The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 9, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1959
Page 9
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ANNIi HOWS m KNOW we Money BflCK^ IN THE STOCK ROOM? TH' CASE, USE M3U'D A HAM OR A HAT? IP VOU LfeT ME. LOSE IBS ONE*> OUST MAKE FTlJOOK GOOD, EH V TWATSrr, STEV6, WHAT^WjUST A>$ SK THS* THB JAZZ? y HOLIDAY \su6p RACES WHAT ARE YOB / FROM YOUR \ IN THE ALPS UP TO? A HARD-P-P LARKY, WHY DIP \ WfiHtHONSY/t) YOU INSIST ON THAT XWANTCP HER TO *-* YOU CARE POR PHOTO COOP NkJHT. OU URIDfiES Nice OP WO "to W AN mNER UNPER YOUR filRLSNAPRNflOUR PICTURES? WHEN WE CANYON-SOTHE REPS WILL B6SUK6 WERE THERE B6FORB YOU TOLP ME iHE'S /TO KNOW H£5 THERE/ Vj AMPAOENT/ WIIVWIN, W MEMOIR*! AfiNEft MARY WORTH ,EVERYBODY CAME-WHO WAS ANYBODV! IA5T WINTER, I HAD FREQUENTLY AN EX-KING, A FAMOU* NOVELIST, LOADS OF ACTORS AND ADMIRAL "REEF" BUT THAT* ANOTHER STORY, OARLIN6!- <OME DAY VOU ALL ABOUT "RtEF" . ANDMC! PRISCILLA'S POP-By At Vermaer OUR BOARDING HOUSE-Wilh Ma{or Hoopl* AWARDING ME M08EL PRI2E- 6EMTLEMEH/ X HARDLY TM/MK X VOUR UNCLE MISHTN50EEMA _ s SLIGHTLY ^^. ^ our OP- »li»>t»»fc^>>»t«i»iMLNte> FOCUS CARNIVAl-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. William* ONI CPU* WILUTAKS CARE OF IT, PAVE-YOO WAIT HERB NOW, owe LI5TEN/ •nur* TM'cuRse i/ THERC* OP TALKIE' TOO J\ A LOT Of 0E0HIM MVSELF/ HXJ'RE JU5TOME OFTH'BOVd.'HE'P SAY,'BOYS, IF I EVER SET BI<S MY OFFICE WILL ALWAYS PAYS ANY ATTEMTKDM TO TH' BULL'S PROMT MEM/ jft.wiau.M4 •THE PfcOMiSEP LAMP* JirsSJIU-M. l-f T.M. Rt{. UA Pit. (*• 01M> tif NCA StnlM. IM. TIZZY-by Kate Osann "I found out what happened. You were out with that no good Herb Higgs when you found we had one lest car payment to make than you thought!" Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! It* VOlAU LtAVE ABNBft, ANPMARRVME— I'LL MAKE THE ABNER-LIKE. CHARACTER |M *-THEN THE MAL ABNEC \WILLRECOVER HIS WILL TO LIVE.'/ WIP U'U ABN6R, HE DIES-BUT IF AH LEAVES HIM-HEUVES.'.' :«•«. IMI u w»7?w»N JtMou. t*i. THE TOODLES NOPE—SAULy WANTED TO WE JUST SAW UOOKING.INTHAI )| , U 5SS ll ^®. A 'L, B v JEWELERS WINDOW^ WATCH ES-TWBV AGAIN/ VI WaLOOWNG-AT HER GET BACK ARCHIE VOU MEAN THE FRBE . ONK YOU < GOT AT _ THE BANK? HA* TAKEN MY PEN AOAIN/ TIL IMK THR OtD *8CA«IB" TRICK? HAS'APEMWKICH 15 NOT HI6/ t KNOW U)H0 YOU ARC? JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jtrry Brondfield HUMANII1H« LAURA ffl LUCAS MAY NOT BE THE WHOtt AN5WBR TOHISPROBLBW,BUT IT COULP BE THH A LI6HT W THE UP OFFICES. MARSHALL OOINS SOME NISHT WORK...f I'LL STOP BX AND CHAT-. MORTY MEEKLE I THOUGHT I TOLD YOUTO GIT OUTOFDOOGC BY SUNPCWN/ I GAVE YOU FAIR \ WARNINQ..MDUCANT J «AY I PIDNT/"/ tf /f> *Pic I"? ) <M| kf M« ».n«w, IM. T.M. »H- U.I. FM. 00. ALLEY OOP SUREf OONEfT Y0U?r WRE SOING^ BEFORE, BACK? VCUWAfJTMi ) YOU TO RUN THE TIME- J KNOW MACHINE? YE8, BUT fOR ONLY/ "»OlJ A FEW CENTURIES// CANT DO THIS PROJECT IS ( FT, POG FOR TEN MILLION V I, YEARS/ •tOU-REWRER REMEMBER? I IGNORE YOU! WELL.OKAY. ITHW I LrRE BOSS REAP/ IN A FEW MINUTES WASH TUBBS YBAH. 1 DIDN'T KttWT WHAT I'P 56EN TILL YBSTBKPAY. I AFTEH dWIMdN WAS AFRMD W RATS SMflHT GET ME! THOSB MEU NEAR