The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 23, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1933
Page 7
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HEN D ERS O NT-W! ^M»M*JljSJ||S||p»sj»jSJlJMijilMi>l^^^^^^^—Z*, ^sy ^iJSJF A ^ « IwM IpS Clrtri-ch ffcftfi f*aWf# tl 10. t*Wc% fct 11. SffMaf sefcoot tt 1«. Ep*6ttft tsaftre at 8:80. . Woftrttg setttee it ?:8d. Choir ftfcrttfMt TMfirfay ete- nttt. ttftt tt fanny: After the ftrily bay attendance of 70 at Soiiday school we immediately began to slttftip In onr interest until the Atteftdattee dropped to — well — o*« hardly Htes to confess, i thottght that the Rally spirit was Supposed to last all yeaf, tttdn't yettt There Is *MIJ an opportunity for out Snnday school workers to enroll ff> the Leadership Training class. Meeting place is at the Hastings Methodist church. Be there promptly at 7:30. A Thanksgiving supper will be held at the Wesley church on Thanksgiving day. Supper will be served at ?. Martin's Little Symphony Orchestra will furnish music. Other features of the program to be given by local talent will be announced next week. The tteal will be a pot luck affair. As w« approach the Thanksgiving season we should begin again to count our blessings. Next Sunday is Thanksgiving Sunday. On that day should we not assemble in the House of Ood and express our gratitude to the Heavenly Father for His unspeakable gifts to us? Let us learn to practice the spirit of gratitude. Just now the pastor is feeling grateful for friends who out of their generosity have donated to him a splendid flock of chickens. Consolidated School ftnVRy fttftett . time iM tUntry wfee) . SftaW ftWft M 'i Friaaf to* tftett »o*e fft liffettgaii. . Siritt Heftttef ftft£ School Mr. Dory refereed the Oatlattf* *x footbtn game at tNktteM £«day afternoon. The following nigh school pupils attended the Wj»: Arlene Harbor, feieaftof Phillips, EBftor Edmondson, Phyl»* Owens, Luen* Harbor, Lois Wilson, em Phillips, j eMe Brown, Ray HendH*. and Bill Henderson won two basketball games played on their home court Friday night. The girls played Carson and won with a score of 2» to 10. The boys' second team lost to the Emerson second team by a score of 27 to 10. The first team boys of Henderson won 24 to 11. Hendefson Basket Ball Schedule Mrs. Dave Jenkins and daughters were visitors in Shenandoah Saturday. , Roy Woods who has been staying in the Elton Clayton home returned to Omaha Friday. Friends here of Mrs. A. C. SI- vers of Carson are sorry to learn she has been quite poorly. Mr, and Mrs. Arch Houser and Mrs. C. A. Wight were In Omaha .Saturday. Frojsen Drumsticks—Hardings latest creation at Wheeler's, adv. - Marylin Vlner of near Wales has been staying with her grand- .parents, Mr,; and Mrs. Roy VJner, Nov. 24: Coburg here. Dec. 1: strahan here. Dee. g; pacific Junction here. Dec. 16; strahan there. Dec. 22: Hancock there. Jan. 6: Pacific Junction there. Jan. 13: Macedonia there. Jan. 19: Emerson there. Jan. 25: Macedonia here. Feb. 2: County tournament. Feb. 8: 1934 Rlverton here. Feb. 21: Hancock here. ot am home Sunday. Mr. «ftd Mrs. W. 8. Wfteeter tfsftctf festive* H» Cottncll Bluffs Strnday. Mr. and Mr». Bo* Franks of neat OaklaM tftttetf Mrs. Matrd fcindlgg Stmday. tike Red Crow drive started here Jloftday. Mesdames L. W. Tripteit, Addle Botteaa. An ba- *M, and M WUkeason *te the committee in charge. Will Frltcher Was going on crutches last week hating injured his foot with a shovel. to TJlre fife (Jefaftftent w*f Scott Streets hem* W«tt- aesdat dtre to «n o*erheai;«l for- nace. Be da**f* wit dotfe. Mr. a*« Mr*. Bd Bats of were fftettt fttttday for ft ffre C. E. Edmoftdstm A. O. mtaey oi Omaha. was a vfeftof in town awhile Stmday. Mrs. Barney