The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 23, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1933
Page 3
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S^55^S^9E^5S9'SHPHHBHttlHW^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M2lMMMS^MiMH E ^^^ ^^ " ' i i""n —SI^^TS!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^ MAITCHESS MgaiL»JBLjft&m JMUttt tJfcUft t*P Mil Explain* Retoffliflg Rule* *&t P*f*ftt* 10 Ai*i*t in Pftfiftiifii Sfftttf ef By F. M, efous revests hate been fit*** in fegard to jmpfls fetarn- tftf to Bchool after they hate beeft otit ol school with some form of Wsntaglons disease, Behool authorities hate been ittattSrtifcl is wet* way to atoid »h outbreak of ahy disease, to fctery precaatlon is being taken ill »llowlh|t penile to retarn to Ichool after they hate had the mumps, this is a state department of health ruling, so we are asking parents to cooperate with the school in an effort to mini- mite the dangers of contracting the disease. It teems that there are very few hew cases developing in the school and it is hoped that the number of eases will he reduced to a minimum within the nett week or ten days, the state department states in its recommendations that all cases Of mumps should be excluded from school for a period of 14 days. Members df the same family who Tiave not had mumps should be excluded from school for the same period. Should another pupil in the family contract the mumps during that period, the •exclusion from school should be cinsidered from the time of contracting the disease. Parents should seek the advice ot a physician it there is any •doubt as to whether or not their •children have the mumps. Freshman News The freshmen are very busy now preparing for the fateful six weeki testa scheduled for the coming week, , In general science the class r made a nice scrapbook to be used 'in the future for reports and clip- Tings. "*"••, The class is sorry that Willis >ee Parks was-forced to remain ,-at home and care for his unwel- ,-come guest, the mumps, the past . • . -,..-'. .J,Roberta Banne told •"' . is' names,are called first at physical training. Due to this fact ffreshman girls continually an- mwer present tor-their senior sis^ •-tors or cousins, No doubt Miss "Nervlg would he grateful if these girls would learn to answer In 'turn. , Mrs, Swain; "Why were you •kept after school today, Betty?" Betty: "Mr. Hertg told us to write an essay on the result of IftrinesB ana I turned in a blank «b,eet ot paper,?' -" >, • , J ,-. thftr* it* to ttafcf Stop and sib* sign* fa town that f«w tafc* notice erf them, spccfal esai-e should to taken neat the Betes! fcotrfe. Little chltdfen BfrtfUftt to and froin school Kite Httie heed id ears, thelf one thought 1* to let to their destination. Driver* rf itttotno" biles should be eJceptlonallt careful going tip the hill on Main street. It ii hot necessary for «o touch speed to make the hill, and eten so, mutt some child be etippisd of hate htt . life taken jnsl for the sake ot making the hill on high! 60 not wait for an accident to happen before heeding this warning; nat drive with care within the city limits at ail tittes. Many children are killed every day by automobiles. Many cities and towns have boy scouts or students stand at dangerous crossings and tell the children when to cross. Although Malvern is not a large city there are dangerous crossings. On Main street the hill going by the school is very dangerous, especially at noon. Why not have volunteers stand out there during the noon hour and help the children across the street? tt is better to avoid accidents than to wait until some child has been crippled or killed and then be careful. Edith Bell. Mrs. Salyers Speaks to Girl Reterve Group Last Wednesday the Girl Reserves were both surprised and pleased to find that one of our former teachers, Mrs. R. W. Salyers, was to talk to them. The theme of their program was "Rigging," Mrs. Salyers special topic was "Loyalty," being one of the things she considered as rigging in our life. She read,a delightful story about loyalty and it was deeply appreciated by all the Qirl Reserves, . ' The program ended with the girls singing the code song. ' Home EC Girls Filch _: Pictures from Magazines posters indicating variousffoods to be eaten to produce health. They have v found this to be very enjoyable work and have succeeded In making the room extremely attractive