THB 5CHOOLi YOU CAMS HOME, JUO.M HEAKD TH 1 B)CPL05IOMf W» KEPT (JUI6T ABOUT X RlACTLYl IP THB HAVINS THg/K OE5CKIPT- XePAL HOOPLU»A5 lONi HOPINO THBy'D COWB \THINK WEW APTK OUT OI« HIPINS. NOW THAT THB WKCNiS MBN WB KNOW TH6V WBRBN'T / THEY WAY G*T TUB GUILTY MENi I'LL KLEASBJUD'5 STORY M«KBE AMP HIS COMPANION Mu5T'VB 5TUMBLEP OMTO THB PXNAWITBR*i •WHO KIDNAPEP OR KILLE HAD A REA50N NOT TO PldPOSft BUGS BUNNY THERE HE \\HEIS. I'LL COMES ) PULVERIZE N-NCWL/A TH'CLUCk:. LL.J PRECKLES MILS-HIGH BUCKET CER A REAt THREAr - / "I think Richard is handsome, intelligent and dreamy •—the trouble is he thinks so, too!" No Doubt Left on Ranch's Vastntss headline in the Herraosillo El Regional settled it. When the ranch was expro- HERMOS1LLO, Son., Mexico, (fl priated by the Mexican govern— .- — M there ever was any doubt ment, the newspaper proclaimed IT BAVC TO DC AH TME t*l ACCICICrt A INC ebout ^ vastnes* ol the Greenejio two-inch type: II PAT> III KEAM TrlB VLAddlrliP APS Cattle Co. wvch at Cananea, a| '"At Last Caaanrt li MexicoV _^ MEI6HT )SNT WATCH-fRECK OUT SOMC SPECIAL . STRATEGY/ AUSTIN (Mlrtfi.) HERALD SHORT RIBS B2J*?B TMO&UWft •*• I'D NEVER Of BtllEVED rr COOLD SNOVI so HARD IM THIS PART OF -m COOKTRMJ JACOBY'S BRIDGE Bj OSWALD JACOBT Written for NBA, Serried How do you handle a two - luit band opposite an opening no-trump? Etuiy. UBO the Jacoby transfer bid. If you have a two suiter and a bad hand you simply transfer to one null or the other and quit. If you have enough for game you transfer to one suit and then bid the other suit. This uow suit bid after the transfer is a game force. How do you get to a slam? It depends on the hand but In the JBT any four no-trump bid that follows a transfer la Blackwood. North's two-diamond response WM the heart transfer and his three-diamond bid showed hi* two suiter. His four no-trump was Blackwood and his NORTH t 44 VAQ10842 » K 10 7 5 3 WEST BAST AKQ108 4J733J V3 V87 4Q884 4JS *Q753 +KJ104 8OTJTH (D) 4A98 VKJ99 * AD *A86X Both vulnerable Booth West North East 1N.T. Pass 2> Pass 2V Pass 3* Pass 3V Pass 4 N.T. Pass 34 Pass 5 N.T. Pass 7 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— 4k K fir* no-trump bid both asked for kln| and showed Interest In a grand slam. South realized that the combination of his four trumps to the king-jack and the doubleton ace of diamond! was Just what the doctor ordered and bid the grand slam. Needless to say there wai no trouble making the hand. Two leads drew trumps and two diamond ruffs set up North's fifth diamond. Of course, the grand slam might have been reached by any bidding system. The JTB just happened to make it easy. Two-in-One A real bargain — two qullt» la oae pattern — make both. Just tbre« patcbe*. ea&y to piece. Two different qxiiit* n«4« 'roai tame block ~ l't» all lo th» frracge- meat ol tJa« Ju-brics. Pattern 8M Hw eo»rt«; pattern of patches; dlreotlcxnt; J&4t<t9t. Send Thirty - five C«xu (oouu) lor toil p»tt*rn — »dd 5 c*ot» toi cftcto PfttWrn for l»t - clau auUUM. &I& to tn« Au»tln DaUy Het&ldTN««U«- gwft Oept,. f. o. Boj ifip. QW Cb«Uw» StiUon. Now York ll. N. T. Print "" _ wdl»wf

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