Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 1, 1955 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1955
Page 16
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1. 1955 FIFTEEN Lemon Drop Ring Recipe Designed .foe' easy ' eating the Lemon Drop Ring, can. b'e broken into pieces easily; each little "drop" is a bite-sized piece, so slicing isn't necessary. Lemon Drop Ring Lemon-Sugar: ti cup sugar Grated peel of 1 lemon 2 tablespoon's sugar 1 tablespoon grated lemon peel 3 cups biscuit mix 3 ,; cup water 3 tablespoons lemon juice 3 tablespoons melted butter or margarine Make Lemon-Sugar: Mix sugar and peel. together and set aside until needed. Mix sugar,-, grated lemon peel and biscuit .mix "together in large bowl. Combine water and lemon juice; .add to biscuit mix; stir, to make a stiff dough. Brush an 8 inch ring mold or 9x5-inch loaf pan with melted butter, sprinkle generously, with, lemon - sugar Divide dough in four parts, and shape each into 12 smaH balls of dough. Line mold with 2 jows of balls (using 12 in each row) to form first layer. Brush with half the melted butter; sprinkle with half the remaining lemon-sugar mixture. Repeat for second layer Bake at 400° (Fahrenheit), for 25 to 30 minutes or until lightly browned. Turn upside down on cooling rack and, if desired, glaze with plain icing while still warm. For plain icing mix together % cup confectioners' sugar, Hi teaspoons milk and few drops vanilla. •KINGNUT Oleo SWIFT'S PURE Lard GOOOIAND KIDNEY Beans FITTER'S '. , -•:•- -Catsup 5 .. 5"«$1 •'• " 6'±$1 JERZEE Milk 9<°-$1 MAXWELL HOUSE INSTANT Coffee 2;;v$1 DEL MONTE Tuna 3«""$1 CU'T.RITE V WAX Paper 12Wf rolls HOME MADE LOOSE Sausage 39c ib AU-MEA.T- SKINLESS Wieners 39c , b LEA.N PLATE Boiling Beef 15c ib .FRESH GROUND Hamburg 35c~ib BLADE CUT BEEF CHUCK Roast 3Sc ib CENTER CUT Pork Chops 55c ib AVOID THE RUSH! Order your Christmas TURKEY N<w! All from Local Farms . . . Priced Right! Crisp Leaf >• • r . . " • Lettuce ...,..-; Ib. 19c Tender' " .- • Green Beans . . 2 Ibs. 29c Florida Seedless Grapefruit .... 6 for 29c Large Sweet Tangerines . .. . dor. 39c STOKELY'S FINEST FROZEN FOODS French Fried .Potatoes, Diced ,Potatoes, Spinach, : O '-!,« Leaf or Chopp.d * P /oitpert Pits A « B«f, Chick.n, Turk.y** fe OOWNFLAKE WAFFLES . 2 pkgs 35c FREE! Win a 12 Ib. TURKEY Jutl leave your name at Frfikiei Dilplay. Drawing Sat., Dec. 17th. FREE! Win a 4 qt. Mirro-Matic Pressure Cooker Just leave your name ot Checkout- Counter!. Drawing Sat., Dec. 17th SHOP UNTIL 8 FRIDAY NIGHT RALPH FRANTZ SUPER MARKET W. %VA. FAST-CHECKOUT DIAL RE-8-9511 SELF-SERVE RIDGELEY, WE DELIVER Ice Cream For Frosty Days ling because there will be a film |of butter- on the sauce. The healing can- be done gently in a cov> erect skillet. Turnovers Fine For Lunchbox Applcs Aml Checse Vegetable Trick Sure To Please A vegetable trick, sure to please, is acorn squash fixed this way. Halve squasli and remove seeds. Place, cut-side up. in shallow pan; with '.i-inch water. Fill each center with 1 teaspoon butter, a tablespoon sherry wine, and season with salt and pepper. A sprinkling of nutmeg or light grating cr onion