The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 9, 1959 · Page 5
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 5

Austin, Minnesota
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Friday, January 9, 1959
Page 5
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NEWS for WOMEN Citations Given Women of Moose The Women of the Moos« have received a citation of merit for their part in the recent Muscular Dystrophy drive from Eugene O'Neill, Minneapolis, district drive chairman. Presentation was made Thursday evening during child care committee chapter night ob servances. Mrs. Raymond Granle, senior regent, who accepted the citation, was also presented a personal citation as local drive chairman. Two new members welcomed \vere Mrs. Viola Harrison and Mrs. Lloyd Helmy. Carl Brill, Community Ambassador, told of his experiences in Poland the past summer, illustrat ing his topic with slides. Plans were made for the mid- v.-inter conference Jan, 25, with the Austin Women of the Moose as host lodge. Committees were named. Mystery box winner was Mrs. Alvin Anker and Mrs. Helmy, Mrs. Alvirt Frey and Mrs. Ralph Halman were awarded the door priz- cs. Refreshments were served by committee members with Mrs. Oddney Borchert, chairman. Following the regular meeting, the library committee met to plan a dinner dance Feb. 8 at Moose Home. Mrs. Laura Finbraaten and Mrs. Gordon Zech were guests. The child care committee also met to plan the Jan, 22 meeting. Mrs. Ralph Holman was a guest. Mrs, Raymond Hanson, 2307 E. \Vater, will be hostess to the nrxt child care committee meeting Feb. 1. Open House Planned the John Kerrs by The Rev. and Mrs. John Kerr will be hosts at their home, 1605 W. College, Sunday. Open house will be held from 3-7 p.m. with members of the congregation as guests. ' Jerry Nangle Is Speaker Thursday Jerry Nangle, Holy Cross Luth eran Church Walther League youth j councilor, to!d of "Youth and Our Church," at the Ladies Aid meeting Thursday evening at the Church. The Rev. H. C. Bentrup, pastor, spgke on missionary families of the church and led devotions. Mrs. Robert Cnri reported on friendship hour and tewing bees planned for successive fourth Tuesdays at the church. Members of Dorcas Circle were program chairmen and served refreshments to 35 attending. Circles Organized at St. Michaels Circles were organized by St. Michaels Lutheran Church Ladies Aid (near Waltham) Thursday afternoon. The circle areas and their chairmen are Deborah, Mrs. Enno Krull; Esther, rural area, Mrs. Ray Beckman; Mary, rural area evening, Mrs. Wilmer Schlichting; Martha, Waltham evening, Mrs. Verno Moore; Ruth, Waltham afternoon, Mrs. Alma Frohreich. At the general meeting, devotions and prayer were led by Mrs. Theodore Schulz, president, and Mrs. Schlichting read from the book "Bread for Her Day." Birthdays 'honored were Mrs. Ed Buck, Mrs. W C. Baumgartner, Mrs. William Paape and Mrs, Werner Fett. Hostesses were Mrs. Ernest Fett, Mrs. Ervin Fett and Mrs. Werner Fett. Circles will meet Jan, 20 and the aid will meet Feb. 12 with Deborah Circle serving. CWF Meets for All-Day Sewing Potluck. Luncheon Marks Meeting of Happy Thought Club A potluck luncheon marked the „.„.,, .. ! January meeting of the Happy The Christian Women's Fellow Thought Club at the Enterprise Hus ship, Sterling Christian Church, met for all-day sewing Thursday at the church. Included in the program was a group panel on the topic, "What School building Thursday, bands and friends were special guests. Mrs. Walter Sayles was in charge, and Mrs. Lyman Brooks was chairman of the meeting. Does the Christian Woman Owe to i Mrs. Wilbur Sayles, Mrs. Homer Her Church of Her Time, Talent Hawkins and Mrs. William Sayles and Treasure." Mrs Hal Sessions, were committee members. More Mrs. John R. Jones and Mrs. W. ! than IOC were served. J. Fullen were panelists. j The following .donations were re- Three discussion groups were ', ported Mrs. Emeline Anderson, headed by Mrs. John Kerr, Mrs. Mrs. Arthur Deremer and Irene Willis Poland and Mrs. Guy Ep- Hart, $1 each; Ernest Green, $20. ley Sr. Devotions were given by Mrs. Richard