The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 16, 1894 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1894
Page 5
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WORK OFJHW BASBYS. Fourth Assistant Postmaster General Makes a Report. POLIO* or GBESHAM. Cangremmnn Starrer Will nt-ln* the Chlnn. •latmn Mpdliitlnn Proposition to the At- totttlnn of Cnngreiio— Ux|inrt» of Silver •ml Morolmmllsp— Incr«ano In Soldiers' Depimltft—WiMliliiKtou News. WASHINGTON, Nov. ]«.— The annual report of B A. Aluxwell, fourth assistant postmaster general, bus been submitted tpthe postmaster general. Inhere are divisions under his chnrgfc—-ap- bomignnd commissions and postoitice Inspectors and mail depredations. The report covc-ra tj^ .pel'ipd for the flscnl ycur endod Junu 8(), " r *~ M "^ "os on that date was :i),805. During the year hMBti post- offices were established and 1,784 discontinued. The total number of appointments during tho year was 2!l,Ui6, aiid the total number of cases acted on 37.- b'Oi', of which fc.Ufib were in coses of removals. The employ es in tho iiftstiil ser- WlNO AND WATER CAUS6 HAVOC Ba«l WMthi-r nnrt Flood* thorimftlng In the Sonthern Purl nt JSnglunil. LONDON, Nov. 10.—The bad weatlior Mid floods continne to prevail over tho spnth part of Engiahd and the loss of life and damage to property is inn-easing greatly. At Bath, Somersetshire, the river Avon has reached the highest point of the century. Thousands of people are homeless and are being fed by the authorities in various schools and otiior public buildings. Dispatches received here from Dover say that the gale Is Mowing with renewed- violence. Several ships have been washed ashore along that portion of the coast. The floods in Sussex are increasing, Many houses at Windsor and at Eton have been flooded. At Worthing, Sussex, the bodies of seven (frowned sailois have i been washed ashore 1 . Twcnty-Ono Were Drowned. LARNIOA, Island of Cyprus, Nov. Hi.— Tbe seaport town of Limasol, on this island, has sustained much damage through the recent floods, during which 21 persona were drowned. Twenty 1'orsonn Perished. LONDON, Nov. 16.—The British ship Culinore, Captain Read, foundered eight miles off Spurn Head Bounty of York, Tice handled lf),o:>0,6Bt pieces ol'domes-' ? esterdaVl Twenty persons were tic registered mail during the year the inconsiderable loss of 1 per cent in •very .1,778. General Maxwell in big report emphasizes the necessity that the public should report every depredation upon the mail Whether it relates to registered or ordinary matter and guarantees every complaint will receive the earnest attention of the department. Ho cautions the public against sending valuable Inclosures drowned. ' ° rdina " _ r w Ij J-vl^ W1J11U the international mail facilities afforded under government protection have the entire confidence of the people, the records made of such mail in transit are meager nml greatly diminish the possibility of tracing articles and locating losses. General Maxwoll urges the" necessity Suea to Kncorer His Stock, DENVER, Nov. 10.—Wayne MacVeagh has brought suit against the Central Trust company, the Farmers' Loan aud Trust company, Denver Water company, Denver City Waterworks company, American Waterworks company, Dennis Sullivan, William A. Under.vood, Denver Union Water company nnd the Continental Trust company to recover $57,000, the alleged vajuo of hw stock in the Denver Water company that was wiped out in the recent consolidation, Umlor Forty-Four Indictment*! KANSAS CITY, Nov. Ul.— Ex-President J. C. Darragh of the defunct Kansas City Safe Deposit and Savings bank is CAPTAIN E.MMONS. BREWEK. THE HARVARD FOOTBALL ELEVEN. KILLED BY HjS NEPHEW. Stephen Howard Said to Have Been Murdered by Adams. Oov«rnin«nt Ili-ldgo lit Niobrnrn NIOUIURA, Nub., Nov. in.