The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 1
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f>A« TWO BT/rnrern,Lt (ARK.)' COUKJER NEW* TU158DAT, JULY «, IMS Democratic Unity Urged by Laney AriunMOt Governor Adu Truman to Support EiMiihowtr UTTLK ROCK, July «. (UP) — Our. Ben Laney yesterday appealed to President Trumin to withdraw from the campaign for nomination and to support the nomination and election ol Oen. Dvight "H he wmnts the country to be- eome unified, and If he honestly de- aire* political »nd military peace in th* world," Laney said in a state- Bunt, "why not sacrifice hU own pereonal ambitions »nd support the nomination and election of General Eisenhower." This action on the part of Mr Truman, the Arkansas governor and leader of the insurgent Southern Democrats said, would "make a re a contribution" to the nation and to the world. Laney listed these reasons for ap petltng to the President to relin Qutah the nomination to El sen bower: Mr. Truman can never unite the party. He has confused and alienated the rank and file as well as certain groups that make up the party. He has divided the people nationally and internationally. There it no way for him to unify them. If he li nominated, the rift will widen. And without a united Democratic Party, the Republican ticket will win in November. Laney described Eisenhower as the one American who can do "these things" and still gain admiration of all for hla "unselfishness and statesmanship." The Arkansas governor's office Indicated that the draft Elsenhow- er move la gaining favor with the (eneral. Girls Appeal to Gunmen Airport News Busy midweek air traffic at the Municipal Airport here slowed over he loiit Independence Day weekend « most filers apparently took to he highways or became rent-seek "arm-chair pilots." Row D. Hughes Jr. of BIythevllle made iili first solo flight July 1. Floyd Seay at BIythevllle re elved his private plloU license, last week. W. H. Varbrough, partner In Ely- Men's Banquet ! Is Planned at Calvary Church 'Ilia Brotherhood of the Calvary Baptist Church will relebrate its third anniversary July b f»l g p.m. with a banquet In the church basement, to which the men of H|) churches of BIythevllle have been Invited, and about 500 are expected to attend. The Rev. E. C. Brown, pastor of lieville FlyliiB Service, received lils the first Baptist Church In Blythc- examlners rating lut week, en- ItlhiK him to «lve "check." (Hunts anrl appro™ students for private jilots licenses. L. S Harlzog, for several years leading aviation enthusiast here, left the BIythevllle airport last ville. will be the principal speaker for the banquet. Since the Brotherhood was organized In 1945 the enrollment has increased 100 per cent, and accord- Ing to Vernon Boyd, chairman of the publicity committee, the ban- rjuct Is not only held in commomo- week for Sikeston, Mo., where he I ration of the birthday but also to will hangar his Bellanca. He moved I give its members and their visl- For Blytheville Tennis Tourney Pairings antf seefllngs for first round play lliis week in the Dlytlie- 1 round play. They are Fair, Foster, B. Elliott, Burnett and Crlgger. rhlrlnifs lor matches tills wctk Include Earl Dcnlon vs. Dick Mills, Governor Comet Ao VINITA, Okla. (UP) _ James Spence had more high school commencement announcement! than ha Ferguson vs. Russell Phillips, Gordon Hammock vs. Elbert Huffman, Kenneth Prultt vs. George Spaeth. Harber vs. Sherman Washburn, vllle 'Y 1 men's singles tennis "tour-[C, W. AfTlick vs. Jimmy Reinmlller. nament. wore announced today by j Thompson vs. Rouse Harp, Hilly li. C. Allen vs. Jack Elliott, Joe needed so he sent one to Qov. Hoy J. Turner. He didn't expect a pre sent but Turner sent him a new yellow lie and a nota ol congratulations. the Ilcv. Harvey Kidd, who Is in charge of entries. Harry Farr was seeded fUst and Charles Crigger was seeded second, the Hcv. Mr. Kidd said. Other .seeding* arc