Morgan and Group One served as hostess, A noon pot-luck luncheon was served. Mrs. Harold Mandler Is Unit Hostess Mrs. Keith Weise led recitation of the Rosary and conducted study club when the Mother of Sorrows Unit met Thursday evening. Mrs. Harold Mandler, Austin Rt, 5, was hostess. During the business meeting, projects for the coming year were discussed. Prize winners during the social hour were Mrs. Harold Kramer and Mrs. Paul Ulwelling. Mrs. David Felton won the hostess prize. Mrs. Nathan Weise will be hostess for the next meeting Feb. 12 in the evening, Preview of Spring PRINTED PATTERN 4897 ^r-^ SIZES 14V&-24V& By ANNE ADAMS You'll lov« this smoothly sh»p€d WESTERN EXPURSURE — C a y and dramatic is this new two-piece swimsuit in red and white coin-dotted cotton and lastex knit with deep scoop-necked bra and short, shaped shorts with cord sash tie. A matching cotton knit cardigan goes with it. BIB SUIT — The California look for resort wear is this minimum two-piece suit in white elasticized silk noil with cutout halter which folds down and tucks away for a strapless look. This is a daring departure from the recent styles. Dean Antoine' Has His Say! By &OROTHY ROE Associated Press Women's Editor America's most elegant women live either irt New York or in smaller cities such as San Diego, learn fashion and manners front show' window/' As to other cities Visited during his tour, here are his ratings: Washington: "Women dress much more formally than in 6th- | er sections, but are inclined to be says Antoine, Parisian dean of hnirdress, After a two month tour of ', stiff." American cities, his first in sev- Philadelphia: "As to elegence. years, the temperamental eral and fabled Antoine airs his views of the American scene, feminine gender, as follows: "Small-town women often are better-dressed than those who live in big cities. San Diego women, fof instance, nre much smnrter very poor." Hollywood: "It's not real, everybody's on exhibition." Houston: "It's so big you never see women walking — only riding in cars," Chicago: "There's only one good Ibini? about Chi"ygo - the lake' ,. ., . • ......•* tiij^ui. ^ui Vft*l ~ (,11^ IrtKC than those of Los Angeles. San Antoine says he finds few mis-' Francisco women are charming,; takes in good tasle among Ameri- but the elegant ones live in the | can women but there is a lack clouds ~ you never sec them in! 0 f individuality, public. Those seen in restaurants j "Everybody is too rushed here," look neat and elcnn, but styled by | soya he. "People don't have time TllrtQC nfSlrlimfintt *" t . . itff », to be different. Buyers order dresses by the thousands, and cus- mnss production. On the whole, says the silver- haired but women of ageless Antoine, the country have Shower* Honors Mrs. Gene Cafourek Dad Should Get a Whopping! By ANN LANDERS [band. If you could get bis brains,is to forget about marriage to any- Dear Ann: I don't know who U junto-aided your son would be fine, i one for at least a year You need' giving me more trouble, my bus- When children sense a split in the time to think things out before! Dllnns tne social hour . bingo band or my son. family dike they become experts you make a permanent decision, i was P la >' ed wil » awarded | We were mar-j at the divide and conquer tech-i Next summer produce a new face i winners. A feadjng- was given by *ried 16 years be- nique. ;_ a nd he could be it. I Mrs. Ben Cafourek and Miss Don- Any child who tells his mother! Mrs. Gene Cafourek, a recent j bride, was honored at a shower Wednesday evening with Mrs. D.l for P oliUlcl{ n°°" dinner at Enter- J. Cafourek, Highway 218-N, hos-! ! ' rise School Tuesday. A Christmas greeting card was read from Mrs. Stanley Cross, now in California. Door prize was won by Mrs. Merle- Miller. It was reported that Mrs. Robert Utzke is is ill at St. Olaf Hospital. Another potluck meeting will be held in the school house at 12 noon Feb. 12. IWV Groups Meet Wednesday Afternoon Constitutional revison was the study topic when League of Women Voters groups met Wednes-. day. Mrs. Orrin Bowlby was city I resource chairman. i Presenting the topic in the various groups were: Unit t, Mrs. K. K. McMillan with Mrs. L. S. 