— The parties who have the contract for building tho AN IOWA Death of il VnlBrnn Odd Follow at Burling. Von—Mlnur Cruahed to Denth nt Wln.t Cheer—1'nrty of lown Single Tnxern Go are hero and expect to commence work Monday morning. The bridge is to be built by tho govern- been KIllnl With it Club. BCSJIVILLK, Nob., Nov. Id.—An Indian policeman from Pine Ridge, named Red . to Alalmnm to Form u Colony—Uuppmi- ground Ings In Nebraska Towns. Bo , Horse, was killed at the Indian camping "•. ground. He had irone into Faat ] Thunder's tepee to stop gone into Fust f . a fight among „ , on trial in the criminal contt' at Ind e : , JTotT^ 1 **" ^ ^^ ^^ ~° ^^ ""' ^ - *"* BM> ^ of .increased appropriations for the pay- pendence for receiving a deposit when it j t he mur( j er club ment of rewards and promising the best , was known that the bank was in failing Chn r « P A , indictments : ' ne P hew ' m Lester results looking to the conviction of postal thieves. He also urges the necessity of more stringent statutes bearing upon green goods and obscene matter. FOREIGN POLICY OF GRESHAM. I condition. Ho is under 44. returned by tho grand jury. August last, B. C. Sattley, cashier of the same' institution, after a sensational trial, re ceived a sentence to the state tentiary. • pem- CoDgreMirmn Storrer Will llrln c It to tho Preparing for Bu»l»e M In Colorado w.ox,, """XT ° f C ° ll8ro "*- LEADVILLE, Colo., Nov. 10.—The Lead- WASHING™ Nov. l.i.-Representa- ville Water and Power companv is to tive Bellamy Storrer, of the committee build a pipe line 12 miles in length and on ioreign affairs, intends to present to erect an electric plant ut a cost of Jldiiuoo congress a resolution of inquiry as to the Governor Cleves of Maine, William action of Secretary Greshum in suggest- Hawks of Vermont, W. W Mason a ing to China and Japan that this country banker of ------ ' will act as mediator for the settlement ' Priddy killed iu so! dered in cold in the caso of I Thunder's son, struck him with a by I and killocl him. Gonid-al Snow Storm Jii Nebraska. «,.-.-,.,.. i MAIIA ' Nov - 10 —A general snow iry that instead of having been I Storm of Severity prevails throngh- ilt-detenso, Howard was mur- out northwestern Nebraska. Reports nlrt Vtlswwl rpu,, . « : *.: _._ t ~^ t\ L *_• -i * •MWJJW* 1.0 from that section declare that the stockmen think cattle are in imminent danger .KESSE9 KNIGHTS OF LABOR. 1'ieihlent Bownrd Vega* Consolidation of All ttthnr OrennlxitMonN. NEW ORLEANS. Nov. ih.—The Knights of Labor were in session three hours today, adjourning just before 1 o'clock. The morning session was consumed in listening to an address by Mr. George Howard, vice president of the American Railway union, who had been specially invited to attend the session. Mr. Howard presented n proposition for the consolidation of all the labor organizations of the country into one vast body, under one management and with an amalgamation of interests. He believes that if such a plan were adopted labor would bo benefited and in a. position to more completely have its wrongs redressed nnd the more speedily to obtain Its rights, Grand Waster Sovereign also spoke in favor of the plnn proposed by Mr. Howard, which he recommended as possessing elements of advantage that it would not be well to overlook. No business was transacted during the session, but there was a general .discussion of views on the proposition of Mr. Howard. Grand Master Sovereign in his annual address made a comprehensive review of the work of tho order from itsincipiency. He attributed the decreased membership of the order to tho depression in business circles, prevalent bankruptcy, low wages and