The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 23, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1933
Page 5
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•• —"— 1 -^~ I .... — Social Uttioti Has fttE MALVEftff LfeAOfett, MAL gttla* ftettfftg o* to. tef tffft Jfcfftef Oftet <« »*" TT»»»I.MJ JUOVIUUB ona raironi oft** gfcaftet fret* honored ffftat By Jftf9* I?3ruf £tf ntft^6* WOT*' thy Matron Of ftltet ftfn Chapter, WBO ft in Cntcafe. A feW cefflplste 1-epoft of the Grand Chaptef meeting held in to* Mottrii wat gtten by Win Warnef and fcy Mra. Wifrnef ahd MCg. Mef£afSf Snttmann Who attended the ineetiflg, A so*ial feda* followed and fe- R. W, Saifett, lift. At» , Ml«g f¥»ft«» Benton, Mfg. L. W Miller, ItfB. 0. 8. Sacfett, and Mrg, L. A. Tatbott. fof »f, and A group of old Mends gath* f ?d &*£* b8 *!L e ** ftr ' * nd "«• John W* lanes Sunday fot a com* muttity dinner, as a farewell courtesy for tbett, Guests wei-e Mrs. Agnes Slothewer, Dr, and Mrs. aenrr D. White, Mr, and MM. Horace Nagel and two chik dren, Misses Mae Churehili, Pan- Die and Sadie Clark, and Hatel Donnef, M». Margaret Wilson, and Dr. and Mrs. Innes, Dr. and Mrs. lanes left Wednesday morn log to spend the winter in Evan ston, til, Entertain Guests at Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Frank Higgins entertained at dinner on Monday for Mr, and Mrs. Harvey Dunlap, Mrs. Nelson and Roy Dunlap of Perkins, Okla. and Mrs. C. M. Follett. c. Bass was hostess *t test Wednesday. A yellow aid Whttl the the mf** ***' *"» * !th Winfa'nd*M^cJrson aJd SJi? 1 ?*,** **rs. Mabel Swain istituted the entertainment for tne afternoon. In the election ot officers for the eoming year Mrs. Dora Boles was elected president, Mrs. Lacy W Isoli, vice president, Mrs. Ma- secretary • ' assistant Reunion at Klncaid Route Sunday Mr, and Mr»; B. 0, Klncaid entertained a number of Mrg, Kln- cald'g relative! in their home over the week end who came to attend a family reunion there on Sunday. ,They were Mr, and Mrg A. F. Gregory and Mrg. Martha Rankin who came from Gearing Nebr. Thuwday, Mr, and Mrg Roy Bridget and daughter, Colleen, of Harvey, and Clark Rankin of Knoxvllle who came Saturday evening, Mr. and Mm. Worth Rankin and son, Junior, »ad Mm. Ethel Harvey and . Dorothy and Francig, ot BEING "WELL OILED" ISN'T ALWAYS GOOD LUBRICATION Kensington Meets at MnlhoUand Home F. B. Mulholland enter the Baptist Ladies' Ken sington at her home Thursday aft ~"~ assisted by Mrs. Forres - Mrs. Margaret Cunning lam, and Mrs. Fred Buttmann Twenty were present including several guests. A delicious lunch ""• of creamed chicken, hot bls- by the hostesses. i for the annual Thanks* -,. - dinner were discussed a this meeting. Slonx City couple Married Here Saturday Miss Lucile Rounds and Jack Clements, both of Sioux City, were married Saturday afternoon by the Rev. L. R. Bobbitt at his home here. The usual ring ceremony was used. The couple were accompanied by Miss Ruth Etler, ? '"end. They will make their home in Bloux City. Honor Helen Pace With Shower A miscellaneous shower was given at the home of Mrs. Orville Weaks Saturday afternoon honoring her sister, Miss Helen Pace, various games provided entertainment during the afternoon and tbe honoree was presented with many beautiful and useful gifts. Refreshments were served at the close of the afternoon to thirty guests. Honor Birthday of Earnest Haaselqjtist A pot luck dinner was held at **• Jj om « ot Mr, a,nd Mrs; George Short Sunday^noon 4» ' "«sS*l>| itnd Sydney. '-'"-•'rf ™»f **M1* j *W*R« rtlUlll Hasselquirt, Mr, and Mrs, Robert Shaul, Helen and Norma of stra- ha,n, and Merit Fisher of Hast- logs, -„ tlttests $reet dotfrfe at Wfeafifi Moifte Safe atday Evetting Honoring fir. and Mrs. t. W. Innes who retained recently frott a honeymoon trip through tie west, the t*r«byte«an socle! Union entertained nearly 6ft gtittts at a reception Saturday evening, it was held in the spacious