The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 16, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XVIII. NO/80. CAttttOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, 16, 1894 WHOLfi KO. 918 r KASH IS KING! AND IN ORDER TO GET FULL VALUE FOR YOUR CASH YOU MUST GO TO Goods Guild's He sells for cash only'and makes one price to everybody, consequently he does not inake them that pay for their goods pay for them that don't pay as they do in stores that sell on time. Our stock is all new and bought with the tariff off, and in order to see the difference in values it will pay you to compare prices before ypu buy. It is not a question of how much we can get for goods now, but howkittle we>can sell them for. Underwear AT 29c. We will sell you a lady's fine Egyptian Jersey Ribbed Natural Gray Vest or Pants', sizes from 2 to 5. Heavy fleeced same Roods sold last year at 50c. AT 5 Q The B. E. J., the finest combed Egyptian Vests and Pants on the market, today are being advert ' Chicago at'GSc., they ought to be cheap in Carroll at 60c. : - AT 69<5. Gents heavy all-wool Underwear. This Is a great bargain as you can not duplicate them for less than one dollar anywhere. C. Extra fine quality heavy weight medicated sqarlet pure wool underwear. They would be good Value at (1.26. Flannels AT An extra heavy Kersey flannel, be very, cheap at fifteen cents. AT 15c- A double thick fleeced Flannel, just the thing to keep you warm. These goods are selling everywhere at 18o. AT A fine medicated twilled scarlet all- wool Flannel. If you are looking for a bargain, be sure you see this. AT 20° A western WM six oz. to the yard. In red or blue. These goods are worth and sold every 'where at 25c. AT c. Wo will sell you a heavy twilled 5 oz scarlet Flannel. Compare this with any 36e. quality and 1 know you will take ours. AT C. A very fine Shaker Flannel yard with all wool, extra heavy and soft. This is a regular fifty cent quality. Blankets AT C. per Pair A 10x4 Peruvian Blanket, fine and soft, just the tiling theso cold nights, and they would be cheap at 76c. AT Our large 10x4 Fleetwing Blankets. This is a hummer as they are $1.25 everywhere AT $1.75 An extra large 11x4 very heavy Blankets. These guiidanoid lust j«ar for $2.60. AT $3.50 An extra good quality all, wool Blankets in white or gray. 5lbs to the pair. These are honest goods and made by the cnpitol city woolen mills in our state. •AT $4.95 The largest, the best, the heaviest and warmest blanket In Iowa for the money. Cloaks AT $6.25 A Lady's • Fine Cloak in Blue Kersey cloth. This garment is well made aud handsomely finished. You can't match it for less than 37.50 anywhere. . AT $9.25 A very Stylish Coat made from the new covert cloth, durable and very becoming. This garment is a bargain, be sure you «ee'it. AT $9.95 A Beautiful Black Fur Trimmed Beaver cloak. This is a regular $12.00 garment. AT $10.95 A"27 inch Elegant Fur Cape. Jf you Intend buying anything of this kind, you can't afford to miss-this as It wculd be cheap at $16. , Astrakan and Electric Seal capes, proportionately low. Hoods & Fascinators AT 25c. A good all wool Knit Ladles' Hood. This is a greiit buiftaiu us' you. can't buy thn yarn Hint; is in II; for that price, they come in black and brown. AT 39c. A very fine large hood, made from Fleishers best Germnntown Zephyrs yarn. This hood would be very cheap at BOc. AT 39c. A beautiful Knit Facinator in Black or IFhftin. largn »tz B . miuln from v«ry fine wool and would be good value at 65o. AT 49c. {This fascinator is madfl from extra fine Saxony Tarn and beaded, it crimes in black, white blue and pink. If you don't get one of them you willbe sorry. AT 65c. Yon can get something grand. Don't pay u dollar for one when you ovn get om- here forttSc. Dress Goods AT 15c. A yard wide covert cloth. 