'larbo, hostess; Unit 2, Mrs. A. C. Richardson with Mrs. Elmer Me- Farlane, hostess; Unit 3, Mrs. J. G. Huntting Sr., with Mrs. Robert Carlson, hostess; Unit 4, Mrs. C. F. Nockleby with Mrs. Richard Arney, hostess; Unit 5, Mrs. Carl Nelson, with Mrs. Frank Cafourek,. hostess, in the evening. Unit 6, Mrs. Robert Mabie, with Mrs. John Furman, hostess; Unit 7, Mrs. Herbert Bjork with Mrs. Lester Hill, hostess; Unit 8, Mrs. J. G. Huntting Jr. with Mrs. Glenn Kelley, hostess; Unit 9, Mrs. Frank Tomaschko with Mrs. Peter Bye, hostess; Unit 10, Mrs. John Kuth with Mrs, Lowell Gillett,' hostess; Adams group, Mrs. James j Ann Landers Erkenbrack, with Mrs. Walter Kin-' Teddy is now 8. When I try to der ' hostess ' l.liscipline him his dad says (in '.the boy's presence), "He's only a pan in February. |child — you're too hard on him."jset for March. u T , ' This leaves me completely strand-. In August 1 met a fellow at a HaS Inree GUeStS j ed- ! summer resort. He knew 1 . Last m 'gbt I asked Teddy for engaged (I never Bishop Rowe Unit, Christ Epis-jthe fourth time to turn off his TV i ring) but we went out together copal Church, met Thursday eve-1 and go to sleep. It was 11:00 o'-. : for "laughs." By the end of the rung. Guests included Mrs. Ray', clock. He replied, "Drop dead." vacation he asked if I'd con- Gibson Mrs. Gordon Bowker and I decided this was "it.' I pulled | sider him a marriage prospect. Mrs. Raymond Robinson. (him out of bed and gave him ail said "no" but agreed to cor- Mrs. Edward Flitton conducted! few whacks on the bottom. He' respond with him. devotions and Mrs. Helmer Jacob-' screamed for his dad and claimed j Well, the letters he writes thrill are tlie ones who ruin jt for the' a S' ft by Mrs. Donald Siverson, son and Mrs. James Lowrey gave• r was beating him to death. My i me much more than those I get others - However, a gal in her teens {P r °gram chairman, the lesson, "Searching the Scrip- j husband yanked him away from j from my fiance. Now I'm so mix-! should be permitted to wear slacks [ Mrs. Louis Stadheim, 802 Neo- lite makes simplicity a necessity, Women do w»t 'have tfct ffmfc ts elaborate dress «• hafr styles, the formal, elegant life is ttO longef possible for most women. So tiie designer must adapt his creations to real life — not his own dream." WCF Plans for Membership Drive Plans for a membership drive were made when the Women's Catholic Order of Foresters met at the KG Hall Thursday evening. Captains and teams will be named to compete for members and prizes. Mrs, Louis O'Malley is drive chairman. Following the business meeting and social hour, Mrs. Lynn DeRemer and committee served refreshments. tomers buy them the same way. Mrs. Albert Fuller , , - - If every woman has the same learned a great deal in the last hairdo, it's because the hairdress- few yonrs about how to dress ami j or is too busy to be creative." do their hair for the most flat-| tering effect. But he adds? And he predicts a trend to great- Welcomed to Unit Mrs. Albert Fuller was welcomed as a new member when Bishop Gilbert Unit, Christ Episcopal Church, met for 1 o'clock lunch- ••n-vsi-tri i« i i 11 . • sim P licltv in botl > dress and Everybody looks well here in'hair styles, because: America, because of your won- "Designers cannot change the derful mass production. People: lives of women. Today's way ofi eon Wednesday in the Guild Hal!. | Guests included the Rev. T. J, Williams, Mrs. Howard Allen and Mrs. George Geannakouri Sr. Plans were made for the annual meeting Jan. 14, with Bishop Gilbert Unit members as hostess- Thirty members and guests ofj es [friendly Neighbors Meet on Tuesday the Friendly Neighbor Club mel ! During the socinl hour ' b ' mco prize was won by Mrs. C. L. Weigle and 500 prizes won by Mrs. Alvin Tuchek and Mrs. Albert During the socinl hour, i500 vvns Fuller. played with winners awarded pri- f. fore our boy was born. I was -11 \ years of age and my husband was 48. It was a great surprise and something "miracle." of a We had given up hope of ever having a child of our own. -— --, r. * » j , ; -ia Cafourek assisted opening gifts. to "drop dead" deserve* exactly j Dear Ann Landers: I'm a girlj Door prizes were won by Mrs what your son got. Your husband! 