adds a good touch. Bake in moderately hot oven until tender. Solve the problem of lunchbox desserts with quick and easy to prepare, tasty fruit turnovers. They're ideal for mussless finger cuting, pack flat and 'are practically crush-proof. Tasly Fruit Turnovers .1 package pie crust mix 1 can ready to use fruit pie Empty contents of packagclnlo bowl. Sprinkle 4 Serve chilled red apples with dough for another turnover. Place Gouda cheese for a fine dessert, filling mixture on each squarci~ • ••• ••• •• 01 round. Dot with butter. Fold over iii', half, press edges together with fork. Prick tops. Bake on ungrcased cookie sheet at 425° (hot oven) about 25 minutes, (or until filling is done'. filling (or your own favorite .Makes 9 turnovers. If desired, recipe). glaze cooled turnovers by brushing the tops with a mixture of confectioner's and 2 Fresh From the Farm FRUITS & VEGETABLES TOLL GATE cold water over mix. Stir with fork. Form dough into hall. Divide in half; roll each to 's-incii thickness. From each half, cut four 4- inch circles or squares. With remaining pastry trimmings, roll out teaspoons water. Variations: Any fruit-pie filling such as apple, cherry, pineapple, mince meat or blueberry may be used. Or, substitute heavy jams or preserves. FRUIT MARKET Route 40 West Post LoVole Open Evtry Day from 9 ti! t DELIGHTFUL DESSERT—Butterscotch pears with ice cream. By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor Certain ice cream desserts always seem just right after one of those hearty fall or winter dinners. . Top rating, at our house,':for example, is given to baked fresh pears and vanilla ice cream. Recently a friend of • ours gave us her pet recipe for baking the pears in a delicate butterscotch sauce: so now the pear and ice cream combination r is better than ever! We are giving you the recipe, but one word'of warning. Light brown sugar is called for; do not use dark brown sugar.' We've ' tried both varieties of sugar in this recipe; only the light brown gives the delicate sauce *ith a butterscotch flavor'; that benefits both pears and ice cream. The pears may be baked with their skins on or peeled; suit the dictates of your taste. Just make sure you. have'.ripe .but. firm. Bar- letts. If you decide to bake the fruit with skins on, don't worry about choosing pears .with blushes on their cheeks; the bright : pink .will be lost in the baking. Baked Pears Imogcne Ingredients:--For each serving— V*. cup light brown sugar, Vt cup water, dash of salt, l 1 /* teaspoons butter, 1 firm ripe Bartlett -pear, vanilla ice cream. Method: Put the sugar, water, salt and butter in a saucepan. Stir over 'moderately .low heat .until sugar is dissolved and mixture is very hot. Rinse pears in cold water, leave skin on or remove; cut pears in half lengthwise, beginning at the blossom end, so part of the stem remains on each half. Cut away stem structure. Place pears in a shallow baking dish, cut side down. Pour hot sugar, mixture over pears. .Put cover on baking dish or use aluminum foil to cover tightly. Bake in hot (400 degrees) oven 30 minutes or until pears are tender when pierced with a fork. Remove pears