The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 23, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1933
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MALVERN LEADER aft AU rt fTrttT*»* «««*»,* *ftf»afij*frfe ^^^ ^k fei. . MILLS C6bflfT f , NOVEWSBTl i», i»»» «w •^^ •MTWSttt^k* Campaign* A*k Driver*' Help Alxmid Have Caw «* i* Ufcti Ail 11ft Maivurti ftfed .-, fcift opwttifitty tt jgtt J» CNittti «rt ttketP cart , —-1*4 fre* dnrifif tbe frstf t*» | weeks at tie Harry Satttttffit - i «t lhe;AJ8««caa Legion eon* ts i eattffcitn to ttaktf "iowa |wm» Gafeftt of Meltetn if* itfflt to tbe *ork b» aafc> fr*e tasi of lit such tea* ifes. ear owners n*ed osly to drive j to any ot the Maltern gar**t* fjwfd the check wfli be carefully T ttade.Htey will,then be given a «afd showing wblcb features were OK and which did not meet tbe standard. They eta then bava tbe accessary parts fixed it they wish . and when all features are OK can •obtain a windshield sticker from Legion officers showing tbat to be tbe ease. Items checked include bead' : Hghts, parking lights, tail and *top lights, brakes, steering gear, ignition, born, wheel alignment, windshield wiper and rear' vision No strong-arm campaign will be made but the Legion i* anxious •to bave every motorist cooperate in completing It. Oarage* Will do •tbe work ot checking without cost so tbat there will be no ex* pense for this to motorists, Schoolmasters' Club Meets in Hastings .Decide to Hold County Basketball Tourney in Malvern Members of tbe Mills County •Schoolmasters' club met in Hastings Tuesday evening for a 6:30 , dinner served by members of the 4 .3Jattlngs home'economics class. ' |p9f ( The dinner-was tollowed<by a ^business- meeting to- talk over bjool problems and plans for the "\^ tournament oul fwsti «& fctt 4*1 L**<i«r to fgf wMfil Am sterte* •tut cotft HeUft fc Mflh wtrfttf . fiiifc *epwt«d starts* « wswrt f» &«&«• t» Hi •lens aim owl fifil&v§uf D# Ittn *ftftk t to II bus**!*. ftff w»l *r* leaffcfd ttf tbe tdd f*MB«d Mill* Canst? leys Hrfftf Prfeef from Ak*Sar*Ben Shew MftMf JteftWt 6ft ifri 8tsl* fiit- tofi fsHa Bit* ft* Nitfru Sat< sa Ht«#, ib* yield dt wMet left umftbtf thus tw . ftett the fffttt stw« ot this fold iff. Noftcm bag gathered gome ?S? fctfsfeefs lit ee», of It little left tttafi 164 bttsbels to the iftffc When fc«Hef jrteids ate »adeY***fl be glad to report thftt, but we rather think this ftfttottnt will stand as the rec* ord fof 1983 At least. Empress Improves Sound by Addition of New Equipment "Sound 00 Film" Bring* Bet* ter Reproduction, Syn- chronfcatloH A major improvement was scored by the Empress theater last week when it added "sound on film" reproducing facilities to its projection room equipment Tbe addition was celebrated by an unusual showing of Important pictures. Quite simple In appearance, the sound film functions through tbe use of a photo electric cell, or "electric eye," Minute lines run horizontally at the side of the film and these interrupt the ray of tbe electric eye. Tbe Interruption In turn disturb* tbe receptive equipment and this is gradually built up by pre-ampllflers and amplifiers to produce tbe sound, Advantages of the equipment are perfect synchronisation at all times, better reproduction and a wider range' ot usable pictures. Tbe newf equipment leaves ,the Empress with possibly the best equipped and best .appointed theater In this .part of tbe stater Win* In Back ffB« tbe Afc&af*!)