and colorful. Who, ob who, made the indigestible biscuits that were thrown into the assembly during the sixth period Thursday and caused an outburst of laughter?. We wonder If one ot them should have collided with someone the result might have been disastrous 4o that individual. . - High Sthool Pupil. Attend Ak*SAf*Bett the high school ICfORlm dtfizJf&Hlitftt T&C&fit On Wow* nesday, the day which many st*- dents chose to attend the Ak-Sar- Ben. Most of the animal husbandry boys attended as a class ttftder the supervision of Mr. Evidently several pupils invaded Woolworth's Judging from the amount of new Jewelry In school next day, tt tt also reported that hamburgers in omsha were very rare, tew and far between.' Those people attending the Ak-Sar-Ben Were: Thomas Wills, Lloyd Walker, Gerald Bower, Blalne Dlckersbach, Martin Fa- tet, Junior tiashner, Randal Don* ner, Stuart Hall, Buster Bummers, Ellison Dlllehay, John Malt, Louis Storey, James Beckwlth, Betty Swain, Ocle caudell, Phyllis Wilson, Mary Elizabeth Summers, and Marian Benton. M.H.S. Alumni Seek Higher Education in Several School* The alumni of M, H. B. who are now attending higher schools of learning are: Tom Benton, t)orothy Boehner, and fiernlee Wilson, at Nebraska University; Gene Hoover, Lawrence Hall, and Henry Hummell, at Omaha University; Max Ireland, at Crelghton; Dorothy Durbln at the University of Iowa, and Vera Hummell at Iowa State college. Those attending Peru are Mar* jorle Donner, and Eugene Herts. Oretcben Oidley goes to Lindenwood In Missouri. By Wearin attends University of Chicago. Alice Hall Is at the Council Bluffs Beauty Academy, Janet Swain attends Bryant» Btrattan Business college in Chicago. Marticia Davis attends Baylor college. SNOOPY S E Z S \ (Orchids '-are f ft* HSp-y Bsjnnaons Post of the,.REGION alba 1 *»f -*Afe*£fcfe£r PMoa-W -rit was the hos that Jamie entered, not himself)' that won. Ed, Dudley, and Dick are to be given gardenias for placing in other divisions, Remarks What certain junior girl is taking advantage of her swain's absence. by having a lot of tun with a senior boy? Won't mention any names as I'd bate to start a fight, , Clubs 'TIs mentioned" |hat the girts of the Altey Cat, 'club have taken Miss Nervjg }ntp, y»e}r oJub as 41- rector, Now wheys'' sr^ all those boys who seed to .be singing; "Who's afraid of the -Alley Cats, etc." ^-' - , ; »|M*» , ' ' 'Now this gaylni ? "Wanta buy affluck?" J8-88W -to hftye cowe to pur f>ir high, through MftC Jr, gven 'yet he may be beard saying, ."Hurry, hurry folks, p»iy A few more ducjta It ft,*' '" ' Mottdty, t%«*ay, and W*dn«h lie fttfMttft *aw» nmm& sow* very ttffetttftrat reading claites fit tte ftfiftft. Sttftt Ch*rc1Mfff talked and read 10 tft« trit f»d*rs abont their own toys »*« tfce tots *Mt» wete toid atxmt {ft ffc* twek. the fifth grill* tOtffc . iftfted about a diphtheria efidemfe ia Alaska. Oeogtaphy H c*e of the many sabjeets e&offifttfttf with reading. tae*day fttotfiing the second grader* read the story of the Ginger Bread B«t. the pupils especially liked talking about the cookies their toothers had made them. The «ermai training class was Iheft greatly inspired by Miss Mufti* elass because her pupils read ft story abwat "A Princess Who Couldn't Be Silenced." While reading and dramatizing the story the gitls were Just as interested as the children themselves. ¥h» natl day Mrs. Roberts demonstrated an excellent drill on definition of words. As Book Week Was last week the class observed a very good playlet on "How to Take Care of Books," This was given by Miss Bofene's fifth; reading class. Girl Reserve* Observe Prayer Week at M, H. 3, For the past Week the Girl Reserves hate been -having flve minute prayer meetings. The material for these meetings was sent to us by the president of the National Y. W. 0, A. of which the Girl Reserve is a branch. The meetings hate been led by Hester Hall, Annette Wilson, Mary Ellen Summers, Mary Elizabeth Bummers, and Marie Swoboda. As it waa a nation wide prayer week girls all over the nation were setting aside flve minutes a day for group prayer meetings. fa tfc6 Loa fttffts SatAtBay nffcht tb«y eftjbf ii «m oyster Ori tietttt** oho ha* bean fa the Imtb»ne! hospital tfce past *«»* f* *t the toiue of Mi inotiHSr-hj-ta*. Mrs, Barbara Balis!*, fa Emerwm baring returned there Saturday feooft. ttrs. C»rrte McLaln and dtngfe- ters, Pearl and Velma, *ere Sanday dinner guests la the ftoftte of h«f bto*h«r» »*». t>af!