enforced idleness of laboring classes. He stated that he had traveled 85,464 miles since his stewardship, has organized 11 assemblies and made 07 public addresses. Referring to the A. R. U. affiliations, he advised a coalition with this as well as. all labor organization. His resume of the Pullman strike term- mated in severe criticism of Major General Schofield and tho recommendations of that officer for an increase of the army, together with the action of "Chicago's millionaire aristocracy, who were permitted to present a stand of colors to the Fifteenth infantry," was an indica- IOWA fOWN WIPED OUT BY FIRE. Sheffield Totally I>««trnyc ( 1, With a fcoM of HW/>,O00. MASON CITY, la., Nov. 10.— The tow* of Sheffield. Mi miles south of here oa the Iowa Central railroad, was totally destroyed by fire last night, Loss 156,000; insurance about half. A block and a hnlf of business buildings were burned, including the To\v hotel. The lire is be- lievfcd to be of incendiary origin. Miner Crushed to DcsHi. WHAT CHEER, la., Nov. 1(5.—An accident occurred at the Thomaa mine by which George Manuels was fatally injured. Manuels was firing off a shot and put a wedge into the coal, when tha slate suddenly fell, crushing his head into the slack. Keepii His Senreln to the Lniit. MABSHALLTOWJ?, la., Nov. 10.—Joha Hosford of East Roxbury, Mass., salesman for Robert Eros, of Chicago, died at the Pilgrim hotel here. He refused to give any information regarding his family or friends, except to say: "If I die, bury me." blood. Tho i-sauiination of the present war. The resolution will ! The plant will be 'motto fmriah™*™ Irttl flB 4-r» «nVi»f> An 4«._ £1 : _ _ n i . * ask for all information as to what departure from the traditional policy of the government, as embodied in tho Monroe doctrine, is contemplated by the executive branch in becoming a factor in Asiatic entanglements. Mr. Storrer •ays he has no desire to embarrass tho executive . branch in any foreign policy that they wish to pursue. But ns a member of tho committee on foreign affairs he says such a foreign policy as in for the mines and smelter. Gnnorttl Turxm-y HefiuHn to Benign DENVER, Nov. 10.—Adjutant Geueral- Tarsuey has refused to comply with a request from Governor Waite for his resignation, saying he will resign when tho governor, whose retirement has been demanded by a majority of 20,000, does the name. It is understood the governor will remove the adjutant geuernl. Mr. reuouiiua- of the wounds Bbowed-that after he had- _ „,,.„ nio lu 1II11Ilmelll lla bean bwifen on the head with a club he ' since the weather is approach!,,,, zero was stabbe-1 with a pitchfork, one tino i_pioHcnm e zero. running into his brain. The mothf*' of Cbarles Adams tpstified that Howard came up to tuoir houso after he hud beeu assaulted and that she refused to lot him in. She said that he then went to his own home acrosn the street. MM. Howard states that when he came into the house; ho said: "They now contemplated should properly have ' ^arsney was opposed to the tbe attention and judgment of congress. bon o£ Waite for governor. Ell I*vy, M Cherokee, ro Ho Hnngfid. TAHLEQUAII, I. T., Nov. 10.—Unless Chief Harris interferps by pardon, coin mutation or respite, Eli Levy, a hand Ghlnnne Mf»)«t«r Cull* WASHINGTON, Nov. 10.—The Chinese minister, accompanied by two of his suite, called on Secretary Greshain. In have done it," pointing to his bleeding head, and then sank into a chair and became unconscious. He never spoke from that time. She thought he had baen kicked by a horse -and ran out of doors and asked Charley Adams to go after a doctor- that hia uiicl.