13 5 ' ears of a « c and nave » big'Leonard Heiny Jr, and Mrs Louis should not have interferred. En-' problem - Mv father is vet '.v realist the aid of someone who spe-! sonable in lots of wavs but he cializes in children's problems and i hates to see a & irl wearing men's Kycek. Refreshments were served to 40 guests by the hostess with Mrs. Bishop Rowe Unit educate your husband before he panls ' JBen Cafourek, Mrs. Ann Ccruy, ruins the boy beyond repair. All my girl friends wear jeans, I Mrs. Leonard Kycek and Mrs' Dear Ann- Mv h P «rl u n hn,,» . Sla ° ks a " d riding brllches - He says j Clarence Prihoda assisting. Deai Ann. My head s about to ;it looks terrible and that lad , j bust became engaged last year| should wear skir(s . when l \ ™ S * f I""™ hlgl school - ; "ay-rides, skatin, My fiance will be home from Ja- or bicycling I'm i the only girl wearing a skirl. My father thinks your column is James Wegner, Ellis Junior remove my sensible. If you're on my side it (High School art instructor, used may help. Would you corns to the; the topic, "Understanding Art," at rescue of a girl whose problem the meeting of Beta Sigma Phi is not a matter of life and death, Wednesday evening. Wegner used original canvasses and those of student artists at the school to il- Dear Paddy: Some females lustrate his subject, and also show- should never wear trousers. They j e<1 slides. He was presented with ; but means a lot to me just j same? —PADDY the ture.' ! me (as if to protect him from some ed up I don't know what to do.! on tlie occa sions you mentioned. During the business session, FebJ horrible mons ter) and said "Don't; If I could spend an evening with' 11 not only looks be tter, but it's 13, was announced as World Dayj vou dare lav a 1)a »d on my son j either of these boys right nowj more p of Prayer. again." j I'd choose the Summer Romance.! fortable> practical and more corn- Following the social hour, refreshments were served by Mrs. Loren Cleland and Mrs. Willard Kilgore. Rose Creek Club The boy grinned victoriously, j Help me think straight, please- 1 ' Select (with your mother's con- What can I do? — DEFEATED) BALLOON HEAD ! sent) a pair of conservative slacks. The real problem is your hus-i Dear Balloon Head: My advice Make certain they are not too oa«UiU Just u much In June M you U-.,» O..«^i P I r rnt ^rS^VESM Has Guest Speaker Tomorrow's pattern: Girls' outfit. ,, . , Printed Pattern 4897: Hair sizes Mrs. Audrey Nelson described i6^^^i?M 9 Vh^a^|"j e Brussel's World's Fair and Printed directions on each pattern Mrs. Ercel Anderson, Austin, show-' ^nd^iW'cSmi m coins for ed P ictures take " during her visit| , tlila pattern-~-add 10 centa for each to the fair as part of her tour of « MILK pattern for Ist-clasa mailing. Send to Ann* Adams care of the Austin Dally Herald Pattern Dept., 243 West .nth St., New York 11, N. V. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. Most women would give a fortune to get rid of that so-called spare tire around the middle. Actually, all they need do is exercise, and perhaps push themselves away from the table when desert comes. Situps are expecially good to strengthen stomach muscles and help trim the waist. Remember. Don't cheat and lift your feet off the floor as you sit up. Europe the past summer when the j Rose Creek Literary Club met| Wesnesday afternoon. Mrs,. Melvin Schnorenberg was hostess for 1:30 p.m. dessert luncheon. Nineteen members attended with Mrs. Roy Larson and Mrs. Anderson as guests. During the business meeting, a new gavel was presented to Mrs. James Cawley, president. Mrs. C. R. Westmoreland will be hostess for the next 1:30 p.m. dessert luncheon meeting Feb 5 with Carl Brill, Community Ambassador, speaker. St. Olaf Missionary Guild Holds Installation of Officers on Thursday A challenge "to rededicate ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ" was given by the Rev. Arthur L. Swenson when the St. Olaf Missionary Guild held