** £ift68 I t$€K tfo&^/ir til vttt*%BJl Sftfttr* daf ftlgftt caine nine Mills cofcfcty boys who** exhibit* . tlit county in the 4*8 tinb won. With theta tbey btongbt hotns a natnbet of ribbon* and pfi*es wen by their ti calves and 21 market barfdws tXbiWted. The Ak-Bar-Sefl was almost entirety a 441 club sbow this year according to Cotmty Agent Brtjee Ritpatfiek and competition la all Classes was extremely keen, Absebce of the usual open classes fef, cattle dwarfed the show in compaHBOb to former years, bow* ever, and spectators could not pass tbe loag rowa of pens tor open class stuck, entirety empty, without feeling that the show Was not quite tip to standard, Fifteen carve* were exhibited by tbe Mills county boys, ot which only two were sifted out and 18 were shown. Tom Beaton won fifth with bis Shorthorn calf and Bdward Wearin, John fitter, Dick Hyde, and James summer* were also among tbe place win* ners. Pens for 21 market barrow* were needed for tbe Mills county showing In 4-H and open classes. In these James Summers scored 100 by exhibiting three Hamp* shire* in 4-H classes and winning second, third and fifth on them in their respective classes, Bd- ward Wearin brought back a fifth on a Hampshire pig in the 4-H division. In tbe club groups ot three barrow* shown by one club, Wearin and Summer* 'exhibited three pig* which won second in a group of 16 entries. Summers climaxed bis winnings -on his bogs by winning first in tbe, swine showmanship contest, for which be was .awarded a gold'medal with bis name engraved on the,back, ~' - \. As a group tbe Mills countlans won second in herdmansbip on This iward,t8i^mad? I Dog Suit . an Extensive . One A e**« OH* W«* fair to Htal tftv 6«OTffvPNi WffsW» SOftfitf^ ^Stttt e*«* oi yt*H*g& wsa brotj^bt to tHal fft Bsilttft Wednesday ot iwt WMl. T»* fiftoenw, ho*- iter, ft tiiat t&ii tt a dog eas*. tt sefffis tftat OeWfe foakam vt nliww^pl r DrvBGnt ll ttttfittflK dog 6**% mm Artatowa la tie lafl at its! Mi flMmty afterward the ddf 4ttaWiiMil%Nothing was beard w «N« tt Mb tot otet a year and tkett »W Yoaknm dis- coTered Wiat fe» Ulims is that idefiiic*! deg tf'iittbe farm of Art ftuttedfr» int tt Sliver City, flf, fttttledt* ettl»l<that it Is his dof aftd tfelt %« JM raised him. Mr. toakttfa rittflibed tbe dog aftd Hid hlffl iMpiht to Hast- Jfljfs, . ' UT' r J the result wif. h suit brought last Wednesday Hftfernoon before Justice Of the Petct'Charles Vlner and tt |iW trial. 4»omeys Roe and Hall of Cartoni appeared for Mr. fttitledge lid Whitney Oillil- Wttd of QI«nWood tor Mt. itam. A Jury was ettptneled — W. B. Parcell, Henry Clark, (Seofge Schorr, Vern Clark, Clarence Sandtiand, and Mr. Le*. tbe case was hard totjgbt and flftttty Weftt to the fftry w&o about 11:80 p. m. ffttnraed a Vetdict awarding the do* to Mr. toaknm. Mr. ttutledge through his attorneys at once filed notice ot appeal to tbe district court and posted bond In the sum of $160 and tbe case win probably come up at tbe next term of court. the dog evidently is a good hunting dog. One side claimed be was a coon dog and the other that he was a fox hound and he has evidently been well trained to be so valuable. the costs ot the ease have at' ready run up above $100 and wilt probably run much higher as the witnesses In the case, some ot them, come from long distances. What should tbe dog be worth? K* : schools in;tbe i«jmnty, except, Strahan were rep- ||raented. • Application Made to /Extend Town Limits "'^ -~ _^____^__^ 180 Acre* Land May be Added to Corporation'* Taxable Property, \ " * ' SJM"™.UP- JLUU»P I " '* , '; The Town ot Malverri, after nereral long years of stagnation ^» 8 •*«' as territorial growth is -coscerned, wijj sjjow a surpris* . 1ng spurt, in growth shortly It an * apllcatlon made Monday is favor* «4 by the town council. This application, made by J, M, Steele. and Mrs, J, N, Summere, that the corporation line of ?;; fiaerfQBrtb »Ue »ortb 6f;ite pres* ,,, tet .posJU9»i*jRfeUjg in 190 swag -•'•seres belonging to Mrs, Summers. > No f rosfls, bridges for otbw }tems -M publlP ejipeuae are. in* wWeh a Itettffl, mi brings* "OoldiBiggwii with a"Thost'of.important* and the prettiesV Hollywood choruses obtainable, Catchy tunes, unusual star power, and remarkable photography make the picture one ot the most remarkable ot the year, , For its Wednesday night bar* gain show the theater has booked a Will Rogers picture, "Down to Earth," in- which the famed comedian does some of his beet acting. Keeping up the standard these