t«tt«* in the Floyd ffttleV home where Margaret Harbor wait ifsti ft guest. Bill Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. C. 8. Swafrey, H*fy Maynes. and Anna Counts of Oakland visited in the Will Cain home Sunday. The tt. 6. Ladles' Aid Society enjoyed visits Thursday from Miss Redinan and Miss Hoitmyer, and also Mrs. Marty Paul's mother. Over twenty Were Dresent Imogene • S. E. Mills First and Second Grades Jean Stonebraker is back in school again. We are all glad to have her with us. The second graders are ready to begin in a new book. The second graders wrote Thanksgiving stories. We chose the best stories. This one was written by Billy Lemert: "One time the Pilgrims went to Holland and they did not like the language so they started to America In the Mayflower. The Pilgrims called all the people together to have a feast and thank Ood for all the good things to eat." Another story chosen was written by Raymond Casebolt: "The Pilgrims lived In a faraway country. They went to Holland but the king wanted them to do everything he said and they did not want to. So they sailed away on the Mayflower to America and they lived happy all their lives. days. This one was * and family enjoyed Dwlght Parker; written ., daughter. , „ Kln41gg,/an4 daugh. moved last week into the E. ;-«8, Evans property, ;-,- Mr. Androy is recovering nicely from his recent operation. Grandma Farrington went to Carson a few days ago where she is visiting her-v daughter, Mrs. Cora Maynes. Lavone Mercer spent the week end with her teacher, Miss Redman, at Avoca, Slxty*fonr of the friends and neighbors of-Charley Roast who lives near Macedonia went in one ,day last ureek and shucked his corn, Mr, Keast has been sick for over seven- 'weeks having had quite » serious operation. . Mrs. 84 ph{Uips and family of OrlswoW «n4 ! Ralph Vlner and family or Elliott were guests Sunday for dinner in the T, D. Phillips bpme. Marls Jpnes and SPU, Palmar, an4 Mrs, HerwJg pf Council Bluffs viaita4 MM, Pertlns Sunday. Showef tof Bride The ladies of the Reform church sponsored a miscellaneous shower at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Otl* last Friday evening for Mrs, Estet Bussard, a recent bride. A large crowd was present and she received many beautiful gifts. Knowing that there are so many needy in the town refresh* ments were not served by the sponsors and it was decided to turn over what would have been used for a lunch to needy people. Give Bridge Party Mr. and Mrs. Will Comstock 'entertained at a bridge party last Wednesday evening. They had Invited enough for four tables but had two tables come at 7:30 when they started playing and at 8 o'clock the guests for the other two tables arrived, surprising those already there. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Comstock, Mr. and Mrs. Wendelle Stuelke, Miss Anna Maude Abbott .Edward Mc- Oarglll, and Mr, and Mrs. Will Comstock who were playing when Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Drake, Mr. and Mrs. Lew Maher, Mr. and Mrs, Clyde Addy, and Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Gee arrived. Home Destroyed by Fire Early Monday Morning At 3 o'clock Monday morning the family ot Mr. and Mrs. Davis Holden was awakened by the smell of something burning and L«o Hlgglns, JfmMe sad Miss fcttl iMrtfiftfto went to CoWnefl BWte Saftfay to gpiend the Mercy hospital. *nss Mae Sweeney of Omaha w*s a trtrsfnes* visitor here Monday. She reports her mother suite peofly. Joseph, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Langhlln. was stricken With appendicitis last Tuesday and taken to the Mercy hospital where he was operated on Wednesday morning. Their home was quarantined for scarlet fever with Dan and Miss Lncy