J. I,. Thompson, third: P. D. Foster, fourth; Billy Hob Elliott, fifth; John Burnett, sixth; Edsel Harbor, seventh; and the Ilcv. Mr. Kirfd, eighth. Cross vs. Bobby Cullison, tbe Rev. I Mr. Kidd vs. Karl Wadenpfuhl, and! W. A. Shahan vs. Gene Lanham. All first round matches must bft played by July 10 and those not j completed by then will be delault-' cd, the Rev. Mr. Kidd said. Matches will be two out of three sets. Results must be phoned to the and players must furnish their ON BIG JURY Five entrants drew byes for first own tennis balls, he said. . to Slkeston following the sale of Hart's Bakery here. On the cross-country last week were C. V. Cebaugh, who flew to St. Louis In his Navlon, and Harold Sudbury and family, who fie* to Detroit, Mich., In his Bellanca. Mr. Sudbury also made two air li'ips to Memphis last week. Transient pilots who landed here during the past week included the following: W. T. Sullivan of Ellza- bcthlown, Ky., Stlnson; J. L. Shy- liei-d and C. W. Taylor of Mem- tors a review of the progress the grpup has made. Brotherhoods from other churches In this association, as well as many from Southeast Missouri, are expected to attend. Mr. Boyd said. The Rev. P. H. Jernigan, pastor, will be chairman of the welcoming committee. phis, Luscombe; W. H. Booher of oik, Shirley Fredendall, left, 19, and Dolores Anderson, 11, make a radio appeal to their boy friends to give themselves up lo police In connection with • the handbook robbery In Chicago. Shirley's appeal was made lo George' J 0 1," a nd'"Nobe'lviTlM"'of~St.* Louis, Mudra, 23, and Dolores 1 lo Jerry Mancek, 21. The two men, along with j Mo.. Navlon; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ernest Filbab, 21, have eluded one of Chicago's biggest manhunts.—(NBA s1 ' Telepholo.) Cliff Stovall of Shreveport. La., TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR INS1DES Us^ } -rPHJWNr. HOSL . WOUTO- 800-Year-Old Ball Court D'^roverer/ in Arizona COTTON WOOD. Ariz. (UP)—An 800-year-old Indian ball court, discovered near Beaver Creek ranker '.Istation, is being studied hy A. H. Schrocder,, national park service archaeologist. Schroeder is preparing a renort Melbourne Girl Winner Of FHA Scholarship A pretty, red haired. 1948 high Negro Slayer Suspects' Hearing Set for Friday APFIKD SMALL IKTIST1NF Study thr above drawing (or & few minutes. NoUce pRrtlcularly how the bil flo . s from the itvtr Into and out of Iht gull-bladder and thence Into the smat e where it mixes wlili Hie portly food Just- below the siomucli bad taste In your mouth, your cofTn and tobacco) lose their natural avor, your food does not agree with ou; you may have heartburn, »• nd dliiy ipclli, you may be troubled ith bclchint; at night the. gas In our bowels may press upon your ladder making you get up frequenl- , thus breaking into your sleep. In the morning you are tired Vn- tead of refreshed. Gradually your wealth is Impaired, Your complexion may become sal- ow or bilious; dark rings may appear indcr your eyes, you may feel lazy, dull and irritable or blue and melan- holic. You may have frequent colds catarrh) or dull head-ache; your bowels stop their free, full and nat- irul action; you have constipation, gas, putrefaction and self -poisoning ^'intestinal toxaemia" or "acute gastritis" as many doctors call H). Cessna 195; Don E. Pinney o( Memphis, Luscombe; Pat Carson I and George Gibson of Murray, Ky., 1 Ercoupe; John A. Mantlsh of Wler- _ ,, . - , . , „„,,, ' ton, W. Va., Cessna MO; D. J. Abley Preliminary hearings lor Wi lie O f Helena. Piper Cub; the Rev. Roy school graduate from Melbourne, "• McDonald and Arthur bales, j jjagley ol Newport, Cub Coupe. Miss I-oulse Rose, has been selected BIythevllle Negroes charged with: ....'