-i hud beau kicked by a horse. -He refused to get u doctor and said: "Ho was not kicked, we did it." Alonzo Adams, a brother of Charles, who utliuifcj having witnessed tho fight, Fulls Into a Vat of Dolling i,a r ,i OTTUMWA, la., Nov. Hi.—James Brown, au employu at John Morrell & Co.'s piickinn house, fell into a vat of hot lurd nnd WHS scalded died. so badly he Bunion U'Hiilud m DBS MOINKS, Nov. 10.— Harry C. Daw. son, a chop hoiwa waiter, was arrested in Dos .Muiues by detectives and turned over to Doputy Uuited States Marshal Hubbard of Lincoln, Nob. He ischarged With having embezzled mail, in that he opened u letter not for himself and extracted atate warrant's which he frand- ently indorsed and csushi-a. Dawson is married. He was taken lo Omaha. Repulnod the Jnpitncie. LONDON, Nov. 1C.—Tho Times pub- was arrested for having assisted in the ! lished a dispatch from Tien Tsin saying murder, and it is claimed that after i General Neh renorted tlmt i,« .„ J view of the pendency of tne negotiations i f ome young Cherokoe ' wil1 b° hanged for . United States mediation between ana there Beenis no S°od reason for China and Japan the call occasioned ! 6Xec " tlve clernenc y- Levy was con much comment, although the officials and diplomats said it wits without significance. Ambassador Patenotro of Franco met the minister in the diplomatic room and had u long and somewhat auimatfld talk with him. Thero is a growing belief that while Japan has victed last July of the murder of Di«k Smith and uuothur Chorokse and has been respited once bufore. O»!K to Ciiininiuiil th« Coiuioril. SAN FBANOISCO, Ifov. 10.—(,'nptain Joseph E. Craig, recently retired i tho duties of president of ih, faculty at not declined to accept the suggestion of Annapolis, sailed tor China this Kovernmuut to mediate, it baa let the fact bw known that Japan has not received any diruct proposition nor has the latter country offorod any indemnity. This, in affect, is a negative answer unless China m nkcs her oiler as specific as Japan oxpocta. Export* of Mlvomud WASHINGTON, Nov. 16.— A statement prepared at thu bureau of statistics nhows that the total value of the exports of merchandise from thu United States during October was 98»,B6ii,VO« l or which 183,8111,36') was domtwlio and ijl.aO'J.l&J WUB foroign. For Ootoliar, 1BOU, tho export* amounts! to $<7,6?5,4t<l. Tho im- portBKliiring October amounted to '$5!),681,07-1, and th« imports in October, 18H1I, wore valued at $51,71)5,823. Dur- lug tho 10 months of mt-l thu silver c.\-- ports worn $)0,?7a,5H tho im ports ijlll, 8UM07, HH against exixirts of jai(,877,aS7 and imporln uf *10,4ii.j,!i8a for tho Urat JU months of eteauiur Brlgiu. of tho cruiser China. on thi Ho will tiik.i command Concord, stationed in -A ro Minors' \V»u'n» «,•,!„,„,,|, PUNXSIJTAWNKY, Pa.. Nov. 10. ductiou from 40 to 1)5 coiu.i I'or miuing coal took offoct at the Koch'.utur and Pitteburg Coal and Irou company's mines at this pluce, operated by Bell LewU & \'«tes. Iiicr«nm> In Noidior WA8iiiN<mjN-, Nov. R— -Paymaster Oeiwrul binitli in i )U annual report to thu eeorutary of war callH attention to th» ftt<:t Iho Holdiara' du|xwiU luivo incroumid fZU.Sfia during tho )'«nr, u gratifying in. onmn in viBW of the fact tho I]I>JMMIIN hud bi'i'ii CnKhiK ol! in prucedlug ttiul of tha further fact tlmt a soldiur wltii u ttoixwit iiucouut rarely loaves tho Borviuo without 1111 lionorublo Tho expundituros on account of ui^y of thu urmy »how uu iucrwwe of |M7ft,U5a ovur tho procodiug your, due, iu part, | 0 the fnot that Ilia oulluM forco WUK more uutirly kujit at its umxiwuw liiuit, Tri'Htury WAHIIINOTON, Nov. lO.