*, la tea- An Operation i* Performed to Show Frog Heart Action Physiology class is getting more interesting every day, Tuesday Mr. Dyke brought a frog to school and out it open in order that the class might watch the action of the heart and see the different parts of the frog's body. Mr. Berts simply loves giggles (in their place). A certain group of eighth graders were detained one, noon last week due to too much giggling until internal conditions suggested that they become sober, - **•*• Mrs. Florence Bat oft and baby SOB, Melvift, spent Tuesday with the Kochefspergers. they left for their hotne In Veteran, Wyo. Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. bon Hatfleld and daughter, Georgia, Visited Carl Andersons near Wesley Chapel Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Berrltnan and Nortna Lee spent Sunday in Stennet visiting his aunt, tva Beeknel. Bertha Kellenbarger spent Monday with Jennie Kellenbarger la Emerson while Mrs. Francis Bulllngton and son*, Wayne and Mat, visited in the Harvie Bui- itngton home north of town. The girls of the Builders Sunday school class cleaned the church Saturday afternoon when they went to practice their Thanksgiving program, tt looked mighty nice Sunday morning. Clarence Bishops were Shenandoah visitors Saturday. Twenty-three young people gathered at the Alfred Cooper home Friday night to make merry with Harold who expects to leave this week for Grand Island, Nebr. to attend business college, Walter Kellenbargers were Red Oak visitors Friday afternoon. Letha Haldeman ot Red Oak spent the week end with the Roy Haldeman family. Madge Parker and daughters spent Saturday afternoon with her mother in Emerson while Francis was in Malvern. Clarence James ot Council Bluffs is spending his two weeks vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John James. Joe McLain was a Shenandoah visitor Saturday. Laurence and Florence Hat- fleld were Sunday dinner guests in the home ot their uncle, Clarence Bishop. John James and Joe McLain visited the Ak-Sar-Ben in Omaha Thursday, Jean Kochersparger visited her cousin, Flora Allen, a couple of days last week, 1 _.» F J of>,Ya«tf entTatt Thanksglvf time* this year. School will be dismissed for the short recess on Wednesday, NOT, 89, and will be In session again on Friday, Deo, 1. '' There will be only three weeks' between that time and the Christmas holidays, so the Thanksgiving vacation will be cut short. , that wme girls of M, H, 1, bftve aaopted the NRA c,oaft r(No Roosting A)}owe4). »a WlJum^ aai} ptJxer glrja of the Tesa comlP strip h&ve. well, hoys ere going Their new is "Gfttber Ljlp Reuge BOffl^e fug, geattpjjf for gagopy, pre&§noe Js an ' Fourth Observes Book Week The fourth graders have been observing book week. They made a "Modern Library" poster for the hall bulletin board. They have made a new reading chart and every time they read a new book they may place a small book opposite their name, The title of the book is placed on the small paper book. They have also ma book markers which have become very useful. Seventh Grade In English the seventh graders have been learning more, about conjunctions and interjections, They have started the study of "The Courtship of Miles Stand* Jgh." They are making a notebook of words and phrases. Ia history they are studying about the Revolutionary war and the Wbjgs and Tories. Eugene Walker injured his leg is unable to be present at school. Billy ghepard and Irene Waller have the mumps. Fifth Grade Round Trip FARES OUT Almost FOB THAHKS6IVIHG "Mother, I should think the school board would roakt oil parents use Coneso," Mofh§n M They couldn't do that, Donald, but it would be a good idea if the parents themselves would find out why their cars wouldn't start and buy Conoco. And I imagine they would if they knew it would save them monty ol$o« M CONOCO Mumpa Haven't Started "» ^»t Crado Yet In observance pf jj&tiogsl Week e«cb, peraxw J» fte. fifth grade Is reading Sach pupil ig given a Vfhteh he write* about the he has read. These placed, in an envelope to be a. record of 00.0*1 read during year, TJW bulletin board i» wUil pJlPturea of iB4ti»s ted ilHtts tuitmUm 4tat T&wikii log Uw9 t» 4rawi&* 9$ tftfr •re eut pf tbeir *r^ • witb the y . , . betweeu all the Buriiaf ton ftnu to gsn oowecUnj jro»A« tfer»Mghflut the Wastwa 4 tbe hM»>i | p * wt W wiffp - trww tA trip l*» M