home of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. WeaMn in north Malvern. fn the receiving line Were Or. and Mrs. Innes, Mr. and Mrs. Wearin, and DT. and Mrs. Henry D. White. Guest* included members of the Presbytetian church and other friends of Dr. and Mrs. Innes. A short musical program was given during the evening. Assist'' ing with this were: Miss Mays!! Berry who played two violin solos, accompanied by Miss Helen Jones, Mrs. JT. H. Beck with, who Sang a group of soprano solos, accompanied by Mrs. Wearin. Miss Hazel Dottnef Of Tabor, who sang a soprano solo. Miss Helen Jones played her accompaniment. / Miss Jane Fletcher who played two piano solos. A mixed quartet which sang two • hymns. In this were Mrs. Wearin, Mrs. L. A, Talbott, Dr. I. U. Parsons, and Dr, J. O. Laird. Mrs. L U. Parsons read a short poem, "Friends," a musical arrangement of which was then sung by Mrs. Talbott. As a gift from the Social Union Dr. White presented Dr. and Mrs, Innes with a silver tea service, making an entertaining and appropriate talk for the presentation. Both Dr. and Mrs. Innes responded to this courtesy. Guests were served refreshments of cakes and tea and coffee during the evening. For this Mrs. White and Mrs, J. O. Laird-poured and other members of the Social Union assisted. If-I HwB HHI CetHiiySeat ._ »tM»id Last Saturday Frank Kfoy, who moved into ttlenwood about a month aid and occupied the Win. Warnke property on the west side was taken into custody, along with Mi's. Kroy, charged with robbing a Bank a couple of weeks ago fn Minnesota. Capt. Vail and tra Mallette of the state bureau of investigation of Minnesota came into town last Thursday, aecsapanied by Sheriff Rankin of Marshall, Minn, and getting in toteh with Sheriff DeMoss made known their suspicions of the Kfoys. Kroy was away at the time but they were watching for him when he drove in Saturday afternoon and with the local officers nabbed htm as he got oat of his car. Two other men are suspected as being associated with Kroy in the bank robbery, and they watched for several nights thinking they might make connection here, but thus far failed to find them,. Kroy was unarmed when taken but in his car was a shotgun attd they found several packages ot pennies in the original packages as taken from the bank and the wrappers from other coin packages so they think they have a pretty good case against Kroy. The amount taken in the Minnesota bank robbery Oct. 14 was $1,200 but Kroy had little If any of it with him, Kroy had lived here before as he was here a couple of years ago when the pipe line was being put through the county and worked here. His brother-in-law and father-in-law also live here. Baptist Men to Serve Dinner , TnUt)' Tl* Mifft County Karal car- «eri AwWWatiOB and Aa*trtary **j fc* F«e?ay evening with Mr. aad HW. Lewts Rodman «mth of Jack dlnntef was a tag and tfren afte* it brief program the annual election of o*K*r8 Wat held With toe following retnlts: CarHefi: fioyd Kisby, Qien- ed. president; ttatry Knight, EJnerwm, vice president; £ C. Cllpton, Sifter City, secretary. AnMHafy; Mrs. Ltey kisby, president; Mrs. Dean Pureeli, rice president; itrg. Harry Knight, seefetary-treamer. Masonic Circle in Silver City Monday Every Lodge in Circle Rep. resented; Tabor, Ran. dolph Present Work , The November meeting of the Mffii^MOg^i^i^fteldaii '*Tjgy---"- WE THANK YOU y»wr,fi8t recepJttoB el the {few lyijita Rose gaso, Hue,, T 't aegleet;to ftire yaur summer f re»B» replaced OQ. B>«ftsy. Free Rack Service The Boy and Plate ".jffj^fepr Commend Knights of Columbus Stand The Committee of Twelve at its meeting Monday, among other matters passed the following resolution; "The Iowa Temperance Council is pleased to note the ac* tion of the Knights of Columbus, at their Chicago convention, in •oting down a motion to lift the ban prohibiting the sale of Jptoxl- ca«ng liquor at their meetings and in their clubhouses. We