The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 9, 1959 · Page 11
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 11

Austin, Minnesota
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Friday, January 9, 1959
Page 11
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AUTOMOTIVt-IJ CAM, TRUCK BUYS '57 Int, l'/a Ton L.W.B. Chassis with space saver cab. Com- plttely reconditioned. Excellent tires all around. '57 Chev. iVa Ton S.W.B. Chassis and cab. Exceptionally fiean and good throughout. '56 Ford Heavy Duty Vz Ton Pickup '40 Chev. 2 Ton Cab. I onvard with platform. Runs ind looks #ood. These Trucks Have Gotta Go MAKE US AN OFFER Fordtown Corner of River & Winona HE 3-3486 n.wi MERCURY Monterey 2 door hard 'op, one owner, good condition. Dial HE 3-7800. ALL PRICtS REDUCED •57 CHRY. 4 DOOR '56 CHRY. 4 DOOR '55 CHRY. 4 DOOR '57 PLY. 2 DOOR PLY. 4 DOOR CHEV. 4 DOOR DODGE 4 DOOR FORD 10 Other GOOD Cars from $90 to $450 Test Drive 'Em Today Austin Auto Co. 215 E. Mil! - Open Evenings 4 U. S. SHOTS PUNNED THIS YEAR Human Rocket Flight Seen Soon '56 '55 '54 '52 1MO BOICK, Motor recently overhaul- fcl. Priced to sell. Dial HE 3-4850. "i:»17 INTERNATIONAL »eml-tr»ctxirT KB3. 1943 Freuhoff tandem trailer. Reasonable. HE 3-3023. WASHINGTON (AP) - the Soviet Union probably will soon announce the successful return of a human passenger from a rocket flight, a report issued by the House Space Committee has predicted. On the United States side of the space timetable, a missile expert says four unmanned interplanetary shots are planned this year. The Rand Corp., which does space research for the Air Force, made the forecast about the Soviet flight. A broad study Rand completed for the House committee was made public Thursday night. Comprehensive Work In issuing the 252-page document as a "space handbook,' the committee under House Majority Leader John McCormack CD- Mass) called it the most comprehensive work of its kind for laymen. The report said American intercontinental ballistic missile rockets can be adapted to attempt manned flight probably within less than five years. It added the Soviets will have as much or greater rocket capability iu-this period. The Rand study also made these points: Launchings of hundreds of satellites — scientific, military and perhaps even commercial — by the early 1960s will so overburden present tracking and computing systems that new systems must be found quickly. Seeing-eye satellites will have to be very large to carry necessary equipment to spot objects on earth. More Efficiency Glide rockets, which shoot up like rockets and then glide back to earth, promise more efficiency than ballistic missiles, A big atomic bomb exploded in space could be lethal for hundreds of miles, since there is no atmosphere in space to slow down atomic blast radiation. A General Electric Co. missile expert dealt with the American space timetable in more immediate terms. Glen P. Sieging, manager of products planning in GE's heavy military electronics depart- For Dependable "First Choice" USED CARS See COOK MOTOR CO. Firstf I'OB sale or trade — 19.W 1'i ton Dodge. New tires. 1954 Chevrolet, 4 door. 1957 3 /t ton Btudotmker. 521 Cth street Southwest Waseca or call Waseca 1337L. •=11 I r •> * x *£ ; <'; TRUCKS That Are Ready to Roll t Me 1 T* J "!' .'" Jv51 rora r-<) 2 ton - 2 speed axle 1952 FORD "F-rt" 1' ton • 2 speed • new Short block 1919 FORD "F-6" 2 ton • 2 speed l')50 INTERNATIONAL "L-160' 2 ton - comb, body and hoist 1019 INTERNATIONAL "KB-2" ^4 ton pickup 1953 DODGE ?4 TON Pickup - clean 19-19 CHEVROLET 1 V'2 ton • cab over 19-19 CHEVROLET K'H INTERNATIONAL "L-160" Dump truck ment at Syracuse, N.Y., said Thursday night in a Boston speech the United States plans four interplanetary shots this year. Aimed at Mara Bieglng said one of the shots may be aimed at Mars next month. He said Mars will be in a favorable position for a missile shot in February, March and April. He said Venus may be another target, adding the planet will swing into a favorable position in early summer. Pile of Ashes haves