—Thu cutth balance in thu trutwury ut tho close of buni- lioaa Thui'ailuy wan $103,010,178; u lo** lor tho duy f ifbtW.lM). The go)d ro- ««Yi» was UU,H76,H?4. Hiiioti Oct. Ul thu cunli baln-iico show* H low of |U,aHO,7b6, wul thu gold rwittrvo u gain 0 | |Ol8,ai'J. Will lie u iivuu ji> tuiiiollv Vvlvt'dtrj Nov. 10,—,j)r, j, j. D., who bint I'fslguod uoiu thu Yule- luw ouhool, with whtuh Uu bus beuu couiKwtod for 80 yeutt, will' IMJ- oowo dwuu of ihu uuw suhooj of philosophy of ihi« C.-itlwJlo Unlvereltj? ol NEWS IN CONDENSED FORM. ' luillctiutuitti werp issued at Miitmillon O., for lulnerH who Imrnod cars ami briclj{t«H iu tuu Juno Htriku. ^'lioslJitoBuimMia- i-uuiicj) of lint Hroth- erliood of PiiriicwH uouvencd at \Vntor- twn, S. I). Thu object of th« order is to stop IINIII-V. William Ottwson, a utorekoupur of Sinltli's Kerry, O., was kllk-d by u shot BUU lio liiMl sot forburgliirHiuul ftuwXti'ii.- A moiiuiuuiit to thu iiiuuiory of Nicholas Uouiiur. fouuiler of 0ei- hux Gn/,(!ttu, \VIIH erowled lu Dubtiqiui, la. A joint com m It U)o htm bt-en formed to prepare u eouinreheiislve ulau »yr the rt- orguuiidition of the Suiitu Fit. Wllliiim C'ulluii Bryant's lOOtli siiry wil) l)w L-ulttbruted by Ui O club of W-lneoton, Ills., Nov. H. Btupliuii Howard was futally clubbed oy Cl;«rles A<l«mn, nvur Waterloo, Jit In tt (juurrel about tnw|)uwiiij{ culvu«. Qiivunior Alt«uld a|ipoluted iCHJiili P Hurnwiy statu tivasui-er to (IU the vacancy uucusionud by bin fwthur's death. Dr. Jolm M. liyrou of New York oon- trautvd ounuumptiou by luuullutf tuberuii- loiil* hautwrln wullo oouduatiuif UienU. unnrips Kio'-kea the old man down Alouzu BtiilibeJ him with the pitchlork. WILL TRY HEKlRY GEORGE'S PLAN. Party of lown Kluijlo Ti,»,.r« Uo lo Form n <!nlnn)r In Alalmnm. ST. Louis, Nov. 16.—Nearly a dozen families left here over tbe Mobile and Ohio, nil bo'uud for Alubamii, whero they intend to establish a community which is to be conducted strictly upon tho single* tax idea. All are membera of Fuirlioj)!* Induutrinl association, which wim organized und incorporated at Des MoincH, In., lust Fobruary for tho pur- posiiof illiwtrtttinjf, if poasiblp, the ad- vautii;;p« to bc> derived from a single tax government. The community ia to be started in Baldwin county, Alabama. Among tho inpinbors who pwsud through the city on their way to Alabama were: E. B. Gaston and family, Dea Moines, la,; John Hunnul and wife. DUB Moinca, la.; tho fiov. AugiiHt Dellgren and wife, Minneapolis; Olaf Tuvoson und family, Miune- atwlm; Jlrn. Dr. Lamon, Cinomnatl, aud Georgo Boouk Johnaou, Nebraska. A number of other families aro said to be on thuir way by different routes, and will meet tho main parly ut thuir de«- tiuution. Fifty-ono families are said to be ut present member* of the association uud roproaontiiiR 17 atatca, extending as fur wont us California and fust to Pouu«\ 1- vaniii. Tho ofllcern of the association aro: L. tt. CletiieiiU, Doa Moin?u, iirt-si- E. U. Goston, Don Jioinw, | ec H). ury, und AU Woost«r, Oskaloosa, la. rt'omiror, ^ '' • Votornn lowtt Utlil Kullow l)l«». BUUUNOTO.V, la., Nov. !«.-William 1. Mauro, .Sr., died at the ago of tiS. Hy vu«;iotod ua tho hut uurvlvor of tho churtor meiubera of the first lodge of (Md Fullowa usUWishud in Iowa in 1M-1 Ilk afliliutiou with tho order dutod froui IbUa, und ho won at one timu, in 18SU gruud muiitar of tho District of Columbia. Later he Utoaiuu gruud mtuter of Iowa. General Neh reported that he was at t tacked nt Aminlnng on Nov. 1 by th< Japanese troops and that he succeeded iu repulsing them. The Chinese genera adds the Japanese mndo a second attacl on the position ho occupied ou Nov. 1 but it appears the Japanese were agai repulsed and the Chinese pursued the towards Funghwau, which General Neh expected to reach soon after sending hi report. The similarity between this de feat of the Japanese und tho defeat thej are said to have sustained at Motion, 01 the road to Peking, would make it ap pear the two engagements may be idon tical. Mlllluuulre Hunker Unit UUcorf •. NEW YORK, Nov. Hi.