Agnes both Qnlte sick. He and his father were both let out and his father accompanied him to the hospital and remained until Thursday evening. Joseph and the sick folks at home are all getting along fine. Freda, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Bolton, was taken seriously 111 last Wednesday with hives but in a few days was reported better. Rev. Francis Doyle had business in Council Bluffs last Wednesday. Miss Loretta Laughlin drove to Council Bluffs Saturday where she remained over night and Sunday brought her mother, Mrs, M. discovered thetf home on Ore. I Laughlin, home from Mercy hos- As the Holders live about four i Pltal where she spent the past miles northwest of Imogene on the farm Of Mrs. Margaret Tren- holfn it was hard to get help so early in the morning as few people were up at that time to see the blazo and there are only two phones in the neighborhood, Nearly everything in the house was a complete loss. Had there been a north wind all of the other buildings probably would have burned too as they are quite close to the house. A slight breeze from the south sent the flames In another direction. toh* B*ntrnp, 3. P. fort— - Court Expense Fond ________ Maortce Mayberry. J. p. Jnty— Cffnft fi*p*fw« Fowl ____ Torn Hatlan. 3. P. J*ry— «otrrt E*p«B8» Fund __________ A. L. Audrey, i. P. jury— 4Joatt Etpense Faad .......... Edd Johnson, J. p. jury— Court Expense Fnnd ____ _____ Harold Danford, J. P. Jfrry— Court Expense Fired ...... Lota fconfnette, J. P. witness — court Espense Fond S. R. Oreetilee J. P. wttnem— Cowrt Expense Fnnd _____ Defoma Scott, J. P. witness— Court Expense Fund ..... _ Glenn Collins, J. P. wttnesm— Court Expense Fund ____ Fred Edwards. J. P. witness— court Expense Fond _____ Omaha School Supply Co., office tnpplles — Cottnty Fund ,. Peoples Natural Gas Co., setvJees nt Jail— County Fund _. Perkins Bros. Co., office supplies — County Fond Pacific Carboti A Rthtmn Co., office supplies — Connty Fund 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.09 1.00 . _ Chas. R. Sells, special deputy sheriffs— County Fund ... D. E. refond court costs — County Fnttd H> *^ e I ch J* rl . nUn * Co - offlce supplies— Connty Fund . .- "• £v Weltons, defending prisoner — Connty Pnnd _ . , _ Blrdelte Wllkins. justice fees— Coart Expense Fund ____ . w. S. DeMoss, constable fees — Court Expense Fnnd ... 16. Dr. G. M. Agan. medical aid — Poor Fund ______ 24 00 Maude Anchenhach. provlslond— Poor Fnnd ...... _____ 18.68 68.65 2 00 92il4 10.00 8.00 00 Addy's Store, provisions — Poor Fund ............. _ " 13 - 60 Poyle ft Empkle, fuel — Poor Fnnd .......... ..* 17'as K. A. Baker, provisions— Poor Fund __________ 645 Dr. Edgar Christy, medical aid— Poor Fnnd ......... II" ss'oo Dr. M. S. Campbell, medical aid — Poor Fnnd . *. 21 85 Citizens Power ft Light Co.. services old ladles Poor Fund N. W. Colling, provisions—Poor Fund "" 22' J. W. Carter, apples, old ladies' home—Poor Fund O. E. Davis, provisions—Poor Fnnd . C. W. Davles, rent, old ladles' home—Poor Fnnd 2o'oo 2.92 60 4.25 4.6f> • P avls - provisions, old ladles' home A. J. Darnold, fuel — Poor Fund Poor Fund 4.00 4.60 8.63 Fullerton Lumber Co., provisions—Poor Fund .IIIIIIIII Olenwood Lumber & Coal Co., fuel old ladles' home—Poor 18^47 Huntsman Bros., provisions—Poor Fund _. 2* oo Fred Hall, clothing—Poor Fund "1 300 C. F. nines, provisions—Poor Fund 33 20 Dr. D. W. ffarman. medical aid—Poor Fund ...III"" 62J6 r — -.„ =..„ DKDUV „,„ vaal ... . week taking treatments. She is IfifSl «m2?J 0 ^fiv Bo o ety> £? r V f Chas - ^^^-POOT .. 3B.10 feeline tnttph hottar Mabel Klllmon, milk—Poor Fund i2.»4 The origin of the fire Is unknown. Js^fewg^mertpjtv, flower, They 4J4 p ri> what the king told'.. _„ „. ,.