The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 23, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1933
Page 8
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ST R A H AN A §oa. Charles Hilton, was bora last Thursday to Mr. aad Mrs. J*ek Bfngham. Mr. Bftg- ham'S mother, Mr*. Oeo. Batrcom, of Kansas City is caring for the baby and mother. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kayton at Randolph, Earl Bass and Lorraine Amick, student* at Tarkio college in Missouri, spent the week end at their homes. s. SJ. O. Wederqvist and baby and Mrs. Herbert Johnson were Omaha shoppers last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Knop and Mr .and Mrs. Hugo Selpold attended St. John's Lutheran church Sunday and were dinner guests in the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Selpold. Mrs. Robert Pollitt accompanied by her niece, Pauline Pollitt, took her daughter, Lorraine, to fir, Kerr for treatment Monday. The little girl has been sick for some time past with something like intestinal flu. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Thomas and family were dinner guests Sunday of their aunt, Mrs. Will Wolfe. Mf. and Mrs. Mayo Bass of near Tabor and daughter, Mrs. Harriet Campbell, and baby of Lincoln were Sunday visitors in the Zeho Bass home. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mayfleld and son, Dean, of Tabor visited Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Scott irvin. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Walker of Creston were week end visitors in the home ot Mr And Mrs. Herbert Johnson. Mr. Walker is fore* man in the yards at Creston. Buford Pettigrew and M. M. Butts were Sunday dinner guests in the Ed Nagel home. IOWANA ~_ Red Oak **• Where it sound* the best 4 Days Starting Sunday, Nov. 26th, 87th, 28th, and 80th ; e Chance' NOW ON THE BROADWAY! The biggest musical comedy hit in years! Ivery player « itarl •Very *tar an tnttr- Miner! tee*/ * JAMES DUNN *JUNE KNIGHT * LILLIAN ROTH * CLIFF EDWARDS *LIUAN BOND * DOROTHY LEu *LONA AN 100 GorgeQui Showgirls! A Fgienounl t«ttoi» fiodgttd b r louitot, $ch«rab in ouocigtion willl William «o»lon<t • B0 Montff fifict Mr. a«d Mfs. Walter Angiw ttt- ited Mrs. Carl Herts in Malvern Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mr*. Ed Peterson, Mr. and Mr*. Gttlxsrl McCfti*. Mrs. Will McCain were in Omaha test Thursday. com pan led by Ret. aftd Mrs. Barnes of Silver City antoed to Omaha Monday to hear the address of Stanley Jones and Robert E. Spear. Miss Helen Cadwell of Coin came Friday to visit her tister, Harriet, teacher in the Strahan school. Both girts went to Coin Friday evening and Harriet returned here to her school work Monday morning. Rev. and Mrs. T. J. Pettltt and daughter, Lorreahe, of Pacific Junction were dinner guests last Thursday In the home of Rev. and Mrs. John Cunningham. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Dye and daughters, Charlotte and Josephine, and nephew, Boyd Dye, an- toed to Carson Sunday afternoon for a visit with their sister, Mrs. Arthur Carley. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson, Mr. and Mr*. Herbert Johnson and Sheila, and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Walker of Creston were dinner guests Sunday in the Dalej Laughlln home. Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass, Earl and Anna Rose, Mrs. Fannie Oerhring, and Lorraine Amick autoed to Tarkio Sunday afternoon where the boys returned to their school work. tflkf- (Coathmed froft As «Ms ftye* tt t&te*d fie grsdttany pacts ft smooth. Road* treated ate flo* o»«* to traffic but trnttt they afe *sore tftdrotrghiy packed Cotmiy fiftfct- neer f . B. Martin arts that ttetl lired *eWcle» k«*fl to the cettef as much as possible w» that thete wm be no daAgef of tearing *p the shoulder*. In charge of the Mack cap surfacing was Elmer Gee of Bb#B~ andoah, who is a partaet to the Road Ml* company which tad the contract fof the wot*. Chief machinery used was a huge oil and gravel mixer which luinberea slowly down the road to be surfaced, scooping up gravel aftd, after mixing It with the oil in its capacious innards, spewed it out on the road again. Travelers over the roads after they had been opened found them to be smooth and easy to drive on and entirely devoid of dust. The black cap packs solidly aftd yet seem more resilient than the paving. Also treated by the Road Mix company were a few short stretches with oil only and with oil and a blotter of gravel on top. As cost of gravel In the full process accounts for about a third of the total, should the roads thus •surfaced be satisfactory, the surfacing cost could be