to serving dish. Pour syrup in baking pan into small saucepan; boil rapidly to reduce about one-third. Pour reduced syrup over pears. Serve warm or allow pears to stand at room temperature before serving. Top cut halves with scoop of vanilla ice cream. If dessert must^be made ahead and refrigerated it will have to be 'heated before serv- Quick Way to MEAT DELIVERY FREE on $3 or more ! table! Ready to Serve, Freihly Mode Veal or Swift't Prtmium at Armour Star Branded Stttr—Center Cut Pot Roast Beef *• 49c in Town ... ex . —Value Priced Thii Week — Duality You Can Tastcl— Premium or Star Branded M , otyr lend , Ti F , avorfu , " Partly Cut and Bon,lei, Rolled pound c , _,, _ , A trimmed of ex- Round Steak Roast 73c Short Rlbs Beef \ 2 ** cess wflrte ... —All Meal — So Easy to Corve— —Delicious Braised with Vegetables— t r . .1 Pork Loin Roast Rib-siad* cut .... ib. 29c ioi n c uf .... IB. 39c —Smoll, Fresh, Lean. Trimmed of all excess fat — 2 to 5 Ib. size— Swift Premium . . Freih Small lean HAMS PORK HAMS Lamb Pally Steaks 15c 12 to 15 Ib size "Whole or Full Shank Half —Broil or Pan Fry — They Are Delicious— IB. 47c Fresh Cut-Up, Pieces to 6 ib. halves— Swift's Tender Grown Fryers Try^One Baked Ug ,_ , b _ Q^Q Wings, lb. 2 1 C Breasts,. Ib. 73c , - Whole Fryeri, 2Vz to 3 Ib. sin .". Ib. 45e Now'i th« time to lay in your tupplm of Special Baking Needi for Holiday Trsati . . . while ilocks are complete. Campbell's Tomato Soup -*, 3 -»««35c Maxwell Houit i. vacuum tin JjejC 6-ox. iar Instant X | ,Ud MeCormick'i fancy Cut PEPPER GREEN BEANS f\ large No. 2',2 O"lA Ivory Soap 3 v«^ *<>"• 4lc Ne\v . . . Waste Free Trim Whole or Full Shank Half BAKING NEED Dromedary Cut, Diced, Candied Fruits and Peels u>- i° r 55c Pitted Dates 7 x /z «• ***• 23c Diamond Largo English Walnuts "•• *»*> 55c toll 4.01. Black'walnut Kernels >b -^ 89c Alaska Chocoia^litr' 2 - ^ 43c Pink Salmon .b. - 47c Bokers Southern Style ' Grontsville Boneless Cocoanut R« « snowfioke 2 *•<>*• «•"« 37c Canned Beef 2 »>. «n $1.03 e ii —Ready to heo) end icrve— iccoiess Raisins 2 ^°* ^ s 39c Crisco or Spry 3 *.«« 87c Pillsbury Yrllow, Whils or Chocolote Cake Mixes 3 pi.a>. 79c Fresh Produce N. B. C. Graham Crackers ib. box33c Fr*«sh Green California Betty Crocker DM********!! . Answer Cake 4 v, ri ., ; ., Pk9 37c Broccoli • Fancy Sottd Horn* Grown Turnips 2 »»• 19c iorgs bunch 37C Frozen Foods Tundtr Green, Well-Trimm«"d New Cabbage .................. 2 &>• 29c Juicy, Florida Indian River Oranges ?°° si» 37c Stokely's Honor Brand „; s Nc , Foocy Stork ., O ., ic;oul "The Finest Frozen Foods" A PP |e » 3 lb ' b ° 9 33c \ *» _l _-. Sxleded No. 1 Ytllow Cooking ) 2 pkgs, onions 4 «.. w 33c f ?7r ' M I W Orod« A Staid of Maine, U. S. Mo. 1 \ Potatoes ^jr. lht IS *. ^ 55c pkg. Pototo Pottiei French Fried Potatots •.. Spinach, Uof or chapped « Choppad Broccoli ..«4..»« Mixed Vggttablei Plot and Carroll Often Pint Compbtll't Niw Dtliciout Frozen Soups Crtom of Potato Grten Pea with Ham .... con Oyiler Stew, Cr«om e( Shrimp Snapptr Soup, Clam Chowder, con 21c Phone r«cr. PA 2-5960 23c /GARLITZ BROS./ CORfltR tit *Nn OMND AVC. BENNETT'S SELF-SERVICE MARKET ROUTE 40 LA VALE . FREE DELIVERY CALL PA 4-4313 Open 'til 9 .P. M. Mon., Tues., Thurs. and Friday Until 6 P. M. Wednesday and Saturday 5c OFF ON ANY CAN OF SEXTON BRAND FOODS! Swift's Premium Hams Ib 43c Whole or Half Center Cut Chops Pork <b53c Mrs. Filbert's Mayonnaise ,,:„. 