„„, had a long trip and they ."grew tired. When they came to Amer lea they had good crops. One day they bad a big feast and gav thanks to Ood." Ladies' Aid Helps Needy The Methodist Ladles' Aid Society met with MrsY Charley Abbott last Thursday and from there went to the home of Mrs, Will Pike where they quilted. Later they returned to the Abbott, home for lunch, Visitors were;, Mrs, ,-Floyd, Gee, Mrs. Jimmle Skeehan ot Logan visited relatives here Sunday. Mathew Laughlin trucked some of his prize cattle to Omaha to the Ak-Sar-Ben stock show Saturday of last week. Representative E. P. Laughlin and daughter, Luclle, came down from Des Molnes last Wednesday remaining until Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hanklns and son, Pete, went to Council Bluffs Saturday to see their eon, Wayne, who Is recovering from an appendix operation In the Ed- mundson'hospital. E. W. Bryant met with a very painful accident when his car froze up last Thursday. When he attempted to remove the radiator he was badly the j skin Third and Fourth Grades In the third grade In arithmetic we have been studying the multiplication tables. So far we have studied the two's, three's and four's. Monday we plan to begin studying the five's, Doris Walters was absent Friday due to Illness, Earl Botleau and family and Mrs, Androy went to Council Bluffs Sunday to see Mr. Androy at the hospital, Mrs. Jane Darnell and ter and Mrs. 8. J. Loving of Omaha visited Jn the L. W. Trlplett and B. 8. Evans homes Sunday. Mrs. Loving has been visiting In the Darnell home several weefcs. at this meeting clothing for the Hob Jones family who have been in quarantine for scarlet fever and on' Friday and Saturday afternoons they sewed at the Chas, Abbott and Floyd Gee homes. Husk 2500 Bushels Corn for Joe Laughlin Monday Forty-six men with tw,enty-two wagons went to the home pf Joe Laughllu Monday morning and picked 2500 bushels of corn for him. The family is quarantined for scarlet fever, Those who went with teams and wagons were; Mathew Laughlln, Walter Doyle, Jpe Saner, Joe Cabin, Ed F, Laughlin, Frank Maher, E4 Maher, Donald Maher, Richard LtsUm, Joe Doyle," Pat Martin, Frank Owens, Jte Laughiin, Ralph fcaugWin, To» Regan, Mlcheal Martin, Pat Matier, Tomrole Martin, Lep Emmett Cabin, Will an4 Lep Hughes, Others helping were Joe O'Con. Hlggins of near Coburg the Leu Gutachenritter home Monday, Dr. Joseph Stick and family of Council Bluffs visited here Sunday with Dr. Jps, Copgan. feeling much better, The homes of Kelly Bolton and Bernard Slater were both released Friday from scarlet fever quarantine. Mrs. Margaret Trenholm who has been very ill Is some better at this writing. HILLSDALE Mrs. Reed Graves entertained at a dinner Friday evening in honor of Mr, Graves who was celebrating his birthday on that day. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Graves and daughter, Joan, and Mr.' and Mrs. Doc Moses. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Brooks, A. B. Judson, Mr. and Mrs. Fay McManlgal, and Judson were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Graves. Saturday was Mrs. Graves' birthday. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Warren drove up to Omaha Sunday to hear Dr, E. S. Jones at the city auditorium. Geo. E. Masters, trustee, rent—Poor"~Fund ... » *• McPberron. taking data to overseers—Poor Fund II Ivan McCord, fuel—Poor Fund . Delia Noah, rent—Poor Fund "~ John Olson, provisions—Poor Fund 12.84 4.00 3,70 4.00 6.00 26.Oft P _» • »-----"-—. — «»VB a HUU •»-.—.—.*• — •^. — - . M — -> — -> ^ <ll- JADtUn . H. Raynor, burial and ambulance— Poor Fund . 146.90 Verner J. Scott, milk, old ladles' homo— Poor Fund . 