— In tho action of Mary Manning for a separation from the millionaire banker, John B. Manning, Justice Barrett, of the supreme court," has allowed the complainant |5UO counsel fees arid ifSOO a month alimony. The parties were inarriud in IWtl and she says he hits moro than (a.'.OOO.OOO worth of personal property. Grunt Imllikn Chl.if Diet. S. D., Nov. )«.~lron Nation, tho head chief of tho Lower Brnlo Sioux, died at his homo on the Sioux reservation of pneumonia. Ho was one of tho most prominent Indian chiefs of recent years and was Ou of age, For moro than 00 yours Ijn been identified with every event of im portance coinipctod M-ith the history the Sion» mitioii. tion of an "uneasy desire to subjugate labor through the military power of tho nation." He 'urged that the assembly take strong grounds against an Increase of the military force of tho nation and that they advocate a decrease in tte regular army and the abolition of tho state militia for from them are coming to the Rnllroml jmiclng Money. Sioux CITY, la., Nov. !(>.—The receivers of the Sioux City and Northern road made their semiannual report to the court. Tho gross earnings have been |aSfi,OUO and the net earnings $s6,UOO. Ministers Adjonrn. TABLE ROCK, Nob., Nov. 16.—The Ministerial association of the Nebraska City district of the Methodist Episcopal church, which has been in session since Tuesday evening adjourned. Xemlnreil n Ileccptlon. BROKEN Bow, Neb.', Nov. )B.—Judge Holcomb and O. M. Kom were given a public reception at the opera house, which was largely attended by people of all parties. Prosperous Farmer Killed. CEDAR RAPIDS, Nov. 10.—While driv- snrface the despotism. sentiments of a military Dmivor Murdur SenHntlons. DENVEK, Nov. 1(J.—Although many ing cattle George Abbott, a prosperorw farmer living near Center Point, wat thrown from hia horse and instantlr killed. Despomlont anil Used n Gnn, LEMAUS, la , Nov. 1C.—Frank Arra- emith, who lives cue mile east of town, shot himself with a repealing rifle while in a fit of despondency. General ftx-tii <.'iiininj- llnuk. CITY OF MEXICO, Nov. 10.—General Antonio Ezeta has left this city for San Francisco. He says lie proposes to in- all Central America. yearn of Mold Oliultirn I iirouted Hogg. NBUUAHKA CITY, Nob., Nov. 10 — Frank and Haury Viuwut were arrested charged with selling diseased | meat. Whou umwttxl they had 31 col- Suit for HOO.OOO ban bot-u Iwgu,, ttg «j,, Bl , lloruiau Aioh, u Now V'ork Import*!-, who •liallngud to huvo uuilwrvalut'd «ooiU. An uukuowii iuinar«>unt cut thu UUH ' « i < . , , , pi|)u lu u Gotham lo-»loi-y teuunuMit IIOUMO j e ,? u iufuot<J(J uo « tt *» » wu«on »na hail uuil the vaulting wdrttwlouijuiiwni « , wu | 0 ' «UiKW«l of Bovurul at the paukiug uwwu. auiuiig thu iiuuati'H. 1...I.1....1 ii. .i.. ... .-». Vurglu C. MoUwrmuit of Wiwhlugton, Im \vttu liliiii» ii., ,» .1.^.^ ..» i m ' , who waij bltjjni hy u dog nine weeks a K o ltli all thu nymiUoiuw o( sun of uu u«-uoii«ren<i- HUM,- was tiiut und killed by a negro .Im- HvjWbUuau JulllHeatluu «" Klwu- taU-s oourt at Milwaukee ni'd to dim* pay *W,77T allu«wa 0«JumWttu e*uwl- They udmlttBd tlioii- K uJU und. B »»ia thw itud nold 8ovoral w«j,'uu loads ijuiilurly offeuted at (liucolu. They ar» in jail, Threw uiuwoir luVruut ol * fniu OBDAB RAWUS, r»., Nov. Ul,—Jumwi Lidaie, oue of tha proprietors of Tho Tiuit* ut Pmton, wiUkaa about u uiilo ttutl it half from town uud tar«w hiuwwlf iu frottt of a freight train. Tbe wiglnow roverwa tho uiigiuo, but not until the over Governor M«Ciuiu«l to lt««|iond. Ida., Nov. 10,—Uovunior Mo- Connel appointed H" dojwgutes to rt.piv. Bunt Idaho ut tho Tritusmississippi congress to moot iu St Louis Nov. y«. Tim governor has been invited to deliver tlui resnoiiSB to Jin. uddn-SB of WO]MHIW on bi'hall of the congress and ho will probably accept. <Io« i>»i«h,,n H..i»u Ihu Heuoril. ANTONIO, Tux,. Nov. it).