39c Fresh Ground Beef 3 1.00 Lean Chuck Roast . , b 55c Pillsbury's Spice Cake Mix 2 P k s , 57c Armour's Pork and Beans2':;23c Hanover Tomato tal can Juice ::: 29c Heinz "57" Sauce bottle 25c NABICO Graham Crackers lb bo> 30c Van Meter's Market, Route 220 - CRESAPTOWN Fresh Ground Beef 4 lh , Pure Pork Sausage 3 , bs Ends and Pieces Lean Bacon 5 lh , Kingnut Oleo 5 , b , Kounty Kist Peas 6 Tender Sirloin T-BCNE or ROUND STEAK .... Ib. cans Center Cut Chuck Roast !b 29c Center Cut Pork Shldr Roast ib 35c Red Delicious Apples 4 ib, 39c Juicy Florida Oranges j nl 29c Pillsbury Flour 25-11,. b oa $1.99 Swiftning ;.... 3 . (b con 75c Brooms > eoc h 98c Mrs. Filbert's Mayonnaise pin , 39c Mrs. Filbert's Oleo i b „,;„! 29c U. S. No. 1 Grade A POTATOES is 39c 98c BEECH-NUT. BABY FOODS Stokely's Finest FROZEN FOODS Green Peas . .. pkg 21c FF Potatoes 2 pkgs 37c Spinach .... 2 pkgs 37c'Strained .... 9 jars 98c Donald Duck 6-ox. Jun|or 6 jar$ 9 5c Orange Juice 2 cans 35c { OPEN UNTIL 8 THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY on all your food needs 11 SPECIAL PURCHASE OF 1000 CASES OF HIGH GRADE . , . CHEF" VEGETABLES 8 ITEMS TO CHOOSE FROM PORK & BEANS..... KIDNEY BEANS SPAGHETTI IN TOM SAUCE SAUERKRAUT JUNE PEAS........ PEAS & PIMENTOS... BUTTER BEANS..... HOMINY . ALL 1-LB. CANS BUY THESE BY THE CASE-24 cans 2.29 SOLID CASES or Mix 'Em Up FAMILY BRAND Coffee 63C PUBLIC PRIDE 0!eo SWIFT'S Chase & Sanborn INSTANT PURE . BLACK Lard I Coffee I Pepper Can 79c HERE'S THE BEST DOLL BUY IN TOWN! LITTLE BO-PEEP DOLLS REG. $6.95 VALUE • 25-in. Tall • All Foam Rubber • Beautifully Dressed '4.95 SEE THE MAMBO MONKEYS THEY ARE A SENSATION! Thii Mombo Monkey ii n n«w novelty thot children will enjoy till year, lorgs beautifully ituffed with rubber face and handi, wired rubber hands that hold onto everything. It'l newl It'l different. • 4.9, ROCKINGHAM OLD VA. HAMS 47 e WHOLE OR SHANK HALF ROCKINGHAM COOKED PICNICS 33C ,:, SWIFT'S PREMIUM PICNICS 33c Ib LEAN TRIMMED HOME DRE5T ROASTING Chickens 35c : LEAN CHUCK ROAST 29c lb Juicy Round Steak 49c Lean Tenderloin Steak lh 45c Veal Shidr Chops Pork Shldr Steak Pork Boston Butt Lean Pork Chops Skinless Franks lh 39c Smoked Sausage *39c Veal Leg Roast 39c 39c 39c Juicy Rump Roast Fresh Spare Ribs Lean Club Steaks 37c Tender Sirloin Steak lb 37c Sliced Bacon Ends 5 h S1 Fresh Pork Sausage 4 ib >$t Fresh Ground Hamburg 4 ib >1 Baby Beef Liver 4 SI Spiced Luncheon 3 ^ $1 Potatoes Potatoes Grapes 50-lb $4 1Q J Bog I.I3; 1 ? SMALL DELIVERS CHARGE! 1 HOUR SERVICE Ibs. 23c 2 „ 25c Oranges GARDEN FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES LOW PRICED ! U. S. No. 1 * Sweet * Red Emperor * Juicy Fla. * Seedless G'fruit 3 ftr 23c ~ PHONE ORDERS CALL CUMB. PA-4 0600 CSPTN PA-2 5212 BLIC SERVIC ' '•-- •"' ' 16 N GEORGE STREET AND CRESAPTOWN

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