Grim Memory of Fire BOSWELL, Okla. (AP)-A pile of ashes and two freshly turned gravesites were all that remained today of Oklahoma's worst residential fire. The blaze snuffed out 16 lives early- -Thursday> Fifteen were held in the afternoon for the Negro victims at the Oberlin Com munity Cemetery 11 miles south of this southeast Oklahoma town. The remains of nine victims were buried in one casket and seven in the other. Booker Gardner, husband of one victim and father of 10 more, was among the BO persons attending. Killed were his wife, 30; 10 of their children, ranging from weeks to 15 years; three orphaned nieces and two nephews. Gardner, a 45-year-old laborer, had been coon hunting with another nephew, John Stewart. 1.1, overnight. He did not learn about the predawn tragedy until several hours later. n 6 /«M d r at , the n ! inS , 3nd arose todav from the short-lived sobbed, "My Lord, my lord, my and busted romance of the New ' York Central and Pennsylvania Carrot Grader Routs Boys in Theft Attempt NORWALK, Calif. (AP) — The week's leave of absence Mrs. Maria Villegas took from her job as carrot grader in a produce plant has produced results. She captured two burglars. Victimized three times in a month, the angry Mrs. Villegas decided to trap the thieves in her own way. She armed herself with an unloaded rifle, an inexpensive camera with flash attachment, and waited in her bedroom. Eventually, two neighborhood boys, each 13, entered her home. "When they started to force the lock on a hankie box where I keep the money," she told sheriff's officers, "I stepped from behind a door and snapped their picture. I covered them with the gun and yelled for help." Her screams brought help. Sheriff's Capt. Herman Garbe said the boys admitted stealing $230 irom Mrs. Villegas. The picture turned out fine, too, and in color. Director Says Lab Received Red Signals PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Di rector William Pickering pf the Jet Propulsion Laboratory thinks signals from the Soviet Union's SEN. MORSE AFTER FOUR HOUR TALK—Sen. Wayne Morse (D-Ore) as he left rhe Senate Chamber late last night after delivering his views on anti-filibuster legislation in a four hour talk. The Senate, on its first full workday of the 86th Congress went into a night session in its lengthy discussion of proposed rules changes to make it easier to shut off filibusters. The Senate hopes to get to a showdown vote today. (AP Phot of ax 1 'BUSTED ROMANCE' IKE (Continued from Page t) for health programs, federal aid for science and education, city redevelopment, and federal aid for highways. He called also for continuation of the foreign aid program, but did not estimate its cost. The request is expected to go higher than the $3,700,000,000 tagged for spending this year. Eisenhower did not list the domestic programs to be curtailed or dropped in his campaign to 'achieve a balanced 77-billion-dollar budget. His budget message will go to Congress Jan. 19. Underscored Issue His challenge to the Democratic Congress to live within that budget underscored an issue almost sure to figure in the I960 presidential campaign. Democratic congressmen already have challenged the announced total as unrealistic and inadequate for national security. Some Republicans have joined them in questioning the $40,900,000000 reportedly included for de fense. Without mentioning the 77-billfon figure today, Eisenhower hit back at contentions it isn't big enmtgh in the light of the Soviet Union's spectacular field. progress in the space MARKET fh* foUaiTSi "pft'cMi' w«r« paid it Austin. Burrnwi And OHM No, 1 Grading 100.170 170-180 ,,. [BO-190 ., 180-220 .........17.63. 230*230 .........17,35. 330-340 .........17,05. 3-10-250 ..,, 16.75. 250-280 > 1«.45. 2<SO-170 J6.15. 370-J80 15.85. 380-290 15.59. 390-300 NO.J 14.26 14.35 •]fl,55 ..17,35.. ..10.83.. .,18.35.. ..16.03.. ..15,75.. ..15,«. ..13.15. No. 3 ,.18.85 ,.16.M ,. lfl.'25 ..15.D5 ,.15.6' ,.15,35 ,. 15.H5 ,.15.05 I5.2S...,14.85..,.M.