i t s first meeting of the year in the church parlors Thursday afternoon. Officers installed by Mrs. Swenson were: Mrs. Iver Johnson, j chairman; Mrs. Herbert Anfenson, i first vice chairman; Mrs. Howard jGeyer Jr., second vice chairman; | Mrs. Victor Engelson, third vice ! chairman; Mrs. Kenneth H. Nelson, fourth vice chairman; Mrs. 11 Goodwin Johnson, fifth vice chair- Mrs. Forrest Norris, sixth | • vict chairman; Mrs. Richard Anderson, secretary; Mrs. William the delicious sparkle of j •very meal ... for I everyone. "Look to* ibt Oak Lift* HI7-22Z4 er HIJ-2487 Used Singer Zig-Zag Sewing Machine Sew» on monograms, buttons, makes buttonholes. Terrific Buy - Eaiy Terms Sewing Count* Included See It Today SINGER Sewing Center U5 H. Main - Hf 3-6915 Warfield, treasurer; Mrs. Orrin Prestegard, assistant treasurer The following annual reports were given: Mrs. Chester Nockleby, officers and visitation; Mrs. Stanley Peterson, auditing; Mrs. Paul Mor- i-eim, memorials; Mrs. Charles Christiansen, missions; Mrs. Allan Crosby, thank offering; Mrs. Bradford Larson, cradle roll; Mrs. Melvin Hauge, literature and reading; Mrs. Kenneth H. Nelson, Dorcas; Mrs, W. Kirchdoerfer, Council of Church Women; Mrs. Ernest Doscher, Altar Guild; Mrs. Clarence Nockleby, Willing Workers; Mrs. R. G. Anderson, mem orial flowers; Mrs. R. I. Meland, historian. - Past Matrons Club C read him this column ' Good la, was hostess. Mrs. Siverson was awarded the door prize. jTrondhjem Circle Holds Regular Meet ,..,„„,,, , : Group reading of the lesson, i tight. Model them for your dad j "Women of the Bible," was held I nt^H Mnnrl U! . u i.U'_ 1 f-t « . * * Meets in Brownsdale! CONFIDENTIALLY TO TWIN- at the meeting of Ruth Circle, Trondhjem Lutheran Church, Wednesday evening. Mrs. Dean Lukes, Austin Rt. 3, was hostess and Mrs. Mrs. Jacob Wybeuga will be hostess for the Mrs. Leonard Ulwelling will be hostess for the next meeting. AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD JT February meeting. 'Friday, January 9, 1959 9 pah Chapter, Brownsdale, Tuesday ; f ,. ,. , evening. i of llls dlvor ce lawyer. Mrs. Harold Dahle was in charge If alcohol is robbing of social hour activities. Prizes i someone you love of hcajui ana were won by Mrs. Roger Christen-; dignity, send for Ann Landers' new sen and Mrs. Emma Becker. | booklet, "Help For The Alcoholic " you son. During the business meeting, a or membership drive was discussed HICKORY DICKORY—This beach hat and bag tell the time for a date. They're among new California beach accessories. PERCY —That's the name of the tall fish hat, worn with a "Clamdigger" beach bag and checked cotton swim suit. They are California designs. ., _,. t , * £• C ^" slensen Wl11 be hos tess ! enclosing with your request for the Feb. 3 meeting. j cenls in Mrs. Delos Frank Hostess to Unit ABASHED edical Mirror WHAT DOCTORS SAV ABOUT Mrs. Delos Frank, Rose Creek n^^LX" i«*-- —-•> j Mrs. William Cress gave the opening prayer and Mrs. Albert Ulwelling led the study club. Plans were made for a card party open to the public March 1 at the church school hall. During the social hour, 500 winners were Mrs. Wilmer Michels and Mrs. Harold Samuelsoti. Mrs. Cress was awarded the door prize and Mrs, John F. Fleten and Mrs.; Q- Medically. i< bat is the Myles Bendtsen won travel prizes i between identical tu ins and ' | ary tu ins. 3 PFR^r*)NAI MOTCC A> FirM> lei:> 5ta " wil1 ' * s 'n<!i« rCFO^IN/Al. l\L>lt:> birth. The rertiii,ed e 4g be«itis Miss Lois Hansen, a guest, as sisted with the serving. 