4 ?o " , — . Ivan Starr, nursing James Malone— Poor Fund ... _____ " 21. Walter Walker Br., fuel— Poor Fund ......... Boyer Hardware, supplies. Co. farm— Poor Fund ... „ Cltlieens Power ft Light Co., services, Co. farm— Poor Fund R. B. Davis, provisions. Co. farm— Poor Fund „ ........ R. H. Daniel, supplies. Co. farm— Poor Fund .... Darting OH Co., gasoline, Co. farm — Poor Fund ........ Olenwood Lumber A Coal Co., Bldg. material, Co. farm- Poor Fund .... A. P. Kllmartin, repairs, Co. farm Poor Fund 00 1 60 'SB 16.00 46.61 701 830 78 73 2 60 4 46 10 08 , . . Dr. W. H, Riser, services. Co. farm — Poor Fund South Side Bakery, bread, Co. farm— -Poor Fund The Alemlte Co.. supplies— Maintenance Fund _________ 10.93 Citizens Power A Light Co., services at shod — Molntenanco Cllpson Paint Store, supplies — Maintenance Fund _______ H. A. Darting Oil Co., gasoline and supplies — Maintenance Orlo J. Harris, repairs— Maintenance Fund .90 1.69 614.18 1.76 .76 H. H, Hammnr, repairs—Maintenance Fund . ,„ Interstate Machine Co.. repairs—Maintenance Fund 25.69 Iowa Sales Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund 26.97 Cliff Miller Tractor Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund _ 68 09 National Bridge Materials Co., lumber—Maintenance Fund 618.48 Omaha Welding Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund 11.61 Phillips Petroleum Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund 90.85 Fred Sell, piling—Maintenance Fund 31 26 Standard Oil Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund ._ 88.96 u. lu ,,uu,. ....... .. . Mr. and Mrs Roy McClure and I M.^ Blche ^ land for right of way— Construction Fund 126.00 mily snent Hundav w»h ?^ ' n i, on £ n f? F « n r d> ,J° urn , ttl vouchers— Construction Fund. 1.670.73 family snent Hundav w»h In* Mr » I ?? y ? and Mrs. Fred Alexander near Silver City. Mrs. George Phelps and son, Walter, went to Emerson Sunday to spend the day with her sister, Mrs. Edwin Ornyson. Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth Johnson and HJtle aon,,,JCenj»eth Cart, and Mrr^b&Mt&r^wt^&v' and Francis.ifidwJh were; guefts Sunday in the F. E. Howard home. Each capital ship of the Navy has a registered Post Office on board the ship. Omaha Bridge Works, bridge steel—Construction Fund " 630*00 J. H. Welch Printing Co., supplies, Co. Engr.—Construe- tlon Fund ......... 44 55 S. G, Hunter Iron Works Co., lumber—Malntenanca'Fund 77s!!!! p« y 5° S 0> 22' °A tob . er road work—Maintenance Fund. 627.40 Pay Ro No. 99, October road work—Maintenance Fund. 63.60 P«V w2n S 0 ' ?I'n °A^ b S r road work—Maintenance Fund. 108.80 Pay Rol No. 100, October road work—Maintenance Fund 464.60 i-™. 5°H ?1 0> *«*« 25i?2" ro*d wprk—-Maintenance Fund . 166,26 Pay Roll NP. I04i October roa4 worki No. 106, October road work—Maintenance Fund lJ°* :?2' 5? otober r ° B <l work—Maintenance Fund No, 107, October road work—Construction Fund No. 108, October road work—Construction Fund Pnv n«n M O< ^n' R c l°5 er road work—Construction Fund Pay Roll No. 110, October road work—Maintenance Fund 240.00 438,66 898,08 67,00 443.00 233,30 320.86 COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OFFICE OF THE COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County, Glenwood, Iowa, November 6, 1933. On this the 6th day of November, 1933, the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment of October 16th, with all members present and acting. The. minutes of the meeting of October 16th were read and approved. The following claims were allowed: Haldon C. Altekruse, assisting clerk—Court Expense ? 40.00 Burroughs Adding Machine Co., ribbons—County Fund -- 2.26 C, B t & Q. R. R. Cp,, freight—Maintenance Fund 580.63 0, B, & Q. R. R, Co., freight—Construction Fund „_._.- 100,80 Chas. C, Colbert, piling—Maintenance Fund —. ,—. 