-1;' All butcher* wftlRhlng nvrt 300 Ibs U. Wl. tWn fcnll* ,.H.OO-1«,00 AUSTIN (JRAIN MARRBt Soybeans ., f .1104 Oats .,,. , OH Corn ,... i...., i .95 SOUTH ST. PAUL MARKET SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - (USDA) — Cattle 2,800; calves 1,000; trade fairly active on slaughter steers and heifers; fully .steady; cows about Steady, but buying demand not as general nof aggressive as early days of week; bulls steady to strong; most choice steers 26.r>0-27.S0; good 25.00-26.00; load average to high choice 995 Gf<ul!nj 270-300 300-330 330-200 MO-400 400-450 450-500 500-850 550-up . No. 2 .14.75. .14.50. .14.25. .14.00, .13.50. .13.00. .13,50. .12,00, NO.. ,i4.r,5 ,14.10 80WS Of the „, he j fcrs 28(W , othcr cho , ce hcjf PACKING SOWS prs 26.50-27.50; good 25.00-2fi.00; 'utility cows lfl.SO-19.50; canners and cutters 15.50-18.00; cutter and utility bulls 22.50-25.50; commercial and good 23.50-25.00; vealers nnd slaughter calves steady; good and choice venlers 30.00-36.00; good nnd choice slaughter calves No. i ..15.15.. ..14.PO.. ..14.05.. ..14.40.. ..13.90.. ..13.40,. . .12.PO.. ..13.40.. ,13.00 ,13.10 ,12.(iO .12.10 .11.CO Stags STAGS undef 400 ,,,..8.75 400-600 B.On Stags oter 000 7.00 HtftO VIVBI wv i ...... t (,«..(( ,UU Underflnl»h«iJ eun or filled hogii .u*t bit discounted »ccordlngly, All lio&a wa subject to internment In- jpBctlon. tAMfl MARKET Choice k Prim* 10.00 choice i B.OO Ooixl 17.00-18.00 20.00-30.00; stocknr and classes steady; good and •125 Ib steer calves 35.00. AUSTIN! (Minn.) HERAtB || Friday, January 9, W&9 I I utility and commercial bulls 24.50-26.75; a few cutter bull* sold to 22.50; veaters 33.60 dcwti; &jttl as low as 16.00, Sheep 1,000; prtees steftd>} food to choice 9(5-10!} Ib wooled lambs 18.50-20.00 j cull and utility 15.0017.00; a double deck good anil choice No. 1 pelt shorn lamb* 18.50; cull to chofce aldugntef ewes 6.00-7,50. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP)-Chieago Mercantile Exchange — Buttef about steady; receipts 570,000; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 seort AA 57%; 92 A 57V4; 00 B 56%; 89 C 56i4; cars: 80 B 57%; 89 C 57. Eggs nervous; receipts 14,700; wholesale buying prices un- Hogs 13,000; moderately active; feeder I changed to *'* lower; 70 percent choice or better grade A whites 34V4' l /6; mixed 34; mediums 33; standards 33; dirties 31%; checks 30 1 ,4; current receipts unquoted. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) Potatoes: arrivals 44; on track 110 total U.S. shipments 601; old — hnrrows and gilts strong to 25 higher; sows steady to strong; 2 nnd 8 100-240 Ib barrows and gilts lfi.50-17.25; 1 and 2 hogs 17.50-1B.50 la'oodo'wni 2 n " fj 3 m ' m lbs »5-2"'-ie.75; 1.1 AI^ buck ( »mb«'di«coiint«t! i>\ per'2 and 3 100-190 lbs 10.00-17.25; ],|supply light; demand slow; mar- 2 and 3 BOWS 270-550 lbs 13.00-jket for Russets about steady; feeder pigs weak; good and i round red dull; carlot track sales: choice 15.SO-16.00. I Idaho Russets 3.60-3.70; Idaho bak- Sheep 1,800; trnclc fairly active; ers 4.00; Minnesota North Dakota slaughter classes steady; feeder j Red River Valley Pontiacs 2.25- lambs strong to 25 higher; good 12.55; new — supply light; demand and choice wooled slaughter lambs moderate; market about steady; pound over 100. VEAL MARKET 7«»l talTM ol lU welfhU «nd clan?i pnrahaicrt Choice 180-2.10 32.50-34.CO .20.00-30.50 Good 180-230 ____ . rttnnrlarrl ...... '. ', ', '. ", \ i i i '. '. Ij7.0o-2n.56 Utility 180-230 Itw 2-I.OO-2.'i.SO Choice heavy 240-300 llm. ..29.00-30.50 Good heavy 3«-r,00 lb«. ..37.0n-23.fiO Culla all weight ............ 11 .00-20.M a . All calve* nw 300 Ibn. dlicountfcd Veal caWM will b« tccfptsd »t Austin until 9:30 ft.m rrldaT No markei «)n Saturday. CATTI.B MARKET 0 8. Prime it«*ra A yeir Ungs .................... 