The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1955 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1955
Page 10
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PAOB TEH BI.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31, 193S New Congress Leaders Combine Youth and Age By LEWIS GULICK WASHINGTON (AP) — Four men who provide a combination of youth and age along with experience and reputations for hard work will gimle Congress in 1956. The "big four" on Capitol Hill "WHAT A LIFT—Employes a West Berlin, Germany, gas: work* make light of heavy work, thanks to this new-style crane. It raises a freight car and empties its 40-ton load in a matter of seconds. FRENCH leader, he'd be expected to help it through. Congressional (Continued from Page 1) dence to back the earlier charge of bribery in connection with the shooting. Faure's office also had a so- caHed authorized source tell the French Press Agency early today that the bribery accusation "does not seem to be corroborated" by an investigation still in progress. Faure is acting interior minister as well as premier. Fox Movietone News officials also denied a charge by Jacques Soustelle, governor general' of Algeria, that the picture of the shooting was made to support an "anti- French campaign" in the United Nations. Algerian Question L'Express kept up its fire on the Algerian question. The paper quoted two Moslem officui Is—one a member of the French Senate— on two other events the paper has reported nnd the Interior Ministry has denied. One of the officials was quoted as saykig five brothers were .executed at the town of Milu, near Const-antine in northeastcn Algeria, after they had been cleared by an investigating: magistrate. The other official supported j Hooked Duck L'Express's version of the execution of 1-2 suspects at GuendouzR. southeast of Bouf>ier, after the murder of a local constable. Algeria continued t boil up in the news on the eve of t,he French election. Police sources there said at least 25 rebels were sliun In clashes Thursday and Friday. Four inen were arrested on charge. 1 ; they planned to throw grenades on election day. Although Algeria is administered as a political part of metropolitan France, voting there has been postponed indefinitely. More than 25 million French men and women are eligible !o votei Monday. With few m-wspapiT.s ap-l pea ring Sunday, only scattered election meetings and no political' broadcasts, many people will con- 1 cent rate on recovering from the huge nifdl traditionally eaten on New Year's evo. i during the new session opening Tuesday will be: Sam Ruvburn, 73. who has been Speaker of the House for more than 11 years in all—longer than any other man. Lyndon B, Johnson, like Rayburn a Texas Democrat, whose selection as Senate Democratic leader three years ai;o at '14 made him the youngest ever to hold that post- Joseph W. Martin Jr., 71, a Massachusetts Republican who has led his party colleagues in the House lor 17 years and served four year. 1 , as Speaker. William F. Knowland. 47-ye;ir- old Cuhforman whose rise to the Senate SOP leadership in 1953 made him one of the youngest majority leaders in history. Election Year They face a major task in a presidential election year. The Democrats control both House and Senate by thin majorities. The Republicans hold the presidency and its empire of executive agencies. Not only the White House, but all House seats and one third of the Senate seats will be nt stake in November. Ray burn and Martin, Johnson and Knowland will have their hands full in closing party ranks behind party programs while still encouraging the moderation and compromise that are necessary to legislative accomplishments. Rayburn has been a staunch supporter of the Democratic program —with a capital "D"—since he entered Congress with the first administration of Woodrow Wilson. He may find it harder to keep his own temper in check as the partisan spirit fans hotter. The same £?oes for Martin, a House member since 1925 and a GOP stalwart long before that. Personal Problem Johnson has the added persona problem of n heart attack suffered last July which is expected to slow down the strenuous pace at which lie had driven himself as Semite leader. Knowland's biggest difficulty may stem from his evident intent to run for presidnt if President Eisenhower decides against another bid. The outspoken Californian makes no secret of his differences with Eisenhower over foreign policy. As a campaignr for president, he might be stressing his opposition to parts of the Eisenhower program while, as Senate GOP FIGHTING POLIO—This is the official poster for the 1956 March of Dimes campaign against polio. It features little Tommy Woodward, 5, of Baltimore, Md. The blue-eyed, towheaded youngster was stricken with polio in 1951, v:hen he was little more than a year old. His great ambition is "to run like 'Chuckte'," his 2 1 ,|>year-old brother. Tommy's picture will also appear on