note wltfc m\jeh satisfaction the report of the Supreme Knight in which he says, The principle of temper, ance is as eternal as the hills , ,. Despite what may be the mood of tbe mpnjent, the welfare of our members . , , must be guarded/ " Oil Station ii Considered «» Information Bureau are always weloonje to make the Sinclair station in Malvern an Jnfor»8tip» bureau. We *r« always ^1§4 to gi?e you wjw Jnfprmstlpn we can, As most of tlw people of south, west Iowa know tha$ j used to be quits an ejcteeslre StiortborB cattle ana pflia^ OWaa fe 4«r, I «et a &t of JBg,«irJ 4i«e««t ^ppie sttter » te t»y or sen breedjas a Q| the .different breeds. y*» «1U total * m ef t reftt WnJs o|. }Jtre stool? statlpB tbat you *»&* eith >!»y £ r aeij | wJU Ue g 1*4 * «?t OS same {oy yg M g the buyer au.d seiler get bout 70 present and it was aa enthusiastic gathering, ;, •' •The work of the third degree was exemplified with Tabor lodge presenting the. first section and Randolph the second section and both did- exceptionally well. Dr. W, M. Hiett, district instructor, criticised the work as to text and H. C, Hicks of Emerson, district lecturer, the. floor work. Also present were District Lecturer Lawrence Henry and Instructor Frank OKlevie to see that the others kept up OB their toes. Tbe Tabor work was presented by tbe following; Joe Munsinger, W, M.; N, B, Mumper, S. W,; B, R, McClure, J. W-l A, B, Nel- derfrank, g. p,. Walter .Reeves, J. D.; Raymond Bioedell, a S,j and Forrest Areo, J. 8, Tbe Randolph work was presented by; Arthur Jnma», W, M,j Lyle AUely, g, ^, ; Q, j,, Kjj pa > rick, J, W,f B. q, Bstes, 8, D.J Robert KHpairtek, J, D,; Wayne Drake, g. 8.; and John Thomas, 8, The men of the Glenwood Baptist -church are making great .preparations for their annual dinner which they will serve at the church Friday evening. The cooking and serving will all be done by the men. The" cooks are Rev. L, J, Moran, S. 0. Davis, Roy Lewis, and such other assistants as they may need. Ralph McPherroii Jr. is head waiter — don't forget the tips — and he ha» plenty of assistants who will do the .real wprjt. i£Sejrv|nir£begin§*at . for Scut Work Forty-five rural, teachers of Mills county met last Saturday wttlj County Superintendent Amy Hammers and spent the day In a sort of seat work clinic, taking up many different plans for interesting their pupils In various forms of seat work and busy, It was a voluntary meeting, not a regular program, and those present report a very pleasant aad profitable time, Refreshments of sanflwicbes and *offee wipe seryed. by jbt 8iJ* ver City bretbrea following the la wsial b0ur followed, . Com Yields 100 Bu. Per Acre Miller woo farms over northwest of Pacific Junction has reported one of the heaviest corn yields of the season. He has a twenty acre field that, counting by tbe row, has thus far yielded in round numbers 100 bushels per acre, it js on ground previously sowed to sweet clover. Board of Supervisors in * voi-fe Thursday .SlftQialP , ii. White, «ft»nts4 J, Indus, fey aftd li 6)it same Supervisors Aean, Breeding, ~ Hyde are going to Des Moines . _.y to meet the Civil Works &9W4 to see what work may be assigned to Mills county for relief work this winter, Mills county |s supposed to get about 130,000 Pf tbe three million as< Bieued to southwest Iowa. ^ 8am Greene of Council Bluffs, of tbe state board of assessment ,8»4 review was in town Tuesday sb-ecfciijg over the monkeys au4 credjtfi in Mills county, / Foxwortby School Fifft to Rp P° rt oo Travel Club County Superlateadent mjrg has beeo ar Pupils of the rural Amy Wi**! i»?«J slue* for special wj»k. *» 8,W>jrr»phy. The pupils re*a ui»e ^olf» of travel to which they Jyuia ft»ew aa4 torn tbftt U up iwagittwy trip or trTx' *»4 ftubwit thwjj. Each re* ««^t hft<*- or HW»W W » O, ©. F.Lod*e Stage Indoor CeWVal Tanitnt The local odd Follows will stage an indoor carnival In the!