27.23-29.00 0 S Cholc* (Men 6 Eastern Mergers of Railroads Are Likely By WILLIAM FERRIS AP Business News Writer NEW YORK (AP)—A possibility of other Eastern railroad mergers ing to go on with steps toward merger. "It is well recognized throughout the industry," Symes said, "that coordination of facilities is Spring Valley Man Heads Heart Drive . , , . . . . . «»vi ww» t i nj't not a subs .lute for corporate sponsibimv Sensibly Balanced The President called his defense plans sensibly balanced against a j need for maintaining a sound econ- joiny and fighting off devastating inflation. And he cautioned against useless military expenditures „ „ v „„,. „ ,_ which, ,m the name of security j f , Ul i B8 ^^j"v ^ 23.23-27.50 • might tend to undermine the econ- ' " """" jOiny and, therefore, the nation's safety. "We can afford everything we clearly need, but we cannot afford one cent of waste," he said. Putting it squarely up to Congress, Eisenhower said: "The Constitution entrusts the executive with many functions, but the Congress—and the Congress alone- lias the power of the purse, Ultimately upon Congress rests re- 0 s Good ttttn A «tr Hugs 23.00-23.50 U B S Untie rrt fteti Jr. yearlings 30.50-23.00 All liettcrs 23 cent* to 50 cents CWT under atecr price*. All uteera over 1.050 lbs. «nd helfert ovrr 1)50 Ib* are cllscounlml nccnrdlng to weight. U. B. Commercial Cows ..17.75-20.25 U. S. Utility Cows 17.00-18.50 c.'uiter ie.25-is.2C I Runners 14.75-17 M 'Fat BulU in.50-22.00 Sausage Dulli .,..19.75-24.00 under 105 lbs 19.00-19.50; scattering good and choice shorn lambs No. 1 pelts 18.00-18.50; cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.00-7.50; most good and choice feeder lambs 119 lbs and down 20.00-21.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP)—(USDA)—Hogs 7,000; Butchers steady to 25 higher; mixed 2-3 200-225 Ib butchers 17.2, r )-17,75; several hundred 1-3, largely 1-2 200-225 lbs 17.75-18.00; 140 head Is sorted for grade 195215 lbs 18.25; 2-3 230-200 lbs 16.5017.25; a few lots 3s 200 lbs at 16.25; 2-3 270-300 lbs 15.75-16.50; a few lots 3s 300-350 lbs 15,00-15.75; sows 1-3 330-400 railroads. The Central directors suggested Thursday that a study be made toj create three or four rail systems The mergers—if it were, the question of mergers would not now be considered." Envisioned ' of n SPRING VALLEY, Minn. . auucuj uu iui Arnold M. Nelson has been nam- i aken toward a corporate merger ed Area III chairman for the o[ the Central with the Pennsy] . Minnesota Heart Fund drive. j V ania. , He will supervise the drive in Pillmore, Olmsted and Goodhue I'ging the! three or j no further steps should be j four major systems has been en-; for years, scope and spending." Hope Eisenhower for determining the amount of f * dcra , For Relief held out hope I for! Case Bank for 2 Days; Is Fruitless 400-500 lbs 13.25-13.75. 13.75 lbs 14.50-15.50; - 14.75; 50-550 . —-••-- -— ..- r - .-. ( Cattle 500; calves 100; slaughter steers and heifers steady; a load of mixed choice and prime 1,416 Ib steers 29.00; two loads high choice 1,275 lbs 28.75; half a load good 1,050 lbs 20.50; a package 850 Ib standard grade 20.00;-a package — Two jot' choice 875 Ib heifers 27.50; n is achieved "there is real hope' men were ca P ture d shortly after few standard 950 lbs 23.00; utility can look forward on a! tllev to °k W$M fl ' QI >i the Chester and commercial cows 18.50-21.50; Bitter Pill counties. The goal is $lfi,;580. The Minnesota Assn. of Life Underwriters are directing the drive. Lansing School Receives New Flag LANSING, Minn. — A new American flag and standard were presented the Lansing Elementary School Thursday by Mrs. Norbert Narveson and Mrs. Victor Pickett of the Veterans of Foreign Wars auxiliary, Mrs. Pickett, patriotic instructor, presented the flag and led the salute and the student body sang the national anthem. Sterling Thompson, principal, accepted the flag for the school. A film "The American Flag" was shown by Mrs. Narveson, auxiliary president. Schedule First Aid Classes at St. Ansgar ST. ANSGAR, Iowa — A series of six first aid classes will start Monday in the community room of Cedar Valley Co-op Electric, St. Ansgar. The classes, sanctioned and sponsored by the Red Cross, will be taught by Creston Wells, an em- ploye of the cooperative. Boy Doesn't Think Lie Will Help Much Tex. (AP)—At of Calvin Lee SAN ANTONIO, the robbery trial