The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1955 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1955
Page 9
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BATURPAT. DECEMBER 81, (ARK.)' COURIER PAOT WHO! OUR BOARDINfl HOUSE — with Major Hoopl* M06T CHAUM INS /MEMT OP TM£ YEAR TOMORROW YOJR HEAP VJILL Be BEFORE vou. CHARACTERS ASK no/ue o>J MV HANDS AfJD tfrJeeS.l'LL IS5U& THIS PROCLAMATION: HEAR yg,HEAR VS.' MA3CH? AMOS 6AR(OA6V HOOPL6 LECTURES MAMMOTH-CA^JE AT Trie OWLS aue—AidD AT owe HOUR PA5T MIDNIGHT \ r +_^- ( ^i, WILL /stT/.ftciiS RETIRE ' ' ^^ AT 5:30A.M. CRAWL OUT FROM "THE TABLE COMe Al> WAGOM bCWEDULE 2 OUT OUR WAY By i. R. William* ALL RI6HT-- WO PLACE TO PARK IT BUT THE YARD, I DEMAND A 6ATE IM IT.' TM MOT (SOW TO BE PRA.CTICALLV CLIM8IWAFE J SET IK) AN OP TH' YARD. THIS WAS A VEIZV PROSPEROUS YEAR.' EAKNINSS ATTHEIKL HAS 1 CAM REMEMBER TBE BI6 DEPRESSION WHEN PEOPLE SOU) APPlES— YOURSELF LIVING IM A CW> wc*fr LET" us FLIP ANY oiase TV SFATIOM WHILE WRESTLING IS OH —HE &OU6WT A New SPORT CM! AMP WONT LET ME CKNB It—AND HOLDS OUfOtJ MV ALLOWANCE TO BUY fT6AS/ LUCKY A66, PHOOEY/ Television — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel S Vatuifey Night, Dec. >i 0:30 Big Surprise 7:00 Perry Como 8:00 People Are funnf 8:30 Jimmy Durante 9:00 George Opbel fl:30 Your Hit Parade IQ'.QO Millionaire 10:30 The Vise Jl:00 Les Passeee New Year's Eve 11-30 Mystery Tht&tr* 12.00 sign orr Sunday. Jan. 1 10:30 News and Meditation 11:00 The Christophers 11:30 This Is the Life 12.00 American Forum 12:30 Frontiers or Faith 1:00 Conversations with Distinguished Persons 1:30 Youth Wanw to Know 2:00 Kaleidoscope 2:15 Blnckwood Brothers 2:30 Soo Parade 3:00 Wide Wide World 4-.30 Captain Gallant 5:00 Long John Silver 5:30 Roy Rogers 8:00 Eddy Arnold 8:30 Sunday Spectacular —In color "Happy New Year" 8:00 Television Playhouse 9:00 Douglas Falrbanits 9:30 Highway Patrol 10:00 Loretta Young 10:30 climax 11:30 Sign Off Monday, Jan. X 8:50 Meditation 7:00 Today 7:25 Weather—Memphli 7:30 Today *J:55 Today In Memphi* 8:00 Today 8:25 News—Mid-South area 8:30 Today 8:55 News A; Weather— Mid-South 9-.00 Dlnp Dong School 9:30 Story land 9:45 The Cathy Show 10:00 TV Movie Matinee 11:00 Homemakers Program 11:15 Tournament of Roses—color 1Z:45 Cotton Bowl Football Game. 3:30 Sports Highlights of 1955 3:45 Rose Bowl Football Game «;3Q Tony Martin 6:45 News Canvvnn 7:00 Caesar's Hour 8:00 Medic 8:30 Robert Montgomery 8:30 Science Fiction Theatre 10:00 Your Esso Reporter 10:15 Wrestling 10:45 Weather 10:50 Mystery Theatre 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off WHBQ Channel ll Saturday Niftht, Dec. 31 6:00 Little Rascals 6:25 Weather 6:30 Ozflrk Jubilee 8:00 Lawrence Welk 9;00 Million Dollar Movie 10:30 A HfliKlous Program 10:55 New &, Predictions lor the coming Year 11:00 Pick Up From Times Square 11:05 America's Top Bands S tint! ay. Jan. 1 1:00 For Your Information 1 -.25 BVg Matinee 2:55 Sports Cavalcade 3:25 Lassie 3:55 Professor Pet 4:00 Super Circus 5:00 Judge Bean 5:30 Rtn Tin Tin 6:00 Kit Carson 6:30 Famous Film Festival 8:00 Chance of A Lifetime 8:30 Ted Mack 9:30 Hollywood Stiver Screen 11:00 Lei Paul and Mary Ford 11:05 News 11:15 Weather Monday, .Ian. 2 8:45 News & Weather 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 Stu Erwln 10:30 Limchtlme Theatre 10:45 Tournament of Roses 12:45 Pre Sugar Bowl Program 12:55 Sugar Bowl.! Game 3:30 Greatest Sports Til rills 4:00 Autry-Rogers 5:00 Mickey Mouse club • 6:00 Little Rascals 6:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 Topper 7:00 TV Reader's Rlgest 7:30 Voice of Firestone 8:00 Dotty Mack Show 8:30 Medical Horizons 9:00 Mobil Theatre 9:30 T.B.A. 10:00 News 10:05 Weather 10:10 LfS Paul and Mary Ford 10:15 Late Show 11:45 Weather T. *•*(. U.S. HtWT. >'. THS bj NU S*nw*. . IJ }l "What's the matter? Couldn't you sleep either?" "I always turn off th» TV wh«n w« htv« < Henry los«» control o< himself I*"- 1 — ^ commercial*!" iOWWaftwifi «T«l«W«MC>ar Long Time Blacksmith BOURBONNAIS. 