ftflBUBll>d it*. Wat*« and wife o1 Wales were wfth «t and Mr. Wagner gate i very fctftf*1 taflc. We hope these pwofte come again; also any other* who care to eotne. . td. — Mr. SBd tiffs. Heftty ScWning, Mls« Opal Mali, and Mrs. Lanra Hall were Shenandoah visitors Thursday. Mr. aad Mrs. Eatl ttattnan and children were in Malvern Saturday atternoo«. Lavonne was having dental wef* done. Henry Crecetlns spent Saturday night In the L. B. Brammeier home. Roy Martin, Helen, Margtie- ritte and Howard Dodson, and Mr. aad Mrs. L. E. Brammeter attended the play given at the Wales high school Friday night. Mrs. Bryan Walker and sons visited her mother, Mrs. W. fi. Mahan, Thursday afternoon. Phyllis Bchlpper spent the past week with her annt near Wales. Opal Hail who is employed at the State Institution in Olenwood spent the past week with her sister aud other relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Will Bnodgrass visited In the home of their daughter, Mrs. Earl Hartnan, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Grouse, Harriet Ciltes, Mr. and Mrs. Earl ZuBdnll and children spent Sunday In the Henry Schilling home. Gwendolyn Ryan spent Saturday night in the L. E. Brammeter home. - Mr. a»a Mrs. Orlow ftyan, Mr. and Wrs. John Uodsou, aad Mr. at»d Mr«. !. W. Castot were in Red Oak Saturday. Ralph Cote aftd ceasitt, Ltrthef Wright, spent Saturday night with Ralph's parents. They spettt Snnday evening with Ralph's, brother In Hendersoti. SdiiUifl § Etttettilm Mrs. Henry Schilling entertain* ed a number of friends Thursday evening honoring her Bister. B«nco was played and refreshments were served at a late hour. Those present were: Lillian Mendenhall. Marie Travis, Bonnie Bonldra, and Peart Fleming. 0*ic* Sunday School Oaks had an attendance of 66 Including several visitors. Memory verses were recited by Miss Dodson'a class. We were en- Uftalned by the orchestra from the Stratton church. Rev. Smith and wife and daughter came with them and he gave a very interest* ing talk. DRS. KLINE & KLINE Or, O, M. Kiln* Dr. J. A. Kiln* 0«t«opithlo Phyilelani OfTig* hour*! 1 to B p, m. ind 1 i* • p. M. en Saturday, Other Hour* by Appointment Office ever low* 8t*t* living* Bank x.R*y Ditgnetu Phoneti Office 118. Houte 1M Oaks, NOT, :16: Mr, and Mrs, I. W. Castor were in Olenwood Thursday, Melba Hicks and Velma Mahan were supper guests of Kathleen Jones Saturday evening. Melba spent the night there returning home Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schilling and daughter, Ruth Ellen, were in Malvern Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Brammeier were in Malvern Thursday. Ralph Cole and Luther Wright were Sunday dinner guests in the Malcorob Cole home in Henderson. : Several from here attended the shower given for Mrs, Lloyd Hoi- Ungsworth at the home of her parents, Mr. snd Mrs. Lee Hutchings, Anna Belle received many nice and useful gifts, Our best wishes go with this fine couple, Mr, and Mrs, Austin Stuvio of Morton Mills spent Sunday in the home of her parents, Mr, Mrs. Jno. Dodson. Oaks Sunday School Notes Oeks had an attendance of sixty including eleven visitors last Sunday, The special music by the choir was very much appreciated. Rey. A- A. Wright and wife and daughter of Henderson TODA¥,SOIV, SO I'LL DRIVE YOU TO SCHOOL" Donafdt "Mother, tt is cold—nearly half of my class was not there yesterday." Mothers "Cold weather does interfere with school,Donald,but I'm can get there—thanks to.our car" i , .*» t*. Tr.* ink.., ',],>-. n*-- r-5«is ra ... ,v , . T ^j(A Ti.^.A***-' 1 !!^'.*, ..,.., 1 use them in cold weather—'cause "they can't get , them started" Mothon "Maybe, dear, the/ don't use »the right gas and oil—that's practically the only difference between our car and many others. Understand, Donald, people are careless—they fail to get penetrative oil—"found only in Germ Processed Motor Oil made by Conoco. Cold oil, even winter grade, unless it is right, makes it hard for the starter to revolve'the motor. Conoco Oil helps motors turn over easily and then the Conoco Bronze Gasoline acts at the first spark and the motor starts at once." MOTHtt DO VOW THIS* THf CAR Will START a*? VfS OWH-IT ALWAYS P0C$.W! UX CONOCO BRONZE GASOUNt AND GCRM PBOCfWfP MOTOR OH, JIMMY SAYS HIS PAD HAS A TERRIBIE.T1M! WHY COIDMORNING -I THINK lUTtlV HIM ABOUT CONOCO OOQp PT PEAR IUCAU.FORVOU ;•!

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