—Joo Putcheu, driven by Juok Curry over a halt-mile truck, broku tho world's ixmiiw word, He went tho half in l:i'!t tho thnHKiuartowlul:»(J.( u ' ttu ,i tho milo in auts (int. Vuloruil Alon tlcnk ICi-iHi B aH|,,,,, NBW YO«K. Nov. IU.-A uomiuiltoo of dolorud iiuni callud on Mayor Uilroy mul iwk'.'d him to appoint a uolorod uiim n« si-liool coiumisoiomu- iu plnuo of ouo of Ihi) uevon whoHii tumw M|>in> tbia |iuir, ! ANi'DNio, TDJS., Nov. IU.—Jit. iJisliup John C'lunsliw Nureg", ij of tlio ban Autouiu dioctwo of tho 'liu tihurch, diud iu this titv Hi WunWywwuld. "*' " Will Contest Holcomb's Election. , . .. - , —o- j OMAHA, Nov. 10.—It is stated the Re- detectives are working upon the Market publicans will contest tho election of street strangling coses the strangler is , Holcornb as governor on the ground of still at large and the terror stricken fraud, female denizens of the row to which bis operations have been so far confined are making preparations to move. Several have already loft tbe city. Richard Domauy, whose mistress, Lena Tapper, was the strangler's first victim, is held under f5,i)i«j bail on suspicion. The po- licohold the theory that he murdered Lena Tapper, then killed Mario Contos- soit because she could give damaging testimony against him and finally strangled Kiku Oyarna in order to avert suspicion from himself. IVcldml Jn Fane'* Favor. "•;, Nov. !«.—The case of Y. T. Foug, th- queueless Chinaman who has been in <!:'.ngerof being deported to China for not U ,-ng registered under the new law, was dvcided by Judge Hallett in Fong's favor. Judge Hallott declares that as Fong registered under tho la^V8 of 1802 it is not necessary to reregister under the amended laws of 189!>. Colonul C'olt (laid For Murder COLUMBUS. Nov. !«.—Colonnl Coit has been pronounced guilty of murder in the first degree by the coroner in Washington Court Houso ou account of men killed by his regiment while assisting the sheriff to protect a prisoner. Two Firm lit On« Night RAWLINS, Wy., Nov. 10.—Firo broke out about midnight in the Union Pacific atockyiirda and did damage to the amount of fUUO.OOO. Two hours later the Union Pacific wood pile was discovered on fire Five hundred cords burned. Quaihod tli« ludlotiBent. ST. Louis, Nov. ]«,—Judge Prim sua tallied the motion to quash the indict incmt nguiiwt E. H. Grove, tbavgud witl eiulK-zzllng $5,7311 while a clerk in tho Fourth National bank of this city. MARKETS REPORTED BY WIRE. WHKAT May, w>V CLOSING PIIIOKS. Kovuiutiur, 43}»oi UocMiubor July. ill)*-. iivrMilwr. ,'cji! IKioviulwr, ainiury, lli'ji-; .M:iy. JkH.jiJ.V^j.o. OA'l'.S— Nuvoiiibor. SM;|,«; Dm-umber, VlHy. -Wi.'. I'UUU-.Miiy, JISK'J^. l.AltU-N.iv.'iiilwr. »".l-.'i<: Ueuvinbvr. 17 IS- uiiuurj, S7tf>; -\luy. *?,j;jj. ( liU'»ltu Live Mlook. Oiiii'Aiiii, Nuv. l6.--i;A'rn,lC~l>rtu«»w«fo riinT, tint ilriu.iuil bulnu Uiliur uml r<v,'i|.ta ittrli li'hi (lutit iirwllutwl, but tlivru HIIO 14 on«ral ilhiiu-iliiuilou to ullinv miy lulvuiiro, finv ollVi-liiuo were goiwt wimiu-U n, hrliin i»ro linn S-.iS, uizn-ulor purl of |ji0»iii>,i)y Hold In-low $vml. i.'owi mill lu-Uurn ofuxlru Himllty wuro aaluublo nC tO-M^'J. M tt i,a lj«tt«r. TUnolu'ki »a» |\rui. ItiHiS-'ilii. inurkul voiilliuinl lo dhow ui|J uli'ailiiir-.siiiiil Uio rutiolpM worv Hiiuln «runily tit PXl-MWI ll( Illl B\|«H'lttlloU». Ill UlU.lllHIl HHll IlKht m-MtH Ui«m \vna u (Iwllili'UI h< (u lit.. X'lw iiruvaillni; |irlru« wore |l.tu«i.i.MI fur Hljlu «iul ki ^m.Tii fur iiiuilliini uinl luwvy.' HHKKI'— All ilia »lu'ii|i jmiih wvrulullinui tluiro \vi-ro »lu-i'|i m i hv iilluy ami nlnioi" In liui i-UIllo mill hut (iiitK NoHur* nuri) uiulu(|< (i, Uill'iuil ul »•'. WoVJ.ttt fur (Kiur lu uliotfti «litu>|), l»l.jUn>l.l»J Wilo lllu I1U,(A«J; , i :..