two, the Empress will show another musical .comedy feature Thursday, Friday «ud Saturday of B«$t week, "Moonlight ,and Pretwls," Rife with prftty cbor* uses, tuneful melodies wjdvMlari' ous situations, this ja considered one of tbe entertainment features of all time. An Appreciation -manner to, press my deep appreciate of , Jast ,Tfeurs» day and busked my com, esa also tMfce todies who, capje and belpsd fterve.'t&e tdteBer, ffceir tbouehtful help will never be for* ' MrB, B, B, Kline, r»'j - M. - ':--,-r-.»tf*«sri-'S'7- j "-; Educator* to Dine Here Next Tuesday County Meeting of Teachers, Board Heads to Hear F. B. Knight County Superintendent Amy Hammers announces a dinner meeting in the MaJrern Community building, for. next Tuesday, Nov. 28, at 7 p, m. To it are invited the higft school teachers and superintendents and presidents of tbe boards of education of all town and conBoUaated schools ol the Bounty and tbe wuaty ftoaya'fljf education, Wires and husbands of those attending will also be guests.' ; Tnt dinner will be served at ? o'c&ek by tbs Malvwa Olvie Im-. provemeat club, following which Pr. F,,B, Kftigbt Ot tbf.Sollege o* BdBsatio? at tbt y«iversity of will mags tbf principal a(J, Thorpe Drillers Started in* Witty Search Sink Test Hotel to Deter. mine Geological Data (a Creek Valley Equipment of Thorpe Bros. Well company ot Des Moines hove into town Saturday evening and began Monday morning its search for a permanent water supply for the town, in accordance with a contract signed by the town council recently. A break down early Monday slowed the work, but by Tuesday evening the'Thorpe crew, two men, bad sunh a 86 foot test hole in a field on the Fred Durbin farm about a quarter mile west ot the corporation line. A six-Inch shaft was drilled down by the equipment, ;, -,: The company plans to sink boles every' 800 feet eastward until it gets Insidejihe corporation line. This isi:aOM to determine geological dataiad the perma -" -1 _„ * After the well is finished tbe council has tbe option 'of purchasing tbe well at a-stipulated price, or ot buying water from the Thorpe company at 6c a thousand gallons, tbe town to furnish equipment and pumping. Should no satisfactory well be found, tbe town will pay 75c per foot for test boles sunk. GRAVEL NO. 4 The state highway commission have a force of men at work this week under a contractor regrav- eling Highway No. 4 from Highway 84 near Hastings north to Oakland. They unloaded 12 cars ot gravel at Henderson from tbe Harvey Gravel ft Sand company and about the same amount at Hastings and with a fleet of eight big dump trucks It was soon distributed, From Henderson north the road was surfaced with crushed rock which has worn down to a hard smooth surface. Just how well this fine gravel will stick to this surfacing remains to be seen. Quite a bunch of men are employed, partly from this county, although the trucks are all from outside. County Meeting of Legion Thursday Road Workers End Experimental Black w-facmg Here Winners in Plane Contest Get Rides Model Competition Judged Saturday; Excellent Craftsmanship . Entries in the "solid-scale" .mpdel airplane contest, sponsored by Willftrd Mtliikan, Armand Smith And Paul Swoboda, and beW at the Malvern Bakery, were displayed and Judged Wednes* 4fty. Nov. 11, to determine prize •wieners }n the two classes. , Judges for the contest were Prank Stout of Red Oak, ponftld Rebbias and Robert Wilson of MaJYerB. Bach reported difHcult decisions and highly, compliment? .e4 All contestants in the affair. I A final judging was held gat' urday Bfteraoon and after much 4sUber9tio», tbe following re- suits were decided upon; First* *e»ior class, ft? Martin built by Charles Moore. Tbte decision was senior slass, hy senior slass,' Fre»ch JjuJlt by efeariei Moore, First, .junior cteas, by r ~^, on Gathers Momentum ~ mmmtifm to wfeer gtidj e| i junior «i6ss 4 by MPt ts n 9lWlTea*iie rWes for e#ch of cflflteBtftRtg, Sunday &» urauji qf Wi» .drove