111. «P>—Arsene Beauclerc, the village blacksmith doesn't envision a time when he will want to stop working. He broke into the blacksmith trade at. the flge of 16 and worked ! as an apprentice to a Canadian | blacksmith 03 years ago. He came to the United States in 1894 and Bourbunnnis in 1910. He hasn't laid down his hammer and tongs since he arrived. „ of "gripe" sessions planned by of- No Gripe Session flclals of suburban Roseville. All DETROIT (jft — Eight citizens; said they had no "gripes." showed up for the first is a series! Village Manager Olaf R. Pearson RENT FLASH CAMERAS MOVIE CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 announced: "What I want to know is where are all the folks who keep my telephone jingling during the day?" WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33,000 different items in stock! H U BBARD HARDWARE Bl. • Mrc , • ln.<™< • rrtcahorm •• m..ler of • >rk»ln. H« U !• ck.ritr ol » Matter crew ">*' fcratiil officer*. Me I. ..t .»er-lrn»lf«l of ni^ B*tm, »U ntcwarf. ft"' '•• krmskt hill «*»»ew Al«re» •!•>•» THB boy Alfred broke from th« p*ntry followed by the steward. He ev«ded the clutch of his arxle't hands and snapped to a position of attention before Naish. "Stowaway aboard, sir," he wid. "Mr. Wilson found 'im in th« spare boat 'midships. Triced up neat, but big and fat." From the deck, along the quartet ladder, then toward the companion scuttle, he head footsteps, the punctuation of a fist and a boot toe that cruelly caught flesh. It seemed that the Obis hadn't started the voyage as a very happy ship. The man who entered the cabin between the two mates was as bizarre as described by Alfred. His stomach fat, hairy and wrinkled, hung immensely down outside the wreck of his trousers. He had tiny feet shod in shellacked shoes, and Naish glanced into the bruised tace and discovered in the bloodshot, puffy eyes extreme intelligence, "morning to you, Captain, sir," the man said. "Don't talk 'til you're ordered to, ya swab," Mr. Wilson said and hit a blow that set the fat man swaying. • "What's your name?" Naish said He disliked the blow and yet knew that it should have been struck. "Albemarle Morrow, sir. My father was once impressed oB Guadeloupe into the ship ol the same name. Commanded by Horatio Nelson, no less ..." Mr. Wilson hid his hand lifted •gain, but Naish gestured to him. "What are vou doing aboard of th.s ship?" 'False friends, sir, and the fruit ot the vine mixed with what ,ust honestly b« called idle curiosity." "Take the log book," Naish told Mr. Wilson. "Enter this M it's said." 1 can't write down such," Mr. Wilson said. T aiot got the skill for it- Mr. Cupp had the log book, the ink pot and pen from the bulkhead shelf; he wrote down, "Al- hemarle Morrow, stowaway." Then held the pen motionless "How did yon get aboard?" Naish said. 'Sir, I was sorely drunk," Morrow said. "To my remaining memory, I was rolled down some dock like a hogshead, dumped into a boat and thus carried out to your vessel. The rest could be at best only conjecture. I was by that time gagged and bound." Mr. Cupp snapped shut the log book. "The carpenter and the cooper," Mr. Cupp said. "Go get them, Mr. Wilson," Naish said. He glanced back at the fat man. "What's your trade?" "WELL, sir," Morrow said, "From being an honest tavern- keeper and having drunk much more of the profits than my custom would allow, I became an agent for the New Bedford whalers." 