46.00 Cherokee State Hospital, care of Inmates—Insane Fund - 42,81 Helen Fackler, assisting Co. Treas.—County Fund ...— 24.00 It, O, Ferguson, court reporter—Court Expense Fund — 33.60 Cbas. Huffman, labor—Pony Creek Fund „—,.__-.-__._ 2,00 „.«. Oscar Lee, labor — Maintenance Fund no IK T. B. Martin, mileage— Construction Fund ............. 91 so ^"" A, B." Jndson, coal, Co. farm—Poor Fund „„„-,. 184,48 A. 13, Judson, coal, old ladles' home—Poor Fund Qtto Judkins, Co, Treas., petit Jurors' certificates—Court 36,06 nor, Bwmett, Francis, Jphn a»4 wy, M«l a 0 4 Barl Pemp, MsrtlB, Leo gaVer, Jerry " , Jawen Qwfinj, Jos « Mike Expense Fun4 —.—„ —,.„—. ,„_.._. 33,60 C. P, Klnney, Del- tax collector—County Fun4 __„_„,.,._,, 69.31 Ruth MUJer, assisting recorder—County Fund , 3.75 Mills Co, Fair Ass'n, tax collection—Co. Fair Fund —„• 1,000.00 Art McLaln, labor—Pony Creek Fund -—....—,. , 8,00 Oakdale Sanatorium, care of inmates—Poor Fund ...... 481.06 Olive Pearl Rltter, Institute instructor—Teachers' institute Railway Express Agency, express—County Fund 76.60 3,72 A, Fran,lt Kest, JuUttR »»4 MTOd ,. o|} stoves ta Mn. Mifee jjjima, Mo* Owam, .NIK, Jetty & M&fe Jw KMT, MP, Mwit msm Uwm to« M»beF 4 S& Joe Beyte tu Rpjadmix Construction Corp., road oil—Construction Fund 1,170.00 N. 0. Reasoner, bailiff of court—Court Expense Fun4 --. 4.00 Carrie Stprer, matrpn 014 ladles' home-i-Poor Fund ..... 15.00 State Juvenile Home, care of Inmates—Popr Fun4 -,-_„ 208.76 WJtik €L American Book Co., text books—County Fund W, !• Agan, supervisor—-County Fun4 „„,.,_,.„._..,_ ,Quy Breeding, supervisor—County Fun4 ,.—,_.,, T A,»4y BerkWmer, Justice fees—Court Expense Fund ..— Jake Fra*ier, constable fees-"-Court Expense Fun4 „..— Ohpgte Publishing Co., prlntlni;—County Fund , Pitigens Power & Wght Co., services C, bouse and jail— County Fund —,-----,.-— „_„„_„,.., , R, B. Cogley. Ice, court JIPUS&—County Fund w ,, S, Y, 0PPney, boarding prlaonors—County Fun4 Orsscsnt Printing C«., pfflce supPUes-^ounty Fun4 W, 8. JJeMoss, mileage—CpTunty Fua4 ...... „-„.,, Rachel M- Pavl8, board pf education—County fun4 .... Bess Bean, Assist. Co. Supt. in August—County Fund ... Or, Ward peYoung, m@4ica{ ai4 at jail—County Fund .. R. Jf. Rantel, supplies 0, house and jail—County Fund __ Rfljerson Cbronicle, printing—County Puad —..-,.,_... W, -W. ail|Ulan4, r»|wn4 cpurt «psts—Opunty Fun4 J, F. Greene Jr., clerk, commissioner—State Insane Fund f, M, Donelau, cowmiMiouer—Stste insane) Fun4 ...... N. f, QeouuB, cowmissiPBer—st^te Jogane Fuui} .„_,--_, t««t boots—Cpuftty Fwa4 . Oft,, WJfVJiijKHHtJpvwty FUW4 —.... . Hal Oft., offiw iliMh--Oo4J l ni£ f un4 - 10,30 35.00 38,60 6.00 2.90 26.84 3,40 65.00 IM 19,10 J.7Q 24.00 3.35 25.3» 37.87 .60 6.0Q 3.00 3.0Q 9.03 1.66 46.7Q 81.87 48.00 1.6U 8-18 81JT '};« Bmmett Cahill, damage "by'dogs^DT Animal" Fund" "(Claim- ea »16.00) Allowed __„_ ___ . ___ _ n ?t - ?, U 5, r> dan i a K e by dogs— D. Animal Pund'ZIIIII McOrew. damage by dogs— D, Animal Fund ____ ." X dOE8 ~ Dt Anlmal Fund Claimed - rror tn erropll » assessment— Refund 3.00 8.00 6.00 4.7J 12.00 5,00 <* County Superintendent for to the omitted property tax state institutions was Attest;—Ei* A. ¥CHADET County Auditor. t0 C ° me the * Approved;—w. E. AGAN. Chairman Board of Supervisors. !!:i COAL Prepare now for winter's cold. We have the CHEROKEE *" both nut sige and J«rnp, Lots GOAL of heat in it Another good low priced coal is our MISSOURI It is a wonderful fuel for the MOHAWK money. Then we always have a good supply of the famous ILLINOIS Some of our customers will have HMUi nothing els*, Nurd Goal, Semi Anthracite, Coke ^^^^^^^^^HP^^^^^^P ^B^^MFW 7'^^W^^^S

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