This was a fairly bitter pill for the Pennsylvania, although the Central directors sweetened it with the statement that they were pleased with results of the merger study and Urged immediate "appropriate coordination of facilities svhich would result in substantial savings." James Symes, president of the roads as the Pennsylvania, New York Central, Baltimore & Ohio and Erie each heading one system. Such a plan would leave the Cen- State Bank at gunpoint Thursday. Claude Wiltshire, 28, Houston tral and the Pennsylvania in a ury Robei-t B - Anderson to study that we time in the foreseeable future when needed tax reforms can be, accomplished." j steel worker, and William Leei ; The President announced he isl M " d ? W8 ', *>• Hoilston P ainter -l' requesting Secretary of the Treas- f md "«* had ****> 1 W° *»y» cas-] ing the bank in this east Texas i canners and cutters 17.00-20.00; no car lot track sales reported. NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) Butler offerings liberal; demand relatively quiet; receipts 716,000. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons (fresh), creamery, 93 score (AA) 58%-59 cents; 92 score (A) 58Vk- 58%; 90 score (B) 58^-5814. Cheese steady; receipts 65,000; prices unchanged. Wholesale egg offerings liberal; demand spotty today; receipts 15,900. (Wholesale selling prices based on exchange^ and other volume sales.) New York spot . .quotations follow: includes midwestern: mixed colors: extras (48-50 lbs) 35>/437'/2; extras medium 34'/2-35',2; smalls 33-34; standards large 35- 36; checks 33-33'/i. Whites: extras (48-50 lbs) 36-33; extras medium 35-36. Browns: extras (48-50 Ibs) 36-37. NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) — (USDA) — Dressed poultry: squabs steady; clucks steady to firm. Ducks, Lorig Island, frozen ready-to-cook 38-41. very competitive position. I revision of the tax structure "to town of about 400. Chester is Wiltshire's old home Pennsylvania, said he was j big money with a return of boom "amazed" the Central wasn't go- 1 conditions. months that the Central was cool- i ing on the merger idea. Its offi- work . to save and to invest." cials, mostly new to the road, be- He promised to recommend such lieve they have improved the rail i revision as soon as fiscal condi- plant to a point where it can make i lions permit. Student Tel Is About German Eating Habits Adjustment to new eating habits was a part of the experience of Stan Pickett, Austin High School student, during the two months spent in Germany, he told Austin Lions Thursday. Breakfast and the evening meal are light, with the big meal of the day at noon when shops close for two or three hours. It had been apparent for several! remove inequities and enhance in- , 1 centives for all Americans to town - *>« said after the pair were charged with armed robbery. After pointing a .32 caliber pistol at Mrs. Horace David, assistant cashier, the men left with the "These prospects will be bright- ^£, ^ , .. , ,-,,, ft .., . cu *coieu iicur ened if 1900 expenditures do not . .... ..... , . mont vicinity a little later. > Capt. L. C. Moore of the State Police said they did not try use the pistol when arrested. Miss Evelyn Mills, a bookkeep sa ' d> w( ' re exceed the levels recommended," Eisenhower said. Not Desire Alone Calling world peace America's overriding goal, the President said to Dr. Sfoike to Show Slides on Hunting £: ^_,* w _£., w ^ £ e £!? - p "^.l e ^ slides and talk about a recent hunting trip to Wyoming at a Hi- Y Club meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Austin Area Vocational School Auditorium. meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, at the Y office. alone and that this country must stay militarily strong. "Moreover," he said, "we have learned the bitter lesson that inter- agreements, historically but Report on Plans for Benefit Dance regarded in Communist doctrine j and in practice to be mere scraps jof paper. The most recent proof j of their disdain of international SPRING VALLEY, Minn. — Greater emphasis is placed on i Preparations