donation cans throughout the munirv. Antarctic Base Site Is Picked KAINAN BAY. Antarctic < Delayed i i.'Vt—A towering ice shelf some 30 miles east o( LiUie America today was picked as the base camp for Rear Adm. Richard E. Byrd's . latest Antarctic .expedition. Known as Kuimm Bay. the area will be headquarters for "Operation Deepfreeze" during the next three years. It already is being referred 10 as Little America No. 5. The Kuinan shelf ice is regarded ;••• more stable and accessible than that in the Bay of Whales area where the first four Little Americas lie buried under snow and ice. Located some 800 miles from the South Pole, Kainan Bay has as us nearest neighbors Americans at Mi'Murrio Sound. -iOO miles west. In the next day or so. 7.000 tons of supplies and oquipmem. will be unloaded from the carsto ships Ar- neb and Greenville Victory. IKE MAYOR Conservation Agent Is Named CARUTHERSVILLE — Don May of Morley has been appointed state con^erviiMon ayent for Pemiscut County. He is expected to arrive here within a frw clays. May replaces La von Penrod of Port a ye vi He. who has been con- both Pcmiscot Democrats have especially Important job because, with their party out of pow- ;r and no agreed-on leader pending the 195R nominating convention in Aupust. it's up to them to set 'ho ton on party policy. PARKERSBURG. W.Vn. <{P)— City Park Supt. S. B. Batten, feeding the nine ducks \vhieh inhabit the park's l:ike, was puzzled because 1 one oi' (Continued from Page 1) venting Buchanan from taking office Monday. The order said Chancery Court fotind that an election contest hud been filed, that Jackson was nuty- or and would be until his successor was duly elected and qualified, ; ?e rvarion ayeni fo that no successor had been duly ; , mci New _\iadrid counties elected and qualified "until so de- TTnnti Mni .. e arr . va} pni clared by the court, after the hearing of the election contest." Buchanan was restrained and Jackson ordered to post 31.500 bond. Writ Filed After Ward's order Buchanan's attorneys filed a Upon May's arrival. Penrod will concentrate his duties on New Madrid County, it was announced. filed. writ New Veterans' Hospital Open MANILA i/P)—A 39.000,000 veterans hospitfi], built with U.S. funds, Arguments were to be made to [ n:)s bmi optyu , c) tnerpi It is cons jci_ Justice Smith. If granted, the writ! m , d t he most modern and best of prohibition would prohibit. Cnan- j ( , ui d in tne F;u . Eafit of prohibition with the Supreme Court and made arrangements to argue the case, today. Court from taking jurisdiction in the matter. In that case. Buchanan would be sworn in Monday at 10 a.m. as scheduled. If the writ is not granted, presumably Jackson will con- , ^ _ ' or * tinue as Mayor until the election contest is decided. Circuit Court is not scheduled to meet until Jan. 1G. (Continued from Page 1) pram for (he new year. The mes- now is nearly completed. Eisenhower will go over a polished version Monday. To Miss Opening James C. Hagerty, White House press secretary, told newsmen it now has been definitely decided! the President will not return to ' phington for the opening of Con- cress Tuesday and presentation of the. State of the Union message two days later. The message will be read 'in Congress by clerks. The Chief Executive plans 10 return to the capital about Jan. 8. After his work session, lunch and a rest period yesterday, Eisenhower practiced golf approach shots on the baseball diamond across from his living quarters at! the naval base. . j Afterward he took a short walkj around the base and then returned! to his office to sign a few letters, i He also sent off a telegram con-' granulating Gen. George C. Marshall, Eisenhower's one-time boss in the Army, on his 75th birthday today. Negro Deaths De/oise Claybrook Services for Deloise Claybrook, HBt'd 4, who died Monday nUiht at Blythevlllc Hospital for injuries suffered when her clothes caught fire Sunday, will be conducted at- '2 p.m. tomorrow ut True Light Baptist Church by R«v. .J. W. Speight. Burial will he at Number Nine Cemetery with Casion Fum-nii Home in charge. Survivors include her mother. Louise Armour; her fath"--, .Harold Claybrook; one sister. Dorothy J. Hudson and one brother, Lawrence Allies. George Marshall Is 75 Today PINEHURST, N. C. (#)— Silvory- lutirpd and. erect, .elder statesman and soldier Ciporgc C. Marshall c.cle- bratcs his 75th birthday at his winter home here today. MnrslKill pliiiiiietl to spend the Uy . He w ill receive en Us uniber of old friends who by, .sonit 1 of them former erved with and under his more than 30 years Rend Courier News Classified Ads. live officers -li him dtir in the a Piled up on his desk are con- gnuulaiory messages from more old friends, including President n- hmver and t'X-Pre.sldent Truman, from heads of state and from men who were buck privates under him. POPULATION SHIFT-News- chart reflects changes in the world population picture caused by' the Communist and anti- colonial movements since 1939. Figures indicate vividly. the breaking of colonial ties and the expansion of Communist power. The "newly freed" category consists of those persons freed from colonial rule by the West since 1939. WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS . . . BABY BEDS • ROLLAWAY BEDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Mail • 3-3122 Fined on Traffic Charge CARUTHERSVILLE— Jack Rhinehart of Peach Orchard pleaded guilty in Pemiscot, County Circuit Court to driving while in- j toxicated and was fined $75 plus! court costs, was given a six-' months suspended sentence and, his driver's license was revoked, ' officers said. ; Real Safety Self Service Law SOUTH CHARLESTON. W. Va. i (j?)