(»<). U.UM; 6UI; C1U04UO, Nov. lO.-ln tho shoot for hu wing chumi'ionship of the Uuit« ( | btato* the winner was G. Kloinoiiiutiu of «»««»«, WUO scgfod Ul out of tt Mould (lumliu« fcluok, UMAIIA, Nov. l.V -i'A'i't'l<IC— H«. 4,i*«l h-.iit: IliU |o Ukl |U<.. «J.WA4 411- l.kt> II..-- . |iU>' IMI to JKJU J|,,' » 5'i; oow». IS.StyVUO; uomu, ', . ' OoTcruor Feck to lie u Looturar. MAUISO.V, Wis.. Nov. IU.—Governor Peck bus duvidud to go ou the lecture platform at the expiration o! his term. Governor Stone appointed delegates to the Trausmississippi Commercial congress. Lawrence JfcGann, Democrat, is declared ek-ctcd in the Third Illinois dfe.. trict by 70 votes. Governor Waito issued a proclamation for Thanksgiving Dny nnd added a wurn- ing to beware of monopolies. Thirty members of th« Chicago police were UischarKed because of their offensrr* partisanship on election duy. Myron B. Wright, congressman froo» the Fifteenth Pennsylvania district, died At Trenton, Out. The Itlth annual Episcopal church COB*' gres8 opened in Trinity church, Boston. A. F. Transo was fouud guilty at Charles Citv, la., of forging notes for fti.OOO against tho Singer Sewing Machtn* couipauy of Chicago. Leaders of the St. Louis Demooraor havu determined, it is stated, to contest the election of every Republican candidate. Hepublicnns of Lincoln Township Is. elected W. S. Wiokham trustee, notwithstanding lie luid been dead a month. Dr. J. }.. Miirslt', who killwl Jesuit- J£ O u- aker iu Owen county, Ky., two years ago, has beeu convicted (or a third time aud (Hill I u aeiitunrcfl fur lift'. Buoklen'.e Amioa tMve Tbe beit mtl*e in the world for Culi, DruUM, Bore.. Dloeri. 8»itRheom, Fever Sores,Teller Obi|>p«dlIand«,ObllbUlni,aorneitiii]«Ii8hlB BropllODf, *nd poilllrely nur«« Pile* or M |>*r rufulrod. It U jcu.r.nted to «l»e perfect •tllifnollon or tuonfly refaudeil. I'rloe If O«BM "irtw«. *-t,r««lot. J.W.Utttou. NoTICK. All water consunicrs using ciiy water aro warned lo lis ihcir (tippn lo prott'tl them from frost. C. F. HAMILTON. Marshal. NIITU-B. Coolidgu mul Martlu wiml nil niTounU Inn them piild at oure. Tln-rofore the >oi>kn and lUH-imnts tinvu l)i-cii t lt-fi with fllnriiu A; Mnrtlii for collwtit.u. JOB Ki-Mi'Ki:ii. llfnry SniylUi-, lu-rlUsoil ul Uniiij; the ,iiil» 10 id tniviil Chit-agu uu-ivhiiuu, vir c»l)i->t at Kit tin l(,n-k, Ark., fnuu l),-puty Vulti-il .Mursluil MUK-r uf Siu» L-lm-d, who WHS brliu;tug him to St, AHlU. _ Durwhtiem. Tltt»r«> wim au k|Kt in I Iio ilityn Ui«i » r re rarlUi; i vuiurlrit paitiMi uiul lil» li»'r ntuw curlier. Ill* Itiumb* dt>v<*lo|>ed; In <x>Utuilt>« niofo, No oiiuUul u|i|.t<uiliiKt> wim »ifn «, l» low, 'il* Kt'l'DtUu gi«w; iio KK» kuonn ut t sk«u!!o; I lu'ii ho wan ii umii iml n il)ni'r| tie! A lnruB |.Rti ut umnkliiU xutri-in frnm ov«r- Hlllg, (I)H|IU1I«I», llllll»llillu«.i, HMl k'llUtOtl i»i'tt»t«s. 1'r. Vlurim'ti lioMt-u SUdlcal liinoov- r> will liivliforiilti Ilia livi-r. lui|inno dlinwikin, "-III Ihu bluod, rovulnlu ilit> *luti|iliili bowun, lirl (litiitiill, »lw|i) iitolUulv mil luuko lou I UKu H new Imliiy. ruil K i< Sf»mmi m tilt* Culli-d Htttt«« •ourt Ml. Mlhruiikr>i< h«s orili-i'ml Uiu •ala if the »to.'uiii-r Ntoikhit Nov. lu to n*U»fy ft luilU of tht* St\alll Wre'-kill{{ eooinui^y Q$ fog n , . Uuikitt &> lowt-r. KU-a-.r-uwi.i lurnlw. htwvy. Otvrroll MttrUot Report CO UN 50 lloti.s It co l'OTA'l'OKd-06 CATTi.K KYK-76 HA1U.EY-40 €a,)i6 WUKAT-00 , i4 i" t, ..It.

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