further lowered. Cost per mile of the black cap surfacing was less than $2000 ot which about $760 was for oil, $760 for gravel and $600 for the labor. LOCAL SPORTS Tftll fn&fy SflOft Men Mtftft Mete EAST LIBERTY Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks and children were entertained at breakfast Sunday morning in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Barger. Archie Decker and family were visitors Sunday in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Decker, east of Sliver City, Jack Hastings shucked corn for Mr. Harman near Emerson a few days last week. Steve Rounds and Celia and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maddocks of Silver City were dinner guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks. Mr, and Mrs. Gerald Buffington from north of Olenwood visited in the Q. W. Rlmel home one afternoon last week, Marion Kerney of Malvern spent a couple of days this week at the Mrs. Laura Kerney home. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Dunlap, Roy Dunlap, and,Mrs, Doll Nel- son.wbo spent several dan ia the mer npnt to Clarinda Monday afternoon for a abort visit with relatives. They will leave from there for their home at Perkins, Okla, Ruth Lookabill has been quite sick for a few days and unable to be in school. She is a little improved at this writing. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Du Val and Alan accompanied by Mrs. Laura Kerney and Josle drove to Council Bluffs Sunday morning to attend services at Broadway Methodist church. E. Stanley Jones was the speaker and the service was a very impressive one. The audience was large and quite attentive. Mr. Jones spoke frankly about some important problems which are confronting the'world today, He told of some of his experiences as a missionary in India and especially of his contact with Ghandl. He was a guest of Ghand) for ten days and 'has much respect for his belief but of course the Christian Mfe is lacking. Great special 'Thanksgiving' 1 for the Women who have waited SALE Special Purchase Fur Trimmed Goats — All Wool Dresses WESLEY CHAPa Wesley Chapel will hold a pot luck supper at the church •Thanksgiving evening. Everyone Is cordially Invited. The menu will be chicken or meat pie, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, baked beans, apple salad, pumpkin pie. Everyone bring what they choose. A Thanksgiving offering will be taken after the program. Mr, and Mrs. Perry Wilson, Mrs. Mable Pierson and Joyce visited Carl Wilson and family in Malvern Sunday. Lawrence and Jack Fickel entertained several of their friends at a weiner roast Monday evening in honor ot their birthdays. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Wilson, Mrs. Ray Pierson .and Mrs. Sherman Stonebreaker visited the Eastern Star chapter in Olen- wood Tuesday night. „*" ith fifteen members and several visitors present. The next meeting will be Dec. .13 at the home of Mrs. John Clark. Elva Wilson was home from Simpson over the week end and enjoyed a visit with her brother, Harold, and wife who came from Texas last week to visit friends and relatives, Clinton and Lynn Parker and families were Sunday guests in the Geo. Parker home, SjMjfu EutnMr HI With tiape Hi NSfcMii Seven-foot centers afcg «*-f «st tnards may b* the dream. of eel- let* basketball coaches, trtit big Panl Hertft and bale D>i*. Mil^ vern high school mefttdfi, afe basing strong hope on a (jtint&t of midgets dnMng the pt*>se**dn wotk out*. 'When s'ota* of the lengthier material played hooky from practice to attend the Ak- Sar-fien shoir last week the Sftoft Man's club took possession of the oriole conH and showed ttore tip and smooth functioning than has been keen since Coach Heft* was graduated ia 1>23. With Tommy Wills, auburn* haired Devef Knight, Lee Gary, young Elmer Jackson, and WlU lard Mlllikan dominating the cage scene, Coaches Herts and Dyke dreamed dreamt of developing a sawed-off team that would hurtle between the legs of elon* gated opponents and bring in tie* tory after victory for the home school. Not only that, but the dreams of Messrs. Herts and Dyke con* talned a double threat. Just when the surprised coaches of other teams see this magnificent idea and begin training their short men for competition, the Malvern mentors could presto change and out would come some regulation material, most of which measures six feet or more. For instance, Homer Jackson, Gerald Bower, Dick Hyde, and Hurb Benton would make a staunch nucleus for this latter idea. Nor are these all the ideas which the fertile brains of Coaches Herts and Dyke might develop. To fill in either team, or to make a new one, they have a scattering of seasoned material which, while handicapped by being about the right sise, have sufficient skill and experience to gladden the heart of any hard- pressed basketball coach, The names of Dudley Conner, James Summers, and Marvin Facet are among those first thought ot in this group. . All in all we might predict that the Oriole team has fairly roseate prospect* for; the season 19831984. Not only is it blessed by " "" ADDITIONAL EMERSON This beautiful Thanksgiving offering at this time has Beautiful Fur Trimmed Coats, Beautiful Furs, Beautiful Materials, Beautiful Styles, all sizes from 13 to go, and 88 to 44, 37& to . 