hearings and has since appeared as commentator on several TV programs. Miss Torre, 34 and the mother of two, went to jail Monday rather than reveal the source of an item in her radio-TV column about singer Judy Garland. Another visitor Thursday was |Mrs. S. I. Newhouse of New York, [wife of the newspaper publisher [and a personal friend of the columnist. Morale High Miss Torre's husband, TV pro- ducer Hal Friedman, said his wife's morale is still very high. He added: "Marie was really thrilled at the news of legislation being introduced in the House to protect newsmen from penalties for refusing to reveal the sources of information. "Naturally she hopes the legislation will pass in Congress so that other writers same ordeal.' will not face the Green Oranges May Be Orange and Not'Green WASHINGTON (AP) - Because of housewives' buying habits — and a Supreme Court decision — bills will be introduced In Con-, gress today to permit the color- £;^ a ! "pJL"" ing of oranges with a new dye. a-RM. °Town'HBII Oranges, housewives say, should ^.-25 / be orange in color. Green-skinned 5 - Un " p "$ ., m oranges may be ripe, tasteful and 10—o<ai RobtW juicy. But many women won't buv £~~ Mai1 3* M , t!> them. 8-Christiar,iSeienct 12:45 p.m, Shopping Respected ' ' <—Sowierama So many orange growers, par- ; *" p " Bqsketba " ticularly in Florida and Texas — knowing that a woman's shopping ideas must be respected — have colored 'oranges for years as an economic necessity. The Food and Drug Administration three years ago threw up n roadblock against coloring with dyes containing any amount of poison. Last month the Supreme Court ruled that oranges could no longer be colored with a coal tar dye called Red 32, used by some Florida and Texas growers. The high court upheld the FDA, which said Red 32 was poisonous. The FDA said in 1950 that Red 32 was dangerous in certain quantities, but it did not contend that the amount used on oranges was harmful to humans. Passed Legislation The same year, Congress passed legislation permitting use of Red 32 for coloring of oranges until next March I. The Supreme Court order also takes effect at that time. Holland said in a statement Network Television Sunday, January 11 (C) Meant Program ft In Color The following TV schedule for Sunday afternoon and evening Is being published today lor those who may not receive the regular Saturday Showcase on the day of its publication. The Showcase, giv ing a full week ot TV programs, will be published Saturday as usual 12 AUSTIN (Minn.) Friday, January 9, 1959 3:45 p.m. 4—News Review 4:00 p.m. 3—TEA 4—G.E. College Bowl 4:30 p.m. ], 4, I—Amateur Hour fr—Bowling 5:00 p.m. t —Command Performance 4—Small World fr—Joe Matt Family Hour 8—Bengal Lenceti 8:30 p.m. fr—Meet McGrow 3, 4, S—Alfred Hitchcock 9:00 p.m. 3—Loretto Yeung 3, 4, 8—Keep Talking 10—Silent Service 9:30 p.m. 3—26 Men 4—What's My Line 5- -Whirlvblrds 10—Behind 'Closed Doors o — innsrmn science 1:00 p.m. 3 — Champ Bowling 4 — Mr. Wizard 6 — College News Conference 1:15 p.v. 8— Film 10— Christian Science 7:30 P.M. t, 10— NBA' Basketball fr— This ll Lfic 2:00 p.m. 3 — Meet the Senators 4 — Command Performance 6— Gospel In Art 2/30 p.m. i— Oral Roberts 3:00 p.m. 3 — Face Nation 5, 10— Pro Bowl Football 3:30 p.m. 3 — Behind -News 6 — Roller Derby 10— Movie. 5:30 D.n>. 3, 4, 8— 20th Century 5 — News 6 — Variety Time 10 — Big Picture 6:0') 3. 4, 0— Lassie 5 — Saber of London 6— Wild Bill Hickok 10— This ll Life 6:30 3, 4, 8— Jack p.m. Benny 5— Bergman Show 5— TBA *-• Meyertef 10— Music Shop 7:00 3, 4, 1— Ed p.