20 j cents in coin and a large, self[addressed, stamped envelope. WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (Jfi — The (Ann Landers will be glad to; proprietor of a neighborhood store help you with your problems. Send j here said his customer appeared "~ to her in care of THE HER-'a bit sheepish. He waded through enclosing a stamped, self- ; deep snow to buy a can of artificial snow for his Christmas tree. and a silent auction held. • Twins • Brain Sizt Communal Thermometer* Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Erdman left Thursday morning en route to Tuscon, Ariz., for several months. divide and rapidly forms a ball of cells from which the individual develops. If the tell ball splits, wo individuals develop Irom the same Mr. and Mrs. Richard Christiansen and son Thomas arrived from Apalachin, N. Y., Saturday. She is the daughter of Mrs. Sidney Minto, 604 Locust, and his parents are Mr. and Mrs. Anton Christian- BRAW SQUAW—Kae Rae isen ' Rochester. He began work Dirlam goes native on the , M °nday with IBM there, following ».,,..,„. ! C WJ- These are identical twins. They Mrs. Marvin J. Peterson, 1627'are of the same sex and are look- W. Oakland, is a patient at St. 'alikes. Twins of the other variety Olaf Hospital, where she under- , t0 "ie from two fertilized egj>s. These went surgery. Her room number are called ' raiern "l twins and ha\e no .water resemblance than other brothers and sisters. Fraternal twins may or may not be of the same ii-x. •^enic i;" '•"'•'' i'l Liiii.l, 'I'ru? fjt tla - ys visitin « ller mother Mainly, la !-,<-. A pnA-ssor ..< u.ny at the Univmity ol (^open">' s tlut «'»»'" limits, the weight of the 4 huin due:- not seem [ < U"«,,' 1 ntn,7 (occur when the number ot brain a certain limit. No before | one ^wn* i,, r sure what this limit Mrs. Willard Hardy s a n g sands at Silver Springs, Fla. tra » sfer from Owego, N. Y. Mrs. "Twelve Candles" while officers! She's using a palm leaf in- i Christiansen and son spent several j cells are below were being installed. Mrs. Arthur! Stead of a feather. ------ > Cipra was hostess at the birthday ! table. The worship offering medi- HOW'S THAT'.' — tation was given by Mrs. P. A i LAGRANGE, Ind. (.P - Ray- Before modern underwater gog- Lommen. A clock was given toimond Troyer considered his gles came into use. fishermen ofi the Alma Murray room by Circle, musical ability had been slurred the coast of Greece poured oil on 16. A punch bowl and ladle were)when-he telephoned this classified the waters to make i! easier to given to the church by the Rev. ] ad to the Lagrange Standard: "For see the bottom where they were and Mrs. Swenson. Mrs. S. L. jThe ad came out reading: "For diving to harpoon Coumbe was pianist and Circles; sale, trombone and box of plugs. "''• joining her husband Wednesday. ", s : ,_ , , y. Ljf! atitdx.- germs ti fa,.a — -.aim person !o aiidtbtr li\ u A. Vc-s. Some hospitals pioviJt in- ,« mm«e« to tempeiature of thirty 01 M lu-uis. Between paiicnti the thermometers are kept in a.n antiseptic solution. In die home the medicine chest thermometer should be thoroughly cleansed after each use, A good way is to use soap and warm water and then wipe the thermometer with cotton saturated with alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will Jo. Material in MEDICAL MIRROR is based on furious scittitijic public- aliuns and does not necessarily re- Unit the opinion ijf all ilorfors. The diagnosis and treatment of disease require* the ilcilJ and know-, ledge which only 4 physician can apply by personally attendini; the patient. 4 and 32 were hostesses. The next meeting will be a potluck luncheon I Feb. 5. Most catfish are useful scaven- igers who help keep waters clean —~ i by lingering at the bottom and de- Juaniti Schul* holds the wo- j vouring the foul food dropped by : men's bowling record for Enid, | fish who stay at the top of the i Okla., with a 651 series. j stream or pool. RUMMAGE SALE Frigidaire refrigerator & year;. old, chair and ottoman, dishes.! cooking utensils, misc. furniture.! Friday and Saturday, rear door, SCIENCE EDITORS, P.O. BOX 391 Modijon Square Station, N»w York 10, N. Y. Published of a Public Servict by 711 Moscow. Adv. 2Tl GRIFFIN PHARMACY Your Doctor Knows U i Phone HE 3-8831 Austin BIG SELECTION OF FABRICS, STYLES! NEWiST PRESSES YOU WANT AT THE PRICE YOU WANT! See cotton leno weaves, rayon- cotton »alina, woven cotton ginghams, printed acetQt«.cot- ton pongee, cotton • chromspun acetate seersucker fabrics! Sheaths, shirt full flare dresses! See the details you expect to in more expensive dressei. Don't miss thi$ Penney Plus Full size range. FASHION BALCONY PENNEY PLUS VALUE

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