'These goods will wear and.have the appearance ot very expensive goods. AT 23c. A full 86 Inch English. Cashmere, we have them in all colors. This is the snme goods you have been paying SBcfor. AT 33c. A fine all wool Flannel broadcloth finish, iO in wide In all the latest shades, be biiru you see thl.s as you always pay {Oc lor this quality. AT 45c. Aline of Pin Id annels with Bour- etie Checks. The eare65cgo Wo put this price on them to sell t out quick. OUK 65c Black Henrietta beats the world. This Is Julllards goods 42 inches wide guarantee* a wooded blao and would be a bargain at 76c. VISIT TO OUR §TORE will convince anyone that Dry Goods, Notions, Furnishing Goods, Cloaks and Furs are being sold as cheap by us as anywhere in the United States. We make close prices, sell our goods, aud our trade so far this full has far exceeded our expectations which shows that the people fappreciate our efforts in giving good goods at a nominal'price. These prices can only be had at '. v Next door west of Postofflfce. GUILD'S DRY GOODS STORE OBUBOH PIB»CTO»T paBMnaau*. HIIiOMi •WrtMl i Hun- *' "*' BUT. Oi», fpuop, fatter W. • fihr^, O-HwrniuowM. . Bnptrtut>*<l*»V FIRE AT GLIDDEN, $25,000 Worth ot Property Bes- troyed,-Five BuBine.BB Houses and Two Dwellings Burn- i ed to the Ground. are toapeoted of being guilty. It will to a good thing if tb* parlie* who are r**pon*ibl* for tb* daatardly outrage oould to apprehended, for no oity in tbi* •eetioo of tb* country baa anffered from tb* work of Ore-bug* as tbi* ha*. UNION Baavion. Ttoahnrebea of tbe oity will meet in a union eerriaee tomorrow evening at lib* Bapliel church. Tb* eerrloe* will to oondooted by the Yonng Men'* Obriatian aaaooiatiou, and will to in the internet of tb* T, M. 0. A. Tb* ohoir will to com- poted of mal* voioe*. Tbi* will to tb* opaning meeting of tb*''week of pray*r" aud during next week tber* will to meeting* told W*dn**day about 1 a. m. flre waa di*eor*r*d in tb* mar of Waraohaw'a dry goodi flora, When flrat di*oorered the wboU rear of tba building waa ou Oca and tb*,fl»m** wet* nndar *aoh headway tbat all bopea <>f earing tba building waa abandoned and tba fir* oompwny did all it oould |o prevent tto arming at tb* Y* M. 0. A. room* for •praadof tiwflre. The wind WM blow, men only; ing tjuiU itroog and in a abort tin* it Tba week of prayer will clot* with a WM»tid**t that tb.* whole row ot build- "»*M«* »°1°» Mrrioa Sunday atoning, ipga w*r* doomed. Tto band angina Nor. 18, probably at tb* asm* obnroh. woqld not wock>d, if it bad, tba flr* Tbenniou maating willtofortotbaan*. WM tpo much under feaadway by tto B*?> W.B. Thompwn will addrww the lime tb* watajr wai turned on to aooom- meeting of tomorrow *r*niflg and Dr. plitb, any good f be main work ww to aod tb* Vb» !«!«« brick on Ih**flt cor- »»r, ooouplad by Pioktjr, w|» pompl«l«. Jy djftro|r«ii M ««rt »ll IM o|b*r build ipgf |Mr, Pi***? hid oj»» of }n« flttMtdry gd« wd urewrjf, »»or«« in (b« city, Vtw n M ( buildtgg to lb« tbf »l«rt*Ml, W,M WajMUof'* grow?) (ton ow* i|Qi% Prl|l dry Will MoN. W, 'i »ud Foloomon tb* araning of tb* 18lh. ,Row. or HOMOH, Tbe following puplliot the louth tide bave toon perfect n ipolllng for tbe paitwwk: WM* N||lFrinai» 'Aitwrt long MliiUiO'Brlw Hor M«uder«OH MU)Mt«8toka§ J«««« tttekft ef »or*J, AJIIbop boot Ml d««U«4 into U>« etroet §i tawMo, KM* •t aeon, a Swede, 18 year* old. He bid been in tto country a year and a half, farm'a; at Odebolt, Iowa, but tod time* in tb* weet bad foroad bin oat and to bad come to New York. Sine* bi* arrival, he aaid, a lot ot people bad been following him about, attempting to tear him limb from limb, bat to wanted a quiatat death. Tto *ergeaotMnt tb* mantoth* inaan* pavilion' at Ballarne boipital. • • HUH* AQAIN. Manolu* Monitor. 