-H. Sullivan 5, 10— Steve Allen 7:30 *— Lawman 8:00 p.m. t.m 3, ^ < t—G. E. Theater S, 10— Dinah 8— Wagon Train 6— Colt 45 Novice Explorers Found Wandering WHITLEY CITY, Ky. (AP)— Three amateur cave explorers whose overdue return set off a police search were found wander- Shore (C) fr— Uncommon Volor 10:00 p.m. 3, 4, 5. t, 1, 10— Ncw» 10:1 5 p.m. 3— Viewer's Digest 5— Man Who Wo» Thcrt 6— News 8— N. Y. Confidential 10— Movie 10:25 p.m. k — Sports 1-0:30 P.M. 3_V!ew«rs Digest 4— All Star Bowling 5— Brains & Brawn 6 — Ida Luplna 10:45 p.m. J~Zan« Grey 77:00 p.m. J— Theater n ,jn i, ... :_)U p.m. 5— Theater Cincinnati radio station SAI, photographer Jim Brown, 30, of Cincinnati, and free lance writer Jim Jordan, 31, of Louisville. They were found in good shape and left for home soon after the rescue. Read the Classified Adt. —^^^^m^^^^^^^^^j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TONIGHT VFWCLUB Family Parly 8:00 P. M. Public Invited • Please Use East Door New 45 Records try for a quick stay of the lower inat both the citrus industry and court order in the U.S. Court of the FDA a S ree thc ncw ' Appeals and possibly in the Su- be Safe to l ' Se " preme Court. They are seeking somehow to let the Teamsters hold the special convention to get ] rid of the monitors as union overseers. File Petition One of the monitors, Godfrey P. Schmidt, said in New York Thursday he plans to file a petition with Judge Letts later this month to remove Hoffa as Teamsters president. Letts has ruled that Hoffa, is serving only provisionally and can be removed by the court. Schmidt referred to Hoffa's rule as a "dictatorship" and expressed! fears such conditions in the Teamsters and other unions could lead to a sort of gangster fascism in America. Martin F. O'Donoghue, chairman of the three-man monitor board, said the monitors have a long list of complaints against Hoffa but have delayed acting because of a running battle with the Teamsters over the extent of mon-! itor powers. mile inside the entrance of Eureka Cave Thursday night. Led out after they had been in the cave almost 16 hours were i ~~ John Fraim, 38, news director ofj Read The Classified Ads. Junior Leaguers to Leave Early for Austin Production Minneapolis Junior Leaguers bringing their production, "The Reluctant Dragon" to Austin Saturday will find out first hand about "the dawn's early light." For they will board their chartered bus well before 7 a.m. in order to be ready for their first performance in the Austin High School Auditorium at 10:30 a.m. Tickets will be available at the FAMILY NIGHT FAMILY PARTY TONIGHT AT 8:00 p M. MOOSE LODGE The RELUCTANT DRAGON A Play For Children Young and Old TOMORROW HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM 10:30 A.M. and 2 P.M. Admission 35c door for those still needing them. A play in three acts, "The re-1 luclant Dragon" is a fairy story complete with dragon, princess, king and a knight in shining armor. Junior Leaguers are bringing complete stage sets with them in addition to rich costumes for the 20-cast members. Others in the group will be Director Don Stoltz and several stage hands, Orchestra Leader Cliff Brunzell and his trio, and reporters and photographers of Minneapolis newspapers. Brunzell is credited with making the orchestration which will pro- cede the opening curtain, accompany singing and dancing during 'the play, and bridge the time between acts. Since leaguers will be "long on makeup and short on time" between performance, lunch will bf i provided backstage for them bt fore the afternoon performance which begins at 2 p.m. Local hostesses for the players are members of the Austin j branch of the American Association of University Women. Miss Thena Sorkil is general chair man, assisted by Mrs. Ernes Jones, who is handling tickets Mrs. Jay Daane and Miss Prisdl!; Hartley covering publicity, ant Miss Lorna Bates ushers. The Accordion Shop Only Accordion School in ar«a *ith Icachert certified by the Am. Accordionists' Aisoaa- tlOft. Every day new people come out to go through our new