49H including Suits. If it was possible for you to see these coata vWJe you are reading this ad, and prices j»arke4, for this Th aulsssiviug sale, you would surely be here. Priced from '14 •87" Mrs. Sarah Ungry returned home Saturday from Hamburg and Sidney where she visited her daughters, Mr, and Mrs. Paul Booton and daughter, Mrs. Clarence Bowman, of Council Bluffs came Monday evening to bring Mrs. Margaret Whitney home after spend' ing a week with them. Mrs. Grace Crawford and children, Mary, Frank, and John, and Mr .and Mrs. Karl Crawford spent Saturday and Sunday in Creston in the home of the for* mer's son, and the tetter's brother, Gardner. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Crawford returned home Sunday evening. The others remained for a longer visit. no thus more ent toluset In addition, the fact that the squad is taught by not one but two excellent coaches could hardly be considered an insurmountable handicap, And so, barring flood, fire, national disaster and all those'other things which • Congress lumps in the category of Acts of God. the leather-lunged fans of Malvern high school, after several lean years, may again look forward to boosting for a winning team, maybe. iarold We»tenburg Wed* Mildred WolfrMrf ViUii«» Here ia the best buy of this season CO-UD FINE WOOLEN FROCKS All colors one*, two, and some thre^piece frocks, ei*M 18 to 80, just for this aale at . . » . . AH Ctoldreo'* me Wto&r Coata are Included in this STOKE Volleyball Schedule* for Friday, Monday, Announced Volleyball pairings for the first two nights of team play were made and announced by the league officers Wednesday, Fri* day evening of this week and Monday of next will be the time and games will start shortly after 7 o'clock, Friday pairings; Plymouth? vs. Salyers Auto, Cold Storage T§* Post Office, Firemen vs. Oilers, Leader Prints ys. Mulbollan Next Monday evening, the pair* ings; Cold Storage TO. Salyers Auto, Firemen vs, Po«t Office. Leader vs. Oilers, Plymouth* T8 v Kj tt ih.Qi|ands, Teams must Have four regular players present &JF the end tf ifte, econd game of tbe j»r«cedtoji or forfeit. .*, -. -, Harold \Veatenburg of on and Miss Mildred Wolfe of Vllltaca were married Oct. t at Rockport, Mo. The bride is a daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Howard Wolfe of Ylk isca, a graduate of the class of 931! and was gradual from he Red Oak Junior college last si), The bridegroom U a of Mr, »nd Mrs. 8. B. Weatenburg of Emeraon, They will make their bom here with the bridegroom/* par* ent* f«r the present. W Emw«m 0, B. S. WIU f JMI BtftMiWJ ChA^M 04 Ordar 04 th» £aa|aiA ftUjr planning a haiiaftt hridaa Bait] ^W*5 d WwwR i *** Se&ssti with Short Work Out Monday light f*atii* EMI Up far Mattefn'g ateate** athlete*, <£fcftftt at Inactivity Mfet* lh« «*& of the tfttenibatl keflofi, gather*! in the Community buttdtng tteft* day «tmat and o«i«*lly started the ilig*i»84 tolleybAtl lou Team play will «taff Friday ftint afid will continue oft day and thuftsday eveftihg* after. Prominent on the floor tret* many i last seasem's favorite. Bob Bnfsey was weaHag a bril' Ilant fed sweatef. Sit Paul Hefts wofe white trousers and ho top. Harry Martel had his traditional shorts. Oapt. 1. L. Dohher of the Post Office team, was in eonveh- tionai habliatnent. Art Simmons had sweat shirt and pants. Arthur (Ping) McCullough, famed kit" tenball enthusiast, refused to join the volleyball ranks, hut looked in to say that the south shower bath was leaking and causing water to dribble down to the pinochle players in the firemen's room below, Charley Irwin was in his usual place at the door, collecting dues from all and sundry. 