'You mean that you have been a recruiter?" "Farm boys from all over Gen- csee County and as far West as Buffalo have fallen to my \yiles. My inside coat pocket contains some of the recruiting folders." Mr. Cupp, laughing, plucked into the torn garment and dropped on the table a handful ot luridly colored pamphlets. On the covers were shiny, gigantic whales, shinier whale boats >nd in the distance upon an Improbably blue and smooth sea a vessc that was solely the artist's, dream "A vulgar document," Morrow said, "and undoubtedly far from he truth. Yet I was engrossed by rt. I could do nothing more than come down-east and witness for myself what was truth and what was fa'ncy. New Bedford was my destination, but I became over- jowered by drink in Boston. ?rom one tavern to another, gentleman, and thus to your vessel." Mr. Wilson was on the companion ladder, a pair of men in clacking seaboots at his back. 'Carpenter and cooper, sir," Wilson said. "Names are Oliphant and Titcomb." "Aye," Naish said. He indi- :ated Albemarle Morrow. "Have >ou seen this man before?" "Drunk on the dock in Boston, :ir," the cooper said. "Said he'd up and vowed to stow aboard of a whaler." "And you, Chips?" "Yes, sir." The carpenter shuffled his boots. "You helped him?" The carpenter kept silent. It was again Titcomb who spoke. 'Not right away, sir. But he snuk aboard our bumboat." "Who got him aboard here? Who triced him up and stowed him in the spare boat? 1 * "We don't know, sir." "Get on deck!" Naish v said. 'When I reckon out what you're to be logged, 1 I'll send for you." • * • MORROW made a naturally dramatic wave of his arms after the pair had gone. "Pity them, Captain, .sir," he said. "As for me, I should delight to become a member of your crew." Naish cursed. "Sign him on w landsman, Mister." A black-lashjng squall was on the ship from windward. Rain rapped the decks and the experienced hands ran at his orders to slack the sheets. As it passed and the sunlight flared, he noticed away to the southward the white flutter of broached water. Whale, he told himself nervously, and started for the main top. But it was a school of dolphins that had broached; he returned almost In shame to the quarter deck. (To Bt Continued) RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested e Re-cored ALL WORK GUARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS 518 Cl. Lake Aye. Ph. S-6981 •^,^- GUARANTEED ""Always a Good&Jtf i.V.V.V.V.' B EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubburd Hardware Phone 2-2015 Kirby Drug Store STI50 For Your Old • ELECTRIC RAZOR on a new Remington, Schlck. Sunbeam, Ronson or Norelco Paint Closeout Mtar Typei u<4 Cdwi i Price Hubkard Hardware ! OIFT Of HEARING HI Alt I NO AIDS Brighten the life of n hflftl-of- hearinf frwixl or loved one for only |60! Vmit or phone today tot complete information. lt'« "MRS."rTirHAnP 910 W. Walnut Phone 3-44-18 I/I OJWT, WOW THAT WE NTCODUCEO MDU TO EVKVSOOV ii /-Okitcec ro uftut'j? K/v-tcm UIUETLI r iCvrrni^l iNl,NUW I nnl 1 vc niKt-/UL\,cu IIAI \\j CVC.KICN CONFESS TO HWKG GOOFED WHEMI ASVK> VOU r/- iirw ii/iv/v« **•* i-^m rtArrrV r LUn LI/% tnpfc P/BJ r -rca ux asm* m f* ILL (,wNPtOCT IL* n/WPif UUVrCl/WHEN J AJSCt TO BSIWG MCS.VAVWETDOUe WCTV.I VW? MO OEX \\J OUTHKf MK?* TVMKC \U \^VK r«*t I T.I HALS I F»M HAD ASVEO MAPTHA AND DC. B06ECS. . ftt t*7T TV* OMV \ICUtt WTMSOXWWO* AMNUT6. VOUPE THE FAMOUS PRIVATE BVB WHO- A FOaCIBLB.REMINPEB l'M>U TO LUNCH WITH £OME FBL- WHAT5 YOUR DR05 ALL6R6Y FOR LETTER TO PO WITH VOUR (JEW* UP SORT OF HOPEP IO BE ELECTED TO WJ OFFICE IN HIS ALUMNI CHAPTER, SACK HOME. WBli HE »A BEEN'. P4.P, YOUR ALLMWI GROUP ELECTED TUBE. OFFICERS FOK UEXT VE^R. WOO YOU'RE ONE OF THEIA! 1 1 hi DONT MIND IF / OH, A FBV t DO.. ONLY I DONT KNO\ A THINS ABOUT MEDONE. LONG AS •rOURE BOUNP fDR NCWHERE IN FAWICULAR, WHY NOT THROW IN WITH US? WE CAM USE ANOTHER HAND. \OU SEEM FAMILIAR \ WB.L...THAT DEPENDS ON TH' POINT OF THOSE WO RGGERED [ DONE ALL. RIGHT, K-*^ THESE MON06KAWM6P NAPKINS OUSHTA BeiNS IN A SETTEE CLASS O'TI?AOE... I'M T !?S'IN'T :E=S UP POSSESSIONS; VTM I E1.UE, SOD'U. I S1MPV.V HWE TO , ,^v, sontovit... i . - -. UHO'S FOWT> Of- DOSS... WITH Pi KEOWtt

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