* lodge halt this (Thursday) eve* alfig to which the public la Invited. They promise plenty of ton and a good time for all present. Mrt, F, S. Kilmon Pied November 18 Mrs. V. 8. Kilmon died Batur- day night at her home In Glenwood, following sereral yean of MI health, at the age of sixty-two years. She Is survived by her hns- band, one daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Slaughter, and five sons: Merle, Melvln, Wayne, Walter, and Kenneth. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon, NOT. 21, at the late home, conducted by Rev. John F, Arnold of Hamburg, a former pastor, assisted by the local pastor, Rev. M. H. Keast. Harvey, Dean Celebrated * E 'g htieth Birthday Wednesday, Nov. 16, witnessed a merry gathering at the home of Harvey Dean to help him celebrate his eightieth birthday. Sixteen besides himself, all relatives, partook of the bounteous dinner. Four birthday cakes adorned the table. Harvey is the third son of William and Susan Briggs Dean, who settled in Mills county In 1849. He was born on the old Dean ta v , wnfe* ft nm fa in* Dean family. t*tti own** by fete Btetner* Be*. 8«h, the oldest trother, wfro pasted away seven years age. it well remembered. feftnj. B. and Altln E. are retf- deftts of Olenwood. the time was (newt pleasantly spent, largely IB remiaweetree of pfoneer day* ttttl tivfd In the niemofy of these bfotftert and of interstt to the younger generation. Thote present were Harvey Dean, Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Dean. Mr. and Mrs. A. fi. Dean, Mrs. Anna Dean, Mrs. Henry Dean, all of Glenwood; Mrs. Jessie 0. Tink- hara of Rochester, Vt.; Mr. and Mrs. Richard dronewieg. Council fiinffs; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wiles, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie ttotchtagoD of PtettMaouth. Mr. and «rt. Wendell Laiabert and daughter, Snsan. of Hastings. Mr. and Jtrf. Hatty Coo* and famfly.— eteft- Wood Opinfon-Trfbnne. State Kan*** _ Date* for PfoataiiU Pheasant season open two hart days. ffov. 25 and S8, In the fof* lowing cottnttes: Lyon, Otceola, Emmet, Dickinson, WInnebago, and those portions of Stoat, O'Brien, Clay, Palo Aito, Kcw snth, and Hancock counties north of Highway is. Shooting hours: 12 o'clock nooti to 6 p. in. each day. The game department has ruled that if you use a gnn yot* are a hunter and If you set traps you are a trapper. New Corn Shelter It have added a new International CORN SHELLER to my equipment BO nowhave two good ones ready to go, Phone any time you need shelling and we'll itake care of you quickly and at low cost, Alwaya Ready to Go John Waller Malvern [Radiator Glycerine Dependable Never Evaporates Never Freezes 75c Gallon S. CLEM West Side Drugs \r xfc ^Vs^^ ^^ fr 4vr Everything from Soup to Nuts for your Thanksgiving Dinner Malvern Fruit Co. First Groceries, Meats and Fruits at Wholesale Prices Special Today 40 lb, sack or FIVE SACKS for 1.63 $7.95 Honest Abe,..,,_„__„., « tyn U lb, sack JL • • •• or FIVE SACKS for $8.45 B ** 40 « or FIVE SACKS for— ^9,45 Corn 22c ORANGES, Gal., per doz. LETTUCE, large heads „_, __7c Fancy Jonathan APPLES, 10 lb*. _ 39c Bushel Basket for $1,30 GRAPE FRUIT, large sisse 80 Fancy Tokay GRAPES, lb, __7»/ a c Extra Fancy CRANBERRIES, 2 lb, 25c Morton's Sugar Curing Sroeke SALT, 10 lb, can ,—„„ 85c SWEET POTATOES, 6 Jbs, .. MACARONI or SPAGHETTI, a WE SELL RETAIL AT WHOLESALE PRICES FRESH MEATS WEINERS, 4 Iks. ~29c FRESH , PORK SAUS. AGE, 8 |hu „,...»« . PURE LARD, 4 Ibs. .,32s FRESH HAMS, lb. 12VU FRESH LIVER, 4 Ibs, 25c CRE FRESH OYSTERS. qUMto lb Large pkg. CAKE FLOUR 4 b*r B»kei;'$ 0|o«»late FR with e,ach pk*. gakj Flour. ¥ 5w» Coffee Tali CaRB. PINK SALMCW * 19c I1V.« No, m cans PEACHES, PEARS, PINEAPPLE 04? APRICOTS in Heavy Syrup, per can ---- »,, Pueikt Fltur J 17!c M.Sfl Milk. lb* Psila of Pure ttowy w ,» ww New Dales* 2 Iba. 6 ih, c»n Corn 10 Jb. can Coru Syfup-48c & lb, can White 10 lb. em White

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