to the ""' *ir»»wt, They ride ajjd K, it WM in wm or tbs- woslft et ' J Wen Invited meeting of the American -Legion which will be; held this Thursday evening in the Legion rooms in the Community building. It will start at 7:80 o'clock, Speakers of state and national recognition will be at tbe meeting and authentic information on hospttalltation and compensation for war veterans will be given out. Other business will also be considered. A ^moker and social hour will follow the speaking and business, Gen, Matt Tinley and District Commander P, A. Lalrison ot Council Bluffs and other Legion officials will take part in the program, Legion officials are anxious to have non^member ex-service men as well as members attend as they fee) that the information to be given out will be beneficial to all. ALL FUNDS Mm* cernuty officials—-county kbd town—led by County Bnginwf f. B. Maniit, win fottrttey to De« Moines today to seek lands tor public works, tbe officers will interview K. H. M«iock, chairman of tbe Iowa Civil Works Administration wbo win fetiew tbe projects they present tin the basis ot desirability, socially and economically, and speed With wbteb they can be undertaken. Oravelihg and water projects wilt be presented by Malvern officers. Should {be projects be approved, work wilt start at once. Money will be furnished by the Federal Civil Works Administration and alt workers employed wilt be paid In cash. Basts ot funds allotted will be need by unemployed. Engineer Martin urges every unemployed person to register In his office so that sufficient funds can be allotted to furnish jobs for all. Auxiliary Meeting Friday Regular meeting of the Amerl* can Legion Auxiliary will be held Friday afternoon, Nov. 84, in tbe Legion rooms }n the Community building. Tbe meeting opens -at 2:30 and members are requested to be an time. pie ThftnitsfEmnf _,„,. Thanksgiving social and id ho* social at the Golden school house, Nov. 88 t Everyone welcome, Nellie Wilson. Gco. E. Masters Elected to High Masonic Offices It Grand Secretary of Royal Arch Maaona and Grand Recorder of Council At the recent sessions of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons and of tbe Grand Council, George B. Master* of Glen wood was chosen to very high honors. On Oct, 81 at the Grand Council held in Sioux City be was chosen recorder. Then on Nov. 2, at meeting ot the Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons held in Har- Ian, he was chosen Grand Secretary. He has combined the two offices and will have their headquarters in Olenwood. There are 117 Chapters ot Royal Arch Masons and 27 Sub Councils in the Iowa Jurisdiction, all of which will handle their business through his office. He has leased tbe first floor of the K. ot P. building on the north side of the square for bis offices and is moving in this week. Tbe book* and records of the Qrand -••----to%lg-- _ | »**l? . J^KrirW^PP^E^lH"! " • W»Vi UL. _ ,, . _ Grand ''Recorder's office will be brought down from Sioux City this week. These two offices for a number of years past bave been housed separately and a man for each office, although they bad been combined a number of years ago. Mr. Masters is an unusually good wan for this position for there are few men better inform ed or who have a wider knowl edge of Masonry than Mr, Masters. He has held state office before in tbe Grand Chapter, and this is a still finer recognition, Tbe office, as combined, carries a very comfortable salary and expenses, and is somewhat of a permanent nature, as tbe secretary is usually continued from year to year, as long as bis work is satisfactory, and we feel sure It will be in the case of Mr, Masters, Ray Laughlin Home Burns Wednesday Malvern Firemen Answer Three Country Husk Neighbor! Husk Com Two Places Last Thursday Men and Team* Gather at Of nllvs' D* Eu LotiU Bau B«t«h*i8 for ttn. B. tt. IUlii« the neighbors ot Mrs. B. B. ftitn« gathered at the Kline tam sontbwest of Malvern last Thursday for an all