_ .. T_ p . ... . as the winner of the Northeast Ar- tnc staying of another Negro here Municipal Court yesterday and will Homcmakers of June 30 ' were continued again in he nelci Friday morning. ~~ 1 noth are being held In the county was Jail here on charges of murder against them after J. D. on the court, which is one of about 50 known in Arizona. Archaeological anthoritvs have | nereed on their eenernl puroose. The Indians used them for a same in which a small ball was butted j Illle Is & necessary ndjuncl to proper < ' Ke&tlon. 113 ilisence from the Intestine | InevllRbl; lennulo NATURE'S DANGER SIGNALS When your stomach, liver, and ga bladder have been upset by imprope Ten** h*s the only helium In th« nation, located near AmA- rillo. j kansas Future i America scholarship to Arkansas State College. MlM Rose will begin east Arkansas. The award her studies in Home Economics at made following recent personal ap- filed Arkansas state College when the ; Mentions at the College in which' Clemmons, about 23, was killed at fall term opens in September. I they presented required records and Fitlh and Ash in an argument over As winner of this scholarship,' credentials to a special committee a woman. Clemmons was hit on the Ivwlse was selected from an area set up for the purpose of selecting head with a beer bottle and slab- rcpresenlating M counties In North- i the winner. bed near the heart, officers said. and kicked in attempts to nut it 1 eating or drinking, or when they ar n™,,nK „ Vinlc «n>nll/.i. 'linn t' not working well because retained an thronch a hole (.mallei .nan a putrc , y j ng rood maUcr in ur lmes basketball noon. t j nes j s poisoning your entire bod Archaeologists believe the Arl- Mexico and may have made vari you, sooner or later, begin to fei mi; some of the following symptoms: a-, Your breath may become implea: tlons In It. The court Is oval-shaped. 1 BIlt thalitosis), your lonjue coated, bout 75 feet wide and 105 feet long. Thousands of women — a tremendous jury— have tried and approved a way to marvelously Improve lh« fruit* they freeze and can. The secret is easy — just one stmpla change in your canning and freezing hyrup.s. Yet H lets the syrup penetrate the fruit, plump it up, bring out iu luscious natural color and flavor. The free, 32-pase 1948 exiltion rrf *Fitier Canned * Frozen PtultV step-by-step direction*. Also HOW TO GET RELIEF You can relieve this condition, sually overnight, by taking Calotabs I bedtime and drinking water (rtely lie^t^a^'that they S a?l fffi -"- - • • '-",'>„ hints on pickles, • relishes, conserves . . . new ways of serving fruits you put up—« w/iol« of valuable information for t tive, (2) antiseptic to the InUstlncs. , . (3) diuretic to the kidneys, (4) effective la relteving symptoms of biliousness and acute gastritis due to constipation or faulty digestion. Calotabs are pleasant to tak? (sugar coated), prompt and effective: pcrts and beginners alike. l*or yoit "^ £rec copy, send postcard to HELEN HOLMES, Depi. 13, P. O. Box 4521, Try them and see. Follow label dl-, ' p] rt7 . a siation St Louis l' Mo rectlons. At your druggists'. tt m : . . SEE I lUWW^WUC. ELECT At Jimmie Edwards ^Sfe: wn ^\ , ( ; DoHor for Dollar, FMturc \ • Amwrka't GrvatMt Ei«ctrlc Advert isemeni FIT AS A THAT'S THE ; ; ;'\-/- l '- erta FEELING Th» New PRISmiNIS for 194S-Ai Adv«rtli«d in Llf.l Come in lodoy-iw A. great feotur.i that moVt P,.,l.lin. f reileline'i >.v.n-h«1 .urfac. unit iwllch.l givt yo« » m . *• •ufctandini ElKtric Range for 194BI p |,,. f|. xi biliry of cooking h.ati. Accurate ov.n lh.rm«t«». K (Vie truly poll-war range thai woi built to (ill the need* of Mn. Arrwrka. A choice of four lop orrange- ment»-«ffered only fey rVMIeline-rrreant *al you get the ttyle you fianl fw your own individual c»nv«iierKe. allure juit ihe baking heal you n»d for belt i Prsii.line'i oven-largeit in the nalionol Electric Kongt fi«ld-b«k«i complete meali all nt on« Kn>«. C»me in newl -See the Pretteline f»r It411 AUTHORIZED PRESTELINE DEALER Sleep on a SERTA Mattress Vou (rr-1 fresh . . . and look fresh .. . when you wake up rested and relaxed. 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