for the Frankford languages, science and math, in Grange's March of Dimes benefit obligations, solemnly undertaken, is their announced intention to abandon their responsibilities respecting Berlin. "As a consequence, we can have bank at the time of the except Mrs. David. STOCKS NEW YORK (AP> Stocks: Abbott L Allied Ch Allied Strs Allis Chal Amerada Am Can Am Mtrs AT&T 1 p.m. 67 94 aw 28% lOO^s 50 'i *-»****ijjw a iiitAi^ii \si i~fim\-j uwiJtiii. -. - i the early grades, than in the Uni.' dance were reported at the Grangei no confidence in any treaty to| Anac Co ted States, and students work long j meeting Tuesday. '"'"''' "" "' ' ' ' ' * r and hard at homework, he said. The school system is different. After six years of elementary school, the student, provided he can qualify in competitive exam- inatons, may continue his education by attending the gymnasium (college preparatory middle school, which school), a is comparable to a high school, or a trade Hughes, defense attorney Archie ' 8ch ~ L R ec l uiremeuts in sc ^>ce Distribution of Christmas boxes and gifts and making of scrap books, cancer pads and laprobes were reported by the community service committee. The community card party will be held tonight at the Fred Loucks home and the February party on Feb. 14. .58 INTERNATIONAL -A&162- cosmic rocket were picked up byjBrown asked Marvin Laskowski Ifj 2 ton -like new. the lab's tracking station in the he knew what would happen if hej~,f 2 ton - like new. 1934 FORD C-800 Tractor equipped 1952 WHITE "30-22" Tractor equipped 1955 G.M.C. Model "373" Tractor equipped V1 INTERNATIONAL "R-195" Tractor equipped - Completely overhauled R-195 1955 INTERNATIONAL Tractor equipped INTERNATIONAL "V-205" Tractor equipped • very clean I 'XV INTERNATIONAL "VCO-205" Tractor equipped - very clean See Them and Compare McCORMICK Farm Store Highway 218 N. HE 3-2344 ;:ol PLYMOUTH convertlWe. dood condition. Must Bee to appreciate, Alter 3, iLE 3-7290. 1007 Moscow or dial on'tUt Police Coll You /Bud/ or 'Mac' BALTIMORE, Md. (AP> — Ten hours of courses in public relations are required of recruits in Uie 10-week course at Baltimore's Police Academy. Capt Norraa,n J. said the lab's tracking station Mojave Desert. An analysis of the sounds heard by the big antenna at Goldstone indicates that for three hours Sun- 1 day morning it was tuned in to the space bound rocket, Mechta, Pickering said Thursday. The signals were never strong! enough to permit tracking, he said. But the tone and the region from which they were received, led him to believe they were sent out by Mechla. SAFECRACKER (Continued from Page 1) school between the two communities, the burglars broke out a glass panel in the front door, reached through, pulled the break - bar, and entered. They broke a glass panel in the office door ar"* then knocked the dial off the vault door, but were unable to open the vault. Then the he knew what would happen if he told a lie on the witness stand.! "Yes," answered Laskowski.i "What?" Brown mirsued. "I'd go they started chopping through the double masonary wall around the hole large vault and e n ou g h opened to States. Stan, who went to Germany der the American Field STACYVILLE, Iowa — James which the Communists are a party Armco Stl except where such a 'treaty pro- Armour vides within itself for self-enforc- Beth Steel ing mechanisms." Boeing Air Fearsome Proportions Case J I In calling for a sensible posture Celanese on defense, Eisenhower said this Ches & O is a time when man's power of C MSPP mass destruction has readied fear- Chi & NW ful proportions. Chrysler The Unjted States, Eisenhower Cities Svc said, seeks only a just peace forj c °'WEd ail. |Cons Ed "Yet we realize there is an un-! c °ntCan easiness in the world because of j Con I Oil a belief on the part of peoples Deere 238'i 04=4 25'/i 52 44 Vi 22'i 28 69 3 i 29'i 53 "i 61 c i 57 l" r,»'p ^tayed in the province of Westpha to hell, Laskowski said. Prosecu- . . - tion and defense agreed the 10- year-old was qualified. PROFESSOR DIES OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Dr. G3U 