building; and if you haven't been through it, we would like you to drop out. We're mighty proud of our Accordion Shop ond of the facilities that are available to our students, and customers. Ample free parking. The Accordion Shop Hwy. ail S. - Au»tin - HE 7-1692 FROM 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. TURKEY IS KING IN AUSTIN EVERY SAT. DINNERS $1.00 & 60c RAILWAY CAFE Near Milwaukee Depot FRIDAY, JAN. 9th Old Time Dancing RAY STOLZ£N6ER(j SATURDAY, JAN. 10th The finett in Dance Music JULES HERMAN and HIS ORCHESTRA tun. Jon. Clowd Manhatten Spiritual . . Reg Otven I Cried a Tear .... LaVern Baker Bluebrid, Buzzard and Oriole E. Day Children's Marching Song C. Sta[)leton Wind and Rain in Your Hair P. Boone My Happiness .... Connie Francis Double Talk Baby Conway "f witty Dreamy Eyes /. Tillotson Beatnik Champs Blue Hawaii Billy Vaughan NEW LONG PLAYS Flower Drum Song Original Cast also Kostalonetz Natchez to Mobile River Boat } Sing Along with Basic Count Baste Newport 1958 Alabalia Jackson And God Said Dana Andrews Ahmad Jamal at the Pershing — Stereo versions of most popular albums in stock from $2.98 to $5.98 Radio & TV Mail or Phone Orders Filled — Open Monday Nitei KIDDIE SHOW SATURDAY 1:30 P. M. A Great Western Adventure "THE FLAMING FEATHER" IN TECHNICOLOR - 4 COLOR CARTOONS 25c SERIAL 25c TONIGHT AT 7 & 9 P. M. ALSO Showing Saturday - 7 and 9 P.M. Held Over Sunday, Matinee -1:00 and 3:00 SHOWS- &; VOYAGE Starts Sunday At 5:00 P. M. COME FOR THE 3 P. M. SUNDAY SHOW AND SEE 2 BIG FEATURES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! REGULAR PRICES. ^rTT^v -*2?-—; •—'—T< ' f T 5 ^ ST. AUGUSTINE HOLY NAME SOCIETY COMMUNION 8 o'clock Mass Sunday, January 11 BREAKFAST Following Mass Don't Be a BRUTE Give the little woman 0 break— Don't ask her to ilav* over • hot stove when she it tired — AND WHEN IT IS SO IASY TO GET KLAGGE'S Famous Take-Out HOT DINNERS Chicken - Shrimp « Pik* Klagge's Store fc HEADQUARTERS FOR HOT TAKE-OUTS Call here tf you'vs got a Clinking Man's Filter and o Thinking Man'i Taste. KLAGGE'S Home of the Famous Hand- Pa eked Cadillac Quality, Solid ICE CREAM When you care enuf to get the very best. GO TO KLAGGE'S We present the 1959 Children Film Series Sponsored by the Business and Professional Women's Club of Austin. 8 SPECIAL APPROVED Q MOVIES for CHILDREN O Jan. 10—"THREE RING CIRCUS" — Martin fr Lowij. Jan. 17—"SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS" in color — James Stewart. Jan. 24—"INVADERS MARS" in color — Jim Hunt. Jan. 31—"ADVENTURES OF GALLANT BESS" (Story of a Horse) Feb. 7—"MA Cr PA KETTLE ON VACATION". Feb. M—"GYPSY COLT — Donna Cordoron. Feb. 21—"KNOCK ON WOOD" — Danny Koy«. Feb. 28—"FRANCIS GOES TO WEST POINT". TWO MATINEES EACH SATURDAY AT 1:00 and 3:00 P.M. THE COST FOR ALL EIGHT SHOWS IS ONLY $1.00 or 12V4c A SHOW Children Without Season Tickets Will Pay 25c for Each Show Tickets Now on Sale at Box Office The First Picture Starts Tomorrow MARTIN AND LEWIS in "3 RING CIRCUS" STARTS TOMORROW ot 1:00-3:00 P.M. PARAMOUR * oHONC HE-3. s- 7 '/ MARTIN and LEWIS in "3 RING CIRCUS" TONIGHT - SATURDAY EVENING SHOWS ONLY at 6:30 and 9:00 P. M. ROCmiOTSHOWl DEAGSTBW AMERICAH INTERNATIONAL PICTURES STARTS SUNDAY Ot 1:00 P.M. STARTS SUNDAY at 1:00 P.M. The Sights and Thrills of a Lifetime! Elephantine horde* —in the screen's most savage stampede! • Mostodonic battles, for survival—in the world's darkest corner! Exotic dancerj climaxing forbidden rites! • The eternal mystery of Africa's Mbossi lond,point-of -no- return! Morel's "Legion Of The Damned"—in the terror trek across a continent! • The ivory hunters whose guns blaze a circle of fire around every living thing! tRROL JULItnt flYNN • GRECO IfitiOR USOIE HOWARD -AlBtdl 0&VELIES

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