—Law and order, drive-in style: The state policemen didn't, even look up when a car moved slowly; into the driveway of Company B : headquarters and came to a stop at the curb. Out popped a 16-year-! old youth, who strode over to the i first tffooper he saw and an- j nounced: j "I stole that car two days ago j and I want to turn myself in." The Veterans Memorial hopsital occupies a 135-acre site in Manila's .suburb of Quezon City. There sin: 330 beds for tuberculous patients, LOUISVILLE, Ky. W — A local man who installed a safety belt in ! — . . ,,. his wife's car reports that,when ureen/ono Mine she stopped for a red light a young man yanked the door open and tried to drag; her out but the safety belt kept her securely strapped in the car. The young man was left in a cloud of exhaust fumes when the light changed. 1 medical rases and 5U bids for mental patients. Work on the hospital, financed bv the U.S. Veterans Administration, was begun in August of H)5H. Yaws Cured MESTERVIG, Greenland (Ji — Officials of '-a Danish-Swedish-Ca-; nadhm mining company say they j plan mining lead in Greenland. I / Delta Propane Phone For Free Estimates R. C. FARR & SONS Phone 3-.IH62 — Owners 400 Railroad — Phone 3-4567 WASHINGTON. D. C. W— About 25 mill lion Africans suffer from yaws, a deforming tropical disease which the Pan American Sanitary Bureau says now can be cured by penicillin. Who's Hunting Whom? WALSENBURG, Colo l/P) — There's one bear in mountainous southern Colorado who hadn't qui'-i' learned his place in the world. Hi 1 went hunting for a hunter. John L. Palmer of Trinidad. Onto , camped in the mountains, was awakened when tiie bear took a bite at his head. He suffered ili'i'p them was out in the middle and I cuts, but scared off the bic animal wouldn't come in for his food. I before it. could do further dama','f. Baton ro\vcd out to investigate i Palmer was treated at a hospital Hi- found the clurk had swallowed :i lish hook and the attached leader u-;i.s fouled iu-ound n water lilly. here, then returned to the mountains to hunt the bear that hunted him. Stealing from Babies We Buy Ear Corr FARMERS SOYBEAN CO. "Home of Sudden Service" Broadway & Unison Phone ,'i-Slitl live out of town ... and want Contact these agents LUXORA- C. H. Banner For aches, [iiiins, vuls. bruises, burns, folds, headaches, bites and stiufjs. try Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment Available at your favorite druu counter C. O. SMITH PRODUCTS CO. iBLAMED — Japan's Foreign [Minister Mmnnrii Shigemitsu ''/aces a no-confldenco vote lor ibis failuiD to gain Japan's a<l- •'•inission lo the United Nations. 'The powerful Socialist party is dcmandin/; his rosiKnalion, blaming Japan':! rejection on Shigcmil; u'a "mistaken icnowl- [«dgc ot and poltey raRatdtilg Wationalfct China's attKudo W 'his fi'tlure to restore relalforra FARM LOANS Six Star Feature 1. No hrok<T»ke tees to p»y Z. No stock to purchase 3. An opportunity to ostablinh credit with a litrffe insurance Co. thut in nnd tiM been for many years a |«r- mancnt lender lit this territory. 4 fxHig time low interest rntc. 8. We p»y the appraisal ami attorney fees. «. Quick service, fast closlnR We close loans before imisJ companies mnkc tlu'lr 1m- spec t ions. For Information, Sec, Call or Write LOGAN FINANCE CO. l-fnch Biitidlnc MythevlUt, Ar*. PhoM J-8034 Bxdu«lve Agrnt.for Amfrlcnn United Life Insurance Co. OSCEOLA - Mrs. Margaret Morse 325 Elizabeth, Phone 387 Billy Burns 27 Adams Kerser Truman Henderson DELL Donnie Baker MANILA Charles Miller HOLLAND ------ Jimmy Jones STEELE Sonny Stroud HAYTI Clifford Dickerson 600 N. Third CARUTHERSVILLE - - Mike Dale 1808 Parkview, Phone 1127 YANCY BEALE ST. ORCHESTRA at the DELTA CLUB Highway 18 West Saturday Nite, New Year's Eve Delicious Steaks, Chicken, Seafood For Reservations Caii Soon Phone 3-9932 or 3-6984 Admission $3.00 Per Couple plus tax The *"* WORTLES Here's the gang that keeps millions of people laughing and smiling. It's MORTY MEEKLE and his pals. Characters all, they make the commonplace comic and the ridiculous riotous. Don't mitt the fun and humor in the hilarious daik comk strip—MOKTY MEEKLE! Storting JM. 9 m MM Camfrr HIWI

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