0, A. John* son, long-time and present president of the Malvern Business Men's Athletic association, hurried about the floor keeping two teams of pick-ups busy. Edgar Perdew retereed the games with myopic impartiality. Following the main play, captains of all teams met in the Women's Club room and there outlined rules, dues, officers and teams. Present were eight captains and that many teams will be used until more appear. Johnson was reelected to the presidency of the group and Perdew took over the secretarial work. Chas. Irvin retained his position of treasuter. Teams and captains announced were:'Post Office, I. L. Donner; Firemen, 0, A. Johnson; Plymouths, Walter Hedding; Leader Prints, E. D. Herlng; Salyers Auto, R. W. Stflyera; Oilers, Jim McPall; Cold Storage, Bruce Boehner; Mulhollands, F. A, Mul- bolland. Rules promulgated and which Secretary Perdew swore to enforce were: 1} dues of $1 for season must be pald n 8);Playing •- *'---*- 1 —* tnrtey b*t they ea* tait« fcotte tmamm»t mm next 8«ttday. ro* tMt tt th§ tiffie the Hlffy Mim»c«S $m «f the Amftfican L«f!6a t» big TDanksgifin* ttrtttt __-. . eflfcw ififi are eft the £H*« B*t ttst ifcs Of dlnafy shooter* feeed fiot tea* that more skilled gun* wrtl teg •II of the gams a* handicap* win allow everyone is hate ft fair ehane* al winnini. Shell* caft he had on the ifound*. Other tame* of skill will also be used at the shoot, with pfize* tor these too. fit* turkeys will be given away free to these who attend. The shoot Wilt be oft the old Malvern daft club ground* en the Foilett farm north of Maltern. It will start at 10 o'clock and hot lunch will be served on the grounds. Member* of the post organized Tuesday evening to care for the shoot, each caring for some part of it. «fi. to «*. Let Itttf *Bff tf«f* aMmal*. Call lSf fro* mm mm — Paw* Lett* efdets with 6siifl» fttfc Malfefft, bt PHett'* B«| ftitfl, lasting*. ft«* Wa*t*d— »Te*ffl Wotk HaBtlftf etc. Prices reasonable. Oohs fof HOGS ftor Sale— »Pure bred ffilap* shite spring boara. At the tftrm 2K mile* northeast of Matttrft on Highway 84. — Lee A. Roland. • CLASSIFIED IDS Persons who have Messiah books belonging to the Malvern Choral Society a*e requested to return them to the Society or to Maysil Berry. 18*1. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Complete Abstract of Title records for each piece of property in Mills County. Mills County Abstract Co. (Member ot the American Title Assn. and Iowa Title Assn.) Qlenwood, Iowa, 48tf, MISCELLANEOUS For Sale—Used Maytags, Electric or Farm. Also other makes, Buy Her a New Maytag for Xmas. — Thomson Hdwe., Red Oak, la, 18-2. The Malvern Mill will accept five (6) -bushels good corn in exchange for a 48 Ib. sack of flour. 18tf. For Sale — Piano, Customer near Malvern 'unable to finish payments. Only ,$49 left to pay. Cash.only.?-Write Critchett Piano shop, DCS Molnes.i ,Y! J »l9-4, Sale -» Chester spring boars. •— Pho&e 179*F6 t Oscar Lett. 14«. CATTLE For Sale—26 {lead feeder oat* tie: 22 steers, 8 heiters, 700 to 800 Ibs., good Quality.— Carl Seipold. POULTRY For Sale — Buff Orpington cockerel! from blood tested state accredited fioch, 66c and 76o each. Also a few White Leghorn cockerels; 6ft ml. N.E. Mslvern, Itt ml, north of Highway 84,—Anthony Brlley. 30-ft. For Sale — Thirteen White Wyandotte cockerels, blood tested and banded. — Mrs, 0. R. Hyde. 19-1. For Sale—-White Pekin ducks, alive or dressed, —• Clifford Bradway, south of Hastings. 10-1. ' SEEDS AND FEEDS K For Sale—Baled Alfalfa hay in barn.— Ben Breeding. 18-8. - -I- MACHINERY For Sale —Good power wood, •aw with six h.p. gas engine. ~Phone ' 189-F28, J., 0* Donner, Of second or must forfeit* game, Game will be played with drawn'players but will not count on team standings. J. W, Miller Obwrves 77th Birthday Sunday J, W, Miller motored to Nebraska City Sunday to spend his seventy-seventh birthday with n« daughter, Mrs. PiUer, and family, Mr. and Mrs. Logan Hemmer and daughters, Carolyn and Shir* ley, accompanied him and visited relatives there, Sunday evening a group of old time neighbors near the farm in Raw lee township earn? in to spend the evening' and remind him that another year bad rolled by and that the grpnp and opme BO often that it Had Become a custom which they hoped vr«uld continue for many, years to come, Those present were Mr, MUler, Mrs. Alice White, Mrs. Anna fi«e* ger, Mrs, Sarah Eyajw, Mr, and Mrs, Leonard Seeger and dftugb' tar, Mary, Mr, and Mrs, Baraest Watts &sd M»rgare(;-Helen, Mr. and Mri, Barj WHUawj and Or»B» in the Malvern Sale Barn SATURDAY, l^ov. 25 commencing at one o'clock p, m. W§ k."i. * """I "" "•*%&*;£& to b«| hf y\* « «M^" J i J? Milking SharthoiT* cow, Guernniy cow, mid Jer§«y i, - fo^r*u>^f ;»iik^;|«»a; «i««,\ : , . ; Wo will »1» have «noU»«r lot of thoae NEBRASKA .*"" ^'GALVE!5 rr *~ "' " " ' *• • '' ^\ W^JnW fy P*!JM , rs !S«v«riii otlier ' c«lvea, ^•"i""- 1 ?*** f^J- i [ i '*>" . _ Conngnment ,frerf,i HoUtemww ' »oW to be good, '*&1 *$*a *?„

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