50'i : Adams, Stacyville carpenter, in-:'"at through arrogance, miscalcu- j Douglas 57's ljured last Summer in a fall from' lation or fear °f attack, caia-jDow Chem 75 3 i la barn roof, has been admitted to trophic war could be launched,"Idu Pont 214V4 lia with a family which had escaped war. Culture still has a high place in German life with concerts, mu-' last rafter buckled and he fell to from Hungary after the] a Rochester hospital lor further. tn f. President added. treatment. He fell from the roof whea tl»c j East Kod He said the new fiscal year com- j Firestone mitments for America's armed i F° r c! Mtr sicals and opera, very popular. : the forces ' the Atom 'c n " ssi °" and Energy Corn- assistance Gen Elec Gen Foods Willard M. Smith, 70, professor of Education has great stature. Pi c .|feet. The injury healed, but psychology and philosophy at kett told of the contrasts between ! has been unable to walk since. Mills College for 31 years before j the bustling west Berlin and the! Doctors plan a series of opera ' his retirement in 1953. died Thursday, apparently of a heart attack. He was born in Glidden, Iowa. bleak east Berlin. ^ lions, the first was Thursday. He The speaker was introduced by is in room 1'2K, fourth lioor, St. Ed Haskins, program chairman. > Marys Hospital. FLOOR, WALL COLLAPSE Truck With 16 Tons of Groceries Plows Into Minneapolis Building MINNEAPOLIS (APi — A semi- ments in the rear of the second!scene of the accident trailer loaded with Iti tons of floor were not damaged. ! cement floor, crushing booth . . , .,,. . ,, „. . abroad exceed 47 billion dollars,; Ge " Mtrs about til) per cent of the total budg-' 1 et. Eisenhower put the estimate in' general terms. j Gt Nor Ry Eisenhower took no direct note Greyhound of Democratic contentions that the j Homestk United Stales is not going far' Inland Stl enough fast enough in the missile and general space fields. Indeed Brilliuut With such tilings as the Soviet Union's rocket to the sun area obviously in mind, the President .said: "We clearly recognize that some of the recent Soviet achievements in this particular t«chnology are indeed brilliant." But he said this country, too, 149»i 128 55 U 75 GO'.i Intl Paper 120 Jones & L 61=4 Ken'cott 102 Lor'lrd Lukens Stl Minn MM Minn P&L Mon Chm Mon Dk U Mon Wrcl Nat Dy Pr No Am Av Nor Pac Nor St Pw Norw Airl Penney Phil Pet Pure Oil Radio Crp Rep Steel Rey Tob B Rich Oil Sears Roe Shell Oil Sine Oil Soc Mob St Brands St Oil Cal St Oil Ind St Oil N.I Stud Pack Sunray Swift & Co Texas Co 85'a 72 114 39 1 .:: 29Vi 42% 50 : !i 44'/B 23 33 & lOSVi 49Vi 44 47V4 73*i 94V4 105 ! ,i 40 83 3 i C2V. 48'i IJOH 48% 56=1, 15 27% 85K 2U U 18 44U 145 IB Macli 527 Intl Harv 42 o'fi 97=4 32 1 ;. 72U | Bid ' 55 Un Oil Ca Un Pac U S Rub U S Steel West Un Westg El Wl worth .w»i Yng S i T 117 George A. Bormr) * CV Comraoi Sttrk (\Viigbt Wells t ('•.) Askea groceries plowed into a two-story business building after a traffic The floor and front wail of tuei second floor collapsed onto the' Struck Car Police said the truck, operated academy director, recruits are told to avoid such forms of address as "Bud," "Junior." "Mac," "Babe," and "Gal." Why? Because they may provoke hostility. through, Supt. fe. L. Vitalis ed. Vitalis estimated the loss ot $1,000 of which $300 was in checks. He placed damage to the vault door at $150. glass damage $75 and the expense of repairing the wall. Authorities also said there was accident early today, wedging the truck as it plowed" into the bricki by a P roduce firm ' struck the car cab five feet inside a children's! and glass front of the children's ^ ^ came through the intersec- ' store. i tion and The truck driver and the driver) No one was in the store at the store, its has made great strides. The 4 1 - called 'maximum peril,' " he said. ton Atlas rocket in orbit around ( Cites Examples the earth illustrates a steady ad- ! As for the cost, he cited these he said. a , of a car with which he collided j time of the accident about 5 a.m. I car was hurled against a similar