day basking bee and before night bad fallen they had busked and cribbed just 1610 bushels ot Mills county's choicest crop. This too in spite ot tbe fact that the corn was down and hard to pick. At noon the ladles In generous numbers, who had gathered at the Kline home, furnished tbese busker* with a meal welt worth husking a loag time to get, and they cribbed that too, in approved style. The men taking part in this good neighborly event were: Marshall Cunningham, L. L. Richardson, June Wise, Ralph Dower tor John Waller, Wilbur Walker, Ben Breeding, Will Bower, Charles Alberts, Rollo Starrett, Clifford Wolfe, Floyd Brammer, Jake Dal ton, Harry Evans, Frank Brans for Caudett Bros., Albert Cheyney, Leonard Anderson, Walter Irwin, Victor Irwln, Don Cunningham, Harry Stewart, Fred Dlckersbach, Oaten Boles, Frank Chamberlain, Harold McCain, Opal Irwin and man, Floyd Rhoadea, and Mr, Hatcher. Husk 1,000 Bushels for Louis BAM On that same day in the afternoon another group of men and a few of the same men who husked at Klines went down to tbe Louis Bass farm and proceeded to get bis corn cribbed, putting in about 1,000 bushels before quitting time. Mr. Bass has been in poor health of late and his neighbors thought thus to do him a kindly deed which was greatly appreciated. Tbe busker* were; Paul and Glen Seeger, Martin Cunningham, .Qeor bard, Harold"ahd:-RoyfBlackman,E Gilbert and Lewis Watkins, and Will Bower, Don and Marshall Cunningham who had husked at the other place, , ' Waller »P 3B»»^p» „ M>tf ——- -- --=^-"-^--w«=»»jins»fwv 0 ffimproeiit John Waller purchased a new tern&tlonal csm sbelier to his fleet of so^ipweat, ft §&iUl$i'fl mtw rsftdy ^*fe$ |J£W $&fti&$||)9 1$ |RQUUt6d 1H| Its owg, truck aad p,ower is "by tbs trw* itaeit, Milk Agreement B$l Mt'lt rTOduB*rt Malvern firemen were kept busy Tuesday and Wednesday by fires south of Malvern. Worst of these was at the Raymond Laugh- IIU home Wednesday when the bouse caught fire and burned to tbe ground. Firemen reached the scene too late to save tbe house but did prevent the fire from spreading to ether buildings, gp W B pf the furniture was saved. Tuesday the firemejqi bad also been called to the Laughlin home when another fire bad broken out hut they managed to extinguish this before m\»oh damage had tbe secQsd. story of the house. Tuesday morning the firemen were called, to the Roy Parker home sAuthjawt of town when a firs took* out ^ the hs*ewe»t firemea Parkev tbj Attendance Grow* at Choral Society imJiiijtWft Chw*l »o*i»ly Glenwood Masons Hold Big Meeting Thursday Night -» —_,_-___._._ * Past Masters of Glenwood Lodge Put on Third Degree Work Past Masters of Glenwood Lodge No, 68 A. F< & A, M. were in charge of the work in tbe lodge last Thursday evening and exemplified in an unusually nice manner the work of the third degree as they raised Russell Hall of that city to the rank of a Master Mason, A number of visitors were present, invited in by tbe Glenwoo* lodge, of whom Mayor Roy Haney Is Master; Malvern and Emerson being well represented, All tbe offices of tbe lodge were filled by past Masters of the Glenwood lodge and although some of them had done' little ot the work for a number of years past it was put on exceptionally well and with plenty of spirit and feeling to make it effective. The offices were filled as follows: Ralph McPhwon Jr., W. M.; Sen. H. A, Darting, g. W,; Dr. Hollingshead, J, \V.; Bryan Maxwell, Senior Deacon; H. L. Pea- man, J. D.; J. ti, Howe, S. 8.; H. A. French, J. S.; Ralph Mc- Pberron, Sr., Tyler. la the second section Dr. Van Barnes acted as Master and C, 0. Lipsett as Senior Deacon. There were about 75 present %S4 following tbe work all were invited to the dining room below where a lunch ot sandwiches and coffee was served, followed by <U- With Mr. fiftaey jur«*id,ing » »bw Q| abort Impromptu talfcs wars given. ^ aem* »f the Put Uutm* tbe district i tbe <yti4Mitf aM oUxws, spent

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