80 onnpeotwd waa bin coming, it waa uolittl**arpiieeto hi* friend* in Man. ning, who ar* legion, wbea it waa mad* known on Waduwday tbat Charlie Ltwreooe, who, bat a few w*ekt ago, waa r*port*d to to in a oritioal oooditiou at bia mottor'a bom* took itf Malooe, New York, bad arrived in the oity ou tbat morning. Mr. Lawrence WM interviewed by a reporter for tb* Monitor at the Park hotel abortly after bia arrival. "Howia your general health now," usk«d tba reporter. "WiUi" aaid be, "aiide from baiug •o«ewbat fatigu«d from my long and (ediou* lonroey, I am f**lin§ bettw tb«n I tiM*. for aom* tim* pail, Report* to tb* contrary, notwitbB^andlng, I am ou rtbyat, andejpMtto b* tor atraral yean to «ama." "Bow long do you aipaot to remain anda by tbe cutters Ruin and Corwln to watch several sealers that were tardy in reporting came down on tbe Bear. The Boar's cruise in the Arctic began in April la»t. •••• Twelve LTBotan AmaMd. CDLLCM, Ala., Nor. )fi.— John and Monroe BVOUJI wen lynched in thii county in 1001. The governor and this county offered a reward for the lyuohert. Twelve men, acousud of complicity in the crime, have Just been arrested and are in jail here. Many other* are to be arrested, _ : Hiitvur and AruolU, 17 umi 10 yeura of agu, pleaded guilty to the murder ot Mayor Mnrnli aud were aeutoiiced to U»a CARROLL! Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY, U. SBADLK, FasUtonnble Millinery. MISS BLLA TODD, MUllnerr and K»no» 6e**a Drewn "Aboot four w«*k«i I tbink." "flon do you lik« »b« Etwtt" "I f onldo't make tbat country my perinjaajt borne," Mir.Imwrwo* replied, "it it were b«a,ae«tb*d to n*. It bajw't got t|)«i buatle «ud bustl* of th« w««t, I till «wll Manning ny bom*. My wit* uud dangbtar," oontiunad h*,»'ar* aujov. "g IbjmplyM b.«g«ly. TtoyMjBdtluir tcgardt to »» Manning fri«nd»." bwl of th* IhMrlvf •»* FU»». i, Nov. W.—Tto OT«(UM Uotrlble dreami InillciklQ a bod condition of Ilie dlguiU(eH|ip«rMu>. aud tbe auflewr should atonuatut about helping imturo to rlglit It, Correct all Irrntulitr ponoiml bablt* ot diet, and reil, exeroUtt uiodomteljp, e«t pJ«ln nourUbltiK food, and only when hungry, and u«o Or. Ptoro*'* Plvniunt fell«to to r*»toro beaUbr Mtlnii ot the liver, •tomwh «>id bowel*. They sro unequ«i»o at u bowel rruuUior «nd von- tribute to good appetite, beallbi' dlgeiilon and pure blood. They never uoiiitl|i»ta, Eilwurd V. Crows, 83 yearn olil, collvo- tnr at St. IJOU|B (or tUo St. I^ouix ami Sou FraucUou nunp.'uiy. IIIIH coiifensuit touin- Oonfldeptial Advioe. to either *ex oil dlwaiet of a Uvliviite uuture. Kuolote leu c«nU for Ur«« lllu»ir*t«d book *«a< wwleU, if frutu oUiervnilon la Frank Monroe of Lowell, Mow., has been urreawd «t Douvur, Colo,, for trying to |MW8 a vheok rttiafU from |15 tu f J.600, Hnjmkn,u\vlwtHiHl hU uffiitme. four Biff euooeeaoa, llaiiDR the nac<i«4 merit to more Ibw u>«k» good mi tu» HdverluiiiK olHlwcU for thea). lha fpUowlnn four wuiodlc* b««e ttwotoea * |ilionoutBa«l isle. Or. Hug'* Mew Uitaovwy couiuwiillua. Cou«b» «ud OoUU, «»oh bp|- (le vunranteed-¥ieetrio unwri, the ptet r»m- «djr for Uver, Btouwoh and Kiau«y«, DHOkloui iruto* 9t»ivt>, tb* b«|t la Ihu world, »ud Dr. King's Nuw Mf* »'MU, wUtoU an a prfwt 1. All tb.«»« wmodlo* aw gmtrutewl (o ao ittlt HUM l» oialiu«d for tb«m and tlw d«nl«r wltow U«UM in aUtoaad bowwHh will be ma lo tell jrou ware ot »lwu>. told »t J. W. Ii»t- tO«'« J)t«l Blare, F, M. DAVRNPORT, L*MIMU *9wiiuMan*nwtaTaM5ia< FINANCIAL. VIB8T NATIONAL BANK, Cor, M»lu aaU JWtn 8ttMla> NOKTHWK8TERN BDILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Firm am* FEED MILLS. L J, J. a UATLUOK, ritth StrMt. HARNESS, ETC. L. T. ANDKU3ON. U»ru«M mid Uorte ClOtOlOl, Truoki, ValUw and Sewing WINES AND LIQUORS. V1CTOB1H, BTBIWUHK, "The Blmuond." PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS, 8HW?mU> * WTTKMipN. u wiiui Mill*, Timki and Pumpa. \ JOB PRINTING, DAILY SfNTINKL, Aduui 8Ut»t B»«t Kijulppca PrlnlTnf Q<B«« tu W 'Mtern lout, Professional Cards, Ji». L. NAKTIM. U.I!, MARTIN & MARTIN, win Mirfroinpt atiuuUnu given to uali«oU(HU, Koiwy In offieo. Olttoo lu ateLajiM Wo«*. HKAOH A HOYT LAWYERS.

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