break-in at the burn School, Wednesday. Slier- were hospitalized, the latter in poor condition. Buckled Front The impact buckled the iront of jthe brick building, housing the Kiddie Korner store on the first floor and a dental office and Kenneth Huber, 32, Minneapolis,! phore post, driver of the truck, was in fairj About 40 feet of the building's "New and greater developments; ^The expense of putting intercon- then caromed into the preoccupy the major portion of the : tinental Atlas missiles into the air brakes locked. The!nation's scientists," he said. !armed forces will average 35 mil- a sema- i Eisenhower called on the nation j lion dollars a missile on the firing to remember that these advances line; seven billion dollars is being PURE PEP & PURELUBE MOTOR OIL Prompt Tank Wagon Service For Bulk Gas and Fuel Oil BE SURE O WITH PURE PHONE HE 3-2089 MOWER COUNTY OIL CO. 1202 E. BROWNSDAIE AVE., AUSTIN, MINN. AUCTION Having sold the farm, we will sell the described properly at Auction. Located in the west edge of Hayfield on Hwy. 30. Monday, Jan. 12 at 1 p.m. 9 CATTLE 9 Clean In Bangs Test 1 Holiteln Cow just fresh 3 HoUtein Cowl all Springer! 2 Shorthorn Cowi, Springcri 1 Guernsey Cow 2 Holifcif) Dry Cows 14 HOGS 14 11 Feeding Shoati 2 Bred Sowi Due In Fek. 1 Hamp. Boar FEED Appro*. 250 bu. Ooh; 100 bolei straw Approx. 700 Bales Clovtr, mixed hay. Appro*. SOO bu. car com in crib. FARM MACHINERY Mpls.-Moline Z Tractor, Starter, Light) 6 Cultivator. 1957 Owotonna 38 It. Elevator. PTO drive, like new. 1950 J. D. 8 ft. Tandem Disc. 1955 J. D. 8 ft. Field Cultivator McDeering I-row picker, rear elev. John Deere 12A Combine with motor. 1955 McCormick 7-ft. power mower. 7 tl. Swother Mplt.-Moline 2-14 Plow McDeehng 2-16 Plow 5-Scction Drag—Spring Toolh McCormick Tractor Planter, Fert Atm. McCormick 2-Row Cultivator LaCrosse II ft. Grain Drill" Flat Feed Rack Minnesota Side Rakt McCormick Spreader .McCormick Corn Binder Wards Hammer Mill Rubber Tired Wagon & Flare Box New 1100 Bu. Steel Crib. Steel Crib Corn Cribbing Etc. USUAL TERMS Mrs. Emma Stoeckel, owner Citizens State Bank, Hayfield, Clerk Art Sparks, Auctioneer 'ARM TALK fy GtNCKAL FARM STORES ' NO t/OCE CREDIT,' VOUR BILL is Bi$6E(? THAN IT SHOULD BE IT PAYS TO oeAt WITH GWERAL FARM STORES,iNC. THEII? PRICES AKS CORRECT AND THElP SERVICE TAKE IT FROM MIKE folki: Wuc farmers know that if you u&c FARMPRTDE 3(% Steer Ptllcti they will never get a "bum steer." The very name "steer" indicates being "guided rightly" and hence some look upon these Steer Pellets as the "Guided Missiles" ot the Feed Yard. ,And the truth is these llets do "guide" the animals to the very best con- pe ditioned bee "g ef on the hoof. Now, you can jet these 3t% Steer Pdletj, wirh 70,000 milKgrams ot oureomycin to th« Ion. They we also available with 10 milligrams of jtilbestrol to the pound. Te b« fed ot tits rats af 1 pound p«r animal pe* day. Do « thousands of enthusiastic farmers and feeders art doing today, and giv« your animals 389o V«r Pellets — the steers will thank you for It — the stock buytn will thank you fof it — and I'll rhook raw, toa. Jincetsly Yours, MIKI condition with chest injuries. In poor condition was Earl Jensen, 53, Madelia, driver of the car. Police said he was tagged for going through a stop sign at laboratory on the second. Apart-j Broadway and Lyjidale ^ve. N., front end, including the, roof, caved in when the truck hit. Merchandise in th* children's store was flung about and broken glass covered the sidewalk, truck and floor. and the development of new weapons cost terrifically. He said it must bu kept in mind how rapidly weapons become obsolete. "We must guard against feverish building of vast armaments to meet glibly predicted moments of so- spent on the over-all missile program this fiscal year; atomic submarines cost 50 million dollars each, with some special type* costing three times that much; certajuj bombers "cost their weight i»| gold." GENERAL FARM STORES GRAlN--FEEDS--SE£DS--FEt 7C2 8 WATER v HE. V2ICO

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